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  1. Seeing MMPs appear as part of a tree controller is simple to explain. When MMPs were first discovered, certain properties were not well understood for Flora. As such, if those properties were included with MMPs, then it could make them appear/conflict with God Mod Flora (tree controllers). Since it looks to be PEGs MMPs giving you problems, I wonder if you've out of date files, since the ones I have do not conflict with my tree controller. Which would seem to suggest the issue was fixed at some point. I'd have to do some digging in the archives since I can't for the life of me remember specifics, but I do know this is a well documented problem. I also know that for most cases I've seen, it was PEG MMPs that were appearing.
  2. Looking for PEG and Becca Files

    You know I can't say for sure about the files of Becca or @RebaLynnTS, since I do know those were not all added to PLEX on the STEX. But PEG's ploppable water sure should be there, only that may not be what it is called. If you mean the MMP water by Pegasus, that's in the 7-in-1 terrain kit. So bear in mind, the file names you remember, may not be the same as the name of the item you are searching for. Specifically it's the 1241324953PEG-PPond-Kit_102.zip file that contains the MMP water.
  3. Looking for PEG and Becca Files

    There is a section "PLEX on the STEX" if you look here. Most of the files that were hosted on the PLEX were re-instated here. Hopefully that helps a bit.
  4. I didn't say using Software Rendering wouldn't work, but it doesn't work as well as utilising the full power of your expensive GPU. Try changing that part to -d:DirectX, if it works, you'll see the difference straight away. If your system isn't compatible with SC4's DX implementation, well you've lost nothing and can switch back to software. The problem is that people are saying everyone should use software rendering, like it's the best solution for all, when it's only the best solution if the other renderers don't work.
  5. First problem I can think of, are you trying to make an entire lot into an MML? That simply won't work, and MML can only work with individual props, they can't place textures/buildings either.
  6. Tram driving question

    Yes and No. It will help avoid large changes in elevation, but immediately around stations and the station itself is best placed on completely flat ground. Not so much from a UDI perspective for me, but just because TE Lots with connections running through them tend not to work well with any slight slope.
  7. You really want to avoid using -d:software unless it's absolutely necessary. This is not some sort of general compatibility fix so much as a last resort option when all else fails. Sadly, there is much disinformation from those who don't know any better which results in many users ending up with a much worse in-game experience because they switch off DirectX. As for the general question about the best way to run SC4, the O/S is not really your problem, unless you want to use the disks to play SC4. If you are willing to purchase the digital release, then it will run on pretty much any version of Windows from XP without issue. The major considerations for stable play are: A sufficiently powerful CPU The higher end Core2Duo/quad's or pretty much any Core i series would be fine. It will run on Atom/Celeron processors, but you may find performance is affected. Ideally you want a CPU with the maximum single-core performance you can afford. But if you are on a sensible budget and buying a PC for SC4, the high end i7s are probably overkill and a waste of money, even though theoretically the best performing for SC4. Enough RAM 4GB is a minimum, 8GB is more ideal. Ensure you have a 64-bit O/S that can make use of it and that you apply the 4GB Patch so the game can utilise more of the availible RAM. As a 32-bit application though, it's never using more than 3GB, the rest is to cover the O/S overhead. A fully DX9.0 compatible GPU (Graphics Card) Here is where life gets tricky. In theory, all modern cards include backwards compatibility with older DX variants. But, in reality, often the drivers or hardware simply won't support such legacy DX versions for all functions. If your O/S, GPU or drivers (or combination thereof), does not support a legacy mode SC4 needs, then you won't be able to run SC4 with DirectX rendering. This is important, because it's key to obtaining both the full performance and graphical fidelity of playing SC4. There are two other rendering modes, OpenGL and Software, but both have their problems. OpenGL was never really completed for SC4, as such using it often leads to problems, although a small number of users seem to be able to get it working. Software rendering (as per the switch I mentioned above), that's when for compatibility reasons you take the GPU out of the equation. In other words, SC4 will use your CPU to do all the work of the GPU instead, meaning that your GPU drivers don't need to support the game. This means it should work in almost all cases, but the downside is that the most overloaded part of the system (bottleneck), the CPU, when running SC4, now has even more work to do and you GPU's power is wasted. How to ensure your GPU will work?, that's a lottery because there are simply too many combinations of hardware/drivers/operating system to say with 100% certainty, exactly what to buy. On a personal note, some second hand hardware is better than others. If it were me and I wanted to buy a system for SC4, I would look for a Lenovo ThinkCentre PC on eBay or similar. These systems were used by businesses mainly and bought in large volumes, they were very expensive and much higher quality than a lot of cheap consumer gear. When a business upgrades their systems, someone usually buys the old systems, refurbishes them and sells them very cheap. If you are careful to find the right seller with a trusted reputation, you should get a good machine. Another advantage is that these machines tend to be small form factor machines, so aren't so intrusive in terms of space on your desk. You should get a decent sized HDD, choice of CPUs and easily obtain at least 4GB RAM in the system, it should also come with Windows. The trickier part is finding one with a dedicated GPU, which you will want, they are a special half-size model, so it's preferable to get it included with the system in the first place. But if you dig a little, you will find one that includes the (at sale), optional GPU. Prices vary based on model and age, so whilst a Core2Duo system could be as little as $50, a more modern i5 unit can easily be found for $100. Running Windows 7, they are a perfect little machine for SC4 IMHO. Because of the age of the hardware, almost certainly the GPU will work with SC4, although you may want to use an older driver.
  8. Lot - Resources / Help

    Well the term "nearly prop poxed" doesn't really hold up. Either you did or didn't have prop pox, which may be very important here. In fact in terms of your originally reported problem, this fact kind of changes everything, it's really not the sort of information you can leave out and get an accurate response. Were these affected lots already placed at the time of the problems? If so, have you tried bulldozing and simply replacing said lots?, does that resolve the issue? Moreover, for a really proper test, before looking at external factors, what happens if you simply try to use these lots in a new, blank tile?
  9. Lot - Resources / Help

    Even then, this doesn't say corrupted file to me, something is wrong however, especially if Maxis textures don't correctly show up in-game on lots. Maybe we need to start with how you've been editing them, can you tell us which application you use for lotting and whether or not you've been editing the files in iLIves Reader or a similar application? It's also possible that this is a load order issue too. If you've duplicate lots hanging around, it could be unedited variants are being loaded after altered ones, in effect cancelling out the changes. Just a thought. Firstly, it's important to understand what mods all do, because sidewalk mods can get quite complex in this respect. So whilst the SCILT pack does great things for unifying sidewalks, it will only affect those lots that were made using the SCILT textures. They aren't all that old and I don't think they cover all that many released works right now. In short, if nothing you've downloaded lists SCILT as a dependency, the chances are having it installed is doing nothing in real terms to change your game. The base sidewalk Mod by Paeng covers the sidewalks that appear where zoning takes place. Paeng also includes textures that replace the LE textures used on many of the default Maxis lots and commonly used by modders in their works too. It's those that I suspect are showing a medium wealth texture and so more than likely any issue here is actually with the files used from Paeng's mod and not SCILT. A quick look at the mod and I can see that the "control freak" options are included only for the basic sidewalk mod. They don't extend to the LE replacement textures "Base Overlay Mod" part of the mod. The simplest solution to making a set of LE overrides which use the $ Wealth sidewalk texture, would be to make use of my automated version of MTRDK (I linked to this before). Note you can find a suitable texture to extract for use with this process, inside the file "base_overlay_textures.dat", found inside the "Base_Overlay_Mod\Texture_Pack" folder of the download (Instance ID - F5F841F9). There should be sufficient instructions in my download to explain how all this works, but feel free to ask if you get stuck or have questions.
  10. Lot - Resources / Help

    If textures do not appear on lots in-game, then logically the dependencies needed for them are probably missing. I'd guess they use resources you keep in one of your working folders that simply don't exist in the play folder. Same story with the buildings. I don't know why people rush to assume or pinpoint file corruption so quickly. The fact is, this is very unlikely and happens only in very specific cases. It's really not a catch all for random issues which are most usually simply explained.
  11. MMP double click

    Did you check the generic Google link/search? The point being this appears to be a very common issue and my guess is that somewhere is a potential software issue. Whilst the linked app may be designed to filter physical double-clicks, the logic is such that it may have an effect if ran whilst SC4 is in use. It seems like no effort to spend a few minutes trying it to me, I mean what's the worst that can happen? As stated, those without the issue are not in any position to test solutions for you. Otherwise, there seems to be a ton of potential information on Google pertaining to the problem, albeit not specifically with SC4. If there were a known or obvious cause for this behaviour within SC4, of course that's another thing altogether. But either many people are having this problem and not reporting it, most SC4 users aren't using Windows 10 or this problem is simply very rare. Because there has been so little mention of it, it's very difficult to do more than guess at this stage. For example, I can't know if this effects all Windows 10 users, although Windows 10 does appear to be behind it. Perhaps it's only a specific update of Windows 10, or only when specific hardware/drivers are in use. Frankly, from a support perspective, this one is a nightmare without enough data to make sense of it.
  12. It's doubtful you could ever get a specific figure from the developers, it being commercially sensitive and all. But I should think 1,000,000€ would be an absolute minimum to pay a small team to develop such a game over 18 months-2 years covering salaries and costs of the business. Of course if you don't have office space with rents to consider, could reduce salary costs using self-employed contractors and other cost-reducing methods, you might do it for less. Certainly a community-based open source effort with some contracted paid works, would make it entirely possible to do for a much smaller sum.
  13. NAM 36 Now Available

    I'm trying to rack my brains as to why there would be a problem, despite the pathing and other related parts all being in place. This is frankly beyond my skills with transport modding to explain, perhaps @Tarkus or @Eggman121 may have some ideas given their better understanding of the inner workings. I did extensively test the pathing, because I was heavily involved in a major RRW overhaul, but by testing, I only visually checked they all existed. Any actual traffic/UDI testing was rather minimal by comparison. However, if you can use the UDI and drive a train along the problematic sections, they should in theory work as a rail network. But I would also have thought by now if there were some deep functional issues, we'd have received more reports of them. As such, I have to ask: What version of SC4 are you running, Disk or Digital? If Disk do you have both the official patches and run from the disk itself? If Digital, is it the borked Origin version or a properly patched 641 edition? I'm sure you can understand that before spending ages poking down the rabbit hole, we need to be certain your game is working properly first.
  14. MMP double click

    If there really is a simple bug in the .exe, then the only person I know with any hope of fixing that is @simmaster07. Unless there is some way to work around this with a Windows patch/modification of some kind. However are you sure this is all Win10 users?, it would suggest it's either the DirectInput or mouse drivers behind things. Update: No offense, but do people ever consider Googling things?, this took me less than 5m to track down... https://superuser.com/questions/1021688/windows-10-double-clicks-on-single-click See the last post (also many people having this issue, not SC4 related either), which leads to this fix (Mouse Fix, bottom of page): http://www.danieljackson.co.uk/fun/old/ This should hopefully help by altering the way the system works with mouse input. I can't test it myself, because none of my machines use Windows 10 or show the problem. But at a glance, it appears this should solve the problem.
  15. If you have access to the funds needed to even begin discussions, you'd be better off using them to hire a dev team to make a new game. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what a game is called, few of us here would care about the branding. If a game is good, it'll sell and find an audience, look at Cities Skylines. Without a ridiculous budget, it's made a tidy profit and been successfully. Of course we're talking 7-digit development costs in reality here.