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City-building game(s)

Found 45 results

  1. I am having an issue where BAT will not import any 3ds models that has PNG texture files. Most of the time, converting them to jpg works, but this can cause some problems in the model if the model that I downloaded has transparency in those textures. Sometimes the model does not read the loss of transparency and I am fine, but sometimes I get an ugly white into the model. This is all because BAT will not import 3ds models with PNG textures. If I try to import a model with PNG textures, nothing happens. Nothing is imported. No error message or anything, it just does not import. I was wondering if there is a fix for this? I Googled the problem but nothing about this came up. So there has to be a way to get it to read models with PNG textures.
  2. Wings 3D

    Don't know if there is any need for this information ... ... but accidentelly I discovered that the free 3d modelling software Wings 3D is able to export 3ds files that can be read by gmax. So far my experience with this is very thin but on the simple models I exported so far, uv mapping, material library etc. was fine
  3. Welcome to the development thread for CT14 lots and BAT. Here's a quick list of current releases so you don't have to scroll through the thread to find them all: North American Freight Sidings Llama Terminal Company SABER LA River Troy Gasholder Building FAB Diagonal Industrials Lowrider Props In-N-Out Lowrider Show Old Time Power Plants - jestarr Boilerhouses --- North American Freight Sidings original first post: Inspired by the lack of existing lots representing protypical North American freight railroad sidings, I've created a system of lots that can be used to create eye-candy rail sidings. They are transit-enabled for appearance. I have been encouraged to share my progress in a dedicated thread by helpful feedback in the Show Us Your Railroads general thread, especially from SimCoug, T-Wrecks, raynev1. And the whole thing wouldn't exist without the Jestarr props. Features: 18 ploppable lots for different railcar types on double track rail Transit enabled connections to make the lots fit in seamlessly anywhere Three prop families to provide a variety from Jestarr's boxcars, intermodal and general merchandise freight ("Junkers") RRW compatibility Known issues: Transparent texture bug as described here http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/42425-transparent-texture-issue/ The lots need custom icons created and added, through Reader as described here: http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com/index.php?title=Tutorial:Inserting_a_custom_menu_icon_with_the_Ilive_Reader Future development ideas: Single Track Rail lots don't match exactly when using textures extracted from the RAM .dat, and I probably need permission to use them separately in any case. So, STR sidings may be a separate release at some point. Four-track lots would be prototypical for large yard trackage, but don't exist in RRW. Custom textures might allow some eye-candy four-track lots in future, this would resemble an updated subset of NCD. Dependencies: BSCMegaProps JES Vol01 (v1.0) - http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=342 For RRW, you need the NAM with RRW enabled. Download: Please report bugs here. Thanks!
  4. Hello dear fellow of Simtropolis, I've experienced some small but exhausting issues in Gmax BAT recently I never saw such things and it seems to curiously increase, and before attempting re-install, I'd like to have some advice. It started with the right-click on objects (which allows to unroll a red list with some options) being completely ignored and never appearing in a small scene. I've tried to export the objects in new scene but it appears to be the same in every new scene... And in the old ones as well °-° So I could'nt make a single mesh with the various boxes aimed to be the LODs. I did that several times before and it always worked. But, you may say, it's possible to turn splines into meshes with the modifier list on the right as well. That's what I tried then, it worked, but then ALL the objects I wanted to make a single mesh with (to be the new LODs, still...) won't appear in the attach list °-° And OF COURSE, it's the same everywhere... Please help !!
  5. Gmax R.I.P ?

    As Gmax no longer gives registration codes, and SC4Devotion's link to the SC4D_Maxis_files.html is no longer good, maybe some more headaches, I'm giving up on that 3D app. Is there another one that works with SC4? Thanks!
  6. Hello , Maybe you know several fo my models in Simtropolis , like Auchan , Carrefour , Interpsort or the toll booths. Y want create a new building but in my case I look for the file of Target like in pictures on this topic : I work under Gmax and if it's possible i'm very enthousiastic to create a new building with the foundation of Target . Thanks for you help !
  7. Diego Del Llano Models

    Hello everybody, as you know I'm starting to upload Files with a regular quality, I'd like to find recomendations how to make better models. First I model with Sketchup and then render with Gmax BAT tool. and where do you download nice textures?, with software do use to model? What machine do you use to render? Sorry about my English, spanish is my first language, but I'll do my best to understand everything Thank you!
  8. how to make buildings on gmax?
  9. GMAX Problem!!!

    I need a User Indentification Code Can somebody help me please!!!
  10. Blueprint working blues

    I've gotten a good blueprint for a building that I've wanted to build for a long time, and I believe I can do a superior version of the one on the STEX (not saying which one). Anyway, I've been following this tutorial on using blueprints and after some embarrassing time trying to find the Uniform Scale tool, I discovered my "exact box" that I used (it was marked in the original blueprint, just a 4'x4' fixture, I was horrified to find that somehow, my blueprint in gmax had been distorted to a bunch of squiggles that I couldn't even find the box I used. I tried fiddling with and re-importing the PNG (if that makes a difference) to no luck. Obviously, the full blueprint is far too high-resolution to show up in the actual game, but is it too much for gmax? I sure hope not!
  11. Mary's Gmax Tutorials

    Hello and Welcome. Here I will attempt to write some Tutorials on how to apply Textures and how to edit the textures using Gmax (SC4Bat).... Everyone is also encouraged to share their own knowledge on the subject as well. Open to all users who wish to share what they have learned and for new users to ask questions and get answers. My own tutorial will be coming soon. Whether it is a simple tutorial or a more in-depth tutorial it is my hope that this will be a great help to those who wish the join the ranks of creating custom content....
  12. Hopefully this is my last "How do I make" post. I was wondering how to make prop packs like this one: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/30733-hd-north-american-40ft-semi-trailers-vol1/ I bet it involves a lot of modeling in Gmax and a lot of work in the PIM. It would be super helpful if someone tells me how to.
  13. SC4 B.A.T Errors

    For some reason, after I uploaded my "Crane Hotel" to the ST Exchange (http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/31128-the-crane-hotel/) weird stuff has been happening in the BAT. For some reason, every time I import a .3ds file, it says "Error while importing file, the program will now close.", and i've tried running in as an Admin, and it didn't do anything. I've tried it with about 3 or 4 different buildings, but its the same result. It gives me that error, then the whole program just crashes. Can someone please help me? Thanks!
  14. So, I was making a building for Simcity 4. I was done with the building modeling in Sketchup and everything, but when I put it into Gmax, when it was rendering the building, near the bottom of it there were these random holes, that were NOT in the Sketchup model. The holes in the building were even there in the Lot Editor! I tried every quality setting: Draft, Low, Medium, and High, but the holes were still there! Can someone please help me with this? I've rendered something in Gmax before, and there were no holes at all! Maybe the building was too big? I wish I could include screenshots, but I guess I didn't take any.
  15. Since Gmax is not opening the actual installer for Gmax, and some completely different installer, can someone please give me a download link to Gmax PROGRAM and NOT the installer? I really want to make buildings! Thanks!
  16. Hi, I am wondering if there is advice for eager new BATers. Is it worth starting and trying to learn GMAX with the Maxis LE/PIM or would it be better just to start with 3ds Max and the PIMX? (Assuming one could get 3ds Max for free). I know the GMAX is somewhat more simpler, but it is also out dated, and I also know PIMX is considered a better version of LE/PIM. GMAX/BAT is also a bit of a pain to install since it isn't compatible with the Origin version, so maybe it's just easier to start with 3ds Max and PIMX. Any thoughts?
  17. So, I watched a tutorial on how to make SC4 custom buildings and that stuff, so I tried to install BAT, but it said "i didn't have gmax". So, I got Gmax from Turbosquid, and I launched it, and when I clicked "setup", an Anvil Studio Setup Wizard came up...? So, please help me fix this, this is really annoying. I really want to make by own custom buildings.
  18. Supplementing topic: BAT error code = 6? Recently I began to entertain tools on the SimCity 4 e.g: BAT, Lot editor, SC-4 plugin and I encountered few problems. In case of problems with Gmax some of them can easily solve. As for the errors of type "error code =4, 6, 11" can help a trick that helped me. For a smooth transition through the process exporting I recommend to set the model of the X, Y, Z axis right in the middle of the model. I imported SketchUp 8 models so the setting of the center axis there were no problem. In my case, it solved the problem of error "error code = 4". It's also helpful when it's comes to make LOT's as the model is exactly in center where it shows in LOT editor as building. It seems to me that if the model axis is not exactly in the middle of it in the rendering export protrudes a little beyond the rendering windows. This can cause problems with the rendering export. It's a bit stupid explanation of the problem but it works. In addition, models of more complex problem occurred more often. Earlier in the process BAT did not export and stopped at 9%. I hope that it's will help You the creation of new LOTs.
  19. I might be posting this in the wrong forum, but here goes: How do I add Windows, doors and props to a building which I made using boxes in GMAX? It says there are several ways to do this and that there's an easier way, but it doesn't say how. Can someone help me out here please? Thanks.
  20. Extrusion distortion?

    I've embarked on "Secret 2016 BAT Project #2" (I'm not going to release specifics since I don't want to overpromote and in a very early stage right now) and am working with some height plans published in relation to a renovation of the building, as well as Google Earth screenshots. The facade of the building is a mostly flat front with an imposing facade and breezeway jutting out of the front of it. The size of this facade is proportional X-Y to the front of the building, but when it came time to extrude it to 20' (and my measurements have been accurate and worked so far), it just looked wrong in the perspective. From the top & left, it looked fine but from the perspective, the thing seemed huge. I know you need to multiply height by 1.3, but is there any known scaling issues with working outward?
  21. Texturing for GMAX

    I'm about to start texturing using SC4BAT, however I noticed that there's more to texturing than meets the eye. It seems that there are programs out there that would give me better textures than if I were to just simply use SC4BAT / GMAX to texture, which would give me plain flat renders of exterior walls, windows and roofs. Am I right? Is there anything out there that would provide more realistic texturing? If so, are there any free ones available? Thanks in advance.
  22. Greetings!!! I have been a member of this site for a while now but I have not been active for quite some time, nor have I played SC4 for quite a while now. I have decided to get back into the game once again. Not only am I looking to play, I am also looking to create some models for the game as well and I was wondering what I should use for this. I used to use gMax for my modeling but I have seen posts where others are using 3dsmax for their modeling. Which is better? gmax or 3dsmax? If you suggest 3dsmax, where is a good place to get it? Do I need anything to go with it like Bat4Max in order to export it to SC4? Thank for your input. P.S. If I posted in the wrong forum, my apologies, please move to correct forum.
  23. I'm trying to get my night lighting right, but I keep running into this problem where some of the lights appear to become overly bright and causes too much light to appear in certain areas. In the images below you can see first what I intend for the scene to look like. It was a "draft" render upon first loading gmax. The second picture is another render - the only difference is that I hit the render button again. I did not change anything in the scene. You can see that the pool has one face entirely illuminated now and there appears to be a giant spot light on the balconies to the bottom right. Can any one help with what is causing this and how I can fix it. I am pulling my hair out over it.
  24. Hello. I would like to ask a small request to the community. I need to convert a gmax file to a 3ds max file using this method. However, I do not have gmax installed, so I can't use this method. I still have the original gmax file though. Would someone be willing to convert it for me? The file is here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/06pf2e26ddj7fhr/I%24%24industrial_factory_For_sim_marscopysav3.gmax
  25. Version 1.0.0


    My first BAT for SimCity 4 created entirely gmax. The process of creation took about 3 months. I know that over the many still have to work, so I will be glad to your comments and observations on the working torque. And a little bit of information, and the project itself: The City Hall and City Duma is a cancelled project. If built, It would be the new home for the Moscow government and assembly (duma). It would consist of four 308.4 meter (1011.8 feet), 72 story towers. Currently, the government of the city is using hundreds of smaller buildings throughout the city. It was expected that most of the city's central administration would be gathered in the new complex to provide better organization, allowing the buildings currently in use to be sold. The project consisted of four supertall skyscrapers with several two storey bridges between towers and eight storey bridges at the top. The highest bridges would be built in shape of letter "M" for "Москва"(Moscow). The new buildings would be located in the Moscow International Business Center "Moscow-City" construction area, near Kutuzovskiy Prospect by the Moscow River. The project was officially cancelled due to financing problems.

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