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  1. RR Prop Pack Vol. 3

    thank you anticipating new lots utilizing these props
  2. Boston Store

    thank you I never knew about all these stores and now they are available to live on in SC4
  3. Younkers

    thank you for continuing this series of defunct businesses
  4. Elder-Beerman

    thank you for preserving this brand for SC4
  5. Carson's

    thank you definitely going to create a city containing defunct businesses
  6. Paeng's Break Bulk Station

    thank you for making this available now to be inspired to again create seaports
  7. Paeng's Prepos Automobile Shredder (expanded)

    thank you for restoring this
  8. Paeng's Abandoned Parking Lot

    thank you for finding this its an imaginative use of the lot editor
  9. Armored Chevrolet Suburban (Prop & MMP)

    thank you this will be a more appropriate mayors limo for many of my SC4 cities
  10. Planet Fitness

    thank you for another new brand to add to SC4 to keep it up to date also it's a really nice looking building
  11. Bon-Ton - Version 2.0

    thank you I must build a city made up of defunct businesses someday
  12. Montgomery Wards - Version 2.0

    thank you definitely looks like a building from the late 70s or the 80s nice work
  13. Belk - Version 2.0

    thank you nice building I like the detail in the entrance and the store signage
  14. Boscov's - Version 2.0

    thank you for this new building
  15. TL-RLM Denis Cherry Plaza (5x5)

    thank you it's a beautiful park