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City-building game(s)

Found 31 results

  1. https://nyti.ms/2Fgdcdp Many tech companies are building campuses near research universities far away from California. It’s no surprise to me because San Francisco has the highest rents in the world and California is prone to natural disasters. Besides economics and weather, the Midwest has more innovation, a lot of unused infrastructure and more moderate and diverse politics. For anyone besides a diehard progressive liberal, San Francisco can look like Hell. Even Amazon is expanding into the Midwest despite Seattle and Bellevue having more construction, lower prices, and better transportation than San Francisco and LA. Just to be clear, NY Times has a soft paywall.
  2. The way streets and buildings are arranged makes a big difference in how heat builds up.
  3. Hopefully this thread will generate a few ideas of how to deal with articles on the internet and quality of especially scientific information we consume. As the false news and false science movement/industry explodes, its a good idea to generate some criteria to keep the focus real. Simply, look for any link or reference to any reputable source of data, research, and cross-reference a few sources. Always have several different sources and wait for them all to report on the same topic. The theory is that even if there is a bit of 'fudging' of information between reputable sources, it will be easy to see what is consistently not 'fudged'. If an article makes conclusions not based on the actual data referred to then assume the conclusion is false in the sense that it is an opinion, but not a scientific one. A journalist may have science credentials but more likely the reason why they're not employed as a scientist is because they're not very good at it, so they get jobs as journalists and make up scientific opinion based on their political beliefs or financial stock options. Always assume politics and business are anti-science. Science generally promotes independent and thorough critical thinking. Politics and business rely primarily on helplessness, dependency, deference to authority, and mass confusion. Look for omission of information. What critical information is missing in an article, what questions would you have beyond the conclusion that you are being led to believe is a final authoritative opinion or fact. Don't bother using comments to protest or challenge the falsity, comment areas are part of the operation of keeping you hooked on false news and false science. The best way to retaliate or challenge is to participate in reputable news and science venues so to build strength of real news and science over the false. If any news agency promotes themselves as The Most Reputable, The One That Most People Rely on, assume every story they report is a fraud in progress. And most of all "Disobey Television" Meaning, disobey the prima facie evidence or fact presented by any media. In the event of requiring information regarding any emergency situation, go directly to a reputable science data reporting site.
  4. Update & Plans

    As you may know I've haven't posted in this city journal for a year now.Now I am planning to resurrect the project.However I will have to do a ton of research since I've changed the setting to the Pacific Northwest United States.I will still continue my other projects but in the meantime I will try to get something out within the next 2 weeks or so if possible.New Lanchester will have it's name changed to something else maybe or maybe not.This will a small city so don't expect some real tall towers.Also feel free to ask any questions.
  5. Some disappointing news :(

    As of September 10,2017 I have decided to scrap Arden County for an unknown amount of period.The reason for it is because I want to try out building European cities.Another reason is my computer has reached it's limits on the city.I know this is very saddening but one day I could revive this project.
  6. Some really bad news :(

    As you may know,all of my saves were suddenly deleted out of nowhere.I had hundreds of hours placed into Arden County only for it to suddenly vanish.The worst part is there's no recovering it so I have to restart.
  7. Hey guys ! This topic is made just for you. (!)Posts are going to be edited a lot so make sure to come often. I will mark new edits with a "!" Here we are going to talk about : - News about the SimCity Revive project - Screenshots of the mods - Comments about SCRevive - Q&A allowed! - Requests for the project
  8. Bad News guys

    Everyone who has been following my Arden County project,I've planned to stop working on this until I get equipment that can run this game without issues.For now I am shifting my focus onto European Cities for now.I plan to use less assets than I would use in American cities.
  9. Guys I have an issue

    So I've played around with the disasters and didn't realize I saved the game while it was Occurring.I have forgot to make backup saves,Now I can't turn off the disaster and I might have to restart everything!Damn I have some bad luck.
  10. Bad News

    Bad News So as you guys know I've upgraded my video card and guess what happened.The city won't load up even when i upgraded.I have tried everything,downgrading settings and deleting other saves.After so many issues and reducing settings,I've finally decided to shut down the project for good.I'm sorry but I had no choice because no solutions worked. Rip New Lanchester Jan 2016-Feb 2016
  11. Saw this article in Vox today and immediately thought of the C:S crowd. http://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2017/1/5/14143746/louisville-spaghetti-junction
  12. Ibero-American Politics

    Attending at the growing number and activity of Spanish and Portuguese speaker forumers on the last months, and the convoluted events on our countries, this thread is opened as a means to have friendly and civil discussions about politics and policies. Of course, all forumers are welcome, no matter their origin. As my RL career is mainly focused this issues, I'll try to update the thread regularly with news briefs, but your help with that task would be well recieved. Also, to keep an amicable ambient, here are some convivence recommendations: Prefer English, but don't be shy: English is a lingua franca we all can use and is understandable for all forumers, inviting them to participate here; nevertheless, if you don't find the right words, write it in your native tongue, we really want to know your ideas. Also, online translators are always a good help. Keep arguments concise: while is true one can talk about politics for hours, most ideas get lost on more than two paragraphs; try to mantain a conversational style. Assume good intentions: if you see something that could offend you, first think: could this be just a misunderstanding? could I improve things by taking the offense? Don't stay shut, but remember that is easy to express oneself in a confuse manner. Use data, don't believe on it: statistics are very useful to get a hold of what's really happening, but they are human-made measures that are prone to error and diverse interpretations. Show us the numbers but remember we can see different things on them. Understand political beliefs and cultures: our local cultures and political beliefs are very deep rooted and cherished, don't try to bluntly change others', talk about them in a respectful way and comprehend dissent. Welcome our friends from the world: lets keep this thread open to all forumers by using an open language, explaining context and references, and being available to answer questions.
  13. Shooting in the olympic shopping center at Munich, Germany. Some media report of eleven death, others about three. Underground stopped for the whole city. Central station closed and evacuated. Officials fear - this could be, like Paris, the beginning of a series.
  14. This read-only thread will be used by site staff for posting updates relating to Simtropolis, such as new features or notable changes. Please post any requests or ideas in the Suggestions Box. Or if you'd like to report a bug or other issue, please use the Bugs Thread. Thanks all!
  15. CTV Studio For XL

    Version 1.0


    What's New: - CTV Studio Now Support For Cities XL and Cities XXL - 1 New Building Is included More Info At http://www.citiesxp.weebly.com Thanks NICK97
  16. CTV News For XXL

    Version 1.0


    Work With: - Cities XXL What's New - Brand New Powerful Building - Brand New Money Making Easy The File In The C:\GamePlanet\CTV Studio
  17. Paradox have released After Dark, the first expansion for Cities: Skylines. Building on the features from the base game, a range of new gameplay and simulation options are introduced, giving greater control of how your city interacts and functions. It includes ways to specialise district areas (e.g. leisure & tourism), and changes in activity based on the new day/night cycle. There's also expanded city services and additional transportation options, including bike & bus lanes! Dev Diary #1: Night Time, what is it? Dev Diary #2: What's new with Modding? Dev Diary #3: Expanded city services Dev Diary #4: Commercial specializations Dev Diary #5: Almost there! Price: $14.99 / £10.99 / €14.99 The expansion requires the base game installed, and is a separate purchase. Launch FAQ Patch Release Notes (includes the differences between the free update) Mod Compatibility Guide (community created)
  18. So with Colossal Order making a big announcement today at Gamescom, and with AzureSpecter dropping hints to keep an eye out for a big release...anyone have any hopes or guesses as to what it will be? Moved to a new thread: http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/68698-cities-skylines-after-dark-expansion-announced/
  19. SchulMedia: News Reel #4

    SchulMedia: News Reel #4 (#3) (#2) (#1) These are the odd one or three pictures that aren't enough to make a full update with but I still want to show you. I'll sort of put them here and arrange in reverse chronological order. The most recent ones will be first and we'll work our way backwards. I'll put the date by each. There will be the occasional thing I have just a few pictures of but still want to use. For those, look here! After 20 stories, the next newsreel will be started. This is the fourth one. See the previous ones using the links above. Monday 3 August 2015: News Brief #80 VOTE SCHULMANIA!!! http://community.simtropolis.com/gallery/image/315-estpaul/ Friday 29 May 2015: News Brief #79 Today in Ben's Top 10 Time Machine () Schulmania makes it's debut! Our first ever appearance is 23 November 2006, only a few weeks after our October premiere. Of course, the Sims have plenty to say about that... and about life in general... They seem pretty chill about the news... But, lingering doubts remain! Thursday 14 May 2015: News Brief #78 The citizens of Schulmanukau are awaiting the results of nominations for the Sci Fi Crystal Wirdle! Nominate your favorite SC4 Sci Fi CJ here! Nominations end Tuesday and voting begins Wednesday. And, congrats to Tonraq for winning the Crystal Wirdle for Most Realistic SC4 CJ! Sunday 10 May 2015: News Brief #77 It's great day to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather with a WirdleccinoTM. Wanna join me? Monday 4 May 2015: News Brief #76 It's a beautiful day to go to the park. Join me in Myers Park, in the capital's third district. Wanna chase some squirrels and chipmunks? Monday 27 April 2015: News Brief #75 The new city of Kiligan, Wirdilia District, is behind schedule. Only one building has been built! What gives?! Well, it would seem as if our engineers and city planners were a bit off task... They need to get to work! we need us a new city in the northwest. If the Supreme Wirdle finds out about this delay there will be hissing and scratching aplenty!!! Sunday 19 April 2015: News Brief #74 Royal Schulmania Navy Announcement Prince James has been commissioned as Admiral and assigned command of the Second Fleet, to be stationed at the new Marshall Naval Base in Otfoxx (Wirdilia District, Mookimia). This promotion has been authorized by Fleet Admiral Queen Hestorb. Marshall Naval Base is the newly-completed center of maritime naval operations in the Northlands. The Second Fleet has been tasked with protecting inland waterways from Wirdilia east to Coastal Mookimia. Thursday 16 April 2015: News Brief #73 At the Supreme Wirdle's house, it's time to read a bedtime story... Thursday 8 April 2015: News Brief #72 Schulmania #TBT Everyone else has a #TBT, so why not us? Today, we will explore the rural farmland of the central Plains of Wirdleonia. Here, life moves at slower pace. Let's sit back and enjoy a blast from the past! Wednesday 1 April 2015: News Brief #71 The Government of Schulmania proudly announces the birth of a new kitten! The Grand Duke of East Atkinos and the Baroness of Pyy, proud parents, shared the good news via SchulMedia with the Feline Realms from their mansion just outside West Forest, the capital city of East Atkinos. The Supreme Wirdle will announce soon the new titles for the newest member of the feline ruling family. To celebrate the occasion, she has declared this week to be an official holiday with paid vacation (or holiday pay for those who can't take time off) for all felines in the nation. Queen Vera has extended this to Harar as well. Schulmania will offer a special commemorative chapter in honor of this special event soon. In the mean time, enjoy your holiday!!! Tuesday 24 March 2015: News Brief #70 Chapel of the Felicitous Feline Kolibri, Neue Steiermark 8 PM -- seating begins at 7:15 ENJOY! Wednesday 18 March 2015: News Brief #69 Welcome to Noewhere! Come and stay a while! Things are about to get interesting! Wednesday 11 March 2015: News Brief #68 New public facilities now open in New Wirt! Feline Exhibition Hall New Wirt Convention Center Place Des Artistes Grand Opening Party now in progress at the Convention Center -- free admission! Friday 6 March 2015: News Brief #67 Sabotage? Incompetency? What the heck is going on here??!! Anyone seen this kind of thing before?? Weird!!! Monday 2 March 2015: News Brief #66 Exciting news from East Atkinos! New kittens expected at the end of the month at Downton Abbey! Wednesday 25 February 2015: News Brief #65 Tomorrow is a snow day!!! ENJOY!!! PAR-TAY!! WOO HOO!!! Thursday 19 February 2015: News Brief #64 This poor, sad tree is all alone on a sandbar off the Wirdleplex coast in the Schulmanic Ocean. It's all alone Won't you make it happy by saying hello? Thursday 12 February 2015: News Brief #63 Been scratched? Hissed at? Treed? Don't get even - get KC&M! Our lawyers are both adorable and effective. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Tuesday 3 February 2015: News Brief #62 The Transit Office has built a new marker for the boundary between the southern regions of Wirdleonia and The Wirdleplex. This new facility offers litterbox facilities, picnic areas, vending machines, and of course plenty of opportunities for kitty selfies! Sunday 25 January 2015: News Brief #61 Charlie Sheen was right, Schulmania is all about WINNING!!! A party is now underway at SchulMedia Games, Inc. Come join us!
  20. Trust and Broadcast News

    There have been a few cases recently of news anchors and other sources being found to have feet of clay, to say the least. Let's have everyone's opinion on news sources and correspondents. I'll start by saying that I take all news with a grain of salt, and sometimes a whole salt lick. My usual sources are CBC.com, BBC.com and occasionally CTV.com, and I try to read between the lines on them when they report the same events. Broadcast news anchors on these networks have actually been reduced to script-reading employees in most cases as all of the reportage seems to be filtered by an editorial overlay related to their advertisers. I occasionally watch some of the one-on-one interviews, but even these are recorded and edited. Maybe at my age (77), I've become somewhat cynical, but I wonder if we ever will find out the truth of anything?
  21. SchulMedia: News Reel #3 (News & Short CJ Updates)

    SchulMedia: News Reel #3 (#4) (#2) (#1) These are the odd one or three pictures that aren't enough to make a full update with but I still want to show you. I'll sort of put them here and arrange in reverse chronological order. The most recent ones will be first and we'll work our way backwards. I'll put the date by each. There will be the occasional thing I have just a few pictures of but still want to use. For those, look here! After 20 stories, the next newsreel will be started. This is the third one. See the first one [here] and the second one [here]. Saturday 24 January 2015: News Brief #60 Attractive lease rates now available! Ask management for the latest move-in specials! Wednesday 21 January 2015: News Brief #59 Scandal at the Transit Office! It has been revealed that a new town being developed by the City Planning Office has been delayed due to the infrastructure supervisor's incompetence. He drew out his plans haphazardly and under the influence of catnip. Now, the development in Upper Tenne District is back to the drawing board... and city planners are left trying to figure out what to do with this hot mess: Saturday 10 January 2015: News Brief #58 And now, it's time for FUN WITH FLAGS! Some fun facts from Schulmania's flags... surrender to fun today! Germany has now eclipsed the UK to become the #2 country to visit Schulmania! Also note that Japan has overtaken Russia and South Korea has risen 3 places. Brazil and France are getting very close as well. Oooh, the excitement! Here's some other Schulmania visitors of note: Sunday 4 January 2015: News Brief #57 New Zealand hits 1000 Schulmania visitors!! \ Need more New Zealand? Check out these links to Schulmania's 2009 and 2013 State Visits to Aotearoa : SCHULMANIA 2009 STATE VISIT INDEX PAGE SCHULMANIA 2013 STATE VISIT INDEX PAGE Monday 22 December 2014: News Brief #56 For those traveling for the holidays, Schulmania sends best wishes and safe travels! Monday 8 December 2014: News Brief #55 Schulmania Volume 2 has hit 800,000 views today! WOO HOO! Spread the news far and wide! Party at Chateau Schulman! Saturday 29 November 2014: News Brief #54 China hits 1,000 visitors to Schulmania! Woo hoo! The world's most populous country is a fabulous feline friend! Wednesday 19 November 2014: News Brief #53 Schulmania's eastern airport, located at New Arlenes, is prepping for a busy travel week. The airport is located adjacent to a military base and shares runways with military planes The terminal is both stately and state of the art This is the eastern hub for Nyan Airlines Tuesday 11 November 2014: News Brief #52 Referendum! Vote now here: Note: the full story is in the old forum due to glitches in the new one here. Please use the link above to see all of our referendum info and the official ballot! Friday 7 November 2014: News Brief #51 OMG! Grumpy Cat has a movie!!! Now showing at the National Theater in District IX! Monday 3 November 2014: News Brief #50 The Fancy Feastery in Cave Canem, Central Mookimia, the largest canned cat food factory in Schulmania, has been set ablaze! Protective Forces personnel are on the scene trying to contain the blaze before it destroys the building and its stockpile of Fancy Feast. Fire Marshal Bill told local media that workers fleeing the building report that the fire started in the breakroom. Apparently, a worker put a bag of catnip flavored popcorn in the microwave and left it unattended when distracted by watching birds out the window. The Protective Forces fire brigade is on the scene Fire Marshal Bill reports no casualties, but it appears that at least some of the Fancy Feast in the factory has suffered smoke or water damage. The fire may result in a shortage of key flavors of canned cat food nationwide. The Strategic Fish Reserve in East Kolibri may be called upon to keep the supply of tuna, sardines, and salmon steady until the crisis is resolved. The Strategic Fish Reserve in East Kolibri Wednesday 22 October 2014: News Brief #49 Link to lot here: Today has been a difficult day for our many Canadian friends on Simtropolis. Wishing peace and healing for all. Saturday 18 October 2014: News Brief #48 Announcing the OFCA The Office of Feline Cuteness and Adorability A new agency of the Government of Schulmania By proclamation of the Supreme Wirdle, the OFCA is hereby established. The OFCA has been charged with promoting the awareness and appreciation of feline cuteness and adorability. In doing so, the OFCA will help to create a softer, purrier, cuddlier world for us all. Smitten by cute cat videos on the internet? Adorable cat memes everywhere in your life? You are the type of client the OFCA is here to serve. The new national office is located in Townsite, the fifth arrondissement of the National Capital Region, where many government agencies are headquartered. The OFCA building is adjacent to the Soft Kitty Building, an airy structure featuring all sorts of supplies and services to help kitties be even softer and sweeter than ever! Welcome to the OFCA headquarters! Come inside to get a hearty dose of cuteness and adorability! And meet the director of the agency, Lord Purrington. He's already hard at work! There's a lot of cuteness and adorability just waiting for you here in the feline world! You know you want to saw "Awwwwwwwwww... <3" to the kitten video. So do it. Do it now! Start swooning in 3... 2... 1... Saturday 11 October 2014: News Brief #47 The Goverment of Schulmania wishes to offer its condolences to the Dominion of the recent passing of their esteemed leader, His Excellency, Ambassador Wizard Prince Schonheit - Director General of the Wirdle Canine Council. Prince Schonheit has been a faithful companion and loyal friend and he will be missed. Wednesday 8 October 2014: News Brief #46 The Schulmania Tactical Response Team (TRT) has successfully infiltrated an enemy outpost in the eastern foothills of the Devonian Mountains. Knocking out this strategic outpost clears the way for a massive fall offensive to reclaim territory. Queenferry Outpost is going down! Watch live footage of the sneak attack here! Saturday 27 September 2014: News Brief #45 ¡Fiesta Mexicana! Schulmania celebrates 1,000 visitors from Mexico! Celebrate this event with scenery from across Schulmania! The preceding scenes were photographed in Santiago de los Gatos Caballeros (Wirdleonian Piedmont, Regency of Wirdleonia), Robinia (South Wirdleonia, Regency of Wirdleonia), and Glenvar (The Wirdleplex). BONUS: Meet one of our feline friends running for office in México: Sunday 21 September 2014: News Brief #44 There's a Korea festival in Exposition Park to celebrate Schulmania's 1000th South Korean visitor! Great job, Korea! Let's arrive at the Expo Station and head into the park Admission is free! Come in and enjoy the fun! There's food and games at The Wirdlesphere! Come celebrate this exciting new milestone! Thursday 4 September 2014: News Brief #43 BREAKING NEWS! A Nyan Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing at National Capital International Airport in Schulmania's capital city of Oak Ridge this evening. The flagship feline carrier did not provide details about the emergency landing, but did state that the plane landed safely and no one was injured. The Nyan Airlines Spokescat hissed when pressed for further details. Transit Office officials released this video of the landing: The black box from the plane will be investigated once cats quit sitting in it. Saturday 30 August 2014: News Brief #42 As the unofficial end to summer looms this weekend everyone wants to get one more day of fun in the sun. And, where else would one want to go than the Midway at the Feline World's Fair Park? Located in District XI of the National Capital District, the Midway has something for everyone. That is, until football starts up! Friday 22 August 2014: News Brief #41 The Supreme Wirdle has been on vacation at the palace of her friend, the King of Leeviousia. She only visits int he summer because it is too cold in the winter. Nice palace, eh? It's a good place to live but a real pain to keep it clean! Anywho, it was here that she received the news that Schulmania just received its 1000th visitor from the Philippines!!! Woo hoo! Awesome job, Philippines! :D
  22. Tycoon News

    Hey all! It's been a very very long time since I spent time in these forums. In fact all my old post and city journals don't show in my history since the forums have been overhauled once or twice since I posted them. But I wanted to share my news series I've been working on for a while since I think you'll find it informative. It covers city-builders, management simulations, and general tycoon games. Here's the episode for this month: And if you enjoyed that, here's the full playlist. I'm always looking to improve the quality and content of these videos, so if you have any suggestions, let me know! -Zhatt
  23. Version


    Back again, guys! This time with a midsized skyscraper (right at 270 meters high). I present to you PhoenixNews International, your number one source for news around the world! She's a fully functional landmark, with 1500 CO$$$ jobs. The tower sits on a 5x3 very simple lot. It'll be in the Landmarks menu. Plop cost is $250,000, but it provides a moderate income of $2,500 monthly (communications taxes ) Dependency (just one!) BCS BAT Props Mattb325 (Vol 02) (Parking Garage next to building) Enjoy! -daTS
  24. Version 1.0


    FANTA1990 Presents: If you can't beat the paparazzi, make them think you're on their side. Fill the TV station's parking lot with these shiny new minivans outfitted with the very latest in sophisticated comm equipment courtesy of Emergency 4. They'll spend more time turning dials and pressing buttons, and less time peeping through your keyhole. A direct link to Fanta's News Chopper ensures they'll never lose a story in traffic. Of course, most commuters will make way when they notice the swiveling satellite dish, two-tone paint job, and flashy decals pasted to every surface. An overhead wind deflector reduces noise, and tinted windows conceal exactly where the camera is pointed to keep things real. This is essentially an automata reskin, so there are no dependencies and no configuration is required. Since the action never stops, all models come with Nightvision technology (Nightlighting), GPS (UDI), and spare parts (props). Help your sims stay informed through good and bad with these state-of-the-art correspondence vehicles. *** For the latest updates and other spectacular creations by Fanta Soda, visit his homepage on SimCity China at the following URL: http://www.SimCity.cn/thread-99303-1-1.html Fanta has taken considerable measures to make his site accessible to English speaking users. However, I encourage you to exploit the automatic translation features available in browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, or one of many Add-ons for Internet Explorer. Mandatory registration will unlock Fanta's downloads and all other custom content on SimCity China. One login prompt and two verification screens may seem excessive, but are well worth it. Since Fanta spends considerable time manufacturing custom mods, he specifically requested my assistance publishing his work to the mainstream English speaking audience. All credit and responsibility for this download lies solely with Fanta Soda. He will personally read and perhaps respond to any praise, feedback, criticism, or suggestions to this post. More impressive works from FANTA1990 will follow.
  25. Version 1.1


    FANTA1990 Presents: A much needed facelift for all three municipal helicopters inspired by designs from Emergency 4 (aka 911). The Police Chopper brandishes a blue and white paint job with matching decals and a gyrating inset tail rotor. The Medical Helicopter gleams with two-tone emergency orange markings and bold black insignia on the either side. The News Helicopter boasts a red, white, and blue pattern with inset tail rotor and elaborate emblems. Each bird features exquisite detail including wider blades, distinguishing runners, and tinted windows. Since this is essentially an automata reskin, there are no dependencies and no configuration is required. It's an easy way to improve the realism and appearance of the game's otherwise mostly siloughetted renditions. Choose from the following two files: Emergency4 helicoper.rar - Uses HD textures, but requires Hardware Acceleration to avoid visual defects. Emergency4 helicoper-256.rar - May be used with Software Acceleration. *** A version of this mod containing a police chopper with a functioning search light (as pictured below) is featured on the developer's website here: http://http://www.SimCity.cn/thread-123675-1-1.html *** This mod was originally posted along with many other spectacular creations by Fanta Soda on his SimCity China homepage with the following URL: http://www.SimCity.cn/thread-99303-1-1.html Fanta has taken great lengths to make his site accessible to English speaking users. However, I encourage you to exploit the automatic translation features available in browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, or one of many Add-ons for Internet Explorer. Mandatory registration will unlock Fanta's downloads and all other custom content on SimCity China. A login prompt and two verification screens may seem excessive, but are well worth it. Since Fanta spends considerable time manufacturing custom mods, he specifically requested my assistance publishing his work to the mainstream English speaking audience. All credit and responsibility for this download lies solely with Fanta Soda. He will personally read and perhaps respond to any praise, feedback, criticism, or suggestions to this post. More impressive works from Fanta Soda will follow.

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