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  1. Should the 5 Star Rating System be Removed on ST ?

    I think much of the problems with 5-star rating systems centers around trying to apply a quantitative score to a purely subjective and qualitative assessment. In the engineering world, a decision matrix can be a good way to score and compare ideas. With some common criteria in mind, each concept is then rated on an arbitrary scale compared to the other concepts and then each idea's score is summed. The max (or min) score is the "winner." While usually this works pretty well, some caution needs to be taken (and I actually recently ran into some of these problems). If there's not one clear outlier, there's a problem. We may have a winner with a score of 3.8 out of 4, with all the other scores ranging between 3.3 and 3.79, for example. When all of the scores are with 15 or 20% of each other, how can we really know that an arbitrary 3.7 is better than a 3.8? Yes, the scoring here is a different situation, but I think a similar concept applies. I am really curious to know about the stats concerning the rating system (Mods, is this captured anywhere in the system?), I'm really wondering what the rating distribution would look like in the past few years. I bet that the vast majority would be 5-star rankings, a good number of 4-stars, and a bit of 3, 2, 1-star ratings mixed in for flavor. The average rating is likely 4.8 or 4.9 stars, and I'm betting the standard deviation will be low. With all of that, I'm wondering if the ratings mean anything at all from a statistical standpoint. The ratings were meant to give users a way to wade through all of the content posted back in the day and help the quality rise to the top. Today, however, arguably almost all of the content put up here is "quality," (it can be defined differently, but I think people here would generally agree), so what purpose to the ratings actually serve. When nearly every contemporary upload gets an average of 5/5 stars with multiple reviewers, do the ratings hold meaning? I say they do not. If we also just look at the meaning of each rating, 3 stars are supposed to represent "good, but average." and five stars is supposed to mean something along the lines of "exemplary and far above average." Looking at files on the STEX, are we prepared to say that much more content deserves 3 stars? When it is good, but pales in comparison to creations by other members? As a community, that's not how we've gotten used to doing things and I don't think that will ever change. When nearly every contemporary upload gets an average of 5/5 stars with multiple reviewers, do the ratings hold meaning? I say they do not. I still believe that ratings are an important part of the exchange. For me, as a creator, they help me determine what I'm doing right and what I should continue to improve on. As such, I'd prefer to still keep some sort of rating system. I was thinking a SC4Devotion-style scale: 3 or 5-tiers with levels like "I love it," "I like it but it's not my style," "Needs improvement," and maybe "Broken/corrupted." I think something as simple as changing the scale would do much to alleviate the current rating problems. I do not know how (or if) past reviews can be converted, but that is something to think about later. ---------------------------- @mattb325 ... I totally agree with most of what you said but would like to challenge one point you made: the fact that files are ruined if they get a bad review. I think it is safe to assume that in this day and age, downloaders rarely make their download decisions based on a file's rating - that decision mostly based on the aesthetics in the screenshots. As far as I know, the ST FP does not sort or choose to display files based on ratings, and even if we sort all files by ratings, it's impossible to rise up into the first few pages anyways - the review quantity is simply not there. Unless you mean any file with not a 5-star rating as ruined? Either way, I see the rankings as playing a negligible role in informing player's decisions about what to download. They were probably useful when multiple content items were uploaded per day, but today, the quantity is low enough and the quality is high enough that I think the stars are not relevant at all.
  2. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    @buckbeach47 ... Better late than never eh? Bobbo made multiple copies of some of the stations you mention, so I can't remember exactly which pack they're in, but I can guarantee they'd be split between these two:
  3. Looks good to me! Everything made sense to me - I just highlighted a few spelling errors and the more egregious grammatical ones. There were also many things (word choice, grammatical structure) that I think a native (American) English speaker would not say, but they weren't wrong and in no way obstructed the meaning so I left them. As a CAM user, I'm getting hyped for this mod! FZ_ColossusFarming_edited.pdf
  4. Bipin Concrete Walls

    @Belfastsocrates ... You're definitely missing some dependencies. Do you know what they are? These are the ones I could find. CP Vol Mega Props Vol 02 is required for at least some of the small bush flora PEG_MTP_SUPER_TEXTURES_PACK is required for the texture "DF Ex Grunge square center" is required for the planters
  5. Gratz to everyone! I really appreciate all of the time and dedication everyone puts into this site. Without all of the time and effort everyone here puts in, the community (and my life) certainly would not be the same. That's for certain. Looking forward to what the rest of 2017 and then 2018 brings us! Also, it's great to see many of my nomination descriptions made the cut.
  6. Mushy's Random BATs

    Looks good! If I were modding it, I'd definitely go CS, and probably would lean more towards CS§. It reminds me a lot of bixel's smaller buildings, and when I re-modded those, I made most of them CS§. Plus, IMO there's a distinct lack of mid-rise CS§ and CS§§.
  7. Anyone else noticing the problem with cover pictures returning? Mine seems to have shifted to the top with no option to Reposition. I clicked around and found it on a few other profiles too.
  8. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    @olegario39 ... This? Otherwise, you'll have to tell us what the letters say.
  9. Not that I know of. I was just looking and found this one. It is for the 093 Reader, but most still should be applicable. I also can't believe I never knew about this before:
  10. You downloaded the source code, which is 100% useless for you. If you look again in the post, there's another link. Use that one instead, and you should be left with a zip with two executable files, as you were expecting.
  11. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I know of one exactly as you described as I used to use it often. Unfortunately, I have no idea what it is called anymore. Take these for now. http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2360 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2488 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1183
  12. A-Z Cars

    Bugatti Royale Should one ever be sold, it's rumored the price would be north of nine figures.
  13. A-Z Cars

    Peugeot Oxia
  14. Creator Pack 01: Ceafus 88

    Version 1.0.0


    --------------- Installation: --------------- First, if you don't already have them, download the necessary files from ceafus (C88). If you wish to use only my lots, all of the files should be deleted EXCEPT the ones listed below. If you wish to keep C88's original lots too, no additional action is required. Please see the readme for info about which files need to be kept and which can be safely removed. ----------------- Dependencies: ----------------- Original Models: Bojangles Famous Chicken Bring the Razed Music Burger King Caefus Car Repairs Church's Chicken Concede Apartments McDonalds Pawn and Gun Popeyes Textures: KOSC SuperSHK MEGA Textures KOSC SuperSHK+ FA3 Textures NDEX Base Texture Set Props: VIP Urbanpack vol.1 girafe Lupins BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - JES Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - JES Vol02 BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol01 SHK Parking Pack ------- Links: ------- For more photos of this lot For help/feedback/suggestions A Compendium of Creations nos.17 @ Simtropolis nos.17 @ SC4Devotion
  15. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    It shouldn't have been included in another download by a different user - that is something very much frowned upon here. It could have been in another pack by mikeseth, but looking through his files here, it doesn't appear like that. Are you sure you didn't miss the file? Did you search manually or with the search bar in Windows Explorer? Lastly, do you datpack files? If so, it could have been swept up in some .dat with a totally arbitrary name. If you still can't find it, your best option is probably the binary search method. (There's a link somewhere but I can't find it so I'll explain it) Remove half your plugins. If the problem goes away, you know the file in question is in the part you removed. Remove everything and put back in the files you removed. Cut this in half again and repeat. In essence, you want to keep halving your plugins folder until you arrive at the file(s) in question.