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    Philosophy, Science, History, and whatever mix there is between them. History of Mexico City. Jazz. City builders and some RTS games, also some RPG's.
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  1. SimCity 3000 Birthday BAT project

    How about the KSIM Headquarters? I know there's already a SC4 version in the STEX but it would be nice to have a new and shiny 2018 version; plus, someone could mod it as a tv or radio station reward (cof-cof @mattb325 )
  2. Oh man, so many great new things happening here! And here's me busy as heck with RL :(

    1. matias93


      Estoy exactamente en las mismas; no te imaginas cómo me pican los dedos por dejar botado el documento con la tesis, abrir el juego y llenar todo con props sin miedo a enfermar la ciudad!

      De cualquier modo y para bien o para mal, no me queda mucho más que una semana para entregarla, y luego seré libre por todo febrero. Es mi tierra prometida luego de vagar por el desierto académico...

    2. Edvarz


      Mucha suerte con aquello de la tesis! Juro que el día en que termine la mía será conmemorado en todas las ciudades que haga por el resto de mis días. :lol:

      A ver si en febrero nos muestras algún proyecto para revivir un poco el club en Español!. Por lo pronto no parece que la VR vaya a ser menos absorbente para mí, y eso que el semestre apenas comienza la semana que viene...

  3. Maloskero's Brazilian BAT's

    I hadn't had time to comment here, but am I ever glad to see you back in action! I second what @matias93 said, you could make several 8m models and group them into families, this way you could also add more 8m houses to the prop family later, if you ever decide to make more! Keep up the good work amigo!
  4. Kaigata 92

    Yay! I wasn't around when you were first active, but I use a lot of your stuff. Really glad to see you making new BATs.
  5. King's Community & Regional Park Pack, Vol. 1

    Great and unique parks! Thanks!
  6. SuperPaths Pathway Textures

    Amazing! Can't wait to see what people use these for! (and to use them myself! :D)
  7. City Link Transport Hub

    This is absolutely fantastic! I have just the spot to place this in my city! I really like the form of the towers, and they look generic enough to fit in any city, yet unique enough that they stand out, plus, you know, it's a transit station.
  8. WalkUp Tower

    Another one of my favorite Maxis designs, I liked the form of the original tower. Glad to see this sharper-looking version, thanks!
  9. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    @11241036 @SC4L0ver Thanks! I searched SimCityPolska but couldn't find the small corner building, sadly, many of the images from their exchange were affected by the photobucket debacle. I found a couple of interesting substitutes though, so it was well worth the search.
  10. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    @olegario39 Here's the red/white building you were looking for. Hey simtropolitans, I'm looking for a couple of buildings featured in @korver's Canada First these two wall to walls: And this corner building: Thanks!
  11. Good to know, thanks. I always assumed the game only recognised certain kinds of files, this makes it even more important to remove redundancies.
  12. There is yet another trick to know if a SC4Desc file is redundant, in PIM-X, under the "Descriptors" menu and "Buildings" submenu, there is a category called "Unused", this one usually lists those exemplars that were used when making a ploppable building and then leftover when the lot and building exemplars merged into the SC4Lot file. Personally, I get rid of such redundant files in this manner; since this "Unused" category only lists building exemplars that are not linked to a lot, I know I'm not deleting a prop or growable building exemplar. Getting rid of this kind of files can be important if you're going to datpack files, I don't know this for sure, but the redundant exemplars may cause trouble if they override the other exemplar in the .dat file. At the very least, this files are just bloating your Plugins folder without doing really anything. This is also one of the things I like about PIM-X, it uses a .LooseDesc file as a placeholder containing the ploppable building exemplar, then, when you make the lot for the ploppable, it copies the properties to the building exemplar in the .SC4Lot file; this way, if a modder includes the .LooseDesc file in his download, or you forget to delete it, at least the game won't recognise the file and won't load it.
  13. Recuerdo que hace mucho, cuando seguí el tutorial de BAT Essentials, se mencionaba un problema similar en la última parte. Si no encuentras aquí la solución, tal vez te convenga abrir un nuevo hilo y preguntar en el subforo del BAT. ¡Suerte!
  14. Que yo sepa sólo existen cabinas/casetas para RHW-4 y 6S. Pero podrías hacer una transición de RHW-8S a dos RHW-4, o de RHW-10S a una 6S y una 4, y de ahí usar las cabinas que están en el STEX. También puedes hacer una transición de RHW 4 a carretera de un sentido y usar las cabinas que vienen con el juego. ¡Saludos y bienvenido a Simtropolis!
  15. I think it may have to do with the tools used to make the hospital exemplars, The default Maxis PIM is known to give faulty stats to the exemplars, so maybe those custom hospitals were made with the default PIM. Now, PIM-X, which is the tool that Mattb and many others (myself included) use for modding is much better optimized at giving stats. I took a quick look at the LBT Hospitals Pack Gold, and I can attest that these were also made with PIM-X and have the stat set to 0.0, 8.0, 100.0, 8.0: