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City-building game(s)

Found 25 results

  1. Paris (Pt. 3/3)

    Our trip to Paris continues with a trip to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica (Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris) - one of Paris' most beautiful churches, often drawing comparisons to the Taj Mahal. Located on top of a small hill in the heart of the city, the church is visible for miles around. The next stop is Place de la Concorde - Paris' most famous square. Originally designed in 1755, this square is unlike anything else in the city - complete with a massive authentic Egyptian obelisk in the middle. The Panthéon, located in Paris' Latin Quarter, is another one of the cities most famed landmarks. Originally modeled after Rome's Pantheon and built as a church - it now functions as a mausoleum for many of France's most famous citizens. The Bourse de commerce is one of the city's most unique buildings, both in shape and function. It was originally used as a place to trade grain upon completion in 1763, then as a stock exchange, and more recently, plans are underway to transform it into a major art museum. The 689 foot tall Tour Montparnasse is the tallest skyscraper in Paris - and is hard to miss. Upon completion in 1973, the building was heavily criticized for its style and for being out of place - and as a result, buildings over 7 stories tall were banned from the city center. A massive renovation is slated to begin in 2019. Our tour of Paris ends with one of the city's most famous landmarks - the Arc de Triomphe. Built between 1803 and 1836, this iconic monument serves as a tribute to French soldiers lost in wars and has important military leaders engraved on its walls. For those wishing to get up close - make sure you use the underground tunnels instead of dodging the traffic.. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "Paris (Pt. 2/3)" Big thanks to @CorinaMarie, @Odainsaker, @MushyMushy, @matias93, @Angry Mozart, @RobertLM78, @Silur, @_Michael, @The British Sausage, @RandyE, @Toby Ferrian, @feyss, @Manuel-ito, @redfox85, @Fantozzi, @mike_oxlong, @Mr Saturn64, @bobolee, @raynev1, @APSMS, @SC4L0ver, @gigius76, @bladeberkman, @kingofsimcity, @Haljackey, @scotttbarry, @mrsmartman, @jakis, @Talla 2XLC, & @Jonas_Chaves for all the likes!
  2. Paris (Pt. 2/3)

    Our tour picks back up with a trip to La Madeleine - one of the city's most recognizable churches. Originally designed as a temple to the glory of Napoleon's army - its Greek style sets it apart from the rest. Since its completion in 1842, it's been one of the most popular attractions in the city. The Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe is one of the most beautiful theaters in the city and one of France's six national theaters. The Palais Garnier is one of Paris' most grand opera houses - opened in 1875, it's a true masterpiece. The next stop is one of Paris' most unique landmarks - the Centre Pompidou. Completed in 1977, this enormous colored building is covered in a maze of pipes going in every direction - and has housed a popular art museum ever since. (Animation might take a little bit to completely load) Our last stop today is one of the world's most famous landmarks - the Eiffel Tower. Completed in 1889 for the Universal Exposition to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution - this 986 foot tall tower became the world's tallest freestanding structure for over 40 years. It's remained an icon of Paris and France ever since. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "Paris (Pt. 1/3)" Big thanks to @kingofsimcity, @_Michael, @scotttbarry, @RobertLM78, @huzman, @RandyE, @Toby Ferrian, @Manuel-ito, @Talla 2XLC, @CorinaMarie, @Silur, @redfox85, @Tyberius06, @Andrey km, @bobolee, @MushyMushy, @The British Sausage, @mrsmartman, @matias93, @raynev1, @mike_oxlong, @Mr Saturn64, @Angry Mozart, @Girafe, @jakis, @feyss, @martijn.1, @Transport, & @Elenphor for all the likes!
  3. Paris (Pt. 1/3)

    Paris is the capital and largest city of France and has been one of the world's most important cities for centuries. This timeless city is known for its fashion, food, literature, entertainment, and culture. In addition, it's widely known as being an important international business and commerce center - making it a truly global city. Paris also boasts some of the world's finest architecture and much of the city was renovated in the mid 1800s by architect Georges-Eugène Haussmann. Over the next three updates we'll be taking a look at some of its most iconic sights and landmarks. We'll begin with a trip down one of the city's most famous avenues - the Champs-Élysées. First completed in 1670 and redeveloped many times since, its impressive tree-lined streets are surrounded by many of the city's most luxurious shops, cafes, and theaters. On Bastille Day (July 14th), it's also home to the largest military parade in Europe. The next stop is one of the city's most stunning cathedrals, the famous Notre-Dame de Paris. Opened in 1345, this awe-inspiring building is considered to be one of the world's finest examples of French Gothic architecture. La Défense is Europe's largest purpose built business district and is where you'll find just about all of Paris' skyscrapers. The uniquely shaped Grande Arche in the middle is the centerpiece of the district - opened in 1989, it serves as a monument for the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution. The Louvre is another one of Paris' premier destinations - inside you'll find the famous Mona Lisa in its art museum. Our last stop for today is the Gare du Nord - first built back in 1846, this famous train station has been rebuilt time and time again to expand it's capacity. Today, it's the world's busiest train station outside of Japan and connects Paris with a number of other cities across France. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "Prague" Big thanks to @Toby Ferrian, @Fantozzi, @RobertLM78, @mrsmartman, @Oerk, @The British Sausage, @CorinaMarie, @scotttbarry, @bladeberkman, @mike_oxlong, @RandyE, @Odainsaker, @bobolee, @Talla 2XLC, @Manuel-ito, @tariely, @raynev1, @redfox85, @SC4L0ver, @Simmer2, @kingofsimcity, @Jonas_Chaves, & @Nenitosoyyo for all the likes!
  4. Palais Garnier Remastered

    Version 1.0.0


    An amazing Opera house located in Paris, France! Originally modelled by JENXPARIS and remastered by myself. 8x10 lot with Landmark and University - darknite only. No dependencies! Will upload the rewards opera version differently. Enjoy!
  5. Article #10 - Polois: Cultural Center of Metzú

    Article #10 - "Polois: Cultural Center of Metzú" Polois is an important cultural and touristic center of Metzú Republic. Is situated some 40 Km of Yuti (capital city), 78 Km of Costa Laga and 157 Km of Xá. Is one of the best preserved cities in Metzú. That's why it has great historical value. Has great avenues, a lot of parks and strong environmental policies. Polois is the place with the highest education rate per capita in this country, because it has a lot of museums, high grade institutes. Founded in 1860 by spanish and refounded by french people in 1868, marked the city's architecture. Polois is a great place to know History of our nation and our origin. Full Map Population: 22.760 Metropolitan Area: N/A Main Activites: Tourism, Agricultural activities A Polois Trip... 1. Polois Downtown. 2. Casco Histórico de Polois (Historical neighbourhood). Avenida de la Reconciliación. Plaza Fundación & Plaza de la Nación (at centre). Museo Nacional de Historia de Polois (at the bottom). 3. Casco Histórico de Polois. 4. Avenida de la Costa. Playa del Centro. 5. Suburbs. 6. Avenida de los Fundadores. 7. Avenida de los Fundadores. Instituto de Enseñanza Superior de Polois (High School Institute) 8. Avenida de los Fundadores. This avenue separates two different architectural styles. 9. Barrio Nuevo (neighbourhood). A mix of new and old buildings. 10. Torre Alaskar (the tallest building in Polois). Parque del Suspiro. Playa de la Mandioca. 11. Playa de la Mandioca. 12. Parque de los Retoños. 13. Barrio Nuevo. 14. Polois Infrastructure. 15. Playa del Centro. 16. Downtown at night. 17. Parque del Suspiro. Playa de la Mandioca. 9:45 p.m 18. Avenida de los Fundadores. 8:11 p.m We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.
  6. It used to be on SC4 Devotion but it's since been locked, and you can't just type in =DOWNLOAD in the URL to bypass it anymore. There was a German site, SimCityPlaza, that also hosted the download but it now redirects to a 404 page (http://www.simcityplaza.de/index.php/simcitykurierdetails.php?file=999). I suppose the only way to obtain it now is if someone uploaded a copy of the files. If anyone has it, could you share it please? Thanks.
  7. Hammered Part II

    Hammered Part II The room was dark and she awoke to a pounding headache and complete disorientation. Rolling off the bed, every step was agonizing. White spots dominated her vision and a wave of nausea slowed her progress. Carol paused to take stock of her surroundings. The cold, tiled floor was the first clue that she wasn’t in her home. The lack of medical equipment meant it also couldn’t be a hospital despite the fact that she wore a medical gown. A plain wardrobe and pedestal sink stood opposite the bed. There was a curtain on one side of the room and, ignoring the pain in her head, she pulled back the blinds. There was only a blank wall, not a window. She gingerly padded over to the door. Reaching for the handle, Carol was startled when it turned and swung open. A young woman on the other side narrowly avoided being cold-cocked when Carol checked her swing. “Well, that’s not very gracious of you,” the young woman laughed. “Please get back in your bed. You’re suffering from a concussion.” She took Carol’s arm and guided her back to lay on the bed. “I’m Dr. Barbara Morse, but you can call me Bobbi.” “This isn’t a hospital,” Carol croaked, “Where am I?” “No it isn’t a hospital, not exactly, although you’re receiving the best care available. You’ve been out of it for a few days now. You’re lucky we found you when we did.” The memory of her fight with Hammerhead came rushing back. Feeling her aching elbow, she recalled landing a blow on what felt like solid steel. “It’s a bone contusion,” Bobbi nodded, “You should be grateful that it wasn’t completely shattered. We believe that his skull is lined with a woven Adamantium or similar alloy. Based on the files we’ve reviewed on your tablet, that’s about the only thing about him we knew and you didn’t.” Carol relaxed a bit, realizing that she hadn’t been captured by the Maggia. “I realize that this must be a bit unusual for you,” Bobbi continued, “but we’ve been trying to find you for quite some time.” “Not that unusual,” Carol chuckled to herself, thinking of Felicia and Oracle. “We finally got a fix on you and followed you to the Hunters Warehouse. Hammerhead had knocked you out cold and it looked like things were about to get really ugly when we stepped in.” “Who do I have to thank for that?” “Agent Mockingbird tracked you down,” was the reply from a well-dressed man just entering the room, “and barely got there in time to save your sorry butt.” Striding confidently to Carol’s bedside, a hand casually resting in his pants pocket, he appraised Carol with a raised eyebrow. He was handsome, sporting an immaculately groomed goatee, dark glasses and slightly greying hair. “If it’s possible, I’d like to meet him and say thanks,” Carol asked wearily. Her earlier walk around the room had taxed her and she was growing tired. “Not him - her,” the man pointed at Bobbi. “You’re welcome,” Bobbi nodded, “Now get some rest. You may need a couple of days off your feet still but your recuperative abilities are off the charts so it may be quicker than I expect.” “I need to get in touch with my office. They’ll be worried about me.” “We’ve taken care of it,” the suit guy frowned. “Uhh, ok? So, who are you and where am I?” Carol inquired. “You’ve been brought to the Sentient World Observation and Response Department’s facility. S.W.O.R.D., for short.” He paused, waiting for a reaction that wasn’t coming. With a shrug he continued, “S.W.O.R.D.’s mandate is to manage extra-terrestrial individuals and events which is how you popped up on our radar. There really isn’t much we can do about it just yet but we’re aware of what you could call a UFO in orbit. It’s not much of a stretch to connect it to more and more people like you suddenly appearing.” “Still not answering my question.” “I’m offended,” he said, stretching out the words and pulling off his glasses, “that you don’t know. Those were my missiles hanging off of your jet, Major. I’m Tony Stark. I also fund this organization. Now get some rest and we’ll talk about your little misadventure soon.” He abruptly turned and walked out. Carol stared incredulously at the back of his head and looked to Dr. Morse, who’d stood silently throughout the exchange. Bobbi could only nod in agreement when Carol flatly stated, “What a jerk.” To be continued...
  8. Hi everyone ! I recently started to tinker with 3D programs and decided to apply my newfound abilities to my favourite game ! I am French (where do you think I got this outrageous accent ?!) and passionate about Parisian architecture. So, it was only natural for me to start releasing buildings from that city So, where to begin ? Maybe, the obvious : you can have a look at said assets here, on my Steam workshop page. For the moment, I stick to the Paris I love, the old streets of le Marais, les Halles (the 16th-18th century Paris). Not only am I more familiar with its shapes and architectural language, but I have a treasure of documentation to pick from (noteworthy the Fac-Simile of street preservation surveys done at the time of Haussmanian big works...I have the whole façades to scale, let's use it !). That said, I'll obviously work someday in the near future on the most iconic Haussmanian blocks Bear in mind that I'm very new to this sort of trade, and even if I am quite satisfied of how the assets turn out to look, I think I can improve in quality. (Having been a registered user of Simtropolis for a long time, I know these parisian assets will be compared to the stunning buildings Porkissimo made back in the days, well, I'm not quite there yet ). And to conclude this first post, some screens. See you soon !
  9. Paris (WIP)

    Here my Paris im currently building i hope u like it
  10. 45 Rue Jeanne D'Arc

    Version 1.0.0


    This BAT is loosely based on a Parisian Left Bank apartment building. It may not look like typical Parisian building from Belle Epoque period, but it was built in 1888 as a social housing. Thus perhaps uncommon red brick façade for a central Paris building. Because the real life building has shops on the ground floor, I offer this building as R$ and C$. Shame that SC4 doesn’t support dual function buildings. I offer two versions, HD and SD. I like HD buildings, but those do not always mix well with other BATs. This is especially apparent when I did compare my building with Xannapan’s and Porkissimo’s masterful Paris buildings. Therefore I have included a SD option for those who prefer it. Choose the folder you like. Both HD and SD buildings can coexist in same city as the models, descs and lots are separate. Maxis only Nightlights. R$ Rue Jeanne D'Arc 45: Capacity Satisfied R$$ 95 Building Value 1291 Bulldoze Cost 436 Pollution Air 1, Water 1, Garbage 4 Power Consumed 1 Water Consumed 1 CS$ Rue Jeanne D'Arc 45 Capacity Satisfied CS$ 118 Building Value 903 Bulldoze Cost 436 Pollution Air 1, Water 1, Garbage 4 Power Consumed 3 Water Consumed 25 DEPENDENCIES BSC Mega Props CP Vol 1 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1180 BSC Mega Props Gascooker Vol 1 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=397
  11. Liberte - Egalite - Fraternite

    Schulmania offers a tribute to the people of Paris. May peace and healing reach every broken heart.
  12. At least 129 people are dead and 352 injured following multiple explosions and shootings in central Paris. President Francois Hollande is said to have been evacuated from the Stade de France where the French football team are playing Germany. Full news: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/11995227/Paris-shooting-Many-feared-dead-live.html
  13. Ocean Valley- A Pretty Place

    This update is dedicated in memory of those lost in Paris- It is with a heavy heart that this update is done. United Sim Nations Presents: Ocean Valley-Pretty Place. In the wake of the tragedy in Paris Ocean Valley has shown its support- City hall featuring a banner in the colors of the French flag. Built in 1607, Ocean Valley was originally a a mansion for the home of Lord George Hurtmare. Upon his death he donated his home to the city, for there use. They chose to use it as city hall. A French Flag adorns a french inspired pillar in the City Hall Round About- the round about is just a couple blocks from City Hall. Inspired by Louis XVI, this noble pillar is a showcase of this remarkable city. Designed by Jean Michel- a Paris born architect, he was commissioned in 1945 to design a World War 2 memorial- this was his design. The plaque thats covered by the flag reads: TO THE ROYAL MILITARY LOST IN WORLD WAR II 1939-1945 Somehow the pillar seems fitting as another memorial. Enough Gloom and Doom- here we show the Stadium Spdi. Always busy, the SPDI is a remarkable exit to the stadium. A Stoplight sits in the center. It was added in 2011 after an accident killed a baseball player as he tried to get through the interchange to head home. It simply added a reminder that the interchange is overly busy after games, and needed to be reworked. Fun in the Sun? Try an amusement park. The city has many attractions for it. This is one of them. This attraction is a major magnet for tourists- Prices are fairly cheap, but the fun of the place is top notch. Featuring an observatory, playground, a couple roller coasters and a Farris wheel, this attraction is a wonderful place to visit. Hope you enjoyed this latest update. See you again soon.
  14. Teddy City- A Tribute to Paris

    Teddy City wishes to express its deepest sympathies to the people of Paris May Paris heal quickly, May the French united, may the world stand by France in there time of need. United SimNations: United with France The Royal Palace shows the colors of France in respect and honor of the lost. Parliament in mourning. Together they stand with the French Vive La France!!! R.I.P. THE WORLD IS WITH YOU. A MESSAGE FROM HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS KING FREDRICK IV TO OUR FRIENDS IN PARIS- WE MOURN FOR YOU. TEDDYLANDERS ARE UNITED WITH YOU. THEY MOURN WITH YOU. OUR GOVERNMENT WISHES TO SEND ITS SYMPATHIES TO YOU. WE UNITED IN YOUR CAUSE. WE ARE UNITED AS 1 NATION. VIVE LA FRANCE!
  15. Version


    This is bus stop station from the city of Paris. This package includesbus stops (family 0xaf440060) for road (european style NAM v32). Sidewalk is based on a trick developed by Xannepan, it takes automatically the sidewalk texture located in your plugin folder. For LOTers, you will find the different props / texture under the name: Grfe_road_bus_stop_texture Grfe_Parisian_bus_stop_family Grfe_road_sidewalk This package includes only darknite version. Special thanks to Xannepan, Vortext and all VIP, BSC members.
  16. I don't understand the Parisians!

    Pest control or garbage bins? Parks Canada does a better job of policing the provincial parks than this. Whatever you bring in, you must take out.
  17. Hi guys, Based on a recent thread, and after more than 10 years playing, and being a member from 2006, I want to share my knowledge of the game. I dont know how to BAT, but I do try my best at supporting the NYBT team, and at the same time, receive support from them, and from members like MAGNETO, who has been of great help in creatin a mod for me. Now, I come to you guys, with one intention only, to create a tutorial on recreating a Real Life City (RLC) in simcity 4. Of course, limitations are gonna be present, but, we are here to find a way to overcome them, and finally get the results we want. The concept is simple. You fill the poll above, and based on the answers we get, we will start this project. After you completed the poll, post the city you voted, and what part of it you want to start with. This is a long term project, thats why you gotta tell me what part comes first, and of course, it will be open to the rest who want to participate after. Please, I encourage you to participate, and form part of this. If done correctly, we will have a thread you dont wanna miss, and will definetly get your attention!! Lets start!!
  18. Paris Building

    Version 1.0


    I (Kellydale2003) present to you The Paris Building! HISTORY The Paris Building located in the heart of the subarctic city of Winnipeg, Canada was first built in 1915. The building was originally 5 floors, but in 1917 a 6-floor vertical extension was added. The Paris Building is under the Historical Buildings Conservation list in Winnipeg and has become a heritage landmark. The building was purposefully created to have a dilapidated feel in SimCity 4 and is entirely based off the Paris Building (it is not an exact replica). The building is also purposefully aged, the bricks are falling out, the large windows bent, the building even has burnt out outdoor lights! This model was almost purposely deleted in 2012 due to an influx of not-so-positive comments... better here than in no-where land! This building was created by a Canadian, and if you feel the flag is overbearing to your non-Canadian cities, please imagine the structure as a Canadian Embassy or something! haha THIS IS MY FIRST OLD SCHOOL BUILDING. TAKE IT EASY! :b DEPENDENCIES NEEDED .... JUST KIDDING! ^The real Paris Building in Winnipeg, Canada. Download the MAXIS NIGHT file if you do not have SimFox's Darknight installed in your plugins! Download the DARK NIGHT file if you have Dark Night installed! For more upcoming projects visit my thread! (: Enjoy! , Kellydale2003
  19. The title says it all.
  20. Paris PARIS !

    Hi, everybody !! I search a lot of things for Paris because I want to recreate my capital. So if you have buildings, maps of Paris, etc...I WANT !! Thanks a lot !
  21. No Name on Kyoto Map

    Built the capital city!
  22. PARIS Quais de Seine Trees MMP



    Thanks xannepan! This one is a MMP set based on Xannepan's trees for the Quais de Seine waterfront set. It has 24 different trees and 3 different fallen leaves, organized on 4 groups available on the mayor mode flora menu. The groups are divided by season (autumn, winter and summer/spring), but the MMPs aren't seasonal, so they don't change according to the game date. Dependencies: JENXPARIS Quais de Seine (revisited) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3051 Enjoy it!
  23. JENXParis Rue du Four

    Version 1


    From my Paris set: contains a plopable and growable CS$$ version. Enjoy. Dependencies: PORKIE PROPS VOL1 EUROPEAN STREET ACCESSORIES PORKIE PROPS VOL2 SEASONAL STREET TREES 2014-07-14 - Prens: Added links + tags.
  24. In Paris, City of Love



    G'Day Simtropians, Today's map I wish to present was requested by Une_Ame at SC4D, Thanks Une_Ame, he also requested that the roads be aligned to SC4's cardinal points rather than the earths, also easier for the TSC batmob to align their buidings. That map is on the lex, therefore this was the map that his was cut from. Paris, the capital of France and known far and wide as the City of Love. This is a real world map and is scale and terrain accurate. It has be lowered 20m otherwise the River Seine would have be in a canyon. It's 49.152km x 49.152km and was produced with dem and satellite data. The map is in 16bits and .SC4M format, it requires Wouanagaine's mapper or terraformer to import it into one's game. Links and instructions are included in the download. I think that's all. Cheers
  25. JENXParisBdAlexander2

    Version 1


    Porkie's work is realy inspiring.. so here's once again a building from my Paris set... The file contains a plopable and growable R$$$ version. Enjoy. Dependencies: PORKIE PROPS VOL1 EUROPEAN STREET ACCESSORIES PORKIE PROPS VOL2 SEASONAL STREET TREES 2014-07-14 - Prens: Added links + tags.

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