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  1. Dzingalian Housing Project "NM-1"

    thank you very impressive and massive contribution to SC4 will be interesting to put these to use
  2. RRetail Car Services Relots - Version 2.0

    thank you I appreciate how much work went into this project and also enjoyed revisiting some great older content
  3. Aldi

    thank you nice looking version of this store
  4. IRM I-HT GSK Packaging by Mattb325

    thank you for excellent lot work on an excellent BAT and for incorporating it into the IRM
  5. Belk

    thank you for adding to regional variety in retail
  6. PC Commercial Vans Expansion Pack

    thank you for the new vehicles that add more realism to SC4 also they look great
  7. IRM I-HT TagFood by Tag_One

    thank you for for updating this classic from 2010 and making it non-CAM
  8. IRM I-HT Rena Electronics by Tag_One

    thank you for adding the excellent building to the IRM folder nice lotting work
  9. RR Prop Pack Vol. 1

    thank you these will be very useful
  10. Montgomery Ward

    thank you nice to have a business that I didn't know still existed
  11. Creator Pack 02: dk1

    thank you for relotting these they look much better
  12. B62 Remastered: The Forsaken Files Volume 3

    thank you for rescuing these I don't remember seeing any of them before
  13. Bon Ton

    thank you I can add this to my folder of businesses that have disappeared since SC4 was released
  14. IRM I-HT PolarTech by Tag_One

    thank you great choice for IRM now I don't have to relot the CAM version