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About this City Journal

Schulmania Volume 3... a continuation of two threads in the older CJ section. In this final volume, see Schulmania grow and change as we pick up the story at the time of exploration of the...

Entries in this City Journal


For Ava







East Tenne: For Ava

Cat food magnate Oscar Myers donated a wagonload of gold schulmonetas to fund the creation of the capital’s largest public park. And being a modest fellow, asked that it be named after him. The park, located in the city’s third district, is a wonderful civic space. It is home to a variety of formal and informal spaces, sports and recreational sites and is one of the most popular gathering spots in the city. It is in the heart of the Holy Quarter and is bordered by such important landmarks as the National Cathedral, City Hall, Sardine Square, Ecclesiastic Library and more. The park’s boundaries are The Promenade, a wide boulevard encircling the open space.

The park has two main sectors, divided by Park Avenue. To the north is The Lawn, which is open space with statuary and a reflecting pool. It runs from Park Avenue to the cathedral and is a popular spot for outdoor concerts. The southern sector is larger and includes athletic fields, formal gardens and natural areas. Some smaller features include Golden Pond, where paddleboats are often scurrying about, and the Secret Garden, a garden-with-a-garden popular for small outdoor weddings. We will venture here often in our tour of the National Capital Region. Let’s start now by seeing some of the amenities of this fabulous feline park.

A new dedication has been made in the park. The visitor center and gift shop, located off Park Avenue, has been renamed the Princess Ava Center, in honor of Ava, who recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a short illness and now has 8 lives remaining.


The Princess Ava Center:







More of the park...



















Wirdilia: Otfoxx

The Wirdilia District's Otfoxx in western Mookimia is home both to the district capital and a major naval facility, Marshall Naval Base. Otfoxx is a large domestic port city and a manufacturing hub. SchulmaniCorp has a large presence here as does Leech Apothecary. Due to the significant commerce in the city, large numbers of restaurants and hotels dot the city. The largest one, Hotel Collins, sits next to the Irwin Memorial Convention Center, host of this year's candy convention. See footage of the event below:



Eager to see more? Of course you are! Let's check Otfoxx out. You know it will rock... it has two exes in it. What could be cooler than that? (Other than 3, of course)
Marshall Naval Base, where Prince James is stationed, is the key to northern maritime defense in the interior.
The port facilities are the largest in the region. Plenty of exports leave town here. Some stuff comes in too. Like catnip. Catnip doesn't grow in the area so it is definitely needed. As is delicious Busscastle Chocolate!
Market Hall is the bustling trade facility owned by the Otfoxx Port Authority. Port Director Nick Weston manages the operation of the port facility with Deputy Director Fred Lehman oversees the trading hall. Of course, the real power behind the throne at the port is Feline Supervisor Chuckles. If you aren't doing your job, Chuckles is NOT laughing...

Feline Supervisor Chuckles
Thompson Terrace is a scenic waterfront park extending along the whole eastern shore of the town. It is a great gathering spot. Calico Corner is a popular spot for al fresco dining and outdoor concerts. On warm summer evenings, local young cats come out to play hockey on the terrace using a yarn ball as a puck. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL!!!
Calico Corner is a popular spot on the Thompson Terrace. The distinctive obelisk, which the locals call "The Claw," is a landmark easily found by townsfolk and visitors alike.


The two major government facilities are found adjacent to Heroes' Plaza, a monument to the brave military veterans who protect Schulmania. In the foreground is the Clark Center for Education, the town's school and library.  In the background is the Wirdilia District Government Center, home of government offices and the town mint.
The government district is just south of Izh Norfu Park, the largest park in the city. The park features lovely gardens and trails as well as the Eldon Emile Tower, named for local potato chip magnate Eldon Emile, inventor of the tuna and salmon potato chip, the most popular chip in the nation!
The skyline is crowned by the Tabby Tower (left) and Feline National Bank (right). Tabby Tower houses many fine, upstanding businesses. The architectural firm of Dewey, Buildem, and Howe occupies the fifth floor. Poultry importer Beau Dacious and his staff occupy the sixth floor. The Feline National Bank has more than just the bank. Finance related offices and other professionals are also housed in the building. Dr. Ben Aligned is the chiropractor with offices on the ninth floor.
St. James Church is a mainstay in its crowded eastside neighborhood
Irwin Memorial Convention Center (left) is on the west side of town. Hotel Collins is next door (top left), as is the corporate office of Leech Apothecary (above the convention center). The luxury condominiums with the distinctive green copper roof are the Jakes Corner development. Next door is the Snark Hotel, with a restaurant operated by famed celebrity chef Hannah Barbara at ground level.

Bon appétit!







Provincia: And, we're walking...

The newly formed Provincia District is o the southeast coast and near the cape and the Harar border. The first town to be built in the district is the new capital for the area, Jamestown, named for the recently-born Prince James, son of Grand Duke Splunt and his wife, Baroness Christi. Prince James has not yet assumed many royal duties, though he has been appointed an Admiral in the Royal Schulmania Navy. His command is the Second Fleet, based out of Marshall Naval Base in Otfoxx, Wirdilia, Mookimia. Let's see what else is going on in Provinicia.

You ever been on one of those tours where the tour guide takes you through places, but gives you only long enough for them to say their spiel before they herd everyone along? You know the one... "...and, we're walking..." as they keep you moving, whether you want to or not. Well, you get that kind of tour today. Get ready to have some fun. Or not. We get paid the same either way.

First, an overview of our town...

Now you can see where we're going. And, we're walking...

Schnullerhof Train Station offers daily connections to Wirdleonia and The Wirdleplex and points beyond. Great for train watching if you don't have a ticket. And, we're walking...

The Feline Services Building consolidates services available through the Bureau of Feline Affairs. If you have not resurfaces your scratching post, bring it by and the experts will help you make it its scratchiest. And, we're walking...

Right behind City Hall is a collection of nice shops. Noah's Arks & More offers fine wooden sailing vessels... suitable for two or multiples of two. Next door is Goals R Us, selling accessories for cat hockey. Never heard of cat hockey? Cats push around a puck filled with catnip. Get it in the goal to score. No sticks required... paws are good enough to do the job. And, we're walking...

Jamestowne Market is the hub of retail activity in town. Catnip Oreos? Got 'em. Strained roasted chicken? Got it. Little plastic cubes that make noises when you swing them around? Oh yeah. Clickety-clackety things with lots of colorful stuff moving around? You betcha! Canadian bacon drizzled with maple syrup? Probably. Finished shopping? And, we're walking...

As we stroll down to Wirtington Circle, where James Street splits into James Street Upper and James Street Lower, we can pause to watch the 11 AM turtle parade. The cutest turtles in town, escorted by the cutest kittens in town, amble about the circle a few times to be admired and make spectators swoon with delirious sweetness overload. Have you ooohed and aaahed enough yet? You'd better! And, we're walking...

Let's do some learning at Turtle Kitty School. Then, we can hang out on the playground. The cool kids will let us play on the slide with them! Wheeee! Let's stay until recess is over. Then, we'll head on. And, we're walking...

At the March 30 Commemorative Arch, the West Forest Tavern always has some great snacks. We can get us some strained vegetables. But, after we eat it all up, we can get strained brownies a la mode. THAT'S what I'm talking about! And, we're walking...

Our final stop is back home on Turtle Kitty Lane. What a great adventure! Now, it's nap time.





Central Mookimia: Castle in the Rain

The Central Mookimia District hosts several towns and is bisected by a large, strategic body of water. A rocky outcrop, the Schloßberg, houses a castle. The castle, Katzenschloß, is the seat of power for the district government. And it's pretty cool too. The governor has a home and office in the castle and most government functions for the district are conducted here. The Mookimia Turnpike offers transit connections to the port of Purkeyluo to the north and Franzikoi District to the south as well as direct east-west travel across the region. Doi Agaa is a cluster of homes and businesses surrounding the Schloßberg. Doi Agaa is well known for its famous canine-feline sports event: the Great Squirrel Chase. Cats and dogs compete to see who is best at chasing squirrels up the Schloßberg. Winners get ribbons and all participants get shirts. Of course, dogs will wear shirts. But I wish you luck getting one on a cat! (Most cats will sleep on them though if they are properly placed in the corner of the couch.)

Recent heavy rains have caused many residents to take shelter in the Katzenschloß. There isn't really a flood, per se, but no one likes getting their paws wet. Humanoids have been contracted to put up additional scratching posts so that the feline population will not get bored. Newly elected Mayor Grant Westwill, who defeated Noah Arkbuilder in a hotly contested election, ran on a platform calling for climbable drapes to be installed on every window to give the felines more fun indoor activities. With all of the rain they've had recently, it looks like Grant was a pretty smart cookie after all!
No umbrella needed when these pictures were taken!

















East Tenne: International Celebration

Schulmania is marking 900,000 visitors to Schulmania Volume 2, the longest and most viewed topic on Simtropolis, with a trip to the internationally-renowned Feline Exposition site. Here, felines and their admirers from the world over come to enjoy feline culture and family fun. We will enjoy the fun things the site offers and see who some of our exotic guests are as well. Let's join the fun!

Let's see who is stopping by at the entrance plaza...
It's our first visitor from Comoros!!
And our first visitor from Somalia!

There's a cool atom sculpture here on the Court of Honor. Let's get a paddleboat and enjoy a ride around before we explore more.
On to the Bureau of Feline Affairs Pavilion... there's a great new Grumpy Cat exhibit showing there!

Let's see who is exploring the expansive Schulmania pavilion...
It's our group of 1,000 Argentine friends!
All the kids in California are heading to our exciting Klingon Pavilion! Qapla'!

Let's go have some fun on the Midway!
Our first guest from the Turks & Caicos Islands is enjoying the fairgrounds!
Want to ride our fun novelty train ride, It's A Rather Small World? (http://community.simtropolis.com/journals/entry/23203-its-a-rather-small-world/)
Our Zimbabwe guest is enjoying the waterslide!
Historical theme park, anyone?
Cats hate water. Why they built this is beyond me!
Our first guest from Greenland is enjoying the Furry Fury, Schulmania's first roller coaster!

I don't know about you, but I am heading to the Fine Arts Quadrangle. The Sculpture Hall has busts of famous felines carved entirely from Fancy Feast. Sounds delish! The Textile Hall has a huge quilt crafted solely from shed fur. It's a can't miss!

Enjoy our celebration! 900,000 visitors... next stop, a million!
Enjoy the massive fireworks show tonight... shot off from atop The Wirdlesphere!

Thank you for visiting Schulmania. Your continued interest and support is greatly appreciated!




One Week In


Middle Tenne: One Week In
Just one week into the new school year and the kids in Inskip are already hitting the books-- hard. School headmistress Ann Beaulynn has put in a great new incentive for students. The student with the highest marks in each class will receive a tuna can full of gold (and another one full of tuna) at the end of the term. Everyone from rugrat to aspiring collegian is aiming to take home the prize.  Additionally, she agreed to let the winners have a go at her with a dunking booth in front of the school. And you know how cats are with water... this is quite the opportunity!


Now that you know what the kittens are up to, let's see what else is going on in Inskip...
Here's the whole town... you may notice it has a canal or two... and a few bridges...
Since there are so many bridges, residents often fish from them. We need to invent freshwater tuna. they would LOVE that!
It's market day! The kids are all buying books to win the contest at school... the moms are out getting wine to celebrate the start of school!

Bremerhaven Kirche hosts the annual Blessing of the Backpacks for the town's students.
If we had school bus stops, this intersection would have one...
The toughest kid in school, Freddy Cougar, lives in this neighborhood. He's been in detention more than anyone else in school history!
Noah lives here with his family. Everyone's a twin. So, when they head out somewhere, they're always two by two...

Will and Nick decided to go to Braden's Candy Store to buy a treat for their teacher, Miss Kittensworth. Perhaps they are trying to stack the odds of winning in their favor...
Here's to a great year of learning! May the best cat win!







Wirdilia: Kiligan & Lucky Cat

The Wirdilia District in western Mookimia is home both to the regional capital and a major naval facility. Kiligan is neither. It is a tiny peninsula on the very edge of the district. Its development has been slowed by delays and bureaucratic snafus. Business Cat was off on vacation and you know how things go when the boss is away...

Luckily, things were brought back on schedule. Thanks, of course, to Lucky Cat. Lucky Cat was on a series of adventures in Central Europe and used the charming villages he visited as his inspiration to finish the city. As you survey the town, you will be able to spot buildings influenced by the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Poland.

Lucky Cat, master craftsman

His staff worked hard to build the settlement in record time! Here's a photo of them once the work was done:

Let's see what Lucky Cat and his staff were able to do in Kiligan!





















SchulMedia: News Reel #4 (#3) (#2) (#1)


These are the odd one or three pictures that aren't enough to make a full update with but I still want to show you. I'll sort of put them here and arrange in reverse chronological order. The most recent ones will be first and we'll work our way backwards. I'll put the date by each. There will be the occasional thing I have just a few pictures of but still want to use. For those, look here! After 20 stories, the next newsreel will be started. This is the fourth one. See the previous ones using the links above.

Monday 3 August 2015: News Brief #80

VOTE SCHULMANIA!!! http://community.simtropolis.com/gallery/image/315-estpaul/

Friday 29 May 2015: News Brief #79

Today in Ben's Top 10 Time Machine () Schulmania makes it's debut! Our first ever appearance is 23 November 2006, only a few weeks after our October premiere.



Of course, the Sims have plenty to say about that... and about life in general...



They seem pretty chill about the news...



But, lingering doubts remain!


Thursday 14 May 2015: News Brief #78

The citizens of Schulmanukau are awaiting the results of nominations for the Sci Fi Crystal Wirdle!


Nominate your favorite SC4 Sci Fi CJ here!

Nominations end Tuesday and voting begins Wednesday. And, congrats to Tonraq for winning the Crystal Wirdle for Most Realistic SC4 CJ!

Sunday 10 May 2015: News Brief #77

It's great day to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather with a WirdleccinoTM. Wanna join me?





Monday 4 May 2015: News Brief #76


It's a beautiful day to go to the park. Join me in Myers Park, in the capital's third district. Wanna chase some squirrels and chipmunks?









Monday 27 April 2015: News Brief #75

The new city of Kiligan, Wirdilia District, is behind schedule. Only one building has been built!



What gives?! Well, it would seem as if our engineers and city planners were a bit off task...



They need to get to work! we need us a new city in the northwest. If the Supreme Wirdle finds out about this delay there will be hissing and scratching aplenty!!!

Sunday 19 April 2015: News Brief #74


Royal Schulmania Navy Announcement



Prince James has been commissioned as Admiral and assigned command of the Second Fleet, to be stationed at the new Marshall Naval Base in Otfoxx (Wirdilia District, Mookimia). This promotion has been authorized by Fleet Admiral Queen Hestorb.



Marshall Naval Base is the newly-completed center of maritime naval operations in the Northlands. The Second Fleet has been tasked with protecting inland waterways from Wirdilia east to Coastal Mookimia.

Thursday 16 April 2015: News Brief #73



At the Supreme Wirdle's house, it's time to read a bedtime story...



Thursday 8 April 2015: News Brief #72



Schulmania #TBT


Everyone else has a #TBT, so why not us? Today, we will explore the rural farmland of the central Plains of Wirdleonia. Here, life moves at slower pace. Let's sit back and enjoy a blast from the past!









Wednesday 1 April 2015: News Brief #71




The Government of Schulmania proudly announces the birth of a new kitten! The Grand Duke of East Atkinos and the Baroness of Pyy, proud parents, shared the good news via SchulMedia with the Feline Realms from their mansion just outside West Forest, the capital city of East Atkinos.




The Supreme Wirdle will announce soon the new titles for the newest member of the feline ruling family. To celebrate the occasion, she has declared this week to be an official holiday with paid vacation (or holiday pay for those who can't take time off) for all felines in the nation. Queen Vera has extended this to Harar as well. Schulmania will offer a special commemorative chapter in honor of this special event soon. In the mean time, enjoy your holiday!!!






Tuesday 24 March 2015: News Brief #70













Chapel of the Felicitous Feline




Kolibri, Neue Steiermark




8 PM -- seating begins at 7:15


















Wednesday 18 March 2015: News Brief #69

Welcome to Noewhere!








Come and stay a while! Things are about to get interesting!


Wednesday 11 March 2015: News Brief #68




New public facilities now open in New Wirt!



Feline Exhibition Hall



New Wirt Convention Center



Place Des Artistes



Grand Opening Party now in progress at the Convention Center -- free admission!




Friday 6 March 2015: News Brief #67

Sabotage? Incompetency? What the heck is going on here??!!





Anyone seen this kind of thing before?? Weird!!!


Monday 2 March 2015: News Brief #66

Exciting news from East Atkinos!






New kittens expected at the end of the month at Downton Abbey!


Wednesday 25 February 2015: News Brief #65

Tomorrow is a snow day!!!





Thursday 19 February 2015: News Brief #64



This poor, sad tree is all alone on a sandbar off the Wirdleplex coast in the Schulmanic Ocean. It's all alone :( Won't you make it happy by saying hello?


Thursday 12 February 2015: News Brief #63

Been scratched? Hissed at? Treed? Don't get even - get KC&M!







Our lawyers are both adorable and effective. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!


Tuesday 3 February 2015: News Brief #62

The Transit Office has built a new marker for the boundary between the southern regions of Wirdleonia and The Wirdleplex. This new facility offers litterbox facilities, picnic areas, vending machines, and of course plenty of opportunities for kitty selfies!





Sunday 25 January 2015: News Brief #61


Charlie Sheen was right, Schulmania is all about WINNING!!!





A party is now underway at SchulMedia Games, Inc. Come join us!









Aldivia: From A Distance

The Aldivia District is in the far south of Wirdleonia. Our southernmost city up to this point was Ava City. but, now, with the settlement of Aldivia, a new southernmost city has developed: Jaqfulneel. Unusual name? Yep. How did it originate? The Supreme Wirdle was visiting the City Planning Office to review the city's plans. And, while doing so, she walked across the Project Manager's keyboard (she, like most cats, likes walking across keyboards). And, what she typed became the name of the city. The city was built at the intersection of two major roads: the Trans Schulmania Highway and Catway 32. The Trans Schulmania Highway now spans the nation from southern Aldivia all the way to Mookimian Verá. Catway 32 originates at Jaqfulneel and runs east and south to the coast and new developments underway in the southeast. Let's see what this happy new town has to offer.

Jaqfulneel is quite a distance away from the rest of Schulmania, in the centered in the southern plains just north of Schulmappalachian Mountains. So, life is quiet and slow here and events are view from a distance and with some detachment. The fussing going on elsewhere is just not that relevant to the placid residents here.
The Feline Services Building is one of the dew places in this laid back town with lots of activity. There's always someone needing services coming in. Whiskers out of order? Easily fixed. Claws need sharpening? We got you covered. Need to vote? We have your needs met right here: http://www.limberbutt2016.com/
Septimo Mercado is the marketplace in the heart of Plaza Aldivia, right in the center of town
Plaza Aldivia is the great open gathering space in the heart of town. There's a swing music concert here later this week. The Glenn Meower Orchestra is performing their greatest hits, including "In the Catnip" and "A String of Twine."

Let's see some more of the town.
Two styles of housing: the quaint stucco of Piazza Nicoistera (above) contrasts with the higher density Tucksey Place complex
Got any coins to toss into Noaharan Fountain to make your wish?
Casitas de Juan are lovely small homes with a leafy central courtyard

The lovely corner cafe, Pollo-Fil-A, offers delightful milkshakes as well as chicken sandwiches and waffle fries.

Can you spot the Countess Center, a strip shopping center? It blends in well to the fabric of the neighborhood.
Feline FIFA is headquartered in the green building. It's sort of like the human game. But, the athletes are all cats and the ball is a ball of yarn. And anyone who fakes an injury to stop the clock or get a breather will be SCRATCHED! Save the drama for your mama!
Mission de los Gatos is a historic spot in the heart of town
Here's a great school for your edumacational purposes
Of course, you can always shop at Neiman Meowcus or Irish Corner... bring cash... lots of cash!
The largest church in town is San Juan de las Patas. They have a great choir!

Jaqfulneel may see the world from a distance, but aren't you glad you got to see it up close?







Turtle Kitty


Provincia: Turtle Kitty

The newly formed Provincia District is o the southeast coast and near the cape and the Harar border. The first town to be built in the district is the new capital for the area, Jamestown, named for the newly-born Prince James, son of Grand Duke Splunt and his wife, Baroness Christi. Prince James has not yet assumed many royal duties, though he has been appointed an Admiral in the Royal Schulmania Navy. His command is the Second Fleet, based out of Marshall Naval Base in Otfoxx, Wirdilia, Mookimia. Let's see what else is going on in Provinicia.
Robinia College - Jamestown Campus presides over Wirtington Circle. The circle is where James Street splits into James Street Upper and James Street Lower.
The business district includes Prince's Cornet, The Jamestowne Market, and other fine retailers. City Hall is just across the street from the market.
At the end of Turtle Kitty Lane is the Turtle Kitty School, a fine educational establishment in its own right. A lovely park with a pond is at the end of the street. It is here turtles and kitties come together to enjoy the sun and swap stories about the good ol' days...
Silas Gardner Park is a great amenity for the neighborhood bounded on the north by James Street Lower and on the south by Turtle Kitty Lane. Front Street is at the left, closest to the sea.
By the March 30th Commemorative Arch on James Street sits the Kittenpaw Inn. It's a great place to come and relax!
The corner townhouse has been purchased by G Lo. G Lo is about as famous as J Lo, but for different reasons. G Lo is best known for being a cooking sensation, having founded restaurants across the country known for good food and good times.
Admiral Department Store and the Provincia District Government House sit on the east side of St. James Square. ProForce HQ is on the corner across the street from Admiral.
St. James Square, viewed from the south
A wider view of the whole city...
Let's stop on Turtle Kitty Lane so we can get a snack and watch some Netflix!









LIVE! From the National Theater in Oak Ridge!




Schulmania 2015 Midyear Awards Ceremony








Hosted by Ironing Man!!!



He's not just another starched shirt! And he makes the bad guys pleat for mercy! When he gets steamed he'll press on to victory! He'll collar the bad guys and hang in there until the job is done!


 My apologies on giving up on the text formatting  partially through the editing process. The new website is excruciatingly sluggish and unresponsive and feels like way back in the dialup days. I hope this will improve because I am not super happy with it.


Now, without further ado, the official 2015 Midyear Schulmania Posting Awards!


[insert applause and cheers here]





The new BFA Diplomatic Services Medal will be a new class of awards added into the quarterly Schulmania Awards Ceremonies beginning in Q3 2013. To qualify for this award, SimCity enthusiasts on Simtropolis and/or SC4Devotion need to personally receive a diplomatic delegation from Schulmania and/or the Bureau of Feline Affairs. In addition to receiving the medal, members will be granted a simoleon (§) next to their name in all awards ceremonies to come. It is the pleasure of the assembled representatives of the Feline Realms to grant the inaugural class of awards to these members:


abcvs (craig_abcvs) §

Curious George §

Hester §

Leech10 (Lyhoko Leaci)§

lucky7 §

ROFLyoshi §




Rank --- Name --- Comments


1 Leech10 (Lyhoko Leaci) § 1975

2 Hester § 1847


Awaiting awardees...



3    NMUSpidey    933
4    Benedict    540
5    Emperordaniel    536
6    Jacqulina    510



7 abcvs (craig_abcvs) § 491



8 111222333444 (Tonraq) 353

9 Usfighter15 (Airman15) 340



10 DioAngel 260

11 Zelgadis 247

12 sc4portugal 213

13 Gn_leugim 208

14 Explodingsims 205

15 Smarty218 200



16    gabry85    187
17    bakercity    186
18    Fledder200    184
19    PhatHead    181
20    TmiguelT    153
21    ImVhOzzi (Slashback)    149
22    Shingure    148
23    ky72x    139
24    sobol    138
25    penguin007    136
26    homeandaway    133
27    John94538    131
28    panthersimcity4    130
29    Korot    128
30    ComputerGuy890100 (SounderBruce)    127
31    dfnva    127
32    Muck308    126
33    csgcseri    123
34    lucky7 §    123
35    dralin321    121
36    asturianu    118

37    Joetropian1    118
38    Nathanthemayor    116
39    suplado!    113
40    Archean (Follarch)    109
41    Huston    108
42    kj3400    107
43    Titanicbuff    103
44    SimRico    101
45    Ggamgus    100



46    9988    96
47    Larks2242 (LarksTonguesInAspic)    96
48    sim_link    96
49    SimCoug    96
50    Dumanios    92
51    Patriots_1228    92
52    anarchy0029    91
53    topcliff    88
54    Twenty20    88
55    Jhrnemo    85
56    Mymyjp        79

57    cleaner475    78



58    anik    74
59    bbfan02    73
60    City_Master    71
61    KingTitan    70
62    Vivapanda    70
63    GreekMan    69
64    football_fever    68
65    Hiddentemple    65
66    Schriefer (JP Schriefer)    63
67    Rahjan    61
68    Escilnavia    59
69    Giligone    59
70    Jmsepe    59
71    PhilsCafe    58
72    1000000000000 (Ace)    57
73    edmonton_stinks    57
74    Sirron Kcuhc    56
75    pipishere    54
76    bat    53
77    Cefien    52
78    ilikehotdogsalot    52
79    jim 546    52
80    Jason Leo    51




81    Sgt Pepper    49
82    Za    49
83    Fallon144    48
84    Only A Memory    47
85    Victor Valdes    47
86    wwetom1    47
87    nihonkaranws    46
88    RushHourFreak    46
89    wiecher    46
90    Shadow_Assassin    45
91    Shanna    45
92    89james89    44
93    Geometry(GeometryMath Algebra)     43
94    Simbourgeois    43
95    Connor_V    42
96    Narya    38
97    chptrk    37
98    Mastof (Forthwall)    37
99    DCMetro34    36
100    kakado_to_save    36
101    CarmineHilton    35
102    Hahayoudied    35
103    Bigbuilder    34
104    hahei    33
105    Markus J    33
106    Tomasneto    33
107    Ultimate727    32
108    Vandy    32
109    astronelson    31
110    Naftixe    31



81    Sgt Pepper    49
82    Za    49
83    Fallon144    48
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#544-917 would be here. When these folks post again, they will be named in the posting awards.






Get Wild




East Tenne: Get Wild

It's time to get wild! Let's head out to the National Zoo! Located in the heart of the sixth arrondissement of the National Capital Region, the Diplomatic Enclave, the zoo has a great array of wild critters sure to amaze and delight. And, thanks to a generous subsidy from the Education and Literature Office, admission is only one purr. What a bargain! Let's get wild today!


















Franzikoi: Carbufax Junction

The three Carbufax brothers are railroad magnates. No, not magnets. If they were magnets, they'd be stuck to a fridge somewhere. Brothers Al, Adam, and Ace each operated their own rail lines. They decided to integrate them into a rail network to serve the east, connecting Mookimia with Devonshire and inner coast to outer coast. Al, the big brother, operated the line from Vaunmax to New Arlenes. Adam, the middle one, was building a north-south line, as was baby brother Ace. They studied maps before deciding to have all three lines meet in central Franzikoi. And that's how Schulmania's first rail junction was born!


The Carbufax brothers are magnates, not magnets!


Carbufax Junction sits in the middle of the eastern Mookimian forests












All aboard!





So I got the SimCity 2013 Build It App on my iPhone, for free, compliments of my Starbucks App. I had not ever tried out SC2013, so free seems like a good price point for me to jump in. I will chronicle my adventures and misadventures with the app here. To honor the town's founders, the town will be called Starbuck City (Starbuck City is not in Schulmania, but they do have a free trade agreement with us). I'll show you how I meander through SC2013. The app comes with few instructions and very limited choices, so I am forced to do things in the sequence and manner shown. Let's see what I can do with it!


OMG! What did I agree to??!!


Step 1: connect to the highway


Looks easy enough


I built a short road. It would not let me make it longer than a certain amount. Now I'm ready to build!


Step 2: Build a home. This housing site is at the end of the street.


Some FYI...


Not sure this qualifies as an actual neighborhood, but hey, it's a start!

Check by periodically for more progress on Starbuck City!






2015.05.03 Added new districts to regional governments and a few corrections, currency pictures

2015.01.30 Added regional government links (connects to categories for entries in Volume 3 only)

2015.01.18: Added national flower and tree



Country Name: Government of Schulmania (short form, "Schulmania")

Government Type: Royal Felinocracy (Meownarchy)

Capital: Oak Ridge, Tenne (historic capital is Wirt, Schulmanicus; capital was moved in 2012)

Administrative Divisions: 10 regional governments: 9 viceroyalties, 1 special viceroyalty. Each viceroyalty is divided into district level subunits.

Regional Governments: Schulmanicus, Devonshire, Wirdleonia, New Atkinos, East Atkinos, Tenne, Hornisse, Mookimia, Mookimian Verà, The Wirdleplex (special– administered by Bureau of Feline Affairs)

Dependencies: Royal Protectorate of Harar , Admiral Islands (administered by Schulmanicus)

Independence: None (nation has always been independent)

National Holiday: Schulman Day, January 14

Constitution: Unwritten; feline common law and statutes

Executive Branch: Chief of State and Head of Government: Supreme Wirdle


Legislative Branch: Bureau of Feline Affairs High Council

Judicial Branch: High Council of Justice

Legal System: Feline common law

Suffrage: Local elections only—all adult felines and citizens eligible

International Organization Participation: Bureau of Feline Affairs (BFA), Feline Interplanetary Friendship Association (FIFA), Wirdle’s Canine Council (WCC), Universal Feline Postal Union (UFPU). Schulmania, Harar, and northern neighbor Leeviousia are all feline nations and cover the continent north of Schulmauckland. Harmonization of policies and economic activities have earned the region the moniker "Feline Realms."

Political Parties: None

Flag Description: A tricolor, divided into three equal vertical bands. From hoist, gray, black and white. The flag colors come from the fur colors of BFA Governor-General H. J. Franciflora and patron saint St. Flora.


National Symbols: In addition to multiple feline and leonine symbols, Schulmania makes use of the distinctive 15 point Mookimian Star.


National Anthem: “Hail to Thee, Schulmania” Hear it now:


Location: The northern part of the continent of Schulmerica, bounded on the east by the Schulmanic Ocean and on the south by Harar and Schulmauckland. Northern and western boundaries partially undefined (the eastern part of Schulmania is bounded on the north by the Republic of Leeviousia). Schulmania's neighbor to the west is the island nation of Evean Vansop.

Area: 997,934 square meows (Note: Schulmania has extensive continental territorial claims not included due to lack of exploration of these lands)

Size Comparison: Somewhat larger than Argentina.

Terrain: East features rolling hills, separated from a large freshwater sea by mountains. The south is largely plains and the west is gently rolling hills with several major rivers. The north consists of rolling hills bisected by a major waterway and a large river.

Climate: Temperate with cool winters and hot, humid summers (cooler in mountains)

Elevation Extremes: Sea level (0 m) and Rocky Top (2,192 m)

Maps: New maps are being charted...


Population: 4, 761,722 (5th National Census, 2009)

Growth Rate: 4.72%

Fertility Rate: 4.01 kittens per litter

Age Structure: Kitten (27.3%), Adult (57.3%), Senior (15.4%)

Major Cities: Oak Ridge (capital), Roane-Anderson, Robinia, Knoxvegas, Wirdleplex, Padoha

Nationality: Schulminion (adjective), Schulminion (noun)

Ethnic Groups: Feline 89.8%, Humanoid 9.7%, Other (includes canines, bunnies, birds and other permanent residents and citizens)

Languages: Feline, Meow, Purr

Literacy: 100%


Economy: Diversified, with strong commercial and light industrial sectors. Very small agricultural sector; many engaged in food production are feline traditionalists who use extensive open lands for hunting their own game. War with Queensferry has led to rapid increases in industrial output and technological innovation.

Currency: Schulmoneta (defined as 8.1 grams of 90% pure gold) ; 100 purrs =1 schulmoneta



Currency Exchange Rate: Set at a 1:1 ratio with Harar and Bureau of Feline Affairs

GDP: 4,875,000 schulmonetas (2014, Treasury Report)

GDP Growth Rate: 3.82% (2014, Treasury Report)

GDP—Composition By Sector: Agriculture (0.7%), Industry (13.1%), Commerce (63.4%), Government/Military (14.9%), Traditional feline activities (7.9%)

Unemployment Rate: 0.1% (2014, Treasury Report)

Tax Rate: 3.75% of GDP

Inflation: 1.1% (2014, Treasury Report)


Telephones: 2

Broadcast Media: Radio Stations: 1, Television Stations: 1


Internet: Users– 1

Internet Country Code: .sch (Schulmania), .bfa (Bureau of Feline Affairs)


Airports: 4 (not including Schulmania National Air Force bases)

Roadways: 91,415 km (non-motorized vehicle traffic)

Waterways: 11,812 km

Merchant Marine: 729

Primary Ports and Terminals: International: Wirdleplex, Trixie Port, Woods of Wayne, Wirdlington, New Arlenes. Domestic: Knoxvegas, Smightower, New Atkinos, Schulmericho, Robinia, Roane-Anderson, Gran Maru, Vaunmax, Padoha, Otfoxx.


Military Branches: Schulmania National Army, Royal Schulmania Navy, Schulmania National Air Force, Tactical Response Teams, Bureau of Feline Affairs Military Command (under BFA administration)

Military Expenditures: 5.42% of GDP (2014, Treasury Report)



Ruler: Archduke Bower

Regional Capital: Wirt, Schulmanicus

Regional Divisions: Archduchy of Schulmanicus, Barony of Pyy, Duchy of Mool Wool, County of Gran Maru, District of Atkinos


Ruler: Princess Shelby

Regional Capital: Georgehampton, Devonshire

Regional Divisions: District of Devonshire, Council of Lake George, District of East Devonshire


Ruler: Princess Katherine I

Regional Capital: Robinia, South Wirdleonia

Regional Divisions: District of South Wirdleonia, District of East Wirdleonia, District of Western Wirdleonia, District of Schulmauckland, District of Wirdleonian Piedmont, District of South Sea, District of Bay, District of Schulmappalachia, District of Aldivia, District of Provincia, Stovokor Diplomatic Enclave (Incorporates Stovokor Island, a semi autonomous area in the Sea of Simtropolis of great significance to our longtime allies, the Klingon Empire)


Ruler: An appointed 12 member council

Regional Capital: New Atkinos, New Atkinos

Regional Divisions: None


Ruler: Prince Excalibur

Regional Capital: Roane-Anderson, North East Tenne

Regional Divisions: District of North East Tenne, District of South East Tenne, District of Middle Tenne, District of Franciloriana, Barony of Meltonhill, Archbishopric of Francifloriana, National Capital Region


Ruler: Grand Duke Splunt

Regional Capital: West Forest, East Atkinos

Regional Divisions: District of East Atkinos, District of New Atkinos


Ruler: Princess Ava

Regional Capital: Administered by Colonial Government Office in Oak Ridge, Tenne

Regional Divisions: None


Ruler: Chancellor Mooky

Regional Capital: Padoha, Wirdilia

Regional Divisions: District of New Arlenes, District of Franzikoi, District of Neue Steiermark, District of Central Mookimia, District of Cawalia, District of Coastal Mookimia


Ruler: Queen Vera

Regional Capital: Kolibri, Neue Steiermark

Regional Divisions: District of Neue Steiermark, District of North Schulmericho, District of Verá


Ruler: Governor von Bremerhaven

Regional Capital: Wirdleplex

Regional Divisions: Wirdleplex, Wirdleplex-South



Royal Treasury: coming

Feline World's Fair & Exposition: See EXPO 2013!


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Una Citta Felice


Aldivia: Una Città Felice

The Aldivia District is in the far south of Wirdleonia. Our southernmost city up to this point was Ava City. but, now, with the settlement of Aldivia, a new southernmost city has developed: Jaqfulneel. Unusual name? Yep. How did it originate? The Supreme Wirdle was visiting the City Planning Office to review the city's plans. And, while doing so, she walked across the Project Manager's keyboard (she, like most cats, likes walking across keyboards). And, what she typed became the name of the city. The city was built at the intersection of two major roads: the Trans Schulmania Highway and Catway 32. The Trans Schulmania Highway now spans the nation from southern Aldivia all the way to Mookimian Verá. Catway 32 originates at Jaqfulneel and runs east and south to the coast and new developments underway in the southeast. Let's see what this happy new town has to offer.



We approach town today by the Arco Batán. It has a lovely plaza for enjoying sunny days. And a hot dog cart. Every plaza needs a hot dog cart.


You might also come in via the Arco Hijito. It also as a plaza. And a hot dog cart. I hope you are hungry for hot dogs.


Irish Corner has a lot of fine shops and some residential units above. It is home to the district's only map store. And a mop store. Maps, mops, but no meps or mips.Or mups. Just maps. And mops.


Plaza Aldivia is the heart of town. It features the market and the only fast food joint.


Hope you're in the mood for chicken, as Chicken King is the only fast food place around. There's other places, but they all are sit down restaurants.


The Aldivian Artisan Guild has workshops and showrooms here. Need some purty stuff? Of course you do!


The Aldivian Museum (left) is the cultural heart of town. Kids go here for field trips and adults come here to learn and be enriched. Next door is Ballantyne College (right). Ballantyne College offers a wide array of classes and has an easy transfer program for students seeking postgraduate studies in Robinia or elsewhere.


Don't forget the campanile. Why did they build it? WHY NOT?!


Ca Blu Marrone features all sorts of professional offices. Vulcan Logic Accounting has a third floor office here, as does the law firm of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe. The cardboard box importing firm of S&S&S&S Boxes has the second floor office with the balcony. Sweet!


Chiesa di Calcio is one of the churches in town. Today, the choir is having a concert. Come and enjoy; admission is free!


The distinctive green facade of the district government offices occupies a prominent corner in town. City Mayor Lepton Board has an office here, as does District Governor Nick "Teddybear" Drews.


Plaza de los Caballeros is a nice open space near the heart of town and adjacent to a lovely residential complex



And, for a good time, why not head over to Rancho Relaxo?






Provincia: Jamestown

The newly formed Provincia District is o the southeast coast and near the cape and the Harar border. The first town to be built in the district is the new capital for the area, Jamestown, named for the newly-born Prince James, son of Grand Duke Splunt and his wife, Baroness Christi. Prince James has not yet assumed many royal duties, though he has been appointed an Admiral in the Royal Schulmania Navy. His command is the Second Fleet, based out of Marshall Naval Base in Otfoxx, Wirdilia, Mookimia. Let's see what else is going on in Provinicia.


The western end of Jamestown. The road leading into town is James Street. It forks into James Street Upper and James Street Lower at Wirtington Circle


Turtle Kitty School is located at the end of Turtle Kitty Lane. It backs up into the West Forest, a natural area great for hunting small game.


Wirtington Circle splits James Street into two parts. The March 30th Commemorative Arch serves as the official entry marker to the town. Robinia College - Jamestown Campus sits nestled in the intersection of the various James Streets.


In the heart of town, Provincia's commercial and governmental business are conducted. The Catstone Building is a distinctive red brick corner structure. Fellowship Church is next door. The Protective Forces Building is on the other corner.


In this view, we can see some of the residential area. The road at right is Turtle Kitty Lane. Nestled in the heart of the residential block is Silas Gardner Park.


Prince's Corner is a stately office and retail building fronting James Street Lower and Front Street. On the opposite corner is the Leech Apothecary and Kitty Chiropractors.


Pyy Memorial Church is not far from the market and has a great view of the shoreline


Jamestowne Market is the hub of retail activity in town. Sooner or later, if you like in Provincia, you will be shopping here.


The Provincia District Government Office is at left. Admiral Department Store is on the right. Admiral is the largest store in the district.


The intersection of Front Street and Turtle Kitty Lane. These lovely homes have easy access to Silas Gardner Park.


Some lovely homes on Turtle Kitty Lane


The Municipal Pool is next to the ferry terminal. Since cats hate swimming, the pool is mostly used for an extensive turtle collection.






Central Mookimia: Schloßberg

The Central Mookimia District hosts several towns and is bisected by a large, strategic body of water. A rocky outcrop, the Schloßberg, houses a castle. The castle, Katzenschloß, is the seat of power for the district government. And it's pretty cool too. The governor has a home and office in the castle and most government functions for the district are conducted here. The Mookimia Turnpike offers transit connections to the port of Purkeyluo to the north and Franzikoi District to the south as well as direct east-west travel across the region. Doi Agaa is a cluster of homes and businesses surrounding the Schloßberg.


The Schloßberg dominates the town










And some homes of those lucky enough to enjoy living here...




Bishop's Square




East Tenne: Bishop's Square

Located near the Shrine of the Savory Salmon, Bishop's Square is a green oasis in the heart of the capital's third arrondissement. The East Tenne Bishopric Office sits in the square and is surrounded by pleasant grounds. Bishop Neilson presides over the most populous see in the nation and has his offices right in the heart of the largest concentration of religious edifices in the nation. We will see the bishop make his rounds about the Holy Quarter today.


Bishop's Square meets the city at an airy plaza running from the street to the entrance of the Bishopric Office. It's a great gathering spot and a fun place to relax and drink your catnip tea.


A hidden gem is the Arch of Schulmanicus, nestled in the green space behind the office


Bishop Neilson has a tranquil setting for his official business, quite a contrast to the bustling cityscape just beyond his front door


Baxlep Department Store is just down the street. It has a wide range of goods for just about everyone. And, it has a mitre aisle on the second floor, ensuring the steady business from the bishop.


The bishop is heading out across the Holy Quarter to visit one of his churches. Let's follow him...


Turn left onto Kettering Street and you're on your way...


Let's stop at Adamantium Cafe, conveniently located on Calico Corner, for a snackbefore we continue...


And now, a quick turn down Hancock Street and we are almost at St. Felix's.


St. Felix is one of the signature religious structures in the Holy Quarter and enjoys a fabulous waterside setting next to Seaside Park. The bishop is coming to preside over selections for the new chancel choir. Competition is going to be tough!


If you don't want to wait for the four hours of tryouts, why not slip over to Seaside Park? I am sure the food vendors will have something fun. And maybe we can get a kite! Wheeeeee!




Hall of Justice




East Tenne: Hall Of Justice

Government offices are located throughout the capital. Many of the most significant ones are located in the Royal Quarter and the Feline Quarter. But, all of those government offices and institutions which don’t require the Supreme Wirdle’s daily oversight need somewhere to be as well. Many of them are concentrated in the fourth and fifth arrondissements. District IV is known as The Citadel, as it contains a large building which sits upon a hill just like a citadel in the times of yore. A large cluster of government facilities centers around Clark Square. This cluster is devoted to education and culture. There are other clusters scattered through the Government Districts. Executive and legislative offices are in the Royal Quarter, proximate to Wirtyplace.

The aforementioned large building is destined to be the new highest court in the land. With the advent of complex business deals and general annoyances in everyday life comes a surge of litigation. Most feline justice is handled with summary dispensation of justice by members of the Protective Forces -- hissing, chasing, treeing, scratching -- but sometimes more is needed. Until recently, citizens had direct access to the highest levels of government to settle grievances. But, there's only so much justice the royal family can mete out and still have time to get stuff done. Therefore, the Supreme Wirdle has ordered a new court building to be constructed. This will be where cases not resolved by local magistrates will be referred. The highest court of the land hears cases in the Hall of Justice. We will check out this area of District IV today.



The Citadel, sitting in the heart of the fourth arrondissement, is capped by the Hall of Justice


Hoppyian Boulevard bisects the area


On the other side of The Citadel is the Lionel Hutz School of Law


The Office of Inspector General is just down the street from the law school


Sylvester Place is a shopping mall on the east side of The Citadel


Near the Golden Cat Bridge is the Feline Technical Institute. Researchers here have invented the laser pointer light, perfect for hours of chasing fun.


East Court is a noteworthy stop on Hoppyian Boulevard. Many lawyer cats have offices here, including famed attorney Purry Mason.



The City College of Oak Ridge is one of the many institutions of higher learning in the capital. Energy research is a focus of the science department. Here's their plans for unlimited clean energy:



The road leading to the Hall of Justice begins at the intersection with Hoppyian Boulevard and is flanked by the Lawyers' Guild (left) and Protective Forces (PROFORCE) Headquarters (right). After a short climb we encounter the Bureau of Feline Affairs High Court (left) and the Court of Arbitration and Mediation (right).

And now, behold: the Hall of Justice!








Aldivia: Southern Exposure

The Aldivia District is in the far south of Wirdleonia. Our southernmost city up to this point was Ava City. but, now, with the settlement of Aldivia, a new southernmost city has developed: Jaqfulneel. Unusual name? Yep. How did it originate? The Supreme Wirdle was visiting the City Planning Office to review the city's plans. And, while doing so, she walked across the Project Manager's keyboard (she, like most cats, likes walking across keyboards). And, what she typed became the name of the city. The city was built at the intersection of two major roads: the Trans Schulmania Highway and Catway 32. The Trans Schulmania Highway now spans the nation from southern Aldivia all the way to Mookimian Verá. Catway 32 originates at Jaqfulneel and runs east and south to the coast and new developments underway in the southeast. Let's see what this new town has to offer.

First, some wider views of the town:




Now, in for a closer look...


The Trans Schulmania Highway is marked with arches to demarcate the town boundaries. Here is Arco Batán.


This is Arco Hijito on the other end of town


The Aldivia District Government House has a distinctive green facade and plenty of sunlight in its central courtyard. If you were wondering why the government functionaries don't get things done, it is because they are sunning themselves in the courtyard.


Anderson Theater features all sorts of special events. A popular show is a laser pointer shone on the stage for the audience to chase.


Cafe Schulmanito is the most popular eatery in town. Chef Tuk-tuk makes some great dishes with locally caught fresh game.


Calle Pelota is a charming brick-paved alley leading from Catway 32 (known in town as East Drive, since it heads east) to the heart of town


The town founders spent a little extra to build the Campanile. Why? Because they could. And, it's cool.


Casa Blu Marrone is a premier commercial location for shops and offices. Dr. Oyster has an office here. He's a dentist-- takes care of your pearly whites!


Chiesa di Calcio is one of the local churches. Tuesdays nights, a Ceiling Cat choir comes to perform.


Neiman Meowcus is the most upscale store in town. Shop till you drop!


Plaza Aldivia is a lovely pedestrian area in the heart of town


Septimo Mercado is the central market. You can buy just about anything here!

Run, don't walk, to visit Jaqfulneel. It's the funnest new town in the Southlands!







East Tenne: What Can You Get For 400K?

The Cemesto District, the 8th arrondissement of the National Capital Region, is a primarily residential working class neighborhood located south of the Wirdle River and a short commute to the heart of the capital. The main road through the district, Calutron Boulevard, links up with two of the main thoroughfares in the city - East Tenne Avenue (District I) and Wildcat Turnpike (District VI). Though comprised primarily of low to medium density housing with a commercial strip the Cemesto District, several substantial parks give the residents great gathering places.


One of the interesting features of the area is a park with ornamental flowers. Sounds rather ho hum, doesn't it? The catch is this: these are special flowers. Glowing flowers, to be precise. Not so creatively named "glowflowers" the scientific name for them is Plutonium floridae. So, be sure to see them at night when you visit Plutonium Park!


These are the only flowers to emit their scent electromagnetically

Don't worry about it being hazardous. These flowers use a subatomic particle not hugely dissimilar to a muon. These particles, meowons, are the only EM waves known to induce purring. The scent, if you were wondering, is kind of a salmon-gardenia aroma... very popular amongst the felines! Sounds like a fun place? You betcha! And, now you want to know how you can move in? Great! To celebrate 400,000 views of Schulmania Volume 3, you can now see what you can get for 400k! Call your realtor and let's get started!


Cemesto Park is a lovely landscaped bit in the heart of the neighborhood. I am sure you can afford a home overlooking this great open space.


Homes, apartments, and condos all offer easy access to the park. There's something for everyone!


Lots of great homes are available here near the intersection of Jefferson Street and Glenwood Lane. The front yards are small but everyone has trees in their backyard- perfect for climbing!


East Village Church is a local landmark


The church is on Calutron Boulevard and sits near homes and businesses. You can get a lovely home on a street near the church. And, one of our more unique options is a dormitory (at right) for shift workers at government facilities. One of two such buildings in the area, the dorms are paid for by the Supreme Wirdle and available free of charge to the workers.


The Manhattan Projects is a bustling retail complex on Calutron Boulevard. There are homes just across the main road. If you like being close to the heart of it all, this may be the place for you!



How about a nice home by Plutonium Park? A tranquil environment to raise kittens!

400,000 buys a lot of awesomeness when you come to the Cemesto District! The Supreme Wirdle and I thank you for your continued support of the Feline Realms!





The Wirdleplex: How to Make a Giant Cat Pizza

Pawprint Lake is a pawprint shaped lake located in the southeastern Wirdleplex. It is a great fishing spot. And, accordingly, a fishing village has developed here. It is the only tourism-based site in The Wirdleplex other than the Isle of Cat. Today, we will have a cooking show! We will learn how to make a Giant Cat Pizza! Take that, Emeril, Rachel Ray, Paula Deen and company!



Big Ed's is the best restaurant in town. Head Chef Ed Ibbal is the inventor of the Giant Cat Pizza. It is a full 3 feet across and is formed for a 5 pound dough ball. It has 2 pounds of sauce, 2.5 pounds of cheese, and 1.5 pounds of toppings. We get a sneak peek into the workings of the great chef's restaurant today. We can actually see a furry feast masterpiece grow right before our eyes!


The cat pizza doughball, sitting next to a large pizza doughball for comparison


Flattened out and with some sauce...


Raw cat pizza, ready to go into the oven. This time, it's a bit more vegetarian than the last ones. The ears are tomato and the face is outlined in pepper.Some cheddar cheese was added tot he face to give some contrast.


TA DAA! The finished pizza! I dare you to tell me you are not hungry now!




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