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  1. Ancient Egypt

    Super lovely entry!
  2. Port de Caravella: Welcome to Suburbia

    Lovely atmosphere in these great pictures!
  3. London - Landmarks

    @TekindusT Yes, it is silenced, but only to protect the ears of workers at the moment. It is definitely ringing out on November 11th, and over Christmas especially. They are doing a wider restoration of the entire Palace of Westminster, not just the clock mechanism and Elizabeth Tower. [link] more sources are available
  4. London - Landmarks

    You certainly have selected some great landmarks from the so many London has. Big Ben will chime on Remembrance Sunday, and over the festive period, so if anyone is in London then, they'll hear the chimes from Big Ben, ringing out. You've definitely captured some of the smaller details, especially around St Pauls, Old Palace Yard, and Trafalgar Square. You've also found some quite good substitutes for buildings such as Portcullis House - so bravo sir!
  5. Another Update on Pololomia

    Very nice entry. I do love your building style, and the mixture and density of buildings is good.
  6. How often you log here?

    Like @APSMS, I don't really 'log-out'. As for accessing the site, I'll probably check in the morning and evening, so at least twice a day, but if I get an email notification for a post or CJ entry that either needs attention ASAP, or I'd like to look at, I quite often click through there and then, whatever the time .
  7. Show Us What You're Working On

    @korverStunning. See that, I have high hopes for the final episode of London!
  8. London - The City & The Shard

    Love the detail of the Routemaster on London Bridge, and the City skyscrapers are very good - though may I nitpick? With the tracks around London Bridge stations, I would recommend using the Viaduct rail from the NAM, rather than the elevated rail. Unlike the DLR in the Docklands, which was built in the 80s (and very closely matches the style of ELRAIL), the tracks around London Bridge and Borough Market are much older, and would better match the viaduct brick textures imo. This would also have allowed you to use different automata for the rail (Blue Southeastern trains, rather than red DLR) Sorry, that's me being very picky, but as always, very good!
  9. Hatsukaichi - Closer View

    While all of it is truly superb, I really do love the first image - the straight lines of rail, highway, houses, road and more rail really just does look superb!
  10. Currently a ‘Media Mogul’ but when I do get a chance, it’s definitely in a sandbox type mode. Money cheat? Check. Demand cheat? Check. Building plop? Check.
  11. London - Canary Wharf

    Yep - that to me looks like the development at Billingsgate Market - all linked to Crossrail (opening 2019) In fact, while the Isle of Dogs was redeveloped in the 80s and 90s, the rest of the East End is still undergoing massive developments from being an industrial and trading hub in years gone by to mainly residential areas today - especially around Silvertown and London City.
  12. London - Canary Wharf

    Very accurate! (I also note the LHD ) Love the integration of the DLR, and Canary Wharf tube looks very good. Crossrail station would have been a difficult addition - I imagine it would have needed a custom BAT - so I'll let you off there The next two parts intrigue me - there are lots of parts of London I'd love to see 'korvered' So far, you have my Londoner seal of approval!
  13. Show Us What You're Working On

    @korver I hope you’re ready for my super critical eye on my hometown of London. The redeveloped Docklands and Canary Wharf is looking good!
  14. Paris (Pt. 3/3)

    How could you not tackle 'Place de la Concorde' and 'Arc de Triomphe'? And boy did you pull them off!
  15. Paris (Pt. 2/3)

    Some great usage of amazing BATs there, and really nice to see them what is a recognisable SC4 atmosphere, and yet still at the Korver level