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City-building game(s)

Found 34 results

  1. I've been looking to add some variety to the traffic in my city but I'm wary about having too many high poly vehicles slowing down my game. Until now, I've only have 2 vehicle mods subscribed, one with 600 tris while the other has 1,800 tris. Is there a general acceptable amount of tris for vehicle addon?
  2. Hi, these are my first buildings to Cities Skylines. I hope you like ^^ 1. Allcon Office http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1136737709 2. Gdańsk crane "Żuraw" http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1137676886
  3. Is there a way to reset our assets collections? Now that I'm somewhat familiar with how to play this game. I would like to start a new city with the option to be more selective with my subscriptions. I currently have about 1300 assets, all of which are not showing up. Many cannot be found. Please help. Thnx
  4. In case you missed it we recently had a few people post a bunch of assets to the workshop, which weren't theirs and claiming them as their own. All comments saying they're stolen or mentioning the original creator got deleted as well. It got me thinking that some creators prob don't know what kind of rights they have or how to handle it, when someone steals their assets like that, so I made a little guide. I'll share it here for those of you who haven't figured it out yet and so we can get it out there. One thing is sharing our work or carrying on something abandoned, but those intentionally claiming things as their own and not giving the original creator credit just isn't okay in my book. And it's actually not allowed either. Guide: Content creator rights and how to enforce them
  5. I'm browsing the Steam workshop for more mods and assets and I would like to comment on a few submissions. Except... I don't know how. See the attached screenshot. Even though I'm logged in, there's no "Reply" button below the comments. How do I reply?
  6. With thousands of assets already on the workshop keeping up to date is never easy, and missing some gems is often very likely. This new series is aimed to reduce this factor as we look at the most recently released assets on the workshop, giving them a quick in game review, sparking some inspiration for your next build. Every Thursday - Keep tuned!
  7. I have experienced this problem 6 or 7 times since I have the game and it is just happening for the third time in a row: when I launch Steam, it seems like my whole Workshop subscriptions gets downloaded (instead of the occasional new subscriptions/updates). 10-15 extra minutes of loading time every time I want to play isn't much fun and I have no idea what causes this. Does anyone know what the problem might be?
  8. It seems to me that all the 1:1 scaled buildings are either low density or landmarks. I cannot find properly scaled "medium density" buildings (or even the equivalent of default high density in SC4). My 1:1 scale housing projects based of the works of Le Corbusier are about the same height as L5 high density housing though the height of floors is properly scaled with low density housing. I understand that CO couldn't make properly scaled high density buildings within 32x32 meter footprints but there is such a wealth of buildings on the workshop that you would think enough people would ignore the unrealistic scale. Perhaps Soviets were undernourished and lived in cramped apartments with low ceilings but I figure that buildings were merely downscaled to fit in with default high density buildings. Could someone help me out by at least pointing me in the direction of 1:1 scale Ploppable RICO buildings?
  9. Welcome! In an effort to bring some organization to the CSL Steam Workshop, this thread is a showcase of key authors to watch out for. Now we can confidently plunge into this project after receiving plenty of encouragement both from the community, as well as from our friends over at Paradox Plaza. Listed authors may develop items which you think add something beneficial to the game, and you believe others may find useful (in terms of quality, stability & ease of use). In essence, it's a list of the very best authors out there, with links to their Workshop pages & examples of content. Mission To improve the gaming and modding experience of the CSL community by suggesting and encouraging quality standards. Also to provide an incentive for authors to adhere to them and adopt better practices -- both in their modelling process as well as the publication process. Vision An organized, quality-brimming Workshop and a vibrating, dynamic, constantly improving wider community of users and content creators. Please post below to suggest new authors for consideration! (Original template format created by TPB, now maintained by the CSL Info Squad). _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The list will be organized into categories (please feel free to suggest additional ones). MODS Includes authors of any type of mod (by "mod" we mean anything that is code based, as opposed to game assets). MODELS Authors who create buildings using models from outside the game. Any asset type, including intersections, if they have custom models (yes it's possible). TRANSPORTATION Authors who create intersection assets, transit stations, or anything else transport related. There are a ton so we will limit it to the very best. TREES & PROPS Authors of eye-candy content. Flora, props, and any other asset that doesn't really affect game mechanics. RESKINS / REBUILDS Authors who are very good at re-building things using either in-game templates and props or other people's props and models, but with significant improvements in style and functionality. LUTs Authors of Colour Correction Overrides. MAPS The best map creators (in terms of realism, terrain features & playability). If you think you should be on this list and are not, please feel free to suggest yourself for consideration. However, keep in mind you'll only be added if you meet these standards: Your assets/mods are crafted with a high level of professionalism. Your assets/mods have detailed descriptions of what they do, how they work, their stats, tris count, texture size, etc. You have been seen to be active, responsive and productive.You update your mods and assets, fix bugs, respond to feedback, improve. Most of your assets/mods work as intended.They don't conflict with other mods, they don't corrupt saves, and ideally, don't cause your saves to break if removed. Most of your assets/mods are original, relatively difficult to make. At least one of your workshop items has 2000 subscribers or more.There can be exceptions to this if your content is incredibly good if still unknown. We know that a lot of the authors we'll be adding don't really conform to all these standards, but their work in general deserves recognition. Author names should be using their STEAM names always, so we can find them. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Who to follow" on Steam Workshop? - Simtropolis Selection Note: the list is not in order of importance or ability. MODS MODELS TRANSPORTATION TREES & PROPS Coming soon! RESKINS / REBUILDS Coming soon! LUTs Coming soon! MAPS Coming soon!
  10. Hey Everyone! Aside from making a couple interchanges I haven't really explored the asset editor too deeply but it seems I have hit my first roadblock. If I want to make a transport hub that has bus stops, metro stations, and train stations all built in which template would I be using? I tried with an intersection template but when I placed it in the game the buildings all disappeared. I did figure out how to install mods locally so they operate inside the Asset Editor which is super helpful, although it seems some don't cooperate(Surface Painter). With that being said, should I use a transport building template and tweak the values for cost, noise, etc after all the other buildings are added in? I don't want them to be counted as props, but rather their respective class of transport building if that makes sense. If this isn't possible let me know so I can just do the road layouts and save myself some time haha. On a side note if there are any specific mods you would all recommend for asset creation inside the game please let me know, I saw a few on the workshop dedicated to the asset editor although it seemed perhaps a little outside the scope of my work. Thanks!
  11. Hi everybody, as I am starting to experimenting with asset creation (I am using Blender), I start this topic to share projects and problems. My first big issue is about underground textures. I have read some old posts about this topic, but I am still unsure I can apply them in my case. I am trying to get something like in the attached figure (side view). The building should "come out" of the sloped terrain. I can already get this effect easily by using one of the standard building templates, but of course textures aren't applied below the road level. If I use the "Japanese Garden" template as I read in some posts, I just get a mess, because the building becomes terrain conforming and the "underground" part does not show up at all (I have tried with the "Flatten Terrain" flag both on and off). Can anyone suggest a solution or a working asset of this kind which I might reverse engineer? I guess ModTools will be required, but I am new to it. Thank you very much! By the way, is it allowed to share also maps in this section or is it reserved to mods and assets?
  12. I have been thinking about how functional mixed-use buildings could be implemented in the game and maybe it could be done through different sub-buildings with different categories. The idea isn't new of course (I don't remember when I first saw it). However if done for growables, it would only be published in the category of the main building on the Workshop. I was wondering if it would be possible to create something similar to BP's More Asset Tags mod but that would allow to set multiple main categories when publishing to the workshop? I doubt it would work (kinda opens the door to all sorts of problems if someone wants to cause trouble) but asking is free...
  13. Its seems that I can't just sit down and play this game, Don't get me wrong I love it it's great, The best city builder that we have ever been graced with and it has certainly set a new bench mark and lifted are expectations of what should follow. However at the moment I seem to spend more time in the workshop looking for new buildings, Cars and mods that I will never have time to actually build or play with as I'm always in the workshop but I still "NEED THEM ALL", Am I alone on this or is this a subscription addiction that touches many past me. Lets see how many people can relate to this below.
  14. So I've decided to get rid of all of my mods and assets by removing them from the folder they are stored in.When I start the game there is no detected custom mods and assets in game but when I go to my workshop items,it says I'm still subbed to them.Is there anyway to remove them from my subscribed items list.
  15. Hi all. What is the minimum list of thumbnails required to fully control all of the images in your asset publication? Right now I'm doing <all of them> to make sure none get left out, but I'm pretty sure they're not all needed. My noob list of all of them: First clickable folder during asset creation (top right) asset_thumb.png asset_tooltip.png Second clickable folder during asset creation (bottom right) thumbnail.png snapshot.png tooltip.png Clickable folder whilst sharing asset to Steam Workshop PreviewImage.png (can be 512x512 for Steam Workshop thumbnail) Which ones of these do you actually need?
  16. I just started Steam and I got the usual notification down at the bottom that something was updating, but it went really slow like it was something big, or several items. When it was done, I went to my browse my subscribed items and there were two things that updated. A small prop and a very small mod. But it seemed like more was happening. Since it doesn't tell you when something is getting pulled from your subbed items, does anyone know if mods or assets got pulled from the workshop in the last day or two? Ever since NGON pulling his whole inventory without warning, I'm anxious every time I start Steam that something is going to be yanked out of my list and I won't know until I've loaded a game and notice something's missing, or worse, saved a game without noticing. I have too many assets to check, and unless there's another way to find out that I'm not aware of, I just figured I'd ask and see if anyone else is aware of any assets getting taken down. Thanks. Also, this thread could become possibly a repository for any time an asset is pulled, to let people know.
  17. Here's what I found out about the rights of content creators: (from another thread addressing similar issues) So you don't actually lose your intellectual rights when uploading anything to the workshop hope that makes you feel better although i'm not sure about not being able to add your own licences :S
  18. Just a random thought, not an actual plan: In theory, it would be very simple to add a paywall/licensing system to a mod. That means you can only use certain features when you enter a valid serial number (the number is bound to a steam account). This serial number could be obtained by donating to the modder, or by contributing to a crowdfunding campaign. I'm not sure if it would cause any legal problems. What do you think?
  19. Hey folks, this is me again asking for your advice. It's a simple thing that I want to do, pretty much what the title says. Downloading all the dependencies for a building can be really tiresome, so I want at least my own props which I reuse on many assets to be included in one single workshop download. Is there any way to achieve that? I remember seeing something like this being done by @Mr_Maison who included both the dark and light variants of his "Shady Bush" (my favourite plant in the game by the way, thanks a lot! :P) in one crp file if I'm not mistaken. I've tried to find out how to do so but that went nowhere, so maybe someone around here can help me. This is of course a nice-to-have thing and not really necessary, but it might help clean up the mess that is the Steam Workshop (at least the props that I'm responsible for that is!)
  20. 0.1

    From the album Southside


    © Bipin

  21. Hi there... a bit nervous to make this thread. I am very new to 3D, but I'm finding it pretty fun to create buildings for CS. Being so new, my models are pretty simple, and boy do I feel way inferior to all of the creators out there. But it is a learning process, which is why I wanted to put this thread out there! I feel I've gotten decent at keeping tris low on my simple buildings, but struggle with the LOD and overall nice texturing. One thing I'm so annoyed about is how white-washed or over saturated things appear in the asset editor.. I just request that any advice given is with this in mind. I use Blender and Photoshop. Photoshop I'm fluent in as I use it for work, but I barely grasp blender lingo yet So anyway. Here is the first thing I ever made, and these are from last year before I took a long break from CS. It's a chapel based on one called the Anthony Chapel I once visited. I found it a beautiful place and wanted to kind of recreate it, but the entire building is pretty much glass and doing that in CS made it lose a lot of it's charm so I had decided to create it with no windows/glass. Maybe it looks a bit silly like that. Heres an actual photo: (Workshop) Next, I did this bell tower thing. (Workshop) Then a huge cathedral. (I guess I went on a church like spree) (Workshop) A growable commercial building, meant to be a cafe (Workshop) That's what I did last year. I did these two buildings this week, two high residential apartments: (Workshop) (Workshop) There are a few other things in my workshop, but these are the ones I'm most happy with. Anyway, I guess I just wanted to join the community a bit more, I've found a lot of useful information here and appreciate it a lot. I hope to continue updating this thread with more releases soon Thinking of doing some commercial buildings.
  22. Hi, long time no see. I haven't played C:S in quite a while, but just picked the game up again a few days ago. Today I noticed that all of Ngon's creations seem to be gone from the workshop and also from my current city. Does anyone know what's up?
  23. Hi. I have created some assets locally based on workshop items. Somehow these "new" assets keeps their link to the original workshop asset. Are anyone else experiencing this?Do anyone know how to break this link?This does not always happen, but it does sometimes.
  24. Hi all! I've been on and off the boards for some time now. I haven't played Sim City 4 or CSL a lot for the past 6 months, which is unusual because I quite enjoy the games and like to build large cities, worlds, even. I've just noticed that the reason is because CSL is still wanting in the beauty SC4 had - partly because of those ugly neon billboards on countless buildings, but lately I've noticed ppl are just making shoddy assets on the Steam Workshop. It really puts me off the game. Also, when ppl don't name or omit pictures for their assets. I'd really like to see more medieval buildings, parks, space craft, and flora and fauna but I don't see a lot of quality work except a select few and there hasn't been a lot of new stuff since december -- unless somehow I'm missing it. Has anyone else noticed this? I wrote more on this here: http://mnmmariam.wordpress.com/2016/03/24/building-story-worlds-2-assets-in-citiesskylines-workshop/ The problem is, I just don't see myself playing a whole lot until more talented ppl join the CSL asset developing. Sorry, but seeing as I have not played for 6 months, and I happen to really like the game, I think the game is still wanting. It's missing that SC4 charm but I think that can be improved with great buildings -- which CSL is needing. I thought Simtropolis was the right place to comment on this as the forums started with SC4 fans. I'd really like to keep playing CSL, as SC4 can't compete with its road flexibility and street-level zooming, as well as Traffic mods, but I feel like I need more quality items. I've always read users are creating good content, but I don't see it. Maybe I'm just missing it. Could we start a favorites assets forum or something, I don't know, just a thought. What say you all?
  25. Sketchfab! Sketchfab!! Sketchfab!! Sketchfab!!!! What is it? It's a way for us assetbuilders to showcase our work! It's got Steam integration: the first pic, done via Add / Edit Images & Videos - enter a Sketchfab URL. If enough people are willing to add this functionality to their assets' Workshop pages, we can easily preview stuff without having to download first and potentially getting a sad face afterwards. Getting alpha maps to properly work with your assets requires some horsing around; I've already forgotten how I managed with 2Pru, I'll post about the best settings here in this thread when I've got the handle on it, but BOY is this already a nice way of showing off!! Here's my profile: https://sketchfab.com/koesj. Get going! Upload your work! Add me as a friend Thank you @Darf for bringing this to my attention!

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