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Costanian republic

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About this City Journal

Welcome to Costanian republic!

Costanian republic, shortly Costania, is an insular state laying on Costanian island. This island lays about 925km southwest of Ireland and 750km northwest of Spain. With population about 42 000 000 of inhabitants and area of 785 442 km2 it's the largest and most densely inhabited island in North Atlantic ocean. Official language is Costanian language and local currency is called Gald.

kostaniet fleia.pngkostaniet erald.png

Left: Flag of Costanian republic. Right: Coat-of-arms of Costanian republic


Costanian island was firstly explored by Irish sailors about year 1020 AD. However, they considered island as uninhabitable so they left it. Later, in 1527 AD, when british sailors crossed the Atlantic and struggled to swim to the "New World" (as they called the continent of America), they found this island and stayed for a while. There were good conditions for staying with their ships and they founded a first settlement in gulf in central part of island. They didn't know anything about this island previously, so they called it "A New Coast".

The stories about New Coast spreaded all around Europe and Spanish sailors had decided to visit island. As they entered the gulf, they named this island "La costa nueva" (New Coast). In 1579, the first conflict between British and Spanish armies happened. Both of them had realized, how important this island is and they wanted to steal it for themselves and their nations. This conflict lasted 12 years and in the end, British army had won and expeled the Spanish army out of the island.

However, the influence of Spanish still remained in the land. Especially in language, where english has mixed with spanish. During the time, this language evolved into a whole new language - Costanian language. Also people who lived there, called themselves "Kostaniere" which means "People of New Coast". And their land was named "Kostania". Yes, it means "New Coast". But there was still one problem that hasn't been solved. Costania was under british supremacy and a lot of locals wanted to leave British Empire.

In 26th of June 1722 AD, Costania declared independence for the first time and named Ian Farind, later known as Ian Enet (John I.) the first king of new Costanian Kingdom. In very short time Costania became one of the most wealthiest islands in whole Atlantic. Army and navy had been highly supported by the kingdom as well as trade with the United Kingdom, Spain and France. However, with the death of John the First in 1765 AD, this "golden" age finished. In next 40 years Costania has been under inner conflicts, mostly between kings and army. Erno II., the fourth king of the kingdom, was also the last one. In 1808 AD, he was murdered by soldiers led by general Tarnel Karabs and there was nobody who could replace the king's position, because Erno II. didn't have any successor.

Therefore, in 8th of August 1810 AD, Costania became republic. The first president, Ian Korlei, named the first 99 members of newly established National Council. These members was selected from all Costanian regions. They created the Constitution of Costanian republic and thanks to them, Costania has never been involved into any world conflict from this time. It remains neutral also during WWI and WWII.

In 20th century, there were some attempts to divide Costania into smaller countries. Especially in late 60s, there was a strong military group from Felda region, which wanted to rule the separate country of Felda, as they felt that they are independent nation with own language (Shambi language) and culture. This military group wasn't successful. However, in 1987, the president Eurel Haidas allowed local parlaments in every region of Costania as the reaction to the struggles of Felda separatistic group.


The map of Costanian republic with regions and counties


Costanian economy stands on strong export. There are three important docks: in capital city Tunare, in Lunse in south and in Norse in north. Wheat and various metals are the most exported stocks. Costania has very developed fishing industry and metalworking industry. In last 30 years, tourism has highly increased the share of national economy.

The currency of Costanian republic is called Gald.


Costanian republic is a liberal-democratic country. The head person is the president. However, legislation is made by government and must be approved by National Council. In present, National Council has 199 members and for approve the law there must be at least 100 members that vote for it. National Council's members are voted every 5 years, in same year as president.

The parts of government are called Institutes. It's just another name for Ministry. The chairmen of Institutes can't be National Council's member at the same time.

tunare erb.png

tunare logo farebné.png

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