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  1. C88 Productions | Projects by: Ceafus 88

    3ds Max in general. I know everything 2014 and below is not officially "supported" on Windows 10 anymore, but not even 2015-2018 will open. Initializing 3ds Max is all the splash screen will show before becoming unresponsive and then crashing. No crash report, nothing. I have tried everything on this page: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/3ds-max/troubleshooting/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/Troubleshooting-3ds-Max-problems-when-running-under-Windows-10.html and in the forums from every google search result I could find, even dating back to 2008 with no luck what so ever. It is just so frustrating.
  2. C88 Productions | Projects by: Ceafus 88

    I give up. I am back to square one with this POS and have wasted enough time trying to get this garbage program to work.
  3. C88 Productions | Projects by: Ceafus 88

    I believe they have it working again, I am able to open the file! I lost the roof junk save somehow for the short wide version, so I am back to square one on that. That is just a minor inconvenience though, I am hoping to have some updates soon!
  4. No Residential Capacity

    @rsc204 Thank you very much. I will have to do a new version soon, one that is made with 3ds Max not gmax.
  5. No Residential Capacity

    No harsh feelings, I should have been paying more attention at the time I made it. I am really surprised it took this long to be honest for someone to point it out. None the less, thank you for helping the community and myself out tremendously!!
  6. No Residential Capacity

    If you guys have a fix for that old thing, go right ahead! I really was inexperienced when I released it, and I do need to go back and update it. I apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused you guys. @CorinaMarie @matias93 @TheMajesticLlama Thank you guys for bringing this to my attention.
  7. Come on Microsoft, get it together.. :( I want to BAT..

  8. C88 Productions | Projects by: Ceafus 88

    @Jasoncw Thank you so much, I appreciate the in depth help! @Hotwheeler Thank you so much! @Aaron Graham Thank you so much Aaron! I appreciate that a lot! @Finnbhennach Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. ---------- As for the BAT itself, we can thank the Windows 10 creators update and .NET Framework 4.7 that is embedded with it for not allowing 3ds Max to start up. So until they come out with a patch for it, or I some how am able to rollback (I don't have the option in settings), I am just sitting duck waiting.
  9. I am having an issue with my 3ds Max software getting stuck on "Initializing" when I try to start it up.
  10. Having trouble with 3ds Max, sorry for the lack of updates guys!

    1. RRetail


      Ok, thanks for the heads up.

    2. Ceafus 88

      Ceafus 88

      I cannot get 3ds Max 2014 to start, if my license is up for it, then I might not get to continue until BAT4Max is updated for the new versions.

    3. RRetail


      Let's hope they get an update out soon.

  11. C88 Productions | Projects by: Ceafus 88

    I really need to find 2012 again (If only)! This stuff is a hassle. Thanks again! p.s, do you know how the light cones @T Wrecks mentioned work?
  12. How many out there still play SimMars?

  13. Krioworks

    I love the BRAND logo myself! good work so far Krio!!
  14. Just lost one of my good friends from the online racing community to cancer, R.I.P. Scott "The Iceman". :(

    1. Terring


      Cancer? Oh, no. My condolences.

    2. Ceafus 88

      Ceafus 88

      Thank you, means a lot!

    3. RRetail


      Sorry to hear this as well.

  15. IRM I-HT Bell Industries by SimGoober

    Always can use Industry!