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  1. Modding Fun with SYS.PAK

    @adamoteentitans: Hello, and welcome to ST! As far as I know, super demand is not something you can control from editing these files. However, super high land value is easily achievable! Start by opening SC3LandValue.ini and take a look at the [TuningParameters] section. Pay attention to the bolded part of the following 4 parameters. WaterPolluteFactor=100,-9000,100 AirPolluteFactor=400,-7000,250 GarbagePolluteFactor=0,-400000,0 CrimeFactor=25,-1900,200 If you've played the game long enough you'll definitely know that crime, water pollution and air pollution will cause a general decrease in land values. Garbage however is insane! Your entire city's land value would always end up dropping to "Very Low". To ensure you have peak land values at all time, you can simply change the negative effects to 0. You can even make the numbers positive so that pollution and crime is desired by your populace! Talk about one messed up parallel world. The next few properties concern how terrain elevation and water affect land values. WaterEffect=62 WaterEffectRadius=6 HillEffect=45 Since these are already net positives, you can just increase the value of each significantly. Want your surface water effect to reach 30 tiles inland? Simply change WaterEffectRadius=30 and watch nearby zones skyrocket in value. Lastly, I want you to take a look at the [AgentIDModifiers] section. This is what controls the land value effect generated by individual buildings. Let's take a look at one of the entries: 1002=-5:R,40:C,-4:I Stock Exchange The part I put in bold tells us the global land value effect that this building has. In this case, a Stock Exchange will lower residential land values by 5, raise commerical by 40, and lower industrial by 4. Since your objective is to attain supremely high land values, the best thing to do is simply go through all of the AgentIDModifiers and eliminate any negative values. This will ensure everything has a positive effect on your city. Hope this helps!
  2. Random buildings and requests

    Lovely building. Midrises are awesome!
  3. Coming this weekend:

    • IRM Logistic Fillers Set 2 (AngryMozart version... mostly)
    • IRM FA Logistic Filler Set
    1. kingofsimcity


      pushed back a few days...throwing in extra crap :P

  4. Show Us What You're Working On

    Thanks to @T Wrecks for teaching me about ad-hoc prop families. Now I can make silly fillers like this. 8 prop families in one spot without overlaps. 12.5% chance each. 1 lot.
  5. Update 3 | West Central, Kellan

    Really like the aesthetic here! The skyline reminds me a bit of the North York area in Toronto, where the skyscrapers hug a main artery road and are immediately flanked by low density buildings on either side.
  6. RRetail Development

    Walmart extravaganza! Good stuff!
  7. Moar IRM soon.

  8. The King's Workshop

    Replies @tariely, @AsimPika3172: Thank you for the comments! Releases The base set of FA fillers are ready! It's just a simple set of basic walls (and no walls) that complement the original IRM sets. For those of you that are using TGN or any other grass replacement mod, I'll be uploading the repository soon for the IdM Essentials package and the FA grass textures. Updates For the upcoming logistics set #2, I've been playing around with Angry Mozart's new prop pack. The new 53ft trailers will serve as an additional option to diversify your industrial areas. Furthermore, I've added type-specific trucks for each industrial category. I-D features oil tank trucks and dump trucks. These were designed to be perfect for your refineries or garbage dumps. The different parking lot markings used here is just added "flair" to break up the monotony of all the textures! I-M boasts varied truck chassis and flatbeds with various batches of industrial piping. Finally, the I-HT variant has a bunch of mystery items hidden under colored tarp. I wonder what kind of secrets are hidden underneath?! Putting everything together now and you'll have one helluva truck depot!
  9. Show Us What You're Working On

    Got about half of my IRM stuff completed! The first batch of basic FA2 and FA3 fillers are complete! Grab it here:
  10. FA2 & FA3 IRM fillers coming this weekend!

  11. Show Us What You're Working On

    Been waiting to use @Angry Mozart's new prop pack for a while now.
  12. AM transportation services with be joining MM transportation to compete for your IRM menu space. 

  13. The King's Workshop

    Replies @The British Sausage: Thanks! For the FA textures I just took a simple 128x256 / 128x384 bitmap image, drew a line from corner to corner, then filled in one side with black and the other side with blue. I then blended the two colors at the middle so the texture transitions rather smoothly. This results in an image that can be processed with GoFSH and I can replace that blue section with a grass texture of my choice. It's how I've done all of my texture work until now actually. @RRetail: Thank you! Maybe I'll attempt a truck stop in the future. @airman15: Thanks a lot! I wish I was a wizard, then I'd probably be able to pump these out a lot faster . But yeah, I created these for the sake of those awkward situations you described. It's kind of surprising that no one has attempted these in the past, though I'd suspect that the walls being 22.5 degrees natively would mean something isn't going to align perfectly. Releases And so the releases finally begin! The big prefab logistic fillers are at your disposal! Time to start making those large industrial zones and seaports busier with freight activity. In here you'll find 45 and 22.5 parked trucks, as well as the large avenue entrances. Updates Up next on the agenda are the regular FA wall pieces for I-D and I-M. FA2 and FA3 will be included in the set. Completed thus far: FA2 and FA3 for I-D and I-M. Trucks for FA2 I-D. 1 random test piece for FA2 I-HT (wall-less). Would like some feedback on how to approach I-HT. Should I just make wall-less versions? That's it for now. There's a ton more stuff I want to explore and at this rate, there's going to be almost as many IRM filler pieces as I have parking lots.
  14. Back from my trip! It's trucking and FA IRM time!

  15. Madrid

    Your recreations continue to wow me to no end! I love the colors here.