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  1. The Torch

    Man, this is awesome and a wonderful different design to include in any city. Please give us more unique buildings. Do you know how to do buildings with marquees, lights, buildings with flash ala Vegas, Times Square NY, etc.?
  2. Neutopia 2

    BettySteve, looks cool! Hey, are you able to do one large map just flat and even? I don't know how to make one but I'd love one large, flat map and then design it from scratch making my own mountains, beaches, etc. if possible. If you know how to do one, would you please upload one and let me know? Thanks!
  3. Dong Daegu Station, Taegu, Korea

    You do nice work!
  4. SimTheme Park's Halloween Park Pack

    Beautiful! Would someone PLEASE make these for SC4? We need more amusement park items. Thx!
  5. Interchange 21

    Great job! A unique and different design that will look great in my city skyline! If you know how, please make some unique casinos with flashly lights and glitz ala Vegas & NY Times Square.
  6. Palacio Cristal Redone

    Good grief, this is amazingly beautiful!!!
  7. Maxis Seaport Stage 3 Re-lot

    That is a beautiful piece of work!!! Thank you!
  8. HBS Palacio Legislativo

    Man, that is beautiful!!!
  9. Maxis Mansion Overhaul

    Thank you! Beautiful work. Always wantedmore mansions in my city.
  10. Camp Nou

    This is stunning! Great work!!!
  11. SM2 Breakwater Concrete Blocks

    Great idea! Nice work!
  12. Catedral-Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar

    An amazing piece of work with no dependencies? Wow! I must be dreaming. Beautiful work! Can you please attempt to make a few mansions with fancy driveways, tennis courts, a limo, pool, etc.?
  13. Security checkpoint

    Oh goodie. Something to keep the riff raff out of my ritzy part of town. Great work!!!
  14. Maxis Mansion Facelift

    These are beautiful and can't have enough of these for my "ritzy" part of town. Please do more!!! Beautiful work!
  15. Promenade of Light Plaza 3x16

    Beautiful piece of work!!!