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City-building game(s)

Found 39 results

  1. Here we go again ... this will be my final attempt on creating a complete country. In this case a country called Principauté de Caravella-Guatalaga. Ofcourse, I will get to the how, what, where and a boatload of pictures later ... but first let's start with a teaser of Port de Caravella. If you like it, let me know you like it!
  2. I am so sorry that I haven't been posting recently. My last update was in March, right before April, the start of my College years. Since then, it has been much harder to find a proper balance between school and SimCity 4. But anyway, I have been working on a little something, and I think it would be good to show you. But before that, I must reply to the comments: REPLIES: Tonraq: Thank you for telling me that. It really is great advice for one who is going into new environment with all sorts of new things. jmsepe: Thank you for commenting. Ultimate727: I know! It seems like they're coming like, every day now! tankmank: Thank you for your comment and for your sympathy for the people of Tagawa. kschmidt: Thank you for your comment. Kim Sunwoo: I know, right? It really will look cool! I hope that you are entertained by this Teaser, as well. Sexysark: Thank you for commenting here. Mymyjp: Thank you, Mymyjp! Thank you for cheering me on! TEASER: 1. The next update's downtown area, along with train station. The small city's name will be revealed in the next update! Hopefully, I'll be able to get the next update down soon and be able to deliver a proper update. Thank you for viewing and Sayonara! Comment, and feel free to ask about where I got the mods from! I would also appreciate negative criticism. If there is something you don't like, or something you think that I am doing wrong, please tell.
  3. 06/11/2017 - ???

    #BringingTarkyBack? Stay tuned. -Tarkus
  4. A Night in Telegraph-Burleigh

    From the album Boomooderie Extra Shots

    one of the only four teaser shots i'll upload of Telegraph Principayor, this is of the second district Telegraph-Burleigh which is a suburban sector.
  5. TEASER: Project Telegram.

    Something to tide you all over for now. Feel free to figure out what the city is/it's name, :).
  6. A Teaser for Entry 3...

    Hello everyone, thought I was dead for the longest time? Well, sort off in a span of a few months, but... I have been caught up in College work and other games and that pulled my attention off from my city journal... Also, I did feel a little burnt out from working on Mistral Isle back around August. But do not fear, I have renewed vigor in developing my work further. With this update, comes a little teaser I worked on today... With the end of the semester a week away (and one more school project I have to do), I will put together the next entry to this series. Again, I am sorry about being absent for the last couple of months and I do not have any intention to abandon this journal unless in extreme circumstances. - Artimus
  7. TEASER 1!

    What could this be?????
  8. TEASER #1

    Coming Soon... Archipel Superzuel Docks, Coffrane, in the Groussregioun Olden Province Center of Calpa Newt, Paskarla, in the Newt Province. Dealan Major Chumhachd, Pashkarla, in the Newt Province. Seann Kaptial, Piaseczno, in the Newt Province. Apartments, Nove Nade, Piaseczno, in the Newt Province. Ledu Park, Star Nade, Piaseczno, in the Newt Province. See you next time! (im hyped about coffrane, i love the dock)
  9. I'm back!!!

    Small preview
  10. This will be the final entry from the South Shore borough and the Dresden. Dresden was joy to build, modernize(repeatedly) and finally showcase. But now 16 entries(a bit much for a single city right?) and 9 months later its finally time to close this chapter and move on. Much work still needs to be done on my future cities to reach the same level of refinement/detail as seen in Dresden and the pace of CJ entries will most likely slow down from here on. The currently pace of nearly one per week since the new year is not sustainable as I'm starting to see the dreaded signs of an SC4 burnout. The only thing I haven't done yet is show how the city looks like from elevated views, both day and nite so that's what this final entry will be comprised off. I rarely take photo's from level 2 or 3 zooms because you can't see the finer details, but I have say they're really good for showing networks. Before I start I like to give big thank you to all those who took the time to comment on this chapter of the CJ; __B, 9gruntsand1hammer, art128, Artimus, Belfastsocrates, Benedict, Bipin, city89, CMinVA, Compdude787, Cyclone Boom, DavidDHetzel, dedgren, Dreadnought, Ducio, egret, Fatjuice, feyss, gen.Falcon, GoKingsGo, gviper, heartless, Hellken, Jack_wilds, J0nnD0ugh, JoshusGellock, kelistmac, Kim Sunwoo, kingofsimcity, kschmidt, lair, Linoa06, Ln X, lucasfg3, michae95l, MilitantRadical, MissVanleider, Mister Giggles, morris128, mrsmartman, MushyMushy, Mymyjp, Need4Camaro, nos.17, Paulobergonci, philforhockey51, Prophet42, raynev1, rkellyywlu, Sabertooth78, Schulmanator, sejr99999, Skimbo, slickbg56, Snugies, sucram17, Swordmaster, T Wrecks, tankmank, tariely, Tekindus, Themistokles, Thomas Diamond, Titanicbuff, Tonraq, Toothless Stitch, Tys, ulisse, Urban Constanta, v701, wirralsquirral & Xander Dax. And to everyone else who follows and/or has 'liked' the CJ, your continued support is invaluable. Let's begin 1 2 3 4 Before I forget, a couple of 'closer' shots of Industrial Sector D at night (as requested by @wirralsquirral, e29) 6 And a couple Suburban panos for the road. 8 Esna parkway & The Ring of Steel with downtown Dresden in the background at night. 10 Now on to the Portlands, my favorite area for taking night shots. 11 12 13 14 Surprise! You don't think I used the dark night mod did you? Who says you can't use both? 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 City wide photos 26 27 That's it, show's over. But... Preview of things to come Central Pretoria is much more heavily urbanized then Dresden and the South Shore, so the interchanges and highway system is much more complicated here. P1 P2 P3 (WIP) Heavy Industry will also be another big focus P4 P5 P6 There'll be plenty of rail work and a large port to show as well. P7 P8 Though I still have lots of mmp work that needs to be done before certain areas are finished. P9 And I'm hoping to finally restart my favorite little side project. With any luck there should be a couple of releases in the near future P11 Thanks again for stopping by.
  11. #0.3 Launch Teaser:3

  12. #0.2 Launch Teaser:2

  13. #0.1 Launch Teaser:1

  14. COMMENT REPLIES:Ashford (SC4) kschmidt: Thanks for the comment Corigliano (SC4) Corigliano is a large city that is in the New Italian State a beautiful city that's a nice view at night a beautiful old Mediterranean district Here is a nice old district being modernized a small European village in a big city Corigliano is located close to the slopes of the mountains then the old city is located on the mountain Here is the "port" of Corigliano the University of Corigliano very European a TESCO supermarket for sure they sell this crap here #MLG MOMENT Finally here is the central station of Corigliano in High Speed Rail Project And with this news bomb, is now closing! See you next week COMING SOON: THE REBBOT VERY FAMOUS AIRPORT
  15. Teaser

    Yes, it's finally here! Well, kinda... More coming soon!
  16. When The Cranes Fade Away...

    WHEN THE CRANES FADE AWAY... ...ARENAS COME OUT TO PLAY. Next time in Holt District.
  17. Nijedyk: Teaser

    Hello all! this is my second CJ update today, but this one is different This night, I wanted to make something else, and i came up with this, a Dutch city in the northern province of Friesland (where I live woooh!). There will be more! I hope you will enjoy this small teaser.
  18. What's New in New Philadelphia [Teaser]

    What's New in New Philadelphia Here's a quick peek at what I've been up to. Let's just say you won't recognize the city anymore! Here's a picture of the new parkway. It's an at-grade 6-lane road with a frontage road along each side. This road is actually the terminus of a major interstate and as you move west you'll soon be on Interstate 1. Real update coming soon!
  19. So this is a teaser from what I work on now.... It's a scene from Jl Prof Dr. Watson (the avenue one) in an intersection nearby Pasar Pakerisan, Pamekasan Selatan, Kota Meriah.
  20. The Big City [Teaser]

    The Big City (Teaser) Hi guys! I'm working on a new update. Sorry I've been gone for so long. Once again computer issues have been the main issue. Long story short Apple gave me two sh*tty HDDs in a row. And I've lost everything again, so this is a fresh start. Please enjoy the teaser and the new look of the journal. Thanks for reading! P.S. If anyone has suggestions for a good hosting site for photos please leave it in the form of a comment below. I currently use Flickr but their largest photo size kinda sucks. Thanks!
  21. HoltU Teaser

    HOLT UNIVERSITY TEASER Holt District has been quiet recently, and will continue to be as I wrap up another semester. So what could be more appropriate than a sneak peek of the future Holt University? This is a memorial marker on the future campus, dedicated to the Holt Family who largely built this region in the beginning. This is one of the many lecture hall complexes. Soon these will be filled with students glaring at their professors as they ramble on about... something. Nobody quite knows what. This is another complex, consisting of smaller classrooms for tutorials, seminars as well as several faculty offices. There are also, again, some lecture halls. Currently the faculties of the Sciences, Engineering and Business School are being considered for this space as the major tenant. ...how many more quiet nights this campus will see remains unseen. But with students arriving this coming fall... ...and that's all we have for now. Thanks for sticking with Holt District during this quiet period. I hope to have activity pick up once again in a few weeks!
  22. It's That Time Again!

    IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN! And of course, it just wouldn't be an advertisement for the next census without an obscure region view!
  23. Living in the 'Burbs [Teaser]

    New Philadelphia Living in the 'Burbs (Teaser) Here's a snapshot of the new motorway. New update coming soon! Enjoy (:
  24. Welcome/Teaser [Update 01]

    New Philadelphia Welcome/Teaser (Update 01) Welcome to New Philadelphia. This update is simple and to the point. I know it's not much but I hope to have more in the coming weeks. This is New Philadelphia. The name comes from the fact that I live in Philadelphia and that this region represents a fresh start for my SimCity experience. All of the city names come from neighborhoods or towns that surround the real world Philadelphia. New Philadelphia is a modern place, home to many different types of people. The main plan for this region is for me to have fun. There's no major story line that goes along with it, just me having fun. Below is a teaser shot of the first "real" update. It's of the town of Grays Ferry. A mostly agricultural community, Grays Ferry is the basis of the new region. Most Sims come here for the "small town" feel. The master plan for this city is to develop a modern suburb that will gradually spread to the city limits giving me a good base society ready for neighboring high density cities. Some basic info about Grays Ferry: Population (City/Region): 5131/5131 Main industry: Agriculture Commercial jobs: 2662 Industrial jobs: 2138 That's all for now. Thanks for reading! Note: I'm in the process of recovering from a hard drive failure. I've lost all of my SimCity files including past regions, so I'm starting fresh. I need to draw up graphics for the journal so please pardon the rough appearance. If you have any tips/suggestions for how the journal entries should be laid out let me know. Thanks. Update: Since I'm a big road geek I'm going to go for a road sign theme for the journal. The banner above is just a rough sketch I made up in Word. Once I get Photoshop installed I'll get more detailed. Update 2: Okay, the banners above are the final Photoshop creations. Let me know if you like them.
  25. Teaser: Darkness Is Escalating

    Something is happening in Holt District, and our mystery character is finding out the consequences of getting in the way...

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