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  1. Share your cities for me to showcase

    Here is the second city overview after a long pause: Episode 2
  2. Thank you. It will get bigger! Added episode 86 to the OP.
  3. Added episode 85 to the opening post.
  4. I have posted the 84th episode in the OP after successfully fixing the error from episode 83.
  5. RCI and workforce issue

    Well, that doesn't sound right. When you have lot's of open jobs Cims want to move in, that produces R demand. When you have a high unemployment % that produces I demand. Lot's of goods to export produces C demand(so does filled R demand). Now, your saying that you have not employed 50% of your population? What education % are they? How many % of each type of education? What is your industry made up of? Generic (industry that levels and produces goods) or is it specialized industry. Because diferant industry takes differently educated workers. How many offices do you have compared to your Industry buildings? Can you open up the statistics menu and show us at the same screen(tick of), Commercial, Offices and Industry. And another graph that shows education and employment.
  6. Added episode 82 to the OP.
  7. Updated the OP with the 81 episode.
  8. Newest episode added to the opening post. Population at 365,000 and the medical center is added to the city.
  9. Lastest episode, no. 79, takes the population up to 348,000 while I lay the groundworks for the next expansion.
  10. Reached stable population over 300,000 in episode 78.
  11. After about 20 more hours spent I have redone a large portion of the city, here is the newest episode Bedrock 2.0
  12. Updated the OP with the newest episode, city now at 270,000 population.
  13. Added newest episodes up to EP 70 at 210,000+ population.
  14. Episode 68 added to the OP.
  15. Episode 66 added to the OP.