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  1. Kellydale2003's BAT Mine

    My opinion - Kelly's glass is one of the best around, he really doesn't need to look to others on how to create glass
  2. The ones that never made it to STEX

    P.S if you ever wanted to abandon any of those models I'd love to have a crack at finishing a few off!
  3. The ones that never made it to STEX

    A Wasted talent if ever there was one, you always showed such exciting work!
  4. Kellydale2003's BAT Mine

    Everything here is quite spectacular!
  5. Kellydale2003's BAT Mine

    Absolutely release it, the quality is still very very high and would be more than welcome in my Cities
  6. Random buildings and requests

    This is looking great, although a few adjustments and I think it would look much better..and they are pretty much mirroring what T Wrecks says. The roof is nearly there but I still think it needs a bit more de-saturation, or lightening slightly..drop it into a an SC4 screen shot and it might stand out a wee bit. As for the HVAC, they do not really give the impression they are metal. Have you set Sky in Max? If it was plain metal it would be a lot bluer from the sky reflection and shiner, if they are grimiier the edges should be duller. Whilst I have no doubt you've set the material as metal, I'd have a play with it to see what reuslts you can get because it still looks like it is untextured plastic. Maybe add a litle noise to the facade material if you haven't already, just to help break the uniform look a little. Love the sing especially at night, great stuff!
  7. FSH BAT restoration

    Lotting is hard with this method so need to play around a bit more, but you certianly can get ok results. I had to darken and add some peach overlay to the original preview render to try and make it 'blend' more. Each rotation will sadly have to be the same view, but if its not W2W then its ok.
  8. FSH BAT restoration

    Awesome, thanks for clarifying mate! Replacing the Z5 FSH files with the original preview is pretty easy on the smaller buildings and a totally feasible workaround. Z5 on bigger buildings seems ok as shown below. However, my uneducated brain is running into problems. 1. The export comes out as the below in LE, even though the preview render looks fine. I have created the LODS to be the size (roughly) of the buildings which is 4x4 wide and 200m tall. I also did these dimensions for the plane the preview is applied to. Is that too small or is the below scene steup as it should be? I can't figure out why it chops the bottom off. If I just do 'automatic LODS' it exports fine, however the Lot in LE ends up being something like a 10x10, even though the building is the same size. Any help would be most appreciated, I think Pauls building comes out looking quite acceptable. (hid the lines with bushes as a temp workaround haha) Edit - When I go into GoFsh and extract it has exported it fine and full base is there. Not sure why its just in LE and in game? See bottom BMPs 7AB50E44-083CF9F8-0011040F-C0.bmp 7AB50E44-083CF9F8-00110304-C0.bmp
  9. FSH BAT restoration

    Hey, I didn't really do anything here, just asked questions of people more intelligent than I. Kudos really is to Cockatoo, RSC204, Jason, Matt..even yourself. Be free to take this method, spread to those on other sites. I would say the more people that give this a try and experiment with this the better..its just a bit of fun after all! Post your images of what you've worked on, even share BATs you managed to ressurect if you know the BATer is completely inactive, you never know they might even come back to decide to finish it themselves.
  10. FSH BAT restoration

    I definitely think the blur makes a difference, especially around the windows etc. This method certainly will not please the perfectionists, but for those willing to try it is certainly useful for BATs you simply wished you had had in game. My zip file of preview renders is 100mb so PM me if anyone wants a bunch of pictures of SimCity buildings haha
  11. FSH BAT restoration

    That export was with it set to 0.01 I believe, there must be some 'science' as to why it happens as Jason alluded to the fact it will probably be blury. Technically. if the Max export is the same size and shape as the render preview, then the overlay of the orignal preview render can be added via GoFsh editing, a little more fiddly but a lt easier when you know its just overlaying the same image over the top (albeit less blurry). For symmetrical buildings e.g Box Towers or The Gherkin (if Girafe doesn't finish it) you can use the same the view more than once and to do that you can just copy the newly created or edited FSH or BMP files and rename them overwriting the ones you want to replace.
  12. FSH BAT restoration

    So Zoom 5 definitely loses sharpness, not sure why..but this is a perfectly feasible way to create some additional content from Preview Renders. Note - I didn't carry out any colour correction here. You could also use both methods if you wanted to smarted up the Zoom 5 and carry out the GoFsh and replacethose Z5 bmps and reinsert them. Thanks so much guys, you are all wonderful.
  13. FSH BAT restoration

    Slowly getting to grips with this, managed to get an alternate render of one of Simfoxes Towers (he only had 1 view of it) over the top of his old one, but that was very very easy as the alphas etc already line up, so its a like for like replacement. Now, being awful with photoshop - I have a question and hope I can word this correctly and excuse the lack of technical jargon. During the FSH process, Z5 views are split up into chunks. This makes the replacing of images a lot trickier, in terms of lining things up so it is seamless. So.. Question 1: Is there a way to simply 'sew' these Z5 i(and Z4 where its split) into 1 image. Replace the Preview Render over the top, then split it back down into sections as it originally was? Question 2: If this is possible, would it then not be simple to just transform the images into alphas? Is there a way to do this so that the Grey area becomes black and rest is white - this would ensure the antiliasing from the alpha maps are identical to the Preview Rendered image. I think with my skillset I can have a bit of fun with this for personal use and have show that a previewed image can easily but inserted or turned into a BAT. Would love to see someone else have a go at this. In terms of square and round towers like this, Im thinking it wouldnt matter if you only had say x2 views (or even one view) for the sake of fun, you could easily make all 4 sides the same and it would look fine in game (albeit only ever get to see 1 side) FYI - I have heaps of Preview Renders I have collected from over the years, most which are now no longer visible in peoples old BAT threads. The Necromancer indeed haha! If anyone wants them happy to zip them up and post them.
  14. FSH BAT restoration

    Understand the concept now, but it sure is fiddly and this was just a few mins of seeing if I could get something in. If we were to do it this way I imagine it would only work best in Z4 to Z1..bear in mind I am awful with Photoshop so have no doubt someone more skilled could easily do it using the above method. If there were some scripts or triggers in whatever tool that could simply take a rendered image and insert into SC4model it would make any exporting issues woth Max 2017 redundant. Would also allow, if a camera and lighting rig could be configured the same as BAT4MAX people to create buildings in any modeling tool. Thanks again
  15. FSH BAT restoration

    Awesome, I actually asked if this was possible in my first post haha Will give it a try.