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  1. RRetail Misc Entertainment Pack Two

    Awesome work on giving those old stadiums an overhaul!
  2. What Type Of SimCity 4 Player Are You?

    I've been a sandbox player mixed with modder for the most part. Before I returned to ST in early 2015 I spent countless hours trying to build a massive and good looking region with CAM while also going crazy with CAMifying buildings with PIM-X. Spent so much time recomputing non-CAM building and analyzing each model for an optimal filling degree. In the present I've probably fully embraced the "mad" part, only opening SC4 to test parking lots...
  3. London - Canary Wharf

    Gorgeous rendition of Canary Wharf! That last mosaic... breathtaking!
  4. Missing textures

    0x0A562A05 is the default query for all parks. If you want a quick and dirty way to reset custom query lots to defaults, use the Recompute option on the dropdown in your descriptor file. Note that this might change your lot stats, like pollution/demand caps/etc.
  5. Paris (Pt. 2/3)

    What a fantastic tour around Paris. That Eiffel Tower scene is phenomenal!
  6. Good list of some suburban/old house lots?

    If you're looking for American-styled homes, mattb325 has a large collection on the SC4D LEX. You'll find a ton of stuff ranging from early 20th century homes to modern McMansions. Bipin's Hamilton and Diaspra are also great choices if you're looking for that homogenized suburban feel.
  7. IRM I-HT Internal Gases by SimGoober

    Now this one is definitely spiffier than my take! I must admit that I was mildly annoyed with this building in particular due to props clipping in the middle section but you've handled it well there! Awesome.
  8. Placing Seasonal Tress in LE

    Seasonal trees are usually a set of individual props that have a certain timing property to determine when they show up. To get them to show up properly you will need to place all of the corresponding seasons of the prop on your lot, preferably in the same spot and with the same orientation.
  9. Urban School

    What a beautiful school. Those diagonals are zesty!
  10. Looks like a lovely place for a summer vacation. Awesome beach! Fantastic use and choice of apartments.
  11. Ancient Ruins - Pt. II (Preview)

    The amount of work put into that Colosseum scene is insane. After browsing Rome in Google Maps, it's even more impressive with how accurately you've recreated the surround area. Fantastic. Petra looks incredible as well. I must ask, is that entire cliff face BATed as well?
  12. Eighth Avenue Place - East Tower

    Gorgeous building!
  13. Ancient Ruins

    Another wild ride around the world with the new game AncientsimCity. Love the animated rain scene and Machu Picchu is insanely beautiful.
  14. Ultrawide Resolution for SC4

    As someone that also runs 21:9, 1920x1080 is probably your best bet.
  15. U.S. Bank (Library) Tower

    Simply sublime work. The desaturation of the turquoise glass is subtle but makes a huge impact in-game. Your original rendition was already spectacular but this revision is incredible. 10/5