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  1. But I have that plugin pack!

    From the comments of the download: Do you have this file? Seems like a good place to start.
  2. Confuzzled in Texture Land

    A couple observations from the posts here... The first important thing to understand is that no application can tell you which dependencies are missing, when they are not present. This is because there is no master "list" to refer to that converts the ID's, into the respective file the missing items come from. The best you can hope for, is simply to see that things are indeed missing. In the case of these lots, there are three Props (seem to be Family Props), that are missing. What is missing, specifically, is the Prop Exemplars. The model may or may not be present, but since it's those exemplars that link to them, none of these tools have any way of knowing, unless the Props themselves are present. It's very important to understand the difference between a Prop (Exemplar) and the actual item or Model. The model is NOT a prop, it's just the item that the Prop links to so that is is displayed where the prop is placed. What makes the PIM-X dependency check reliable, is not using it to check a lot having made it using the Maxis LE. If you actually make a lot using PIM-X's LE in the first place, it logically follows you must have had all the pieces needed (Props/Textures etc), in order to create it. So, assuming you use PIM-X's LE during creation (and all dependencies are loaded properly), when you run the check, it will give you a complete list of all the dependencies used. Used in this manner, the results should always be reliable, making life so much easier for you as a creator, since it keeps track of what files a lot requires for you. Note: The parts in RED are HTML tags, but we can remove those very quickly, see below. Press CTRL + H (Find/Replace), which opens a new window: In the find box, copy the first part of the HTML tag (shown highlighted in image) from the main window. Leave the replace box blank. Again use the Copy (CTRL + C) / Paste (CTRL + V) commands to do this. Make sure the cursor (main window) is at the beginning of the file. Then in the Find/Replace window, click Replace All. Repeat 7 & 8, but this time with the second part of the HTML tag. Now you should be left with just the file names, which looks like this: Now you have just a list of the files. You can remove the last tags and also those files that are part of SC4 itself (Blue). That's your dependency list for your lot. Note: One small issue here, if you've renamed files from their defaults, you'll need to account for this and edit them back. LD Files are a really bad method for keeping track of dependencies, because there are many reasons why the data simply may not be accurate. Both PIM-X and DataNode actually check the items on the lot and the subsequently linked items, so they will always flag up missing content. Missing Prop Exemplars will not result in brown boxes, but instead just missing items on the lot. So at first glance this might appear fine. But, if the Prop Exemplars exist, yet the models they link to do not, then you will get brown boxes. Simply put, if a user had the Prop Exemplars in their setup, but not the models, as it stands your lot will appear with brown boxes. OK, not the most likely scenario, since you could reasonably expect for the Exemplars and Models to be in the same files. However, that's not always the case, so it's not an ideal scenario. So, what is missing and how do we solve this problem? Well firstly, opening the Lot with PIM-X's LE, will help us to see where the missing props are on the Lot: On the left are three green triangle things, those are the props that are missing. Note that the behaviour of the Maxis LE is NOT the same, so this technique only works with PIM-X. So based on the preview (left), we can see where those props are on our lot design (right). I've added some red circles to help you find them, but note how PIM-X adds the red X onto those props that are missing too. So at least we know which of the items on the lot are the problem now, which is a start. In an ideal world, you'd be able to remember which props you placed in these spots. See how two of the three are raised props (indicated by the white numbers), which may help jog your memory. The one thing we should be able to safely assume however, in order for you to have used these props, you must have them in your plugins folder somewhere. Unlike PIM-X's LE, the Maxis one will load everything in your plugins folder when you run it. So, now you know which props are the problem, you should be able to load the Maxis LE and get the names of the props. Hopefully that will be enough to locate the files they are contained within. I've tried with my mass of plugins, but it seems I don't have these props myself. The moral of the story... Using the Maxis LE and loading your entire suite of plugins when lotting, is both a boon and a curse. Yes, it may seem easier in the first instance, but the drawback is working out which dependencies your lot needs later. If you aren't going to release your lots, then this is not an issue, but if you are, I can't emphasise enough how this is a terrible way of working. Whatever time you think you are saving, is multiplied every time you need to go searching for a missing dependency. My recommendation is to use PIM-X as designed, where you can select upon startup which folders to load, rather than loading your entire plugins suite. As mentioned above, if you do this, it will give you a reliable listing of the needed dependencies every time, saving a lot of effort. If you really refuse to use PIM-X, then you must manually ensure only those plugins you are using to lot are loaded upon starting the LE. Do this by using a special Plugins folder for lotting, switching between this and your Plugins for gameplay as necessary. See my tutorial here for step-by-step details of that: If you continue to use your entire Plugins suite when lotting, then you will continue to drown in these sorts of problems. Changing the way you work might take a while to get used to, but when you refuse to follow best practise, you only make your own life harder.
  3. Confuzzled in Texture Land

    PIM-X (the 3rd party tool by Wouanagaine on the LEX), can display a list of dependencies very simply. Just open the application and load all the necessary dependencies. Select the Lot file, but don't open it, right click the Lot Properties (bottom right pane) and select "Dependency List". Bear in mind it can only tell you about loaded files (dependencies). But it will show you any Props/Textures that are missing by ID. Otherwise if everything is present, you'll have a simple list to refer too. You can even use copy (CTRL + C) to copy the list to the clipboard, allowing you to paste it into another application like Notepad etc. There will be some HTML code, but it's fairly easily removed.
  4. Confuzzled in Texture Land

    My guess would be that SC4 Tools simply isn't loading the texture files, so they don't appear when running the scan. The most reliable method of such dependency checks comes from using PIM-X (advice I'm sure you don't want to hear). DataNode is also very reliable, but it may flag lots of missing stuff that is harder to quantify if you don't fully understand the results. Anecdotally speaking, usually such missing files are not actually a problem, but as I said, it's not always as simple to interpret the scan results.
  5. Missing plugin pack warning

    Usually no, because in order for the name of a prop/item to be displayed, you must have said item installed. Otherwise all you can see is the missing prop (usually a green diamond shape) with the ID of the Prop Exemplar. That ID typically won't help to find where the missing item is. I've a fairly vanilla install right now, by simply downloading the listed dependencies, I'm getting the same problem as everyone else. But, it's not a prop that's the issue here, rather it's a missing invisible model used for the Buildings Exemplar. This is neither included nor linked to, which is going to be a real problem to find the file. However, I don't like the practise of using a custom invisible model to add a building to a lot. Partly because if you are going to do this, you can just link to the one included with the base game, which prevents this type of problem. And partly because I hate redundancy and unnecessary duplication of things. Another solution is simply to provide what's known as a Null Key or ID, which simply accomplishes the exact same thing, but without using a model at all. Attached is a set of fixed lots that replace the originals with modified lots using the Null Key method, which will resolve the brown boxes. Along the way, I ended up making some Cleanitol files which both check you've all the dependencies installed and can handle removal of the unneeded Airport Props, (where desired), automatically. Hope that helps. PaengRegBusTerm Fix.zip
  6. Highways are not Black

    Bear in mind that this mod changes not only the look by also the way the MHY functions too. If all you want is the re-texture, then the mod listed above is your best bet. I suspect the problem here was simply that it wasn't correctly loading after the NAM, hence placing it in the z___NAM folder did the trick.
  7. SC4 Extra Cheats DLL

    I suppose you could? But that's the electronic equivalent of putting a post it note into an envelope and mailing it to yourself. Why not just open Paint and paste the image there and then, much simpler.
  8. Show Us What You're Working On

    Just a guess, but I think the lots may use some textures from the BSC Texture Mega Packs, in which case TGN support exists. Even if they are custom textures though, KOSC has typically made repositories allowing custom sets to be quickly made with automation. However, you can't mod such things to adapt to different situations, so if you needed both TGN and non-TGN variants, the only option is to make two sets. Then you have the additional problem that TGN's texture overrides would hinder this somewhat, so you'd need a duplicate set of textures with unique IDs. It's not a great solution IMHO. Ideally, your RHW textures would have TGN grasses, but practically speaking that's never something I plan to support. RHW textures are too many and too complex to reliably build and update as a repository. I have enough problems keeping mine up to date between NAM versions. Unless something major changes, it's pretty much off the cards. Personally, I'd like to see RHW become a S3D based network will full transparency, I'm not sure why anyone would want to see the awful mismatch of grass that tends to occur right now. Then again, just look at how many users keep the dirt under railways?, obviously not everyone agrees. But in both scenarios, there are always pieces you just can't invoke wealth textures for one reason or another, you can never make things uniform, hence I am firmly on the other side of this fence.
  9. SC4 Extra Cheats DLL

    Why not simply use the Print Screen key on your keyboard, which will take a screenshot at any point running your computer. Open a graphics editor and press CTRL + V (Paste) to get it from the clipboard into the app.
  10. Any Futuristic train mods? (no NAM)

    The first thing to point out is that the game as designed is based upon the US around 2000. In practice this means that by default, $$$ sims prefer to drive everywhere, this isn't an aversion to trains so much as any form of public transport. There is a group of settings for each of the wealth levels, broken down between the options of preferring to use Mass Transit, Car or the Faster Route. It's these values that dictate how likely sims are to use trains etc, I'm not entirely sure of the default values, but indeed most R$$$ and R$$ sims will prefer driving as will I believe 50% of R$ sims. You could edit these values, but that's a little tedious. Whilst you state you don't have the power to install NAM, there are two things you should consider: SC4 is from 2003, a Netbook is pretty capable compared to the original minimum specs. Usually it's the GPU that's the weakest point here. NAM is modular, there is no requirement to install everything, which I agree wouldn't likely work well. The basic install simply adds fixes and improvements to the original game, something I'd recommend everyone has. If you install this, you'll have access to the TSCT, which allows you to adjust the values for Mass Transit Usage with simple pre-sets or even to manually tweak them from a simple GUI. As for actual trains, what we would call Automata mods, those are simply visual changes. Frankly, the in-game Monorail is probably more futuristic than anything else I've seen on that front.
  11. NAM General Support Topic

    There is no NAM option that would create that setup, more likely you have a third party mod which is overriding that texture. In which case you will have to locate and remove it to prevent this effect.
  12. Monorail over Tram-On-Street?

    ToS doesn't have huge cross compatibility unfortunantly, but if you upgrade the section the monorail must cross to ToR/TiR (Tram on/in Road), then a suitable crossing for monorail exists for those networks.
  13. NAM General Support Topic

    You mean SAM 11/B right? Sidewalks are never part of transport network textures, which is why they will adapt to whichever is installed. Based on the zoning, any transparent areas of a texture are filled with the sidewalk texture (i.e. your sidewalk mod), accordingly. Grass however does need to be baked-in to such textures, which is the method I used to get concrete on them. I basically add this just like you would grass, baking it in, so that no transparency is present, preventing sidewalks from appearing for low-density zoning. This is very intentional as it's the only workaround that makes the network blend in with Industrial zoning seamlessly. Any such transport network can have only 8 zoning types: No Wealth / No Zoning (0) Low Density $ - $$$ (1-3) Wealth Med / High Density $ - $$$ (4-6) Wealth Farm Zoning (7) But I only forced the concrete to appear for 3 of those 8 (blue). Meaning, sidewalks can appear for the others, although practically speaking they won't for either No/Farm zones. However, sidewalks will appear when using Med/High Density Res/Com zoning, which is by far the easiest way of making this happen. If however, you are willing to forgo the concrete appearing next to Industrial zoning, (by design, the whole point of the network), you can have sidewalks for Low Density zoning too. However to achieve this, you need to remove all the 1-3 wealth textures from the mod manually.
  14. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    A proper SC4 Model can't easily be converted to accept a different texture. However, a true 3D or RTK0 model can reference a new texture or simply take a texture override. I have such things from some in-development work, if you send me a PM, I should be able to assist you.