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  1. Praha -vývoj času !

    Lol, that feeling when you watch CJ from Prague and BOOM! St. Martin's Cathedral from Bratislava, Slovakia (my hometown)
  2. Gertrude Apartments

    Got all those dependencies & textures but still have brown box.
  3. Vienna, Donau Stadt & Little Slovakia !

    Oh. I was for sure that you'll continue with rest of Bratislava.
  4. Vienna Uptown in die Innenstadt !

    @kschmidt thanks a lot
  5. Vienna Uptown in die Innenstadt !

    Good job, man! may I ask, where did u get those orange-roofed old w2w buildings located in right top corner? Thanks.
  6. NAM Euro Cosmetic Re-Texture Mod

    I've got the same, using NAM 36.
  7. NAM Euro Cosmetic Re-Texture Mod

    Great job However, I've got an issue with it. Euro textures show on diagonal Roads, however, straight road is still in original Maxis style... any advice?
  8. Domy z Blavy

    Vymrdaná Bratislava.zip? akože vážne?
  9. Nový zámok

    Nájsť tu niečo slovenské, to je ako nájsť poklad. Vďaka
  10. Evolution

    Wow. Just wow! I can imagine, how much time it took to create this truly artistic work... maybe you have full time job, maybe you have family and you still can find the time to make such a perfect video and city. This is probably the best video related to SC4 I've ever seen. And this work is also out of borders of us - city makers. You could probably inspire a con-world (constructed world) makers' community as well. Really amazing work, mate! As we in Slovakia say: "Klobúk dole!" ("Hat off" - it means true appreciation)
  11. SimCity 6

    My ideas about how should SC6 look like: You can choose the type of regions: Arctic Middle Subtropic Tropic Dessert every type could have some specific elements you could add only into that type of region. you would start in fully customizable and growable region or from various regions based on real places of the world The development of your city would be divided into levels. The more numerous and more happy your population is, the higher level you reach and the more stuff you unlock. You could choose the look of every public building (Police stations, Fire depts., schools, etc.) in various styles, for example: West European (old or new) East European (old or new) North American (old or new) South American (old or new) Middle Eastern East Asian the higher level you get, the bigger building with the bigger effected area could be built there could be an option to make every public building accesible for people with disabilities (it would cost some money but it would also positively affect the mood of neighbouring citizens) The RCI zoning (as known from SC4) could be applied. In Level 1, only old-looking buildings could be built (you could choose their look from styles mentioned above). The higher level you reach, the more styles of buildings would be unlocked (all of them in style that you would choose). The transportation stuff: Roads, streets, avenues; railroad, small passenger rail stations, small freight station, tramway, tram stations; bus stops unlocked in Level 1 there could be possibility to arrange the bus/tram routes Motorways, bridges, tunnels, pedestrian zones, bike paths; larger rail stations, bus stations unlocked in Level 2 there could be possibility to forbid entrance to the city for trucks (as in real cities), to integrate bike paths with streets, roads or avenues or make them separate Underground, elevated / mono rail (with their respective stations); passenger's & ferry docks; small airport unlocked in Level 3 An international airport would be unlocked, when population and mood of citizens reach some limit Energy Electricity - the higher level you reach, the more efficient and more clean power plants you could build There could be possibility to build a hydroelectric power plant (a dam) Water - the same as in SC4 There could be possibility to build a gas pipelines, gas refineries etc. There could be possibility to build an internet cable network (unlocked in higher levels) I have a lot ideas and later I add them here.