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  1. madhatter106's Surf Shacks re-lotted by Paeng

    Paeng's surf shacks? That's funny...they look an awful lot like madhatter106's surf shacks. "All the works in this download were created by Paeng." No, as a matter of fact, not all of the works in this download were created by Paeng. The building models and the specialized van props were created by me - who was not given credit in the title, nor in the description. In fact, the only mention is in the dependencies list. Which is absolutely insulting - if you're going to relot using my BATs, at least give credit where it is due.
  2. RRetail Development

    You need to inset the roof - right now these are looking like boxes with textures. Recessing the roof (even the slightest bit) so that you can see a bit of "parapet" (for lack of another term) from the tops of the walls will go a long way to making these look more realistic. Right now, if it rained, the water would just pour down the sides of the buildings. Also, your roof texture is very light and bright and visually "busy" - I would darken it a bit and get rid of some of the visual static. With large swaths of glass like that, the nightmaps are less effective - better to model the interior floor and whatever might be seen just inside the windows and drop a few omnis or target directs, while using a transparent glass texture. It's a pain to do in gmax (having done it quite a bit myself), but it looks like less of a "cheat" which the nightmaps are engineered for.
  3. [Re-resolved] Imgur images not displaying

    Ugh I just shunted everything in my BAT thread from Photobucket to Imgur last summer...
  4. The Milestone Thread

    I just realized that in early May of 2008, I started uploading stuff to the STEX. That's ten whole years ago...
  5. Show us your construction zones

    That's an awful lot of equipment to build Cox Family Court...
  6. How is the person above you going to die?

    Death due to lack of viewer discretion, though it was advised.
  7. The Word Chain

  8. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    I rather like the "podium" being a little wider/longer when this building is translated into gmax. I gives the opportunity to drop in a couple extra HVAC and roofjunk tidbit details. The window texturing is great, especially for gmax.
  9. Twinkle, twinkle, little BAT...

    The ground plan is inspired in part by @Aaron Graham and his fabulous NYBT buildings. The elevation details are copied from a building picture in my swipe file. And the penthouse detailing is copied from a building I saw while zooming around downtown Los Angeles on Bing Maps a while back for inspiration. So it's a Frankenstein Monster of sources. For anyone wondering, this next (forthcoming) office pack will have either twelve or fifteen buildings in it - including the twelve 2x2's and 2x3's and 3x2's already showcased. If it goes to fifteen buildings, it will have the little slender 1x2 with the great Greco-Roman façade details that I still have yet to finish and texture, as well as a couple of other 1x2's that I haven't gotten to the point of sharing yet. Almost all of the initial twelve are rendered - they just need to be PIM'ed, lotted, modded, query-written, and tested; the stuff I don't want to do at the moment, but will have to force myself to do. (Because BATs finished and sitting dormant on my hard drive unshared are pretty much useless to all, including myself.) I could possibly save the 1x2's for a later pack - indeed I had considered really doing a bunch of these, because we need more 1x2's that are taller and better than those awful Maxis shoeboxes, and it's a BAT size and configuration that seems to be off a lot of prior BATters' radar. As far as custom content available over the past decade or so on the varies exchanges and sites online, the thing that amazes me is that despite the camp/kitsch factor inherent in the Maxis style, not many BATters have taken a shot at doing Googie buildings. Indeed, a search of the STEX for "googie" turns up less than I had anticipated, which amazes me, as they would fit in so well with what Maxis was trying to do with SC4. (As well as being just outright fun in their own right.) Some of my early CS$ little guys were toeing the line or on the periphery of Googie, but not blatantly full-tilt. So I got to messing around in gmax for a couple of hours, having fun diving into the whole aesthetic of it, and doing far too many searches online for tidbits of inspiration. The great thing about living in Los Angeles is that there are a few of these Googie style buildings still standing. Not as many as there should be, though... This one will require a lot of effort when it comes to detailing and nightlights. The interiors near the windows will need to be modeled, so you can see the tables and booths and seating and stuff in the night views, but if it's done right, it will look dynamite.
  10. The Obituaries Thread

    Milos Forman, award-winning director, dies at 86. Forman's two Academy Award wins were for directing One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and Amadeus.
  11. Twinkle, twinkle, little BAT...

    Thanks for the input, all. I do like the original (left) version, though I am a sucker for lots of rooftop patio details, and the right version would allow for that. Will continue to mess around with it. Here's the last older style building with the penthouse add-on, finally textured and lit. This was a bit of a chore. Tempted to keep loading in details.
  12. Show Us What You're Working On

    Herein lies a problem with Maxis not adhering to a set scale with their models, coupled with the fact that sims themselves are apparently 4.0 meters tall - single story buildings often look squat or squashed when using real life dimensions. I've found in my many years of BATting "little things" like this that often you need to "cheat up" the height a little bit, so they don't look too squashed. It's something that comes up from time to time in BAT threads, and indeed I was just making this comment about a BAT that @IDS2 was showcasing in his thread a day or so ago. In looking at that picture in an attempt to translate it to SC4 dimensions, we can assume that the door height is a little more than the height of a sim. However, if a sim is 4.0 meters high, that makes our door even taller, so as a rule of thumb, I use somewhere around 3.75 to 3.85 for my door heights when I BAT. (The sims can stoop a little when they enter my buildings, haha). But let's just say that it's 3.5 for better maths. If the door is 3.5 high, from the ground to the top of the transom (but excluding the transom window) just above the door, then we have approximately the same distance (in other words, another "door's height") between the top of the door itself and the top of the building - that is, the transom window and the remaining architecture above it to which the overhang is attached is also 3.5 high. So, in totality, this could effectively be BATted at a height of 7.0 meters, and still be in keeping with the reality of the source material. Even just looking at the door in the picture, you can see that though the building is single-story, the height of the ceiling inside the "office" (as well as in the area of the garage doors where the cars are serviced inside) is well above a single floor. This, in addition to whatever HVAC and AC and electrical space wedged between the interior ceiling and the rooftop itself would be enough to get us to a height of 7.0 meters. So, essentially, our maths are the same, @T Wrecks - indeed, a doubling of the door height. I just used the (near) height of the sims walking past the buildings to arrive at my result. In effect, this little gas station is close to being a two-story building - it just happens to have a very tall single story inside. Even in the multi-story office buildings I have been working on of late, I rarely use a ground floor height shorther than 6.0 meters or so - partly because it looks too short and squat, and also because many of these buidings have large lobbies at their entrances, which are substantially taller than a single story. So even though the upper floors (past whatever mezzanine might exist) may be BATted at 4.5 (or sometimes 4.25 if I want to drive myself crazy with the maths) per floor, the ground floor is significantly taller than that.
  13. IDS's (mostly) Minnesota BATs

    Texturing for both is gorgeous. Truly beautiful. I love the added details in them both, like the flagpole and the roof junk. I find that with single story buildings like the firehouse, I have to "cheat" them a little taller in their modeling so they don't look too squashed. Even if the measurements are correct, I end up stretching them a bit (so to speak) so that visually they don't look too short.
  14. Did you know?

    Did you know that in addition to compiling collections of folk and faerie tales, the Brothers Grimm were the first authors of the most comprehensive dictionary in the German language - though they only made it as far as the entry for "fruit" before their deaths?