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City-building game(s)

Found 12 results

  1. Award Category Ideas - Much like the Oscars, the Trixies just wouldn't be complete without The Awards themselves! Here is a thread where you can suggest what default categories you'd like to see... The Trixie Awards traditionally feature a selection of categories which can be used to submit nominations for. These have ranged from content on the STEX, creativity in the CJs, to wide-ranging contributions in the forums. With the previous 12 editions of the Trixies, the categories have been pre-defined by the admins, and the only method of suggesting different awards was by submitting a custom nomination. So starting for the 2015-2016 Trixies, prior to the start of nominations, we're opening up the suggestions to the community! Last time the Trixies were held, the categories were simplified in an attempt to make the process less overwhelming. When in actual fact, all this did was the precise opposite. There were fewer nominations per category, and less variations of each type of award. For instance with custom content and CJs, there were only more general themes, which encompassed the more niche categories. This time, by allowing you all to choose what you'd be interested in submitting nominations for, hopefully it can provide a much broader selection to choose from. This should also help with searching for possible candidates, as it will give a clearer perspective. In other words, we're asking you to nominate awards, to be used as the awards! Post Your Ideas Below You may add multiple posts with multiple ideas, or single posts with single ideas -- it's completely your choice... Just remember we're looking for the title here, for example: Best Llama Impression OR Most Likely to outrun a Llama OR Llama Dedication Award And feel free to discuss and hit the button for ideas you, hmm, well... Like. They will then be populated into the below index lists for final consideration by the Llama Crew. Similar with how it worked in 2014, there will be at least 3 types of general awards: (There could be more yet, we'll see...) Custom Content Buildings, lots, mods, maps, and their many variations. City Journals Types, styles, genres, themes, countries, presentation, etc. Community Forum awards, site contributions, members, staff, special mentions & moments, etc. At this stage, ideas don't need to be specific for a particular game or year (2015 or 2016), as most awards can be doubled up for that purpose. Also don't worry about duplicating someone's idea. That just proves it's a good one! Whether big or small, we look forward to hearing your ideas!
  2. @Tarkus has kindly granted me editing privileges in the SC4 Encyclopaedia, AKA the SC4 Devotion Wiki. I'm starting this topic here in the SC4 Discussion forum cause it's more likely to be seen by more SC4 peeps. Disclaimer first: I have never edited a Wiki anything so I'll want to get familiar with the how-to-do-it from the help files there before I make any changes or add anything new. Ergo, it may be a little while before I do anything there. My own plan so far is to update what the Water Min and Water Max are for in the Region.ini file and to check if the functions I discovered for the hex values in the filter list of the Zones Data View are in there.Then I have several other ideas, but I'll need to see what's already there before I go messing around. So, this thread is for peeps who already browse that wonderful reference and who have ideas for things needing updated, better explained, or just general tips for me. For the first two of those you'll need to provide the specific details that I can c & p since I'm just starting to get a wee bit of knowledge about the workings of the game. Basically, I'm offering peeps a chance to make detailed, thoughtful, and thorough replies here for what they'd like to see tweaked over there. Once I've learned what I'm doing, I can then add stuff. So, in essence, you can submit your suggestions here for the SC4D Wiki and I'll do the leg fingerwork of adding it there. Note: Any reply in this thread may get added so by replying here you agree it can be used under Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported over there.
  3. Site Suggestion Box

    Got some ideas? Here's a place where you can recommend any improvements to Simtropolis. It's about time we had one of these. Even though the site continues to develop, we'd love to hear your thoughts on how it can be further refined and made better for everyone. Whether it be a simple layout/design tweak, or a completely brand new feature, post away in this thread! While we can't promise everything will be possible or implemented, each idea will be read and considered. I'm sure you'll appreciate there are limitations, both technically and financially. To report any issues with an existing site feature, or something not working as intended, please instead use the Bugs Thread. Guidelines For clarity, please keep one idea per post. Double posts are acceptable if you've more than one idea at once. Note: To prevent successive replies from auto-merging, you may need to wait 5 minutes. Give a subheading, describing briefly what the idea is. Explain the idea -- it helps to give as much detail as possible. Pictures or diagrams are acceptable, but not required. Why would this be of benefit to the community? If you value anyone's idea, please Like it to show your support. This helps to give a rough indication of how well an idea is received. If commenting on an idea, please quote/copy the subheading so it's clear what is being discussed. Progress Status Once processed, ideas will be tagged with one of the following: NOT PLANNED - The idea is appreciated, but at this stage, is not feasible to implement. INTERNAL REVIEW - We like the idea, and will pursue whether it's currently feasible to implement. PLANNED - We have decided to implement the idea, and are finding the best ways to go about it. IMPLEMENTED - The idea has been added as a new site feature! This will change depending on ongoing progress with implementation. Thanks all! -The Admins
  4. Title. I've been itching to try and pick up 3DSMax and BAT again, but I'm not sure what I'd want to create. I figured it'd be best if I saw what the community wanted. Though, if someone ends up bringing up a really good case for producing one of the above, I'll consider it more heavily. Side note is that if I end up getting committed to it, I do have a knack for making things into huge projects. Thanks again!
  5. As mentioned in the feedback topic, we'd like to gather suggestions for future challenge themes. We have a few ideas in the pipeline, but would like to develop upcoming events particularly around your city-building interests. Most challenges thus far have been based on general themes. There's been quite a few, including skyscrapers, transport, rural and recreation scenes. In addition, we're considering introducing gameplay tasks, such as urban planning to solve a problem, or creating custom plugins to meet a set brief. So basically, if you've any new ideas, please also post these below. Even if they sound a bit elaborate or complex, we'd still love to hear them! The intention is to continue using the Gallery to submit image entries, along with the voting. When posting an idea, it'd be helpful if you can provide: A brief summary: What the challenge would involve / how it might work. Suggested rules: If applicable, how the challenge could be kept fair. For some this might be self-explanatory. Target game: Should the challenge be limited to a particular city-building game (e.g. SC4, C:S), or is it open to any? Recommended timeframe: Suggest a reasonable submission period given the challenge requirements. The shorter events (i.e. 1-2 weeks) will be more frequently run, but the longer ones should be for more complex challenges. Please post any ideas and they'll be added to the "Ideas Bank" below for consideration. Should an idea be selected, we may contact you for further information or assistance. You may submit as many as you can think of per post (feel free to post again with any new ideas). Thanks! Challenge Ideas Bank Themed Challenges Show of Traffic | Transportation | General rules | All games | ~2 weeks City Showcase | General theme | General rules | All games | ~1 month+ Best Sense of Americana | Country themed | General rules | All games | ~1 week+ City Replica Challenge | Recreation | General rules | All games | ~1 month Alpine Winter | Rural planning | Require snow, infrastructure built on hilly terrain | All games | ~2 weeks Sunny Destination | Aesthetics | Cannot use desert mod or palm trees | All games | ~2 weeks Vanilla Only Challenge | General theme | No custom content allowed | SimCity 4 | ~3 weeks Space: The final frontier | Sci-fi | General rules | All games | ~2 weeks Ancient Civilizations | Country themed | General rules | All games | ~2 weeks Historic Development | Urban planning | Use an established city, with a historic background | SimCity 4 | ~2 weeks Best Realistic "....." | Recreation | Aim to make as realistic as possible | All games | | ~1 month Bridges | Transportation | Show one or more bridges crossing over something | All games | ~2 weeks Railroads | Transportation | Show a train on railroad tracks | All games | ~2 weeks Complex Design | Urban | Design an urban complex area (e.g. university campus) | All games | ~1 month Nature Scene | Rural | Only allowed limited use of man-made structures | All games | ~2 weeks Night Shots | General theme | Image must be taken at night | All games (with night mode) | ~2 weeks City Tile View | General theme | City tile must be shown in full | All games | ~2 weeks Waterside | General theme | Image must be dominated by water features | All games | ~2 weeks Photoshop Challenge | General theme | Image must be edited using a form of software manipulation | All games | ~2 weeks Non-Photoshop Challenge | General theme | Image cannot be edited using software manipulation tools | All games | ~2 weeks Animation Challenge | General theme | Image must be animated in some way (e.g. GIF) | All games | ~2 weeks CoriStar Challenge [1] [2] | General theme | Represent ST in a city's layout | All games | ~1 month Essay Challenge | Instructional | Create a written guide to answer the top 5 newbie questions about SC4 | SimCity 4 | ~2 weeks+ How to do it? | Instructional | Explain the steps taken to create an image, so someone else could recreate it | All games | ~1 month Best Toll Road / Turnpike | Transportation | General Rules | All Games | ~1week+ Simtropolis as an Acronym | Other | Create an acronym using the letters of Simtropolis | Game n/a | ~1 week Pinned Thread Overhaul | Instructional | Create overview guides to consolidate info in pinned threads | SimCity 4 | ~2 weeks+ GIFted Goodness Drive-In | Recreation | Create a city scene featuring a drive-in theatre, using an animated portion | All games | ~2 weeks Custom Content Related Content Creation Challenge | BAT / Lot / Map / Asset | Require multiple images | All games | ~1 week to 1 month Facelift | Lotting | Enhance any default game lot, without changing the dimensions | SimCity 4 | ~2 weeks Single Dependency | Lotting | Can only use one selected common prop / texture pack | SimCity 4 | ~1 week to 2 weeks Modular Complexes | Lotting | Create an integrated set of lots | SimCity 4 | ~2 weeks Themed Lotting Challenge | Lotting | Create a lot to a specified theme (e.g. parks, transport, RCI) | SimCity 4 | ~2 weeks NAM Challenge | Content usage | Use the NAM for a specific purpose, such as to showcase or solve a set brief | SimCity 4 | ~1 month Park & Path Set | Lotting | Create a set of parks and paths which can be used | SimCity 4 | ~1 month Roundabout Filler | Lotting | Create one for both roundabout sizes, each with the same "style" per entry | SimCity 4 | ~1 month Classic Model, New Lot | Lotting | An older model that has withstood the test of time should see a new Lot | SimCity 4 | ~2 weeks Retaining Walls | Lotting | Create a new type of retaining walls | SimCity 4 | ~2 weeks Transit Buildings | BAT / Modelling | Create a transit building model (e.g. stations: train, subway, bus) | All games | ~1 month Monuments & Statues | BAT / Modelling | Create a monument or statue model | All games | ~1 month Diagonals & FAR | BAT / Modelling | Create a form of diagonal building | All games | ~1 month
  6. Hey everyone, With the conclusion of the NAM Showcase, it saw the end of the second ST Challenges season. Now on a break, we’d like to welcome your suggestions and ideas. How can they be improved for the next season? What went well, and what would make the events even more fun and engaging? We’ve got a few ideas of our own, but specifically we’d like hear your thoughts on: The Challenges - New theme ideas: Please post in the "Ideas Bank" topic, where ideas can be collected. - More challenge types -- E.g. Gameplay tasks, such as population or using / creating certain plugins. - User-hosted events: Should these be brought back in some form? Submissions - Would it help to raise the image size limit (e.g. to 3 MB per image)? - Always allow more than one image? Like the NAM Showcase allowing 3 per author. - Length of the submission / voting periods for the challenge types. Voting - Thoughts on the current method of voting. - Should authors be made anonymous until after voting? They could be changed to a "placeholder" account before being revealed. Ranking System - Has it worked well so far? - Any small tweaks? Rep Prizes - Change amounts awarded? - Expand the places which gain rep (e.g. top 5 or 10)? - Also for the Best Picture Comp -- Rep for round wins + entering the Hall of Fame? Scheduling - How frequently should they run: Is the balance right? - Run more simultaneous challenges? - Use the calendar to plan the events a few weeks in advance? Would this make it easier to prepare for entries? Please also let us know any other suggestions you have. These events aren’t possible without your participation, so we’d like to give you chance to shape their next direction. Thanks! ~The Challenges Team
  7. I were thinking if the following concepts could be added to SC4, somewhat simulating some aspects of real life and also games as Tropico and Hidden Agenda... Social Divide: Sims may divide into factions: sports teams, soap operas, alignments.... These divides could bring from minor efficiency losses to major civil wars inside the own cities, and also terrorist events and situations. Each type of building would promote a type of alignment in the region adjacent to it, and in places where ''contrary'' alignments'' interceded, there would be conflicts, causing promblems in the regions. Some specific alignments would appear in preset eras, for example, simbots and simtants appearing after 2040 and causing anti-simtant and anti-simbot sentiments, which would force the mayor to isolate them for avoiding a war situation inside his city. Discrimination would cause factions to ''zone in'' in specifical parts of the city, affecting traffic. Further rifts among the alignments would cause ''feud wars'' from alignment to alignment, including from destructive riots in their intersections for simulating the rift amongst them, to bioterror/bombign strikes. Illegal Ocuppation: Citizens and business would trying ''autozone'' regions of the city, without authorization. Police cars could be necessary for containing them, until proper zoning being done. An anti-occupation ordinance should be implemented, making the jails full of people and causing unrest among poorer sims. Tax Evading: A certain percentage of tax evasion should happen in the city, thanks to government and police underfunding. Revenue offices should help reduce this according to their coverage. A special ''whisteblower ordinance'' should bring extra money to the city, at the cost of slightly less commercial, industrial and elite housing demmand cap. Buildings: Trade Union Building: Reward Building(having X citizens employed, maybe?) Generates some jobs in return for some government spending. Slightly augments mayor rating amonst low and middle income. Allows ''Trade Union Ordinance''. (Plus mayor rating, lesser fire risks in industrial and agricultural areas.) Civic Center: Civic building. Has a slight park effect, and also a educational and anti-criminal one. Militia Firing Range: Reward building. (for?) Gives a slight security bonus, but causes traffic and garbage problems. Allows for ''Freemen Security Act''(Reduces criminality drastically at the cost of augmenting unrest and pollution.) Robot Containers: ''Civic building.'' Container zones for excluding the simbots/simborgs from amongst the ''normal'' population. May diminish unrest but can creates a huge crime spot and traffic problem. Mutant Camp: ''Civic building.'' Excludes simtants/simaliens from regular population. Monster Castle: Excludes simspooks from regular population. Control Post: Similar to a tool booth. But in place of charging money, reduces traffic for augmenting security. An excess of control posts may cause unrest/disapproval amongst population. Animal Shelter: Reward building. Some effect on garbage and water pollution. May allow for ''Pet Adoption Ordinance'', with slight effects on pollution, and garbage. Student Union QG: Reward Building(College/University coverage?): Similar to Trade Union, but with more effects in the educated class. Allows ''Student Wing Act''. (Plus mayor rating, less unrest in educated areas?) Miniluv: Works as a great jail and police department at the same time. Consumes a lot of energy, and lots of ''black cars'' in the traffic. Minipeace: radioactive building. Generates a lot of tanks in the traffic. Minitruth: Generates a lot of jobs, and mayor rating, but also garbage. Miniplenty: Consumes a lot of garbage, energy and water, but also generates a great park and health effect. ASAT Testing Range: Business Oportunity. An EMP Weapon that fires periodically to the air. May cause the explosion of a major energy facility or some hi-tech industries from time to time. Nukair. Inc: Business Deal/Reward. Military company which is testing a Nuclear Powered Plane. Comes with a Nukair plane with especial ''Nukair Missions''. Mega-Church: Business Oportunitty. Causes massive atracction, but may divide city amongst followers and non-followers. Sect Village: Idem. Besides that, may enter in feud with the Mega-Church. PENSA Chapter: Reward for high education levels. Has a little park and EQ boosting one. Conflicts with religious and military places. Presidential Camp House: Reward/Business. Brings a lot of money, but also atracts crime. Gives acess to presidential vehicles with ''presidential missions.'' Villain Tower: Mega-villain tower. Gives a permanent base to a mega-villain. Allow for ''Villain Base Ordinance'', in which, for a little money and mayor rating, the city gains an EQ and Hi-Tech Cap Bonus. Heroic Hall: Heroic Squad homebase. Allows for ''Oficial Hero Place Ordinance'', in which, for a little security and fire risk, the city gains an agricultural and commerce cap bonus. PMC HQ: Mercenary group HQ. Provides a free ''special security'' unit, and ''special'' missions. PI HQ: A small private investigator office. Would serve mostly for displaying factional rifts when clicked, and enabling ''private investigator'' missions. Indian/Mutant/Robot/Dinossaur Reserve: Reward/Landmark/Business deal with some money bonus, but service demanding. Demolishing them would bring great costs/unrest in the city. Revenue Office: Civic Building. Some cost and high garbage production. Less garbage would be produced with a special ordinance: ''Online tax forms.''
  8. Hi guys, I need some help in how to reconfigure or replace my heavy rail inside my existing city. Some info, my city is a medium density city which is primarily based on pedestrian and public transit use. Currently inter-region travel isn't very big, but I am planning to build some out suburbia and maybe some industrial areas outside my main city. The subway, buses and light rail have been going pretty well, but I kind have ignored the rail built earlier. Instead of building my city around the old heavy rail, I have built my city over the rail. It has resulted in some messy, and unrealistic railway crossings. Within the city there are only a few stops, used well enough I guess (it is important for some sims travel to outer areas), but i want to invest in it for the new outer developments. There are just 4 lines. I like the idea of elevated rail in the inner areas, but monorail or elevated rail looks kinda silly on the ground in the country side. Would an elevated rail to heavy rail be a good idea, or is that a bit buggy? I think I planned to turn the heavy rail into underground rail when the town became a city, but underground rail seems a bit complicated to me~ especially passing it underneath tram intersection roads.
  9. Utilities and Distribution

    this just occurred to me and will be worked on a while in the future, but you could do something special for utilities... Simcity has unlimited power range so long as it is all connected via wire or road depending on the game. Not very realistic over long distances. Older games like City life had a power plant radius, which meant you had to place power plants everywhere. A pain. Tropico has this power plant radius like City Life, however has substations which extend that range. If you found a balance between the three distribution methods (radius from power plant, wire extension and substation extension) then the utilities part of the game becomes very in depth and more strategic, rather than an annoyance you have to deal with. Perhaps power is based on a strength and the further away from the plant or substation, the weaker it is... So you need substations next to heavy industry, and power lines reduce the loss of power between substations and power plants. You could upgrade substations and lines for efficiency as well as upgrading power plants. You could add more wires to a cluster like roads. Depending on map size this would allow a realistic power system with in depth game play and strategy, adding life to a 'place and forget' part of city building. Obviously this relies on a large scale region or map that power plants are located a long way away from the city. Given you said you want mines, it makes sense to put power plants next to the mines that provide them (That's how it works in real life). If you're making a campaign, then you could split it up into areas, and jump around all the time. That way it isn't a drag to go and upgrade power plants while looking at a city centre.
  10. Just a long list of new building requests/ideas: Fast food: (M$, LD) -there is already a McDonalds and Burger King but maybe they should make -KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) -Jack in the Box -Carls Jr. -White Castle (east coast USA fast food resturant) -In-N-Out (very popular west coast USA fast food resturant) -Pizza Hut -Sonic Drive-Thru Larger Resturants: (M$, MD) -Cracker Barrel -Black Angus -Bob's Big Boy (popular west coast USA Burger resturant) -Denny's Diner -Hard Rock Cafe -Outback Steakhouse -TGI Fridays Gas Stations: (already using the Medium Wealth gas station building) -Arco -Cheveron -Shell -Mobil Miscellaneous: -7/11 (convenience store) -TA Travel Centers (Travel of America) -Pilot Flying J Travel Centers -Love's Travel Centers Stores: (M$, MD) -Target -Wal-Mart -Costco -Macy's -JCPenny's -Best Buy Hotels/Motels: Hotels: (M$, MD) -Hilton -Embassy Suites -Holiday Inn -Best Western -Marriott -Hyatt -Radisson Motels: (L$, MD) -Motel 6 -Econolodge -Vagabond Inn -Ramada -Rodeway Inn -Super 8 I Know its alot, but its just some ideas for some new buildings Comment any other ideas for commercial buildings too!
  11. Fast Food Restaraunts

    Hey All ! Just Looking at Most of the fast food restaraunts currently available on the STEX .. and it came to mind that None are Transit Enabled. i know it may seem pointless but many people pay attention to such details & realism , because obviously in Real life you can drive into the drive thru. Anyways Putting the Idea out there it would be Great to see this made possible .
  12. NYBT: A Change In Direction?

    So when I was up very late last night(or should I say it got so late that it became very early?) and was thinking about NYBT. I've noticed not many of us are as active anymore, and I'm not really active with NYBT either so I began thinking a bit on perhaps a new idea to take with NYBT. We've always kept the idea of recreating New York structures, mainly in New York City, although we can recreate anything from the state of New York. After thinking about how long recreating a building to exact detail can be, how tedious, difficult, and even hard to get something right, I had this idea in mind. What if we simply add this to our agenda, where, along with making exact recreations, that we make any buildings influenced by New York's architecture, whether or not it be the old classics to more modern structures. But of course we'd still recreate actual buildings. I just thought it'd be fun to make some up inspired by or based on real buildings with some liberties. With Urban buildings that'd be Wall-To-Wall like many or New York's buildings. That sounds like taking NYBT to becoming just a regular BAT Team though. And, this is just an idea that I wanted to discuss with NYBT members. I'm not asking for us to actually do this, unless any of you would like it or take it into consideration. Just me thinking too much, as always. BTW, I might as well say we're always be happy to take new members. There's no like serious recruiting process. ;p Sgt Pepper

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