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  1. Show Us What You're Working On

    By default you'd create an override for the original mod. That way any lots using CP's textures would show the sidewalks according to your customisations. I would caution you that there isn't a whole lot of content that actually uses these textures right now. As such sans custom lotting, they are of limited use IMHO, which is a shame because the idea is a good one. I've ready to go scripts/repositories for much more than what I've been able to release. That includes everything to generate a custom SCILT pack. If you want a copy, just send me a PM and I'll pass it along. Similarly, I may be able to help with further steps towards unification if needed. In the case of repositories like these, I'm happy for them to be redistributed frankly. Since it's taking me much longer than I'd like to organise all of this from my side.
  2. Similar problems can occur with many other UDI missions too. The spawn point for the vehicle is a bit random when you do a mission. So for example you might have a train spawn in a place/direction that simply doesn't allow you to reach the right place in order to complete said mission. When something like this occurs, you really have two options open to you. Either you cancel the mission and try again until the vehicle spawns somewhere helpful. Otherwise, temporarily build the transit network in such a way that you can ensure you won't run into troubles. For my rail example, you simply need loops at every end point of your lines allowing for trains to turn around and go back the other way.
  3. The 4GB patch simply adds a switch to the .exe that tells Windows that the application can access extended memory configurations. As such, under WINE or non-native Windows emulation I can't imagine having that switch would actually do a whole lot. Perhaps WINE can interpret the switch like Windows does, but more likely the WINE equivalent needs to be setup in the WINE wrapper used for the application. It could even be the case that WINE does this without needing any user input. In short, you'd have to refer to the WINE documentation to get a clear answer.
  4. Adding the subway connector to a station does not actually enable subway functionality. In fact, it is perfectly possible for this to work without the connector, any tile of the lot connected to a correctly modded station will work for subway transit. The short answer to this is you need the correct Transit Switches in place. They must exist to allow sims to use the station, switching between any valid modes of transit. So for a basic Rail station to work, you must have these basic switches: All Directions / Outside to Inside / Ped -> Rai Sims walk to station from any side/edge, enter the lot, then transfer to Rail. All Directions / Inside to Outside / Rail -> Ped Sims get off trains, exit the lot on any side/edge, then walk out of the station. Such settings allow for sims to walk to and from the station and switch to/from the rail network, but not much else. It quickly gets much more complex and the more travel types you wish to use, the more switches will need including. As such I'll expand upon this further below. The other part of making a station work involves setting the Transit Switch Entry Cost (TSEC) and Transit Switch Capacity values. A complete run down of that is provided in this guide: The TSEC is very important to ensure efficient usage of the station. The simplest solution is to use one of these values: Where Monorail/HSR is used - .0043 Where Rail is used - .0069 Where El-Rail/GLR is used - .0083 In short, look for which of the networks your lot should support that is highest in that list, then use that value. It's also recommended to ensure you have a sufficiently high capacity to prevent issues, see the link for calculating that. Adding Bus, Subway and/or other transport types will make the number and complexity of switches needed vastly higher. To really explain everything in depth would take an exorbitant amount of time. But here is a simplified break down of available switches and usage scenarios: Through Connections: West,East or North,South Only: For example, looking at the sample station from Matais' post above, such switches would be North,South. But if the transit runs from left to right, it would be West,East. Rail - Rail El Train - El Train Monorail - Monorail Freight Train - Freight Train All Directions: Pedestrians - Pedestrians Subway - Subway Note: All switches here need both Out to In and In to Out versions for the same transit types. Transit Switching (i.e. converting from one network to another): All Directions: El Train - Ped Subway - Ped Rail - Ped Bus - Ped Car - Ped* Note that these switches are based on Out to In, the reverse is used for In to Out, i.e. El-Train to Ped becomes Ped to El-Train. Outside to Inside ONLY: Freight Truck to Freight Train Car to Ped These are special cases, since Rail to Truck freight makes no sense in SC4. * - Similarly, whilst Ped to Car is a valid switch, you may prefer not to use it. Because that will allows sims to switch from other transport types at a station and get into a car to continue their journey. However there are scenarios where that may actually be useful. To summarise, the through connections allow Rail Networks, Pedestrians and/or Freight Trains to travel through the lot, without switching. I.e. allowing sims to travel through the lot without switching transport networks. Whilst the transit switching converts all traffic types (Outside) to Pedestrian traffic (Inside). Once inside the lot, all traffic is Pedestrian (Inside), but there should be switches allowing Ped traffic to leave the lot via all traffic types (Outside). I hope that makes some sense. But in essence this ensures all potential traffic conversions work correctly.
  5. Power plants and road access

    If that were the case, wouldn't everyone trying to run this .jar file suffer the same fate? I can assure you my copy runs from double-clicking the .jar file just fine. So I don't think this is really an issue. I'd wager the most likely cause resides with the installation or settings of Java on the users system. To begin with I'd start by ensuring I had the very latest version of Java installed. Sadly however, that may be a problem: Given how old the Apple Java 6 release is (assuming that's what you've installed), it wouldn't surprise me if JDatPacker was built in a newer version of Java, hence this incompatibility. Honestly, I think you might find using WINE easier. If you can get this application working: You can modify the necessary setting for the I-HT fix manually, bypassing the need to DATPack anything. Although, your system will need enough RAM to cope with editing/saving a large DAT without corrupting it. Not a big issue, provided you ensure you make a copy just in case it goes wrong. It's one of those try it and see if it works things. Honestly though, the Mac version of SC4 is a mess. It never got the EP1 patch, now 14 years old I believe. Nightlights on custom buildings will simply never work. That's before you get to the stranger issues. If you really are keeping a legacy system, purely to play one game, it surely makes sense to use a system that can do that best. Whatever your feelings on the matter, I can't help but recommend using Windows XP for this purpose and keeping that system well locked down (i.e. not connected to the internet). Otherwise Vista/7 would also be an acceptable compromise, but requires a bit more powerful PC. If you've an Intel MAC, this can all be done using Bootcamp with your existing hardware. If not, you can buy a more than capable machine 2nd hand that will do this for less than $100/£/€. Do that and you can have access to a fully patched game and all the Windows-based tools for modding, without the extra layer of complexity getting in the way.
  6. NAM 36 - On Slope Puzzle Pieces

    Perhaps the tutorial is out of date, the NAM features have changed a lot over the years. If you use the link in my signature to my NAM YouTube tutorials, I've videos that cover these aspects of the mod. You should also be sure that you've correctly installed the required components. If not, re-run the installer, choose the custom install and verify the Road Viaducts (overpasses) are selected. This includes On Slope pieces. If that doesn't help you, please clarify what networks exactly you are trying to intersect, because we can give you much more specific instructions that way. The regular Road Viaducts are found in the Road Menu, two types the legacy "Puzzle" type and the newer "Flex" ones where installed can be found. For RHW, a separate set of transitions is found under the "FlexHeight" icon in the Highway menu.
  7. Due to the limitations of the game, it's not possible for two completely separate networks to interact normally. I.e., GLR which is technically the El-Rail network, only at ground level, can not be made to transition to the regular Rail network. That's not to say that there aren't workarounds which aim to do this, I'm sure somewhere you'll find a TE switch which would convert El-Rail traffic into Rail. However, such pieces will have some limitations since they are not a proper network. The most glaring one is that freight trains simply aren't supported on the El-Rail network, so such traffic will not work beyond such a switch. You may also get some weird automata behaviour, since trains have different automata from El-Rail. So since a TE switch literally transfers all the El-Rail traffic to Rail or vice-versa, that may mean a El-Rail train enters, but a normal passenger train leaves the switch. In real life of course rail is just rail and for sections different services could share the lines, but SC4 simply wasn't made to work like this. Note that the third rail type is Monorail, also used for BTM and HSR networks in the NAM. Bear in mind also, many of the NAM networks allow for these three types of rail to be used at different levels: Rail (Default) Normal Rail tool, Rail Viaducts (Elevated), U-Rail (Underground). El-Rail Base Elevated system, GLR (Ground-Based) and Subway (Underground). Subways are another quirk in that you can interface with El-Rail but they aren't technically El-Rail. The difference being this is hard-coded into the game, something NAM developers have no way of doing. Monorail Base Elevated system only for Monorail/BTM. HSR includes a Ground-based variant though, G-HSR. As previously mentioned, the three types are not interoperable in that trains can switch between networks, without workarounds. But perhaps seeing an overview will help you to consider which type works best for a given situation when building.
  8. Lot - Resources / Help

    One of the real flaws or oversights with the Maxis Lot Editor is the fact that it insists you load an existing lot to make a new one (i.e. no "New Lot" option). So the basic steps here are: Open PIM (That's the Maxis Plugin Manager). Drag the blank model (right) to the appropriate category in the left pane. Enter all properties you need. You should now have a new SC4Desc file, which contains your custom Buildings Exemplar. Now we open the Lot Editor, as usual you must open an existing lot to begin. However, rather than copy that "template" lot's Buildings Exemplar, we switch it for the one we previously made. In practise, this is done by changing the Building object that is present on the lot. The building object on a lot = the Building Exemplar with that name. Or put another way, the building used determines the properties of the lot. In this sense the Building and Buildings Exemplar are one thing. You can re-use the same model multiple times for different purposes, so you could link as many Buildings Exemplars, each with unique properties, to just one model. When you save the Lot itself, your Buildings Exemplar should be merged into the SC4Lot file. In short, the SC4Desc file is temporary and not required after saving the new lot. But it always pays to double-check the SC4Lot file with Reader before deleting them. The tutorial itself shows how to do all this, step by step, in intricate detail. Whereas in PIM-X the whole process is much more intuitive, can all be done in one application, not to mention a ton of other useful features that make modding easier.
  9. MGB Lot and Mod Shack

    As I mentioned, if you bypass the UB lots with a road or street, observing the changes will probably help explain the issue. So if the residential then grew and pedestrians were walking to work, you could deduce from that, that your game setup was such that sims didn't want to use cars for example. Again, whilst such TE "switches" will theoretically work, due to the inherent limitations, it's not a bad idea to try and avoid them being the exclusive route to particular areas.
  10. Lot - Resources / Help

    Not really outdated, since the User Manual for PIM-X is a far more complete resource, the guide is aimed at those who can't/won't use PIM-X. The intention being to cover the basics of making a lot in a similar method to PIM-X, i.e. by always starting with a custom Buildings Exemplar, which by default is setup for the lot you are making. The tutorial covers what a Buildings Exemplar is, that's really a very important point to understand. Bear in mind, the blank model is included for convenience, but it's clearly stated in the tutorial that you only ever need one such model. Every new buildings exemplar will itself be unique, but link back to this default model. P.s., I am MGB in case you hadn't noticed, I wrote the tutorial .
  11. Lot - Resources / Help

    Can I add, one of the things so many users seem to neglect is the Plugin Manager tool. Rather than simply copying an existing lot using Save As in the Lot Editor, which can cause huge problems because it copies the properties of the lot's Buildings Exemplar. A better solution is to always make your own new Buildings Exemplar for every lot you create. Frankly, this is one of those times when using a tool better designed for modding, PIM-X or the X-Tool, really comes into its own. I would personally advise everyone modding to ditch the inferior Maxis apps. But if you must continue to use them, understanding what a Buildings Exemplar is, how it affects the way lots work and making custom ones is something everyone should know. See here if you need a guide on that:
  12. MGB Lot and Mod Shack

    Firstly apologies for not responding sooner, it's been one of those weeks of you know what I mean. It certainly looks like it should be working from your new screenshot. At this point I would simply create an alternate road/street between the Residential/Job areas that bypassed the UB lots. If that suddenly spurs Residential growing, then at least you know some demand issue isn't behind things. The thing is though, whilst this may look like there is an error or bug, there are many complex factors which would define if/when growth occurs. So if it's just these TE lots that turns out to be preventing it, it doesn't necessarily follow that they are not working as intended. From my side, I know for sure these lots were heavily tested before release. I don't release anything into the wild I haven't carefully checked, I also use the same pieces myself when playing. As such I know there is nothing inherently wrong with them, besides the limitations inherent with TE lots. Such things will always be unavoidable when working around a game limitation like roads under bridges. Ultimately, at least cosmetically there is a road under the bridge using such lots. Since you can't make cars drive on the roads, even modding them to work doesn't add that much to the equation. Cars will use them, but like other TE solutions, because it's not technically a road, they won't work exactly like an in-game network would. So why might sims simply refuse to use such lots? Well the most likely reason is some factor related to your game setup. For example, using a traffic simulator tuned for public transport, could prevent sims from using cars, which would in-turn prevent the UB lots from being used (they are Car ONLY). The knock on effect of such would be sims prevented from getting to jobs where such lots are used on an exclusive route. A couple things to be sure of. 1st, these lots may require the NAM to work, I assume you've got that installed though? 2nd, they are not compatible with the set released by Kazuki. I couldn't fathom why anyone would want both sets, so my lots have the same IDs and will override them. Unintended behaviour may occur if you had both sets in your plugins folder.
  13. And what's to stop someone putting a virus/malware into a file then renaming it to look like a DAT, SC4Model or any file whatsoever? Sure, running an .exe in theory is more of a risk, but if you wilfully copy such nasties onto your machine, however you go about it, said nasty is now there and can potentially cause problems. Sure, such ways of infecting machines are a bit old-school, but that doesn't mean you can ignore the risks. If you're antivirus/protection software flags something as a risk, I wouldn't assume it's the installer and just extract the files within it, that's the point here.
  14. Which if the files inside the package were actually dangerous, would simply expose your system to said danger. It doesn't have to be the installer where such a security issue resides. See here, I would guess this is absolutely a false positive, I never had any issues with it myself. Probably down to the installer app used that it got flagged, few of these are hugely used in todays world. Add to that the fact that the SC4 file types are in no way common, such flags happen way to often. It's the equivalent of running in fear for your life every time you saw a green car, because one driver of a green car once hit a pedestrian. Frankly, if the AV doesn't even bother to really check for issues and makes assumptions, that would be a red flag that such software wasn't really keeping my system protected. Note that the VirusTotal website allows you to enter URLs or upload files for realtime checks on multiple virus scanners. It's a much better guide when you aren't sure, so a very useful service to know about.
  15. Lot Editor for Mac

    No Mac versions of either the Lot Editor or other Maxis game tools exist, all are Windows only. For the most part the same is true of the 3rd party applications that the community has released also. Using WINE you can potentially work around this issue within MacOS, but it would be far easier to use Bootcamp, Parallels or similar and run them in a native Windows environment.