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  1. RHW Resting Place

    No transit enabled. WHY ?????
  2. Update 77 | Das'gotn | Western Seaport

    Brilliant seaport. There are so many details.
  3. Urban Art

  4. City Of Light

    What the $%&^! ??? That's absolutely amazing city One of the best what i have ever seen.
  5. Inner City

    Nice City
  6. Lucky City - Trailer

    [quote name='mattbuildsbuildings1234' timestamp='1347581531'] A Mc Donald's in the center of a European city, how curious... [/quote] A Mc Donald's in the center of a European city, it's reality.
  7. Celeste | Ignite the Fire

    Nice. I like the stadium
  8. Welcome to the LUCKY CITY

    History In the 13 century the King Leonard Lucky started expanding his imperium from Central Europe. In the Newworld he built the Castle in the Leonardtown (Lucky City), castle in the Old devonia (New Devon City) and Chateau in the Raymond (Royal Place). The first inhabitants lived in the small villages and in the Lucky City. When King Leonard died the Newworld became new independent country. In the 1758 in the Newworld there was a revolution. From the 1759 is the Newworld republic. The official name is: The Democratic republic of Newworld. Lucky City became the capitol City. City is built by workers from Central Europe, France and Netherland. This is the main reason of the Architecture.Population: 1 500 000Lucky city is the capitol city of The democratic republic of Newworld. City is situated in The Central region called Royal Place. The city consists of 8 parts: Historical townLucky City Downtown CityWesttownRubitonOlymptonKingstone LakeRoyal Place Historical town of Lucky City is the oldest part of the city. First building was built in 13th century. But there are only ruins. In the 13th century was built large castle. Castle is built on the rock cliff. Under the castle there is a big transit point. There is Central Railway and Bus Station. The Historical town is place of many historical monuments, landmarks, churches, museums, palaces, theatres, opera houses. There is National Gallery, National Museum of the Nature, The National Theatre, The National Opera House garnier… Almost 350 000 tourists visit the historical town per year.Downtown City is the largest and highest part of the city. In the Downtown there are many skyscrapers. This is the place of banks, bussines centers, sport centers, shopping malls… On the south of city there is situated MRS International Airport.Westtown is situated on the west of the city. In the Westtown there is Industrial and Technological park. Many residents are employed there. Westtown is very important place for animals. There is the largest ZOO.Rubiton is situated on the south part of the city. Rubiton is the most important part, because there are Seaport, Mechanical Industrial Park, Distribution Central Park, Volkswagen Factory, General Motors Factory.Olympton is the smallest part of the City. There is the Olympic Town. There are National Tennis Stadium and National beach Volleyball Stadium. How can you get to the city ? By plane: MRS International Airport Map of the Airport By car: By train: EDUCATION Lucky City is the city of the students. Almost 100 000 students are studying at public and private universities.University of the applied science, University of Technology, Riverside College, University of Economics, University of Arts. In the city you can find many landmarks from different cultures. Because in the city live many immigrants. The city is the metropolitan city, there is a mix of the culture and architecture. The Building of National Gallery The Building of Verdi Opera House (left) and Building of Symphonic Orchestra (right) The National Museum of The Nature The National Theatre Statue of Queen Victoria Eagle- Statue of Liberty Statue of the Angel Market Main Square Pedestrian zone Pedestrian zone Winerton Opera House Luxembourg Square Church of The Saint Family Central Park Thanks for visit. Please comments
  9. North Lake

    Do you want to go on the trip to the North Lake ? Small vacation resort with two hotels. Let's go. Bugga lake During the autumn there is a wonderful weather. What amazing colorful view. North Lake is very small village in North Mountains. Village is surrounded by mountains and large forests. In the forest you can find very old trees for example spruces, pines, maples, oaks, birches. Forest is homeland of many animals. The whole area of North Mountains is the national park of the nature UNESCO. Do you like a journey to North Lake?
  10. Lucky City - Trailer

    LUCKY CITY LUCKY CITY (LC) - in my opinion it is the best city what I have ever done. It is my two-month job. During the summer holidays I had free time, so I built the city. So I would like to show my amazing city. In the next days I will upload and share my photos from the city. Please comments
  11. New Devon City

    New Devon City is situated in the western part of the country near capital city (LUCKY CITY) only 50 kilometers. New Devon City consist of the two parts. First part is historical part of town and it is called Old Devonia. Old Devonia is built in 16th century on the high stone cliff. There is a big castle, which is accessible in all days in the year. Tourists can visit big theatre, museum or small church of Saint Michal. If you are not interested in the historical monuments you can take a nap on the beach. Pic1. Old Devonia Pic2. Old Devonia The second part is new modern part with big industrial zone and seaport. It is called New Devon. This part is situated on the eastern part of the Devonia coast. In the city there are many shopping malls, entertainment centres, schools, libraries and sport centres. The whole New Devon City is sticked together with Old devonia. Population of the city is more than 130,000 residents. It is coastal city, so there are more summer resorts. Almost 50,000 tourists visit this city in the year. There is one problem. Traffic. There are many cars, buses and trucks passing through the city. The air pollution is rising.
  12. Lamberton Village

    LAMBERTON VILLAGE Lamberton Village is small village situated in the eastern part of my region. About 3,300 people live there. This village is the main producer of fruit and vegetable in the region. Near the village, there are wonderfull lakes with very clean thermal water. There is smallest national park in the country. I hope you will enjoy this village
  13. Update 27 : A road trip !

    Great postcards.
  14. Basic Lotting Tutorial

    HI. I have one problem. I have created my own lot - Passenger Railway Station. But when I build this rail station in my city, nobody use it. Usage is 0%. Next to this station is different rail passenger station with 10% usage. Why ???
  15. Update 13