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  1. Site Upgrade Announcement I'm pleased to announce @Dirktator has confirmed that today, Simtropolis is scheduled to receive a significant site upgrade. In the process we'll be incrementing the site's version to ST9.0. The latest major update to the IPS Suite will be applied to bring a whole host of new and exciting features. Most notably: Reactions This will give more flexibility to describe why you like a content item. It'll allow Reactions to be tailored to best suit our community, such as with custom sets & icons. Recommended Replies A way for helpful, informative or useful replies to be highlighted inside a thread. Will be a way of drawing attention to popular posts, including those providing answers to the OP's question. Content Messages Allow announcements or important info to be seen within a content item. Uses may include thread guidelines, reminders to follow, or even useful info for reference (e.g. links or images). Promoting Content A range of possibilities to improve the accessibility of content. STEX files, CJs, forum posts, the whole lot. Social media options can be explored, such as to connect with the site's Twitter as a content stream. Fluid Forum View Optionally view the forum via a topic list or grid mode instead of traditional categories. This is configurable for all users via a toggle, so it's possible to easily switch between the views. Editor Uploading Improvements Simplified ability to attach images and files to a post. Now possible to drag & drop into specific locations, without needing to insert manually. Gallery Improvements A range of enhancements for uploading Gallery images. Usability improvements also introduced for albums, and also the navigation with the image lightbox display. City Journals Sidebar CJ authors can optionally add a sidebar with information about their entries. This uses the post editor, so text or other media can be added. HTML access available on request. Letter Profile Photos The default avatar replaced with a random coloured background, featuring the 1st character of a username. This will only affect users who haven't changed their avatar from the anonymous grey silhouette. There's also the Clubs feature, which will restore a similar functionality to the old Groups. The advantage here is it's integrated and built into the core software, whereas previously it was a 3rd party plugin that was made incompatible. We won't be rolling out the Clubs immediately, but we have some ideas on how they can be used more effectively this time around, since they'll allow more options. Plus a visual overhaul and an assortment of other minor changes. Along with a few other surprises in store coming soon, so watch out for those too... Expected Downtime Since this is a larger update than usual, the site may be unavailable for a slightly longer period. It's scheduled anytime from 12pm noon EDT / 4pm UTC onwards (view clock), and we anticipate this will be no more than 1 hour. Should the downtime be prolonged, please check our Twitter feed for progress updates. Bugs & Stability The new version has been released in a client beta for several weeks, meaning stability has been tried & tested. However as is common with any new software product, there's a chance for undetected bugs to crop up when applied in unique environments. Please bear with us if there are any instabilities to start with, and report them below or in the bugs thread. Feedback We'd love to hear ways the site and the above features can be improved or best implemented. If you've any ideas feel free to share them below. We'll also be opening threads specifically to gain feedback on specific aspects within the next several weeks. Thanks everyone, and we hope you enjoy the new site!
  2. This read-only thread will be used by site staff for posting updates relating to Simtropolis, such as new features or notable changes. Please post any requests or ideas in the Suggestions Box. Or if you'd like to report a bug or other issue, please use the Bugs Thread. Thanks all!
  3. Hola! Nos encanta de que hayas venido a vernos. Simtropolis es sobre todo un sitio para la gente que ama los juegos de simulación urbana. Tenemos importantes foros para SimCity 4, Cities: Skylines y SimCity (2013), así como algunos otros en la sección de Temas de Jugadores (Gamer Topics). Nuestros miembros son amables, corteses y serviciales, y van de principiantes a gurús técnicos. Los foros son donde discutimos todo tipo de ideas de construcción de ciudades. Si juegas, o creas contenido personalizado (o ambos) tenemos secciones adecuadas para tus necesidades. Si aún no te has hecho una cuenta, ¿por qué no hacerla ahora? También tenemos el SimTropolis EXchange, que es nuestra sección de archivos que contiene (literalmente) miles de archivos para mejorar los juegos básicos. Estos incluyen correcciones de errores, mapas, texturas para cambiar el terreno, lotes (sitios), edificios, accesorios, mods, y más. Estos están disponibles para su descarga tanto por miembros como por invitados. (Aunque los miembros no tienen que ver publicidad) Ahora, por supuesto, tenemos algunas reglas fáciles de respetar que querrás leer en las Reglas Guías del Sitio y en el Código de Conducta de STEX. Asegúrate de revisarlas en detalle porque aplican en toda su fuerza a todo el mundo aquí, sin importar si las leyó o no. De acuerdo. ¿Ya te hiciste una cuenta? ¿No? Esperaré. . . ¡Estupendo! Ahora que ya la tienes, puedes Presentarte Aquí. Así sigue este hilo introductorio: Conceptos básicos del uso del software del foro Visión general de los foros Descripción general de STEX Visión general del Omnibus Puedes hacer clic en los enlaces de arriba o simplemente ir bajando, ya que cada uno está en su propio mensaje independiente en este hilo. Además, si tienes algún problema que crees mejor discutir en privado, no dudes en enviar un mensaje privado a uno de nuestros miembros del Staff. Sugerencia: Mira en el lado derecho de esa página para ver cuál de nosotros ha estado activo recientemente. Eso no garantiza que no acabamos de cerrar sesión 2 segundos después de que revisaste la lista, pero aumenta las probabilidades que obtendrás una respuesta más rápida. Ten en cuenta que, incluso si estamos en línea, no siempre podemos responder de inmediato, ya que podemos estar trabajando en otro tema importante. Espero que encuentres este sitio tan agradable como yo. -@CorinaMarie (traducido por @matias93)
  4. The Nominations are now CLOSED! The greatest time of year has arrived, the Trixies are upon us and the nominations have officially opened. The Trixies are a celebration of all types of community contributions, ranging from STEX uploads to CJs, all the way to forum posts. It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate all the amazing content shared over the past two years, and give a special 'thanks' to your fellow members. We last held the Trixies for the year 2014, so understandably, we have a lot to catch up on. This year things are little different. We won't be holding just one ceremony, but two at the same time: One each for 2015 and 2016. Since we last held the Trixies Simtropolis has been through a lot of change, which unfortunately means we’ve had to change the way were conducting the nominations this year. However, we think these changes will make it easier for you guys to nominate members, and continue to nominate throughout the nominations period. The biggest difference is that you will be posting your nominations on the forums. Don’t worry though, no one apart from the admins will be able to see your nominations, just like it was before! Let’s go through how this is all going to work. Nominations Closed on April 5th How To Nominate As we’ve mentioned before, nominating members for awards will be a little different this year. Read the guides below to know how you are going to be nominating members for awards this year, and take note of some slight rule changes which will allow you to nominate members for multiple awards. Where To Nominate This year, all your nominations will be submitted as posts in the forum linked below. Submit Trixie Nominations Here! This forum behaves differently from every other forum on Simtropolis. No one else can see any of the posts or topics you create within it. In lieu of our traditional nominations system, which is now incompatible with ST, this will be where all of your nominations are submitted this year. This comes with some great benefits though! You’ll be able to see all of your nominations at all times, so you can remember what you have nominated and who you have nominated, and you’ll be able to edit these at any time just in case you nominated someone for the wrong award. It may feel a bit weird at first, but trust us that only admins will see your nominations. Submitting and Formatting your Nominations Since everything has changed, how will you be submitting nominations? Its easy, just follow our guide below! 1. Firstly, take a look through the List of Trixie Awards for 2015 - 2016. 2. You’ll first find an award which you want to nominate someone for and copy its award title. 3. From there navigate to the Submit Trixie Nominations Here! forum and create a new topic. 4. Paste the award title into the topic title box, and add a couple of tags: The name of the member you are nominating. The year you are nominating them for. 5. Then in your post, please include the following information: The Title of the award. Who you are nominating. The Year you are nominating this award for. A short Description as to why you think they deserve this award. To help ensure you include these details, feel free to copy and paste the following template into your posts to match the guidelines: Don’t forget to add this info for each of your nominations, or else they may not be counted. I’ll repeat these briefly below: Topic Title: The Award Title. Tags: Nominated member, and Year. Post Text: Award Title, Member Name, Year, Short Description. To submit another nomination, simply start another topic. Ceremonies for both 2015 and 2016 We last held the Trixies for the year 2014, and due to issues we weren’t able to open up the nominations last year for 2015’s content. During these nominations we invite you to nominate content from 2015 as well as 2016. In the end, we aren't just holding one ceremony, but two at the same time: One each for 2015 and 2016. During the run up to the nominations opening we’ve had a series of discussions, interviews, and retrospectives aiming to highlight content from 2015 and 2016 in the hopes that you won’t forget what has been created during those years. This is why it is important for you to distinguish what year you are nominating a member for. Rule Changes This year we are making a slight change to how many times you can nominate a member. Traditionally you could only nominate any given member for one award. But this time, this rule is being expanded. It used to be that someone would only create amazing buildings, or only write beautiful CJs. However, now we have members who cover lots of different parts of the site, for the previous Trixies it was increasingly difficult to nominate them for just one award. This time we are making the change to allow you to nominate a member for up to 3 different awards in both 2015 and 2016. We hope that you submit multiple nominations for a single member to awards in different sections of the Trixies, but we aren't making that a specific rule as there are awards in sections which relate to very different skill sets. Use this new ability wisely... Cities: Skylines in the Trixies Over the past two years we’ve seen the release of a new game which has swept Simtropolis, Cities: Skylines. In the past we’ve never had another city building game which made as much impact on our community as SimCity 4 originally did, so this is the first time the Trixies have had to accommodate another game. You’ll notice that most of the descriptions for awards no longer call out any specific game, that is because all of these awards are intended to be relatable to both games. When nominating, remember the great content created for both games these previous two years, rather than the content from a single game. Quick FAQ Multiple or single threads for nominations? Posting each nomination in its own thread is preferred, as this helps with the processing. Really though, it's up to you. If posting in a single thread is easier for you to manage or edit, that's perfectly fine. At the end of nominations, the Llama Crew will attempt to count anything inside the forum. For both years, how many nominations per user? In each year, you may nominate any individual member up to 3 times. So this means for both 2015 & 2016 combined, you could nominate someone up to 6 times. Who can I nominate? Any Simtropolis user (member or staff) can be nominated for any award. The processing will determine whether a given user is eligible. How many custom "Ad Hoc" awards may I nominate? As many as you'd like! Feel free to be creative with the title & description if a default award isn't suitable for what you have in mind. Is there a limit to how many nominations I can submit? Yes, the sky. Final Words We hope you have a great Trixies... And remember, Nominate early and Nominate Often!
  5. Nominations Open March 13th - The Trixies are here, the Llamas are here, and this time we're heading back in time! It seems like an eternity since the Trixies were last held, and we can't wait to go all the way back to the start of 2015! The Trixies are a celebration of all types of community contributions, ranging from STEX uploads to CJs, all the way to forum posts. It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate all the amazing content shared over the past two years, and give a special 'thanks' to your fellow members. We last held the Trixies for the year 2014, so understandably, we have a lot to catch up on. So this year, things will be a little different. We won't be holding just one ceremony, but two at the same time: One each for 2015 and 2016. Since the previous awards were such a long time ago, there will be a prelude in the run-up to the start of nominations. Here we invite everyone to discuss content shared during 2015-2016. What were your favourites? Alongside this, we will also be posting special features, including retrospective lists of uploaded content, and interviews by some members, highlighting their experience over the last two years. The purpose of this build-up intends to help everyone make informed decisions, with a broader perspective. Not be told who to nominate, but just reminded of who could be potential nomination candidates. The Prologue Over the next 3 weeks we will be holding a series of events to celebrate the content uploaded over the past two years. This will start here in the Trixies Forum with a community discussion of memorable content which you can recall, or may otherwise be overlooked. The discussion will be complemented by retrospectives on uploaded content, where we post summaries of 2015-2016 content. There will also be interviews with members, giving their thoughts of notable contributions over the period. Community Discussion I can hardly remember what was for breakfast, let alone the memorable items some 700 days ago! So when trying to remember what happened in 2015 my mind goes blank. That's why we are hosting a way which everyone can discuss uploads, CJs, forum posts or just members in general who have shared amazing creations from the past two years. The principle behind this not to form a consensus on who or what is deserving of a Trixie. But instead, a place to discuss content we have admired over this time frame, or items which we think might be overlooked when thinking back on all the amazing creations from the past two years. Use the link below to discuss content from the past two years. Retrospective Lists We want to make sure that there is a place which you can go to find everything that has been uploaded from the past two years, specifically in 2015 which is a long way to look back through in the STEX. In the coming days we will feature a series of lists which highlight content uploaded to the STEX from each year. CJs were harder to list, so we ask that for CJ retrospectives the Community Discussion topic is the best place to remember your favourite CJ. These lists should help you find STEX uploads, and remember items which you may have forgotten about. Member Interviews There will also be a series of interviews with different members on their experience with content from the past two years as well as their involvement with Simtropolis. We've tried to interview members which we haven't interviewed before, and these range from people you will have heard of and talked to before, to some members you might have only seen in passing. These interviews will try to highlight content which they have valued from the last two years, usually focusing on areas of the site which they are involved in. These are, at times, subjective, so we ask that you don't take their opinions as definitive fact, but rather as another view on what has been uploaded in the past two years. You'll find these uploaded in this forum, where you can comment on their interviews and they may respond to comments and questions that you have. These are just opinions, and your final nominations can be of whom ever, and what ever, you feel deserving of the award. Award Category Ideas As part of the build-up, a suggestions topic will be opened for the award categories. Here we invite you all to share ideas for the various awards you'd like to see make up the default set. Last time the list was greatly simplified, and looking back, this may have actually made the process more restrictive. So now, let your imagination run wild! There are BATs, but what about styles? There are CJs, but what about variations? We can't promise all ideas will be selected, but whatever they are, we'd love to hear them. Changes to Nominations For these Trixies we are changing how to nominate members, and how many times a member can be nominated. Since the site upgrade of 2015, the old nominations system was made incompatible. So this year, things are going to be slightly different. We will expand on these changes closer to the nominations opening, but a summary of the major changes are listed below: Forum Nominations Previously nominations would be submitted via a dedicated page with a category selector and a plain text description box. But this time, nominations will be submitted in a special forum which will open at the start of the nominations. This forum behaves differently than others, in that no one else except the Admins are able to view your submissions! So post without hesitation in that forum knowing that your nominations will remain incognito. A major benefit of this method is that you are able to edit any of your posts throughout the submissions period. So as you keep remembering people to nominate, you can continue editing or adding new nominations until the closure date. While in previous Trixies you could continue submitting new nominations, this method means you see all of the nominations you have made, so it's easy to remember what/who you have or haven't nominated yet. An simple and straightforward way to stay on top of everything. So say goodbye to spreadsheets! Once the categories are finalised, we'll provide a full list so that you don't miss any awards to choose from. Of course, you may also create custom awards which aren't included in the default set. It may seem weird at first, but everything will stay private, we promise. Rule Changes This year we are making a slight change to how many times you can nominate a member. Traditionally you could only nominate any given member for one award. But this time, this rule is being expanded. It used to be that someone would only create amazing buildings, or only write beautiful CJs. However, now we have members who cover lots of different parts of the site, for the previous Trixies it was increasingly difficult to nominate them for just one award. This year we are making the change to allow you to nominate a member for up to 3 different awards. We hope that you submit multiple nominations for a single member to awards in different sections of the Trixies, but we aren't making that a specific rule as there are awards in sections which relate to very different skill sets. Use this new ability wisely… Cities: Skylines It's time to welcome the latest city-builder to our great Trixie Awards! This will be the first year C:S participates in our great ceremony. Just remember, the Trixies are a celebration of Simtropolis contributions, so only items here on the site are eligible to be nominated for an award. Understandably, there are thousands of Workshop items, so C:S content on the STEX is only a fraction of the overall selection. Considering this, Workshop items can be nominated, as long as they're created by an author who is a member here at Simtropolis. We can't wait to start sharing the love and celebrating what our community has to offer! Here's to another memorable Trixies, let the party begin!
  6. Created using: Simtropolis Sign by Ceafus 88, and MYOS Make Your Own Sign by jbizzle. Hey everyone, Following the New Year, and the multi-million § construction of the Simtropolis Staff Sign, we're delighted to formally announce the newest arrivals to the Site Moderating Team! They are as follows (in alphabetical order): Hover over "Forums" to view the list of sections they'll be looking after. APSMS 4 Forums Avanya 3 Forums CorinaMarie 6 Forums JP Schriefer 3 Forums STEX matias93 3 Forums _Michael 5 Forums Mr_Maison 2 Forums STEX MushyMushy 5 Forums rsc204 6 Forums Toothless Stitch 5 Forums Yarahi 3 Forums STEX So if you need some assistance, there's now a few other kind & helpful staffers to turn to. Please offer your words of condolence congratulations as they begin their important site duties! Thanks! -The Admins
  7. Introduction to Simtropolis Image created by @Cyclone Boom using: Simtropolis Sign by Ceafus 88, and MYOS Make Your Own Sign by jbizzle. Hiya! We're so glad you dropped in to see us. Simtropolis is primarily a site for people who love City Building games. We have major forums for SimCity 4, Cities: Skylines, and SimCity (2013) as well as a few others in the gamer topics. Our members are friendly, courteous, and helpful and range in skill levels from beginners to technical gurus. The forums are where we discuss all manner of city building ideas. Whether you are a player or a custom content creator (or both) we have places ideally suited for your needs. If you haven't signed up yet to be a member, how about dropping by our New Member Registration Page? We also have the SimTropolis EXchange which is our files section containing (literally) thousands of files to improve on the basic games. These include bug fixes, maps, textures to change the terrain-related aspects, lots, buildings, props, game altering mods, and more. These are available for download by members and guests alike. (However, members are not presented with any ads.) Now, of course, we do have some easy to abide by rules you'll want to read in the Site Guidelines and for custom content creators and users in the STEX Code of Conduct. Be sure to check those out because they apply in full force to everyone here whether you read them or not. Ok. Have you registered yet? No? I'll wait. . . Great! Now that you are a member you can Introduce Yourself Here. And here's how I've laid out the rest of this introductory thread: Basics of Using the Forum Software Overview of the Forums Overview of the STEX Overview of the Omnibus You can click those links above or just scroll down as each one is in its own separate post in this thread. Also, if you have any issue come up which you feel is best discussed in private, feel free to send a Private Message to one of our Staff Members. Tip: Look over on the right side of that page to see which of us has been most recently active. That doesn't guarantee we didn't just log off 2 seconds after you view the list, but it does increase the odds you'll get a quicker reply. Do keep in mind even if we are online we cannot always respond immediately as we may be working on another important issue. I hope you find this site as enjoyable as I do. -Cori
  8. For those who don't know.....type --noWorkshop --disableMods in the launch options on Steam to at least get into the game (right-click options in the library under the game). You can check out the new features via vanilla while you wait for the mod fixes. If your game is totally broken, unsubscribe to any mods you suspect and add them back slowly. And make sure you disable assets that use mods like multi-track stations etc. If you can at least get to the main menu, disable all mods and assets from content manager and start a new game. If it loads, add assets and mods slowly to find the problem ones. Trees props and buildings not mod dependent are safe to keep enabled. We will get through this like we always do
  9. Schedule of Challenges Hi everyone, We're pleased to announce the full schedule for Simtropolis Challenges Season 3! All challenges have now been confirmed and scheduled accordingly. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Ideas Bank. Feel free to keep them coming, as they will be considered for future seasons. This also applies to any ideas not selected this time. A big focus this season is on keeping the events flowing. We realise that different challenges suit different players. So considering this, there will always be something to take part in. Whether related to a specific type of city-building, or a more general theme -- we hope this season will offer a much wider range of challenges. Challenge Types There will be 4 types of challenges: Weekly Min 7 days (Voting 6 days) Extended Min 14 days (Voting 8 days) Monthly Min 30 days (Voting 10 days) Custom Content Min 30 days (Voting 12 days) Each challenge type will carry an increased reputation prize bonus, and is also tracked using the new Leaderboard System. As mentioned previously, a big thing this season will be Custom Content challenges for SimCity 4. These will run each for 30 days, followed by a 12 day voting period. The great thing about these is they'll have limited rules, so allow you to be really creative. There's a Lot of talented creators here, but this is also an opportunity for newcomers to try their hand at tools like the Lot Editor. It'll be really exiting to see how these challenges unfold. Monthly challenges will allow up to 3 submissions per author. All entered images can receive votes, with only your highest rated being used in the final ranking. With the exception of Vanilla Only and the Custom Content ones, ALL challenges will be open to any city-building game. So without further delay, they will be as follows... Season 3 - Schedule 15-Nov Content Creation BATs, Lots, Mods or Maps. No rules except build anything! Custom Content (47 days) 01-Dec Winter Wonderland Show scenes with a winter theme Monthly (31 days) 16-Dec How to Do It Explain the steps taken to create an image or content item Extended (21 days) 26-Dec City Showcase Show the best scenes from your city Monthly (47 days) 01-Jan Celebrations! How does your city celebrate? Weekly (7 days) 19-Jan Animation Challenge Create an animated image from your city Extended (25 days) Completed Challenges: Total: 25 (8 Weekly, 6 Extended, 4 Monthly, 7 Custom Content) Also the schedule can be viewed at the following link, containing more precise dates: [External Schedule] (Opens as a spreadsheet on OneDrive). If you'd like, you may download this to store a local copy. The Calendar For a clear perspective, all challenges will soon be added to the Simtropolis Calendar. As they approach, each entry will contain full details of each challenge -- such as rules and requirements. There will be posted in 5 separate categories, corresponding to the challenge type: http://community.simtropolis.com/calendar/2-weekly-challenge/ http://community.simtropolis.com/calendar/3-extended-challenge/ http://community.simtropolis.com/calendar/4-monthly-challenge/ http://community.simtropolis.com/calendar/5-custom-content/ And also for voting (all challenges): http://community.simtropolis.com/calendar/6-voting-period/ To keep up to date of these postings, we recommend that you follow these categories, or the team account: @ST Challenges [Follow ST Challenges] This account will be used to post the calendar entries, along with the challenge albums. Thanks very much for reading, and we look forward to what promises to be a fun, competitive, and most of all highly challenging season! Any questions or comments welcome. Regards, ~ The Challenges Team
  10. Index of Display Name Changes

    Index of Display Name Changes Display name changes can sometimes create confusion, especially when the new name is completely unrelated to the old one. Since there have been a number of recent changes, I think it might be useful to have a resource where these can be documented. For general information about name changes, please see the FAQ in the following post. If you're aware of a change that isn't listed, or have recently changed your own, please post below and I'll add you to the table. The table below lists the known changes, along with the dates and original names. For those where the date is uncertain, a reasonable estimate has been made (based on their posts referring to the name -- e.g. quotes). For users who've changed their name more than once, the "Other Changes" column provides these details. The links open a document on Google Drive, where this info is presented. (89 total listed changes) Current Name Original Name Last Changed Date Other Changes? __A mystic_destiny Feb-27-2014 - _Jazz Yoshiisland Apr-18-2013 [1] _Michael michae95l Jul-18-2016 - A Nonny Moose N_O_Body c. 2007 - §haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo Sirron Kcuhc Jun-09-2013 - Ace❤ 10000000000000 Mar-11-2013 - airman15 usfighter15 May-05-2013 - Asser Kaalakiota Apr-06-2014 - AvidCSMapmaker freakyshare32 Mar-11-2015 - C4The_Architect C4creeper May-01-2015 - catty-cb Catty@sc4d Jun-15-2013 - Ceafus 88 Frex_Ceafus Feb-18-2013 - Chris M ЮàgÕÑÅÑÌMĖ Apr-12-2013 [1] CoastRunner nickie Jan-04-2013 - Cockatoo Cockatoo-210893 c. 2011 - Craig-Abcvs abcvs c. 2010 - Dashafrash. AndrewMar Jul-14-2014 - Dirktator dirk c. 2011 - djrules5454 djrules5454_simtropolisedition c. 2010 - Durfsurn durfsurn Jun-21-2013 - Eʟᴇᴍᴇɴᴛ elemented9 c. 2011 - Empowered One afstandopleren Sep-09-2013 - Follarch Archean Apr-13-2012 - Forthwall Mastof Dec-23-2012 - FreezyPop 10goliath Sep-11-2013 - Ganaram Inukshuk Ganaram DI Jun-24-2012 - Haljackey haljackey Apr-28-2012 - ized pringlized May-20-2015 - Jack³ jack3oh3 Jun-11-2013 - JakeMD swat-medic Apr-17-2012 - Jeffmaster223 Animaniacs Nov-12-2013 - JP Schriefer Schriefer Oct-25-2014 - k50 k50dude Jun-21-2012 - KaZZ testuser1234 Nov-18-2013 - Kevin Cheese89 c. 2010 - Kifflom112 Zulu2065 Dec-20-2012 - Kisa Atsuko 976 Mar-09-2014 - LarksTonguesInAspic manticorefan May-31-2013 - Lyhoko Leaci Leech10 Dec-08-2011 - MandelSoft mrtnrln Jun-21-2012 - Mary Maurine Mayo Lynks Aug-12-2013 [2] Meg SkiGeek c. 2009 - Monster's Cat MatthewB13 Oct-09-2014 [1] Mr Saturn64 crazyllamasim Dec-24-2012 - Nesral Sredna Aakl Feb-07-2015 - Nilo7 DCMetro34 May-13-2014 [1] OcramsRzr Ilikeseattle Jan-21-2016 [1] OreoToast Quaellen_Wins2 Oct-28-2014 - Pasta-power J-man-42 Feb-11-2013 - reaps reaper88 Dec-31-2012 - Reddonquixote reddonquixote Oct-19-2014 - redhairtwiggy BlondeTwiggy Mar-30-2014 - RepublicMaster wcraig Dec-24-2012 - Sabretooth78 sargeantcm Jun-17-2014 - Samness samness7 Jul-18-2014 - SAVAGExPHOENIX daTSchikinhed Dec-10-2014 - sc3kufan Casselsucks Sep-25-2015 [1] SC4B sim city 4 builder Feb-11-2015 - Sexysark:P sarthakknight Nov-24-2014 - Shadow Assassin Shadow_Assassin c. 2011 - simlink sim_link Mar-03-2014 - Skyler_Americano Johnathan_Tycoon Jun-11-2015 - Slashback ImVhOzzi Jul-02-2013 - SounderBruce ComputerGuy890100 c. 2011 - SpookyZalost Leo_the_robot Apr-09-2013 - Takingyouthere take_me_there Jul-29-2016 [1] Terring terring Jun-04-2013 - The Avatar MamaLuigi945 Sep-06-2014 [1] The Pennsylvania Turnpike Mayorjacks Aug-25-2013 - Thin White Duke AmericanSwede11 May-23-2016 [2] Titanicbuff titanicbuff Jun-05-2013 - Tonraq 111222333444 Jan-18-2014 - Toothless Stitch skyscraper241 Aug-01-2014 [1] w_swietwoot wasoethoudt Apr-28-2012 - Wahrheit Blue Lightning May-19-2015 - Yarahi yarahi Jun-26-2015 - Username = Multiple changes. Username = Pre Simtropolis 7.0 change. Reminder: Due to the site upgrade, remember that display names are now the same as usernames! As Dirk explained here, this replaces the previous system, where your registration username was always used to login. If you've changed your display name, you should always login using the current one. This may explain if you're experiencing difficulty logging in.
  11. The NAM Team has encountered quite a few tech support cases recently, with users who have recently gotten around to picking up the latest version, and subsequently finding that some transit item in their city has gone missing. In every case, this has been the result of users heeding long-outdated advice from 5+ years ago, that suggested uninstalling the old version before installing the new one. This, however, is no longer the case, and since the NAM 31.x series of releases in 2013, it has been the official advice of the team that users should NOT uninstall their previous NAM version while upgrading to a new version. The NAM installer was completely overhauled for the move to the "Monolithic" package that has been the norm since NAM 31.0 in March 2013 (thanks to z1), and it is a lot smarter than the NAM installers of yore. Namely, just as it can read whether or not the game has been patched, it can locate a user's NAM installation, and is able to determine which options were installed. With the old installation in place, the installer can then read the files, and will automatically select the same components that the user had previously for the new installation. Additionally, many of the old issues with outdated controllers and the once-dreaded "red arrow bug" have been solved by the current package as well. If one instead follows the outdated advice of uninstalling the old version, the old NAM installation is no longer there for the installer to reference, and it is then entirely on the user to ensure that they select the same options they were previously using. With as many options as there are now in the NAM, that is no small task, and the possibility for installation error increases exponentially. If you happen to be concerned about outdated/conflicting files, there are mechanisms in the installer to handle this now, including running the built-in version of BSC Cleanitol. A few other related pieces of advice, to help streamline your NAM installation and upgrade experience: The Version Check and Switching from Disc to Digital This one has come up a lot lately as well, and quite understandably so. Microsoft has been doing everything in its power to try to eradicate the secdrv.sys driver file, which disc copies of SC4 require, including the infamous KB3086255 update for Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1, and the complete omission of the driver in Windows 10. As a by-product of this, many users have been switching over to digital copies of the game, from Steam, Amazon, GOG.com, Origin, GamersGate, and other sources. The NAM requires the game's executable to be at least Version 1.1.638 (the version number of the disc copy with the EP1 Update 1 patch), and all of these digital copies are updated to Version 1.1.641, and do not need to be patched. However, if a user happens to have an unpatched disc copy (Version 1.1.610 or 1.1.613) still installed after installing the digital copy (or has a $%&^! installed in the folder for the original disc copy), the Windows Registry will still point the installer toward the old SC4 installation, not the new digital copy, and the installer will fail. There are two ways to get around this. Probably the cleanest in the long run would be to uninstall both the disc and digital copies, and then reinstall only the digital copy, at which point the Windows Registry will then point to the digital copy, and the NAM installer will be happy. The one case where you might want to preserve the disc install is if you're planning on also installing the game's official Building Architect Tool, which, reportedly, at least some digital versions with DRM (i.e. Origin) apparently prevent. In that case, the best solution would be to patch the disc copy, at which point the NAM installer and the BAT installer would see it as valid. The disc copy may subsequently be removed once the BAT has installed. For more on the BAT installation matter, see rsc204's post here. Edit as of February 2017 Regarding the Origin Version: There are confirmed reports of Origin retail customers being saddled once again with an unpatchable edition of Version 1.1.610, which will fail the version check, in addition to missing a number of stability fixes and improvements and BAT Nightlight support. If you purchased SimCity 4 Deluxe from Origin at any point (users who have redeemed CD Keys are apparently exempt), check your version number. Contact Origin (preferably in a visible, public place, like Twitter) if it is indeed the unpatchable edition. The NAM Team is presently trying to get Origin to go back to distributing a properly-patched version of the game. DatPacking and the NAM Another piece of advice that is of the same vintage as that uninstallation advice, that the NAM should not be "DatPacked", using a tool like wouanagaine's SC4DatPacker, or memo's JDatPacker, because of its negative impact on NAM upgrade installations. In the case of Mac users, however, the number-of-files limit present on the newer digital versions of the Aspyr port requires DatPacking (using JDatPacker, which is cross-platform) in order for the game to run properly with a larger NAM installation. This limit on the Mac port is not impacted by the size of the files, but merely on their number--enough empty subfolders will trigger it. With respect to the Windows version, the improvements to the installer prevent a DatPacked NAM installation from causing a "red arrow bug" in doing an upgrade (this was the main reason it was discouraged in the past), but because some users have exhibited a tendency to discard the pre-DatPacked files, leaving just the massive "Network Addon Mod.dat" file created by the DatPacker tool, the same issues caused by uninstalling occur, namely that the installer will not be able to discern the contents of the massive single .dat in the way that it could with the original file architecture, making installation error far more likely. Thus, for Mac users, DatPacking is recommended, but for Windows users DatPacking is still not recommended (unless you really know what you're doing). Keep the Installer Handy If You Change Your Mind on Features Particularly if you're on the fence on installing a feature, or if you're a new user who doesn't know what most of the options do yet, it can be to your benefit to keep the installer for the current version handy. If you decide you want to change options, leave your existing installation in place, and run the installer again. Just as with upgrades, the installer will be able to read your installation and the current set of options installed, which will help out immensely in determining which boxes to check and uncheck. And again, as with upgrading, it is not at all recommended to uninstall before running the installer again, as this makes re-installation a far, far more daunting task. Hopefully, this proves to be a useful reference for those of you installing, re-installing, or upgrading your NAM version. Happy NAMing! -Tarkus
  12. The National Companies: Lomas del Viento there are a lot of companies very important. Canal 7: Year of Foundation: 1940 Location: Jerai City, Kutulu Property of: VIENTOTV Group Employees: 550 Availability: Public TV, DirecTV Budget: $4.500.000 El Lomaterriense® Journalism and newspapers: Year of foundation: 1979 Location: Jerai City, Kutulu Property of: LVDco Employees: 1.250 Income: $150.000.000 (2010) Ronfino Naval Autoparts S.A Year of Foundation: 1995 Location: Ronfino, Isla Grande Property of: LVDco Employees: 5.000 Income: $220.000.000 (2009) LADENA® Aeronáutica Year of Foundation: 1981 Location: Villa 14, Isla Grande Property of: LVDco Employees: 5.250 Income: $990.000.000 Lomas del Viento Airlines: Year of foundation: 1989 Location: Jerai City, Kutulu Works on: Jerai City, Isla Deseo, Punta Oceánica Property of: LVDco Employees: 2.750 Income: $1 billion TPCL® TVCable: Year of Foundation: 1990 Location: Revelión City, Isla Grande Property of: VIENTOTV Group Employees: 750 Income: $16.500.000 National Business Groups: LVDco Group: Year of foundation: 1904 Location: Kleverson City, Lamprodia Has: El Lomaterriense®, Ronfino Naval Autoparts S.A, LADENA® Aeronáutica, Lomas del Viento Airlines Employees: 8.850 Income: $23 billions VIENTOTV Group: Year of foundation: 1925 Location: Kleverson, Lamprodia Has: Canal 7, TPCL® Employees: 3.150 Income: $5 billions
  13. THE 3 PROVINCES OF LOMAS DEL VIENTO: THE PROVINCE OF ISLA GRANDE: Official name: Gran Provincia de Isla Grande Population: 345.514 (63,68% of total) Capital: Williams City Adjective: granlense Description: It concentrates big industries and is the financial province with Revelión City, it has the largest city of the country. THE PROVINCE OF KUTULU: Official name: United Province of Kutulu Population: 152.644 (28,13% of total) Capital: Jerai City Adjective: Kutuliano Description: Is the province more technologically advanced of the country. THE PROVINCE OF LAMPRODIA: Official name: Lamprodia Island Province Population: 44.357 (8,17% of total) Capital: Kleverson City Adjective: Laprodiano Description: There is a small province. You population is 8% of total of lomaterrienses. Their main activity is a Tourism. STATS OF LOMAS DEL VIENTO by National CENSUS (December, 2011): Population: 542.515 (1 December, 2011) Largest city: Revelión City (151.000) Smallest city: Parada Durazno (97) Most polluted city: Grownson, Lamprodia Most "industrialized" city: Jerai City (58.000 industrial jobs) Most "commercial" city: Williams (115.000 commercial jobs)
  14. (A Safrans flag) Welcome to the young nation of Safrans. I invite you to learn about the history: Discovery of Safrans (1644): The spanish pirate Alfonso Kletí and his tripulation have discovered a lot of islands in July 1644. This territories were spread among pirates. That year was founded the city of Lagos. British War (1699-1700): The Safrans territory (a name by Alofonso) was invaded by the British Clown, agroup of 1.000 soldiers battled against the 3.000 Spanish Pirates. Lagos city and its sorroundings were completely destroyed. But the British army retired in March 1700. A Spanish possession (1701 - 1832) The British War ended. Lagos City was founded again. The Safrans economy never grew bicause the rigorous controls of the Spanish Crown. Safrans was a depency of Spain. Therefore these islands were a strategic port in the Ocean. A Safrans Revolution (1833-1838) The Safrans people shared a sense of nationhood and wanted to banish Spanish soldiers. The war began in 1833 and ended in 1838 with a Safrans victory. Equally damage received were serious: No Economy, poverty, undefended and disrupted. The Constitution (1839) In 1839 born the Safrans Republic, with a goverment and political divisions of the islands. The future seemed perfect. The Black Time (1841 - 1950) Over 100 years people suffrered economic barriers of Europe and Asia, all continents with which marketed. Basic necessities were scarce: Food and manufactured products. An "Safrans" Idea disappeared. Spain take the islands by the force exploting all resources and return work as a strategic spanish port. Salvation (1951) A revolutionist group, with large national and international influence, organizes an army and manage to drive again. Now, with allies, achive in the ONU a law that prohibits economy blockades in Europe and Asia. Now was beginning to grow the republic. Golden Age (1977-1990) Safrans Republic becomes strong in the Manufacturing Industry and Financial activities, this increases the GDP and people lived fairly well. The Permanence (1991 -.) Nowadays , this nation maitaining good levels of employment, exports and overall quality of life. Greetings and updates coming soon.
  15. Lamas Province Population: 38.763 Capital: Fransei City Government: Federico Karrúa Economy: 60% Agricultural activities, 40% Manufacturing A postal of Lamas Province. Lamas Province is a small region of Safrans Republic. It has only one city that exceeds 10000 people. Is an important Agricultural center. Has pollution problems mainly in Fransei City bicause the heavy industries are not reducting their waste. The "Organización Nacional Aire Limpio" (ONAL, or National Organization Clean Air) has pressed Federico Karrúa to clamp. GEOGRAPHY: Lamas Province is small. There aren't mountains. In the centre there are Fransei River, the most polluted of Safrans. LOCATIONS: Fransei City (30.678) Grensar (364) Posta 41 (215) Océano (683) Juan Lamas (161) Dorsel (472) Nevuru (1.181) Burei (1.898) Largaria City (3.111) SPORTS: The sport of Lamas is the football. The most important team in the province is Largaria Boys FC, Largaria City. Largaria Boys founded in 1915. Largaria Boys Stadium, Largaria City. Built: 1911. Cost: $870.000. Function: 1° Liga Nacional de Safrans, events. Capacity: 12.000. THANK YOU FOR WATCH!
  16. Information

    This city journal is based in SimCity 4. I will probably post entries every saturday for the status on Pfnaníana and Dulfinæ.
  17. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Right, some big news... I've now created an interactive spreadsheet, which hopefully provides a solution to the issues, and makes it easy for us to calculate results. Baseline Automated Ranking System (BARS) Features Summary Ranking Automatic ranking of challenge results. Priority sorting by the rating, then the number of votes. Entries with more votes are ranked higher, in case the rating is identical. Ties In the event of identical ties, the rep prize is split between those entries. This still keeps to the total Prize Fund (as close as possible when rounded to a whole number). Ties are clearly highlighted on the rank. Baseline Method As a solution for entries with a low sample, the "Baseline Method" is used. Consider it a cut line, which is established using the averages of votes & ratings. There are two baselines: Base Votes and Base Rating. Base Votes limits the possible ranking for entries with a small # of votes (compared to others). It's calculated using 75% of the mean (average) votes, and is rounded to a whole number. The Base Rating is calculated the same way, using 75% of the average rating. This is used to make the ranking more logical. For example, entries with a low votes sample, but a higher rating will rank above. This is because the priority is still given to the rating. Entries outside the band are highlighted with a red flag icon. Reputation Prize Fund Prize fund is calculated and distributed to the top entries. This is based on the number of entries & the challenge type. New "Bonus" rep, which adds a bit of variance to the Prize Fund. This is calculated based on the average rating, and the number of entries. Calculation to add the author's new reputation total. Checkbox to mark when the prize has been awarded. Data Validation checks to ensure data is entered accurately. Alerts box which show any glaring mistakes with the data. This kind of works like a checklist. Options to customise each challenge (e.g. ranks which receive a rep prize, manual adjustment of Prize Fund & multipliers). This means prizes could be allocated say to the top 10. Cell formatting for certain conditions (e.g. top 3, tied ranks, duplicates). Each challenge is stored on an individual sheet. Misc stats for each challenge. Preview from the "City Life" challenge (click for full size): How does the ranking work? The basic concept is quite simple. For each entry, it first checks whether it meets the 'Baseline' for rating and votes. If so, it looks at the rating value and ranks them accordingly, highest to lowest. Then a tiebreaker is used, which is calculated using the votes tally. This allocates a decimal number, which is unique to the # of votes. The more votes an entry has, the smaller the tiebreaker will be (and vice versa). It's then added to determine the final rank. If an entry fails the 'Baseline' test, it's placed in a second rank. Here entries are still sorted by the rating, but appear further down the list. The majority of the calculations are done using hidden sort columns. Really it's a bit more complex than it looks from the outside! Why not just do a simple sort using the ratings? Well, the main reason is to ensure consistency. It allows results to be decided automatically, and eliminates the need to manually split ties, or decide how many votes is a fair sample. All it requires is data to be entered accurately (in the spreadsheet). Initially I was considering doing something even more complex. For example, to use weighted ranks based on the rating & votes for each entry. Essentially to award points to each entry, and then sort highest to lowest. But in the end, I think the 'Baseline Method' is more transparent, easier to understand, and keeps most of the sorting by the ratings. Will the data be revealed for each challenge? Yes, when results are announced, I'll include a link to the spreadsheet. This will be a read-only version uploaded to OneDrive. The voting data for all challenges can be found at the following link: ST Challenges - Results Data (Excel spreadsheet shared on OneDrive) Hope this sounds useful! If all goes well, we aim to bring all results up-to-date this weekend.
  18. Based on the same format as last year, I've created a reference list of the content / winners of the 2013 Trixie Awards. An extended congratulations to all recipients, runners-up and nominees! In total there were 530 nominations, making up 81 individual awards in 8 categories. Note: For awards that don't refer to specific content, I've just linked to the recipient’s profile. I hope this again will be a useful resource. If anyone notices errors, broken links, or has any suggestions, please do let me know! Categories (Click to go to that section). SimCity 4 Players Awards SimCity 4 Builders Awards SimCity 2013 Awards Cities XL Awards Forum Specialist Awards Community Spirit Awards Staff Awards Special Mentions SimCity 4 Players Awards Best SC4 City Journal New SorGun – by SimCoug Runner-up: paeng Nominees: Bastet69008, Fox, Haljackey, Huston, jayguum, kccl35, Krisman, MilitantRadical, mystic_destiny, Schulmanator, simlink, Spursrule14, TekindusT, TowerDude, wwetom1 Most Aesthetically Pleasing SC4 CJ Ionica – by MilitantRadical Runner-up: Fox Nominees: art128, elavery, Forthwall, Haljackey, paeng, ROFLyoshi, SimCoug, TekindusT, Tonraq, wwetom1 Most Awe Inspiring SC4 CJ Journey through Paengia – by paeng Runner-up: Huston Nominees: Fox, Haljackey, pingpong, Schulmanator, ThomasSimpson, TowerDude Best SC4 City Planner Haljackey for Building A City From Scratch (Playlist) [Picture Album] Runner-up: MandelSoft Nominees: Hiigarar, nathanthemayor, ROFLyoshi, Spursrule14 Best Attention to Detail in an SC4 CJ Journey through Paengia – by paeng Runner-up: MilitantRadical Nominees: Bastet69008, Lost Realist Best Use of Custom Content in an SC4 CJ Med Inspirations – by OlScare / Benoit Runner-up: SimCoug Nominees: Ace❤, Huston, paeng Best Custom Lotting in an SC4 CJ Republic of San Theodoros – by Bastet69008 Runner-up: SC4LOver Most Realistic SC4 CJ Holt – by simlink Runner-up: kelistmac Nominees: Haljackey paeng, SimCoug Most Entertaining SC4 CJ Schulmania – by Schulmanator Runner-up: SimRico Best Story in an SC4 CJ Port Matthew's The Best Defense – by NMUSpidey Runner-up: Schulmanator Nominee: SimCoug Best Public Transport in an SC4 CJ Republic of Arinsia – by feyss Runner-up: k50 Best Roadgeek SC4 City Journal – by nathanthemayor Runner-up: MandelSoft Nominees: timmie, k50 Best Science Fiction SC4 CJ Mass Effect: The Milky Way – by Huston Best Park and Recreational Area in an SC4 CJ Nyhaven, Lower Columbia (AIN) – by wood3kmaster Runner-up: Fox Best Suburbs in an SC4 CJ – by wwetom1 Runner-up: simlink Most Chaotic SC4 CJ Hijaran United Confederacy (AIN) – by Hiigarar Runner-up: BuggUla Most Unique SC4 CJ Benzihor Region – by pingpong Runner-up: 976 Most Villainous SC4 City Journal – by BuggUla Best Communist SC4 CJ Benzihor Region – by pingpong Best Grimy SC4 City Zeroing City, The Silver City – by Uzil Best Historical SC4 CJ New SorGun – by SimCoug Best Rural SC4 CJ Cattala – by ThomasSimpson Best Newspaper in a SC4 CJ Stepford Island – by SimRico Best Use of Photo Manipulation in an SC4 CJ Alien [||] Worlds 2 & King's Bend – by spursrule14 Runner-up: Hiigarar Best SC4 CJ Re-Creation – by kelistmac Most Eye Catching and Original SC4 CJ Title Great Lakes, Great Times: Retooling the rust belt – by slickbg56 Best SC4 CJ Video Series Building A City From Scratch (Playlist) [Picture Album] – by Haljackey Best CJ List Maker Ben's Top Ten +10 & BTT: Time Machine – by Benedict Back to Top ↑ – by Darknono35 Runner-up: Xyloxadoria Nominees: Aaron Graham, Bipin, debussyman, Droric, Huston, Jasoncw, mipro, nofunk, reddonquixote, Seraf Highest Overall Quality in Custom Content reddonquixote – 2013 Content Runner-up: Aaron Graham Nominees: airman15, Bipin, blunder, Darknono35, IDS2, Jasoncw, Kellydale2003, mattb325, mipro, nofunk, NYBT, Terring, Wallibuk Most Useful Creation New York mid-rise Towers – Aaron Graham Runner-up: paeng Nominees: nbvc, PaulSawyer STEX Community Favourite nofunk – 2013 Content Runner-up: Jasoncw Nominees: Aaron Graham, mattb325 Best Behind-the-Scenes BAT Support SkyscraperTower Building – Simtropolis Batting School Most Luminous Illuminator reddonquixote – 2013 BATs Runner-up: Darknono35 Quickest Quality BATter mattb325 – 2013 BATs Runner-up: Aaron Graham Nominee: simcity4ever88 Most Useful Feedback in Custom Content Threads T Wrecks – 2013 “Builders Forum” Posts Favorite BAT Team NYBT – 2013 BATs Runner-up: VIP Team Nominee: mipro Best Industrial BAT of the Year – by ABBT Runner-up: Bipin Most Eclectic BAT & – by nbvc Best Transportation BAT – by reddonquixote Greatest Variety of the Highest Quality Wallibuk – 2013 BATs BAT Newcomer of the Year Shy Dude for Runner-up: petahhhhhh Nominees: IDS2, reddonquixote SC4 Modd of the Year – by NAM Team Runner-up: T Wrecks Nominees: airman15, Bipin, blunder, docj101 SC4 Most Useful Modd of the Year – by NAM Team Runner-up: nbvc Nominee: Magneto Most Valuable SC4 Modder Tarkus – SimTarkus Blog Runner-up: memo Nominee: MandelSoft SC4 Most Creative Maps blunder – 2013 Maps Runner-up: rewright Back to Top ↑ – by zigen1111 Runner-up: ROFLyoshi Nominee: Hiigarar Most Realistic SimCity 2013 City Journal – by Vinozzo Best SimCity 2013 Custom Building – by oppie Best SimCity 2013 Mod oppie – 2013 Mods [simCityPak Tool] SC 2013 Forum Dedication Award Darmok – 2013 “SC13 Forum” Posts Back to Top ↑ – by NurelFayed Back to Top ↑ Forum Specialist Awards Most Engaging Off-Topic Duke87 – 2013 “Current Events” Posts Runner-up: A Nonny Moose Nominee: Terring Highest Quality Poster T Wrecks – 2013 Posts Runner-up: Tarkus Nominees: A Nonny Moose, Cogeo, Duke87, MandelSoft z1 Helpful Forumer z1 – 2013 Posts Runner-up: A Nonny Moose Nominees: astronelson, Benedict, Cyclone Boom, GMT, MandelSoft, Tonraq, T Wrecks SC4 Technical Denizen A Nonny Moose – 2013 “Bugs & Technical Issues” Posts Most Entertaining Avatar Buggi – "Spawning Thing" Avatar Runner-up: Waterclaw Outstanding "Show me" Contribution Linoa06 – 2013 “Show us your city, road-or transit maps!” Posts Back to Top ↑ Community Spirit Awards Staff Eye in the Storm Cyclone Boom Merit of Team Spirit NYBT (various members) Runner-up: NAM Team Nominees: Duke87, timmie, Vlasky, Zelgadis Enduring Dedication Award Dirktator Runner-up: nofunk We Miss You; Come Back SimFox Runner-up: Cockatoo Nominees: andisart, Bobbo662, Buddybud, Chptrk, Craig-Abcvs, DMScopio, Glenni, jacqulina, JBSimio, packersfan, paulvmontfort, Sam_Johnson Most Welcoming to Newcomers Tonraq Friendliest Forumer Cyclone Boom Runner-up: ROFLyoshi Nominees: Borgmstarjojje, CaptCity, Hamish, Hestor, NMUSpidey, SimRico, T Wrecks Friendliest Chatter meister1235 Runner-up: mystic_destiny Nominees: _jazz, Prens, Samerton, Timmystwin, Back to Top ↑ Staff Awards The Stampede Stoppers Cyclone Boom, Craig-Abcvs, Jasoncw, Porter The "STEXie" (Supremely Tracking the EXchange) andisart, Craig-Abcvs, paeng, sim1234, SimCoug, Jasoncw, meister1235 The Scenic Overseers astronelson, Craig-Abcvs, Porter, TekindusT, NMUSpidey The Cat Herders Blue Lightning, Ded, Deathtoall, meister1235, Porter, Prens, riiga, Samerton, thatmonkeysim, TowerDude, zezug Simtropolis Debate Mediators astronelson, NMUSpidey, timmie The Traffic Directors astronelson, ilikehotdogsalot, Porter, ROFLyoshi, SimCoug, TEG24601, TekindusT, Xyloxadoria, timmie Creative Content Crew andisart, Blue Lightning, Cyclone Boom, GlobexCo, Craig-Abcvs, drunkapple, Jasoncw, MandelSoft, masochist, paeng, soltangris, T Wrecks, Tonraq, un1, Xyloxadoria Fun, Frivolity, and Fact-Finding Facilitators astronelson, Blue Lightning, Craig-Abcvs, Duke87, JakeMD, sim1234, Tonraq, un1, Wrightguy0 Back to Top ↑ Special Mentions Developer Appreciation MaxisGuillaume Most Likely to Encase Enemies in Eggs ROFLyoshi Most Likely to Rock You Like a Hurricane Cyclone Boom Best Cybermom Meg Late Night Show Host Hamish Intrepid Immigrant Zelgadis Chief Engineer hym Captain of the Watch CaptCity Back to Top ↑
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  20. In SCP I see a label for network associated the different streets and avenues.Has anyone figured out how to add/remove agents to these networks? Is that even how it works? I would like to play around with some of the oil/garbage service roads and make them so that they carry other agents like ambulance/police/fire/etc. Also curious if water/power agent are added the same way. I was just curious if anyone had any information about these types of additions.
  21. Inspired from a by TheCheeta, I've collected links to the content / winners of the 2012 Trixie Awards. Hopefully this will be a useful reference list, saving the need to individually search each item of content. Categories (Click to go to the section). SC4 Players Awards SC4 Builders Awards Cities XL Awards Forum Specialist Awards Community Spirit Awards Note: For the awards that don't refer to specific content, I've listed the recipient only. Total Nominations: 833 SC4 Players Awards Best SC4 City Journal Journey through Paengia – by paeng Most Aesthetically Pleasing SC4 City Zeroing City – by Uzil Awe Inspiring SC4 City Zouerat Islamic Federation – by elavery Best SC4 City Planner Packersfan for District of Wenzel Best Newspaper in a SC4 CJ Asgard – by Fox Best Story in a SC4 CJ The Sensational Six – by NMUSpidey Most Entertaining SC4 City Journal Schulmania – by Schulmanator Most Realistic SC4 City Journal Hiroshima – by art128 Unique SC4 Region Galesfeburg – by Lyhoko Leaci Best Use of Custom Content in a SC4 CJ Shushtrepistaz – by Forthwall Best Use of Added Media in a SC4 CJ Carpathia III: Fragments of Sorrow – by Zelgadis Best Rural SC4 CJ New SorGun – by SimCoug Best Use of Nature in a SC4 CJ Ring of Fire – by blunder Best Attention to Detail in a SC4 CJ Med Inspirations – by OlScare / Benoit Best Grimy SC4 City Tenements & Rust: Ghetto Stories – by TekindusT Best Suburbs in a SC4 CJ – by wwetom1 Best Park and Recreational Area in a SC4 CJ Asgard – by Fox Best Science Fiction SC4 CJ Alien [iI] Worlds 2 – by spursrule14 Most Miraculous SC4 Mosaic Three Nations 2013 (AIN) – by Huston Best Roadgeek SC4 City Journal The Commonwealth of Paradise (USNW) – by kj3400 Best Public Transport in a SC4 CJ Dragon Islands Cities – by Skimbo Best Custom Lotting in a SC4 CJ The Empire of Nueva Iberia – by SC4L0ver Most Eye Catching and Original SC4 CJ Title Invinia 2250 – by felano Best Tropical SC4 Journal New Chandler III – by k50 Most Improved SC4 City Journalist ggamgus for Queensland and the World (AIN) Most Chaotic SC4 City Journal Hijaran United Confederacy (AIN) – by Hiigarar Best Civic Plazas in an SC4 CJ – by kccl35 Best Historical CJ New SorGun – by SimCoug Best Asian CJ Atarashima – by mystic_destiny Meg's Smorgasbord Award Holt District [Forum Section] – by sim_link CaptCity's Tough Guy Award Shayden Federal Republic – by Sirron Kcuhc Back to Top ↑ – by Amthaak Best Post-War BAT – by Jasoncw Best Re-creation – by kellydale2003 Most Useful Creation High Rise Apartment Series – by Aaron Graham Most Creative Lotter paeng – 2012 Lots Highest Overall Quality in Custom Content mattb325 – 2012 Content Highest Technical Achievement in Custom Creations darn42 – 2012 Content STEX Community Favourite MandelSoft – 2012 Content BAT of the Year – by Amthaak Best Behind-the-Scenes BAT Support Jasoncw – Most Improved BATer Darknono35 – 2012 Content Most Luminous Illuminator MandelSoft – 2012 Content Quickest Quality BATer mattb325 – 2012 BATs Most Useful Feedback in Custom Content Threads T Wrecks – 2012 ‘Builders Forum’ Posts Favourite BAT team NYBT – 2012 BATs BAT Newcomer of the Year reddonquixote – 2012 BATs Best Industrial Bat of the Year The Manhattanvile Project – by ABBT Modd of the Year Industrial Revolution Mod – by T Wrecks Most Valuable Modder memo Most Important Modding Discovery JUPITER Weather Controller – by xannepan Most Dedicated to Acknowledging his Team Members Tarkus Best Automata Simfanatik – 2012 Content SC4 Map Guru Drunkapple – 2012 Maps Best New SC4 Mapper johnny12345 – 2012 Maps Most Likely to Become an Architect in Real Life Bipin – 2012 BATs Most Dedicated Modder Tarkus Best Modding Tool – by yild Best Novelty Beyond the Buildings nbvc – 2012 Content Hometown Tours Melbourne Skyscrapers – by reddonquixote Back to Top ↑ Cities XL Awards Most Valuable CXL Contributor The_Funky_Monk – XL Nation Maps Back to Top ↑ Highest Quality Poster T Wrecks – 2012 Posts Funniest Overall Member Craig-Abcvs – 2012 Posts Most Helpful Forumer Yarahi – 2012 ‘Can’t Find It? Ask Here’ Posts SC4 Technical Denizen Ganaram Inukshuk – 2012 SC4 Modding Posts Most Entertaining Avatar Delecto – Jumping Animals Avatar Outstanding Show me your... Contribution Haljackey – 2012 ‘Show Us Your Interchanges’ Posts Hamish’s Mac Pro DAB_City – 2012 ‘SC4 Mac Users’ Posts The Evil Apprentice of Zelgadis Cyclone Boom – 2012 Posts Hym's "Off Topic Philosopher" Award Odainsaker – 2012 ‘General Off-Topic’ Posts Back to Top ↑ Community Spirit Awards Staff Eye Within the Storm CaptCity – 2012 Posts Merit of Team Spirit NYBT Enduring Dedication Award Dirktator We Miss You; Come Back Shadow Assassin Most Welcoming to Newcomers 111222333444 – 2012 ‘Introduce Yourself Here’ Posts Friendliest Chatter Prens Chat Insomniac Award pagenotfound Most Active Non-City Builder Duke87 Best Sports League Joe 90 – SimCity League Baseball 2012 Chemists Do It on the Table. Periodically. Benedict – Millipedia Don't Forget to Breathe Cockatoo – We'll Miss You DocRorlach The Foreign Correspondents Award Dirktator, Zelgadis The Kiwi Krew Craig-Abcvs, Ded, Hamish, Prens The Stampede Stoppers Blue Lightning, CaptCity, Craig-Abcvs, Hamish, Porter The STEXie (Supremely Tracking the EXchange) Cockatoo, Craig-Abcvs, sim1234 The Scenic Overseers astronelson, Craig-Abcvs, Porter, TekindusT The Cat Herders confused04, Deathtoall, deathtopumpkins, Ded, Prens, thatmonkeysim, TowerDude, zezug Simtropolis Debate Mediators astronelson, Wrightguy0 The Traffic Directors astronelson, ilikehotdogsalot, Porter, TekindusT, Xyloxadoria Creative Content Crew andisart, Blue Lightning, GlobexCo, Cockatoo, Craig-Abcvs, drunkapple, Jasoncw, MandelSoft, masochist, paeng, soltangris, T Wrecks, un1, Xyloxadoria Fun, Frivolity, and Fact-Finding Facilitators astronelson, Blue Lightning, Craig-Abcvs, JakeMD, sim1234, un1, Wrightguy0 Lifetime Luminaries Kevin, beebs Writer in the Storm CaptCity Mac Attack Hamish Purveyor of Prodigious Power hym Dinner with Dr. Vu Zelgadis Best Dirktator Dirktator The Fairy "God" Mother Meg Dirk's Warm Fuzzy Easy Bakes Back to Top ↑ Any comments / suggestions are welcome. Also, please let me know if you notice any mistakes.
  22. Just a small update

    I just wanted to let you all know that I have not forgotten this City Journal. I've just got the Prop Pox in Maniruanga so first I'm trying to track down the cause, and then I'll have to recreate my cities.

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