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  1. are you still working on your mods for simcity 2013* cities of tomorrow ?

    There a lot of your mods that is not working properly as it should.

    if you can give a direction where to fix it i can do it myself.

  2. Tomorrow's episode will be the final episode.
  3. Is being unique even possible in this series anymore?
  4. Right, but if the elderly people of today, who have paid into Social Security, refuse to allow SOME spending on Social Security to be cut, then what's going to be left for future generations? There won't BE any Social Security because we won't be able to afford it a couple decades down the road.
  5. And unfortunately for them, they can't resort to capitalism (which would help them) to alleviate this workforce problem because that would require taking unnecessary benefits away from people who now feel entitled to them. You can see the same sort of thing in the United States with Social Security; the elderly feel entitled to all of the benefits that Social Security provides, and AARP will fight tooth and nail to protect those benefits from someone like Paul Ryan, who wants to cut Social Security spending and save the federal government some money.
  6. The newest update to accompany the Natural Disasters expansion pack broke almost every mod, so more likely than not, you booted up your city with broken mods installed, which caused certain aspects of your game to break. Not your fault, but you should look at the mods you have installed and check that they have been updated to work with the new expansion pack. If they haven't, I wouldn't recommend using them. Same with assets.
  7. Stupid game... telling me to do things.
  8. I'm hearing some bad things about the new EP/update!
  9. We're moving on to the city's final area!
  10. I actually managed to finish the area off, which surprised me.
  11. Now I can play the game again! Yay!