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  1. Show Us What You're Working On

    Hi everybody! Thanks for the support and likes! Well the first station set is out now, and here comes the Volume 2, which is a smaller and less shiny pack. 6 stations which were made for requests from B22rian and Kitsune/Redfox84. Also the meantime I finished the rest of the stations. Volume 3 and 4 will be coming in the next weeks. The four volume altogether contain 28 stations and 2 eyecandy LOTs and also a plus one bonus LOT which is kind of an introduction or transfer to my next project - Urban Multi Rail-type Network Terminuses. You can down frome here the Heretic GLR Station and Terminus Pack volume 2 - Custome Made. And here are the finished versions of upcoming statsions. Volume 3 first. Greenbelt Downtown Mitaki Downtown Mid-City Downtown WestEnd Cross Tonkso Europa Cross WestEnd City Center Glendale-on-Valleymede GLR Interchange And here are the station from the 4th volume. These are four small medium wealth stations, similiar the ones from the second volume. Piazza Fontana Sukamoto (this one is a special station. It provides direct connection between GLR and Subway, also one of GLR ramp is actually acting as a FLUP portal, so you can connect that end to your FLUP network or Underground TRAM network.) Kitsune Arts Place South Mitaki Great Sicily (this one is still wip, there is one missing thing from it, which is under construction) The bonus station Strictland L1 ERRW Terminal HUB Stay tunned! - Tyberius
  2. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    As far as I know @Simmer2 made a few rail track props which can be found here: SM2 Mega Prop Pack Vol1. And was used for this upload mainly: SM2 Old Coal Tower Spur. Try those props, than show them to us! - Tyberius
  3. Simmer2's Lots and BATs Lab

    Wow, Nick! It's really nice. Thanks for let this monster out! Beautiful lot, and models/props and all from one creator! And as I see you put together a really nice overall industrial scene! Nice job! Keep up the good work! - Tyberius
  4. Kellydale2003's BAT Mine

    Oh, dear! So manny beautiful stuffs! I would recommend you to keep always back-ups from your textures and any kind of SC4 related works (and of course any other stuffs) in cloud-drives like google drive (15 GB storage by default and you can have multiple account - I have 5 atm, at least I remember 5, so it could be more, I just discovered the fifth 1 week ago accidently it had been forgotten for 5-6 years), drop box, skydrive/onedrive. I started to copy all of my SC4 related projects under a google drive account to keep them safe if some shitty HD failiure would occure. Anyway, amazing job! Thank you for creating these nice buildings. - Tyberius
  5. Show Us What You're Working On

    Hi everybody! The first GLR station pack is out! Also I updated the my Heretic Essentials to v1.1. You have to redownload it to use with the GLR stations, also you have to delete the preverious (v1.0) version. Heretic Essentials v1.1 Enjoy and have fun! - Tyberius
  6. Show Us What You're Working On

    Hi! I'm putting together the update of my Heretic Essential (which contents will be essential for the upcoming releases) and the readme for the first GLR station sets. Now since I already showed pictures about the the first two Volume, I'm moving forward and drop a few pictures from volume 3 and 4. Altogether in the next couple of weeks I'm about to release 29+1 GLR related station lots in four volume so stay tuned. 1. Greenbelt Downtown Terminal with a little twist 2. Mitaki Downtonw still in WIP stage 3. The Spire Luas GLR Terminus and Coshan Downtown - they will be part of the second volume 4. Tonkso Europa and WestEnd Cross stations 5. Mid-city Downtown 6. Glendale-on-Valleymede. Thanks for @Simmer2 making these amazing shelters... 7. WestEND City Center Terminal 8. Piazza Fontana which is quite a unique one in this way. The right side flup tunnel is actually working as a flup portal to underground FLUP networks (see picture 9.) such as regular flup puzzle pieces or the Underground TRAM puzzle pieces (where the Trams are goind underneath the on-surface road/avenue network. The other station is called Great Sicily... 9. The UDI is working perficly with this station and the FLUP system. They will be available soon... - Tyberius
  7. Random buildings and requests

    Wow! Really nice building! I already love it! Keep up the good work! - Tyberius
  8. Show us your industrial areas

    Thanks @matias93! @andrew13511 Here are some ingame pictures (from my cities) with the Heretic SeaPort Project lots. Although some of the pieces are unreleased just yet, they will be part of a future expansion. - Tyberius
  9. Show Us What You're Working On

    Hi everyone! Teaser before the real trailer, just to be trendy... (of course sarcasm) 1. @Simmer2was so kind and made a similiar model what JEC made once, but now in HD without annoying trees from the concrete, so I changed the trem sheds, but I kept the concept. 2 Tracks end on the LOT, the middle tracks go and directly connect to the subway network and there is a perpendicular GLR station under the beautiful round shelter. And on the close-up image you can see much more upcoming props from Simmer2, such as digital sign, billboards on poles, ATM or Ticket machine, and soft drink machines. Thank you very much! And on the above picture, I love that concept @Simmer2! The original version with the old models/props won't be part of the upcoming Heretic GLR Station releases, but will be available as a shared take-it-or-leave it attachment in my Dev Thread over at SC4D. 2. I call them Kitsune Stations, because they were made for @redfox85. Low density/wealth GLR stations and terminuses. The main inspiration came from the southern suburb of Budapest (mainly Pest), where I used to live. With these stations and with a few others what I haven't shawn yet, there will be 3 volumes altogether with 20 terminuses and pass through stations with different size, capacity, and connecing transportation networks (GLR, BUS, SUB, Car Parking function) and 2 eye candy on-top GLR piece (already shown). And with this station pack my Heretic Essential will get an update too (new prop families, new custom textures, and some new timed props too). - Tyberius
  10. Current collection

    Some additional information: AC = Aras PBG = Polish BAT Group (and under this name more creators made BATs, like Aras, Kacperr, kbieniu7 = kb7) neutralny_506 = Kontrabass the "8 Hurtownia" is a warehouse lot and runs under the Warehouse title on the STEX. I moved it to the Polska Section. And it is worth to mention that the "8" in most cases just an ordering designation and NOT part of the title of the Plugin. And Ferox's stuffs are available in different formats, under different plugin IIDs and names on SimCity Kurier, SC4D LEX and here on STEX too.
  11. Show Us What You're Working On

    Well, well... I see the difference. I already loved the previous version, but this one... Woooow! Beautiful work, @Simmer2! Thanks again to making this! - Tyberius
  12. SC4 Plugins Structure Discussion

    @monkeywater First thing. This topic (by default) was never about how ones are organizing their plugin folder. It's intersting to know and discussing ideas and it's an addition to the main topic, but it is just additional information about ones personal taste of organizing their plugin folder by themselves. The organization (which was meant to be for active Custom Content Creators and uploaders for the first place) or folder structure system, what I proposed have two purpose. First it gives a general and unified order for players who don't bother themselves organizing thier plugin folder. Second it gaves an easy access and recognition for the plugins at one's back up folder on their HDD. For example I have a huge and constantly growing collection of various plugins in my back-up plugin "vault" (atm I have 2500 cleaned and organized files, 2000 from the LEX which are waiting extracting from exe installers than they go back to LEX in an updated format, than other 1000+ is totally mess at moment, and I lost my back-ups last year so I haven't been able to redownload all of those stuffs... Meanwhile my gaming plugin folders - there are 4-5 - were intact). Or there is a recent example, just take a look at the recently recovered SimCity Polska files. In a few cases they at least contain a name in their title, but mostly you don't know anything about these files and they are mostly in Polish... Now I'm not fluent polish at all... So yepp, as T Wrecks said, I wish a basic, standard structure from the uploader side, than the downloader can decide later if one wants to use a different structure, as you do. In my back-up folder it used to be categories for all the plugins (like: residentals, commercials, Landmark, Landmarks with jobs, transportation etc... in the cases where a plugin had more purposes I chose the most relevant and put the back-up files under that categories - I'm talking about back-ups not the actuall playing plugin folder) and I use noticies in the titles, just an example: BLaM FK HIDP Bistagne Coal Mine Single Pit (landmark - I-D) (main folder in my back up this contains actually the images and a readme.txt what i copied from the download page) BLaM\Fukuda\HIDP Bistagne Coal Mine Single Pit\models lots Just to feel the difference here is how you can get the file from the STEX currently: mine1.zip ------>and directly in the zip: bistagne_mine_32ece57f.SC4Lot, mine6-0x5ad0e817_0x32e92186_0x30000.SC4Model, sing1.JPG, sing2.JPG It's pretty nonsense. Okay, there are images, but they don't tell anything about the upload. If you download this and don't treat it right that moment, half a year later you won't necessarily know what the hell was that. So to avoiding the above mess, I asked the current and future custom content creators, to consider to use a unified folder structure system, and I showed an example, how I'm doing it. On LEX basicly most of the files will get a similiar treatment after I/we extract the files from the exe installers. Yepp, exactly... I hope it helps to clear what I wish to achive with this thread in general. - Tyberius
  13. Show Us What You're Working On

    SimCity Polska files are on the way to the STEX. Well it's a process so it will take some time, but WIP...
  14. Every ingame texture (base or overlay) build up from 5 FSH image (refereing to 5 zoom levels). Every texture has a unique IID (if you watch it in reader this IID is the instance number, 5 zoom level 5 fsh/texture 5 instance number which are related to each other). See the attached picture.). What they did, that in the Mega Texture pack they used the same textures (and than put many more) what was in the first two LBT texture pack (1-2), and changed the instance IID numbers. When you are making textures you need to ask a texture range (like you did with the prop family range), they (LBT team) changed their texture range, what they used with the LBT Texture Pack 1-2 to an other range and put the same textures with the new range into the Mega Pack. But meanwhile a couple of lotter started using their old textures with the old IIDs, and never updated their lots with the new textures (new IIDs) after it was released. I hope it cleans the things a bit. - Tyberius
  15. Show Us What You're Working On

    @kschmidt The original one what I used on that lot was released by JEC (see the link what Art128 shared), but it's not a roundabout station, neither the version, what @Simmer2 is working on at this time, I think. It sits on a 3x3 lot. It is actually too big for the center of a roundabout. The longer station was made by JEC as well.