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City-building game(s)

Found 24 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    This collection consists three assets: 2 Base Station (1 for 2 lane roads and another 1 for 4 lane or 6 lane roads) 1 Modular Station *Remember to place the modular station with base station correctly or else the building will not working. Source Code: https://github.com/Nksheng/Cargo-Exchange-Modular-Elevated-Cargo-Train-Terminal
  2. Version 1.9 / 1.7


    One Way Roads and Freeways Elevated and Ground Level NEW USERS TO THE SITE BE AWARE YOU MUST BE REGISTERED AND LOGGED IN TO BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD THIS OR ANY MOD. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER. Will add more detail Later on.. but welcome. Mod was Created so with new data and the use of foundation improvements built into 10.1 (YOU MUST HAVE 10.1 but in offline mode) 9/3/2014 - 1.9 Minor / Major Update from 1.8 to fix some problems with Upgrades and Downgrades that were being explored from version 1.8 with Yayie and HinataaHyuga. Those have now been completed and seem to be stable enough to update and release to the general public as a fix. 2.0 is currently in planning mode with 5 and 6 lane ave with zone and express ways for greater regional interactions. 8/20/2014 - 1.8 MAJOR Update Release to work with New Akar and Akar Roadsets along with a number of improvements and changes by members of the SUGC. Icon and Graphic Improvements by Ban, Script and Upgrade Improvements by Yayie and HinataaHyuga with Regional Additions which in Akar now have a new menu structure to make the Regional Aspects easier to understand. 8/22/2014 - 1.9 is in the works to fix some bugs and issues. Reported problems due to Bi-Level Mod by max due to using an UDON path to create his. He is working on a fix. Upgrade and downgrade side effects being worked on introduced in 1.8. 5 and 6 lane roads are being looked at to introduce into version 2.0 . Instructions are simple drop it into the same folder as it was originally listed and REMOVE the old one. I keep all my versions of updates online and in the download button so you may go back if you have issues that you find a little overwhelming due to new directions and changes being looked at. However we are on top of them as a group and working to make all of them play nice with each other which was the whole reason for Akar and the SUGC team being formed to begin with. 8/14/2014 - 1.7 was uploaded and all other files tested ok even though someone reported issues. Today 7/7/2014 - Version 1.6 has incorporated our new Icons and Images into our mod to make the game easier and more similar to the unification of graphics and style to be that of Maxis and the Original games look and feel. Thank you Banwashere (Ban) for the hard work and dedication for becoming our community artist and champion of our new efforts in creating an identity as our graphic artist and champion of our new identity and graphic art on this subject and with all our mods that have been release and our future releases to the community. These will be added to Akar and each individual mod as are required and represent the first update of many in a series that will unify mods and our interfaces. We are very happy to have him on board and the quality that his talents will bring to our mod community and in general to our future developments. Both Regional and UDONS updated to 1.6 for that specific update. Today 6/23/2014 - Version 1.5 Uploaded Online Beta Testing edition. (May Cause Roll Backs At 20 Minute Points) Uncertain need more testing have at it. ( DO NOT USE WITH EXTENDED BOUNDARY OR ALL RCI PLOP AT THIS TIME IT WILL ROLLBACK IF YOU DO). CoTs may be required EP to prevent Roll Backs .. do not yet know for certain. Today 5/17/204 we have been listening and watching so many people so there have been reports of issues and odd behavior which we have now been able to contribute to some ODD corruption of the actual installation unfortunately. Some crashes and issues have and are not the mod but brought out by the mod itself. Uninstalling mods one at a time can temp solve the issue however the ultimate fix was installing a clean copy of the game unfortunately... I would put the percentage at less than .5% of the installed base have reported this drastic step but wished to be as honest as possible with you incase you have any issues. OMG there is so much that needs to be said and needs to be given out on this mod and its features but MOST of the features speak for themselves.. THERE ARE TRICKS to use Connections can be tricky. HOWEVER .. I NEED TO THANK ALOT OF PEOPLE LIKE IT OR NOT OR THIS WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE.. since that can't happen in the normal way THANK YOU EVERYONE WHOM HELPED MAKE THIS HAPPEN. 10.1 made it possible by adding some foundations that have and were needed to even allow ONE WAY possible. SO THANK YOU MAXIS and UPDATE TEAMS for adding the core code that make it possible to do this type of mod and make it a reality that took 6 months. FEW will every realize how much it took or what went on onto make this happen. AS I have already been reminded there are many many details I need to post on use to help you all and I will over this weekend. THIS IS AN OFFLINE ONLY MOD DO NOT USE ONLINE --------------------------------------- CREATIVITY is key.. how you build and what order you build things is what matters There are some aspects to how you use the direction of drawing as the direction of the one way. Make sure you build ELEVATED prior to Transitions or it will not connect but practice makes perfect 10.1 added new paths to the game that allowed this to be possible. As mentioned by Niclistin on Reddit one of the mod testers like buggi and yuttho.. there are ALOT of aspects to this mod that take time to use and understand but the complexity is beyond imagination .. REALISTIC is not the word for it. 2 Lane Roundabout 4 Lane Roundabout 2 Lane, Low Density One Way Street 4 Lane, Medium Density One Way Street 4 Lane, High Density One Way Road 1 Lane Freeway Ramp 1 Lange Ground to Elevated Freeway Ramp 1 Lane Elevated Freeway Ramp 2 Lane Freeway Ramp 2 Lane Ground to Elevated Freeway Ramp 2 Lane Elevated Freeway Ramp 2 Lane Freeway 2 Lane Ground to Elevated Freeway 2 Lane Elevated Freeway 4 Lange Freeway 4 Lane Ground to Elevated Freeway 4 Lane Elevated Freeway If you DO NOT use a roundabout but use a 2 or 4 lane ELEVATED you can manually make an Elevated ONE WAY and actually intersect with it (trick) TIP and Suggestions: Camera Angle, Angle of Road draw and stretching out the draw before going to desired position can help you draw things the way you wish.. going big and back to smaller size in circles and turns. Going UP with M or DOWN with N can help connectors. Remember to use your transitions sometimes its just a matter of drawing it a longer distance so the engine thinks its smother than it really is. We have to work with the engine not against it to get things to work and function. XoXiDe UdoN Connection Chart.pdf
  3. Hey Guys, I'm taking my first major steps into asset creation and I think I've set myself a nice challenge to begin with. I've been playing with the idea of an elevated freight cargo station for a few weeks now and I've managed to get the basic concept working using the asset editor I'd like to be able to take this to the next step and make it into a fully functioning workshop asset. Using the blank cargo template I deleted the existing rail and reinserted it at a height of 12u. I've noticed a range of different skins available for the rail and no matter which one I use the track works for transporting cargo. I have noticed one major issue though, once I make the track longer than 12u a crossing point appears in the middle of the asset, this then becomes the spawn point for trains leaving the station. This is not ideal, I could leave the track at 12u or less in length but it would mean it would be too short for most freight trains. Is there a tool I'm not using which means I can have the crossing points at the ends of the station track? I am using network skins. The next question I have is about the entry & exit paths for the cargo trucks. On the template they are set up in the centre, is it possible to move them or add additional ones? I have noticed some pink paths in the editor but not seen any related to cargo. If they can't be moved then it's no real issue, I've noticed that I can edit the width of the asset and the paths change to suit. Once I get the technical part of the asset working I'll be able to start working on a model for the actual station itself. A lot of thanks to Jerenable for his embankment assets, these are great for this style of building and I'm planning on creating my building to compliment these props. I have noticed that if I add a road to the asset to go through one of the tunnels it breaks the asset and stops the freight trains arriving, I don't know if this is something that can be addressed though. I'm very new to asset creation so if there's any advice people have for this ongoing project it will be great.
  4. First, I am very new to RHW. I have gone over several tutorials, but I can't seem to figure this out. I am trying to setup a diamond intersection, between a raised highway and a ground road. When I try to place the symphony A1(L2) ramp, I get an extra tile, before the ramp, on the ground level. This seems to be preventing me from making connections to the L2 FLEX height transition. If I build the transition, first, the two will not touch. If I build the exit/entrance, first, the two will not touch. I get a gap between the two pieces. It won't let me rotate them in place and, if they are oriented correctly, the moment I hover on the tile to connect them, the transition rotates 90 degrees. Have I done something wrong? I followed the tutorial, here: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=6843.msg217680#msg217680
  5. Sunset near the ferris wheel

    From the album Lindenboro

  6. Abandoned train station

    From the album Lindenboro

  7. Aberdeen Station

    From the album Lindenboro

  8. Benton Avenue

    From the album Lindenboro

  9. Marcus road

    From the album Lindenboro

  10. Lindenboro centre from West

    From the album Lindenboro

  11. Shibuya Station



    Shibuya Station is a elevated rail / subway station aimed at moving high volumes of sims on and off your rapid transit system. -There are two separate lots for this station: Shibuya East And Shibuya West. Both are available in this download, in separate ZIP folders. This gem of a station was originally created by APTX. With the demise of his site, many people have been left in the dark as to where to go to download his creations. With the help of DragonAnime, this station is now available for download on the STEX! Like the NAM-compatible Bullet Train Mod (BTM) and bullet train skins I have uploaded from APTX in the past, good faith is assumed. Credit should be given to APTX for creating this station. I am merely uploading it to the STEX for all to enjoy, with the permission of APTX and the Simtropolis staff. Dependencies: None Recommended Downloads: Both stations downloaded, Network Addon Mod (NAM) Station specs: Shibuya East Capacity: 15,000 Networks served: elevated rail Cost: $10,000 Demolition cost: $3,500 Monthly cost: $100 -There are 3 elevated rail lines included with this station. Ensure you drag 2 parallel and one perpendicular elevated rail networks through the station to ensure a working connection. Shibuya West Capacity: 20,000 Networks served: elevated rail and subway Cost: $15,000 Demolition cost: $6,000 Monthly cost: $100 -There are 2 elevated rail lines included with this station. Ensure you drag 2 parallel elevated rail networks through the station to ensure a working connection. To use both stations, place them right next to each other as in the screenshots to give a uniform look -You do not have to place these two stations together however. Each will operate fine on its own. Simply extract the files to your plugins folder for it to work. The stations will be found in your miscellaneous transportation menu. If you have any questions or concerns about the mod please post below. Thanks and enjoy! -Haljackey
  12. Hiya everyone! Somehow the mayor managed to survive elections and remain major, and that may have to do with...a new metro line! Today we're going to the Eastern areas of Glenvale - the towns of Baxford, Brook Hill, and Canal City. You've probably never heard of them because I've never featured them yet - but there's a LOT of people there, and some of the loveliest areas in town. For instance, take Canal City. Its name is derived from the canals that crisscross what used to be an industrial area that was dismantled starting in the 70s. The canals were essentially a massive port which became obsolete when the Port of Glenvale opened with its giant industrial wards. The area gentrified, and warehouses were replaced by condos and lovely little shops and even office space...but also low-wealth housing projects. All surrounded by pre-existing suburbia. Today Canal City boasts one of Glenvale's highest land values. In fact, there are motions in City Hall to expand on the canal system to connect with more parts of town. That is, with a lot of locks, as Glenvale is definitely not all flat land. Today, however, canals are contained to the neighborhood - but far more efficient and modern mass transit now links Canal City to the CBD. Gone is the slow 6 to Brook Hill - the future of commuting for Eastern Glenvale is on rails! ..okay maybe not high speed rails, as this train is actually coming from the nearby depot and will soon run a service on the East Coast Main Line. The new metro line - dubbed Line B - begins in Brook Hill, about 5 km from the CBD. A shuttle bus goes to the nearby Glenvale Regional Airport - but we'll talk about airports in a different entry. Trains here are bound for Convention Center at least until the next expansion - so let's follow the line! The route is operated by ten Lint 41 double units, all painted in Chirper's color scheme. Why so? Well, Chirper Inc. actually funded about thirty percent of the line's construction. Unlike the first metro line, these trains are not fully driverless at all. The major stated that the benefits of automation were not worth the loss of potential job creation. Not everyone agrees. The tracks weave around housing projects and runs parallel to the A45 road (which, as with all A roads, is a federal highway). This highway was refurbished a few years ago, and this interchange links with the main avenue leading to the Regional Airport. The next station is Canal City - Nakamura St. That station was built in Akaviri style, but it's actually a relatively small station serving the upper parts of Canal City - mostly poorer housing districts. Just one minute later, metro trains pull into Canal City - Woodley Street. This is the bigger station serving Canal City and is also built in Akaviri style. The upper level of the station houses the operation center for Line B, as the tracks leading to the depot branch out just east of the station. Mind the gap! A train pulls into Woodley Street station during morning rush hour. The station acts as a bus hub, and passengers are funnelled from local buses into the metro system from here. Bus and metro tickets are separate but regular commuters can use their MetroCard across the entirety of the bus and metro network, and even city taxis! The train leaves the station, then turns southwards to cross the A45 roadway. The roadway is one of the most modern roadways in Glenvale, though so far it only stretches as far as Meadowfair. Later it is slated to meet up with the freeways - but local groups oppose any destruction caused by building the roadway further into town. Parallel to the A45 city officials laid out a cycle path, so that cyclists can safely go straight from their homes into the suburbs into the outer downtown area. The next station is North Baxford, about 7 minutes away from Brook Hill. It is designed in the same style as the terminus at Brook Hill, though with more shops around. Baxford is still a very suburban area though. The train line weaves westwards again, towards downtown, and passes the Baxford University Hospital. Finally the route reaches the outer parts of the downtown core. Thirteen minutes in, and you're already at Westbrook Square station, on the outer edge of Meadowfair. This station is, in fact, the first elevated station we call at - and also the shortest. It just about accommodates the typical 2-unit (4-car) set! From now on, the line enters the city itself - on elevated rails! The line races along Downey Avenue, but not quite. The line was built in the middle of the block column to minimize disruptions to the businesses and buildings along the busy avenue. In fact there was very little demolition as the viaduct is built on an earlier landscaped slope that was mostly not built up anyway. The trains are barely visible from Downey Avenue or the adjacent parallel street. Sixteen minutes in the trip and we arrive at Meadowfair station, though it technically is actually located on the border with the Orchard Park district. The tracks then squeeze between two buildings on either side of the station, before turning at a 45 degree angle over Downey Avenue (in the background). The tracks need to keep parallel to the avenue but on the other side of it to cross the M1 freeway artery. Finally the line crosses over the freeway. The road is already sunken quite deep (about 15 meters) but the train tracks need to be even higher to reach the next elevated station. Finally, twenty minutes into the trip, the train stops in the first CBD station, Bloomdew Circle. The station name itself is an artefact of road construction that was eventually shelved, as the intersection was initially slated to become a roundabout. That did not happen. Most elevated stations in the CBD are built to the same design, with a station and small parking lot and elevator AND stairs access to the platforms. Just like in Meadowfair, the train line runs behind the buildings along the avenue, once again hidden from view - it also helps mitigate noise pollution, or so the city council claims. Finally, we reach Union Station and the city bus terminal at Union Square / Concord Plaza. This is also where we meet up with Metro Line A, and a new exit to the underground station was built in the lobby of the elevated stop. It also helps transfers to the bus terminal or mainline station as people can transfer through underground passageways and the underground station lobby instead of crossing the busy road. The area of Concord Square itself was reduced by a third to make way for the station building. Initially, that station was supposed to be the terminus for Line B - but a last-minute change prompted more construction westwards, especially as the land ahead is all parking spaces or plazas. Instead the tracks carry on downwards, slowly at first over the road, then slightly steeper... Finally, past the road the line dives down entirely underground - though just below street level. In the tunnel, a small but steep spur line connects Metro Line B to Metro Line A, which runs parallel to it but at a greater depth (about 4 m lower) on the other side of the avenue. Metro Line B eventually emerges at its current terminus : Convention Center station. It is a sunken station, though not entirely underground, and is also a transfer point for Metro Line A. The station is only sunken and not completely underground because the Line A tracks, after exiting their own underground station, cross the Line B tracks just a few meters below them. It would have been far too costly and difficult to rebuild the entire area, as opposed to building this sunken station. In time, there are plans to stretch the B line underground towards Burbank and the South Beach area, though for now the tracks and tunnel end here. And so trains reverse here and go all the way back to Brook Hill. With this new subway line, Glenvale and its urban area are better connected, though at the minor cost of a 1 percent rise in commercial and industrial taxes. At least taxpayers aren't moaning as much this time. Here's an updated bus and subway map for downtown Glenvale. Line B is shown from Westbrook Square to Convention Center - the suburban areas of Brook Hill, Canal CIty and Baxford are still not shown on the main bus map. However, here's the full subway network map, showing every station on the network along with two planned expansions, such as Line B extending to Burbank and the Line A city loop - though the city loop is not even funded yet, so very unlikely to meet the deadline at all. Interestingly there is no Chirpy logo on the map, though there is a free wifi service on the entire network to everyone with a Chirper handle! #CoolOrWhat? And finally, a stylised map of the Glenvale metro area - it's actually not very developed, maybe 2.000.000 inhabitants max, but there you go! That's it for today! I'm going to take a break from Glenvale so next entry we're going in the Euro/Dunmer part of Cathnoquey, to visit a completely new town! Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to your feedback!
  13. I found a way to disable the height restrictions of the "Train Station Track". It can be done with a very simple mod (10 lines of code) or with Mod Tools, if you just want to test it. I can record a video if anyone is interested. Maybe some of you know how to solve these problems: How can I delete the default non-elevated station track?Right now the station track is split into 2 segments. How can I create a single segment that is 16 cells long? I think it is also possible to create a station track that does not change the terrain, like the elevated rail segments, but it requires a more complex mod.
  14. Looking for el rail skins

    The default el rail looks really bad to me. The pillars look like red steel cages full of haybales and/or gravel, and the actual rail beds look like regular rail but elevated, which is completely unrealistic unless its going through West Virginia (the only place where SC4-like rails actually still exist, and most are abandoned). The el networks I've seen in real life (Chicago, Richmond, Washington DC) all have steel or concrete beds, usually painted, and the pillars either look like the NAM's el over road pillars or concave concrete pillars (narrow on the bottom, wide at the top). The SC4 default gravel and wooden el beds haven't existed in real life for about 60 years. Where can I find an el rail skin that look more realistic? I've found an el with parks underneath on SC4D and one with embankments here, but I can't seem to find a reskin of the network itself anywhere. I've found tons of stations, trains, and under-rail shops, but nothing for the rail and pillars.
  15. Version 1.0


    STEAM Workshop link now available, click download then click on (Main File) options. This interchange has been made to be as realistic as possible based on real life photographs. I've done my very best to make it as symmetric as possible, but keen eyes will find some very small imperfections. Includes three versions: Ground, Ground Highway, and Elevated. The elvated version has raised straight sections, which means you can use this right smack-in-the-middle of a built area; you won't be wasting so much space, and can build roads or whatever you like in between the flyovers. See picture 3 for reference. This is also the reason why one of the fly-overs has a slight dip in it at one point, to go under the higher level one on its left, while leaving enough room for a road to travel under it at the same time. You'll see what I mean when you try it out. I used a little trick to achieve this half-height overpass. The outer ramps are made from one-way roads and the inner are highway ramps, this is to make each highway stub receive and feed exactly three lanes into each direction, making traffic flow smoothly and without weaving at all. The asset comes with no highway stubs attached to make it as small as possible for ease of plopping. Just attach highways to each end. To install, unzip file, then move the "TPB CSLIA..." files of your choice into \Users\*YOU*\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Assets. Replace *YOU* with whatever your user account name is on your machine. Please note the AppData folder is hidden by default, you'll have to show hidden files in explorer to find it. Visit my Asset Studio for news on upcoming uploads. If you like this product, please take a moment to leave a comment or give me a rating, I really appreciate that little gesture in exchange of my work. Also feel free to share this on any other social media you may use! Thank you and enjoy!
  16. Regional Udon Bridge Elevated

    Version 1.0


    Hello all! Regional Udon 40m Elevated (Highways) , 20m Transition for conect on 20m Elevated Udon ^^ For Offline use only. How to Install?? 1: Make Sure Install : Project Akar : Ui Enhancement 2. Download the mod. 3. Right click the rar file > Extract 4. Copy and paste the package file into your SimCityData folder. 5. Two SubMenu add "Elevated Ramp" , "Elevated Highways." Need Original Udon 1.9 By Xoxide Here Not Compatible with : • BoC • UDoN-Addon • Bridge and Tunnel mod
  17. Chiyoda Elevated Expressway

    Just something i have been working on, a Japanese city called Chiyoda, this is a little teaser of what i have done already. I hope you enjoy.
  18. The Hill Metropolis

    It have been a while since I was at Simtropolis or posted anything. I have made many cities that I didn't post in my CJ. I will start with this city. Most of the cities I have built are located in a mountainious area at the San Fransico map at Simcity4, the best terrain to enjoy building a city is a mountainious one, it presents alot of challenge to make the city look smooth and realistic (not some 90° roads and stuff like that). I hope that you like the theme. P.s.: These are some virgin images (not edited). As you go down the page, the density of the city will decrease. My cities always have some ruins and buildings from the past, a city must always try to preserve it's heritage. [code=html:0] [/code]
  19. The Camberton

    Version V 1.5


    The Camberton is a specially designed building with tight LODs, strategically placed to allow it to be built around RHW networks. As the part of the name "camber" implies, the facade is designed to fit around a curve; specifically the ERHW FlexFly MIS curve. It took me months to create this, so I hope you enjoy it! Here's how you can get the most out of it: First, plop it down anywhere in your city. Note that the building hangs a great deal outside of it's lot: Next, place the ERHW FlexFly MIS curve: Finally, you are now able to build some road networks underneath: You can enjoy it in both day... ...And night! Note that the building has been relotted after these pictures were taken, so it does not stand in the way of ground-level RHW. The updated version that has been lotted this way is TheCamberton2.zip so I suggest you download it instead. As well, keep in mind that this building is a statistically well-balanced park lot, meaning it produces little pollution, demand etc. and can be found in it's respective menu. The lot does still require a seperate building however, this can be downloaded as a dependency: http://workingman-pr...lotment_Set.zip I hope you enjoy this BAT, there are more to come in the series of RHW compatible buildings. Check out my BAT thread for more information!
  20. Saw in the NWM Support Thread thread: "All NWM networks are able to intersect MIS Ramps and RHW-2s, and be able to go underneath Elevated RHWs. Transitions between NWM and RHW networks are not possible at this time, however, and are planned for future updates." But I built an elevated RHW-6 and tried running some NWM underneath it, like the TLA-7 in the screenshot, and I can't stop them from colliding, whether I do the RHW first, or the NWM. Is there a trick to this? I'd post in that support thread, but at 156 pages I don't want to get lost Cheers
  21. I was wondering how to end a train line. I have a city and the trains, elevated rail, extend from that city to the suburb cities on 2 different lines, yet once in those cities, they just... stop. What is the proper way to do this? I don't know if I want to loop them all together, that doesn't seem realistic. Here in Atlanta we have MARTA and the lines don't all loop together, the come out and end. I was wondering what I could do to end an El train line?
  22. Elevated Avenues?

    Hey so I was looking around the internet and some people have raised avenues and I was wondering how i can do that? I don't mean just an overpass a highway or road but like an extensive network and if that's even possible or was I did I not get a good enough look at it?
  23. I'm seeing some really strange behavior whenever I create a diagonal elevated highway that crosses a straight avenue. The section of avenue that actually passes under the highway is sharing the traffic congestion of the highway as if it was an at-grade-crossing. If I query the traffic patterns, all the paths look correct (there are no ramps connecting the two, its a simple overpass). When I look at the congestion view though it turns red wherever I have an overpass like this and I get alerts complaining about heavy traffic on the avenue. Has anyone ever seen an issue like this? If it is a known bug is there any sort of workaround? FYI: the game version is SC4 Deluxe. I do have NAM v 30 and RHW 5 installed, but I don't think those are causing the problem since I'm only using maxis road networks here.

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By way of a "Thank You" gift, we'd like to send you our STEX Collector's DVD. It's some of the best buildings, lots, maps and mods collected for you over the years. Check out the STEX Collections for more info.

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