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Found 157 results

  1. Hi guys can anyone help me with that issue i don't get it... using ICities; using ColossalFramework.Plugins; namespace Whatever { public class Whatever : IUserMod { public string Name => "Whatever"; public string Description => "it does somethin"; } public class Loader : LoadingExtensionBase { public override void OnLevelLoaded(LoadMode mode) { DebugOutputPanel.AddMessage(PluginManager.MessageType.Message, "hopla"); } } public class BuildingListener : BuildingExtensionBase { public override void OnBuildingRelocated(ushort id) { base.OnBuildingRelocated(id); DebugOutputPanel.AddMessage(PluginManager.MessageType.Message,"relocated for id " + id.ToString()); // this is the line crashing the game note that without the " + id.ToString()" it works } } }
  2. For what I’m trying to accomplish, as far as I can tell, I should be using either SC4 Tool or the iLive Reader. I would like to be able to edit certain parameters of buildings in the game. For example, changing the radius for police, fire, education, etc. I would also like to change how much power is generated from power plants, how much water is generated by water pumps and towers, etc. Basically do everything (hopefully) that can be done in SimCity 3000 here. I’ve tried both SC4 Tool and iLive Reader but can’t seem to find the buildings I’m searching for. I’m truly starting from scratch and need some assistance on either of these programs. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Hello. I would like to create a new quay, but I don't know where to start. What I need? Once the mesh is created in sketchup, what do I have to do? How many files do I need? What type? I would also like to rebuild my Wall https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1266458566 with network techniques but I don't know how to do it. If someone can help me I would be so thankful. Regards
  4. Hi there! I am using the mod Catenary Replacer by Tim The Terrible, a wonderful mod but one, that wasn´t able to satisfy my needs completely. You can have mostly all tracks catenary-free but not all. Not the two way single track, that comes with the Single Train Track AI mod by CoarzFlow. And here my problem started: I looked for an asset, that would give me a catenary-free two way single track, found one by brunna, and well - it´s fine but I am using vanilla tracks. So I started the Editor to make a version with vanilla tracks. I needed some time, had to learn that I cannot simply delete props from networks- but well - after some hours and lots of error messages in CSL my new asset works fine. So far so good but one small problem with the Catenary Replacer mod still bugs me: At the start and the end of a station there is a short part of the overhead wiring. As long as I use ANY double track everything is fine, no cables, but as soon as I am using ANY single track to connect the station to the network, this small wiring hangs above the tracks. Here you should be able to see this little odd problem. On the left side I used a short segment of double tracks to avoid the wiring - everything looks fine -, on the right side I connected the station directly to the single track, and the result looks strange. My question now is: What can I do to get rid of these wire parts? I would love to see Tim´s mod updated but maybe I can make some fix by myself. For now I see only the chance to make a station without wiring, but I would prefer a more "global" solution... Any hints? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello. I think Cities Sky Lines needs add new lights effects to adapt to modern times. currently there are led lights that are respectful with the environment, less light polluting. These are the "Dark-Sky friendly Lights". I have test the Custom Light Effects Mod, but it isn't the solutiion. I think you need something similar to Network Extensions Mod but with Light Effects. Because when you create a new asset that need light, it isn't saved with a complete cities light effect, only with a pointer to it. Then you need new complete light effects or , at least one or two customizables light effects. There are people capable of creating that mod. Please ... it would be good for the game.
  6. Lot Editor for Mac

    Hey guys, I did a google search on the availability of the lot editor for mac, and I can't seem to find the right answer. Is there some type of Lot Editor for macs? If so, where could I download it? EDIT: I also have Wine, so would using that help at all?
  7. Edit: Both are done: The taxiway needs some polishing, but I'm up against a hard stop with the runway currently. I have a functional asset, but it looks like garbage and I suspect it's because of the RoadAI that came over from my template. Can changing network prefab AIs only be done with scripts/the existing workshop mod? I've gone pretty deep into the Scene Explorer in ModTools trying to find a way to overwrite the existing AI, but it all seems to loop back on itself in a giant circle, and the Asset AI Changer mod predates the Road Editor by quite a bit. I've hit the limit of my current knowledge/experience. ----- Anyway, the taxiway (which will get an update once I sort this AI issue out, hopefully) is live. Feel free to mess around with this to your heart's content: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1389032956 This is my first "real" mod. It's probably not as clean as it should be, but I'm hoping it'll be a template for future content. Thanks to @Badi_Dea for the ModTools tutoring.
  8. CO has announced that they will add sub-mesh modding to the editor with the release of Park Life. Will we be able to do flags waving in the wind? What other new possibilities are you excited about?
  9. Hi, I'm trying to call some things whenever a road gets built, I tried doing this but whenever I build a road the startNodeID.m_position.y is something like 260 Array16<NetSegment> lastRememberedNodes; void Update(){ for (int i = 0; i < Singleton<NetManager>.instance.m_segments.m_buffer.Length; i++) { NetSegment item = Singleton<NetManager>.instance.m_segments.m_buffer[i]; if (item.m_flags != lastRememberedNodes.m_buffer[i].m_flags) { NetNode startNodeID = NetManager.instance.m_nodes.m_buffer[item.m_startNode]; NetNode endNodeID = NetManager.instance.m_nodes.m_buffer[item.m_endNode]; lastRememberedNodes.m_buffer[i].m_flags = item.m_flags; Send("ROADBUILT|" + startNodeID.m_position.x + "|" + startNodeID.m_position.y + "|" + startNodeID.m_position.z + "|" + startNodeID.m_infoIndex + "|" + startNodeID.m_buildIndex + "|" + endNodeID.m_position.x + "|" + endNodeID.m_position.y + "|" + endNodeID.m_position.z + "|" + endNodeID.m_infoIndex +"|" + endNodeID.m_buildIndex + "|" + Singleton<NetManager>.instance.m_segments.m_buffer[i].m_infoIndex + "|" + Singleton<NetManager>.instance.m_segments.m_buffer[i].m_buildIndex + "|" + Singleton<NetManager>.instance.m_segments.m_buffer[i].m_modifiedIndex); DebugOutputPanel.AddMessage(PluginManager.MessageType.Message, "IM A GIRAFFE " + startNodeID.m_position.y); break; } } } And when I initialize it here: DebugOutputPanel.AddMessage(PluginManager.MessageType.Message, "building a road"); ColossalFramework.Math.Randomizer ra = new ColossalFramework.Math.Randomizer(); uint startNodeBuildIndex = uint.Parse(aData[4]); NetInfo startNodeInfo = PrefabCollection<NetInfo>.GetLoaded(startNodeBuildIndex); ushort startNodeID; NetManager.instance.CreateNode(out startNodeID, ref ra, startNodeInfo, new Vector3(float.Parse(aData[1]), float.Parse(aData[2]), float.Parse(aData[3])), uint.Parse(aData[5])); DebugOutputPanel.AddMessage(PluginManager.MessageType.Message, "building a road 1"); uint endNodeBuildIndex = uint.Parse(aData[9]); NetInfo endtNodeInfo = PrefabCollection<NetInfo>.GetLoaded(endNodeBuildIndex); ushort endNodeID; NetManager.instance.CreateNode(out endNodeID, ref ra, endtNodeInfo, new Vector3(float.Parse(aData[5]), float.Parse(aData[6]), float.Parse(aData[7])), uint.Parse(aData[10])); DebugOutputPanel.AddMessage(PluginManager.MessageType.Message, "building a road 2"); ushort segmentID; NetInfo segmentInfo = PrefabCollection<NetInfo>.GetLoaded(uint.Parse(aData[11])); NetManager.instance.CreateSegment(out segmentID, ref ra, segmentInfo, startNodeID, endNodeID, new Vector3(float.Parse(aData[1]), float.Parse(aData[2]), float.Parse(aData[3])), new Vector3(float.Parse(aData[5]), float.Parse(aData[6]), float.Parse(aData[7])), uint.Parse(aData[12]), uint.Parse(aData[13]), false); lastRememberedNodes = NetManager.instance.m_segments; It just creates a floation road in the middle of nowhere. Help please :?
  10. Hi everyone, This is going to be a longer text so please bear with me, I'm searching for some modders and/or asset makers that would help me build my replica city. I'm considering a total channel reboot with the whole series, including the whole map from scratch (more info below) I am willing to pay for the assets/mods, but the price per asset/mod would depend on its difficulty, but on that we would personally discuss and agree on some terms. So if anyone is interested joining me, here is what I am looking for: Buildings: - Big buildings (shopping centres, castles, residential buildings, offices etc.) - City landmarks - Radio towers, etc. Props: - Road props: delinators, signs, overhead signs, guardrails with delineators, road barriers, etc. - Fences - Decals, etc. Roads: - A whole road pack, I would draw/show on google earth what types I will need Power Lines: - There are not a lot of them what I need, but mostly they have custom colors which are not on the workshop To give you an idea what I currently have: Youtube: youtube.com/c/JplaysYT Imgur collection: imgur.com/a/QWaP2 Thanks
  11. Could some one make a mod that can horizontally or vertically flip any asset (props, buildings, parks...) For example flip a right parking park into a left one. That would sabe many assets.
  12. Hello. I trying to build sunken Walls. I have drawn a model in Sketchup and it looks well in the asset editor, but i can't sink it into floor. I have try many solutiions, the NO BASE script, sunken templates, I have even made a script to change mesh bounds value. Nothing at all. I have read a lot of post in differents fórums. Nothing at all. I'm missing something and I don't know what it is. Helpplease (excuse my english).
  13. A very interesting development that simplifies mod development!
  14. So a while ago while screwing around with modtools i stumbled upon something that seems to control how smoke effects (or spawners) behave. Editing these parameters made me discover these things: M_maxlifetime: controls how long the trail of smoke will be. M_maxspawnangle: controls the grouping of the individual smoke puffs M_maxstartspeed: i believe this controls the amount of smoke puffs spawned. there are min and max values allowing for variation in the effect. i used the factory smoke large effect to test this. At this point im stuck, i can edit the smoke effects without problem, however they just wont save, everytime the game is restarted they reset back to their default settings. I tried to look into making a mod that saves them, but i lack the knowledge on how to do so. so i hope someone can help me figure this out or wants to pick this up. Attached screenshots is were the prop effect parameters are located (default settings), and how the effect can look when you edit these.
  15. Hello, I am wishing to reduce the size of this model https://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/30946-oneamerica-tower-indianapolis/from 6x6 to 4x4. I go to model tweaker, open the model file for this building, enter 0.75 in the scale factor, and then hit save. Despite this, nothing changes in the size of the model. Am I missing a step? I read the tutorial and don't think I have missed anything. I have also used this tool successfully before, although not for a few years so perhaps my memory is foggy?
  16. I'm trying to create a large animated screen for my Drive-In theater. I used the "Video Screen" base for my screen prop, because I wanted the images to change like a slide-show rather than scroll through. It works when I'm creating the asset (left) but once I pull it into a building asset as a prop, and also in game the screen is blank. Am I supposed to be doing some code changing to get the prop asset for it to work correctly?
  17. Hi, i created a custom medium road with two tram lanes in its middle (center of tram lanes at +1,5 / -1,5 meters from the median). To make the rail transition with the vanilla medium road w/ tram, shall i create the rail transition (curve) by myself or it is calculated by CS? For illustration pls check the below schreenshot (it is wip, still a lot of adjusment needed, i know) Thanks in advance,
  18. Hello there... I'm new to the world of Cities: Skylines. My brother told me about it on Christmas... I bought it the next day and now I'm making "stuff"! I'm going back to school for Mechanical Design (after 15 years as a footwear designer, drawing everything "by hand"), learning Solidworks, Creo and AutoCAD in school, and teaching myself 3D Max and Blender. This is a great outlet to practice everything with a purpose, rather than randomly building things. I'm really into 1950s & 60s kitschy Mid-Century Americana. So thats pretty much the style all my assets will be... bright colors and funky shapes... the cheesier the better! I'm going to use this post to share my creations. I'm still figuring out some of the back end info for creating assets... but eventually I'll start posting to the Steam Workshop. First up... a couple props! I love big, obnoxious signs! Expect a lot of those... Lol!
  19. Hey, after week of learning again and again same simple things i am finally able to make own thing from zero to final stage, so i decided create own topic to gather all created stuff.. I am big newbie, so i appreciate every help!
  20. Hi All, Is there a good guide anywhere on how to increase rail station capacity using any of the modding tools? thanks!
  21. This thread will include everything I create and share for CS, either in progress or already finished. I’m slow so I won’t add much often, but every now and then I’m tempted to enhance the game and add a little to the community Now I’m making an enhanced temperate theme that is supposed to look lush, designed for maps full of forests and eco cities with lots of nature beauty instead of dirty factories. It’s basically finished, but it’s never bad to ask for some feedback before releasing. I changed all textures and normals except for moon, gravel, and pavement, and tried to make them as little repetitive as possible, and balance a nice look between zoomed in and zoomed out views. Ruined is supposed to look like dirt, not like sand or dry ground. I changed alpha of ruined in a way that stops it from appearing under cliff (I never liked it). Field is fine, so I left it very noticeable, just changed the colour. I hope my alphas make a natural and smooth transitions between textures. Oil and ore areas are basically unnoticeable when zoomed out. It’s on purpose, because the vanilla “stains” don’t look good in my opinion, and there is the resource view that lets us see the exact resource placement. When zoomed in, there’s a little difference in the grass look. The textures are mash-ups, edits, and blends of The Sims 2 (and 3 with respect to grass) textures (I create content for TS2 and I often use original textures from that game to make mine), and a few free ones found online. I’ll post necessary credits in the description in the workshop. They either were seamless originally or I made them seamless, so there isn’t any tiling noticeable. The scale of tiling (adjustable in the theme editor) was the hardest to balance for the cliff texture. Large tiles look pretty good from distance, but very blurred when zoomed in. Small tiles look good when zoomed in, but make the texture very repetitive when zoomed out. I went for something in between, so it looks alright in both views, but I’m not perfectly content with it. It’d be best with a huge texture, but that’s not reasonable (and I don’t have any), so it’ll probably have to stay like that. It’s just my opinion, but the default temperate sand is terrible – not only does it glow orange/yellow, but has strange and repetitive alpha. I know the previews aren’t very good, but I’ll make nicer and more descriptive ones for the actual release
  22. Hey guys, new Poll! Please choose out of the following options for a 32m wide network which will have 4 tram tracks. The idea is that this is still a station track prefab so it will only be able to be placed inside an asset (so similar to monorail station tracks). This is due to the fact it will be using a unique track configuration which I will make compatible with the CO vanilla groups (they will connect visually with any tram network using the same connect groups as snowfall tracks) The trams will be able to stop on each set of track so you can have 4 separate parallel stops on the same road. Please keep in mind the following: - DLC required for lanes, - platform widths (some of them are very skinny so maybe they're not as good) - overall usability as a medium road. - vehicle flow compatibility with vanilla/DLC roads FYI red tram lanes are tram only (not bus as well) IF you think of a better layout still vote on the above, but also POST a streetmix pic illustrating exactly how it can work within 32m and with the correct widths for lanes/platforms
  23. My first video tutorial. My English is surprisingly easy to understand The Softer Shadows Mod can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=643364914

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