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  1. Well the simple part is, you only need to make one seat or bank, then use the various array tools to copy and even bend them nicely to fill the arena. If you are still using SC4 BAT though you are going to have a tough time because the polygon limits will mean you can't be too detailed due to the sheer number you will need.
  2. SC4Deluxe difficulty levels

    Indeed, another of Maxis' "whoops" moments... thankfully there is a solution for that:
  3. SC4Deluxe difficulty levels

    Basically there is a % chance of a fire occurring that is greatly increased where no fire coverage exists, especially for I-D areas. Similarly the ordinance doens't mean you can't have a fire, it just makes the odds much less. It might seem cheap, but then it's not as effective as the more expensive fire stations.
  4. Likewise my comment wasn't directed at you personally, just a reflection of my opinion based upon them. I'm not scolding anyone, but this is one of those cases where simply taking a moment to read instructions would have made things crystal clear. The point is two-fold really, that it's not always possible to make things completely obvious, plus users should always read the documentation/description of mods before use. This second point annoys me personally because documentation takes a lot of time and is nothing but work. Having done that work diligently, every time an issue comes up which was clearly explained, it feels like an additional waste of one's time. Now, I'm not a complete arse, so I will help people and point things out, I'm sure you see many times I answer such questions. But it does make you wonder why bother to spend hours documenting things in the first place. Exactly, for parts of a network to change, RUL code is required. If you look at lot-based variants of such pieces, you'll note they do not have these stubs. Because you can't use RUL to affect the textures on a lot, only proper networks.
  5. You know, it does annoy me when people fail to read the included instructions and complain something isn't intuitive. Someone has to take the time to write these things you know, its not always going to simply be intuitive if you don't take the time to read them. Avenue end-loops would be very impractical to add, it just doesn't fit with the way TE modding works. If you included that on the lot, it would remain a loop, even after you connected it. You can't meld lots and game networks in the way you are thinking. The lot textures are fixed and won't alter based on the surrounding networks like they do when used normally.
  6. Issues With Canals

    One thing to remember is that Tab-Rings are exclusively used for transit networks and related content, which is a game limitation. So whilst the base game and many NAM features use them, lots and buildings never will, it's simply not possible to utilise this feature for use with your average download. The issue is simply that there are many add-ons that are needed for these additional pieces, they don't necessarily come with the base set. Oppie's canals have been around a long time, but were never fully released on the STEX or LEX to my knowledge. Sadly that means as some of the smaller SC4 exchanges have closed, some of this content may have been lost forever. You could ask in this thread, perhaps someone knows a place they are still available: But if not, there may not be a lot you can do about it.
  7. In short, provided DirectX rendering (hardware) is working, you should be able to use the content you wanted. I think that was the problem, since such textures simply can't work with the other rendering modes. Not all setups will support DirectX though, it really depends on the Graphics Card and their drivers more than anything. This is because SC4 is an old game and your drivers need to support several compatibility modes for this, which sadly not all modern cards do.
  8. Then you need to remove those files and try again with a blank city tile. If that works, one of those mods is causing problems.
  9. Graphics broken

    Well there is no chance that EA will look to address any such problems, so most likely they reside with the Graphics Drivers. Thus if the latest ones aren't working, you should consider going back and trying an older version. The other option is waiting for ATI to hopefully update them to fix the problem, but one way or another, those are pretty much your only options.
  10. Jakis'z BAT Thread

    Honestly it's really hard to say, because there are so many possibilities for causing issues. However the most likely one is that something you did with the geometry simply couldn't be correctly interpreted by SC4 BAT. You really should be doing things like applying textures in SC4 BAT, not in Sketchup. Again I have to wonder why you don't model in SC4 BAT too. I do understand the applications are different and you may understand sketchup better. But, it wouldn't take too long to work out the changes between the two and having done so you'd avoid running into these problems in future.
  11. If the problem is tree controller related, this solution won't work. Because the CTD when the city opens means before you can do anything in it. Whilst this problem could be due to installing a tree controller, surely the user would know if they have changed theirs? So that's really the first thing we need to know to help, what files did you install yesterday? If you can't remember, you can set Windows to look at files and organise them by date created (i.e. when first used on your computer). Sure it would mean going into every folder/subfolder to find them all, but unless you've no memory at all, I'd hope you would have some idea of where to start looking. If you open a brand new city from a brand new region, does that also cause a CTD? If that is true, then the Tree Controller isn't the problem, since you can't have planted any with a custom one beforehand. However, if you are playing in Software Rendering or even OpenGL rendering, the maximum texture size you can use is 256x256px. So called HD textures, most commonly used by Rock, Water, Beach and Terrain mods are often larger than this. If you try to load one, that will trigger a CTD just as described. In-short, unless you can make DirectX Rendering work on your machine, you won't be able to install HD mods. Another possibility is that you plopped a very badly modded piece of content. In some cases, saving a city with such a building can be enough to prevent it ever working again. But again if this were the case here, you could open any city (including a new one) where it wasn't present without issue. So pretty easy to check.
  12. Intrusive BankofAmerica

    ID conflict most likely, something is linking back to that model. Thing is, unless you've downloaded extras, the LMs will never appear, they are plop lots and do not usually grow. Given it's happening in such a widespread manner, it makes me wonder if a prop or even blank building model somehow is referencing (via the RTK property), the Bank of America building. This is definitely one for DataNode or otherwise using the Binary Search method. Without knowing what's in your plugins folder, the most help I can offer is the ID of this building: 0x5AD0E817,0xBADB57F1,0x10030000 Find an exemplar where the Resource Key Type # has this value, most likely that's your culprit.
  13. Because what editing the file does is mirror the exact same changes as DAT Packing the identically modified exemplars. But not all DATPacking apps overwrite exemplars, some only add duplicates to the end of the files. Whilst that will work, some of us prefer not to have duplicate redundant files knocking around. So I completely understand why you may want to do this. The CAM I-HT fix and regular variant are much the same, but you won't want the CAM one if not using the CAM mod, similarly you shouldn't install the regular one if you plan to install CAM.
  14. Which is all nice and well, but ultimately I want my applications to work, if an updated OS won't do this, I'll happily use a relic instead.
  15. Menu Item Order

    You can go to at least 2 Billion using half the HEX range, so yeah, no big worries about using up to a million or more in the range. Best done with LE Prop, since you click on which menu you want them in, much simpler . Reader 1.54 can be downloaded from this post (dev thread), don't accidentally click the source code, unless you want to start programming .