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City-building game(s)

Found 96 results

  1. So I figured I might as well make a topic here, as this is most likely not gonna be the last time I ask for you guys' oppinion. If I remember, I'll post WIP and releases of my buildings here. My current project is a bus depot that fits the european theme and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out - but I've ended up with two sizes of it and I just can't decide which I like the best and could see myself using both. So I'd love some feedback - which you prefer or if it makes sense to upload both of them. The small one is about the same size as the default one and has the same stats. The large one has slightly higher stats, but as depots can spawn infinite busses there's no benefit to the bigger one. I purely made it this large as the ones I took inspiration from were this size or bigger. Picture time!
  2. 1486 Assets Failed to Load GG! Pretty impressive implosion this time. The wait begins. GOOD LUCK CODERS! Checks watch, wonders when we can play our modded game again.
  3. So I was recently looking at some Japan driving videos and got inspired to make some highway pillars. I'm planning to make an entire set of various types of pillars in this style, even a 6cell over-canal pillar. (if it goes okay) Tell me what you think about my first attempt, I need to nail the style and the details before I start making other variations. Constructive criticism welcome, also any ideas. By the way, do pillars have LODs like regular buildings? I should just make it just the pillar, without the small details - pipe, wires, supports. Not sure when they're going to be done and available.
  4. I recently started to work on some building, I released "De Verrekijker" which is a bit more of an experiment to getting the workflow down. You can find it here. I still find it quite hard to UV map, def could use a tutorial on how to effectively do that. I'm currently working on a building inspired by the Puck building in New York. Mostly done still need to do the back. After that's done I might do a cornerbuilding and some variants in the same style.
  5. Hey all, first I wanted to say thank you for all the time and effort you've put into making this game amazing. I've enjoyed many hours with your creations and wanted to start giving back to the community. I began making assets a month or two ago when my workload got slower than normal, and now I can't get enough of it I've mostly been working on smaller assets because I just started modeling in 3D two months ago, so everything is still pretty new. Thank you so much @Ronyx69 for making your videos available. I learned a lot from watching them Today I have a questions about illumination maps, my Rusty Warehouse 2 seems to have the windows illuminated all the time, and I don't know how to fix it: This is my illumination map: My other question for today, which I'm thinking I know the answer to, is: Can a single asset be both growable and rico? And if not, is the preferred method of differentiation to have 2 separate assets in the workshop? Or two .crp files in the same asset?
  6. hi there, i am new in this community, so this is my first post. Also i am new to moddeling, i choosed Blender to make my models and i am watching one tutorial after another. For my first project i choosed a kind of old signal station - i did not found the english translation - for the germans here - weichenstellwerk. Thats what it looks to me. I appriciate all tips and helps you can provide first of all - i preparation to get this later in the game - how can i add traintracks to the model? I saw a template from bloodyPenguin for the Cargostation - this may be not suitable to my model. thanks
  7. Hey folks. So I bought the game when it first came out and MAYBE played 10 hours or so on it. Life got in the way but I'm BACK! Well anyways... I want to play in sandbox basically. I want to create and detail, etc. Maybe even do a city journal. I've been watching a few guys play and I subscribed to one guys assets and all on the workshop. I've been piddling around this morning and I've a couple or 9 questions. I'll start with just a couple. Hope someone can help me. For background, I have a RX 480 GPU and I'm running 16GB of ram. Now, as you can see from the screenshot, I'm getting a few failures on game startup (related to assets and a bunch of 'missing' assets. So... is there a way to clean all of that up where that stuff isn't failing or missing? Doesn't seem to hurt anything but perhaps my OCD isn't going to make it through. By the way, some of the items that are missing or assets that I actually want. So any guidance on getting them into the game would be helpful too. Also, so my expectations are realistic, for around 2k assets, is it normal to take a few minutes to load each session? I'm assuming the game is loading the assets into RAM for performance. I just want to make sure nothing is off here. Here is the screenshot
  8. I'm wanting to make my first Cities Skylines asset (a building near where I live), but besides making a very basic sketchup model idk what to do. All I have is the building itself, no windows or anything. So its safe to say I need help with this. How do I add the windows and stuff, and how will I be able to texture it? Any help would be gr8
  9. With thousands of assets already on the workshop keeping up to date is never easy, and missing some gems is often very likely. This new series is aimed to reduce this factor as we look at the most recently released assets on the workshop, giving them a quick in game review, sparking some inspiration for your next build. Every Thursday - Keep tuned!
  10. After I subscribe to an asset the game goes back to the home screen and I have to go back to the workshop again. It accepts the asset but does not stay on the workshop screen. It's a new pc. The game runs fine. Can you help? Thanks.
  11. It seems to me that all the 1:1 scaled buildings are either low density or landmarks. I cannot find properly scaled "medium density" buildings (or even the equivalent of default high density in SC4). My 1:1 scale housing projects based of the works of Le Corbusier are about the same height as L5 high density housing though the height of floors is properly scaled with low density housing. I understand that CO couldn't make properly scaled high density buildings within 32x32 meter footprints but there is such a wealth of buildings on the workshop that you would think enough people would ignore the unrealistic scale. Perhaps Soviets were undernourished and lived in cramped apartments with low ceilings but I figure that buildings were merely downscaled to fit in with default high density buildings. Could someone help me out by at least pointing me in the direction of 1:1 scale Ploppable RICO buildings?
  12. Hi, started learning how to do basic 3dmodelling & custom assets for skylines about a week ago, so i'm bound to face problems. My issue now is that I made a tiny 2 x 1 building but the editor will always auto expand it to 2x4 regardless of what size i choose. I could scale my model bigger to fit a 3x2 lot but that would be too big compared to the IRL version. I really want to stay within the 2x1 size. If someone could help/explain to me what i'm doing wrong i'd really appreciate it.
  13. Is there a way to do this? I'd like to do it for 2 reasons: 1) Make a collection of assets to share a savegame. 2) get rid of assets that I'm not using I find that sharing a savegame with 1000+ assets is so incredibly tedious. I love that people still do it. There have been some epic savegames shares, with accompanying collections of mods and assets. How can we optimize this process so that we can share savegames with each other?
  14. I have become more familiar in 3Ds Max and even gained enough expertise in it over the past few months that I think my skill level is approaching a point where I think I am good enough to start making mods for Cities: Skylines. I started practicing in 3DsMax to make brick rowhouses for the game Banished but since I am more interested in Cities: Skylines now and my buildings were practice so I can mod C:S, I decided to start a new project of making buildings just for Cities: Skylines. I whipped this building up over the course of 4-7 hours today. It would have taken only 1 or 2 hours had I not made a ton of mistakes that required me to start from the beginning. It will normally grow on a 4 tile wide x 3 tile deep lot with the ability to grow on a 4x4 lot with a backyard. FYI, I plan on making a ColorMask for the outer 2 rowhouses so it could have more variety (bright red, pink, tan, and whitewashed). Please give me feedback to help me improve the quality of my creations. Thank you! --Ocram
  15. Welcome! In an effort to bring some organization to the CSL Steam Workshop, this thread is a showcase of key authors to watch out for. Now we can confidently plunge into this project after receiving plenty of encouragement both from the community, as well as from our friends over at Paradox Plaza. Listed authors may develop items which you think add something beneficial to the game, and you believe others may find useful (in terms of quality, stability & ease of use). In essence, it's a list of the very best authors out there, with links to their Workshop pages & examples of content. Mission To improve the gaming and modding experience of the CSL community by suggesting and encouraging quality standards. Also to provide an incentive for authors to adhere to them and adopt better practices -- both in their modelling process as well as the publication process. Vision An organized, quality-brimming Workshop and a vibrating, dynamic, constantly improving wider community of users and content creators. Please post below to suggest new authors for consideration! (Original template format created by TPB, now maintained by the CSL Info Squad). _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The list will be organized into categories (please feel free to suggest additional ones). MODS Includes authors of any type of mod (by "mod" we mean anything that is code based, as opposed to game assets). MODELS Authors who create buildings using models from outside the game. Any asset type, including intersections, if they have custom models (yes it's possible). TRANSPORTATION Authors who create intersection assets, transit stations, or anything else transport related. There are a ton so we will limit it to the very best. TREES & PROPS Authors of eye-candy content. Flora, props, and any other asset that doesn't really affect game mechanics. RESKINS / REBUILDS Authors who are very good at re-building things using either in-game templates and props or other people's props and models, but with significant improvements in style and functionality. LUTs Authors of Colour Correction Overrides. MAPS The best map creators (in terms of realism, terrain features & playability). If you think you should be on this list and are not, please feel free to suggest yourself for consideration. However, keep in mind you'll only be added if you meet these standards: Your assets/mods are crafted with a high level of professionalism. Your assets/mods have detailed descriptions of what they do, how they work, their stats, tris count, texture size, etc. You have been seen to be active, responsive and productive.You update your mods and assets, fix bugs, respond to feedback, improve. Most of your assets/mods work as intended.They don't conflict with other mods, they don't corrupt saves, and ideally, don't cause your saves to break if removed. Most of your assets/mods are original, relatively difficult to make. At least one of your workshop items has 2000 subscribers or more.There can be exceptions to this if your content is incredibly good if still unknown. We know that a lot of the authors we'll be adding don't really conform to all these standards, but their work in general deserves recognition. Author names should be using their STEAM names always, so we can find them. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Who to follow" on Steam Workshop? - Simtropolis Selection Note: the list is not in order of importance or ability. MODS MODELS TRANSPORTATION TREES & PROPS Coming soon! RESKINS / REBUILDS Coming soon! LUTs Coming soon! MAPS Coming soon!
  16. Hi everybody, as I am starting to experimenting with asset creation (I am using Blender), I start this topic to share projects and problems. My first big issue is about underground textures. I have read some old posts about this topic, but I am still unsure I can apply them in my case. I am trying to get something like in the attached figure (side view). The building should "come out" of the sloped terrain. I can already get this effect easily by using one of the standard building templates, but of course textures aren't applied below the road level. If I use the "Japanese Garden" template as I read in some posts, I just get a mess, because the building becomes terrain conforming and the "underground" part does not show up at all (I have tried with the "Flatten Terrain" flag both on and off). Can anyone suggest a solution or a working asset of this kind which I might reverse engineer? I guess ModTools will be required, but I am new to it. Thank you very much! By the way, is it allowed to share also maps in this section or is it reserved to mods and assets?
  17. Welcome To DK Creations! Released Mods: USA Trailer House Collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=437051479 39 Broadway Harriman Building http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=461378105 Steam 3x3 Lot Steam 2x2 Lot Steam 1x2 Lot ========================================================================================= I was disappointed by the lack of American style houses, so I began creating this little house. It is loosely based on some of the Low Wealth houses seen in Simcity 2013 (which had a very nice roster of buildings) Perfect houses for your rural areas in your city! It needs more tweaks and texturing before its ready. I plan to add proper textures, including recoloring. I will make more residential buildings to help diversify your American Cities. If you enjoy the buildings from Simcity 2013, then you'll be happy to know I will be looking at Simcity 2013 for inspiration.
  18. Welcome! This topic is meant to be a sort of database for my upcoming and future projects, and a place to discuss them. RULES: No Profanity Be Respectful to All Keep Posts Relevant to the Topic
  19. To Come from pdelmo.
  20. I have had a few People tell me that they can't enable one of my assets in content manager. And it has worked in the past. They have noted that they found it missing in game, so when they check content manager they found this. I tried to update it. it runs through the update process but does not update according to steam. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=894451887 and help will be appreciated.
  21. I thought it's time to get my own topic running as I started some more advanced, larger project a day ago. Besides the vehicles I created before I started working on some vanilla-style modular airport, based on the vanilla airport and international airport assets. Due to my quiet limited time caused by real life don't expect extra-fast progress Still I've got to update my "old" vehicle assets too, but the vehicle editor seems to be kinda messed up since the last patch - anyway I'll look into this too by time as I already promised! For now I got the following types of buildings planned for this airport set which is heavily inspired by the AC teams set for Sim City 4 functional terminal block with three "small" gates functional terminal block with two "large" gate non-functional terminal filler pieces with gates terminal piece with control tower (RICO Office) terminal block without gate (RICO commercial low) monorail / (elevated) metro / train terminal pieces terminal block with taxi stands (AD required) terminal block with bus hub (to be connected to the tarmac and without airport functionality - just to connect aircraft stands in some nice way ) terminal block with road maintenance service building (connected to the tarmac side to simulate road-traffic on the airport ) functional terminal with concourse (4 + gates using sub buildings) "T - style" functional concourse piece (featuring gates on both sides, will probably require network extensions as it has to be entered on foot from the underground using pedestrian "roads") eye candy ends for concourse, left and right eye candy transition piece between one-level and two-level terminals (maybe even RICO - enabled, we'll see) two-level functional terminal blocks (will be a challange to be set up - I try to set the entrances on the upper level, the exits on the lower level) two-level terminal with control tower (probably RICO office + functional (using sub building - I don't know yet if something like this is possible)) large fake-entrance piece for two-level terminals (RICO commercial high) (so especially when using rush hour many people gonna go into this one) monorail / (elevated) metro / train two-level terminal pieces two-level terminal block with taxi stands (AD required) two-level terminal block with bus hub (to be connected to the tarmac and without airport functionality - just to connect aircraft stands in some nice way ) simple helipads with one of each natural disasters helicopters working doppler radar dome (requires ND - a non working version is available on the workshop) stand-alone ATC towers surface movement radar tower some props like (enhanced) vanilla jet bridges, stand guidance displays and other small things which will be pretty Special features: rotating radar domes for ATC towers and the radar tower (gotta look into this!) usage of the "vehicle rotor" shader discovered by @Ronyx69 for large glass parts of the terminals (I try to work around the lod-problem) stock-game style as I use the textures and models from the game as my start-point usage of the "loading screen mods" benefits → as I use the same texture with the same name most of the times it will be loaded only once into VRAM when using this mod - which is great! living airports by the use of RICO settings - which you don't have to use at all (those buildings will work as an landmark if you don't use that mod ) more space between planes and terminals due to longer jet bridges - you'll be able to draw some road in between using the anarchy tool of your choise Downsides: jet bridges will disappear after a certain distance as I'll convert them to props. I decided to do so to increase flexibility on creating different terminal types and styles by using many working two-gate assets ingame the airport will get really congested! That's the reason for me to include non-functional versions too. Later on I might create a mod to enhance the vanilla runways and taxiways. I looked up the networks in mod tools and changed some values to test something which turned out to be possible: different wide runways (40m up to 65m for realistic regional and international airports - new network meshes needed) more realistic markings with lights on runways (probably by adding more segments to one network, segment[0] would be just asphalt to place some indicator like "20L", segment[1] would be the threshold, segment[2] would contain the dashed line only, segment [3] dashed line + precision marking followed by 2x (segment[2] again, then segment[3]) and finally segment[2] for the whole middle part to start in reverse after - dunno if that's possible at all) two-way taxiways (for special use-cases) taxiways with "shoulders" (a bit wider than now) and green lights in their middle taxilanes (taxiways with some flat mesh and without dirt-shoulders to be used on aprons. probably just the yellow line with green lights.) more realistic speeds for taxiways and taxilanes I gonna provide one screenshot just to show you the difference: On the left you can see the vanilla runway which is about 30m wide + 2m "shoulder" (mesh edge) → 32m footprint. The next ones footprint is 46m wide which would fit most regional/domestic airports. The one on the right is 60m wide which fits for large aircraft like the A380. ----------------------------------------snip---------------------------------------- First I gonna take off by showing you some first work I've done before starting this topic. This is going to be the first wall-to-wall terminal building featuring three gates (just like the vanilla airport). I removed the jet bridges and details on the left and right to save some polys and - of course - to get the bounding box right Next step will be to map those filled holes, after this I gonna cut the windows and create some basic interior as those will get some semi-transparent love they deserve
  22. Please lets fill in this survey to give others how and where to improve for more performance and FPS.
  23. Spoke to use the one-way train track mode to make a train station and split the track so as it goes around the station. A double sided platform. How would I make the game recognize this as a stop? I am recreating the Chicago expressway stations
  24. Its seems that I can't just sit down and play this game, Don't get me wrong I love it it's great, The best city builder that we have ever been graced with and it has certainly set a new bench mark and lifted are expectations of what should follow. However at the moment I seem to spend more time in the workshop looking for new buildings, Cars and mods that I will never have time to actually build or play with as I'm always in the workshop but I still "NEED THEM ALL", Am I alone on this or is this a subscription addiction that touches many past me. Lets see how many people can relate to this below.
  25. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=881161181

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