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  1. Member of the Month: February 2018

    Congratulations to two very deserving members! The community is a better place because of your efforts.
  2. The Member of the Month is...........................................Catty-cb @catty-cb has continuously worked on the herculean task of indexing several of the game's exchanges as well as providing other important contributions to the game itself and the community as a whole. Her efforts truly demonstrate her focus and dedication. The Employee of the Month is............................................Rsc204 @rsc204 has provided tireless contributions regarding game related technical projects and questions while at the same time, clarifying and correcting misstated facts in the forums. His input has greatly helped the operation of the site. Congratulations to this month's winners! And don't forget to offer your nominations for March. The awards depend on your participation. Thanks! To nominate a Member of the Month, send a message to MOTM_inbox here.
  3. The Member of the Month is...........................................Simmaster07 The return of the this award just happens to coincide with an excellent example of dedication and perseverance. With his "Prop Pox" fix, @simmaster07 has exhibited both as well as giving life to many players' cities that were believed to be gone. Thanks to all who helped in the nomination process. The Employee of the Month is..............................................JasonCW Always willing to step up and give a helping hand, @Jasoncw has been invaluable in running the forums and the site in general. And his latest project proves it! Thanks for all the great assistance! Congratulations to this month's winners! Don't forget to offer your nominations for the February The awards depend on your participation. Thanks! To nominate a Member of the Month, send a message to MOTM_inbox here.
  4. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    As I mentioned in Bap's topic those many years ago, the dedication and enthusiasm of the members of this community continue to overwhelm me. We have players who pass along their knowledge and suggestions. We have the custom content makers who share their very imaginative and game-changing creations. And we have those who dedicate themselves to doing something about those things that have been labeled 'things that can't be done.' simmaster07, you re definitely a member of the group at the pinnacle of that list. While the 'pox' may have affected relatively few, you deserve the appreciation of us all.
  5. It is possible that you may have installed a 'growable' item in your Plugins but missed a dependency. Once that item 'grew' and you saved the game without the dependency, the next time it opened, the message could pop up. And yes, if you find the name of the item that appears to be missing something on the lot, you could probably determine the missing dependency.
  6. Have you removed anything from your Plugins folder since you last saved the city that you get this message in? The message usually pops up when something has been placed or has grown in the city that requires something that isn't installed in the Plugins folder. Once the city is saved without the item, this message will appear the next time the city is opened.
  7. Ghost night lights

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding the issue... However, it looks like you're using Peg's UT Avenue Divider. If so, the median decorations do light up if there's a powered lot placed next to the avenue. With that in mind, all the images appear 'normal'. Unless, of course, I'm not seeing the problem...