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City-building game(s)

Found 22 results

  1. 1. State of the Art

    This is the Ciudad del Lago metropolitan region. A legally sanctioned 24 kilometres side square, built on the estuaries of the rivers Calfú and Huillinco, and just north of the Loberías Sound, a medium-sized ocean inlet that marks the point where the continental rift meets the sea. Ciudad del Lago is the capital of the Republic of Santa Clara, a small island country just away from the coasts of South America; with a size comparable to Hainan and an overall geography that reminds the one of Mauritius, this nation of about 4 million people inhabits the only emerged part of the rift that divides the Santa Clara and Nazca plates, giving their land important natural riches but also an unparalleled exposition to the effects of natural disasters and climate change. As with other small countries in Latin America, Ciudad del Lago concentrates an important part of the country population: with about 2.5 million people on its metropolitan area, about 60% of the santaclareños it's also a laguino. As a consequence of this, and of its privilegied location as a safe port along the maritime routes of the Pacific Ocean, Ciudad del Lago is the main centre of the industry and finance on the country. Some extractive industries are also located on the city sorroundings, more noticeably the Piedra Roja copper mine, which compensates its poor concentrations of the metal on its rocks with an unsurpassable emplacement, just a few kilometres away from the nearest seaport. This port, located on the basin of an old endorheic lagoon, has served the city since colonial times and is now adapted to recieve up to panamax-sized ships; nevertheless, its most glorious days, when the Panama strait wasn't built yet and it controlled almost half the Pacific sea trade, are gone for good. And while there are offerings from the Chinese government to finance the expansion of the port to be able to manage post-panamax ships, the santaclareños aren't really convinced that their country future lies on the maritime traffic. As you can see from the maps, most of what is defined in-story hasn't been completed in practice: the current population is around 350.000 sims, the seaport is only terraformed, the mine just has its railway but no buildings at all, and important parts of the urban planning are lacking. As the idea is to simulate the look and feel of a typical latin american capital, many adaptations from the typical gameplay have to be done: careful zoning to avoid losing the rhythm of a dense and diverse city centre that extends to wealthy neighbourhoods, while even denser suburban slums sorround the port and the railways; a delicate balance on the building selection, incorporating foreign elements on an authentic way, while keeping local, rural and even native references active, and to develop on a geography that is different to all latin american capitals: a deep and complex sound, internally navigable, with lots of brigdes, at once dividing neighbourhoods and connecting them. * * * For now, this is all. I've begun to make more detailed and interesting maps about the planned sectorisation of the city, and its respective roadmap design, both situations that requiere a lot of participation to decide where and how to urbanise and build. Then will come some open-ended conversation about storybuilding and alternative history. I hope you got interest on this dev CJ, be it to take the time to criticise it or to promote something. I'm open to your opinions! P.S.: when writing here, a serif font is something written from the in-story perspective, as it will look on the final CJ, and a sans-serif text is a dev-oriented one, written as a player.
  2. Greetings from snowy Colorado, everyone! I'm designing my first region-wide Transportation Master Plan™, so that I later have something to kick myself for / regret every step of the way! I have NAM 35 and my TSCT is set to European (high) usage of transit, so my sims will actually, you know, walk a mile (unlike certain *cough* California-centric vanilla lazybones sims). I'm on Eaton region (I'll post a pic further down), and I'm anticipating very high density near the water, slowly petering out to medium and low density as you move West, maybe akin to a Chicago type region in terms of density / land value. My goals are to: push myself to learn more about NAM, develop something that is functional and cost-efficient, and to develop something that is aesthetically pleasing / not OVERLY grid-y (without pouring TOO many extra hours down the drain for looks). I'm wondering: 1) Is it a good idea to do transportation top-down like this, or should I let the cities and transit evolve more organically as I develop each city? (in theory that sounds most realistic, but in practice I'd rather hammer down a skeleton that at least serves each area minimally and then later build onto it, rather than have to go back and demolish and re-envision a lot with existing infrastructure. Don't want any eminent domain riots!) 2) What types of transit would you plan most centrally for a region of 10-50 million sims? I'm thinking heavy rail and RHW will form the bulk of my inter-regional connections, with some monorail connecting posh areas, and subways in the CBD's. 3) Do eternal commuters only apply to one type of transit at a time? For example, if I plan a RHW system that follows the tree structure, but have another type of transit that completes a loop (with the RHW), it wouldn't matter because they'd have to be transferring / parking to complete said loop, right? So far I have a rough sketch of what a possible RHW / rail / monorail network could look like. Let me know if I have set it up correctly to prevent eternal commuters (the squares are outlining the tiles I believe will be the most dense, but don't cross any regional borders): Cheers and thanks in advance for any input!
  3. Are there any city building game where i can build an dystopian/totalitarian looking City? I want to build an City that could be an capital of an totalitarian fascist oder communist dictatorship. Does such an city building game exist? Most cities in city building games look very colorfull and not really dystopian, can you build in simcity 4 such an city?
  4. The Backbone of Ariosa

    :::News Flash::: Citizens are welcoming CityCorp Inc. (SNSE: CTYC §789.99) to Ariosa. This is in response to the failed city of Newtchester. Ariosa is east of Newtchester, and currently the Capital of Arios. Much more to follow in the next few months as this development takes place. Dear Editor of Ariosa News Line, We hope that our citizens are as excited as we are at the town meeting spot. We barely have a government and this opportunity is coming to us. For now i wanted to address the Newtchester rumor. Yes they failed CityCorp. However, it was not due to radioactive waves nor was it because of a citizen called Vu. It was because the people revolted, and the held strikes. We have been told that this will improve our lives. And our children's lives. We don't even have a school, how can you expect us not to grab this opportunity? Mr. Speaker; Ariosa Town ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CityCorp Instuctions to the People of Ariosa: The next step is to plan out the backbones of your town, and to make a larger amount of land around you dedicated to farmland. SimNation gives federal funding to farmers and it will boost your Treasury. Please register your home with CityCorp at www.citycorp.com/register_sm.snajax by the end of the week. Below is the basic layout of the city network. This will take time, and we will grow your city over a period of underestimated time. Please read our online material, from the login page ater registering your home. As you can see Norta Upon Ariosa is the next planned phase, currently this is your main business district: The homes here will be moved to Norta, and for your convenience a train will transport you between the two areas. All other homes will be allowed to upgrade to MRS(§-§§) with options for §§§. Thank you, and do not forget to register your homes soon! CityCorp Inc. Property, do not share or transmit to non-related parties.
  5. Hello, I just dug out SimCity 4 from my basement and haven't played in years. I just wanted to try the NAM mod. It's funny, I was addicted to this game as a kid, and I became addicted to it again. Anyways I'll get to the point now, so the only part of the game that I don't like are the disasters, and the ways you respond emergency personnel to an active disaster firstly, The disasters are a little fun, but I find it hard to rebuild after them. Are there any red cross or FEMA mods out there? And I always find myself only needing to respond fire engines and never the police. Are there any emergency mods?
  6. E06 - 2 districts, 1 terminal

    Back again with episode 6 - this time around I made sure I got some districts done, along with a custom cargo train terminal. Hopefully you all enjoy
  7. Flatbush Park and the New Rail Line

    Introductions & Plans The village of Flatbush Park is adjacent to the largest city in the area, Millford. Currently, there are two incorporated cities within the village of Flatbush Park called Flatbush Park and West Flatbush Park. The locals call them the twin cities. There are significant industries in both cities, mostly due to them both being on heavy industrial rail lines, which is contributing to the rapid growth of both cities. You can see on the bottom left that West Flatbush Park controls the oil-fired power plant that feeds power to both cities. This is a recent addition to the area as the cities formerly purchased power from Millford. Note the heavy pollution in Flatbush Park generated by the leather factory (the industry sitting by itself on the top left of the rail line). Traffic in the CBD of Flatbush Park is quite hampered by the rail line. Residents would like to change this, but the industry and train station use this line. Traffic in the CBD of West Flatbush Park is not really affected by the rail line, but they would like to have a passenger station over on this side of the river. Another rail company has proposed a new rail line to accomodate passenger traffic from West Flatbush Park to Millford. While the main purpose of this new line is not for Flatbush Park, the mayor of Flatbush Park wants this line to become more successful, so that an alternative to the current traffic causing mainline will exist. In Flatbush Park, the new line will not present much problem as it will be at grade and run like a beltway around the city. However, in West Flatbush Park, the new line will mostly be in the form of a viaduct through the main CBD, connecting up with the existing rail line near the power plant. A new Howe Truss rail bridge (purple) will cross the river into the West Flatbush center of industry and CBD; much safer than the existing stone bridge. Some buildings will have to be demolished (yellow), but a new basketball court and playground (orange) will be installed. The icing on the cake will be new elevated rail station (red) to accomodate passengers to Millford; they formerly had to go across the river to Flatbush Park to board the trains to Millford. Not much of interest in Flatbush Park; some new road overpasses (yellow) will keep cars away from passing trains. A new blue collar neighborhood is being planned for power plant workers. Results The McGladrey's (the wealthiest family in West Flatbush Park) in the mansion do not like their new backyard view, but developers seized on the new potential of the viaduct station and built some medium density housing. Apartments and rowhomes are filling up quickly! Most residents of West Flatbush park are very happy with the new rail viaduct line. What will happen to the old rail line that served mostly heavy industry? West Flatbush Park's new industrial neighborhood is nothing special as it's built with proximity and low-cost in mind. In Flatbush Park, the existing road structure has filled in to the edge of the new rail line. At-grade grossings are nonexistent with the new plans.
  8. Haussmann Reborn, Part 1 (Anno 2041)

    ---------------------------------------------------- AUTHOR'S COMMENTS ---------------------------------------------------- First entry guys. I hope you like the style of CJ that I'm proposing. Feel free to express your thoughts wether positive or negative!
  9. Hello Simtropolis! It has been awhile since I posted anything to this site. I have been busy with real life and attempting countless times to perfect my region. But here it is! Finally. With this City Journal I am interested in updates from the role of a planner who works for the city, but that will come later after a few introductory updates. Welcome to Algonquin City! - thanks, canadiansim -
  10. Algonquin City [Update 1]

    Hello Simtropolis! It has been awhile since I posted anything to this site. I have been busy with real life and attempting countless times to perfect my region. But here it is! Finally. With this City Journal I am interested in updates from the role of a planner who works for the city, but that will come later after a few introductory updates. Welcome to Algonquin City! - thanks, canadiansim -
  11. Big-tile cities

    Ever since I've been playing this game, since last summer, I've dealt almost exclusively in medium-tiles, with some small-tile farming towns. My biggest city is a medium-tile city with a population of 260,000. Recently I started a big-tile city and I find it to be a bit overwhelming. How big is too big for a big-tile city? At what point does the game really start to slow down (for you--obviously I know everyone's computers are different)? Do you plan things ahead or just kinda make it up as you go along? What's the biggest big-tile city you've ever created? You can include a picture of it if it helps
  12. I'm curious of how people go about their playing, or rather planning. All unlocked, unlimited money etc. No unlocks hardmode? Also do you build as you go or try to plan ahead? I've noticed that I'm getting trouble with my cities when they reach 40k pop. I tend to play without unlocks and I'm fairly proud of my neighbourhood and how my cities looks when <20k. But this leads to where I need massive population boosts to get more land which leads to me just cranking out housing projects and usually it goes downhill from there, uglier, less services and worse road networks. On the flipside I've also tried to playing god mode style to not having to bother with those constraints but find it much harder to either get a nice start or stick to my planned design.
  13. Here's a layout that allows you to control land value by placing parks at the center of a district. Let me know what you think. Read about it on the EA Official Forums.
  14. Five Hundred Years Ago

    While browsing my data base today, I came across this quote: Experience has shown this to be as true today as in 1513. Anyone else seen the truth in this old philosopher's words?
  15. Realism In Citybound

    Hello all. I recently spoke to Anselm about realism in Citybound, how far he would go with it and what could be included. He is not sure yet but liked some of my ideas and suggested I start a topic here to show you and to also encourage the dicussion of ideas. The key word here is REALISM, so be realistic with your ideas please. Here are some of the ideas I offered to Anselm: Disasters that actually happen. Simcity 4 had disasters, but they only happened if the player created them. Having them pop up in game from time to time would offer a challenge and keep the game play from going stale. Taking this further - have the disasters include: riots/protesting, terrorism, fires (that could engulf neighbourhoods), flooding, building/bridge collapses, earthquakes, tornadoes, storms/hurricanes, tsunamis, dust storms, snow storms, volcanoes, meteors, disease outbreaks, drought etc. there's a huge range that could be done, some easier than others I'm sure. Players would have to prepare for them in advance and be able to repair more quickly, or fail to prepare and suffer the consequences. It might be different in other countries, but I know in Australia, protests are often organised, in that the organisers get roads sectioned off and police help keep things under control. So this could happen in-game, that a window could come up saying a protest wants to occur and players have the option to allow it (suffer a slight economic loss from closing roads and work being affected, but have improved happiness) or disallow it (a drop in happiness and the risk of them protesting anyway which would get an economic loss). Then the player would receive a notification at the end asking if they want to make the changes being demanded. If that's too intense, it could be applied to people wanting street parades or festivals (economic loss, but improved happiness and more tourists etc.). Some form of technology progression. That was something with Simcity that was lacking I think. Simcity 4 attempted it with having different eras of building styles, but it didn't quite work. Players can choose what they want to implement I think, maybe they want more glass and steel buildings as opposed to concrete, or have hybrid buses instead of diesel, recycling instead of garbage disposal only, switching from coal power, to gas, to renewable energy. Or perhaps having power lines above ground and then switch to below ground. All those little things in the game would really give the feel of realism I think and would offer some progression to the game that I think the other Simcity's really lacked. It could be a setting players choose, or a different game mode. You could have sandbox, normal or realistic perhaps? Setting building height limits. Could be individual or neighbourhoods. It would be a way to get around Simcity's variations within one zone type, say medium residential, in that there is quite a jump between the building heights in that zone alone. Setting building heights would limit development to a certain height and you would avoid having tall buildings in the middle of the suburbs (unless you want that sort of thing). Deleting buildings happens over some time, giving the people a chance to move out (so you would need to provide alternate places, or face homelessness/unemployment). This might make players think before demolishing that entire neighbourhood to put a new highway through and might work out for the best. It would obviously be better for happiness to demolish less. Having water/power/sewage/telephone/internet infrastructure. The newest Simcity came close to this, but still lacks phone/internet and not to mention that these services don't just follow roads. Hosting events - G20 summits, world cups, Olympics, festivals, local sporting matches etc.. Tourism strategies that actually bring in tourists. So the beauty of the city, economy, attractions, etc. would all influence the amount of tourists you would receive and have a noticeable effect on your city. You would also be able to know how many tourists there were and see tthem in your city. Newest Simcity does this a little. Cycle lanes, bus lanes, pedestrian trails, pedestrian malls, underground train lines (that aren't subway), light rail, cable cars, etc. etc. There's LOTS of transport options out there and we could talk forever about them. Gentrification, in the sense that buildings could change land uses, without demolishing the building. That old riverside warehouse could turn into residential apartments or the old treasury building could become a casino. Increased density within zoning stages. For example, making the lots smaller in suburban areas so that in the space of 8 houses, you could now fit 10. Both would still be low-density zoning, but they are just closer together. This would lessen the impact of suburban sprawl and make your cities more compact and efficient. Obviously some of these would require attention to detail and some micro-management and if you don't like that style of gameplay, then that's totally fine! Some of these 'more invovled' ones, could be settings that could be turned off or on to suit the players style. Perhaps you like the idea of having disasters randomly in your city, but don't have time to micro-manage the building heights of a neighbourhood. Just tweak the settings! There's lots of realistic things that could be included, but it's all down to what Anselm can, and wants, to do. Share your REALISTIC ideas below! Beakman.
  16. 1: Welcome to Phoenix!

    Hello and welcome to the beautiful city of Phoenix, Arizona! You are reading the first entry of a journal that is likely to be my demise. I plan to construct the entire metropolitan area as faithfully as possible. And that is a very large metropolitan area, as you'll soon realize. To start off, here are some fun facts about the city: Phoenix is the most populous US state capitol and the 6th most populous US city, containing over 1.5 million people. That number increases to 3.6 million with the addition of the surrounding urban areas. There are a total of 4.3 million people in the Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is defined as Maricopa and Pinal counties (the two counties in which Phoenix resides). The city itself makes up 518 sq mi (1,338 sq km), with a density of 2,798 people/sq mi (1,080/sq km). Phoenix was settled in 1867, and has since grown rapidly. For the last 40 years, the growth rate has been nearly 4% per year. At this rate, the city is predicted to rank 4th in population by 2020. Well, that was boring. Don't worry, you can all wake up now; It's fun stuff from here on out. Today's update is focused on one thing only: Planning. After looking for a suitable region map for me to use, I settled on drunkapple's Phoenix Scale Map (thanks mate), which consists of 396 large tiles. In order to take on the challenge that a region this size presents me with, I knew that I would need to make up a very large plan of my whole network and layout. So, I found a top-down view of the region and used GIMP to place it on top of a Google map of Phoenix, and then redrew all of the city boundaries. I also started to give names to each city tile, for use in-game later on. In the end, this is the fruit of my labor: Note that every red square is a large city tile. Also, see that red rectangle at the top of the picture? This file has 282 layers (most of them are just text), and contains 12724x7891 pixels (My computer definitely had a good time with that). You should also notice that the region doesn't cover a few areas of city (Like Apache Junction, downtown Buckeye, New River, Morristown, San Tan Valley, and some of eastern Queen Creek/Mesa). However, that isn't too big of a deal, considering how much I have on my plate already (Besides, you could argue that since Apache Junction is in a different county, it isn't really part of the metro area). Besides the minor flaw mentioned above, there is one bigger and much more annoying problem: The gridlines. Since the game's city boundaries aren't designed around its cities, there are a few places where some unfortunate placement of boundaries will cause me many problems in this project. Here are two examples (both are interchanges): Yep, each of those interchanges will be located in at least 3 city tiles. Not to mention that on the bottom picture, Interstate 10 is cut straight down the middle by the border. Looks like I'll have to move some roads around a bit, or else face some serious headaches. Oh well... Well, that's about all there is to show for planning. Now it's time to get into the game itself and start working. Obviously, I'll need to start with the road networks. But we'll save that for the next update. For now, stay tuned. See you soon!! -Samness
  17. Teaser the second

    I'll upload maybe even two new entries the next weekend, I currently just struggle with some lots, so I'm not sure about the second, "surprise"-entry:D We'll see.... Don't be scared, I didn't already fully developed this map, there's going to be more zoned area and suburbs at the left of the highway^^. I'll reply the comments of this and the last entry at the actual CJ update next weekend, like everytime. Bye, have a nice evening!
  18. Since there is enough interest in a tutorial video series I have just started making them. Link for the playlist of my SimCity video tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRYGjguAn0CGfY2GD0jUoLUURXYYRdG-Y&feature=view_all Newest video, 27th part of my multi-city tutorial. In this video I develop the city up to maximum high density and put in some finishing touches. Any and all feedback is welcomed and you can ask for any content for me to go more in depth, test out, or to simply explain more some aspects of the game.
  19. Downtown District

    Starting out, Brentsville was a small city with an optimistic future. The city by the bay is attracting many people to leave the nearby cities. An undeveloped waterfront poised many questions for the city council members. How would the city develop the waterfront safely without harming the surrounding bay? The booming downtown business sector provided many jobs during tough economic times in surrounding cities. Current population: 6,500 Downtown Brentsville is booming with jobs with some residential districts to the north and west. This is the financial district surrounded by the canals and bay. Easy Access to I-5 takes you to the surounding cities. Here is the busiest intersection in the city.
  20. Holt Stadium Project

    Holt Stadium Project I'm baaaaaaaaaack! After a long absence these past 3 months (I think there were only 2 full updates) things are finally returning to normal-ish for me (for now anyways ) so I finally have a new update to share! Today's update focuses on the new Holt Stadium project being constructed in Flynn, the former Township of Saltfield. Part of BoldNewHD, this project includes a brand new stadium, transit line to Kuhan and Sherkston and some new office space. In the future there will also be residential development. A lot is happening in the area, and several new projects are heard to be in the planning process. So let's go have a look and see what's happening in Holt District after an update drought. 22.1 | The new stadium area is polluted with cranes. With so many things under construction residents now enjoy "count the cranes" more than monopoly. You never know when a new one will crop up. This photo displays where the arena will eventually site. The arena itself will seat 50000 in various configurations. There is rumoured to be a football (ed. note: Canadian Football) franchise to opening up shop in the region, with this likely being its new home. There is also a rumour the arena will be convertible to hockey, though no official word on a franchise locating to the region yet. Rumours do point to one being housed in the Toyota Centre or Spengler Arena in Sherkston... 22.2 | Just to the north is a dual-tower office complex under construction. Someone had the hair-brained idea of doing the landscaping prior to building completion. Needless to say the walkways will need replacing by the finishing of construction. 22.3 | Over this way we find the home of more future office building. These will be medium-rise buildings. The developer of this complex is currently designing the next phases which will fill much of the grasslands around this section of the development. 22.4 | Here we see the construction of the future Embassy Suites hotel and parking garages for the arena and office buildings. To the left construction on the arena station will begin soon, once construction on the arena progresses a little further. 22.5 | With all this change on the horizon some people will undoubtedly be unhappy. Several residents of Flynn near the development are unhappy with the dust and noise of construction and the traffic the complex will bring once it begins to open. But change isn't easy to swallow for more people, and there is more on the horizon for these people. 22.6 | To the south of the arena a proposal has been approved, by Flynn town council and under BoldNewHD, for a new mega-regional shopping centre. Some residents, of course, were up in arms about this decision. However there is a chronic lack of retail in the region as it has not kept up with demand and residential development in recent time. 22.7 | And this arena project and mall are just the tip of the iceburg as it is. A zoomed out view of the arena construction gives you an idea of how little is currently underway. Sooner or later, all that land will be developed as mid to high density status. Change is coming, and some residents are unhappy. But, you take a risk when moving to Holt District. And that risk is your quiet neighbourhood will soon be neighbouting skyscrapers. 22.8| The change will continue, too. Holt District council, in association with Sherkston, Kuhan, Flynn and Manatee municipal councils have approved an intensification development zone. This zone encompasses the outer edges of the current municipalities, with key developments already in planning or underway making up the boundaries of this zone. This zone will be only allowed to develop as mid to high density construction going forward, with an emphasis of "cove" developments, with each "cove" being surrounded by new, man-made lakes and lush vegetation. Developers are drooling at the thought... this land is very much in demand and this planning amendment has opened up new, affordable and attractive development styles.
  21. BOLDNEWHD - The Announcement

    A bold new plan to develop a bold new Holt District. BoldNewHD will create a massive change in Holt District. Every possible thing that can be changed will ultimately be. Planning and development. Transit. Jobs and recreation. Healthcare and education. Entertainment and shopping. Everything is going to change. The sleepy region Holt District started as when this MD began will be swallowed up. It is becoming a world-class region. By the time all the aims of this project are completed, the region will have been transformed into a modern metropolis. The region is already booming, with developments popping up seemingly daily. Some are well thought out, others are not. Some planning guidelines are fuzzy, leading to mis-matching areas. With this plan, a major aim to develop the region cohesively and introduce new landmarks which will draw people, professionals, scholars and tourists alike to the region. With this plan, development will be accelerated and embrace to keep up with the massive demand. The plan will for the first time open industrial development to the region. But most important, it will try to create cohesive "zones" that make logical sense. In essence, to control sprawl. While the region will undoubtedly sprawl, this plan will control it as much as possible into logical layouts. As you can see, the plan covers 8 major areas of focus: transit, entertainment, development, shopping, education, healthcare, recreation and jobs. Below an outline of each focus area is given below. For the full descriptions visit the plans site: http://boldnewhd.weebly.com FOCUS AREAS: TRANSIT: The strength of any region is based upon its' transportation system. As Holt District grows, we need to ensure our network of roads, highways and public transportation meets the needs of our growing region. The previously announced HDHIP project is a start, increasing access to the western and southern portions of the region. But we need to keep going. A region-wide public transit system needs to be developed. The efficiency of the highways need to be continuously evaluated. Local roads need to be widened and maintained so transportation within the region moves as fast as possible. For more information on transit visit: http://boldnewhd.wee...om/transit.html ENTERTAINMENT: The creation of new entertainment venues will help draw tourists to Holt District and expand our already growing tourist industry. The expansion of the tourist industry will lead to the creation of thousands of permanent positions, plus thousands more in construction. This includes the construction of a large-format arena, multi-purpose arena. A world-class golf course is on the docket to bring avid golfers and pro-tournaments to the region. The region is also in negotiations to sell a plot of land to a theme park operator for the creation of the first amusement park in any of the 5 regions nearest Holt District. For more information about entertainment, visit: http://boldnewhd.wee...ertainment.html DEVELOPMENT: Creating a cohesive regional layout is imperative. Having everything residents need nearby, placing residential in attractive areas and developing industry near major transportation corridors is imperative. Without these basic principals the region would enter into chaos. Demand in the region is so high that even the current pace is not keeping up with demand. So this plan increases the rate of development while also controlling it. There will be more residential development. To keep up with commercial office demand, a new CBD will be founded. The density of many new developments will also increase. In order to keep the character of the region, some developments will be built in the current density style. For more information on development visit: http://boldnewhd.wee...evelopment.html SHOPPING: This plan aims to attract new retailers to Holt District through the opening of land for retail development. The plan comprises of several different types of development, including urban shopping destinations, expanded mall space and develop more convenience-based retailing for the region's permanent residents. The main aims of this segment include the construction of the 1000000+ sq.ft. Plaza Mall, The Sherkston Shopping District and expanding the overall retail footprint of the area. For more information on shopping visit: http://boldnewhd.wee...m/shopping.html EDUCATION: The paramount of advancing a region is its education. As such the region aims to improve public education through facility expansions and renovation, training programs for teachers and new programs for students. The region is also evaluating lobbying for a satellite campus for a post-secondary education institute, or the establishment of a new university all together. For more information on education visit: http://boldnewhd.wee.../education.html HEALTHCARE: The Holt District Regional Government intends to make sure the health care system in the region continue to provide residents with the services required. The region together with the province is working toward the construction of new healthcare facilities, expansion of existing facilities and bringing new treatment centers to the region through the province's public health care system. The Region will maintain its already high-level of health care service. For more information on healthcare visit: http://boldnewhd.wee...healthcare.html RECREATION: The region will keep the good times rolling for the region's residents! Without recreation services the region would not be able to attract residents that are driving all other sectors of the economy. The region intends to expand parkland, construct new sports complexes and construct new indoor arenas. For more information on recreation visit: http://boldnewhd.wee...recreation.html JOBS: The region will continue to attract employment to the region through low taxes, available space and tax breaks to certain industries. The region will also for the first time allow the construction of industrial zones to attract greater number of companies and new residents. For more information on jobs visit: http://boldnewhd.weebly.com/jobs.html Whew, that was a lot of text! As you can see the region will become dramatically different than it currently is. Just about everything will be changed, and no section of land will be the same by the time this project has wrapped up. I look forward over the coming months to share with you projects will fall under this plan, and show you the BOLDNEWHD! Again, this post was only a summary. For full information visit: boldnewhd.weebly.com There is a lot of awesome information on the site, so I really strongly encourage you to check it out! Look for #BOLDNEWHD on twitter Replies next update!
  22. I used the search function and scrolled through several pages before I made this topic and didn't find anything like it, so I guess I'll make one. This is a thread for displaying your SC4/city related drawings/diagrams/artwork. I usually draw things such as plans for highway interchanges and make concept images in GIMP. I just made one today, which was originally hand-drawn. It's a concept of a possible TuLEP configuration, one which is probably not going to happen because it's pretty specialized, I guess. But you never know. Anyway, it's for two OWR-3s with left turn lanes overhanging into the adjacent tile, which is a GLR median, and an intersection with an AVE-4 with dashed lines for the left turns. Here's the hand-drawn original. Here's what I spent a few hours in GIMP making after that. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Came up with another concept design. This one might be safer for left turns, if people don't stop on the crossing. Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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