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City-building game(s)

Found 24 results

  1. Krio Megapack

    Version 1.0.0


    TG Krio Megapack is a proppack for my uploads. Bats and models by Krio, modding by various BSC guys and gals, mostly RippleJet and barbyw.
  2. Buenos Aires Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    TG Buenos Aires Pack is old stuff from 2008. Requested by that one guy who re-created places, hotdogs or something was his name. Buildings are based on BA's independence avenue and main point are those huge buillboards. Modded by travis or kryptowhite. Stats are in the other screenshot. Dependacies: Krio Mega Pack and Krio Props support in Krioworks
  3. Krio Diagonals (old)

    Version 1.0.0


    TG Krio Diagonals is a pack of my old diagonals, created in 2006-2007. Bats are based on building styles in Helsinki, but because they are like 10 years old they aren't as good as my later work and some of the textures seems to be missing. Anyways, these were modded by RippleJet of BSC. Lot sizes are usually 1x1 with overhanging prop and amount of cs §§ jobs are and looks Esplanadi set: 304 - 565 (varies by building) , 2x2 dia corner with blue, yellow and green Vaasankatu and Mikonkatu sets: 85 - 101: 1x1 multicolored dia straight Kampinmalminkatu: 138, 1x2 diagonal green Siltasaarenkatu: 1718 that huge box Annankatu set: 85 - 135 1x1 dia corner in multiple colours Valotalo: 92 : flashy flashy corner dependacies are; Krio Mega Pack and Krio Props Support is in Krioworks
  4. Krioworks

    Hello there folks. I really don't know am I allowed to do this, but admins and slow to answer and my "messenger man" hasn't said anything so I guess this OK. Thing is that since SimPeg unfortunately went offline, I'ven't had a support thread. And because I really suffer somekind of god syndrome being last good batter with gMax I'll rarely post stuff in here if and when I BAT. I've about 60-100 bats to be un- and re-released and most on those re-release stuff its that they were made like decade ago (I know right). I would like to just upload stuff what BSC people modded for me years ago, so I've been upgrading those bats what I made with them back in the day. Though if someone gets permission from RippleJet (I guess this was the name) I can release bunch of diagonal, but out-dated stuff in a sec. Anyhow, here are my latest bats in the works and coming up: Baxter Building iGroup Tower Wembley Station One Roxxon Plaza Autotalo, being under work since 2013 i believe.
  5. Bulevardi 30

    Version 1.0.0


    Bulevardi 30 is a residental growable and commerical ploppable wall-to-wall building for your SimCity4. Building is based on a real building, located in Bulevardi-street in Helsinki, Finland. I made this one in 2008 and decided it's time to upload this already. STATS: Both lots: size 2x2 Com. Jobs: 285 CS§ Cost: 5284 § Res. Capacity: 58-R§§§ Everything by Krio. Since SimPeg is gone, you can find my support thread at City-Builders.
  6. Boring Offices



    Boring Offices are fictional office building, orthogonal or diagonal w2w. Suburban lot or that w2w urban. What can I say more? Well orthogonal is plopjob and growable while diagonal is plopjob. And again, I'm uploading old bats from 2011. STATS: Lot size: 2x4 ortho, 1x2 diag (overhangin prop) Plop cost: 3116 § (ortho) 686 § (diag) Capacity: 103 CO-§§ (plop) 78 CO-§§ (grow) 259 CO-§§ (Diag) Dependacies: BSC Textures vol1 and vol2 BSC Mega Props CP vol.1, Gascooker, KWK vol.4, D66 vol.1 (sorry for the amount of dependacies) Bat, lot, modding by Krio the Glorious
  7. Version


    Aleksanterinkatu building set is composed of three diagonal wall to wall bats, fictious in design (really one design and palette swaps, lol) based on buildings in Helsinki. These are very old, 4,5 years old. 2009 made. Even I didn't play with these until now. And I because I didn't lose the model when laptop went crashy crash, I can produce more, better variants (yeah, right) STATS Lot size: 1x1 with overhangin' prop Capacity: 39 CS-§ in all three Plop cost: 764 § in all three Batting by Krio, modding and lotting ??? Really don't know who modded these, might be me or someone from SimPeg. Anyway, give credit to the modder. What's this? Mighty BAT thread appears?
  8. Panzer Prop Pack



    Panzer Prop Pack constains ~15 world war 2 era German made Panzer III and IV in Wehrmacht and Finnish Army colours. FA is the plain gray and German ones have camouflage. Also there are one,two? Sturmgeschutz III assault guns. Originally requested by Travis in 2008, I found these from my hard drive and now you can use them if you want. Everything by Krio. Everything went blitzkrieg in Krioworks
  9. Länsikeskus



    Länsikeskus, three year old bat from the private archives! Länsikeskus is fictional wall-to-wall mall with an office tower. Inspiration to this one was tower in Helsinki, Itäkeskuksen Maamerkki, currently under rebuilding to a residental tower with some sissy Pearl Tower name. Anyways, building is a functional landmark and here are the stats: Lot size: 4x3 Capacity: 1616 CS §§ Plop cost: 686 § No dependacies. Everything by Krio. And as usual, blah blah Krioworks, blah blah I'm great and so on.
  10. Version


    Toinen Linja 1 Set is a continuation for my Toinen Linja 4 Set (really I've no logic with numbering) and I totally forgot to upload this months ago. Anyways, here we go! Set is composed of nine 1x1 w2w corners, which can grow, can be plopped as functional or just eyecandy landmarks. Really the main change to TL4S is that windows are rounder and...yes that's pretty much it. But hey, more diversity! STATS: Lot size: 1x1 Plop cost: LM: 100 § FLM: 100 § Capacity: FLM: 12 cs§ grow: 30 r§ Dependacies: NOPE Batting: Krio, lotting and modding magic: Simcoug. To see my current progress and chance to give feedback, check out Krioworks
  11. Huomisaukio 1



    Huomisaukio 1 is another timessquare-type of bat. Lots of billboards to illuminate your cities. BAT is fictional and has no dependacies. Lot size: 3x3 Capacity: 512 cs-§§ Plop cost: 1028 § BAT, modding and lotting by Krio. Check out my BAT thread.
  12. Version


    Gallagher Building is fictional art deco-style skyscraper, towering up to 250 meters. I made this BAT long time ago, in 2009. About time to release this, eh? Tower has minor unscaling issue, I must admit, but neverthless it's a good (imo) addition to any city with early 20's-30's w2w-skyscarper's. Building is a functional landmark with hidden building and tower itself is a prop. And it's named after Liam and Noel Gallagher. STATS: Lot size: 3x3 Capacity: 2341 CS-§§ jobs Dependacies: BSC Textures vol.1 Report problems to Krioworks
  13. Porthaninkatu 10



    Porthaninkatu 10 is set of two, w2w fictional buildings, made in late 1800's - early 1900's Finnish style, like my Toinen Linja -set. STATS: Growable: Lot size: 2x2 Capacity: 54 §§ Ploppable: Lot size: 2x2 Capacity: 57 CS §§ No dependacies, everything by Krio Everything went better than expected in Krioworks
  14. Södertorn



    Södertorn (spelled Sodertorn in game) is a midrise tower, based on Söder Torn from Stockholm, Sweden. It's features are octagonal shape and crown in the roof. STATS: Residental growable: Lot size: 3x3 Capacity: 445 §§ Functional landmark: Lot size: 2x3 Capacity: 445 CO §§ Plop cost: 14 566 § Dependacies: BSC Textures vol.1 and vol.2, Porkie props vol.1 Everything by Krio, leave feedback here: The Most Excellent BAT Thread
  15. TSB Tower

    Version 3


    TSB Tower is HQ of fictional Tallin Saving Bank. Towering up to 100 meters it makes a nice midrise to your cities. Building is based on SEB Building from Tallin, Estonia. STATS: Growable and functional landmark 717 CO-§§ jobs 3x3 lot size Dependacies: BSC Textures vol.1 and vol.2, Porkie props vol.1 Everything by Krio, leave feedback here: The Most Excellent BAT Thread
  16. Version


    Toinen Linja 4 -set is a collection of wooden w2w corner houses, made in early 1900's Finnish style. There are both growable residental versions and functional landmarks for right and left corners. 7 different models in a Building Family (grow/plop) and building must grow on a corner (left/right) STATS: Lot size 1x1 Growable: R$ Stage 2, for 12 residents Ploppable: CS$ with 12 jobs. Plop cost: 739 § Dependacies: * Paeng Texture Pack v104 http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/22823-paeng-textures-vol104/ * Porkie Props Vol 01 http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/11421-porkie-props-vol1-european-street-accessories/ BATting by Krio, modding and lotting by Master paeng. Thanks Master! And while I'vent been uploading stuff in months, I've been active all this time! Check World's greatest BAT thread EVER! KRIOWORKS!
  17. Version


    Lukoil Service Station is a service station based on a wikipedia-picture from artice about Lukoil. Anyways, Lukoil is Russia's second largest oil company and it has service stations around the world in multiple countries. like USA, Finland, Italy, Romania. Growable version only. STATS: Lot size: 2x3 Jobs: 17 CS-§ Dependacies: BSC Textures vol1 & vol2. BAT, LOT and modding by Krio. Go and check Krioworks for my projects. Thanks fiver for pointing out the typo!
  18. Version


    Neste Service Station is based / was based on Neste Oulunkylä which was burned down couple years ago. That's why I decided to BAT it to make it eternal while it wasn't the most beautiful service station of all time. Neste is a service station-chain of Neste Oil, which is one of the biggest companies in Finland. STATS: Landmark Plop cost: 500§ Monthly cost: 0§ Lot size: 3x3 No dependacies. Everything by Krio, who has the best BAT thread ever
  19. Version


    Teboil Service Station is a small, more rural oriented service station for your cities. This one is based to old station in Kuopio, Finland. I saw this on a newspaper once so I batted it. Well once, in 2008. Teboil is one of the largest gasoline selling service station-chains in Finland, nowdays owned and operated by Russian Lukoil. STATS: Growable: Capacity: 473 CS-§..eh what modder? Srsly? Lot size: 5x2 Plop job: Capacity: 25 CS-§ Lot size: 5x2 Plop cost: 500 § No dependacies BAT by Krio, modding and lotting by Kryptowhite Check KRIOWORKS
  20. Katariinankatu



    Katariinankatu is a old, fictional residental W2W building. This is actually one of my first bats and perhaps the first w2w building. Nothing much to tell really, oh yes there are growable version and landmark version too. STATS: Lot size: 2x1 Plop cost: 550 § Monthly cost: 150§ Growable: Lot size: 2x1 Capacity: 115 R-§§ No dependacies Everything by Krio. Learn more about my bats in Krioworks
  21. Huomisaukio 3



    Huomisaukio 3 is a fictional W2W building with lots of billboards. The name means "Tomorrow Plaza 3" in English so if you checked Huomisaukio 5 you'll get the idea that this is for Times Square-esque buildings. K-18 RATED BECAUSE OF FOUL LANGUAGE ON THE LARGEST BILLBOARD. Sorry about that folks, but I was told that its really a logo for an American sporting team because I didn't knew the meaning of the word. You've been warned. And if someone provides me a better night pic I would be very pleased. That one is quite crappy from an old CJ. STATS: Only a static landmark: Lot size: 3x3 Plop cost: 3 550 § Monthly cost: 150 § No dependacies Everything by Krio. Feedback goes to Krioworks
  22. Huomisaukio 5



    Huomisaukio 5 if a fictional BAT based on Ill_Tonkso's classic BAT which was based on Piccadilly Circus. I made this when I was just a beginner in 2006 and I was so amazed by Tonks' version of this that I wanted to make a replica of it with different textures of course. So here it is! Like Tonks' version (better one if I may say) this is good for w2w blocks. STATS: Growable: Job capacity: 60 CS-§§ Lot size: 2x2 Landmark: Plop cost: 1 000§ Lot size: 2x2 Monthly cost: 150 § Dependacies: NO Bat, lot and mod by Krio. Please give feedback on my BAT thread, Krioworks
  23. Lapinkirkko



    Lapinkirkko is based on Rovaniemi Cathedral which is the largest church in Lapland. Rovaniemi Church was designed by Bertel Liljequist in 1950 and my version is slightly different, again thanks to lack of photos. Thats why I named it as Lapinkirkko (Lapland Church). And trivia: when I batted this building I used photos and roof was copper green. Now it is copper brown. Hah! As a static landmark this posses no threat to rewards. So lets go to the stats. STATS Lot size: 3x5 Plop cost: 10 000§ Monthly cost: 150 § No dependacies. The best bat thread in universe: Krioworks
  24. Version


    Kikki Moues Hotel is a fictional midrise-hotel for your cities. And it's just taken from the Krioworks' oven. So finally I upload something new instead of uploading years old bats. Your sims can also enjoy hotel's nightclub in the top two floors and go for sightseeing deck. And hotel is perfect for W2W environment! Ooh! And Kikki Moues isn't mispelled, goes to same category as Dolan STATS: Landmark: Lot Size: 4x4 Plop cost: 1 500 § Monthly cost: 0 § Growable: Lot Size: 4x4 Capacity: 1 870 CS-§§ Dependacies (for both lots) are the usual BSC Textures vol. 1 & vol. 2 Porkie Props vol 01 Everything is expensive in Krioworks (for those who wonder why I don't night pics from the game is technical problems with cd)

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