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  1. SC2K, SimCopter and Streets

    I guess we will have to wait a long time for such. It worked that well for SC2000 because they planned the .sc2 format from on begin to use for different purposes. the idea to do something with the saved cities stood with the release of SC2000. I don't expect that recent games will respect such and the savegame can't be used for any else as the game which saved it. It's started to get to complex i guess, sc2 is "simple". This simplicity allows certain things like to plan in a easy way a track or mark positions or areas in the scenario(s) (the map is only 128x128 pixels plus height values). Certainly i would love to see such to, but i really guess today a city sim is to far apart from driving or flying in a 3d city. Who knows, but as long as just a few weirdos asking for such i guess it really won't happen. One big problem is that you can't determine a "AI path" or waypoints , i expect it's solved by assingning one waypoint per tile, you can see this well by how stupid the AI stucks in corners and likes to get to the next waypoint straight through the building which won't work. it could be generated i guess, i will know what angle the curve has and can place automatically more waypoints in advance to a curve. however i guess it will be still very rough and never reach what could be made if it's a designed racetrack or cityscenario. But of course i missed it, when SC4 was new and "Rush Hour" wasn't yet published they advertised it with: "fly and drive missions in your city" and stupid me i expected something like in Copter or Streets. In any case it needs to be a standalone game which can make use of the saved cities (if they can be abused for such at all). Any kit is a kit, it limits the possibilities and SC2000 is a city building kit, Copter a coptersim kit and Streets a drivingsim kit, similar any new game would have limitations, likewise you would build with LEGO using only a standard set of bricks.
  2. SC2K, SimCopter and Streets

    ...the map (sorry my moms makebook broke down, i bought her a "new" dell notebook). Of corse i have another two clips to post, "Streets of SimCity", with the first one i like to honor MAXIS a little, the chosen city is again "SimCity" for the first clip and "Doerflis" for the second. Both are hand edited race scenarios, no big throw, i just added a couple of events, in the "SimCity" scenario i used them to warn the player of unexpected turns, it can be annoying since the message stays quite a long time on the screen, i liked to influence this but it looks i have to live with the set time a message will stay on screen, the beep is what will warn you when it's time to be cautious. For the second scenario (which was in fact my first try in this direction) i created a special city named "Doerflis", many small towns, the borders of the towns are the events, thus everytime you pass the border of a town you will be warned or informed, actually warned "Willkommen in Seedoerfli, speed limit 55" the speed limit has no influence it's just a copy of a existing scenarios content and i had the idea to add cops, which didn't worked out yet. Experments in this direction are in the "SimCity" scenario, here i added a gangster car which will pursue you. Race scenario "SimCity" Race scenario "Doerflis" Anyones got a cable to some of the devs from the past? i really would like to know how to create better scenarios, it's hard if you have to find out what a certain byte/word means by try and error. It's not hard to understand how the shit works overall, but certain things are a riddle to me. If not it's not that sad, i can investigate further but i won't have the key to all possibilities. Especially if i change a byte and can't see any effect in the running game, then i have no idea for what it could stand ("can't see" doesn't means it has no influence). I'm aware that it's not the hottest racing game one can imagine but i have fun playing them, more as with the original race scenarios because for those you will never have to break or to think. Mine are tight but not to tight, you can't always push the pedal down and will enjoy it if you occasionally can. Traffic and such things i really like to add, likewise the gangster car i added you can have other cars driving around in your city, unfortunately all in the standard skins. They are independant of the customizable skins i expect either part of tiles.bmp or the other raw bitmaps (i expect they are in raw format, resp. a sort of repository, however i didn't managed it so far to open one proper). all this would infact exceed the original capabilities of a win95 generation machine even with a Voodoo gfx card, but i don't have to respect that since we run this on modern machines and have that much power left that we have to slow down the machine not to confuse poor "Streets". Recently i start to run them on the Dell notebook with a Win10, as soon as i have more experience how to run it ideal on a Win10 machine i will post this here. It looks (but i can't tell exactly) by using of the latest release of dgVoodoo i didn't even need DXWnd, that would be fine because it makes it easier as to run it with the help of two helper applications resp. a helper and an emulator. The x64 release of dgVoodoo is "magic", nah ok not magic but it's even better as what i knew from four years ago and runs well on the cute Dell which hasn't extreme graphic power. I have to learn first all the new options and settings for both proggys, dgVoodoo and DXWnd. If you can't get no use of "Streets" or "Copter" then at least it will show you how to use dgVoodoo for a Voodoo gfx card emulation and how to use DXwnd to run old games stable on recent machines. besides DXwnd has a ready profile for SimCity 3000 (and many other games, but this is SimCity related), perhaps it can also be used to run SC4 more stable, also this i will figure out as soon as i have a own "new" machine (it won't be new, but overhauled and with a win10 aboard). True many things you can configure in the same way using the compatibility manager, but with dxwnd you have everything bundled in one program plus many things the manager can't offer you. Also dxwnd is documented and has a board where you can post questions or profiles to share. Let's say the compatibility manager is good to run an old office, but dxwnd is for gaming.
  3. SC2K, SimCopter and Streets

    It's almost a month ago and i have created a lot of new content for this games. In advance i stated that i didn't know what the "glide" folder is for - stupid me without the 3df texture tiles the 3dfx demo won't work, it seems i never noticed this because it stayed in my installations folder. Further i stated i can't make clipsof the 3dfx accelerated gameplay on my rotten old machine - i could nonetheless and squeezed out the last bit of performance out of my machine for this task. So here are some clips i made, SimCopter was easy to capture it runs very fast even in 3dfx demo mode, Streets gave me a bit problems to keepa good framerate while i captured it. that looks really not so bad for this game and it's sad it's only a demo mode, but you can get some fun out of it if you replace "happylnd" with a city of your choice, i suggest to print out th
  4. SC2K, SimCopter and Streets

    SimCopter career cities (new career mod) Instead to redirect you to a Picload drawer i decided to post all SimCopter previews here, so you can see what you will get with the above linked file. Not to clutter my thread completely i wrap it in a spoiler even if it's no spoiler, but this will keep this post much smaller in size and if you like you can still view the images. in advance: none of the recent cities contains a military base resp. a "F-15" tile (for the Apache Heli), it makes them a little easier, but first i will have to figue out which city has as first city in the original career a "F-15" snd second the problem is that if the UFO once appeared in the career will stay to the end. But the last few cities are hard enough to play that you will be happy that no UFO will burn down the whole city. If one likes to Have the UFO, just place a "F-15" in a city of your choice or cheat the apache heli, also this will bring up the UFO. Besides (i haven't read that somewhere else) you can shoot down Rioters with the Apache, that's quite rude but it isn't counted as violence, you are allowed to and will be rewarded as usual. I really think that's rude - shooting down some demonstrating ppl, well certain leaders i guess would love to. Ah yes - no police vehicle doesn't means you can't catch a crook, just mow him down with your Heli's landingskiers. another hint for leechers at this point (that won't be a big problem now, you will find Copter and Streets legally to download, imo best at archive.org). there exists a version of SimCopter in the Web. This CD-ROM Image contains a hacked .exe, a V1.0.1.4 never existed. The game is hacked so the career isn't to win which means the game is unplayable. Riots will appear very early but won't be shown in the Map neither you will be warned, one riot after the other will appear until you lose more points as you can gain. These riots neither can be eneded, whatever you do they will stay (except in fact if you shoot them down with the Apache, nonetheless this won't help you, until you ended one riot three new have started). But well if you like for the fun of it then download V1.0.1.4, just to make yourself sure what a mess it is. you can download at archive.org since november last year the release, which still contains the "himbos", even this more for the fun of it if you like to see yourself how that looked back then (laughable from my POV, certainly such isn't a problem). Apart from that it's not of interest to download V1.0.1.0, the fire and smoke graphics was overhauled later (while you could use the or bitmaps for without any problems) and they added a "realistic flight model" (not really but a little more realistic) to the game, which you will have to call up by choice with a commandline parameter. Also the "Tweak Utility" works only from upon V1.0.1.2 to modify the events, helis or the career. Instead to make a lot of words, here's the hacked V1.0.1.4 ISO: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6o9x24hkcy3l0gl/SimCopter V1.0.1.4.iso.zip disclaimer: i'm not responsible for this hack, i downloaded it once because i forgot to carry my CD to my moms house to play it on her Macbook and because i noticed the higher version number which made me curious. personally i'm assuming it was hacked by EA or MAXIS itself(?), i mean who should have interest to spread a unplayable game if not the copyright holder? here's V1.0.1.0A on archive.org: https://archive.org/details/sim_copter_0077-000-0601-A and V1.0.1.2 (i guess i won't need this i hold the CD) even on archive.org (if you don't hold it already i suggest to download this one): https://archive.org/details/SimCopter_Maxis_Eng or https://archive.org/details/SimCopter the latter seems to be the last official release, so probably V1.0.1.3 (that is the internal version# called up with CTRL+V, since i didn't downloaded them i'm not sure exactly which version they are except for the "A" version where it's clearly stated that it is the unaltered original version, i'm quite grateful for it, i always liked to get this just because) if all fails (but it shouldn't) the V1.02 patch (will update to V1.0.1.3) https://archive.org/details/SCOPT102 this patch to V1.0.1.3 will add the "realistic flight model", new textures for the fire and add the option to run SimCopter in 3DFX demo mode, unfortunately it's only a demo, sort of teaser to show how it would look like, and probably to increase the appetite for Streets. While it doesn't looks as good as Streets, the textures of SimCopter aren't made for 3DFX. strangewisely i have downloaded once a 3DFX texture tile set for SimCopter, but i have no idea how to use it, hints are welcome. to make life easier for you the link to the career mod a second time: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wd2vhelogmv3qwu/career052018.zip?dl=0
  5. SC2K, SimCopter and Streets

    I'm still sitting in front of mom's Macbook. Means, i will upload here some SimCopter and Streets cities and/or scenarios. SC2K "starter towns" I guess everybody here knows the starter towns from SC3K, you can make something similar with SC2K if you have the possibility to run the Amiga SC2K release. It's possible to take an unstarted citymap (e.g. if you start rightaway in SCURK and don't use an already started city in edit mode), to zone it, lay tracks and streets and to plce the supplyment. Usually WinSC2K erases all if you start a city (unfortunately). Not to long ago i ran into the issue that i created a city layout for Copter (Streets) and took an unstarted Citymap after i started the city all my work was erased and i was looking for a possibility not to lose all my previous work on this map. I tried some hacks but i didn't succeeded, i was about to gave up when i gave it one last chance "let's load the map to the AmigaSC2K and see what happens". SCURK is unknown to the Amiga release and i thought there will be a chance it didn't recognizes it proper. However after a first fail it loaded the map proper and started my city without to erase all the previous made work - a "starter town". ok one could start a city and edit the map later to avoid my fault, it was just an accident, but still it's cool to have this option now to edit more specialized cities for Copter and Streets. The reason why i don't simply place the buildings in SCURK for Copter or Streets is that you will never design it like it would be grown. i was never satisfied with my SCURKed city maps for the games. Usually you have to much preferences and so you will use some Buildings you like often and other less for whatever reason. When a city grows the buildings are placed because of known things like reachable industry or commerce or reachable residentials or supply, you never will reach this manually and a grown city looks much better as any SCURKed. To play a city in SC2K you might need a whole day, you start little and from in a certain size you can build fast enough but before you always had to wait to make enough money (yes money is to cheat, but that won't help this much, still the city has to grow and zoning to fast while playing can lead to broken not good working cities). But if you make your zoning and supply for a "big" city (my copter cities aren't that big, population isn't important for Copter, landscape and roads make the difference in gameplay), and start this city it turns out fine mostly if you have a little experience where the zones have to be and how large they should be. usually i do this in a very rough way, the goal is "Streets and Copter" thus obviousely i start with a suitable terrain, that's half of the gameplay for these games. since i like winding mountain roads most new terrains are made already with this in mind and i do my line layout (trassierung) right then, i scarve my landscapes out of a massive block, likewise a sculptor, i found out this is the best way to get good looking mountains and line layout for mountain roads which shouldn't just go straight up the mountain, that's not funny for Streets (or Copter). Roads is also the next thing which are planned, every zone is mostly along a main road which winds up and down the mountain(s), that's cool for racing and it streches the time for the rescue vehicles in Copter immense, you can't depend on their help. Zoning is done rough, i just place "solid" 2x2 or 3x3 zones along the road and later while i'm playing i do my refinement, adding some commercials here to reach more pop. adding some res there to reach more commercial growth. Churches i disklike completely, so i usually place up to 20 churches already in SCURK before i start to play the city and not a single church will appear in my "precious" (because of rare space in the mountains) residential zones. Churches don't need to be supplyed, imho they are "junk", a waste of space (hmmm.... but i spented a lot of time for the church in FFED3D or Pioneer, recently well i feel it's somewhat offending to have churches with a cross on the roof, not all mankind are christs and apart from that i don't believe in any superior power). this is a screenshot from an in "Wine" running WinSC2K you can see the tools strip isn't on top always that's a little annyoing but the game works well. of course i could use the PPC release of SC2K, but i assume "sheep shaver" (shape shifter for OSX) will run less good as shape shifter emulated on a emulated amiga (weird). UAE is a very old and very refined emulator. You see my vast amount of churches here, they get destroyed before i use it in Copter or Streets, the water supply is usually placed in a corner somewhere, even this i destroy for copter if i like to have a "dry" city (the pond in the middle will be dried out as well). if the terrain on the borders is high level the generated terrain in Copter will be also on high level and the next pond/lake will be far from the city a shitty situation to fight fires in your city, where to get the needed water and firetrucks can't reach it because you see there is just one station (sometimes i even place them on top of a mountain) and the road has no or not many crossings (take care, Streets will work with a street without any crossing or junction, not so Copter, Copter needs at least one joined street or crossing to work, that is because riots appear only on crossings and if there is no crossing riots wouldn't be possible) grown it looks like this (if it would be quasi "starter town" the result would vary a little each time you start it), while like i said there is usually some rezoning needed before they work well. important is "the long and winding road" (the one to your home ), it's a cool track to race on and limits the range of rescue vehicles drastically. Industry i usually don't supply with water, they grow nonetheless and i need less pumping stations or water towers (i have one dry city with proper water supply but it has more pumps and towers as other buildings). such a city needs only about 30 years to grow to the "full" size (what you have planned to use for Copter or Streets). After i played such a city some SCURKing is needed to reduce communal buildings to the minimum for Copter, removing ponds, exchange some aboned buildings, or place certain large buildings if i like to have, remove connections to neighbours (no more deadends in the map). the marina i left in the dryed out pond, the "water" in the marina is no water you can use in Copter. having the pond on the lowest possible level will show it in a dark brown dirt (muddy) color in Copter, while high mountains without vegetation will look quite "rocky". the "N" and the arrow pointing to north isn't really needed but it helps me to figure out the best rotation for Copter or Streets. a rotated map will be rotated for these games, you can control in this way facing and shading of the buildings, means i.e. the statue will face to you at a given point if you like that, the cool thing is however you rotate the map in Copter & Streets north is always on top and the buildings face always to south (there is a error between north in SC2K and Copters engine, what is north in SC2K becomes west in Copter or Streets), so you can rotate your city until facing and shading of the buildings pleases you in the final game. let's have a look on what this will influence. this is more or less the start position for the race and it shows majors house and statue facing to you at start respectively when you pass the goal in the second and further rounds. unlike in SC2K ALL buildings will have their frontside facing always to the south (in SC2K the majors house faces different to i.e. the city hall) no matter how you rotate the map, while the map will be displayed rotated, so you decide where north should be. for copter it isn't that important where the buildings face to, you fly around and that is quite different in orienting as to drive around, in copter you will see buildings from many different angles. but for streets you might like to have a special orientation, i.e. you don't like to see all buildings in shade always (especially run in 3DFX the shade is almost black, fortunately only one side is shaded). it depends a little on your racing track (road) and if the course is CW or CCW to drive (for this map and a CCW race i will rotate the map by 180° so the majors house is again facing towards me). however that's why i need a north pointing arrow especially if i remove the connections in SCURK which otherwise would show me i.e. "north neighbour", in this way i know in advance how the city will appear in Copter or especially Streets. ----------------------- enough bla bla, where are the files? with which should i start? i start with a complete new city set for SimCopter. 30 hand edited new cities with a new challange for the SimCopter career modus. Of course neither the names or animations will fit to the cities - but who cares? (you could edit SimCopter and simply rename the cities to city0 to city29, if i once catched the proper format for the smacker vids one could even replace the animations with a short flyby or a simple display of the map). Imho, it's worth to try out, and i'm a choosy one myself i understand that it's just half of the fun to play a city from someone else, at least i never found one i really like, but mostly because the cities aren't especially designed for copter or streets so this counts as well for my own cities if they aren't designed for this use they are boring to play or in case for streets you can't make a really good race track of them, driving in a checkerboard grid is no real fun. the following city set isn't complete yet, or i'm not satisfied with all 30 cities, especially what i took over from my former career cities i dislike somewhat now, mostly the space related stuff with arcos only, but they have a certain hardness needed for the final two or three cities. i won't upload the images here but maybe i link to a folder in my picload repo so you could examine the city maps a little. the snapshots will be included anyway in the zip file. SimCopter new career cities aha, it's a tiny bit to large - ok... https://www.dropbox.com/s/wd2vhelogmv3qwu/career052018.zip i hope someone will try it out, they are worth to be played. Streets of SimCity scenarios & cities that's really a WIP, i'm still figuring out how the scenarios are structed to add more as you can add with the very limited scenario editor of Streets. recently only a few already tested and found as good by me race scenarios (i could make others if i would know the function of every tidbit in the scenario file). the time for the race is imho very tight, so i suspect you will have to drive the race a couple of times to learn the course before you can win. but once you know the heavy turns and dangerous sections (you can easy jump off a cliff) you will win. don't mess to long with the AI - you will lose to much time. don't try to follow them, you can't reach them - let them drive, you will spot them on the next best buildings wall. if you drive as fast as the AI you will end up pretty the same take care of the "8" my tracks are often "carrera eights", you drive in opposite direction to the AI sometimes. Streets_RACE.zip i really hope i can attract some to this, like i said i feel they are worth to be played (games as well as my scenarios) also i would like to get suggestions, play it and comment it then i can make prob. even better ones. there is nothing else similar to Copter or Streets imho, it's what i understand of "driving (flying) in your city", to me it's a whole lot of fun. i'm aware both games are fairly old and the graphics are outdated or was already back then, but this didn't lowers the fun i have for just a single bit, a game, a good game is much more as graphics - so says the 3D modeller. i'm creating 3D models (spaceships and buildings foremost) but i love my old Intellivision - gameplay makes a game and not graphics, i freak out for procedural generated stuff that might be based on glyphs with no real graphics at all - it's to me still more fun to play as any almost real looking ego-shooter or whatever - gameplay makes the game, graphics get better to fast, but gameplay stays - else no one would play chess or checkers anymore. why are games like SC classic still played, certainly not because of the graphics. why are some games like SC or Frontier long time runners which needed time to be recognized as good or even brillant? certainly not because of outraging graphics - but because of depth in gameplay, which doesn't means a lot of complicated options and settings this lowers only the gameplay, a game has to be played easy but it mustn't be won easy. today the interest is only to sell, best you buy every weekend 5 new games, because the games won't last longer (how was my son frustrated of the new stuff, fun doesn't lasts longer as one weekend), but back in the 80's and 90's some liked to be noted in history and these are the long time runners, games which will be played still 40 years later or are still the inspiration for new games and sometimes even unreached (in gameplay). to speed this "waste of code" up and to fill their pockets you can nowadays buy "experience" - what a bullshit! that's why i love games like copter or streets, you can be a billionaire but you have to learn the game to compete wirth others (you goddamned sucker you ). if i spend $50 for a game i like to get something for it, something which lasts and not only a lot af glossy stuff. for now that's all i have to share, i will make more race scenarios (they are already ready but not tested and refined). grab out your old simcopter and take the challange to win my career mod (it's not as hard). make suggestions ask if something isn't clear to you, maybe i can solve it. use my hints to run both games stable in Win or OSX, they will be more fun to play without the error messages (especially for streets where you can't save a game). Some technical notes the final chapter (recently), i just liked to tell that Streets still can produce the error even when it runs otherwise flawless. the reason is the map you will use, i experienced a few things which aren't good for streets and will lead to an error, resp. will be interpreted by the game as one. Railroads: simcopter doesn't cares much for the track layout, the trains follow even "impossible" routing, not so for Streets, railroad tracks must be proper connected, certain joining can lead to a malfunction of the train and this is interpreted as error. Roads: again for SimCopter no problem all kind of roads are fine, not so for Streets, that means for the roads itself it won't matter, but i.e. if you have a stupid or very tight corner/turn with buildings close and in a worst case even a checkpoint in near, the AI racers will stupidly get locked up on this point, the engine now tries to release them with activating the hopper. if that didn't works after some tries the engine interpretes this as an error and terminates. this can happen under certain circumstances and you will have to refine the course layout. "Taldas" can crash sometimes, it has still stupid corners where the AI can be locked up, but mostly the course works fine, i can't change this course so easy cause it's a very tight one. i assume mostly the long straights followed by a needlepin make problems for the AI, they can't break well and if a turn isn't to master at full speed they crash into the next best building (you will as well). like i said as soon as the engine can't free an AI with the hopper it will terminate showing the error message we all hate so much. besides contrary to what some stated the AI isn't "stupid" (all AI are stupid), the problem is the way we build a racecourse based on a SC2K city. i assume each tile you mark as course will receive one waypoint. waypoints are important for a racing games AI, they tell the AI where to drive and how fast to drive. stretched waypoint distances mean i can accelerate, if the waypoints are tight together the AI will know "i have to break". but well if you have only one waypoint per tile an AI can't forsee a needlepin i.e. or other extreme things which would need a breaking. thus the Streets AI drives quite stupid because it can't foresee what will be, it would need tighter waypoints before needlepins or ramps to properly break the car. but this can't be generalized, of course one could say "every curve receives three waypoints" but first not every turn is a hard turn, second the AI would have to break before the turn and not in the turn. further, imagine now you are the AI and got stuck in a building, the next waypoint will be maybe behind the buildings corner, stupid as you are as an AI you like to get to the next waypoint and continousely bump against the building because you can't reach the waypoint other as in a straight line through the building. if that didn't works the engine tries to free the AI with the hopper, if that disn't succeeds the engine interpretes this as an error. but you can respect this behave in your future track design and take care not to have to much such stupid situations where a waypoint is possibly behind a buildings wall seen in a straight line from the previous waypoint (tile). or not to place your checkpoints in exactly such regions, because this will lead for 100% to an error if all AI got stuck - return to the last checkpoint (the one which locked them up) and get locked up again at exactly the same position returns to the checkpoint (after total damage) and get stuck again. this isn't only interpreted as error this is an error of the course design. clipping issues (properly: collision detection issues), do some really think it would be better trees an powerline poles would have a collision detection? dammit it's hard enough not to collide with the building, be thankful that you can't collide with trees or powerline poles. an example from a old classic racing game (Sports Car GT) and a user designed track. the track (i guess it's "Thruxton") would be quite good, but the course designer had the idea to give the bushes a simple collision detection (full), which means if you drive into a bush it's like you would drive against a wall, though it would be far better to have no collision detection even if that isn't realistic, bushes made of concrete are neither realistic. besides "Sports Car" would offer at least a second "soft" collision detection (similar to old NFS) where the bushes will flap down and you will receive only little damage. See, each disadvantage of these two games have a good reason, i'm pretty sure if it would had to be made better they would have, but the whole system of using SC2K cities limits all. one can't have both or all, restrictions are needed - still today. another few thoughts of mine about graphics. If we compare NFS4 (1998) and Sports Car GT (1998) most will say NFS4 looks much better as Sports Car. caused by the obsolate shading system they used for SCGT and especially of not using a "blistering" of the geometry. a typical NFS car is made of the same few polygons as an SCGT car, but the same geometry looks to a common user much better in NFS. NFS "blisters" or blows up the geometry with "abusing" the normals. only with the normals for light receiving you can make out of a cube a sphere, visually in fact it's still the same cube and this is to see. technically from my pov using a little more polys and not to cheat with the normals is the better solution, but still today racing cars are very low poly, most is "cheated" with normals and shading. as a modeller i find that not as cool. But to play SCGT is far better as NFS4, SCGT is racing with very good physics, NFS is fantasy compared to the SCGT engine. NFS simply drags a car along the road, it's no real acceleration or cornering it's a dragging and similar to Streets the rotation axis (pivot) is in centre of the car which let it look quite unrealsistic. SCGT has real steering geometry, the pivot is on the fron axle, the motor drives actually really the tires in front back or all four. for SCGT i can take a cars specs from the web and use it exactly in this way for the game and it will result in exactly the behave the car has, for NFS this isn't possible. Graphics? pah - who cares for graphics (if the physics are proper or in case for streets when it's all just for the fun of it). greetz General Pressbutton
  6. Hi everybody. i hope i'm right here, but it seems to be the best place to upload and post my stuff about Copter and Streets. Erm yes, these games are a matter of choice, some love it like me and ++Weeds++ some other totally hate them for whatever reason (many). yes they are clumsy, yes the graphics look even obsolate for 96/97, look, there are obvious reasons why this had to be, we create "scenarios" from SC2K cities, this limits the possibility of graphical cool stuff a lot. in a sort of way it's like for "Pioneer Space Sim" which i co-developed for a time (i was mainly responsible for modelling until i was pushed out). if i show it off to my young friends they also feel the graphics sucks, but a open world and procedural generation limits the possibilities much. similar it's for these two games, because everything is based on the interchangeable city files it limits other things, it's not a specialised racing game (e.g. NFS or Sports Car from the same time period), neither it's a specialised Helicopter simulation. that the game is buggy is to me very good to understand, and in fact run under proper conditions it isn't as buggy as many claim. however i have a lot of fun playing both games, i really like them including their sympathic backdraws and bugs. nah, certainly it's not good for a young dude who is used to play hi-res racing games on his PS4 or PC. But surprisingly we have young fellows who get interested and like those games, for what reason ever, so called retro gamers (i can't call myself a retro gamer, i just never played something else as what i love to play, no matter if it's aged 40 years). In advance to everything else my hints to run those "buggy" games flawless in a recent Windows or OSX release (to show you that they aren't as buggy for real). WINDOWS (any other as Win95 and DX1 to DX6) Use Simply "DXWnd" https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/ This utility was intentionally ment to run fullscreen applications windowed even if they won't otherwise. but it can be used with very good results to run old Windows games on recent Windows releases. Some examples: SimCity2000, SimCopter, Streets of SimCity, TWPGA2000..... and and and, almost everything. It allows you two vital things for Streets and Copter, to emulate the proper DX version for the games and to limit the framerate to 30fps that the games will run without any error message (mostly). It offers you another cool feature, you can enhance the display with a very good bilinear filter which makes the game appearing like it would have a higher resolution as 640x480. no it's not simply blurred, it's really a cool filter. another possibility is that you can size the window to any aspect if you like that, now for Copter that's a quite nice feature, strech it just a little bit in horizontal, not to full 16:10 something inbetween 16:10 and 4:3 until the armatures will show exact circles. the limiting of the framerate is not only vital to avoid the error messages, it's vital for the physics of these games. Streets is very choosy about that and any other as 30fps or a little less will lead to wrong physics, the steady bumbing or jumping cars some mention and which kept me from playing it for a long time. it's impossible to play it in this way apart from the steady appearing error message (which can have other reasons for Streets, but later more about this issue). Recently i have no new Clips to show off a running Streets, but you can find some older (2014) on my YT channel. looks familiar? (i found once this image on a site about Streets, but it's my clip, no i don't mind... erm yes i would have liked if he would have referred to me) Very unlike others stated, if you run Streets 3DFX mode it's really not bad for it's age, the proper emulated 3DFX will also help you to run it stable (you won't need DXWnd then). I use "DGVoodoo" to emulate it and it's imho the best 3DFX emulator, it doesn't uses OpenGL and uses hardware rendering thus it offers the best possible performance for such an emulation. http://dege.freeweb.hu/ (for the recent Win7, Win10, DX11 release) unfortunately no clips from 3DFX Streets, because DGVoodoo outlasted already my Win7 x64 back then and not to tell about my old WinXP i have to run recently (because of a broken down machine). recently i even can't make good clips from a lo-res software rendered Streets or Copter. to run Streets in 3DFX mode you need to patch the original release, since this patch is a 16bit installer it has become totally obsolate. Because of that i feel free to link here ++Weeds++ prepatched exe. (ok the game is anyway abandonware now) streets_3dfxpatched.zip OSX To run any win application on a mac there is one good solution and this is "Wine". Wine does really a good job and both Copter and Streets run flawless when you set for them "Win95" as operating system (it runs in fact even better as on windows with the help of DXWnd). the display isn't as cool as with the help of DXWnd, wine does some filtering but it's more bleeding out and blurred as the filtering of DXWnd. a cool thing for both Wine and DXWnd, no stress with the 8bit depth (256 color mode) of the games. another hint for MAC users, to run SC2000 in Wine you have to set the OS to NT 3.15, only this will display the game in halfways good mode with working buttons, but the windows layout will be garbled. however it's playable and runs fine. WinSCURK unfortunately refuses to run proper whatever i tried (you can't select the buildings). if you have a extremely fast Mac you can try if you can get it to run in 3DFX mode, on my old Macbook i can't, wine breaks down if i use DGVoodoo and if i use the by Wine mentioned "3DFX Wrapper" (an OpenGL renderer) the framerate sucks completely even if you choose the lowest possible shading option, "3DFX Wrapper" didn't even runs good in windows, it can be used for a "Aha, such would have looked the game" but you can't use it for real to play a 3DFX accelerated game. 3DFX part 2 you can use for windows releases from 3DFX labs itself, they are quite good hardware renderers but offer no setup, thus you can't tell "use the games internal framerate" (important to avoid the error message) or lower shader options if needed so, neither you can set the proper color mapping for NVIDIA graphic cards (a cool option of DGVoodoo). further in DGVoodoo you can force mipmapping which will help to gain performance, but it looks bloody bad and i didn't even need that on my old XP, but Streets isn't the only 3DFX game so there will be probably other games where this could be helpful. --------- this should help you to get the most out of those two old games, i'm really not lying if i say i rarely see those quite common error messages, i feel it runs even better as on a real win95 with the proper support of either Wine, DXWnd or DGVoodoo. for now i have to close, it's early in the morning, i will post far more tomorrow (my whole repo) or in two weeks, unfortunately i have no web at home and need to visit my old mother to use her macbook to communicate. ------- RACE EDIT ok a last thing i can link here, before i close my eyes (nah not forever - not yet) Streets has a "Racing Scenario Editor" hmmm.... "Racing" but it stores and loads the scenarios under "MOVIES". I found that's a shit and a altered the scenario editor to store them in "RACE". besides this editor only offers a percentage of what would be possible, i never quite understood why EA (or Maxis in this case) handed out only "crippled" editors with disabled functions (in case for the TWPGA course editor i unleashed some features, but why to hell was they blocked anyway? do they thought we are to stupid or what? or did they feared a user could make a better scenario as a dev?). here's the altered "racing scenario editor": raceedit_race.zip to the scenarios more later, another reason why i post my stuff here is that i hope to find someone a little cleverer as me who can tell me how to interprete or disassemble the scenario files. dammit, it would be so cool if i only could add some police cars or stupid messages to the scenarios (eg, "you pass now the famous picayune"). i'm about to find out how it works (i started to make smacker clips for my scenarios already, but well i failed - i will see, it attempts to load my intro anim but it can't display it, so something must be wrong with the format of my file) but i'm far from understanding it well. in fact i did altered the AI cars once (as to see in my clip), but i'm not lying if i say i forgot how i did that and my usual notes i make when i do such hacks have vanished, thus i have to start at 0 again. see, you can have an intro animation and an intro text, none of the race scenarios uses this, but since the file format for all possible scenarios of Streets is the same the same things can be done for any scenario, i.e. position cops, position crooks, place packs, give bonuses, playback file, and so on. if i had full control over it i could make for any topic new scenarios, not only could - i would like to, personally i guess i'm a quite good game designer, at least i'm crazy enough, to crazy for some i found out in the hard way. one last word, one dude started MisCopter it seems to be a OSX rewriting of the engine, i contacted the dev once because it looks like he cancelled the developing, unfortunately he didn't answered to my request (damned i would love to make the models for it).
  7. Looking for some lost SimCity 2000 utilites

    CorinaMarie, that was the quickest like i ever had.
  8. Looking for some lost SimCity 2000 utilites

    ReshiramLover, in advance i never saw such utilities, but i even would like some, and that doesn't means they haven't existed. however, to change the cities or majors name weill be no problem. for a permanent change of the majors name: if you like to edit them for a certain city: open city with hex editor (sorry i said i own no tools but i can give you a guide how to hack it) how to add cash you can see in several examples in kotcity's link how to change the city name, if you like to alter the city name you will have to learn a little about the structing of such a data file, that's no magic and easy as a,b,c if you keep certain things in mind. let's take a look at the first few lines (the header) and the city name ok, in my first attempt i failed, because i was assuming the width for the citynames datafield must be stored somewhere, it is in fact but the length is fixed 32 glyphs else the game won't load the city. so you can't have a name longer as 32 characters even if you change the byte for the width. 46 4F 52 4D 00 01 91 FA 53 43 44 48 43 4E 41 4D 00 00 00 20 1F 48 69 6D 61 6C 61 79 61 00 00 00 00 A8 05 9F 01 00 00 00 00 00 02 8E 01 38 17 4D 00 00 00 00 4D 49 53 43 readable is something like: FORM . . . . SCDHCNAM . . . . . Himalaya . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MISC 0x1F in front of "Himalaya" (48 69 6D 61 6C 61 79 61) would be the width of the names datafield, often it contains garbled data after the name but you don't have to care for this, it doesn't influences anything, this field is reserved for the max of 32 characters for the name (means you could set all to 0x00 after the name up to "MISC" without any effect). So to change the name we neither have to change the files total count of bytes or the width of the datafield because it's a given 0'x1F (32 characters), that's fine you could, theoretically and i tried but with the effect that an empty city will be loaded while it's displayed proper at start, but as soon as you unpause the game it vanishes (because of the to long name). best is also to use overwrite mode in your hex editor and simply overwrite the existing name but don't use more as 32 characters and presto you get a "new" city. (besides the date isn't cheated, i stopped this "starter town" right at my birthday, in a good case such a starter town is fully grown in 30 years). NEXT TASK neighbourhood names, that won't be so easy to find out how to hack this, obviousely the names aren't generated or something like, they are out of a table of given names, which will vary even for the various releases and platforms, neither a winSC2K running in wine on a mac will show the same names as it will in real windows even if it's the same release which runs. so this seems to me quite difficult and apart from that useless, because of this varying appearance. (in SCURK it's simply north, south, west, east, which in fact is as good as "Flint" or whatever) it will be called like 1 or 2 or 3 from the table of city names, why it varies i'm not sure but it points to that it's a variable which will be interpreted different, so i won't investigate how this works, it's imho useless and useless complicated to find out. what would be easier possible is to change the table in SC2K itself, but this will be a permanent change, and again i find that a little useless, i find already to change the city name useless. Besides you can alter the cities name in a much easier way, just load your city in DOS SC2K and save it under a new name and - presto. same for winsc2k, a new savegame results in a new name, but i was curious myself if and how it works, for the neighbours i'm sorry, this is really shit to find out (try to find a single byte, good luck) MONEY is described well already, it seems to be of most interest but it's the worst cheat it kills the game. not even my copter/streets cities are cheated that heavy even if the task is only to have "some" city. but i experienced SCURK'ed cities are boring, you will never place the buildings like it would be a grown city, that's why my copter/streets cities are usually played cities. MAJORS NAME pardon me - this isn't stored in the city file, the only way is to change the registries entry like i showed already. SCENARIOS man i would give something for to know how they are structed, but neither i investigated much in this direction, i still hack my streets scenarios and still didn't know a shit about. i can't make promises but will have a look at them because i planned this already (the reason i will tell later). seems that covers your questions, tools aren't known to me, that would be a great help. i'm just an interested modeller but no coder, i do hack games since a long time but i'm still a bloody beginner. DATE i found that once of interest to change the year of a city and i can take this advice out of my pocket: days since 01.01.1900 (one year = 12months/25days = 300days - sim years are quite shorter as real ones) address for sc2k dos saved cities: 0x29 - 0x2A address for win sc2k saved cities: 0x51 - 0x52 i.e.: 0x0000 = 01.01.1900 0x7530 = 01.01.2000 many copter cities i changed to 1900 but it's absolutely useless because you won't notice it, i just did that as a gag if someone would open them in sc2k. LET'S SHOW OFF SOME MORE INTERESTING STUFF CREATE STARTER TOWNS LIKE FOR SC3K you know the starter towns of sc3k, they are zoned with roads and contain all needed supply to grow to a city after they are loaded. personally it was a mistake of mine which forced me to find out how i can start a unstarted city without to loose the zoning and buildings i placed in SCURK. I did the mistake to zone a unstarted city and dammit it was a lot of work to zone it so i liked to find a way how to get around the erasing when it's started as a city. ther reason was, make a guess... SimCopter and Streets, i liked to have fast growing planned cities for the games to create more challenging cities for both games in a reasonable shorter time but still they have to be grown and not scurked only. i almost gave up and then i had the right idea "let's see what happens if i load this "broken" city to the amiga sc2k. hmm yes, first attempt i failed, "argh that can't be, the cities are platform interchangeable - grumble" "aha, the file needs a icon to be recognized by amiga sc2k as city file, ok let's give it an icon" "shit, it reported: scenario isn't to load - what scenario? i liked to load a city" - "aha, i took the icon from a scenario" - "better if i take a proper one - right it works" and to my own surprise amiga sc2k loaded that pre scurked unstarted city like a city and started it from the editing mode right without to erase my work, "great - a starter town!" SCENARIOS PART 2 what brings me to my previous mentioned investigations, amiga sc2k stores the scenario in the amiga icon, that's typically miggy, you can have active code in the icon which executes something or store variables in the icon which will be used by a proggy but are due to that easy to modify, it's just a property listing. it seems the scenario is stored in the icon which will make it easier for me to find out how they are structed. if i find out how i will show it off in this forum, but i can 't make any promises. SOME OTHER CHEATS Not listed as cheat but used by me for my Copter and Streets projects. If you like to have just a grown city you don't like to care about powerplants and their limited age. you can simply replace them in SCURK and they are "newborn" after a load to SC2K, with the drawback that the game doesn't recognizes this proper and will permanently show the warning in the newsletter that your powerplant is burned out. but i don't mind about newspapers for Copter cities, i just like to have grown cities because they look better as if you just place the buildings in SCURK. Get rid of the churches in your high value zones! just use SCURK and place about 20 churches somewhere they won't disturb you (e.g. on top of a mountain). 20 will be enough for a quite big city and no church will ever appear in your residential zones. also i used this mainly for churchless Copter cities, i can easy tear them down before i use such a city. FINALLY i will upload my Copter and Streets cities/scenarios to simtropolis, this was my intention when i subscribed. you can have many cities - but you won't have a city like mine for these games they are natively hard to play, but not impossible to match, for copter you won't have much water and many steep hills to climb up, crazy trains which will be hard to save ppl from, only one police, firestation, or hospital. the ways for the rescue vehicles are usually to long that they could reach the accident in a reasonable time, you have to do all by yourself mostly. i used very little arcos, only three citides contain them, they are hard if they burn and can stupidly hide ppl inside the walls yes, but i don't like the arcos to much, they don't fit well to SimCopter or Streets, imho. pretty much the same cities i use for Streets, some cities are designed to be good for both games, the long and winding mountain roads aren't only good for copters rescue vehicles, they are a heavy treat in Streets to race. My very first, not really planned such city was "Got-Hard", the intention was to create some small villages in deep valleys, like in good old Glarus (switzerland) where i'm from. You can find some clipsof ti on my YT channel. It's a good city for Copter, but it fails in Streets, the road is far to tight for this game. thus in my recent attempts i respected this from on the beginning and created already the terrain fitting to this idea of winding mountain roads (see "Himalaya" above) which are nonetheless good to drive on and i must say they are really fun to race on, after 20 minutes your brain feels like a carousel from turn left - turn right, nonetheless they are quite fast tracks, but you can't match the AI, you never can get around the turns like they do (at least not little me). but also this is diffivcult, the cities need often to be reworked, in general using "Wine" on OSX to run Streets or Copter is save and the typical error report won't appear usually or in very very rare cases only (i'm not boasting this is true). Wine does a very good job to emulate a Win95 and it seems including the proper DX version, thus this error won't appear. but windoze users don't have to hang their heads down, there is a solution to run both games flawless and without this annoying steady appearing error and also with the proper physics for Streets DXWnd will take care of that, you can set the DX version (it's only emulated) and limit the framerate to exactly 30fps, both helps to avoid the error (win95 version isn't needed to set). the 30fps are most important for windows, the DXversion 1-6 will help to display it proper (no wrong colored bright blue borders of the fog or the searchlight), Streets would run in DX8 but not in DX7 (probably). however even in a win7 x64 i ran them without any problems, also check out my YT channel i discribed it there for the use in Win7 x64, (recently i have only an old WinXP to run, the win7 machine broke down, that is because Win7 was a cheap medion computer my winXP machine is a not to kill winchester board. well i'm a poor unemployed dude and can't afford a new machine so easy). THAT'S ALL by now, i'm sorry that i can't support you with any utility and can only give some raw advices how to hack certain things. again i can't imagine that the city file will be altered for the neighbourhood names, it's at all easier to change them in the executable (or data file, i don't know where they reside, yet). the "how" could be structed from anything, it could be random based on system time or generated from the city name, at least i would do it in such a way, the latter would cost not a single extra byte in the city file (but it isn't as we can see in my example). it could be generated from terrain shape even. however the names itself won't be stored in the city file else they wouldn't appear different depending on the release or language you use. if it's just 01,02,03,04,05,06 ... to FF i can search my whole life for them (maybe, i will see, this makes me curious). SPECIAL OFFER if your not used to hack and to use a hex editor, don't be afraid to ask me if i can do the job for you, if i don't have to edit a 100 cities it will be fine (no, 99 are 100 as well ).