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  1. The Village

    thank you for sharing this it's like painting with pixels
  2. Spoorlaan 386, Tilburg

    thank you I like the look of this building and the brickwork also the car in the lighted garage is a nice touch
  3. Grote Markt 6, Sint-Niklaas

    thank you I have enjoyed making growable lots for your beautiful models but yesterday my old WIN XP computer died so now I need to figure out how to do SC4 on WIN 10
  4. Cinecitta, Tilburg

    thank you for another excellent building to add to the collection
  5. Café Bauer, Leipzig

    thank you these are coming faster than I can process them great additions to the game
  6. Stationsstraat 25, Tilburg

    thank you great detailing on this one also and the change to a grey tone adds visual variety
  7. Kloveniersburgwal 87, Amsterdam

    thank you very good looking building with excellent texture and detail
  8. Tuinstraat 72-74, Tilburg

    thank you for this beautiful model
  9. Member of the Month: January 2018

    congrats to both for a well-deserved award
  10. Colignonplein 1, Brussel

    thank you I really like the lighting on this one and the sidewalk cafe is an added attraction
  11. Stationsplein 3, 's-Hertogenbosch

    thank you for creating so many new and beautiful buildings I will enjoy making growable lots for them
  12. Stationsweg 33, 's-Hertogenbosch

    thank you for another excellent building great textures, detail and good choice to add more visual appeal to SC4 cities
  13. Stationsstraat 45, Tilburg

    thank you excellent textures and detail nice add to euro sets
  14. Damrak 60 & 62, Amsterdam

    thank you for this excellent buildings nice addition to Dutch cities and beautiful nightlighting
  15. IRM I-HT LEDPRO by Tag_One

    thank you T Wrecks I am really enjoying my new industrial areas based on your IRM