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City-building game(s)

Found 29 results

  1. Show us your SKYLINE

    What's your best City Skyline ever?! The skyline can be on the ground (as long as the city is seen), on "noclip mode", or on air. The city can also be seen from afar like mine or near --- just make sure it is still good. Here's mine:
  2. Overview HongKong style city

    From the album City Overview (S3-13-W)

    Here is an overview of one city I created, based on the field of Hong Kong, uploaded for the Overview challenge.
  3. Welcome to the third update of my city experience! Daveopia the original city has taken a backseat to my new, beautiful city, built on the knowledge of the original Daveopia. Currently Daveopia 2.0 is roughly at 85K population, a 50 hour work in progress build. I would like to thank the prop makers cause I use a lot of them. Lots of pics from different times in my cities lifetime. Enjoy! Please comment! I want to hear your thoughts on this passion of mine. This is currently where Daveopia 2.0 is in development, roughly 85K. There is a growing central business district, airport and university system. City as a whole is expanding onto roughly 5 squares. View from my newest district in the foreground to the CBD. Aerial of the heart of Daveopia. The large entry loop and the serpent like elevated pedestrian pathway system seem dominate. Picture of the entry loop below. Entry Loop into the city. Far in the background are my satellite dishes, makes for an interesting backdrop. Large overview of the city. University System Love interchanges. Urban area, densely packed. Entertainment district, red light type of night. This might be my most satisfying picture. What your seeing is the culmination of roughly 8-9 bus routes, four metro loops and a network of elevated pedestrian walkways come together. Always busy, thousands of daveopians. Make sure to look at the "vintage" pic of this area in its infancy in the journal later. Airport System. Albeit extremely large for the city but it makes up for the lack of a seaport at the moment. Train. Yasss. Okay, now for a teleport back in time, below are pics from Daveopia 2.0's early stages! Times were easier then. Horse Farm still stands in same spot. One of my favorite shots. Farm Area. More, well, farm. This is the vintage transportation hub pic I was referring to earlier in the journal entry, same hub but very early on in the cities development. This picture reminds me of the 1980's for some reason. First expansion over the river in what will eventually become my most elite residential area. Growing city. I would say city population of 40K at this moment. Prison located far away from civilization, linked with a dirt road. Has its own water system and wind turbine. City Population roughly 45K at this point. Central Business District growing, highways expand out preparing for growth. Large cemetery in foreground. City Population 65K at the point, CBD grew a lot. Satellite stations overlooking Daveopia. ________________ Time for something special. This is my city from literately 2008 called Davidious. Crazy how graphics have changed. Thought some would enjoy. _________________ Hope you liked my city! Till next time.
  4. Nissan Skyline GT-R

    Version 1.0.0


    Let's face it, with any car you own there is often a reputation that comes with it. It could be the luxury sedan that cuts off everyone on the freeway. Or it could be the SUV that blows its transmission on a 3% incline. Now if you throw in "Skyline GT-R", you become royalty. Just having one will make you the star of every car show. Every bet placed at the track will be in your favor. And as for wiping the floor with every opponent, lets just say the Skyline GT-R will have no problem living up to it's reputation! About the Upload- There are ten vehicles contained in this zip folder. Each one is a 1998 Nissan Skyline GT-R, a stock representation of the R34 model. These are High-Wealth vehicles, given their average selling price. These vehicles will appear on your road networks. Dependencies? None required. Thank you to Art128 and APSMS for suggesting some of the colors made available!
  5. Hi all! I always get stuck at creating a realistic skyline because there is no such thing as "medium density zone" as there used to be in Simcity 4, which makes it difficult to make a smooth transition from low density houses to apartment buildings :(. Would you mind giving me some advice on this? Thanks a bunch
  6. Portsburg Skyline Teaser (and more)

    http://imgur.com/rInngBY A shot of my next city Portsburg, about 2 thirds complete. I will make a video tuturial on how to make easy and realistic express/ collector lanes and their benefits. However... can anyone help me with linking imgur images to a journal entry? I cant get the insert other media button to work so I just left a link above of another image.
  7. Hi guys! So, Here is the problem, i cannot build anymore roads and trains lines, i neither don't get this message that says : ' you cannot build anymore building of that type" ( wich is often a problem of limits, but my town is very small, and I've check my limits with the CSL show more limits mod, it gets only orange in the numbers of areas ). I've also desactivate the 3 lasts mods I've download, I just have this blue roundabout ( like I'm going to start a new road ) that doesn't make anything when i click on my mouse, this blue roundabout just follow my mouse arrow. ( sorry for my english...) On the side of this problem, i can zone and build any kind of buildings. I've also check the Phantom lines, and there is 0 phantom lines in my city... I'm hopping to be clear and if I am not don't hesitate to noticed it. Also hopping that someone have a solution, or the same kind of problem Thanks in advance guys
  8. Entry no.31 - Orchard Heights

    For this update we head back to Orchard Heights first seen in entry 25. Back then I only showed closeups and focused on the hydro corridor and the residential area surrounding it. But in recent years this neighborhood has developed a small commercial downtown owning largely to the governments policy of intensifying density near Fastraxx commuter train stations. The area now accounts for a little under 20% (5500 of 29,000) of Dresden's commercial jobs while12,600 live in the area. The Orchard Heights train station is on the south side of the neighborhood while the Web Interchange, originally seen in entry 26, is just to the south west. This was an entry that I was going to post on Tuesday but then I had to use system restore after my computer crashed which wipe out all the images I original took of the area. So I had to start from scratch again. In any case, hope you like it! Overview of Orchard Heights with the major thoroughfares. First let's take a look at the neighborhood's points of access, major employers and notable places of culture & recreation. The primary means of reaching Orchard Heights is of course via The Web interchange and the train station. The Orchard Heights train station is a stop on the Fastraxx line. As noted in the Fastraxx E2, this line has all-day train service(think RER type of service). The stop is used by 1,061 commuters daily and has a surface parking lot with 255 spaces. Because of it's proximity to Orchard Heights mini downtown(even the farthest offices are only about 500m away) most commuters walk to and from the station. If we go southward on Middleton Rd. from here we arrive to the neighborhood of Valhalla Park which begins on the other side of the rail underpass. This rail line is ICR's Lakeridge subdivision, one of two lines that carries freight traffic to points further south of Pretoria. The single track line is the ICR Sumira Spur which connects to the GWR's rail network allowing the two companies to interchange rail traffic. The first major office building is across the street from the train station. The SimCityPolska building is located on the north east corner of Michigan Rd. & Middleton Rd. SimCityPolska is a compute game development company that employs 150 people. Their offices are located on the top two floors of the building while the remaining floors are leased to other companies.Employees working here can conveniently take the train in, walk across the street and be at work. That hasn't stopped them from building a moderately sized above ground parking garage with 175 spaces on the east side of the building. I suppose you can't expect everyone to take transit. A total of 558 people work in the building. On & off ramps to the 700 are just to the west of here. The fisherman's Bar and a gas station are located on the side side of Michigan Rd. Orchard Height's largest employer is the TMB, short for the "The Major Bank". They have a branch office located on the corner of Middleton Rd and Ruiko Dr. just to the north of the 700. Nearly 800 people work here. TMB Plaza is the tallest building in Orchard Heights at 78m/255ft. All other buildings in the area are under 200ft(except for the Holy Trinity's steeple). Though this still only makes it Dresden's 23rd tallest. There was some concern about it's height and density as local residents feared that it set a new precedent for buildings in the area. But the new city council has so far rejected all application for taller buildings in Orchard Heights. On the east side of the intersection is Dresden's second largest hotel(behind only the 200-room Hotel Mercure in downtown Dresden), the 132 room Shangri-la Hotel Dresden. The access ramp to a large 600 space underground parking lot for both buildings is just east of the hotel. Turning left(west) on Ruiko Dr. are a couple more on/off ramps to the 700 past them there is a farmers market and a discount department store. Further west down Grenadier Rd. where it transitions to Portlands Rd. on the other side of the Web interchange is Enders Mall. While technically outside of Orchard Heights, it's actually in the area known as Industrial sector G, the mall is frequented by residents from Orchard Heights. Despite being less than half a km away though, most people drive to the mall since the surrounding roads are are not very pedestrian friendly. Enders Mall is one of Pretoria's oldest and smallest and has seen better days. Currently nearly half of the 2-story mall's 180 stalls sit empty while the remaining stalls house mostly discount retail shops. The mall is not in the most attractive location and has not been maintained very well. It hasn't been refurbished even once in its 40-year history. The mall's owners have not shown any interest in renovating the mall but have expressed some interest in selling the property. Several industrial companies have expressed interest but the city has steadfastly refused so far to rezoned the land. Which would be necessary before any industrial facility can be built on the site(currently zoned for commercial use only). Parking for 300 vehicles is provided behind that mall and another 100 spots are available across Station Rd. Now let's backtrack down Grenadier Rd. all the way back to Middleton Rd.(and the nicer part of town ) Between Ruiko Drive and Grenadier Rd. we come across the Holy Trinity Church. Built in 1956, the church predates nearly all of the other buildings in the area by several decades. The head office of an insurance firm called GE Money is located on the north side of Grenadier Rd. GE money is Orchard Height's second largest employer with 715 workers. The other two corners of this intersection are occupied by a luxury auto dealership and a branch office for a major cell phone manufacturer. Further north is Dunstin Park. The park has an indoor & outdoor swimming pool, two softball fields(children sized) & three soccer fields underneath the Hardack hydro corridor. One of the larger of Dresden's water towers is located here as well, with a capacity of 1.8 million liters. Reversing back down Grenadier Road, east of the Holy Trinity Church we come across an area with several smaller office buildings. Dresden's modern city hall is located here as well. It's the beige & white brick building with the green lawn on the upper right corner of the Grenadier Rd. & Ruiko Dr. intersection. Grenadier Rd. then passes underneath the 700 Meets up with Michigan Rd. And And finally runs underneath both rail lines before leaving Orchard Heights. That more or less covers all the notable places of interest in the Orchard Heights neighborhood. Now it's time to Cue the mosaics Wide angles Dresden GS looms large over the area. Long shots View of Michigan Rd. & the rail lines from the train station to the Grenadier Rd. underpass. View of Middleton Rd. just north of Grenadier Rd. to the "Curveball" Interchange. View of the core from The Web to the Grenadier Rd. underpass. From the curveball to the Web. (Middleton Rd. to the left of the 700, Michigan Rd tn the right) Another angle of the above area. And lastly, from Cisco Bay to the train station... ...and back.
  9. The Skyline International Guild (SimCity (2013)) Welcome to the Skyline International Guild. The goal of this guild is to create a region where everyone can play and work together to achieve great things, and for the three day weekend from school, I am creating a region where this can be done. This region will be on the North America East 1 Server and will be called "The Serenity Empire" Application Requirements (No, I won't ask for sensitive information) - What is your Origin Name? - What is your Nationality? - What is your age? (Must be 13+) - Why do you want to be on the Skyline International Guild? - Do you agree to the guild's community guidelines? - Previous Cities (Must attach at least two pictures) All information entered must be correct, and truthful! Skyline International Community Guidelines (Updated 1/15/2016) - Members can be warned or even banned for not following these rules. - Members must be mature and use common sense. - Members must not spam, and be friendly to other players on the server. - Members must always listen to Admins - Members must not lie on their applications 15 Members will be accepted, so good luck! We'll choose on January 18, 2016
  10. Looking north over Downtown Los Angeles

    Downtown Los Angeles.

    © MIne and yours

  11. Looking east over Downtown Los Angeles

    Looking east over Downtown Los Angeles.

    © Mine and yours

  12. Skyline-City reaches 15k+ Sims

    Citywide cementary New Harbor Citywide Hospital
  13. New Haven Day/Night

    From the album New Haven

    It's kinda basic but I like it. :-)
  14. San Francisco

    From the album Weekly Challenge #22 - High-rise Lifestyle

    Skyline of San Francisco.

    © powerlovestitanic

  15. Mouth of The Beast

    From the album king's Skyline

    Overlooking the 5-way interchange in the morning.
  16. Three rivers map

    Version 1.0.0


    Where the three rivers meet. All connections avaiable in this map
  17. Ionica - Night Out

    Summer is coming to a close and that can only mean one thing in Ionica: Party Time! And where to party? In the Zone with the hottest night life in the city, Avalon. Every year at the end of August there is a long weekend and Ionicans flock to the heart of the city to celebrate the 'end of summer' and beginning of the work or school year. How does it sound if we spend the night out? Amongst the densely pack skyscrapers can be found some of the city's most popular rooftop bars, restaurants, and lounges. Mirror Mirror Bar - Four Seasons Avalon Cosmos Lounge - Lancelot Hotel Avalon GLOW Bar - Avalon Mutual Provident Building (34th floor) If you stop by the Borg Entertainment Cube don't forget to check out Lounge Blue, where anything a SimCity futurist wants is available (legal restrictions apply). From the Avalon Central Station you can get anywhere in the CBD. Once you exit the Station you are only 5 minutes away from anywhere you want to be. Avalon has changed a lot in the past 30 years, but one thing remains the same: the food. Restaurants featured in the Guide to the Bicentennial like Nova, Per Se, Alinea, & The Fat Duck, are still serving some of the best food in the entire world. Now that construction in the core is finally complete shopping in Avalon is the best it has been in year. You can go from one mall to another without even having to step outside. And finally don't forget to check out Martin Sloveig, Madeon, and Knife Party headlining a massive concert at the new Avalon Stadium. Terring: Can't wait for the development Neither can I. Pressing the play button is like unwrapping a highly anticipated gift. tankmank: Its great to see that you changed the trains, it looks great. As for the update it's great to see the progression and change the zones have gone through, something most people don't show Thanks for your input. I'm really liking the new trains, much better now. KonstantinII: Even big cities like New York and Shanghai are constantly being rebuild and infrastructure being improved. Are there any traffic jams in Ionica? Yup, that is exactly what inspired me to improve Avalon. There is one area in Avalon where the traffic is bad, but it is just in a small corner, it doesn't affect the core. RepublicMaster: That's some great improvements! I can't wait to see more. Thanks. It takes some time because the bigger Avalon gets the more loading time everything requires. Schulmanator: Very nifty! Nice to see the progress Thanks. Bipin: I heard you shout, I heard you loud and clear MilitantRadical! Thanks for using my turbo roundabout. Bye the way, I didn't see them, so in case they weren't added you may wish to include some entrance/exit ramps. You can use MIS and/or OWR for this. It should attack to the tiles parallel and next to the sunken section. Thanks Bipin. One problem I noticed however is that the night light of your turbout is too dark for Maxis Night. I'll bring it up to you in the forum when I can take a screenshot. Sylvio Jorge: It's so great to see the evolution of your CJ. Your cities were already great, but now they are unbelievably awesome. Congratulations. (I also loved the new train, it fits so nicely in your cities!) Glad you're enjoying it. It has been quite a process. I've been working on Avalon on and off for like 4 or 5 months. I've finally had the time to put some finishing touches which is always the most tedious. Ace❤: I love how much attention you pay to both architecture and transit networks. It creates a very dream-like CJ. In this update what really struck me was that double arch gateway in the second to last picture next to the moonlight canals. Beautiful touch. Amazing work overall. Thanks Ace. I just have a huge collection of BATs and I'm always trying to find a place for ones I have never used before. I'm always picking up odd BATs just for the heck of it. Geometry: Very nice! But are you planning to use the RealHighway Mod? I'll look into it on the next NAM update. Can I install RHW without interfering with the highways I already have? Hazani Pratama: Great Development! Thanks. raynev1: You have mad simcity skills , This looks awesome . 5/5 And a little bit of time always helps. Thanks. jwsteele: Where did you get that amazing park with the city hall area? Here: Palais du Luxembourg. SimCoug: It's always fun to see a 'behind the scenes' update. Great .gif by the way - that was fun to watch. Thanks. I keep forgetting to date the pics in the gif so that you can know which is the first. I have a tendency to not keep photoshop save files. Titanicbuff: ok thats distracting with the pictures suddenly changing- oh well- looks cool anyway. Yeah it is a bit odd to look at. Thanks. Thanks for Visiting.
  18. Blue Lagoon

    Version 1.1


    Based on real coast in China except the tropical climate. Enjoy!
  19. Entry no.5 - The City of Cisco Bay

    The City of Cisco Bay is the largest city in the Eastern portion of the region. It's aptly named after the body of water it was built next to. It's position in the region can be seen in the map below: It was also the first city I built in the region almost 10 years ago. I recently modernized the city - replacing the maxis highways with RHW, added a fair amount of custom content and did some MMP work as well. Here's a look at the downtown area of the city and a preview of other area's around town I'll be taking a closer look at in the next update; RE: Your Comments Mymyjp Yes that Five Points Interchange is turning into something ridiculous. I practically spent all my free time over an entire week working on those 4 interchanges but the 5 Points probably took about half of that time and I'm STILL not done with it. Had to take a break from it to avoid scrambling my mind looking for solutions Kim Sunwoo Thank you! TPB Appreciate the advice, I didn't realize that potential problem as I thought the browser would automatically resize the images. The use of close up shots was a deliberate choice since the interchanges weren't completed yet. I'll show each interchange in their entirety in the near future once I'm done working on them.
  20. Skyline Rising

    Welcome Back! Skyline Rising Ahead... Former parkland redeveloped to house more development. Provincial Parliament parks receiving complete makeovers. That's all for today. Hopefully another update soon. (But, you never know. RL... pesky thing it is. ) Thanks For Visiting! Happy Holidays!
  21. Add your photos of SC4 city centres here!

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