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City-building game(s)

Found 32 results

  1. Update 3 | West Central, Kellan

    Replies are at the bottom... Prologue Note: Usually I will have a long intro/prologue here but since the below Google Maps style map of West Central sort of has a summary in it I'm going to skip the prologue for this update, especially after the deluge of information and exposition in the last update (which I know not everyone liked). Also, this update contains quite a lot of panoramas so hope you enjoy! Welcome to West Central, one of Kellan's most vibrant urban villages A map of the City of Kellan (with the rest of the Kellan Metropolitan Area also in view but intentionally out of focus). If you look towards the Western part of the city you can see West Central. Some quick facts about West Central and those facts compared to the entire City of Kellan. Northwest-facing panorama containing the most prominent part of West Central's skyline centered on Merlington Blvd, with Eucalyptus Park and many other places of interest in views. A shot centered on the intersection of Merlington Blvd and Brampton Ave. This intersection is considered to be the center of West Central and its youthful population. While it isn't that busy in the daytime, its sidewalks become jam-packed at night as residents as visitors from neighboring urban villages flock to West Central for its famed nightlife and entertainment. View of the Northwest corner of Merlington Blvd and Brampton Ave. More hi-rises on Merlington Blvd. west of Brampton Ave. While these aren't nearly as tall as the towers East of Brampton Ave. they still house very nice offices and luxury apartments. A neighborhood Southwest of Merlington Blvd and Brampton Ave. This neighborhood is on the edge of the "East Kellan medium/high-density zoning Area" that most of West Central lies in, leading to a sharp transition from low-rise/mid-rise apartments and tall towers to more single-family homes on heavily forested sidewalks. The "East Kellan medium/high-density zoning Area" is not an actual intentional zoning plan from the City of Kellan, but rather a named originally coined by the press in 1996 to refer to the large swaths of residential zone in East Kellan that the city rezoned to medium density and high density residential as the population boom started to speed up in the late 1990's. It is worth noting though that this "area" is no longer just in East Kellan and has slowly crept westward as the region's continuous population boom has skyrocketed residential demand and prompted the city to tear down entire areas of single family homes and replace them with apartments. In fact, the percent that single-family homes make up of all residential units in the city dipped below 40% for the first time in 2015, causing many members of the press to suggest this nicknamed be abandoned entirely as most of the city's residential zones are now made up of medium and high-density zoning. Closeup of the skyline with the Outlook Yards Tower and & Hotel stealing the spotlight. At 696 feet (212.3 meters), it is the second tallest building in West Central after KPMG Kellan tower, 715 feet/218 meters, which is pictured later in this update (however, it is nowhere near the top 10 or even top 20 tallest buildings in the entire city of Kellan). Panorama of Merlington Blvd and Brampton Ave. Panorama of the main business area of West Central. Panorama up of Eucalyptus Park. The wavy building is the Kellan Youth & LGBT Center, to the right of it is the Kellan Department of Commerce and below it is a Costco Wholesale. Second panorama of Eucalyptus Park from a different angle. Large residential towers north of Merlington Blvd. Panorama of Eucalyptus Park and the surrounding area. Panorama of Hillview Canyon in its entirety (with the exception of Eucalyptus Park and Merlington Blvd., both of which were out of frame), which is obviously not an actual canyon. In this picture, you can also faintly see Eucalyptus High School at the top right, 211 Merlington Blvd. and a little bit of Saxton College at the bottom right, and a small portion of Outlook Hills at the bottom left. As you can see in the picture, Hillview Canyon is entirely residential with the exception of a couple of convenience stores and cafe's located within a few mixed-used apartments. When West Central, formerly known as Kingwood, was annexed by Kellan in 1993, the city drastically changed the zoning laws in the area and most of the single-family homes were rebuilt into apartments or remodeled/converted into duplexes and triplexes. A typical residential scene in Hillview Canyon. Another perspective of Hillview Canyon, this time with Merlington Blvd. in view. A northwest-facing view of Forestview Elementary School in Hillview Canyon. Close up of another area of Hillview Canyon, including a small block that consists of small row houses, something that isn't that common in the Kellan Metro Area. Another Hillview Canyon closeup Last close-up of Hillview Canyon, this time showing a small portion of North Outlook Hills State Forest, a forest and former state park that is centered around Mt. Stein, the tallest peak in Outlook Hills that also provides amazing views of the entire valley on a clear day. Panorama of the southern portion of Saxton College of Arts & Design (the northern portion, pictured below, contains some more academic buildings as well as the all of school's dorms). This private liberal arts college has over 11,000 full-time students is one of the most respected design schools on the entire North American West Coast. The school also frequently ranks near the top lists of schools when it comes to Architecture, Culinary Arts, Graphic Design, and Film. However, Saxton College is undergraduate-oriented, which is a very rare quality of any private college in general. This means that, despite the achievements of the school itself and its students, Saxton College fails to maintain the level of prestige as other famed design schools like the Pratt Institute, Rhode Island School of Design, or the California Institute of the Arts. The eastern portion of the school containing the school's two "classic" dorm complexes, with the smaller one being built when the school opened in 1961 and the larger tower-styled dorm complex being built with the school's eastern expansion across Wayne Ave. in 2001. The enormous apartment tower to the right of the image is known as Saxton Place. Built in 1982 with 1,837 units suited for up to 3,750 residents, Saxton Place was a former luxury apartment tower that was famous for the tallest apartment building in the Kellan Valley as it was constructed about a decade before skyscraper growth exploded in the Business Triangle of Northern Kellan County. However, the tower has since been remodeled to fit over 3,250 units suited for over 5,362 residents, with half of those units being leased by Saxton College as apartment student housing and the other half being leased by the nearby Kellan Youth & LGBT Center (which was pictured earlier) as affordable housing for homeless and low income youth in Kellan County. Saxton College from a Northwest-facing angle centered on Merlington Ave, with 211 Merlington Avenue (left) and the Willems Building (bottom center) now in view. On the other side of the Valley Connector (I-75), the freeway in the picture of the Knight Building, is a large and narrow commercial area nested between Wayne Ave. and the Lakefront Express (I-105) that contains vast retail space as well as numerous office parks. Above you can see a Lowe's as well as the Central Station of the Kellan Police Department across the street. Directly north of the Lowe's is a Sears Grand, the largest Sears on all of Vancouver Island. While this Sear's doesn't get nearly as busy as it used to, it is still relatively busy and still a popular shopping destination for local residents. A panorama of the Sears and Lowe's area, with the Carter Hotel (tall white tower) pictured at the very top. Now we move to the area Northwest of the Valley Connector and Lakefront Express, with Lizzaine Middle School in the center and the Daft Center at the bottom. A panorama of Interchange Park (bottom) and the West Central Sports Complex (center), located north of Lizzaine Middle School. Go further west and you run into the Josh Hamilton Medical Center, the third largest hosptial in the region. Directly west of the hospital is Brampton Lane High School, one of the oldest high schools in the city. Further west of the high school and we run into a low-density, middle class residential neighborhood made of mostly single-family homes. This is notable because while neighborhoods like this are common in Arlington County, it is one of the last low-density middle class neighborhoods left in all of Kellan County, the rest of the other low-density neighborhoods in the county are considered to be affluent and/or located on hilly terrain, like the nearby Outlook Hills neighborhood of Kellan. Replies paulmc | Thanks, glad you liked the story! Duco | Haha I know it's a lot, hopefully you still liked it though!
  2. A 26-story building located in downtown São Paulo collapsed after being consumed by a fire. The building was abandoned some years ago and was invaded and occupied by several families with no financial conditions, some of them immigrants who came from other countries. Fortunatelly firefighters did a good job and took almost everyone out of the building before it collapsed. http://abcnews.go.com/International/massive-high-rise-fire-building-collapse-brazil-dead/story?id=54846500 https://g1.globo.com/sp/sao-paulo/playlist/videos-predio-desaba-durante-incendio-em-sao-paulo.ghtml#video-6702630-id A very sad moment was when this guy was almost being rescued when the building collapsed. People said he managed to get out of the building earlier, but he went back to try to save people on the top floors:
  3. A planned building I am sure that many will think is hideous, but from the one image I've seen, I don't actually hate entirely... https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/jun/01/google-submits-plans-million-sq-ft-london-hq-construction-kings-cross
  4. Article #8 - Wainor Scene

    Article #8 - "Wainor Scene" Wainor is an important commercial-financial centre of Metzú Republic. Is situated some 195 Km of Yuti (capital city), 25 Km of Jalai and 19 Km of Krupó. Punta Retolk is part of Metropolitan Area. Founded in 1855 by english fishers, his main activity was fishing. Wainor was the first city of Metzú in have a seaport, in 1874. Wainor grew up slowly until the 90's. Large foreign capitals (China, principally) have invested a lot of money in financial services and commercial activities. The economic importance of the area and the existence of a seaport, made it possible this investment. The panorama of Wainor changed absolutely. High skyscrapers, large transport networks and other Infrastructure works (parks, stadiums, solar power...). Wainor is prosperous, cosmopolitan, touristic. A great place to visit in Metzú. Full Map Population: 52.351 Metropolitan Area: 98.332 (Wainor-Retolk Metropolitan Area) Main Activities: Commercial Centre, Financial Services, Heavy Industries. Wainor Scenes... 1. 1st Avenue and Parque Libertadores. A great sidewalk around the avenue. 2. Playa Chica. A great place to relax and drink something. 3. Puerto Internacional de Wainor. Built in 1874, renewed in 1950. The first seaport in Metzú. 4. Wainor Downtown. 5. Wainor Downtown. Great skyscrapers. 6. Wainor Suburbs. Road to Krupó City. 7. Wainor Outskirts. Industrial zone. 8. Wainor Downtown. High residential buildings and 1st Avenue. 9. Parque Libertadores. Place of great mansions, next to Playa Chica. 10. Modern buildings in Wainor Downtown. Surrounded by old tenements. 11. Gigante del Pacífico. A modern stadium, property of C.A Wainor Pacific, a football team, representative of Wainor City. 12. Built in 1996 (Renewed in 2017), has a capacity for 37.000 spectators. (before renewal) 13. 1st Avenue at night. 14. Wainor Downtown at night. A typical landscape of Wainor. 15. Wainor Night's Life. 16. A general view of Wainor at night. 17. Parque Libertadores. A good place to visit at night. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.
  5. I want a Megatall skyscraper in my city

    Hello, Members of the sim community. I would like a Megatall Skyscraper in My City. I'd like it to be High Wealth Residential with over 35000 people inside the building, or High Wealth Commercial Office with more than 60000 jobs. I would like it to be a stage 15 and I'd like some of the latest design work. I'd like it for Simcity 4 Deluxe Version, Just like the Shanghai Tower or The Burj Dubai. I also want Low wealth Megatalls with over 40000 people inside them. Probably a 7x7 is enough. I have already edited two of the towers with the SC4 tool I have in my virtual machine, so I need those buildings. How can I create them?
  6. Urban Abstractions BATs

    I thought I should show you guys my progress. 340 on the Park, Chicago! Feel free to constructively criticize and make suggestions. Obviously I'm not done and there are a bunch of things I see that needs correcting. What I DO want to know is what you guys think about the glass color/reflections/bump. I think it's pretty good but not quite sure.. Also since this building was constructed in 2007 and it isn't any sort of icon, it's pretty hard to find good, up close pictures of areas that can't be seen from google maps street view.
  7. There are no fewer than 5 indie games under development designed to let the player build skyscrapers: Project Highrise, Block'hood, IsoTower, Skylimit Tycoon, and Cloud City, and they inspired me to start back up on OcramTower in a way with minimal overlap with them. Here is a breakdown of the games (listed in approximated chronological order until release): Block'hood is an arcology builder/simulator with a Minecraft-esque appearance and strong ecological focus. It released on March 10. I describe it as a puzzle game where resource supplies are supposed to be balanced. Project Highrise has its own thread. Long story short, a high quality SimTower clone with a 1960s Chicago style/theme and campaigns/events was found to be so promising that Kalypso picked up the title. IsoTower is the labour of love of a lone developer (Todd B). It used HD isometric graphics before being rebuilt but has a better simulation now, an Art Deco themed UI, and the next major release will be available soon enough. The developer is diligent and hard-working and posts updates seemingly daily on facebook. Skylimit Tycoon is a full 3D tower simulator with modding tools completed already (to make content creation easier for the developers) with a ton of fun new features but still in the early Alpha stage. Cloud City is sort of like a dystopian SimTower with full 3D graphics (but only 1 layer like classic SimTower). OcramTower's environment is similar to that of Project Highrise because it is vector based and it will feature a classic view. Its construction is done slice by slice, however, OcramTower will have depth, making it functionally similar to multiple highrises in a row if played in Classic View. The most useful (besides multi-floor problems like checking of which floors have utilities and how well elevators work) view will be Top-Down View, which will look similar to architectural drafts of floor plans (in color, with changes from people in real time). Top-down view will be freely rotatable because of the ease of such transformations on SVG. Classic View and Isometric View will only have zoom (which stay sharp at all resolutions and levels of zoom) and will need different graphics for every angle (4 isometric angles) and slice (most rooms are 2 slices deep, hallways are 1 slice deep, the biggest room will be 10 slices). One slice is 4 meters deep, one tile is 1 meter wide, one storey is 3.9 meters tall (including space between floors). OhTees cannot move through rooms besides rare exceptions (like public amenities), which means you must either build hallways or leave unfinished floor space between rooms. Better elevators will unlock with higher star levels and eventually time. My goal is to make--at first--a functionally 3D Yoot Tower clone with 2D SVG graphics (rendered as PNG below) and evolve it into a campaign to become the most powerful real estate magnate in the world by manipulating markets and politics using your vast wealth, influence, and business skills. So far, I have a dead-end prealpha 3, new art, and handwritten code snippets and flowcharts for prealpha 4. 1 Bedroom Apartment top-down view 1 Bedroom Apartment classic view 2 Bedroom family condo top-down view Fast Coffee Shop (this unlocks from the get-go, luxury cafes unlock at 3 stars) Office Reception Room top-down (low-rent occupants)
  8. The Apple of Snow White's Eye.

    Welcome back, before any pictures are shown, we'd like to clarify and inform of the rather hectic week. It was a doozy. First off, Amelia has been put in a Witness Relocation Program, and was not assassinated. Her whistleblowing caused a few riots, a bunch in the industrial district after other whistleblowers revealed things about cheating industrial workers, the amount of casualties was expected, but the amount of destroyed buildings was tame. You'll see them, just you wait. The mayor of Jerseyville stepped down, and after a board meeting with all the mayors except the old Jerseyville mayor, Telegraph was moved into position for capital, and Telegraph's vice president Daniel R. Rodger was put in charge of Jerseyville after Telegraph's mayor refused to leave his sporty town. Onto the pictures. Firstly, we have the industrial district. Incinerators, warehouses, assembly lines, and oil tanks are plentiful. The oil tanks are owned by Shell, BP, WaWa, and Lukoil. You can barely see the processing tanks next to them, but we weren't allowed to get any info. They call the industrial area the Red Towers Industrial District. Here's another section, it's mainly storage and workyards (which give out 50 cents an hour parking), but a few pipes and steel manufacturers house themselves here. The red and white tower is unused, though is apparently a landmark. This area has a lot of railway running through, though the area also has a lot of chemical processing. We can confirm the red tower below is not the same and does not work and is a landmark. Finally, the end of the industrial district. This area is high tech and does computer manufacturing, Dell has a computer building factory here, also. A few other industrial building are here, too, though. Next, at the edge of all the cool towers, is the small commercial district, a lot of the inhabitants love the place. Here you can see the Lois Canal, short, but sweet. A lot of proposals happen there. You can also see the old-fashioned buildings next to it. The end of the small commercial district. Here is the main attraction. Huge towers loom over citizens walking around. Most of these are residential. A short picture of the Aloysius museum, famous for the dome. Last but not least, the coup de gra of everything. The Stomshire building, previously owned by Luke Stomshire. The base of operations, perfectly evil looking. The top levels are where the corruption happens, but the lower parts are all show and friendly normal office. Brilliant... On a happier note, here are the famous windmills that were shut down a year ago. They're quite a sight, but the city council decided they contributed nothing with the new extremely efficient Nuclear power plant. Now, moving on to the small yet expensive Jerseyville Suburban District Project. Built near the lake, expensive to live in, but beautiful. This is where it attaches to the center of Jerseyville and the corner of the small commercial district. Finally, the mass solar project area. Surprisingly, it produces a lot of power, it was fully finished a month ago. That's all there is, folks, that is the whole Jerseyville area, I hope you've enjoyed your stay. Tune in next time! Merry Christmas!
  9. Downtown

    The skyline of Rickport: Park West Plaza: Night shots: Liberty tower, under construction: If you have some request or any extra information about the downtown like another pictures o more information about the buildings let me know! I hope you enjoy
  10. Hello, I am trying to edit a some of the buildings I've downloaded off of this site. Some of the buildings actually have to have the construction to build them, most just plop instantly. Is there any way I can get the construction ones to plop right away?
  11. Presentation and pictures

    A couple of pictures of downtown, its part more representative.
  12. 73 - Infinite Peace

    Okay so this is the last in my series of canals for now. Looking forward to showing you some newer stuff very soon, but for the time being lets have a look at Hao Datong, The Perfected Master of Infinite Peace. Here the canal splits and narrows down to a southern passage that allows small boats to travel to the northern exit point in Acropolis (to be shown soon). In the middle is a beautiful Thai Style Buddhist temple that casts an aura of serenity around the whole area. Once again, towering residential complexes overlook the landmark from almost every angle. In this Zone we can also see things taper off into low-density residential areas which lead into Sarai (entry currently defunct) directly above. Enjoy. Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. Currently having some problems with older entries. I'll try to fix them when I have a chance. gviper: Fantastically splendid. As is a hallmark for most of your work the waterfronts are masterpieces. I would love a little more green space personally but otherwise I love it! Yeah, in area this small it's hard to fit in green spaces since I want everything to be so dense, but hopefully soon I'll get around to show you some of the parks I've been working on. Thanks. raynev1: Another superb entry , it's like East meets West and swirled together. To make a harmonious combination that truly works can be quite difficult . But you definitely pulled it off , a job well done . Thanks raynev1. Really appreciate your continued support. tariely: It's pleasantly weird, that leaning tower ! Out of the box... The mosaics are superb again. I too use a combination of grown and plopped when I do a big city. Sometimes chance gives felicitous arrangements of buildings but playing god is nice too:-) Bonjour triely. Yeah, it's fun when a building you didn't expect, or kinda forgot you had, pops up. Thanks. michae95l: Lovin' the tower! As usual, excellent work. Thanks michae95l. Schulmanator: Looks awesome! I am booking a trip here pronto!!! As usual you can pick up your VIP package at the airport when you arrive. We'll have a driver ready to bring you to your hotel. Thanks. Sexysark:P: It looks awesome the way you managed to mix different forms of architectural style overall presents a unique style which only you can do keep up the good work !! Guess I kind of have my own style now. Ionican style. Thanks Sark, good to see you. jmsepe: Admirable work as usual. The colors do well with the image. Thanks j. spiritualfire: I thoroughly enjoyed the detail you put into this city in each picture here. Two questions: Which canal wall mod did you use? The red brick boardwalks and stone walls really help the character and I would like to try it. Second question: the ramp on the corner of the St George's Bank in the last picture, where is that found on the STEX? I am in dire need of that ramp. I'm using the Goober Canals, the link is to the base set, add-ons can also be found on the SC4D LEX. You can find the ramp here. And here is a download link for the Red Brick retaining walls: RedBrickPlaza.zip Thanks. John2098: You should totally put some of those buildings on the ST Exchange None of those buildings were made by me and the vast majority of them are indeed on the STEX. Feel free to ask me or go to the Can't Find It thread. Thanks.
  13. Skyline Rising

    Welcome Back! Skyline Rising Ahead... Former parkland redeveloped to house more development. Provincial Parliament parks receiving complete makeovers. That's all for today. Hopefully another update soon. (But, you never know. RL... pesky thing it is. ) Thanks For Visiting! Happy Holidays!
  14. 64 - Seaview

    Another little update before I go into full gear. This is a small Zone on the edge of Peach Blossom Bay. It is technically part of Huang Yaoshi but due to what Americans call gerrymandering (a practice that attempts to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating district boundaries to create partisan advantaged districts) it is its own Zone. As evident by its name, Seaview is a Zone that looks out onto the sea and the buildings are all oriented to offer residents and workers stunning views of the vast body of water known as The Archer's Sea on the eastern side of Ionica. Click images to view full size. Enjoy! Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. View counts are frozen so speak up and let me know you're here. Thanks for visiting. jmsepe, TekindusT, Terring, tankman Thanks for your comments and support. Stay tuned. Ln X: Fantastic entry. I love symmetry and that symmetrical habour/seafront is a masterpiece! What a great integration of a few dozen different mods. Hey Ln X, glad you appreciate it, thanks. Schulmanator: Long time, no see! Glad to have you back with great new stuff! Yeah it's been a while, I wanted to build up som material before returning so it took a bit longer than I expected. Thanks. KonstantinII: You know, I actually liked the previous version of Pater better. Maybe, I think the new seawalls don't look as good. Also the ship in the first image doesn't fit in. What is it doing here? I can understand that. The ship is meant to be like a historic attraction. It's not a ship that people actually use. It's just on display. Maybe you're right tho. Mymyjp: this looks awesome! Perfect shape and symmetry...looking forward to see more of your work! Thanks. The feeling is mutual Mymyjp. sarthakknight: OH man you are just awesome it's so epic the way you design those coast lines and them bridges ................................i lost my jaw again lol Hehe, make sure to superglue it shut next time. Thanks. Belfastsocrates: Absolutely glorious images. So rich in colour and detail! Looking forward to seeing your new work and what you have planned. Losing a city is horrendous, the very thought of it almost makes me sick, I've no idea how's I'd react in a similar situation. Yeah it really sucks, and what made it worse what that it was a large sized tile too. However it is a blessing in disguise. A lot of thing about the original were pretty amateur. Thanks. slickbg56: The pathing along the waterfront looks great. Making all of that interlock and fit is really impressive. It took a while, but it was well worth it. Thanks. Huston: That last image is gloriously amazing. How the light/lens flare captures the ambience of the hovering stadium really makes for an eye-catching scene! Contrasts well with the way you edited the water too Well like I said before, I take a lot of inspiration from your work. Thanks.
  15. A trio of futuristic residential skyscrapers designed by famed architect Zaha Hadid are planned to rise along the waterfront in Brisbane, Australia. The problem is, the site was the location of an uranium processing plant and the last occupant, Australia's ABC radio network, left because of concerns over radiation contamination. Try doing that in Sim City. http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2014/09/these-alien-skyscrapers-will-rest-on-the-site-of-an-old-uranium-plant-in-brisbane/
  16. 61 - Random One

    Following Huston's example I'd like to share a few pics that I didn't have room for in my entries. (Don't worry Huston, this won't become a regular thing for me) Regular followers of this CJ will recognize Avalon in the pic below. I still have a lot of work to get that tile to 100% - it is tough balancing out residential and commercial. This church is in my tile with the Blitzball stadium. I've shown it before, but now the park and sea walls are totally different. If you go to my entry Opening Night Blitz you can see what I'm talking about. I'm currently experimenting with industrial seaports and the pic below is from a small test tile. Tell me what you think. The heliports in Avalon's industrial district. I originally had only 2 heliports but the demand for an airport was so high I had to add another one. Thank god I had the space for it. This small industrial area is from the tile where I'm testing out seaports. I could use some more futuristic industrial buildings if you know of any. The Huang Yaoshi Opera House neatly packed in amongst some W2W buildings. A rainy day for the residents of Peach Blossom Bay. Here is another example of re-made parks from my Opening Night Blitz entry. I changed it so that the park would have a more symmetrical pattern. This is a picture I made for my Wild for the Night entry but it was kind of redundant so I left it out. Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. VicRusty, Neto Dari, fan o SC4, suomi2005, simlink, Titanicbuff. Thanks for your comments and support. Stay tuned. Xander Dax:WOW amazing, i love your marinas....i can never get the terraforming right when i try to make marinas for some reason. It can be tricky at first. I think having a Slope Mod helps and using the road tool to level out terrain is also key. ggamgus: Fantastic! I love your photoshop process! Glad you enjoyed it. Good to see you back ggamgus. sarthakknight: frickin mosses its fantastic !!! btw can you make a photoshop tutorial please the one i found there the process of layering and stuff isn't explained in detail?? Haven't forgotten about your request sarthakknight. Give me some more time. Thanks. BlackEpic: What mod?[is it a mod] did he use on the bay's edges (The wall like thing)[you may call me noobish, that's true anyway and i dont know what it's called] Could you be a bit more specific? westy177: Wow you fit so much in that medium city tile :0 Your photoshopping are impressive, I fire it up and get overwhelmed by the sheer variety of filters and effects kudos to you mate Photoshop can be a bit intimidating at first but it is easy to figure out by watching tutorials on youtube and experimenting. Thanks. TekindusT: We may know the technique, but we will never get that magic hand you have... Anyways, thanks for the tips! You make me blush so much Tek! Thanks. weixc812: Forgive me, my friend. I feel the before pictures look a bit better than the afters. There're too many skyscrapers in the after picture that it lacks hierarchy. mM suggestion is to control the height of the city, with limited tall buildings seated in important districts. Besides, your city is perfect and invincible. If you look at my city as a whole, not just this tile you can see there is more of a hierarchy of buildings. However, my city is supposed to be a super dense futuristic metropolis packed with skyscrapers. Huston: More neat stuff huh? Really loving the before and after photoshop shots as well. It's interesting to see SimCity 4 raw Ionica It was an entry in one of your CJs that inspired me to do a before and after Photoshop thing. Thanks. KonstantinII: I really like the city layout Hey KonstantinII, thanks. Benedict: Fantastic tutorial - what a cool idea to use a nebula, rippled, for water at night. And well done - in the face of some extreme competition, you've held on to the top spot on BTT for a second week. Sure has been tough getting up to the top this year, but the competition is great motivation to do bigger and better things. daTSchikinhed: wow, this is beautiful. I love those marinas. I followed up on the links that you posted for the dependencies on the Marinas. Only ones I couldn't find were Youcef's props, hopefully that won't be too important. SC4 needs more yachts and larger boats. We got huge ships, and we have a plethora of smaller boats, but not very many midsized boats of 50+ft or more. Also curious, what water mod are you using? I use the Brigantine (sp?), but it doesn't have a very good transparency depth. If you looks on the second page of the comment section in the Med Marina CJ entry you will find Youcef's props. I'm using the Brigantine water mod. The water looks like it has transparency and depth because it is quite shallow.
  17. 58 - Archon

    Archon is a little Zone located at the Northwest corner of Ionica's densest area, Avalon. It is an ideal location for people who commute to the CBD for work but want to live in a place that is slighty more relaxed and easy going. Archon is also the home of two of Ionica's biggest news media organizations: the Herald Sun (a national print journal), and the CBC (Cosmic Broadcast Community, an intergalactic news agency). Tall and luxurious condo buildings line the waterfront and offer spectacular views for those lucky enough to live there. The Yacht Club is open to all, but those with memberships get discounts and VIP service. The marinas are all public but the majority of boats docked there are privately owned. Like all the Zones of Ionica, Archon is filled with parks where people can escape the oppressive concrete jungle as well as bring those boisterous kids or pets out to drain some of that energy. A complete view of the Marina. When the sun goes down Archon is famous for its Yacht parties. It is also famous for its Yacht party fines and lawsuits. Ionica has fairly relaxed laws when it comes to partying and drinking in public. However, the environmental laws concerning pollution, especially of water are very strict. Quite a few Yacht owners who have held large parties on the water have payed out heft sums to the city for throwing trash into the water. That money goes to keeping the water as clean as possible. Nights in Archon aren't just for partying, there is also a lot of business that goes down. Many of the biggest CEOs in working in Avalon bring clients, partners, and guests to discuss and negotiate deals here. Some of the most significant mergers and aqusitions made in Ionica are rumored to have been brokered in penthouse suites on the top floors of high-rises in Archon. Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. TekindusT, Pwel28, Terring, simcityplayer15, Vitor13, gigius76, Schulmanator, sarthakknight, elavery, Tonraq Thanks for your comments and support. Stay tuned. Richie99: Nice pictures and the city must have taken lots of effort to achieve. What seawalls do you use? Thanks. Those are JENX Paris Quais de Seine seawalls. jmsepe: I suddenly ran out of words again. I could feel how tedious to make these updates are and they are definitely worth it. Tedious makes it sound like it's no fun. I would call it meticulous. Thanks. Roman_Samudra: Why a LNG Tanker ships manage to squeeze into city canal? In another words.... fabulous.... Technically it isn't a canal, it is more like a river that goes out to the sea. Thanks. tankmank: Looking great, and nice contrast between the skyscrapers and the ecological community. I was a bit worried it would clash. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks. RepublicMaster: I love the night shots, the water effects are spectacular! Yeah I'm having a bit too much fun with that effect right now. Thanks KonstantinII: I like how you have actual pictures of your city for the header and replies. I think you should make a different picture of city for the header every time from now on. By co-incident or not, I had a dream that I was driving on the highway through Ionica. Maybe I actually teleported myself? I would love to make a banner for each entry but that is a lot of work cause it is actually kind of hard to find pictures that are just right. I'll be changing it a bit more often, but not every entry. Thanks. zlotka: Lookja very well. Good job What is the tower with blue lights on top? I believe you're asking about the Equity Tower.
  18. 56 - Come Tomorrow

    It is still spring but the citizens of Ionica are yearning for those hot summer days and even hotter summer nights. Why can't it just come tomorrow? Well it can. Just use the Chronometric Reassignment Matrix App on your phone. Et voila! You have now been transported to summer in Ionica. Just don't interact with anyting or you could create a paradox that will unravel the very fabric of space time. (images now in 1080p) feeroz123: Another big one ! So many lights, so many buildings ! Looks very well planned. Brilliant work !! Where can I get the blue building having 'CIS' written on it? Thanks feeroz. That is Ill Tonkso's CIS Tower Manchester. Tonraq:I like it very much Thanks Tonraq, stay tuned. Schriefer:Wow! Another amazing update, as always, it's just perfect. Glad you liked it Shriefer, thanks. tankmank: Another great update, once again using BATs i never would have thought of using, they work all so well. You're making me blush, thanks. NielsC007: Looks great! Thanks Niels. Gugu3: Nice! Thank you Gugu. TekindusT: I never thought you could fit that "gothic" skyscraper in Ionica's skyline, but you have proven me wrong. BTW, I would say that this lighthouse is a bit pointless, among the kilowatts of light your skyscrapers are emitting! Keep the magic, man! When I saw NoFunk's One Detroit Center I just knew I had to fit it in somewhere. Glad you liked it. Yeah the lighthouse is useless, it is a vestige from a time before skyscrapers. andisart: Amazing! Sweet, thanks. sejr99999: thank you this is an excellent urban area with lots of nature to enjoy as well looks like a large city that is very livable with an interesting mix of building styles. Thanks for your support. Huston: The pictures in this update seem especially colorful, and the vividness of the corals in the baywater really adds to the scene Thanks, I'm really fond of the corals these days. Fox: Great job .. love the water front and the editing .. magnificent!! Thank you very much Fox. gigius76: Looking at these pictures you can say only one thing: it was done by Militantradical! An unmistakable style! Nice, thanks gigius.
  19. Chiyoda CBD - Toshima

    Chiyoda CBD - Toshima Chiyoda has three principal Central business districts, the largest and most important is Toshima. The area is home to dozens of skyscrapers and large office buildings. Toshima was the first areas to have height restrictions to be lifted allowing for skyscrapers up to 300m tall to be built, this has resulted in a claustrophobic area with narrow roads and tall buildings. The plaza in front of the black skyscraper is one of the largest open spaces in Toshima and is frequented by people from of the offices during lunch. Replies Militant Radical - Thanks, i hope this will satisfy, until i finish that area Shriefer - Thankyou Huston - Thanks, here is more Japanese density Luiz P. Romanini - Thanks pingpong - thanks, i do think it is a little too tall for that area, i will try to replace it with a house or much smaller apartment building DonVitoCorleone - Thankyou Gugu3 - Thanks Kisa Atsuko - Thanks, they are something that i would love to see improved and expanded upon
  20. 52 - Believe in Magic

    "If you want it, you can have it, all you gotta do it believe in magic." That's what they said while building Sierra, this small but beautiful Zone that looks out onto Diamond Lake. It is called Diamond Lake because legend has it that on a clear night when the stars shine their brightest you can dip any object into its waters and it will become encrusted with jewels. A little bit of music to set the mood... Very expensive Ionican real estate that looks out onto Diamond Lake. The view is amazing, you'll see. How 'bout a round of Tennis on one of Ionica's first Raised Transit Parks? The Twin Lions of Sierra, two black onyx lion statues, still hold their guard after hundreds of years. The beautiful blue Talavera Office Park looks down on the Twin Lions and out onto Diamond Lake. Executive offices must be sweet! If you come to Sierra don't forget to stop at Benny's Bistro Barge. The food is great, inexpensive, and the view is amazing. Of course the main attraction which can't be missed is the Black Stones Lighthouse. You can admire its beauty from land or you can charter a tour to take you on the water if you want to see it up close. I suggest going on the water because you can also get a great view of the marine life. If you're lucky you already live in the Orion Tower and have the best view of the entire lake. When the sun goes down you can understand why the builders of Sierra believed in magic. The best time to get on the water is when the light of the moon or the bright stars pierce through the water of the lake. Only then can you truly appreciate how the Legend of Diamond Lake came to be. Been to Benny's Bistro Barge for lunch? Well you need to go there again for dinner. After the sun and a bit of booze flows has set the atmosphere becomes a bit more lively. Their dinner menu is also amazing. If you're up for more adventure head down to a bar near the Twin Lions, if not get a bus. Workin' late at my job in the Talavera Office Park to get a promotion so that I can have one of those sweet executive offices! Now that we've had a few drinks lets go for a Tennis rematch. Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. Moerp: It's just awesome, you really brought kind of a exotic feeling in your pictures, just great! Glad you got the feeling I was trying to convey. TekindusT: Amazing update and amazing pictures! Thanks Tek. KonstantinII: I just like this feeling of a dense city. Even though everything is tightly packed together it does not seem out of place. Looks like in these shops items can be bought for a price much cheaper than in malls Avalon. Also you can use these futuristic asian buildings for this district. Thanks for passing along those buildings. I actually have some of them. I may have used them here but you just can't see them from these angles. Gugu3: Very nice Chinatown you have there! Nice, thanks. freemunchies:Great job! All those buildings go really well together! They were all carefully selected. Thanks. Schulmanator: Nice! Looks good and quite real. Sweet, I kinda took a page from Bastet and gigius. MatTSW: I can feel this Chinese chaos. And this guy w CCCP blouse... Heheh, yeah that guy. He was looking pretty dazed so i managed to snap a few shots of him just standing there like that. Fox: Fantastic looking Chinatown area.. very envious. A feeling I've experienced when visiting your CJ. Thanks. jmsepe: Nice Chinatown there! Where did you get those buildings, btw? Tough question cause there are a lot of buildings but you can find some of the newest Japanese W2W buildings here. tankmank: Lovely Chinatown, i like the use of SC4 pictures and self taken photographs it adds a lot more to the update, transporting you to the streets. It is a shame that in SC4 you can't go down and get street views of your city. Lord Branham: Fantastic work, really reminds me of the Chinatown in San Francisco! Ah yes, I didn't realize that. The front gate is kind of reminiscent of SF's Chinatown, except it isn't on a slope. Schriefer: Nice Chinatown! It's really beautiful! Thanks. SimRico: Was planning my trip to Ionica for months! Glad to have added this stop to my Weekly Around The World Tour of Featured Cities! I am off to some night-life fun and see you at the net sun! Hope you had your fill of really amazing food in Ionica's Chinatown.
  21. The Growth of New York

    This is my New York City. It includes Manhattan, Jersey City, Brooklyn, Queens, Williamsburg, and Roosevelt Island. I didn't use any cheats or plug-ins. This City right now has a population of 507'000! A Wealthy neighborhood in this Manhattan The Washington Arc at Washington Park in Greenwich village
  22. Flatlands

    Flatlands Watson City Inhabitants: 8.000 Welcome in Watson City! A very new city with a clean air and great shopping centers! I know some of you like interchanges, so I made a few pictures of the highway! This is the shopping center (on the left) and an Industrial zone (on the right). You can also see a skyscraper on the left, wich is the 3rd in height: it is 124m/406ft tall. There's also a resting place, just a 100 meters from the city. The city also has a nice American Football team: the Watson Football Lions. The WFL Stadium is close to the Industrial zone. The Industrial zone isn't large, so the sims can breath a clean air! They also have an IKEA. You can buy all your furniture here! A McDonald's! Yum yum! Just a nice picture. The Winterson Church from 1377. It is 95m/311ft high and the most visited sight in Watson City. The Ritz Carlton Hotel is 136m/446ft tall and it is the 2nd tallest building in Watson City. This building is called Hope Building and it is 147m/482ft tall. It is the tallest building in Watson City. It is a residence building. That was all! Next time more. I hope you like it!
  23. The City of Viina | Revisited

    another little update of Viina. 3 big mosaic of the downtown. thank you very much for your appreciation for all this time VIINA The Space Colony of Tusi The Downtown & Niiva Zin Tower Another View of The Downtown Replies ______________________________________________________________ Schulmanator : Cool! This rocks! Thanks a lot! your CJ rocks more! ggamgus : The last picture, Downtown Viina, looks too good to be true. Great work! Thanks a lot ggamgus! KonstantinII : Where did you get the niiva zin tower?Was you reloted it for your own use? Yes, i re-lot-ed the coruscant buildings for my personal use. im still bad at that too. lol. hope u like it! Fox : Another great update.. Now I need to know where you are getting all these cool sci-fi bats from . they look great. lol thanks, i get it from links of futuristic plugin in forum. try search it, theres a lot lot of bats there. osneaga : do not like nam curve avenues don know why well, its my effort to make the city looks a little bit organic. not too griddy. SilverCyric : Looks good to me buddy, Liking the storyline so far too : ) Thanks Thank you very much! Mr.Lin : COOL ! Really cool ! thank you!! Hellken : Mother of God... LOL i laughed so hard looking at ur comment pic! TekindusT : I don't know how do you manage to mix so many styles and make everything look perfect and futuristic, just like all BATs were created to be used together! Great, great, great! thank you very much! yes i got thru mix and match bats so many times, and take a little while to make them fit each other. once again, thanks! Benedict : The setting of that keyhole building is one of the most stunning things I've seen in a CJ. Brilliant stuff. yes that keyhole is something, rotlf. thanks a lot benedict!

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