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    I like to take old games and see what they are really able to achieve with today's technologies.
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  1. Hello everyone, I want to say that I am stopping mod support for all my submissions here on Simtropolis. I will still develop some mods but as of right now, I won't offer any support because the new submissions will be here for test-developpement purposes only. I will be more active in the Spore modding community tho. Cya! My Discord : DawnShadow#2481 Please mention that you're from Simtropolis if you message me on Discord.
  2. I am not active on the game but I sometimes come here on Simtropolis. That's about it.
  3. More Trade Depots

  4. Region : Isle 001

    Heyo! It's been a year... I'm so sorry all ! I am back in business! Yes, I'm gonna continue developing this gigantic and exciting region.
  5. Contiguous USA

    Will you make a full USA region ?
  6. My-sh Moo-no (Sims language)

    Ok i know im off topic but... I decided to recreate SC2013 in Unity... In Singleplayer mode for now tho. The project just began so if you wanna join in and help me or support me and the team, you're welcome. Here's the Discord invite link : https://discord.gg/9kmGctp
  7. Hey yall ! First of all welcome, I know I promised you a renewal of SimCity in 2016... Sadly i didnt had time at all. So, without saying i give up. Can I receive authorizations from these awesome modders for SC ? List is here : xOxide, Yayiealie, CapTon, Nikola1, Hinata, MaxisGuillaume and all the other minor modders. What will be done with your mods : patches for the mods themselves, file restructurization (making the mess less messy), translations (if possible), mods merging, virus scans, file protection, heavy test before releases... and the last : hi quality content I want to offer everyone a second chance. I know alot of modders left this part of SimCity... When I look at the WIP Agriculture mod, geez that would be awesome ! You all have a chance to get good at modding for once in your life ! Take the opportunity !
  8. More Trade Depots

    I'll check out this issue. Thanks. Also, as a temporary fix, try bulldoze the current depot and replace it.
  9. The Extended Worker Data Mod

    Pretty useful! Thanks! It helps a lot!
  10. You mean the RCI props?
  11. More City Tiles

    First, region editing is not possible. Second, transforming a Greatwork into a city tile is not possible either. Third, the Orion 3k mod is the only alternstive to have bigger tiles.
  12. Anyone can join! As I'm preparing the Discord with the finales, I am proud to announce that I will teach modding to people who wants to. We also have a dedicated zone for online games (SC Online). Attention to Old modders (Oxie, CapTon, HinataHuyara, Xoxide, Yayie, etc.)... Welcome back! Y'all welcome and I'd be happy and glad to see you coming back!
  13. Actually there are no know ways of making ressources infinite, excepted for water. I also noticed that you might have good ideas! Join the SimCity 2017 project!
  14. I will teach you but I need you to fully believe in yourself first. I will take precautions.
  15. Check out the nee SimCity 2017 thread. Informations are given there. /thread close