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  1. nos.17 Lot Development

    Nice, really nice!
  2. JP Schriefer's BATs

    @JP SchrieferHi! I ran into recently a thread about the Rio Olimpics 2016. You started to make a few BAT back then, but what's happened with that project? Will you ever release those buildings? I'm talking about this topic. Some of the showed planned BATs were released, but some of them hasn't as I know. - Tyberius
  3. Qdoba Mexican Grill

    I like the variety of your buildings. New collection of small commercials Thanks for sharing! - Tyberius
  4. Andrew's Fashion Centre

    Beautiful work! Thank you! - Tyberius
  5. 432 Park Avenue

    Wow another great stuff from you! Thanks for sharing! - Tyberius
  6. nos.17 StreetSide Parking (SSP)

    Really nice and usefull addition for all cities. I can't stop using them in my cities! Thanks a lot for making these! - Tyberius
  7. CM Centre Commercial (Remade)

    One of my favourite relots from you! Thanks for making this! - Tyberius
  8. Creator Pack 02: dk1

    This creator pack is a really nice idea! Thanks for making and sharing these gems. - Tyberius
  9. Aldi

    Thanks. Oh, I forgot that one. Thanks for the reminder... Anyway I was thinking about the same modern design as on my pictures, that black-ish/white-ish flat roof, full window wall on the front sides. Yours is similiar appart from the full window walls and the colour, but the building design (shape) is almost the same...
  10. Aldi

    Ah, I like Aldis. Really nice building, thanks for making this. could you make a similiar european version, like on the pic? Anyway nice work! - Tyberius
  11. IRM I-HT Cookie Research by HunD88

    Thanks for brought these models up from the oblivion!
  12. Buffalo Wild Wings

    Really nice building again! Now we are getting nice new C-Service models and lots, so we can keep our cities fresh! Thanks your work on these! - Tyberius
  13. Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

    Another nice addition to our small towns, I guess. Really nice building again. Thanks for sharing it! - Tyberius
  14. Buffalo Wild Wings

    Whups! @pclark06 You forgot to attach the LOT file to your upload. It only contains the model files, but there are/is not any actuall Lot files. Was that intentional, or you did forget about that? Just because you listed a bunch of dependencies, which are useless without the lot file Anyway it's a nice building. Thanks for making them - Tyberius
  15. Big 5 Sporting Goods

    Really nice building again! I just need to find the time to play with it. Thanks for making these new buildings! - Tyberius