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  2. Torre Colpatria

    Nice concrete construction, excellent reflective and lighting surfaces, good to have another diagonal building. Thanks.
  3. Torre Colpatria

    There is a tool called LEProp makes it very easy to adjust basic stats without editing the hex numbers directly. This can be used by users and creators. Lately the city of Hamburg opened a new opera house. Building costs were 800 million Euros. Hopefully no one ever bats this and gives it realistc stats ... [EDIT] (Sorry, will rate later, atm to busy to install new content)
  4. Today
  5. I'm looking forward to this club, but it's a little empty. What kind of details?
  6. Show Us What You're Working On

    Way to go! Could you tell me (us) how do you zoom in the region? Is it a paste up? I really could get into that. Thanks in advance.
  7. Nice trick! Looks promising. Will try it really soon. Thanks.
  8. Show Us What You're Working On

    I love the airport's layout, there's plenty of space for expansions. Terminal 1's design is pure art, although the FAR terminal means setting up the gates is a bit tricky. The only thing I would change right away is the cable-stayed bridge on the bottom right, no pilot wants to see a tower between them and the landing runway. By the way, where can I get Terminal 3's control tower? I've been finding it for my airport without success.
  9. 2021 Update

    ((OOC: Note that I'm greatly simplifying how this game works. Instead of having formal politician and business characters, everything will be entirely informal. You want to be mayor? Want to own the most influential newspaper in the city? Want to be a mafia boss? Just let me know.)) Washington Redskins to relocate to New Washington In so many ways, the Washington Redskins are forever entwined with the creation of New Washington. The team was decimated along with Washington DC, and it's owner Daniel Snyder has been a key investor in New Washington. Today Mr. Snyder announced that the NFL team would officially be moving to the new capital city. The public is asked for their suggestions on a couple of questions: In which town/neighborhood should the stadium be constructed? (MAPS) Should the team be renamed? Please reply to this post with your opinion on the issues. Jefferson Memorial Completed Following a citywide debate and vote, the Jefferson Memorial is remaining dedicated to Thomas Jefferson. Also being added on the monument is the inscription: Town of "Biden" Established The town of "Biden" has been incorporated north of the White House.
  10. London - Landmarks

    Fantastic update as always!! I have the same question, what is the next place ? Greetings my friend


    1. RandyE


      Simtropolis has been getting its share of trolls and sockpuppets lately.   But please keep up the good work and making your excellent BATs, and thank you very much for sharing your work.  Good to see you back contributing more buildings.   

  12. I've been using the latest Linux Mint for the last couple of years while I've got everything else (including games) running on it and I'm really happy with it, for some reason which must have made sense at the time I set up a virtual Windows XP ... can't remember what program I used to do ... but I've got all my SimCity 4 stuff running in it.
  13. Sakhalin, The Cold Isle

    Version 1.0.0


    Sakhalin is a large Russian island in the North Pacific Ocean, lying between 45°50' and 54°24' N. It is Russia's largest island, and is administered as part of Sakhalin Oblast. This map is pretty huge, It would be good for making a nation size region. It also has everyone's favourite geographical feature: Barrier islands (Well mine atleast) This was a pain in the dookie to make but it was well worth it.
  14. Connecting PEG CDK Ferry terminals to road

    There is actually more to be learned by reading old ST threads than pretty much any other way you could learn things about SC4, in my opinion. If you google "SimCity 4 (insert problem or question here)" the first several, and the majority of, results the search returns will be ST threads. So many weird or specific topics are covered in forums that aren't in the manual, guide, or in-game tutorials. And reading conversations is a way more digestible way of going about learning things than tackling the ~500 page Prima guide.
  15. Cities: Skylines CPU maxing out

    I never knew what i was and still am doing, and I will continue as such
  16. Jefferson Memorial Debate (2020 Update)

    Thank you for voting @RandyE, @MAW, @ioh969, @Pluispixel, and @Mr Saturn64. A new update will be posted shortly.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Jakis'z BAT Thread

    Honestly it's really hard to say, because there are so many possibilities for causing issues. However the most likely one is that something you did with the geometry simply couldn't be correctly interpreted by SC4 BAT. You really should be doing things like applying textures in SC4 BAT, not in Sketchup. Again I have to wonder why you don't model in SC4 BAT too. I do understand the applications are different and you may understand sketchup better. But, it wouldn't take too long to work out the changes between the two and having done so you'd avoid running into these problems in future.
  19. If the problem is tree controller related, this solution won't work. Because the CTD when the city opens means before you can do anything in it. Whilst this problem could be due to installing a tree controller, surely the user would know if they have changed theirs? So that's really the first thing we need to know to help, what files did you install yesterday? If you can't remember, you can set Windows to look at files and organise them by date created (i.e. when first used on your computer). Sure it would mean going into every folder/subfolder to find them all, but unless you've no memory at all, I'd hope you would have some idea of where to start looking. If you open a brand new city from a brand new region, does that also cause a CTD? If that is true, then the Tree Controller isn't the problem, since you can't have planted any with a custom one beforehand. However, if you are playing in Software Rendering or even OpenGL rendering, the maximum texture size you can use is 256x256px. So called HD textures, most commonly used by Rock, Water, Beach and Terrain mods are often larger than this. If you try to load one, that will trigger a CTD just as described. In-short, unless you can make DirectX Rendering work on your machine, you won't be able to install HD mods. Another possibility is that you plopped a very badly modded piece of content. In some cases, saving a city with such a building can be enough to prevent it ever working again. But again if this were the case here, you could open any city (including a new one) where it wasn't present without issue. So pretty easy to check.
  20. Torre Colpatria

    thank you for this beautiful building it will fit in most of my larger cities and I really like the lighting
  21. Ciudadela San Martin Tower One

    thank you I love the different textures and colors of this unique building as well as the excellent nightlighting also the plop with jobs is very much appreciated
  22. Connecting PEG CDK Ferry terminals to road

    I, for one, am happy to see it helped you. This also means the content of this thread is still relevant. While we do technically have the rule about not bumping old threads, we (staff) have greatly reduced our insistence on that. Heck, some times peeps learn things when an old thread resurfaces. Granted, there are also times when the information has been superseded and is no longer valid. Basically, if someone bumps up an old thread with no ill intent then it's ok. We'd only be concerned if someone was spam bumping.
  23. I think I will download it and give it a try. I'll set up another partition so I can still play while test driving it.
  24. SC4 crash as soon as I load city.

    The caveat here being it does erase all MMPs so if this is a tile you've been working on for hours and hours (or days and days (or weeks and weeks (or months and months (or years and years)))) that could wipe out a bunch of work you've done. Also, if you use the flora off be sure to follow up with flora on.
  25. I can guarantee you that is not the case - the value "can cross lanes" refers to the ability for a car to cross across the path of the other lanes to park/deliver to buildings the other side of the road - it does not control individual lanes ability to change lanes - this is a part of the code that we've had access to since NExt became a thing. I remember asking lazarus man if that it was what you were suggesting but it is 100% not. Sorry man!
  26. Yup, sounds like a classical tree controller CTD, we all have faced that :/ As a useful tip, the cheat 'flora off' can erase all trees, shrubs and MMPs on your city tile at once, even the invisible ones, which makes fixing this problem much easier. You can enter cheats on the game by pressing Ctrl + X when on the city tile.
  27. Intrusive BankofAmerica

    Hmmm... maybe it's due to a faulty dependency pack?, of course, we can rule out the BSC mega packs and other commonly used files, there may be some obscure dependency lurking in your plugins folder somewhere, beyond that, I'm out of guesses. The binary search method may be a good option for finding out the culprit.
  28. PEG ROCK MOD 1

    Super Nice! Just install one at a time and it will work
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