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  1. The Milestone Thread

    I now have my Simtropolis Green Card. I have become a Resident!
  2. Altering values in PIM

    You could also keep going down lazy lane and use SC4Tool's Editor to avoid dealing with hexadecimal.
  3. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    I made this one a while back with NAM 34, I've always liked how relatively compact it is. However, it still uses deprecated height transitions, so I'll have to rebuild it. I'm posting it here before it gets destroyed. Don't mind the city, I'm in the process of replacing Maxis stuff everywhere.
  4. Modern Freight Cars Props

    @Angry Mozart No problem man, hey, have you ever thought about modeling automatas? It would be really cool to see 'El Chepe' (The Chihuahua-Pacífico train), or the 'Tequila Express' (Yeah, we have a touristic train called the 'Tequila Express' ) or maybe the Mexico City Suburban Train running around rail lines. Also, those containers look really good, I might have use for them later down the line. Keep up the good work!
  5. Modern Freight Cars Props

    He said he downloaded the freight cars pack but can't see them in game, well I don't speak portuguese but maybe Spanish could help. No estás haciendo nada errado. Este paquete de vagones es una 'dependencia', son 'props', objetos que se usan para decorar los lotes que ves en el juego; no aparecen automáticamente sino que alguien tiene que ponerlos manualmente en un nuevo lote, sin embargo, son nuevos y nadie ha hecho aún un lote decorado con estos vagones, pronto debería haber lotes en los que podamos ver estos vagones en uso, hay que esperar. Just the standard "it's a dependency pack so it doesn't appear automatically in game" disclaimer.
  6. Intrusive BankofAmerica

    Hmmm... maybe it's due to a faulty dependency pack?, of course, we can rule out the BSC mega packs and other commonly used files, there may be some obscure dependency lurking in your plugins folder somewhere, beyond that, I'm out of guesses. The binary search method may be a good option for finding out the culprit.
  7. Intrusive BankofAmerica

    Are you using a growable Maxis landmarks mod? Here's my educated guess: Some custom lots use a technique where they put dummy buildings in the lots and the actual building is a prop, as in ploppable diagonals or parks. Now, my guess is that the mod author used an existing prop exemplar as a template for the landmark prop, only changing some properties like the TGI ID and the RKT, however, many vanilla exemplars are linked to a 'cohort' file that enables them to have various functions, like a lamppost being a normal prop but also a T21 prop that appears on roads; maybe the original landmark prop was linked to a cohort file, the modder left that connection, and that gives the landmark prop it T21 properties? Or maybe the template was a T21 prop? in either case that may be why it appears intermitently and only when you update a street. Or maybe it's somehow working as a flora exemplar? Again, I'm just speculating, but if you have such a mod, it may be worth checking the files in PIM-X and Reader to see if there is a faulty landmark prop somewhere.
  8. I echo what @Fantozzi and @rsc204 have stated. Speaking as someone that has only been around the community for three years, and as a content creator, I don't think this game's potential is close to being fully realized. Take the example of a latin american theme, when I first joined the community most of the BATs and lots that could fit it were severely outdated and not modded up to the standards that we enjoy today, since then I have seen lots of new and fantastic content made by incredibly talented people, Diego Del Llano, JPSchriefer, Maloskero, Matias 93, Adrianor, to name a few, and I'm really glad, glad and proud to be a part of such movement. This, exactly this is what drives me personally to create content. Even if I can't BAT, I see my part in this community as someone who brings the old work of masters like Heblem or Debussyman back to life, so that it can function harmoniously with present-day creations. And that's not all, I also get to play with every new toy that comes out, like Kingofsimcity's Parking lots, or even Diego's buildings. Still, the work is far from done, we are still missing things like small medium wealth homes or BRT systems; and even if there may finally be enough content to recreate a brazillian skyline, or mexican historic centre (though I personally don't think this is the case), the same cannot be said by someone creating, say, an argentinian or chilean themed city, the landmarks and architectural styles are completely different. The best I could say for theme specializations is to try to search for and band together with players who are interested in the same kind of theme you are, and if there aren't, well, you can still create things yourself and see if you catch someone's attention. In my personal experience, not once have I felt discouraged from creating new content, the polar opposite is true, I have received nothing but support despite the fact that I am an incredibly unproductive creator, with lots of projects just backlogging in my to do list. And it's also worth mentioning the general progress that has been made in this last years, back in 2013 with NAM 31, you couldn't do many of the fantastic things you can do with NAM 36, and many of the things you could do, now you can do much quicker and with less pains (For example, I can't understate what a wonderful tool the RHW disconnector is). The tools have also gotten better and more powerful, for example, now every texture noob like me can create a sidewalk mode if he/she so wishes. Fun fact, there was a discussion a while back about wether or not we were seeing a new Golden Age for SC4. (Link just for clarification, I don't want to resurrect the thread) This game has truly evolved in all aspects, and we as a community will continue to evolve with it. That is what makes this statement so important. After all, why wouldn't we want more people to enjoy this evolved, more polished SC4 and use the sort of fantastic content we as a community have worked on for 14 years.
  9. SAM2 Override - Grey HerringboneBrick

    Nice! I didn't really use the SAM 2 set, this will find a way into my park zones and other fancy areas.
  10. North American Freight Cars Prop Pack

    I can already see this being the dependency package for rail related lots, congratulations and of course, thank you!
  11. Ciudadela San Martin Tower One

    Yay! Another one of your masterful creations, this one will sure stand out in my skyline, thanks!
  12. First view of San Lorenzo, capital of Grandoro.

    First off: Congrats on staring your CJ! I'll be looking forward to seeing more of Grandoro. Looks like a good start, are you using the NAM? Judging by the cobblestone plaza I'd say you are but I could be wrong, the NAM has some cobblestone streets as part of the Street Addon Mod (SAM) They are a perfect fit for any historic centre.
  13. How often you log here?

    Almost the same as Corina, except that I tend to visit ST for a period of time and then I'll be absent for a while with no good reason, I'm trying to be more active in the community now. I wake up, turn the computer on, go get breakfast and then come back and log in, since I don't like to work or study in the mornings if I can avoid it, I keep the site open while I do chores or waste time. Then I'll go about my day and log back for a while at night before I work or study, then I go to sleep. Whenever I'm active on the site I tend to log in daily.
  14. There is a glitch with transparent base textures that causes them to display the game's background. You can fix it by turning the Zones data view on and then back off again, but it will keep repeating itself. You can just put a normal base texture in the Lot Editor, just make sure you have the lot file in your root Plugins folder for LE to be able to save it properly; however, I'm not sure if that will affect the reward script. If you happen to have PIM-X you should just use that tool instead. Aaaaand if you truly want it to have a transparent base texture, I think there is a way to achieve it, but I'm afraid I don't know how.
  15. Good to see another player is able to bypass Origin's nonsense. A bit off topic, but could this is also be the reason why they don't release the code of a 13 year old piece of software?, gotta milk that cash cow till the bitter end.