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City-building game(s)

Found 7 results

  1. This read-only thread will be used by site staff for posting updates relating to Simtropolis, such as new features or notable changes. Please post any requests or ideas in the Suggestions Box. Or if you'd like to report a bug or other issue, please use the Bugs Thread. Thanks all!
  2. Site Suggestion Box

    Got some ideas? Here's a place where you can recommend any improvements to Simtropolis. It's about time we had one of these. Even though the site continues to develop, we'd love to hear your thoughts on how it can be further refined and made better for everyone. Whether it be a simple layout/design tweak, or a completely brand new feature, post away in this thread! While we can't promise everything will be possible or implemented, each idea will be read and considered. I'm sure you'll appreciate there are limitations, both technically and financially. To report any issues with an existing site feature, or something not working as intended, please instead use the Bugs Thread. Guidelines For clarity, please keep one idea per post. Double posts are acceptable if you've more than one idea at once. Note: To prevent successive replies from auto-merging, you may need to wait 5 minutes. Give a subheading, describing briefly what the idea is. Explain the idea -- it helps to give as much detail as possible. Pictures or diagrams are acceptable, but not required. Why would this be of benefit to the community? If you value anyone's idea, please Like it to show your support. This helps to give a rough indication of how well an idea is received. If commenting on an idea, please quote/copy the subheading so it's clear what is being discussed. Progress Status Once processed, ideas will be tagged with one of the following: NOT PLANNED - The idea is appreciated, but at this stage, is not feasible to implement. INTERNAL REVIEW - We like the idea, and will pursue whether it's currently feasible to implement. PLANNED - We have decided to implement the idea, and are finding the best ways to go about it. IMPLEMENTED - The idea has been added as a new site feature! This will change depending on ongoing progress with implementation. Thanks all! -The Admins
  3. While we have been "assured" that this won't be as bad as the SC launch, and I believe them, there are many problems that I fear will not be fixed. A: Will we get better zoning tools? B: A better UI, by that I mean a vast improvement. C: What will the simulation be like? D: The plopables are horrible, as well as all of the models. E: How smoothly will the game run? F: When will it be available to the US? G: WILL it be a US game? H: Terraforming? I: All textures, besides for terrain, are horrible Ect ect. What do YOU want in the game, will YOU be open to buying a Beta? and will YOU buy it in any way, shape, or form? I'll personally watch this closely, as well as watch the markets and snipe on the lowest price IF I want it.
  4. Features bugging out?

    Heya there I seem not to be able to post a picture with my latest CJ feature...More accurately the picture seems to have uploaded to Simtropolis but I can't see it in the preview window once I've submitted my feature. Any way to fix it? I've tried different pictures but it all shows as an empty square when I preview the feature, despite the file being on the servers (this is hosted on Simtropolis))
  5. Features Not Appearing

    Hiya, Until now when I went to post a feature it would need some time to be approved, then appear on the main features screen. I've noticed that recently when I post features on the main page, they automatically appear on it, however only to me and not to anybody else. It's a bit annoying as it's hard to know exactly when it does get approved and appears for everyone, and it's also a bit misleading..or is there something I'm doing wrong? o.0
  6. Ever since the official announcement of "SC5," we have been barraged with information and speculation about the new SimCity, dubbed SC2013. I created this topic to clear up confusion about SC2013 and help people decide if they think Maxis can pull off another SimCity with a side-by-side comparison of SC4 and SC2013. For this comparison, I will use confirmed information found on ST, various websites and articles, and the SimCity website, as well as speculation on un-confirmed aspects from the community. The comparison will be broken up into main features or aspects of both SC4 and SC2013. 1. Graphics SC4: SC4's graphics are primarily rendered with a 3D engine; however, the camera is restricted to a fixed trimetric orthographic projection. Some of the buildings are flat drawings, while larger buildings are models with textures as details. Either way, the buildings are still sprites.The graphics of SC4 allow for highly-detailed buildings, but the camera/view cannot be moved, making the graphics a hybrid of sorts, combining 2D and 3D. The scaling in SC4 is off to make the graphics look right. For instance, Sims are three meters tall; if they were properly in scale, they wouldn't be visible. SC2013: SC (I am going to refer to it as just SC) uses up-to-date 3D graphics, allowing the player to change the position of the camera/view of the city. The graphics of SC were inspired by Tilt-Shift photography, a type of photography designed to emulate miniature model photography, which makes an image of real-life objects look like a smaller model object. Ocean Quigley stated in this article "We think that tilt-shift is enchanting. And it’s a major inspiration for the new SimCity." The Tilt-Shift inspired graphics of SC capture the essence of model cities by "making a realistic caricature of the building. Realistic, because it needs to look plausible - people shouldn't notice anything fake about it - but a caricature because what's important about the building has been highlighted and what's irrelevant has been suppressed." This could be a possible reason for the scaling of buildings, Sims, etc. In the screenshot posted below, the Sims walking on the sidewalk are significantly taller than the cars. Also seen in the screenshot, the "Amethyst Inn & Suites" billboard is large in comparison to other objects around it. Ocean Quigley also states that "I’ve personally always thought of SimCity as a model city that you create and bring to life. It's like an elaborate model train layout, but alive and dynamic." In current pictures that have been released by Maxis, the buildings shown have bright, saturated textures with vibrant colors and the scenes shown have many details that Maxis wants to give the graphics the Tilt-Shift effect. This recently released image clearly shows this. is the discussion topic on ST for SC's graphics. 2. Simulation SC4: SC4's engine gives "immediate feedback" of the state of a city. The simulation is affected by actions and reactions, including zoning, providing utilities and civics, etc. The engine "gives a broad approximation of what was going on and [Maxis] did [their] best to make it look plausible, but there [isn't] a tight connection between actions and the simulation’s behavior." Information is presented through charts and simple data views, but the visual aspects relating to the information (such as traffic) aren't directly related to the information and the simulation elements involved. Despite this, the simulation engine is more advanced than previous engines used in previous SimCity titles. SC: "GlassBox is the revolutionary simulation technology behind SimCity." The GlassBox engine allows for a direct and dynamic relation between actions, recations, data, and visual representations of data, through several main aspects: Resources (such as coal), Units (buildings, agents, etc.), Maps (depletable resources), and Globals (the amount of resources). As mayor, you can "impact individual Sims lives, manage city-level simulation, and balance multiple cities at once, all done through a unique graphic interface, which replaces charts and numbers with the experience of actually manipulating the city itself and seeing how it responds in real time." GlassBox is largely based on agents, which are units of information in the simulation. Agents can be resources, Sims, power, water, etc. which move through a city using pathways defined by roads. Each agent has a purpose and can be affected by the decisions you make, allowing for the direct relation between actions/reactions and data/visual representation that I mentioned earlier. This means that actions such as zoning, providing utilities, etc. affects the simulation, in turn affecting the visuals you see. "What you see is what you Sim." Zoning, another aspect of GlassBox, has changed from SC4. The density of what grows, as well as where and when it grows are all affected by the simulation. In order to be constructed, buildings need people to build them. The traffic in an area affects what density of buildings grow there. Another main aspect of GlassBox is data visualization. Data visualization layers allow you to see the resources and agents, such as power and water, that are moving though your city. This is a dynamic change from previous data visualization methods in other SimCity titles. This article on the SimCity website has more information, as well as videos explaining the different aspects of GlassBox. This article breaks down GlassBox in detail. is the official discussion topic on ST for GlassBox. 3. UI SC4: SC4's UI includes the following tools, views, menus, etc. in Mayor-Mode: SC: In a screenshot recently released, a version, possibly the final version but most likely a work-in-progress, of SC's UI was shown. The version shown is sleek and minimalistic in design, with different features than the SC4 UI. Many people are skeptical about what the different icons are, but these are what the icons most likely are, in my opinion. Different than SC4's UI, SC's current UI does not have a minimap, which could be due to Maxis wanting to show data through "what you see is what you Sim." It also does not currently have a God Mode section or any terraforming tools, which could be because they are used before one creates a city. However, Maxis has not confirmed nor denied terraforming or given out any information on how it would work in multiplayer or with the focus on resources, so it is still up in the air, but on the SimCity (2013) Wiki, this was written: "There is no re-shaping of land in this game," and in an article it was written that there would be no terraforming, although this could be a mistake. Another main difference from SC4 is the lack of the My Sims Mode. This is most likely because the game is already focused on induvidual Sims, resources, etc.; all agents. Yet another main difference is the lack of a RCI demand graph. This could be because it is in a sub-menu as a graph, or that the Zoning menu is actually a graph. (I'll elaborate on this later.) Either way, it is a large change from SC4. Another missing icon is the Query Tool, which could be removed from the game due to the "what you see is what you Sim" principle, and the Emergency Tools. Disasters been confirmed ("Disasters will continue to be a big part of SimCity and with this SimCity being truly 3D with a real physics engine. Disasters are going to be more epic than ever."), but not the type of disasters which can occur. We can assume that they will include a giant lizard, fire, meltdowns, etc. as these have been shown or hinted about in the game's official trailers. Floods and drought could also be options, because of the new physics engine. Based on the multiplayer aspect, and Maxis's focus on data, I assume the disasters will not be centered around giant creatures destroying things but more on social and economic disasters. An icon for Parks/Rec also seems to be missing, but it could be an icon that has been labeled as something else. Suspected new additions to the UI in SC include the Resources icon, the Chat icon, City Mood, SCWire (which could simply be a rename of the news ticker), Time in hours and minutes, Simoleons/Hour, and the last menu icon I labeled "13." This icon could be a "Great Works" menu, or something altogether different. Maxis has stated that "In older games, the data was grouped into one panel almost like an afterthought. By contrast, if you place a fire station in the new game, you will get some unobtrusive fire data that helps you decide where best to place the station. If you need more information, you’ll see a "heavy" data layer with additional fire system information." They also stated that seperate data charts/graphs are not necessary because of the new data layers: "No charts or graphs necessary!" The way in which the menus are grouped in SC's current UI is different then in SC4. Instead of grouping (suspected) menus for Resources (wasn't in SC4), Water, Power, and Garbage together as sub-menus in a Utilities menu, and Fire, Police, and Health, Education, and Parks (icon for parks has not been identified in SC) in a Civics Menu, they are single menu icons, grouped closer together. Transportation and Zoning are grouped together, most likely because of the new relation between road traffic and zone density. Also, in this quote: "Drag again to designate industrial, commercial or residential zones and watch your Sims construct buildings then move in" and seen in the official game trailer released as E3, Maxis hints that zoning will be controlled by placing roads. (Drag once to place road; drag again to zone.) (This possibility could explain the absence of an RCI graph, as it could be the Zoning icon.) Utilities: Power, Water, Resources, and Garbage are grouped together. Fire, Police, and Health are grouped together. Education, Civics (which could include parks as a sub-menu), and a third icon which could be for Great Works, Building Editor, etc. are grouped together, as well. [NOTE: Remember, none of these icons have yet been confirmed as what I suspect they are, or anything else. The UI has not been confirmed as in its final version, either. The UI can still change, and most likely will.] Here is the article on the SimCity website. topic on ST has a discussion about SC's UI. 4. Zoning SC4: SC4, like previous SimCity games, has zoning as a main aspect of the game; the driving force behind growth. There are three main types of zones: Residential, Commercial, and Industrial. The ability to choose the density of the zone type was also included: Low-density, medium-density, and high-density Commercial and Residential, and Agriculture (LD), medium-density, and high-density Industrial. Although the player can control the density of the zone type, the wealth level of the building that grows there cannot be chosen, but can be influenced by demand and desirability. When provided with power and given road/street access, zones will develop with enough demand. As one wealth level develops, the demand decreases. Taxes and neighboring cities can also influence demand, and fire, police, health, and education coverage, as well as parks and other YIMBY's can influence desirability. SC: SC also has zoning, but it is different from SC4. In SC, zoning and transportation have a new relationship. It has been stated by Maxis that the player zones by dragging and placing a road, then dragging again to zone: "Just click and drag to draw new roads including fan requested curvy roads. Drag again to designate industrial, commercial or residential zones and watch your Sims construct buildings then move in." However, video shows what looks like zoning normally, as you would in SC4. Even if this is not true, the relationship between zones and transportation has still changed. In this article, Kip states that "In this version, players will have only one zone type for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial. Density will be driven by the types of roads and general traffic around these zones." This is a dynamic change for players used to the control of zone density in SC4. The development of zones in SC is also linked to the specialization of a city, among other things. 5. Modding SC4: Ever since the release of modding tools after SC4's release, the community of SC4 players have made a vast amount of mods for SC4. These mods have been the main reason why most players still play the game. Although some bugs were fixed in updates, SC4 still had bugs and apsects of the game player wanted to alter. For this reason, members of online communities, such as our dear beloved ST, have created many modifications to the game. These include the addition of custom buildings, flora, terrain, civics, landmarks, and mods that change functions of the game. Tools for modding include the BAT, Lot Editor, and Plugin Manager, which have been used by many. SC: It has been confirmed by Maxis that SC will be moddable, but not at its release, like SC4. Ocean Quigley has stated "We're huge fans of our modding community; we've designed all this stuff to be moddable." He also stated "We know modding is hugely important to our community; we know the reason why people are still playing SimCity 4 ten years later is because the modding community has kept it alive. GlassBox is built to be moddable, but beyond that we haven't announced anything" What tools will be available to create mods is unknown, as is how mods will work with multiplayer. Most likely, restrictions will have to be set in some way or another. Here's the full article. is the official discussion topic on ST for modding SC. 6. Data Maps/Views SC4: Data Maps in SC4 consisted of graphs and charts, as well as a 3D overlay, displaying the same information as the corresponding chart. This combines several elements of data into one map view. The Data Maps and Views are Fire, Crime, Education, Desirability, Water, Power, Traffic, Zones, Land Value, Mayor Rating, Resident Average Age, Health, Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Garbage, and Radiation. These views show the amount/levels of the types of data both in an overlay on top of the city and on a map of the city. Views showing civic/utility coverage highlight the buildings and show their coverage radius, as well. The data is accurate, but static. Similar to other aspects of SC4, the relation between simulation and visuals is not dynamic. SC: Data Maps and Views in SC follow the principle of "what you see is what you Sim." Instead of seeing a layer of "static" data overlayed on top of the city, as in SC4, you see induvidual resources, such as power or water, move along the defined paths under the city. Data is no longer shown as the radius of coverage from a source, but as agents. In this article, Christian Stratton states "Every Sim, car and building is a piece of the simulation and has some autonomy in the larger system. The data layers bring that out and expose the relationships between the different elements." The data layers of SC are directly related to the simulation and the source of the data. By placing a source of data (a fire station, for instance), "you will get some unobtrusive fire data that helps you decide where best to place the station. If you need more information, you’ll see a "heavy" data layer with additional fire system information." This hints that there will not be a menu for Data Maps, and that data will be displayed when placing data sources. Maxis has stated in this quote: "No charts or graphs necessary!" that there will be no need for graphs or charts, as in previous SimCity titles. Here is part one of the full article on the SimCity website. 7. Terraforming SC4: Terraforming plays a large role in SC4. Both In God Mode and Mayor Mode, tools are available to shape a city tile, add oceans or rivers, and plant trees. This allows for the creation of landscapes for scenery and for a challenge. Before creating a city, the amount of tools and the extent of what is possible to create is larger in God Mode than in Mayor Mode, but it is still possible to alter a city tile in Mayor Mode. Tools included in both modes are raising land, lowering land, flattening land, and planting trees. God Mode also gives the player the ability to "plop" fauna, erode and smoothen the landscape, and raise/lower the entire city tile before creating a city and create disasters and reconcile edges both before and after creating a city. After creating a city, in God Mode, the player has the ability to obliterate the city. SC: So far, Maxis has not confirmed nor denied terraforming, but there has been evidence both supporting the idea that it has been implemented in the game and opposing it. In this article, as well as on the SimCity (2013) Wiki page, it is stated that "there's no re-shaping of land in this game." This is plausable, as SC focuses on the environmental impace of choices made as mayor, and terraforming could affect the system of finite resources and the multiplayer aspect of SC. However, in video (at around 1:00), the landscape is being terraformed; trees are planted and the land level is altered. The game was in debug mode, so we cannot necessarily rely on this as valid information. is the discussion topic on ST for Terraforming in SC. 8. City Tile Size SC4: SC4 has three tile sizes: 1x1 km (small), 2x2 km (medium), and 4x4 km (large). SC: Currently, the only tile size SC will have is 2x2 km, the equivalent of a medium SC4 tile. This is most likely due to the advanced simulation engine, 3D graphics, and multiplayer capability. 9. Regions SC4: SC4 is based on regional gameplay, a concept that was new to the SC series at the time of its release. A region is made up of city tiles of any of the three sizes: small, medium, and large. Cities are founded on city tiles, and affect other cities in the region. Neighboring cities play a large role in how a region develops. They affect demand, and can establish neighbor deals with adjacent cities. Multiplayer is not available for SC4, but a single player can create and develop a region by him/herself. SC: With the addition of multiplayer in SC, regions take on a new purpose. In SC, a player can play by him/herself in their own private region, (granted, you still need a connection to The Internet) in a private region with friends, or in a public "MMO" region on the Web. The social aspects of working together to create Great Works (airport, fusion reactor, space shuttle) and decisions making a region-wide impact on cities apply to all three available options. SC is largely based on the environmental and economical impact of choices on other regional cities, and how the cities in a region can solve problems that occur. Cities within a region can trade resources, work together, or attempt to damage each other through economic and environmental disasters. The cities in a region make up a region-wide economy, and each city can affect others and itself through the choices made. Each city can have its own specialization; specific specializations stated by Maxis are industry, science, business/tourism, and education. These specializationa each have their own induvidual consequences, as well. This concept video for SC shows the relationship between cities in a region. There is a lot of speculation on how cities will be connected and how the regional coexistance will function. In video, it seems as if there will be (or, at least the option of) space between cities (leading me to believe that a city tile is meant to hold one induvidual city, meaning the scale of the size of cities will be much smaller than in SC4). In the same video, the player is seen connecting a road to a highway and a highway system connecting cities in the region. This leads me to believe pre-constructed highways might exist in the region, connecting city tiles. Highways might also be a Great Work that can be constructed, like the airport. [This is SPECULATION, not fact.] The picture below also leads me to believe this, but it has not been confirmed. Highways are used to connect these separated cities and a regional airport can be collaboratively built, as well. Here is the article on multiplayer on the SimCity website, and is the discussion topic on ST. 10. Plopping/Modular Buildings SC4: In SC4, the player has the ability to plop landmarks, utilities, civics, parks, rewards and transportation stations/stops, in contrast to having RCI buildings grow naturally by zoning. These ploppables each have different effects on cities. Besides adding a real-world touch to cities, landmarks also have a "landmark effect" that raises commercial desirability. Utilities buildings provide power, water, or waste removal. Civics provide education, fire protection, police coverage, or health coverage. Parks raise desirability for high-wealth residents and businesses. Rewards have various functions. Transportation stops/stations allow Sims to get on/off bus, train, and subway, and elavated rail lines at different points in cities. SC: SC expands on the concept of ploppables with modular buildings. Maxis describes the revamped ploppables as "incredibly detailed 3D buildings you can upgrade with modules to extend the functionally of your city." Examples included are a fire station, manufacturing plant, colleges, and police stations, a smelting plant, Most likely, because of the new addition of resources and the focus on the environment, in SC, ploppable buildings will not only be to provide utility and civic coverage, but will also provide resources. Modular ploppables will also probably play a role in city specialization, as hinted in various game trailers. Here is the article at the SimCity website. 11. Transportation SC4: SC4 (with Rush Hour) contains the following land transportation networks: road, one-way road, avenue, street, ground highway, elevated highway, rail, monorail, elavated rail, and subway. Since SC4 is based on a grid, orthogonal and diagonal (for some networks) lines are the only way these networks can by placed. SC: Maxis has not announced "officially" the types of transportation networks that will be available in SC, but several land networks have been shown in trailers for the game. Perhaps the most important addition in SC's transportation is the addition of curved/free-form roads. Other additions include networks that are available through the NAM for SC4, including: tram-in-avenue*, train, the NWM equivalent of MAVE-4* (what looks to be the main road network used, as it is seen in many of the screenshots), AVE-6*, road, and highway (RHW equivalent of RHW-6; no interchanges shown yet). The transportation networks and curved roads leads to interesting possibilities in intersections, as seen in a screenshot posted below. [* - Included in NWM/NAM] From what has been shown in the game trailers, highways seem to be simplified, being used to transport Sims between cities on regions, which have been shown spaced far apart. Also seen in the trailers, a player is seen connecting a highway (RHW-6) to another highway (RHW-6) in an intersection. This also makes highways seem to be dumbed down, in a way, to only connect cities in multiplayer (and singleplayer?). In the screenshot below, the highway looks to be pre-constructed, leaving a tile open for an airport. The connection of cities far away from each other by a pre-constructed highway (?) leads me to believe city tiles in SC are meant to hold entire cities, and not different sections of one city, as could be done in SC4. [NOTE: SPECULATION, not confirmed or even mentioned by Maxis.] After searching through almost all of the images and videos released by Maxis, these are the only transportation networks I have seen. Others may be added or shown at a later time, but currently, these are the only networks that have been shown. is the official discussion topic on ST for SC's Transit Netowrks. 2nd screenshot: 12. Soundtrack (Yes, music. Although you may consoder it an insignificant part of SC4, I consider it one of the best things about the game.) SC4: SC4's soundtrack, largely composed by Jerry Martin, includes music, most with a jazzy feel, from different genres. Sounds are played based on the relative amount of a certain type of data in that area. SC: Not much has been revealed about SC's soundtrack, but in this article, a small snippet of a song from SC was revealed. The snippet has a modern orchestrated feel, and will probably be similar to other music from the game, as Maxis is trying to bring an old eseries into the modern world, and music is one way to do this. Different from SC4, due to GlassBox's dymanic simulation, sounds are played directly relating to the data source of the sound. For instance, sounds are played when induvidual cars stop and go at intersections. Another new feature is the interactivity of the music. Audio director for SC, Kent Jolly, states that "An example of this is when you are zoomed out, you’ll hear a fuller version of the score, but when you zoom in, we take away certain elements off the tracks. This also brings down the music in general. We did this is to help make room for all the activity going on in your city." Here is the discussion topic on ST for SC's music. My Opinions: Graphics - I think that SC4's graphics are equal to SC's graphics, at this point. I like the look of SC's graphics; I think there is a lot of detail included in the lots and buildings, and I like the 3D engine and Tilt-Shift effect, but SC4's graphics allowed for much more detail, and the textures were more realistic. Although the textures/saturation for SC's graphics could still change, I doubt they will. Either way, I still like SC's graphics, and whether they improve or not is not a deal-breaker for me. Simulation - GlassBox is great! The thought that went into the simulation is amazing, and the direct relationship between visuals, sound, data, and the simulation blows me away. By far, GlassBox is better than SC4's simulation, or, at least it is in theory. We'll see how it is in the real game once it is released. UI - Not much has been revealed about SC's UI, so at this point, it is hard to make a call. All I can say is that I don't like the minimalistic look of it, and the way the menus are organized is odd. Zoning - I can make a decision on this one regardless of the conflicting info/media and un-confirmed information on how we will zone. I'll put it into mathematical terms: No control over density = bad. SC4's zoning > SC's zoning, by far. Modding - Well, both games have modding, which is great. I know nothing of the tools which will be used to mod SC, so I cannot judge based on that. I'm simply excited that we can mod SC! Data Maps/Views - I think a lot of thought has been put into SC's Data Layers, and I like how it is very directly related to the simulation, like other aspects of SC. I think the whole concept is very ingenuitive. I don't really mind not being able to Terraform in SC, as I'm sure it would conflict with other aspects of the game that I look forward to seeing, like resources. I never spent much time Terraforming in SC4, anyway. I'm sure Maxis's decision of having only a 2x2 km tile size is justified. With the advanced simulation and 3D engine, as well as multiplayer, I doubt many people's computers could handle any larger. Of course there are exceptions, but the average gamer doesn't have a high-powered computer. (I certainly don't.) However, I don't like how, if I'm correct in my speculation, the tiles are separated and are meant to hold only one city each. [sPECULATION] Anywho, I don't think there is enough info that has been confirmed to really make a decision. Same as ^, Maxis has been vague about regions and how cities will be connected and how multiplayer will be implemented. All I know is that I don't like the look or regions from the trailer. I like the idea of modular ploppables, although I hope Maxis makes it a minor part of the game. There seemed to be a lot of plopping in the trailer. I'd prefer more info on zoning. I'm sure Maxis has more up their sleeves in transportation, so I won't make a decision here. (I mean, c'mon! They have been lurking over us for nine years, spying on SC4 mods, like the NAM.) But if this is really it for transit, I'm really disappointed, and will have to wait for the NAM for SC. I love SC4's music with a passion, and I think the music really fits the genre. Based on the music snippet from the article, I think SC's music will do this, as well. The snippet of SC music has a more modern feel than SC4's music, and I like it, but it will take a really good soundtrack on SC's part to beat SC4's, in my opinion. I can't make a decision yet. Wow. Now that's a lot of info to take in. NOTE: I tried to create this comparison based on factual information as much as I could; however, many aspects of SC are still up-in-the-air and not confirmed nor denied officially by Maxis/EA. For this reason, I had to base parts of this comparison on speculation by the community. Regardless, all information should have some root in info/media released by Maxis or in a secondary source reporting on Maxis. If I have missed any important information or have any incorrect information, please notify me and I will try to change/add it A.S.A.P. The community clearly wants Maxis to meet and exceed the standards set by SC4, but based on this comparison and the information we have been provided, do you think they can? After nine years from their last big hit, SC4, can Maxis pull it off? I think so, but what about you?
  7. Let's talk about the Features Box, on the home page! What's considered a "Feature"? Anything that has to do with Simtropolis or city-building. Who can submit a Feature and how? Any member can submit a feature. Click the "Add Feature" button on the home page, and fill out the form. Once it gets approved, your feature will appear in rotation. Who approves it, and what's the criteria for approval? Me. I review each submission and approve them accordingly. The basic criteria is that it has to do something with SimCity, city-building (or Simtropolis) and it has to have a great compelling image. That really was the basic condition, but I'm now making things a bit more specific. It has to be about city-building (a city journal, an interesting discussion topic, a community event) and it must be exclusive to Simtropolis. It has to have a great image. For City Journalers, it now must include a shot of your city. You are free to photoshop and enhance it all you like, but it must have in-game shots, no matter how manipulated. As funny as some of the non-game images are, I will be considering them less, and may pass them by altogether. I will also favour captivating screenshots over, shall we say, less interesting ones, or obscure ones. Rule: Submit your best image (it's not always your funniest). Proper title, punctuation and grammar. For Journalers, a good title is more than just your City Name with a mundane description. Pump it up, a little, be creative, demand the viewer click it. Here are some examples of punchy titles... Main Street Up In Smoke... again Giant Robot seen absconding with hotdog stand The Landfill has Landed What's in your backyard now? A Smokey Tour of Stacksville Your pollution provider since 1959... So you get the idea. Make it fun, less mundane, it doesn't have to be earth-shattering, it can be as simple as showing off your new bridge, or stadium or park -- but give it a bit of punch than just "A new park..." How often are features approved and how long before I see mine? On average, I review and approve features twice a day. If there are a lot of features in the queue, you might not see yours for a day or two. If you keep seeing the same features over and over -- that usually means one of two things: 1. I didn't get around to it. 2., More likely, the well is dry. If that's the case, consider submitting it! Do I have to submit my own stuff? Nope! You can submit anything belonging to anyone. There's a field that allows you to attribute the feature to its creator/owner. It's entirely optional, if you don't attribute the submission to someone else, then it's automatically attributed to you. So, if you stumble across an awesome City Journal entry, and you think people should see this, you might either use one of the Share this links, or submit it as a feature. (Now, it's important that you attribute the feature to the owner to save yourself the embarrassment of accidentally attributing it as your own should you leave the field blank.) How do I know if my stuff gets rejected? If you don't see your feature after more than 3 or 4 days, it was not approved, sorry. I may send you a PM to explain why, or I may request something else of you. In Summary: Must relate to city-building, and/or be exclusive to Simtropolis.Must have a great image. City Journals must have in-game shots (photoshop, enhance, add text all you wish). I will almost likely turn down straight up comics.Submit anything, if you want to feature something that belongs to someone else, fill in the Author Attribution field - otherwise, you own it. Any questions, let me know. Thanks!!

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