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  1. This update about Meriah, Karasem which I havent show in ST for 2.5 years (since last update of Karasem V4.7). I was thinking this CJ actually about Cibebek-Kota Baru area only but I have work in meriah which I havent show in a while so I changed it into fully Karasem CJ. Update 43: Nightfall ~ Evening Stars Kelan is a District in Meriah Regency located just in south of Border of Meriah. It's bordering with Jatibening City in the east, Meriah in north and Sukamulya District in south. This district with population of 56.234 (2015) include the Airport of Meriah, Kota Meriah International Airport. location map of Kelan. Kelan Utara is a subdistrict in Kelan, taken most of northern part of this district Kelan Utara Interchange of Meriah Outer Ring Road (MORR) south ring. Kelan Utara consist mainly the middle class suburban area as well as several undeveloped land and even agricultural areas. Jl H. Solihin (road from west to east) in Kelan Utara. There are several industrial area in Kelan Utara. mostly minor one. Industrial area in Kelan Utara. Jl H. Solihin in Kelan Utara (again) Sarang Alang, another subdistrict in Kelan. Located just in west of Kelan Utara. Suburban area in Sarang Alang featuring Jl Sarang Alang. Jl Sarang Alang actually used to be Airport main access road toward Kota Meriah International Airport before the main expressway access done back in 1983. Jl Sarang Alang Ramp of Meriah Outer Ring Road (MORR) bound for Airport Main Enterance-Curug Jl Raya Curug, a major road through Kelan that connecting Jatibening and Curug is one of arterial road of this district as it connect Kelan with Jatibening and Western part of Meriah. Jl Raya Curug in Sarang Alang. another picture of Jl Raya Curug in Sarang Alang With its location just neighboring airport, Buildings in Kelan Utara (Kelan in general) have height restriction. Jl Raya Curug in Kelan Utara featuring airport gate. In fact, Kelan Utara Interchange directly located in the north of airport eastern runway. The area in the south of interchange is known for the plane spotters to take nice view of Plane landing area in the south of Kelan Utara IC MORR (Meriah Outer Ring Road) is an expressway looping Kota Meriah area. the first phase of southern part which include Kelan-Cipelak built on 1992-1997. In Kelan, this expressway served by 1 interchange (Kelan Utara IC) and 1 junction toward Kelan-Sukasari Feeder Expressway MORR in Kelan Utara bordering with Kota Meriah International Airport (KMIA) Hangars. Meriah Outer Ring Road in the east of Kelan Utara IC Kelan Junction, Kelan-Sukasari Expressway termites with MORR. MORR in the east of Kelan Junction The construction of the expressway/highway back in 90s leaving several minor roads that crossed the highway disconnected, leaving the dilemma of major highway project in the dense area like southern Meriah. Although, most of newer highway project in Karasem overcome the situation by building the streets in the side of highway to avoid disconnecting the minor roads by divert them to the nearest crossing. one of the example of disconnected road by the highway. (image rotated 90 degree) Meriah government did plan to build the light rail in pararel with the expressway since 2015 in order to fulfill the commuter around the city needs although this plan seems to be shelved for now as the city government focused on expanding Meriah Mass Rapid Transit System (M2RT) which seems more successful to bring more people around city to use public transit. Closer look in Meriah Outer Ring Road (image rotated 90 degree). the government considered to build the light rail parallel with this highway. As for the public transit, Kelan at this point dont have any access toward any mass transit, just several routes of city buses and paratransit toward Jatibening or Pemogan. In future, M2RT plan to expand a mass transit system which is a metro toward airport through Kelan. Jl Raya Curug intersect with Jl Raya Kelan which is the main corridor road in Kelan. Kelan-Sukasari Expressway is a feeder expressway toward the western coast of Meriah Regency which going through Kelan. although this expressway criticized for having low demand, it built in 2004 toward Kelan Utama IC where it termites at this moment in order to relieve the overcapacity Kelan Utara IC. Jl Raya Curug Crossed Kelan Sukasari Expressway. overview of Kelan Utara overview of Kelan Utara featuring part of airport Evening shot of Kelan Utara Jl Raya Curug intersect Jl Raya Kelan at Night During night this area can be seen from every single flight toward Meriah International Airport clearly as it located directly next toward the airport. Suburb of Kelan Utara at night 1 Another picture of Kelan Utara Suburban at night Aside from the commuting residents, MORR also congested with the people rushing toward their evening flight in KMIA Night Shot of MORR Night Shot of Kelan Utara IC Thats all for today "repost", thanks for viewing!
  2. From the album Namiko's Collection

    I think this one is rather different with most of my other images in this album. Taken last month, Its an image from LRT Jabodetabek construction which constructed right next to Jagorawi Expressway/Highway.
  3. Allright, its been few days after posted the poll and we got 14 yes and 2 no to repost the entries here. Since the poll say that I should repost the picture from SC4D entries, I will post it here. This is the next entry which originally posted in 9/3/2017. +----------------------------------+ Update 41: Blue Kaleidoscope Note: 万華鏡 = KaleidoscopePasar Biru (literally means Blue Market) is a subdistrict of Cibebek Utara District which also bordering Saika District where newer CBD of Cibebek located. During 1970s, this area known for its second hand markets, cheap stuffs and not forget "kaki lima*" foods. Later during the rapid urbanization of Cibebek-Kota Baru Metropolitan area, this area become gentrified with the major stores, malls and department stores replaced the cheap traditional market which now mostly moved toward pasar Krajan northwest of this area. But this area still hold the original spirit of the location for its closure toward the city center and its position as a commercial area. Simpang Pasar Biru where this area was grown from. Jl Saika Raya intersect with Jl Raya Pasar Biru Most of buildings in the main road built in 1980 or later. Simpang Pasar Biru at night Pasar Biru Station is the main station in Pasar Biru. This station currently serves Ciasem Route (Cibebek Raya Station-Ciasem) and Cibebek Ring Route. Previously this station is also serves the Cikaas Route which had the route from Pasar Biru toward Cikaas Station, since the completion of the shortcut of Cikaas Route toward Saika Station in 2007 due to the demand of local commuters, Cikaas Route redirected from Pasar Biru to Saika Station with current main route from Cibebek Raya-Saika-Cikaas-Bukit Pesona. Although so, this station still serves the minor feeder line of Cikaas line. Area around Pasar Biru Station now full of commercial center such as malls and stores. Pasar Biru Station and Pasar Biru Overpass (Jl Raya Pasar Biru). Several area in Pasar Baru Subdistrict also consist of residential areas. South of Pasar Biru Overpass featuring the railway. the left pair of rail for the Ciasem Route and Cibebek Ringroad, right one for former Cikaas Route which currently for either freight train straight toward port and minor feeder line. Southern Pasar Biru in night featuring Sunada Underpass. In Jl Saika Raya, southern Pasar Biru has several office buildings. This area directly bordering the Saika Utara CBD. note: kaki lima = what people here call the street side vendor which consist of cart or something like that.Thats all for today, hope you like it. +-----------------------------------+ Replies: Thank you very much! well you see that the riverside slum is the main theme of that update. As for the greenery in middle of AVE-6, its here: Thank you! I will update it regularly as before. glad to know thats what you searching for! Thanks! well its awesome just in point of sc4 view but not in real life. Thanks gan! link Indomaret is here Thank you! the links are here: Thanks a lot! your cities surely one of my inspiration as well! I cant see myself even comparable with yours. Its from RFR plopable water with a little bit of color correction in photoshop. Thanks a lot! yes its RFR River with a little color correction work done in photoshop.
  4. Well here we go again... I decided to bring this theme back into City Journal realm back earlier this year. Actually I've done several updates (40-46b) since this February in SimCity 4 Devotion but well, I might repost it here so everyone can actually see what I work. This first entry is actually a complete repost of Update 40 Karasem: Limited Love (17/02/08) +----------------------------------+ Update 40: Limited Love Cibebek Utara, Cibebek, Karasem. A district in Karasem's 2nd largest city where don't want to live but have to be.... atleast that for several people live in this area inside the northern part of Cibebek. People can shop a cheap stuff into high-end stuff in the Plaza Tanah Baru, a shopping centre built in 2003 alongside with the surrounding commercial area. A commercial center next to Simpang Tanah Baru (Tanah Baru Intersection) where Jl Saika Raya (north-south) meets Jl Raya Krajan (west-east) This commercial area, where you can enjoy walking alongside the road while shopping or just enjoy the atmosphere is really feels like you are not in Northern part of Cibebek. Commercial area in the east of Plaza Tanah Baru Alongside with Jl Raya Krajan, the commercial area is rather elite even compared to those in the main road. Jl Raya Krajan near the Ruko Plaza Tanah Baru In the night this area is bright, either from the evening traffic near intersection which sometime a worst situation or maybe from the lightning system inside the shoping centre Simpang Tanah Baru at night This area actually not very far from a mass transit station aside from local buses or paratransits. Tanah Baru Station located below the overpass of Jl Saika Raya which one of the main option for the commuter in Cibebek Metropolitan Area. Its located in the Jl Saika Raya which is Cibebek's main corridor toward the downtown areas where located in the south of Tanah Baru. Tanah Baru Station featuring Cibebek's Cibebek Railway 4000 series train. Nightshot of Tanah Baru Station Yeah this area actually close toward city centre and have easy access, why it so miserable? lets go to the north of the Intersection to see whats happening.... A hypermarket in Jl Saika Raya Tanah Baru . Alongside Jl Saika Raya it still rather nice with the exception of the daily morning and evening commute time where it's a real bumper to bumper. Jl Saika Raya crossing the Krajan River People can see something different from the bright side of the city by visiting the Krajan River which located in the middle of Tanah Baru Subdistrict... Not only at the Krajan River, much of the Cibebek Utara district of the city actually consist of slums and semipermanent settlements which prone towards fires and other risks. Behind the hypermarket in Tanah Baru.. Going deeper from the main street shows the other side of this area.... People come here anywhere from Cibebek Province or other places in Karasem somewhere in Tanah Baru Utara Subdistrict. east or west from Jl Saika Raya, there are slums... A slum area in Tanah Baru Timur Subdistrict. But, people in the riverside have much worse situation than any other area in Cibebek Utara District.... Not only live in the bad situation, they also in border of life when they got into the river whether incidentally or intentional since the river had a rather strong flow eventhough it has too many stuff in it, like plastic bag and used beds (no joke, somepeople really throw away their used beds into river). Riverside slum at Tanah Baru Utara Subdistrict Like in Jl Saika Raya, Jl Raya Pasar Krajan looks well and lively compared what behind it.... Tanah Baru Timur Subdistrict is one of area in Cibebek prone to flooding. Back in 2014, the flood breaks into this area, it even hit the Jl Raya Krajan in the south of it, disturbing the citizens activities. Riverside slum at Tanah Baru Timur Subdistrict Jl Tanah Baru Timur Dalam, an access road toward the residential area in North Cibebek crosses Krajan River. The slum extend until the border of Sawahan and Tanah Baru Timur Subdistrict in the National Route 2 Eastern part of Tanah Baru Timur Subdistrict featuring Karasem National Route 2 which connect Cibebek city centre with Keshan in Northern Karasem. As in the night, this area of city is very different with Plaza Tanah Baru where it's bright... Tanah Baru Timur riverside slum at night In order to reduce the risk of flood, the city government planned to do a revitalization alongside Krajan river which involve to reduce the river sedimentation as well to create the wall alongside the river. This already done in the Krajan River downstream as seen in Krajan Utara Subdistrict where the river in better situation. Krajan Riverside in Krajan Utara Subdistrict. Cibebek Expressway, the city main highway crossing the Krajan River in Krajan Utara Subdistrict. Although the area around the river still rather poor looking, this area which flooding in 2014, no longer flooding during 2016 flood which hit the Tanah Baru area due to the river revitalization work done in 2015 which done with several violence... Jl Kampung Dalam, where the previous work of revitalization meet the old looking riverside.... The city government planned to revitalize the river futher upstream, but this involve the displacement and eviction of the riverside settlement which mostly illegal. People alongside the river in Tanah Baru currently in the worrisome. They have a time bomb ticking where the have to move out from where they live now. Back in Tanah Baru Utara.... They don't know where to live after this, where they have daily activities. Other place just too expensive for them to afford..... To handle the displacement, city government currently building several housing project for people that affected by the project or other people around Cibebek Utara slums... First and second highrise building of the housing project currently being built in Jl Tanah Baru Timur Dalam. This area covered by the local bus with route from Tanah Baru Station toward Semawu in Northern part of Cibebek. Rusun Tanah Baru 1 & 2 (Tanah Baru Housing Project 1 and 2) alongside the Tanah Baru Timur Dalam. Other tower built literally right next toward Tanah Baru Plaza's commercial area which was a donation from the Plaza's developer Rusun Tanah Baru 3 (Tanah Baru Housing Project 3) built in Jl Raya Krajan in the south of the river. Some of the people think the housing project just too far away form they current location where it will be more difficult for people to reach where they have their activities beforehand... Tanah Baru Plaza with the housing project tower under construction. However, it is still very controversial whether it is a right thing to displace people in force as it might a violation toward the human rights. The citizens around the city still arguing about this.... Tanah Baru Timur Subdistrict. Whichever the right decision, people of Cibebek just hope this area will no longer become the city eyesore without humiliating some people.. Thats all for today. hope you enjoy this rather depressing update.. and oh maybe something not depressing? Saika Utara CBD alongside the Jl Saika Raya. Before going further, I might ask all of the viewer here, should I repost every single of my Southeast Asian City from SC4 Devotion here, it might took a while but I will catch up with update 47 which will come soon. if no, then I might just jump toward Update 47 as the next update of this CJ. oh here's the link to my entries in SC4D: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=12773.440 +---------------------------------------------------------+ Replies: Bringing replies to the comment of Nakama Update 6: Memories of Snow: Well thanks a lot! trainspotting is interesting after all to search and took picture of your favorite train series... (atleast as what I think) Thanks ! a lot of these BAT's come from this site: http://hide-inoki.com/bbs/phpbb2/viewforum.php?f=7&sid=6241eb1e8c3ced79919101314d0ca976 also I used stuffs from various Japanese sites which unfortunately many of them down now.. obrigado . unfortuantelly I'm not speaking Portuguese. Thank you ! as for the stations, I link to them in the bottom of this post. Thank you! well, I give the link in bottom of this post. Thank you! great to see you here as well! Thank you! Thank you! its a lot of work to give a real feel of Japanese city... as for the stations, I give the link later in this post. Thank you! I like to do railway in SimCity 4 especially in Japanese city theme. Thank you! well most of these stations still available to download, I'll give the link below. Thank you! its a real hard work to do it but I really enjoyed to do that update! as for the station, its below.... As for those who asked the link toward stations from my last Nakama update here's the link please note that some of the station in the update actually reloted : Hashimoto Station (first station): http://hide-inoki.com/bbs/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=577 Mizue Station (second station): http://hide-inoki.com/bbs/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=604 Kozue Station (third station): http://www.bripizza.net/sc4/285sta/285sta_c.html#-2-2-x Shin-Mizawa Station for local line (forth station): http://blog.livedoor.jp/moonlinght/archives/cat_59226.html (search for the station) Shin-Mizawa Station for HSR line: sorry I think the web already down Kurihama Station (Mizawa Line): http://blog.livedoor.jp/moonlinght/archives/cat_59226.html (search for the el rail station link) Kurihama Station (Nazawa Line): http://hide-inoki.com/bbs/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=537 Iguchi Station: http://www.bripizza.net/sc4/1103tokestation/1103tokestation.html#b Mizawa Station: http://hide-inoki.com/bbs/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=434 Again thanks for the replies in Nakama update!
  5. Sudirman Plaza Jakarta

    Version 1.1


    Hola everyone. This is Sudirman Plaza mod for Cities XL/XXL. It is created based on the real building in Sudirman, Jakarta. Menu location: Office/T4/MSCUSTOMTriangles: Lod 1: 5900 | Lod 2: 5200 | Lod 3: 1800 | Lod 4: 60Base Size: 103x36 sorry for this
  6. Replies: 1131989: Sure jmsepe: same hope for me, as we would need new southeast asian CJ Mymyjp: Thanks! JP Schriefer: Thanks!. NMUSpidey: Yep it keep raining here.... thanks! +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Author Note before reading: - This update contain 90 images, may take a while to load all - Play this background song for better atmosphere of update - Sorry for a bit spelling and grammar error
  7. Replies: Tonraq: (1) you know (2) make it snow jmsepe: (1) you love it? you might need to continue this style (2) yes my plugins all LHD.... tankmank: (1) Thanks! (2) well lol thats a tropical country for you NielsC007: (1) lol TowerDude: Well thats the reality.. dlsni: actually it just a cloud of rain... Ln X: Thanks... well it just very cloudy Mymyjp: hot yes maybe.. JP Schriefer: thanks.... Sexysark: I'm not a firebender +----------------------------------------------------+ A teaser for next update (WIP) Meriah, city that never sleep. Home of 21 millions Karaseman and the largest city of Karasem recently grow into 2nd largest city in Southeast Asia just a bit below Jakarta. City hold a very vital part of Karasem's economy with a rapid skyscraper developments around the city. This city dubbed as the heart of Southeast Asia due to its location and its domination toward other cities in Southeast Asia. Stay tune for the largest and final update of Karasem...
  8. Replies (Balasan): 11222333444 a.k.a. Tonraq: Thanks Tankmank: Thanks! Sarthakknight: Thanks! Schriefer: Thanks! Folov: Thanks! +---------------------------------------------------------------+ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfTGUVwOXgk well, time to update Karasem again.... Picture 35.1: A view from Pamekasan Utara southern downtown, its an extension of Pamekasan Utara CBD area which host about 35% Kota Meriah's Skyscrapers and highrise. Not only highrise and skyscraper offices, but also some superblocks which including towering apartment building due to its location nearby Meriah's "Golden Triangle area". Picture 35.2: About 2km in south, lies the old campus of Kota Meriah University (Universitas Kota Meriah (UKM)), one of the top university from Karasem. this building had been build since 1964 and in 1988, the university expand it's building in Southern Jatibening, about 26km south of this area due to its insufficient space in the Cipelak DIstrict, Meriah. Picture 35.3: Intersection of Jl Raya Cireseh with Jl Lingkar Selatan Pamekasan, just east of UKM buildings. well its sunday now and the roads are less congested. but in weekdays this intersection become a "sea of car" and traffic nightmare.... Picture 35.4: Northern Cipelak district... Kota Meriah 2 Highway the 2009 finished highway is one of city main highway connecting southern part of Meriah Metropolitan area including Jatibening area.... This picture also includes part of M2RT (Meriah Mass Rapid Transport) build in order to reduce the traffic congestion of Meriah. Picture 35.5: Cipelak M2RT station the terminus of M2RT Cipelak line also serves as transit hub with the Cipelak bus terminal just in north of this station. Picture 35.6: A residential area in Pamekasan Utara district, east of South downtown.... It wont be long until this area become part of emerging city superblocks development and turned it into part of highrise concrete jungle (well maybe also glass jungle not only concrete ) Thats for today, please leave a like if you enjoy...
  9. Replies (Balasan): @elavery: thanks a lot for it! @カール: Ty @KonstantinII: well yeah... its a typical low wealth residential area in a developing nation major cities... @J.I.T.S.: Should I? @TekindusT: Thanks a lot! @Moerp: Thanks! @Tankmank: Thanks! well I try to update it though my focus is the east asian one.... +-------------------------------------------+ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQAnVi9oJC8 Update 33: "Flying Get" (Southern Cireseh, Kota Meriah) well its been a while since my last full update, but anyway I still keep this CJ active though it isnt my main one.... Cireseh is a subdistrict in southern part of Kota Meriah, Karasem. this district recently having construction boom with a lot of highrise built in this area. In 2003, local government created another CBD of Kota Meriah aside with the main one in Pamekasan Utara and some other minor one. A look of the CBD. As shown in the picture, the surrounding of CBD there're a lot of low wealth residential area with several vacant lot for future development of this area.. Cireseh CBD connected with Kota Meriah Outer Ring Road in the south as it would give the commuter main access to this commercial centre Jl Cireseh Raya, it provides this CBD main highway access as well as main road. Jl Cireseh raya itself connecting Eastern part of Kota Jatibening (Jatibening City) with Meriah. it also a daily busy commute road. Construction boom can be see just in the west of CBD with a lot of highrise under construction, tearing the low wealth residential area into a luxury skyscrapers jungle. There are a numberous of slums in the northern part of CBD, Government planned the main CBD avenue to be widen to provide better access for CBD from Jl Raya Pemogan. demolishing numberous of slums in the action. North of Jl Raya Pemogan lies the high wealth residential area of Pamekasan Selatan District. Jl Raya Cireseh meets Jl Raya Pemogan in this intersection. we can see small industrial area in the east of Jl Raya Cireseh. Well thats all for today I think... hope you enjoyed it
  10. Version


    Introduction: Tourist in Jakarta uses this bus for city sightseeing Double Decker Bus as Tourist Bus: This mod replaces Tourist Bus in the game. Copy the package file to your SimCityData folder, remove your old Tourist Bus Package (if installed), and enjoy seeing this bus rides in your city. It's only texturing for the time being. because I'm frustrated with 3D modeling actually (especially the UV mapping thing). Perhaps, Oppie, Takuoma, Tobse, etc could give some tutorial. LOL Should you find any bugs, please feel free to inform me by posting a comment.
  11. Trans Jakarta Shuttlebus



    Introduvtion: In reality, this is a city bus service company operates in Jakarta (capital of Indonesia) Large Buses operates as Shuttle Buses: This mod replaces shuttle buses in the game. So, you just have to plop a bus depot to see these buses ride in your city. Actually this mod is just a minor retexturing of VDL bus uploaded by Oppie. Thanks to Oppie for creating such great municipal bus model. Should you find some bugs, please feel free to inform me by posting a comment.
  12. Cemindo Tower Jakarta



    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKARTA,MY LOVELY CITY Short Decsription South Jakarta will have new landmark building. This will be the tallest building in Jakarta and Indonesia. This is the the luxury office tower which apply the green building concept and development. This building will construct in land of ex. Menara Bakrie which abandoned for more 13 years ago due to monetary crisis. Status: under construction Floor Count 67 Height 300 m Building Uses mixed use,hotel,office,parking garage,restaurant,retail Structural Types highrise Architectural Style postmodern https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1do2FqSP94 Stats: - T4 Office - Base: 74x114 - Ploppable only - Triangle Count: L1: 6500 L2: 4800 L3: 2500 L4: 179 *Custom Furnitures MENU LOCATION Office -> T4 CUSTOM CONTENT DONT FORGET TO VISIT "OUR" PROJECT PAGE about more Indonesia buildings Indonesia Modders Group Project Page Note: it works fine to me (cxl 2011) if you find any bugs please post here thank you Thank you to Preyfr for testing the beta file Monty for helping me use furnitures Aitortilla who made my spirit back I hope this building looks good on your city. Enjoy Installation Pre-requisite: User Interface Mod ShaderPack for PLAYERS
  13. Menara Kadin Jakarta



    Office building located in Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. 2-3 Blok. X-5,East Kuningan,South Jakarta 12950 ,Indonesia. i dont have much info about this building.. i think the height is around 150-200m. Stats: - T4 Office - Base: 60x102 - Ploppable only - Triangle Count: L1: 5600 L2: 4800 L3: 2200 L4: 224 MENU LOCATION Office -> T4 DONT FORGET TO VISIT "OUR" PROJECT PAGE about more Indonesia buildings Indonesia Modders Group Project Page Note: it works fine to me (cxl 2011) if you find any bugs please post here thank you Thank you to Preyfr for testing the beta file Installation Pre-requisite: (YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THOSE FILES) User Interface Mod ShaderPack for PLAYERS
  14. Menara Imperium



    this is my 4th Indonesia building The Menara Imperium = The Empire Tower The Menara Imperium is an edifice built within the Setia Budi which has its architecture well designed to sui our Tropical weather. Menara Imperium is located in Rasuna Said street, Jakarta. (Jalan HR Rasuna Said Kavling 1 ) As the first building and gateway to a large and potentially important new development, Empire Tower was envisioned by Architects Pacific as a structure that would evolve over time, eventually becoming a part of a larger community of buildings that were being designed concurrently. Circular shape juxtaposed with a rectangular core structure exposed as the building reaches its apex. The revolving restaurant at the penultimate floor is crowned with a large fan-shaped shading device that allows the restaurant to be glazed with clear glass providing truly magical views of the city as the sun sets and the city comes alive with light. There is luxury restaurant in the talelst circular floor. Thank you L Miguel for the awesome photos Stats: - T3 Office - Base: 48.5x119 - Ploppable only (Custom Content Building Set) - Triangle Count: L1: 8200 L2: 7400 L3: 2200 L4: 198 MENU LOCATION Office -> T3 Custom Content Building Set DONT FORGET TO VISIT "OUR" PROJECT PAGE about more Indonesia buildings Indonesia Modders Group Project Page Note: it works fine to me (cxl 2011) if you find any bugs please post here thank you Thank you to Montoto,Preyfr,lmiguel,Nicko for helped me download the Realistic Day/Night Cycle Mod for get the best reflection Installation Pre-requisite: User Interface Mod ShaderPack for PLAYERS
  15. Republic of Amnef (AOWN) - New kartah

    Someone from AOWN put some cameras in different view in New Kartah. He want take screenshots New Kartah skyline in day cycle.. and all photos look great - - - - Camera on Ilusia Hotel 6am 9am 12am 3pm 6pm BLUE HOUR Midnight Camera on Polista Bay Hotel
  16. The National Monument



    My third mod of Indonesia project is the national monument, Jakarta - Indonesia. Located in the centre of Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta, symbolizing the fight for Indonesia. Construction began in 1961 under the direction of President Sukarno. Monas was opened to the public in 1975. It is topped by a flame covered with gold foil. The monument and the museum are open daily from 08.00 - 15.00 Western Indonesia Time (UTC+7) throughout the week except for the last Monday of each month when the monument is closed. Stats: - Culture Leisure - Base: 119x119 - Ploppable only - Triangle Count: L1: ±1700 L2: ±1500 L3: ±1400 L4: 80 MENU LOCATION Commerce -> Leisure -> Culture Leisure It requires UIM and the ShaderPack for PLAYERS* DONT FORGET TO VISIT "OUR" PROJECT PAGE about more Indonesia buildings Indonesia Modders Group Project Page Note: it works fine to me (cxl 2011) if you find any bugs please post here thank you Installation Pre-requisite: User Interface Mod ShaderPack for PLAYERS
  17. BNI Building



    well i dont have much info about this building.. BNI stands for Bank Negara Indonesia (Indonesian state banks) BNI building is one of the buildings located in BNI complex,Central Jakarta . After Shangri-la hotel & residence and iconic buildings Wisma BNI 46 I changed a few things, that is a more futuristic texture nights and ofcourse it is cool XD you dont need to worry about the blur or ugly texture, because i used new texture from CGtexture and Diffuse,Self illumination , bump,specular,reflection,light MAP are there too MENU LOCATION OFFICE > High Density DONT FORGET TO VISIT "OUR" PROJECT PAGE about more Indonesia buildings Indonesia Modders Group Project Page what fixed? 1.plug doesnt connect on small road (fixed) 2.hovers a bit above (fixed) Installation Pre-requisite: User Interface Mod ShaderPack for PLAYERS
  18. Signature Tower, Jakarta



    This will be 4th tallest building in the world in 2020 with 638 meters height The Signature Tower located at the Heart of Jakarta's SCBD (Sudirman Central Business District), to resume previous on Hold Project, This Building 111 floor, soaring 600m tall consist of 6 storey Basement Carpark, 2 office zone of 22 floors each, 22 Storey apartments, and 22 floors Hotels. Architect Smallwood, Reynold, Stewart, Stewart & Associates Inc. The 111-story tower rises 638m above the ground plane to the top of the spire. The highest floor sits approximately 534.45m above the street entry. While a simple 60m by 60m square form dominates the planning of the tower, achieving an elegant aspect ratio of approximately 9:1, the tower facade steps to accentuate the different uses within the complex; i.e.: retail and convention at the base, office use through the shaft, and hotel use at the crown. The regular form of the tower, with notched corners, provides a straight forward and efficient planning platform for tenants to utilize, including an average 13.5m clear depth from the core wall to the exterior curtain wall and opportunities for multiple corner offices on each level. source the model is very different with the render building.. it stands alone, i mean there isnt pasific place mall Stats: - T3 Office - Base: 82x105 - Ploppable only - Triangle Count: L1: 3862 L2: 3862 L3: 3862 L4: 172 - It requires UIM and the ShaderPack for PLAYERS* MENU LOCATION OFFICE > High Density DONT FORGET TO VISIT "OUR" PROJECT PAGE about more Indonesia buildings Indonesia Modders Group Project Page Note: it works fine to me (cxl 2011) if you find any bugs please post here thank you
  19. Istana Negara Republik Indonesia



    ISTANA NEGARA REPUBLIK INDONESIA Origin : Jakarta, Indonesia Complete Address : Jalan Medan Merdeka Utara, Gambir, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia Budget Item Cost : 150 Bulldoze Cost : 10000 Flammability : 10 Landmark Effect : 40 20 MaxFireStage : 1 Mayor Rating Effect : 10 256 Plop Cost : 5000 Pollution at center : 1 1 15 0 Pollution radii : 1 2 0 0 Power Consumed : 60 Water Consumed : 0 Wealth : None Lot Size : 5 x 9 Istana Negara Republik Indonesia (Republic Indonesian's National Palace) that located on Jalan Medan Merdeka Utara, Gambir, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia is a main building that has 6.8 hectares large. This building near Monumen Nasional (Monas) and also Ciliwung River. This building began built on 1976 under commands of General Governore Pieter Gerardus van Overstraten and had done on 1804. Firstly its function as a rest place owned by J.A Van Braam. On that time, it was the most presticious place in the New Batavia. Now it complex named "Harmoni." Van Braam's house had chosen for the head of colony because Daendels' Palace in the Lapangan banteng didn't complete yet. During Indian-Netherlands, some events had occured in this building that has known as Rijswijk (but also named Hotel van den Gouverneur-Generaal, to avoid the word "Istana" (Palace)). One of them, it became a witness of the forceful work (cultuur stelsel) that made by Governor General Graaf van Bosch. And then it used as assignment of Linggarjati Agreement on March 25th 1947, Sutan Sjahrir as the Indonesian and Van Mook from Netherlands DEPENDENCY : Mod edit 11th March 2017: Fixed formatting

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