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  1. I've just come across a post by @Reddonquixote over on SC4D, it would appear our problems with using BAT4Max on newer 3DS max releases are over. In one of the scripts is a reference to a function that was removed entirely from 3DS Max, it would appear that trying to call this function was causing the scripts to fail on newer 3DS Max releases. Now of course right now, this isn't hugely tested so I don't want to jump the gun, but it seems if 3DS 2017 works with this fix, then it should work for earlier affected versions, am I right in saying that's 2016, possibly 2015 too? Anyhow, all credit obviously goes to RDQ for finding this problem, but rather than everyone edit their scripts. I've made a patched file you can simply use to replace the one with the faulty reference (attached). Instructions (Readme included with fix also): Download/Install BAT4Max as usual Find the install location for the scripts included with BAT4Max Default = 3DS MAX INSTALL DIR\gamepacks\BAT\scripts Copy the included SF_LtbL_functions.ms file, overwriting the original Remember to backup the original (just in case), by copying/moving it elsewhere outside of the 3DS Max install path Lastly, if you've not already don't so, don't forget to also get the Gamma Fix for 3DS Max from here too: Disclaimer: I personally use 3DS Max 2011, so have no way of testing this fix. But it can't cause any harm, it either works or it doesn't. Worst case scenario, restore the original file and you are back to square one (i.e. it still doesn't work). Lastly, please can those who might make use of the patch confirm if it works and which version of 3DS Max they've applied the fix too. This will help greatly with troubleshooting the issue for other users and helping ensure 3DS Max can be used for batting models into the future. BAT4MAX_Fix.zip
  2. More Brown Boxes

    I'd say you're on the money here. As you have observed however, when this limit is reached, Windows will flag the problem right away. In fact it won't allow you to keep things this way, you must shorten the file name before renaming it or moving/copying it. So in theory at least, it should be impossible to fall foul of this problem without warning.
  3. At this point you should be able to restore the files to their original location to restore things to a working state. If that's what you are asking.
  4. So many mods . . . which should I pick?

    Why? To be clear, there is nothing about the SPAM mod that is also modified as part of the NAM, such a setup is wholly necessary. In fact, the only PEG files that have any specific load order requirements is the Seaport Controller which is part of the CDK3 series of mods. Even then, despite the instructions to the contrary, there is no real need to use any special load order for that either. It's true that both these mods will override the original Maxis files, but then any files placed into your plugins folders will do that by default. The only reason you'd need to load these specifically was if you had conflicting mods elsewhere inside your plugins folder. But in such a case you would need to know what they were and ensure they loaded in the order desired. You certainly shouldn't have two seaport controllers and I really don't see the need for two sets of farming mods either. I keep all my PEG content in one folder, PEGPROD (the default) inside the my plugins folder. There is really no need to make things any more complicated.
  5. You can't just move installation directories around like that. There are registry entries and other settings based on the installed location that won't be updated to reflect the new location. If you want to move the install directory, you must uninstall/re-install the game to do it successfully.
  6. Quite the opposite, it will work better as a result, because I-HT will now employ R$$$ sims. You may need to run the simulator for a bit in each city and of course this will alter the demands slightly as the changes are factored in, but nothing ruinous will occur because the R$/R$$ side of things is mostly unaffected. So basically there will be 2% less jobs for R$$ as a result of the change, but that should be more than balanced out by the additional 10% of R$$$ jobs you'll create in the process.
  7. It just fixes one bug, but it will help better support a R$$$ population by ensuring they are properly employed in I-HT buildings. Find that here: There are special instructions for applying this fix, you must DAT Pack the fix into the original SC4 dat file to work, see here: Firstly it should be noted that giving your sims what they want is not always the best course of action. This is pretty much spelt out in the tutorials, think of sims as aspirational, they want everything like Education, Healthcare, Police/Fire services and so forth. But the balance here is between YIMBY/NIMBY "Yes/No In My Back Yard", which affects land values and as a consequence desirability. So whilst you have polluting industry, this is an easy way to prevent nearby residential from upgrading to higher wealth. But as you transition from I-D/I-M to I-HT and CO, that's when large swathes can suddenly become much more desirable. The reduction in pollution increases the land value, so R$ get replaced by higher wealth residential. Think of this like Urban Gentrification, a poor area suddenly becomes full of expensive new development, causing low wealth sims to look elsewhere to live, since they can no longer afford it. Just like in the real world, the simulator doesn't care if there are places for those low wealth sims to move too, it's seen an opportunity to develop more expensive housing and focuses upon that. There are ways to prevent R$ sims from being turfed out by this, the simplest is setting R$ buildings "Make Historical" box in the building query. If you do this for a few large R$ towers, that can help a lot, since doing so for every small building is much more of a hassle. See R$ can continue to live in a more expensive area, they just won't move in there any more. Think of the Make Historical function as a mayor's way of protecting these sims from ruthless developers. Other ways include mods that alter the way buildings upgrade, which can help ensure those that do survive the transition, but there is another way that doesn't require mods. Simply place residential development along busy/noisy roads or in other places where it would be less desirable for higher wealth sims. Again if you try to keep high-density buildings for this purpose, you probably will have many such nooks about your city in the first place. Similarly, placing some of the NIMBY buildings will reduce the desirability surrounding them, like Jails and Landfill for example. In short, you don't have to forgo providing the basic services like Education, Water and Health to support R$. But you do need to have some less desirable areas for them to keep moving in to. This is perfectly possible to do, but there is a point in the game where if there is no provision for R$ to remain, you'll end up in a spiral of dilapidation as the R$ sims get kicked out and the whole economy struggles. If anything this is the part of the game where you as mayor have to take steps to ensure balance remains. Left to it's own devices, there will be no where for R$ to live, you as mayor need to ensure everyone is catered for through your planning and actions.
  8. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I don't know of either sorry. For the latter I too would like to see such a tunnel portal, I even started work on a model for it. Actually that's part of a larger project I have planned to expand on URail's underutilised functionality. Anyhow, I've way too much in my ToDo list to seriously get into that any time soon, but hopefully it will be a thing eventually. As for the freight rail station, it's hard to really make a model that represents this. I guess some sort of warehouse, perhaps with ramps for vehicle traffic to load/unload would work well. Since most of the things going on would be hidden from view anyway, it just requires a little imagination. I'm sure with a little searching you could find suitable props to make such a lot. From a modding perspective, U-Rail requires nothing special and if modded like the regular Freight Station with URail on either side of the lot would work just fine functionally.
  9. Interesting Graphical Glitch

    Again this stems from the resolution used to play the game. Whilst in theory, the game will allow a huge number of resolutions, the screenshots made as part of the save process do not support all of them. So you can either live with it if it doesn't bother you (and likely enjoy a higher resolution), otherwise you probably need to use one of the standard resolutions like full HD, which will prevent this occurring.
  10. Noahclem on SC4D was asking if we could support the use of dual OWR networks with GLR in the median x NWM intersections. It seemed like a good idea and next thing you know, all this is now possible: Here's a close up of one of those, to better illustrate this (Dual OWR-3 with GLR in median x NRD-4 Intersection): In-short, you can now use a pair of OWR-1, 2 or 3 networks with a one-tile gap, run various rail network in the median and still intersect with single-tile NWM networks. I think this adds a pretty decent number of new possibilities for a small chuck of adjacency code. This should be possible in NAM37.
  11. Interesting Graphical Glitch

    GoG version is fully patched. After a new install, the most important fix is the I-HT one, since the new install won't have that. Plugins is a copy/cut and paste job, you don't need to re-install anything, even the NAM will work fine. As for resolution, 1200 vertical is the max you can go without major problems. So find a supported horizontal resolution for your display that pairs with 1200 vertically and you'll get the best results. If all else fails, standard full HD 1920x1080 should always be supported by your monitor.
  12. Get your Maxis files here!

    They're on the STEX still, check this file: FYI, Plugins are not unique to the Mac or Windows version of SC4, any file that works for one, will work with the other. The main issue for Mac users is when such files are inside an .exe or Windows installer, since Mac's can't run such things. However, this issue is as old as the game itself and can be solved by running the installer in Windows and copying the files over. Or using a third party application such as File Juicer to extract the data.
  13. AppCrash error/black screen

    I wouldn't go straight to the extreme of reinstalling the game just yet. Check first all the properties used for starting the game, it looks like the configuration has been reset somehow, which you can resolve by once more altering said values. Did you change from Windowed mode to Full screen mode or vice versa? Has your graphics card driver auto-updated in the meantime? Both these things can affect SC4's smooth operation.
  14. Increasing rail station capacity

    A guide to which values are best to use can be found here: Generally speaking, you must open the station's buildings exemplar using iLives Reader. Then look for the following values: Transit Switch Entry Cost See the linked tutorial for full details, but this is actually very important. Transit Switch Traffic Capacity This figure is the main Capacity value used in-game. Catalog Capacity. This should match the Transit Switch Traffic Capacity property, if it exists. Otherwise values displayed in the menus may look wrong. Note also such changes are not dynamic, you must replace all affected stations after the change for the values to update.
  15. Textures Problems

    Absolutely, there is a strict limit and beyond this they simply will not load, a unique problem with the Mac version of SC4. The thing is, if you have the textures installed, but they never show, that fits with this problem, it's the simplest explanation.