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  1. Problem!, help please

    Well i was done with the freeway and i started to make some Roads and some schools, fire stations and parks and then suddenly the game shutted off
  2. i got SC4 Deluxe edition, i was building a city and then the game just shutted off, my windows screen came but i dont know what the problem is in my SC4 Plugins map i have this things: Trinity Hospital, Police station, Network Addon Mod, Tree pack, NY Essentiables, BSC and the CAM (Colussus Addon Mod). i maded a map called Buildings, in that map i got these buildings: 100 united nations plaza, 320 park avenue, 500 fifth avenue, astoria plaza, broad financial center, citicorp center, delson plaza tower, queral hotel, lincoln heights tower, Metlife building, metlife tower, onewall street NYBT, the palmolive building, woolworth building, thompson tower, waldorf astoria, worldwide plaza and the yungfu house. i didnt place al the buildings, just 3 or 4 buildings. is it maybe i got to much buildings in my plugins map? i hope someone can help me, i preciate it!