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City-building game(s)

Found 22 results

  1. Hey guys ! This topic is made just for you. (!)Posts are going to be edited a lot so make sure to come often. I will mark new edits with a "!" Here we are going to talk about : - News about the SimCity Revive project - Screenshots of the mods - Comments about SCRevive - Q&A allowed! - Requests for the project
  2. For the first I did try to find about how to mod sim city 2013 + cities of tomorrow, so I try here to find out more how to do it. If am want to change a small police station to have a helipad with 99 helicopter ? Where do I go to do that ? I know to get SimCity-Scripts_287520926.package/SimCityDLCEP1-Scripts_287520926.package, and how to export to new package (I click on a file then a popup menu up and find export to package). If you know the links for me to know so I can do this type of moding let me know, thanks. My problems is that when I have more then what is max (car, tower, garage). it's disappearing from the game. I can have more omega drones but I can't prevent disappearing from the game, yet. Edit: I guess there is no one who care to help me out.
  3. Cities of Tomorrow

    Good Morning, Whether for good or bad I've purchased Simcity Complete Edition, which includes Cities of Tomorrow. For the life of me I cannot locate any forum threads on issues pertaining to the version I own. It's supposed to include the an expanded core game and Cities of Tomorrow (COT). I have been known to be a newbie over the most obvious, but would appreciate someone pointing out where MODS, STEX buildings I should be able to use. Thank you all so kindly!
  4. It's time to ask the question that we all want to avoid. Is Simcity 2013 dead? In my opinion, yes, it is. I will be upgrading to Cities Skylines soon, hopefully. Farewell to Simcity.
  5. What is this? Why? I'm getting almost zero anything because of this and it always happens. The Great Works is the best choice for me but all it does it this. I have a whole city pumped but in the midst of that; this happens and my city turns to the negatives. I've been sitting here losing almost 300k an hour trying different things. I just can't. I need that assistance but this happens. Does anyone know what could be done? I need that Great Work D.
  6. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew if SimCity will run on Windows 8? I've checked the system requirements over at: http://www.simcity.c..._GB/buy/simcity but no luck. I also tried EA's help forums but no result either. Thanks in advance, hf123
  7. Version 1.2-1.0


    And well well well after all this time we finally have the base of the The SimCity Decorations Pack in this base pack is Fire Hydrant (Plop only) Trash Can (Plop only) Mail box (plop only) Yield sign (plop & anywhere) Stop sign (plop & anywhere) Parking Meter (plop only) Electrical box (plop only) and then you may plop rocks anywhere for your city and regions to look even more better And i will soon be adding more _________________________________________________________________________ PLEASE NOTE (WARNING) you will need akar and the Akar decorations pack in order to get this mod to work and it can be downloaded here http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29715-project-akar-ui-enhancement/ _____________________________________________________________ Issues There is a known issue with the anywhere plops and AKar lowres we are trying to fix it but you can use the decorations for now until then ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now on to the special thanks becuse we are wroking as a team i whould like to thnaks the following Xoxide: for helping me with anything i needed Yayie: the most i want to thank him for doing the menu items and making them new hinata: for always wanting to help in anyway she can banwashere: for making the awesome looking icons oppie: for helping me __________________________________ How to install extract the RAR and place the package file in C:\program files(86)\origin Games\SimcityData i am not responsible for any damage or errors caused to the game or PC Please comment and tell me if there is anything wrong
  8. Regional Dirt Road Mod

    Version 1.0


    hi all to day i give you the regional dirt road mod this is a hidden road in the game as like with the regional freeway i put it in the roads menu for all to use i know this may have been done with BOC or somthing. enjoy How to install extract the RAR and place the package file in C:\program files(86)\origin Games\SimcityData i am not responsible for any damage or errors caused to the game or PC please tell me if there is anything wrong P.S ignore the item next to the road in the menu in the screenshots
  9. Vermillion

    Greetings fellow mayors, today I would like to share with you the unveiling of our new city development, Vermillion. While the city is still young and unfinished, it is already being inhabited by some of the worlds leading engineers and scientists. The first city district within Vermillion is known as Atica. Right now it acts as the sole development of Vermillion, but one day it will serve as a the backbone for a thriving metropolis. Atica Daytime shot, around 3pm on a beautiful Simolean Saturday Nighttime shot around 2am, there are a few drops of rain in the sky And finally, a sunset pose taken around 9pm, clear skys and night lights. ----------------------------------------------------- Well, that's it for now. I hope you all have enjoyed, don't forget to view the full sized images! I will try to keep this updated with three new shots after finishing each tile/district in the region. My goal is to create a beautiful portfolio of city images. And, if you can't already tell, the pictures are post processed in Photoshop Enjoy!
  10. Hello everyone, my question is simple.. Is there a way to enable disasters in sandbox mode? All I get is "? Not approved" I feel that to have disasters is a major part of the game.. Your help would be very much appreciated
  11. I have been considering whether it would be at present possible to retexture not the buildings or vehicles of SimCity, but the people within the city themselves, in order to have a larger variety of people walking the streets. Is there a future for these Sims, or even perhaps a return to the past? Can we see Middle-Age peasants on pavements, or Victorians and Edwardians on the Tour Eiffel, if not even robots visiting the parks and viewing the sights? A few considerations of possible retextures that could, if this is possible, be found: Various retextures of emergency personnel to complement existing vehicle retextures Middle Age/Renaissance retextures (the start of fashion) Victorian/Edwardian retextures (going back to the early days of technology) Military retextures (possibly to complement the Heros & Villains Set?) Robotic retextures (for the future) Professional suit-and-tie retextures (for the elite bustling commercial towns) Wealthy/poorer retextures (royal squires at last at the Mayoral Mansion!) Animal-based retextures (for panda, dog and all other animal lovers) Profession-based retextures (clowns for amusement park cities) If the above is possible, it would be a nice addition (or subtraction) to the game, and could help create more diverse cities and regions that are tailored to the wishes of the player. I thank ye very much for reading. Comments, appraisals and criticisms are all welcome, of course. Enjoy, LaVerite
  12. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, messieurs and mesdames, I had a general question I wished to ask: am I authorised by EA games to introduce any downloaded mods into my multiplayer regions in SimCity 5, so long as they do not affect the leaderboard statistics? I'm currently using my mods only on my single-player region in fear of unknowingly breaking any rules EA has put in place. I apologise if this isn't the correct forum to post this comment in; excuse my ignorance, I am new to the Simtropolis community Thank you, LaVerite
  13. umm. should i not see a blur in the background Now this is my city And this is another city i got from imperialJedi from his mining town. sorry for using your pic imperialJedi i didn't know what else to use
  14. I have yet to buy the game and thought i would wait for a few of the more 'obvious' bugs to be ironed out. Now that they have, i would like to know: Would you recomend the game to me?
  15. There is a group of people who are gathering together to prepare for the multi-player aspect of SimCity. The URE is a group that is designed for both the elite player and the leisurely player. For players that wish to conquer leaderboards by collaborative efforts, we have Telephone Regions that use TeamSpeak to collaborate. We also help leisurely players find trustworthy mayors to play in regions with. The website is www.unitedregionaleasements.org and anyone who is reported for abusing the trust of fellow mayors in a region will be banned from the site, therefor it is a safe place to find friends to build regions with.
  16. Well i have't tryed the beta of the new sim city but , Anyone here think the new zoneing is kinda Clunky , Like you can't really zone it , it just puts the zone around the city block witch not that usefull and then you have all that space in the middle that's just grass , and it's not so good looking , If they made the zoneing for like sc4 i think it be 100% grate game , but i think evreything els in the game is fine other then the city sizes but thats not my topic , But anyone els here agreee one the zoneing issue?
  17. I think that cities xl is better for the sole reason of the map size and better transport systems
  18. I played the beta last night and it was pretty interesting to see how it all worked out etc... I know its a beta, so some of the things that I think should be in the game may be added later - I hope! Good: - Road building options, curves, straight, angled, arc, loop and square box. Its all very smooth and a lot better than CXL - Full 3D graphics make looking around the city much more fun - High performance engine! My Laptop is 5 years old with only a GeForce 8400M GS and the game ran very smoothly, at 1440x900 although only on medium graphics, but a lot faster than I expected. - You can open and close services to save money, rather then having to demolish them! - Sewage, finally! - Expandable and editable buildings! No more having to build 2 schools next to each other. - Sims, speak simlish - although the writing on buildings is English. Simlish is good as it keeps that sim humour - Weather, although I think its more a graphics thing and doesn't effect game play - Water table for placing a water tower! - 1 for 1 simulation. All the cars visible are the actual number using the road so congestion is easy to spot. Bad: - Graphics, they are nice, and perform very well on my old laptop - but for me are a bit too cartoon like. Textures for roads are a bit too plain also. Water looks nice though. - City tile size. I knew they were going to be small, but they really are small. I had a village of 2500 sims and it took up most of the space. - No subways, no motorways = - No grass, tree placement - so you can't build your own parks, only place pre made ones like the SC4 'large flower garden' - Road options are a bit limited, no one way roads, no motorways, and GLR seems to be only placed on the pre places avenues? - Access to the cities is from one point, I couldn't see any through routes, all roads link to the one motorway junction. - No terrain forming, no God mode I think I will buy the game, it is good, but not a serious city simulation game. Maybe it should have been Simsville like the game that was cancelled in 2001? It has some interesting features but lacks depth.
  19. Hi there Not much of a poster here but I thought I would chip in with my opinions and question some of the more advanced users of the forum Im not an expert on this whole new broad spectrum of what SimCity 5 will be like or how it should be as I dont believe it has been released yet. However to help me and other Sim City 4 lovers of the game understand it better can someone more knowledgable please provide the main list of differences between the two or that are EXPECTED. Before we proceed I would jut like to say I dont believe any city sim game can be better thatn SC4, that was once in a million, a unique. Regards
  20. What do you guys think will or should be the parks and recreation to be in Simcity 2013
  21. Just wondering if there are any info on how the schools in simcity5 will be set up im very fasinated with my cities in the education part will we be able to make school districts inside are citites?
  22. Anyone know this game?

    Link: http://ncloud.blogspot.com/2012/03/new-simcity-coming-2013.html

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