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  1. How realistic is parking?

    I only just saw your reply! The issue I have is I get traffic jams caused by people driving around 'looking for a parking space'... I wouldn't mind but there are plenty! I end up just having a downtown full of car parks!
  2. Cities Skylines: Parklife

    OMFG YOU'RE RIGHT! As if and that is the one DLC that I was never interested in!!!!
  3. Cities Skylines: Parklife

    Everything is working fine, I didn't realise Park Life wasn't actually released yet! Thanks.
  4. Cities Skylines: Parklife

    Hmm, I have paid for it - downloaded it and installed... It all seems the same, where are the features? I can see a few new school types but no parks!
  5. Show us your Area view

    Looks great, but have you reached the agent limit? How well are the services working?
  6. Show us your Area view

    This is my current city Broadwater. Has a large built up Downtown area and a few sprawling suburbs around it. I am developing a rail network at the moment.
  7. Show us your Area view

    This from The Simpsons!
  8. Looking for exact replica of New York region map

    This was a huge region i made of the whole metro area... not perfect but still good! https://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29167-metro-new-york/
  9. I've been play a city for the last few days now and the traffic is all flowing smoothly (with despawning turned off) except in the downtown area. Every road is just full of cars apparently looking for parking spaces. I built several car parks which filled up with car, but then I noticed that these cars - some have been left there be drivers who are 'at home' and their home is the other side of the map! And the road outside their house is empty! Why does this happen!? The car parking in downtown did seem to reduce the number of cars driving around in circles though.
  10. I'm building a city and for some reason everything keep burning! Disasters are turned off forest fires keep raging constantly. I have wide firefighting coverage but fires keep burning constantly and spreading all over, then burn some more. As soon as one it put out, the flare up again!
  11. Official Mapping Community Requests - Take Two

    I've used that before but I can't see how to download as a greyscale image - they seem to be in different formats another issue I have.... how you increase the sea level without having to brighten the whole image which ends up clipping mountings? When ever I render a jpg in SC4 Mapper its always underwater, but a PNG is too exaggerated
  12. Official Mapping Community Requests - Take Two

    I've been looking for years for high quality elevation data. I find data but its always so poor and can't render rivers etc.
  13. Cities Skylines Traffic Help

    ^^ Where is the download link? I actually like these 'solve my traffic problem' games haha
  14. Fire & Bypass

    This entry looks at a random fire which erupted out of no where and the completion of the bypass for Pinewood - plus some new high rise development in the centre! Looks like someone burnt the toast... Prior to the extension of the bypass (see next photo) the town centre was flooded with a huge number of cars and heavy goods vehicles trying to reach the industrial areas to the north... The original bypass route as you can see ended in the town centre which flooded the roundabout with huge numbers of cars. This caused a lot of problems, so the route was extended further out avoiding the town completely and adding a junction with the motorway... First highrise buildings grow to the east of Downtown...
  15. Earthquake - already!?

    What can you see? I can see them? Even when I look on my phone hmmm (Edit) I have rehosted them all!