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City-building game(s)

Found 58 results

  1. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    I don't have the game yet, so naturally, I don't have anything to show. But I figured I might as well get it up and ready, since one of the most popular topics in the SimCity 4 section should manage here as well. So get down to it and post some Skylines!
  2. Dart - downtown

    From the album Pclark06 pic dump

  3. Downtown in Progress

    Here's are a few screenshots of a new Downtown
  4. Constanta 7

    From the album Jolteon's Picture Dump

  5. Constanta 6

    From the album Jolteon's Picture Dump

  6. Torquay

    From the album [PROJECT] Torquay

    So, my intention is to create a suburb in the south area, full of parks and trees and expand a little bit the downtown area. The space is limited here, so i have to do a good work with these free zones. Any suggestion?
  7. A Cathedral in Erinsberg

    From the album City Showcase (S3-23-M)

    Using Reddonquixote's St Paul's Cathedral, this made a fine addition to Erinsberg's city centre.
  8. TEASER: Project Telegram.

    Something to tide you all over for now. Feel free to figure out what the city is/it's name, :).
  9. I've been playing a new city, Acacia, named after the Acacia trees I chose as the main theme trees of the city. Acacia is uniquely located between two bays, with four external links and plenty of seaport connections. City Type: Port city; large metropolitan Density: Medium-high Geographic features: Coast, waterfront, beaches, rivers, gentle hills Population: 200,000+ Transportation infrastructure: Heavily mass rapid transit, multiple rail/air/sea links Economy: Diversified in financial services, oil and refinery, ore, forestry, light agriculture, light industries, commerce, education, and tourism. Let's take a look at the beautiful region view:
  10. A long awaited update

    The last time I updated this CJ was a teaser and was many months ago. I haven't touched Simtropolis much since then but I still play Simcity 4 albeit not regularly. Not only that I'm more preoccupied with university life, actual urban planning (or at least studying it) is way more fun than I thought it would be and possibly more fun than playing this game. Well, moving on to the city journal itself, here's what the picture in the aforementioned 'teaser' has come to: It is the center of the old town, or the old town that used to exist here when the place was still the fertile, agricultural village it used to be before tall office buildings took over. The 'Alun - Alun', one of the few remaining remnants of the old village, is where people used to and still do congregate for various events and festivals. It has since been renovated and renewed into that of a modern park rather than the flat, open grass area it used to be. Additionally, the government of the region is still based here, like it used to be many many years ago. More remnants of the former old town; some slums as well as the old commercial center and market. This part of town is protected from commercial encroachment as a heritage to the city's simple past. Needless to say, it's a seedy place with much prostitution and many of the richer populace, as well as some hard-line local Islamists want the place to no longer demolished. Also in picture is the central train station, that services an hourly commuter rail service. It also serves to link the city with Jakarta to the north and Bandung to the east. The CBD extends itself to the north; development is less dense with many high end stores catering to the more well-off people of the city as well as a cinema. Well, that closes out this update, keep following this CJ for the next update, I promise it won't be long!
  11. 1.5 The New Map and Bay Bridge

    So guys I have changed the map for the city of San Francisco to the a smaller version of the actual San Francisco Peninsula... And we have our new Bay Bridge...which is a four-lane RHW bridge connecting downtown San Francisco to Oakland...
  12. Greetings from San Francisco

    Now this city may have some aspects of real world San Francisco, however; the geography of the city is varied greatly. You will however recognize some of the skyscrapers in the cbd, but there positions may not be true to their real world counterparts. I do want you to enjoy this city journal as I am working very hard and long laborious hours to achieve as much realism into this city as possible. I should have a photo of the city up later today... So without further ado...Welcome to San Francisco...
  13. Downtown Prometheus

    From the album Night Scenes (S3-12-E)

    Prometheus's CBD is home to several tall skyscrapers where thousands of people work at during the day. The night scene is much different, and is fairly calm for a city of 3,300,000 people. The CBD sits atop a peninsula overlooking the ocean, which is pitch black at night save the occasional ship light. The lights of the tall buildings shimmer in the night ocean. In all seriousness, this is an old image I made quite a while ago. I wanted to enter this contest after my tile I was working on for the Realistic Recreation got corrupted, but I didn't have the time to make something brand new. Spent about 35 minutes trying to dig this off of the backup of my old computer's hard drive!
  14. 57c4865c05f89-ss(2016-08-06at07.12.48).jpg

    From the album Duke's picture dump

    Not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term "CBD", but Katwick makes do.

    © Thin White Duke

  15. 57c48637475fc-ss(2016-07-10at03.31.14).jpg

    From the album Duke's picture dump

    Yet another CBD. This one is called Monroe.

    © Thin White Duke

  16. 57c4861016be6-ss(2016-04-25at07.38.24).jpg

    From the album Duke's picture dump

    Here's a slightly bigger CBD that was warmly received by much of the community. Thank you for that!

    © Thin White Duke

  17. 57c486058792a-ss(2016-03-28at01.04.22).jpg

    From the album Duke's picture dump

    This is a CBD I created that I haven't moved forward with at all. It's been almost one year and it still looks exactly the same as it does in this picture.

    © Thin White Duke

  18. Welcome to Richardson! Richardson is a small city tile holding exclusively commercial lots and some residential (the mayor's gotta live somewhere). Those leafy mansions in other parts of Metro? Tons of those yuppies commute here to work. Richardson is surrounded by medium lots with many residents. Those lots had their respective CBD's (like Middleton), however, space ran out when it came time to build new commercial lots. The space where Richardson is used to be large spacious lots belonging to wealthier residents. The government acquired the land in order to plan the much needed office blocks and the construction boom began in the 1980's. The transport is excellent and planned, mostly subway with a highway connection on the bottom right. Richardson doesn't really have interesting transport features because I made it before installing NAM. Maybe I'll make some changes later down in the road. Perhaps I should add a green space as well. Beautiful hyperdensity Night view One of the few residential spaces of the city. The mayor and many of the state employees live here. Quaint corner in the big city _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  19. Slipping through the cracks.

    From the album Urban Features (S3-02-E)

    In the middle of the prosperous city centre there lies a makeshift trailer camp next to the highway.
  20. North Downtown

    The municipality of Medrean City has the pleasure to welcome you in North Downtown, the northern part of the Central Business District. At first look, North Downtown don't seems to distinguish from its southern part but a careful watch will allow us to discover the distinctive atmosphere of this neighbourhood. North Downtown is also well known to house some city's most iconic buildings and it contains renowned commercial zones along the famous Colonius Avenue and Columbus Avenue. While South Downtown is considered as the main financial center of the city, North Downtown is more considered as commercial, entertainment, and media center. This neighbourhood is more residential as the area also host apartments towers. Wishing you a nice visit. The north section of Colonius Avenue, a thoroughfare going through the Downtown, is mainly known to host outstanding residence, corporate headquarters, upscale shops, parks and cultural attractions such as the Natural History Museum or the Art Deco style Meridional Building. Parallel to Colonius Avenue, Columbus Avenus can be considered as the second largest and busiest thoroughfare of North Downtown, hosting some of the most expensive apartments and hotels of the neighbourhood. The municipally of Medrean City hopes that you enjoyed your stay in North Downtown and can't wait to welcome you in Near North Side, the residential neighbourhood situated at the west of the Downtown area.
  21. Oosterpolder - the Central Business District

    As promised this journal entry will look at Oosterpolder and the Central Business District. The shot above gives a good overview of the whole Oosterpolder ('Eastern land-reclamation'). What was originally a spit of land reaching into the shallow sea, has been expanded over the centuries using a system of dams, canals and land drainage. Taken together this is the 'polder' system of land reclamation. In the case of Pieterdam's Oosterpolder, this has allowed several square kilometers of prime real-estate to be reclaimed from the sea. This land has not gone to waste; as you can see, the part closest to the city has become a densely-developed Central Business District. Here you can see some of Pieterdam's largest employers. To the front left is the Zentraal Zikenhuis, the Central Hospital. To the right is the De Wolf department store - one of the older buildings in the area, which managed to survive the major warehouse fire that cleared the area at the turn of the 20th century. Behind these are the Servicing Services and Digirealms buildings - just two of the corporations which make their home in Pieterdam. The Science Centre is another major employer. It provides office and laboratory space, as a commercial spin-off of the University of Pieterdam. The University's main campus is located about a kilometer away, on the Oosterpolder side of the Oudekade: : Another notable landmark is the picturesque Oosterpolderpark, famous for its lake and open-air arboretum: A view from the lakeside: The Oosterpolder closest to Oudekade and the city centre is some of the most expensive in the city. Besides shopping centers and offices, the area contains a large number of hotels to cater for Pieterdam's significant tourist economy. Below you can make out two of the more famous hotels in the area; the Hilton (by far the largest hotel in the city, with nearly 1.000 beds), and the Prism, an independent hotel popular with LGBT visitors; indeed, the area around it has become something of a 'gay village' with many cafe-bars, late clubs and boutique stores catering for this community. Just to the right of the Prism you can see the West Holland Civichuis, seat of the provincial government. And over the other side of the water you can just make out the Stadhuis, the City Hall which administrates Pieterdam itself. Together the Civichuis and Stadhuis host the political life of West Holland. By now we've been here all day, and soon the sun will be setting - but life in the Oosterpolder continues After Dark! When the sun goes down, the lights come on! The Vermeerplein (above) is a good example of Pieterdam's night-life - bustling with open-air restaurants and market stalls, it also hosts the Rondo Drome Cinema, a real gem of 1920's Modernist architecture: When the restaurants and theaters close, some of us go to our beds - but others continue partying the whole night through! Far from the city center, near the furthest edges of the Oosterpolder, is the Tramwegstraat, also known its English name 'Tramway Street', which is the definitive center of Pieterdam's alternative and late-night club scenes: Refuse trucks going to work, whilst exhausted revelers wait for a tram back to the city center and Old Town... As the sun comes up, the music continues at the legendary 5 AM Club. Up-and-down the Tramwegstraat abandoned buildings are squatted by youth groups (above), whilst other buildings cater for the seedier side of life (below): Pieterdam lacks a polished, touristic 'red light district' like the one found in Amsterdam; instead brothels operate out of several low-rent premises along the Tramwegstraat. This area nearby has the lowest land value in all the Oosterpolder, and for that reason it has become home to various low-rise 'out-of-town' retail outlets - as well as the Zoo Palast multi-screen cinema: A large parcel of land adjacent to the cinema is currently being developed into Pieterdam's first true 'shopping mall' - the city council hope that this will help to regenerate the area around the Tramwegstraat, although some local residents are resistant to this idea and vow to maintain the distinctive character of the area - for better or worse! This whole area borders the actual dam, from which Pieterdam takes its name. The original dam dates back centuries, but it has been extensively improved down the years. Where the river meets the sea, the resulting polder-land has been developed into a series of quiet suburbs: Traffic bypasses these suburbs completely as it heads towards the bridges and overpasses that line the riverside: Next time, let's take a look at where all that traffic is heading: towards the heavy industrial areas of the Docklands, over on the far side of the river from the city. That's all for this journal! Dank je wel...
  22. Midtown

    Known as the gleaming city west of the California river Bronzo City's abundance of precious oil and bronze made Bronzo a fast growing italian town and afterwards an American one. Now in 1991, 40 years after the A.D.P.A (Art Deco Preservation Act) towering Art deco style Corporate Centers and luxury Apartments dominate the skyline.
  23. Llangranog CBD

    From the album Jolteon's Picture Dump

    Getting better at this Photoshop thing. Maybe.

    © BLUME and its logo are the legal property of Ubisoft, the buildings belong to whoever made them and the picture itself is mine.

  24. New Haven Day/Night

    From the album New Haven


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