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City-building game(s)

Found 13 results

  1. Tcx HD-Darknite Mini Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    English This is a mini pack including four growable lots: three medium wealth commercial offices, and one medium wealth residential; they all develop in medium and high density zones. The original versions made by Tcxalapa (Tcx) were only avaliable as ploppable landmarks with jobs. This upload is meant to complement those lots, you can use these versions along with the originals if you so wish (and why wouldn't you? just look at the models ). Three of the buildings are wall-to-wall, all of them are HD models. Also, they were made to be used with SimFox's Day n'Nite mod. (They're not for Maxis Nite, and there's no Maxis Nite version, sorry) The lots are similar to the originals and have the same size, but the stats of these versions are calibrated in a different way, to ensure they play along nicely with the simulation. Dependencies Make sure you download and install the files indicated here in your Plugins. You need to be registered in the LEX at SimCity4 Devotion (separate account than the forums) Only the .SC4Model files are strictly necessary, you can discard the rest of the files (unless you also want the ploppable landmarks with jobs) Edificio AQP Model Additional dependencies (same as the original version) BSC Mega Props SG Vol 1 Edificio LAN Miraflores Model Additional dependencies for this re-lot BSC Mega Props SG Vol 1 SCILT (SCILT is a pack of textures with several versions, choose the one that better matches the texture of your sidewalks; if you don't use any mod to alter this, choose the Maxis default version) Despachos Kreati Model Residencial San Cristobal Model Notes I did not make the models and do not claim any credit for them, all credit goes to Tcxalapa. However, I did give the buildings their stats and made lots for them; you can edit those lots or the descriptor files however you want, for personal use. You can't re-distribute any of the content included here without my permission. For that same reason, it's not in my hands to make a Maxis Nit version, the only originally avaliable version is DarkNite. The modding of this buildings was made using the PIM-X tool, so there shouldn't be any problem with these buildings throwing the game off balance. If you run into any issues, or want to see other things I'm working on, you can pay a visit to my lot thread here in Simtropolis, you can also PM me if you want. Enjoy! Español
  2. Jericho's 'Simicon Valley'

    From the album Urban Features (S3-02-E)

    A recent tech boom prompted this section of Jericho to develop into a large suburban office park. Its proximity to a regional shopping center and a major freeway meant that this area quickly grew into the definitive tech center for the area.
  3. Redmond Office Plaza

    From the album Urban Features (S3-02-E)

    The Offices of Redmond Office Plaza, the home of Nintendo of Simerica, NanoSoft, and many other corporations Headquarters.
  4. Offices are making a comeback!
  5. Herring Point

    Replies @Artimus: Avalon Air would totally serve you had there been an actual international airport... . Thanks a lot! @raynev1: Thanks! I do use a money cheat since my focus is very sandbox-y in nature; I need the extra funds to experiment! @APSMS, @waybig, @feyss, @kschmidt, @Ln X, @philforhockey51, @Urban Constanta, @Dreadnought, @korver, @takemethere: Thank you all so much for the comments! Herring Point: The Really Pointy Peninsula City Welcome to the beginning of the Azura Metropolitan Area, and the first of the two final "semi-catch up" updates. These contain cities that were largely built in the middle of last year but with some new development and style shifts. We'll be exploring the peninsula city of Herring Point today with Jericho and Avantasia as follow-up updates. 1. Region overview of the area. 2. BEFORE: An old mosaic overview of the city of Herring Point. Population: 15,000 3. At the very tip of the peninsula is the Avalon Lookout. This lighthouse serves as the beacon for ships coming into Azura Bay. Note that this section is not part of the actual city of Herring Point. 4. A roundabout signifies the end of Herring Point Blvd. This portion is also part of Avalon Lookout. 5. Now we move into modern day Herring Point with a zoom 1 overview (left side is north)! 6. The north side is easily the most affluent area of the peninsula. Mansions and generally large homes are hidden behind winding roads and thick foliage. This particular chateau has graced this city for over 100 years. 7. Even somewhat major intersections around this area are dominated by residential. 8. Downtown Herring Point remains relatively unchanged. The little clearing towards the north is the future site of a sleek apartment complex. 9. Sustained growth has attracted the need for a new marina for the affluent. This little coastline section was leveled to make way for one. 10. Further south remains unchanged for the most part. 11. H.P. High is one of the best public high schools in all of Avalon. 12. Detailed suburb shot. 13. The sections of Herring Point closer to the mainland are grittier. Suburbs give away to industry and commercial. The Herring Point reservoir provides a freshwater source for the locals. 14. In the early days, this segment of A-515 stretched past the reservoir towards the waters of the north. In a twist of events, A-515 was shortened to this at-grade crossing to make way for new businesses that sprouted up in the area. 15. The Bywater Spring Hospital is the premier hospital in the area. Directly across the street is its disease research building. 16. Herring Point continues to grow! This section of forest was cleared to make way for a future suburban block. 17. Some new development along the primary road. The twin apartment towers in this shot were torn down after defects in construction were discovered. The much smaller pod apartments (from above) now reside in its place. 18. This new diamond interchange serves as exit #1 for A-515 south. 19. Jericho's northern business development creeps into Herring Point. Scales Plaza is a new set of office buildings that sits on top of an old parking lot. Landscaping renovations have been performed but plans for repaving are currently still in discussion. 20. A mosaic of the new A-515 corridor. You might notice something interesting about one particular pair of power pylons here - they appear FA 1.5 aligned! To be honest, I have no idea how this happened and have been relatively unsuccessful in replicating it exactly. If you're interested in what a similar example would look like in detail: 21. AFTER: Herring Point mosaic once again with some new updates. Population: 31,000 and growing. And that's it for now! For Next Time We'll explore the neighboring city of Jericho - home to even more gross amounts of suburbia.
  6. Hello Simtropolis, I have a problem that has to do with Commercial development. When I place High-density commercial Zones, all I get are CS§, §§, §§§, or stage 1-4 CO Even when i have a city of 100k+ This becomes a major problem when my R§§§ buildings become R§ Is there a solution to this?
  7. Things have really taken off in Oosterpolder since last time we visited! Two years have passed, and the main avenues are lined with shops, offices and apartment buildings. Here's a couple of aerial shots, to give a sense of how much has changed: BEFORE AFTER Now there's much more to the Central Business District, which you can see to the top of the second image; that's the area around the Oosterpolderplein (where the tram 2 terminates). You can also see that the central portion of the Oosterpolder has been nicely filled-in, as small lots and parcels of land are developed to create medium-wealth, medium-density residential streets. Here's a closer look at those residential areas: Clustered around the Nieuwe Polderlaan, this area is called Meerdijk. Before the Oosterpolder was even developed, it was the southernmost point of the Peninsula where private land-owners could build their own homes or create small-scale residential projects. It was the edge of town, far-away and forgotten. Now that the Polder has been drained and developed - with a tram running right through it - things have changed. Land-value has increased, though there are people who still feel that Meerdijk is 'the wrong side of the tracks' - too far from both the Old Town, and from the centre of Oosterpolder. But despite that, Meerdijk now houses Nieuwezee's largest primary school; it has shops, cafes, everything you'd expect of a thriving community. It's a place to raise your kids. An interesting feature of Meerdijk is the concentration of 'container housing' which today gives it much of its character: Before the Oosterolder was even developed, folk in Meerdijk were already throwing up 'temporary' housing units using old shipping containers which were converted into living-space, much as one can find in parts of London or Amsterdam. Since the area really 'took off', the trend for container housing has gotten a bit silly; you can't help but notice the two huge apartment blocks (one 8 storeys, the other 11) which tower of the rest of the community. Yes, these are built entirely (or almost entirely!) of recycled shipping containers. Since the towers were approved, many long-term Meerdijk residents have petitioned against any similar developments in future - from now on, Meerdijk will remain a low-density, low-rise community as it always had been. North of Meerdijk, beyond that huge low-rise apartment complex in the centre, is the commercial heart of Oosterpolder. This is the busy shopping street that is the Havenbrugweg. But this area is not just about shopping; it also houses Nieuwezee's state-of-the-art new Leisure Centre and swimming pool - and right next door, the town's first ever purpose-built Mosque: Nieuwezee's Muslim population numbers more than 1,000 and for several years the faithful have been searching for a site for a new Mosque, to supplement the makeshift places of worship that had sprung up in empty shops and private homes. The town council was willing to sell this patch of land just off the Havenbrugweg, on the proviso that the Muezin's Call to Prayer would not be electronically amplified during hours of darkness. This was to protect the interests of non-Muslim residents in the adjoining apartment complex. The town's Muslim community accepted those terms, and today the Es-Salam Mosque stands not just as a place of worship, but it also hosts drop-in sessions for elderly residents, children's play groups and a range of other community groups. With the stunning glass-roofed Leisure Centre and swimming pool right next door, this area is definitely the heart of civic life in Oosterpolder. So who knows what new facilities are being built just across the road, in that huge construction site?? Heading further along the Havenbrugweg, we come to Nieuwezee's brand-new 'Central Business District' (CBD). This is the commercial heart of the Oosterpolder: You can see the Oosterpolderplein (to the left of the photo) where the tram terminates. Here you can catch a film at the new art-house cinema, dine at any of a whole range of top-class restaurants, and visit the boutique 'sunken mall' at the centre of the square. Across the avenue is the Metropolitan Mall, which is a large, modern shopping centre. It's the first 'proper' mall in Nieuwezee. Behind it you can see a dense cluster of office buildings, this is the main CBD itself. At top centre, next to the roundabout is the Oostendtoren, the tallest building in the Oosterpolder and indeed in all of Nieuwezee. Like many buildings in the area, It's covered in state-of-the-art interactive advertising boards. After all, this is 2018 already! Here's a selection of some of the other more impressive buildings in the area (including a close-up of the mall)... To be honest, there's so much new office space in the Oosterpolder that much of it is sat empty! And at the same time, everybody is keen to promote the new Biotech Campus at the other side of town, which is also seeing an explosion of office-space. For this reason, the council has placed a moratorium on new commercial development in Oosterpolder - the remaining city-blocks will be zoned entirely residential. Speaking of residential, here's our last stop of the day: This is the Marina. It's by far the most exclusive residential development in all of Nieuwezee. Penthouse apartments cost in the millions of simoleons... Perhaps understandably. There's a 24hr concierge (of course!) including valet parking (in the underground lot); there are pools and fully-equipped gyms in each tower, and private roof-gardens; the views are astonishing, across the IJsselmeer you can even see Amsterdam glittering in the distance on a clear day. At the quayside you can rent a boat for a private leisure-ride... And of course, don't forget to visit that expensive Italian deli on the way! On the down side, it's not all fun and games at the Marina. The area is still under development (blame the Chinese financial crisis of 2017!) leaving an ugly construction site just beside the towers, which unfortunately has been left on hold for several years. Looks like the developer bit off more than they could chew... Like much of the new office space in Oosterpolder, some of the luxury apartments here are still sat vacant. They'll fill up in time, but for now the Marina is something of a 'white elephant.' Whatever is developed around here in future, we can expect it to be dense but affordable housing.
  8. Microcentro

    En esta sección veremos la zona del Microcentro. Se llama Microcentro a esta parte del centro de la ciudad por ser la zona donde se reunen y se aglomeran decenas de rascacielos que son las sedes internacionales o nacionales de las mas grandes entidades financieras y economicas del mundo. La zona capitalista de la ciudad con movimiento a toda hora del dia y de la noche. ¡Una zona de vertigo!
  9. So i got a city with 250,000 people. And for some reason i got a lot of abandoned high wealth commercial offices. But one that stands out the most is this skyscraper located in one of the most busiest roads of the city. It has high costumers, low crime, low pollution and a lot that could make it the best location for business. The tower is also located beside residential skyscrapers. Now i want the tower rehabilitated but i failed on going so. What should i do? Additional info *120 000 commercial businesses in the city *near subway and bus station s *located in an avenue Thanks
  10. Crockton jobs

    Replies: ggamgus, SimCoug: Thank you very much for continuing to follow this CJ! corydreinhardt: Thanks! I also noticed that lack MamaLuigi945: Thanks! There was a reason why I didn't use SAM, but I don't remember why and I can't use it because I deleted Crockton, I have only the pictures The people of Crockton works mainly in the northeastern part of the town but it sin't all beautiful in Crockton, there are also a landfill and a junkyard
  11. I haven't played Sim City 4 in awhile and just picked it up again. I'm really disliking this growth I had for a suburb in my region before I stopped playing. The city is the 3rd largest in the region with the population just under 200K and the 2nd largest office district in the with the office population at 400K. The regions population is 4.3 million and the largest city is just at 1.2 million with office population at 650K. The largest city and this suburb is separated by a large body of water, but is connected with a large bridge. The suburb connects to more cities compared to the anchor city, technically the suburb is the center of the region, and has a lot of incoming traffic for the office district in all directions. Now I hate the way my suburb looks with all the high rises and would like to redevelop the whole city with more mid rises, very few sky scrapers, and a larger sprawled area of offices. I'm trying to go for the a mixture with Tysons Corner (DC) and Southfield/Troy (Suburbs of Detroit). I'm worried that redevelopment process will have repercussions with the neighboring cities like large loss of wealth, jobs, abandoned homes, basically the affect of a huge drop in the economy. Do you all have any tips to help me tackle the redevelopment? My Suburban City Tysons Corner (DC) Southfield (Detroit) Troy (Detroit)
  12. Midrise Office Pack Volume 1



    The phones are ringing off the hook, that stack of filing is going to fall over, and the boss is having trouble opening that email attachment for the fifth time. But who cares? If you’d rather clear paper jams than serve snooty customers at the Cox Family Court, then these are for you. Presenting the first of a series of midrise commercial office packs, guaranteed to add some office variety to your regions. Included in this download are the following establishments… Patterson, Gimlin & Krantz Byrne & Associates Ostman, Bauman & Green Dinsdale & Rines, Ltd. Landsburg Media Company Napier and Long, LLC. Wallace and Beck, Inc. Berlitz International Travel Taylor Consulting Group Cayce Communications Shipton Enterprises Like the previous office pack, these buildings were made to compete with existing Maxis medium wealth commercial offices. This “mega pack” contains eleven different buildings over 116 lots. They range from stage 1 through stage 5, offering from 42 to 72 CO$$ jobs, and are lotted similar to their Maxis counterparts in order to blend in; as such, there are no dependencies for this pack. All have nightlights, custom queries, and stats similar to previous offerings. Plus check out the read me file for some interesting trivia regarding their names... There will be more of these in future packs, so stay tuned…in the meantime, get on the phone to international headquarters, book that flight to the regional conference, and run a hundred copies of the board meeting’s minutes for distribution. Oh, and while you’re at it, the senior vice president can’t find his coffee mug…enjoy! Mod edit 19th February 2017: fixed formatting
  13. Schuamberg (updated 3/5/13)

    Schuamberg is a mid sized suburb 15 miles northeast of downtown Pittsburgh. Today it stands as the leading center for retail and business. Schuamberg is home to the Pittsburgh Center Mall, the first Wal mart supercenter, sams club, home depot, and many other famous chain stores and restuarants. I-376 also cuts through the city, and heads due east towards the Capilano valley Mountains. Interchange between I-376 and Mountain Blvd, which connects to Capilano blvd or old highway 76. Lowes built there first store in 2011 shortly after the land value shot up in this section of the city. Intense competition from Home Depot keeps these stores thriving. In this picture below, you can see Walmart and Target are the anchors to each side of the shopping centers. Many financial and advisor companies like fisk financial and lundmark advisor trading (big office tower in the center of the photo) have made this once sleepy suburb their home. Orginally located in downtown they moved out due tot he overwhelming travel times for many workers. Capilano Valley Center Located off Capilano Blvd. Capilano Valley Center is the second largest shopping mall in the valley. Built in 1988 with three department stores: Sears, Hechts, and Nordstrom. In 1999 a pizzeria was built on the east end of the center. Today the shooping center has overgrown its original boundaries and now spreads for a few miles in each direction along Capilano Blvd. and Mountain Blvd. Highland Community College (located ont he bottom left hand side of the photo) opened its doors after construction finished in 2011. The Arizona based company opened its east coast headquarters in Pittsburgh just a few months prior to opening. Their office can be seen in the current downtown photo located along I-176 blvd not far from the Chase tower where they do their banking. Highalnd community college prides itself in being a clean, affordable, and challenging college experience. The main degrees range from business, to architecture, thanks to the last minute plans to add a seperate, but adjacent building, accoutning, pre med, pre dentistry, pre law, and manufacturing degrees.

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