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82 - Show-Off



Those of you familiar with my CJ have seen these tiles in many different stages of development. I originally used them as a testing ground for canals and now that I've settled on style (sunken with red brick walls) I unified them so that they connect perfectly.

This entry features the largest mosaic I've ever made that comes in at a whopping 24816 x 10107px. You'll have to download it to see it at full resolution because even dropbox can't display it.

I encourage you to look at the pics in full size. These smaller .jpeg versions don't really do them justice (they're less than half the size). Hope you have a big screen.



Full Size


Full Size


Full Size


Full Size


Full Size


Full Size


Full Size

(Unfortunately the full image is too large to even be previewed on dropbox, but you can download the 125 MB png.)


Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


raynev1: Some beautiful night scenes . Sorry to hear about your hard drive , that's a bummer . Hope you continue Ionica . It's been a great CJ .

Yeah well, that's just what happens when your computer is over six years old and you push it to the limit on a daily basis. Thanks.

gviper: Hey my friend! It's been quite some time! Wasn't sure I'd hear or see you on these pages again. I myself have slowed down in activity considerably. Lovely presentation!

Didn't mean to be gone for so long but sometimes life gets in the way. Thanks.

korver: Great stuff as always - you probably have my favorite photoshop style of anyone here on ST and the Chinatown scenes are great. Hope you can keep this going :)

Thanks. Looking at your work always gives me the itch to get back in the game.

_Michael: Welcome back! I feared I wasn't following my to see any more Ionica, so it's great to have it back! :D Great looking city with some lovely design elements; can't help but noticing that north arrow though ;), can become slightly distracting!

Lol, all these years and I still have the north arrow. Thanks.

TekindusT: Another top notch, deliciously handcrafted mishmash of styles!

You know I'm a fan of the mishmash, just too many good BATs to stick to one style. Thanks.

kschmidt: Great night views ! Japanese and other buildings well lightened. NAM elevated networks and GLR features well integrated,  well done !

Wish I had a few pictures of how it looked before. It was a mess. Thanks.

v701: This city is still one of the best SC4 I've seen so far !! I love this clown picture on the skyscraper ! :thumb::ducky:

Everyone loves a clown. Thanks.

Takingyouthere: Great to see you back in action, your city building style and image presentation was sorely missed.

That's the great thing about SC4 at this stage, everyone can have their own style. Thanks.

tariely: Very nice night shots ! (and Trump...) Glad to know you'll be back. But CBS ? We have CBS? Or did you make that one ? I Want !:-)))

Yup, it's mattb325's CBS. Thanks.

Akallan: Beautiful images of nights, it seems so alive. It's beautiful all the lights of nights, my favorite is the one with the channel! :thumb:




Hey there, it's been a while.

I was building up some stuff for a new season of CJ entries but my hard drive went wonky. Past few months have also been pretty busy.

Not sure what the future of Ionica is right now. I want to continue, but I fear I can't be as dedicated to it as I once was.

Anyway, I have a couple backlog entries to share with you. Lets reminisce on a calm summer's eve.

This is a remake of my Chinatown tile, also known as Walden II. Wanted to have some wider shots but those got lost with my hard drive crash.











Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


Belfastsocrates: I love how you create your marinas, they're gorgeous. The night-time photoshop work is excellent, it really enhances the look and simple things like reflections add so much. 

Thanks. The photoshop work is almost a bit of a curse because I can't go without it now and it can be time consuming.

kelistmac: Great photoshop work in your pictures ! Great job as always :thumb:

Glad you enjoyed it. Makes it worth the effort.

tankmank: Another lovely update, i like the temple, it doesn't seem too at odds with the modern surroundings. 

Thanks tank.

gviper: Simply love looking at the marvelous urbanscape! The lights and effects are (as always) so provocative and soothing...

Hey gviper. I aims to please. Thanks.

MissVanleider: The entire east half of the Roman empire couldn't be bothered to learn latin, and spoke and wrote in greek for a thousand years, so the temple has a totally consistent name The marinas and the water in general is almost a bit too good, because it stops me looking at the city itself. The night shots are very Abu Dhabi, and some of your clever placement of the seawalls is going to be copied ruthlessly...

Copy away. Thanks.

kschmidt: Awesome work; Atlantis like temple island; lovely downtown skyscraperland, marina and riverfront very well scenarized, well done!

Yes, Atlantis! Something I've dreamed of creating in SC4 for a long time, but this will have to do for now. Thanks.

tariely: It's... very red !:-))) But an interestingly anachronistic idea. I love mosaïcs 2 & 3! The way the road follows the banks, the little marina...

Hah! Yeah I boosted the reds to make them pop lol. Glad you enjoyed those roads. I find having to re-build forces me to make more creative decisions with them.

heartless: :rofl:M, The marina, the adjacent park, the underwater mmp work...gorgeous! Stunning work here, building placement, the flow of the urban landscape...very inspiring, allow me to pick my jaw up off of the floor. A masterful work indeed. Best, H

Thanks H. Glad you were inspired. Hope your floor was clean.

raynev1: ^ What they all said , Really good looking entry . Photo editing and all.

Hey raynev1. Thanks.

LexusInfernus:  Eh the Romans borrowed a lot of stuff from the Greeks, so why not naming conventions either? :P Anyways, love the way you made the little temple island with the modern bridges.  Im curious though. First, how do you make the water look so gorgeous, in particular the underwater flora? Second, whats the building that seems to hang over the highway? Because that looks awesome! 

I guess the name isn't such a big deal after all. The underwater flora is all about laying down the mmps in layers, much like you would do on terrain. I start with the rocks and do some basic patterns, then I draw around them with the flora. I forget where I got some of them. I'll try to source it when I get a chance. The building on the highway is bixel's Raised Transit Park.

feyss:  Nice pictures, the underwater MMP and your photoshop skills are great :thumb: (and thanks for the advice, never though about it before)

It's one of those simple things that are easy to overlook. Thanks.

Terring: Oh boy, that's so awesome!

Thanks T.

takemethere: That's a killer skyline both day & night and all those effects you put in make it seem like your using a new kind of night mod. Any chance you might know where you found the sidewalk mod your using, I love the constancy of it.

I've always enjoyed the moonlight look of Maxis Night, but I think it's too blue so I tweak it in post and add yellow to counteract it. The sidewalk is just the Maxis default, but I think my photo-editing makes it brighter and whiter.

Schulmanator: Awesome stuff... I am always glad to visit scenic Ionica!

Thanks for your continued support Schul.




Here's something I did almost a year ago but never got around to showing it all in a CJ entry. It's the Temple of Jupiter in the Zone called Acropolis, which I realize now is kind of a strange name since the temple is more Roman style than it is Greek.

Don't have time to go into detail about this area, but I want to get this out, so for now just take in the sights.

Unfortunately imgur has significantly reduced the quality of the pics. I'm going to have to look around for a place where I can host larger images for free (5mb +). That or I'm going to have to get a subscription somewhere.








Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


GoKingsGo: Love the last shot!  Puts everything in perspective.  Great work on the sunken railroads, great work on the night-lighting/nightlife feel, and great work on the marina/waterfront.  This city is very impressive.

Thank you very much. Glad you appreciate it.

MissVanleider: You do know your way around a marina, and the composite at the end is fantastic!

Such great inspiration provided by other CJers helped. Thanks.

feyss: Great pictures. I especially like your editing skill and the MMP under the water :thumb: The last picture is also impressive. It's impossible to see it's two tiles ;) I'm also a bit curious about this last picture: how did you mange to connect the tram avenue to the other tile ?

Ah my super secret. Actually it's not hard at all. Just drag an avenue and connect it to the next tile then place the tram puzzle piece on top. Thanks.

raynev1: Another great entry with some very beautiful images . You have mad skills friend . I always enjoy your entries . That overview image at the end , simply put "Iconic" . Your entries never cease to amaze me . You definitely got it going on . Pushing the boundaries of this never ending game . Thanks , this has been very inspirational and keep up the good work . 

Heh, thanks. Glad to have you along for the ride.

TekindusT: So full of life at night, right how I like it!

Night > Day. Thanks.

Ln X: That composite picture, mother of God that is amazing! A great remaster!

Hoping to do a series of them soon. Glad you like it, thanks.

kschmidt: Lovely waterfront, defunct or not its´s well and trully finished nothing more to add, well done !

Thanks ks.

tariely: Ooooh (not a very technical comment, but hey, what more is there to say here ?) But I have a question : what function is supposed to have the alignment of hangars (with the rounded roofs)  on the watefront (like in pict. 1, on the left) ? Some sort of open market ?

Yeah the hangars are supposed to be a marker/covered walkway. Not sure lol. Been wanting to see if I can lot some props in there but haven't gotten around to it. Thanks.

takemethere: Damn that water looks cool as hell, really wish there was a mod that could do that. The city as a whole looks great and I liked that little flare you did with the marina wall there. Mind if I ask how much time did it take for you to make it look like that and how much time you spend editing the images in general? I spend a good portion of a day just doing minor editing like cutting and stitching together mosaics for an entry. It scares me how much time it would take for me to do anymore than that. Also is there an image editing program that you favor or would recommend?

A mod like that would sure save me a lot of time. A pic with a lot of effects can take up to a couple of hours, the last one in this entry probably took longer. I use Adobe Photoshop. Thanks.

LexusInfernus: Hehehe, I love the futuristic aesthetic you got going on. Nice job! 

Thanks. I'm always trying to incorporate futuristic elements. Hope to continue that trend. Stay tuned.

gatakos: Your marina and images are stunning !

Thanks gatakos.

gviper: Inspiringly gorgeous!

Hey gviper, thanks.





SimEMS38: Holy WOW those mosaics!!! Jaw dropping and eye popping goodness! 'Nuff said. :thumb:

Don't hurt yourself now. Thanks.

Belfastsocrates: Gorgeous set of updates! Your images have such a unique look to them and an impressive one at that, it really enhances the in-game building work. 

Glad for it to be worthy of such praise. Thanks.

Mymyjp: That wall..omg that wall!!!! with the stairs and trees, light..the works!!! Fabulous. Cannot find words to describe my admiration to this entry.

Thanks a lot Mymyjp. When are you getting back in the game?

kingofsimcity: These are some EPIC marinas and mosaics! Amazing work!

Like your Geralt avatar. Really dig Witcher 3. Thanks.

Tonraq: Looking great as always! Fabulous presentation and great buildup :)

Hey Tonraq, thanks.

Benedict: Great work as always, and well done - Ionica was number one on BTT for the weeks ending November 19, November 26, and December 3rd.





Still putting together some new stuff, taking a bit longer because it's on a larger scale and once in a while life gets in the way.

In the meantime, I bring you a remaster of an older entry that is unfortunately defunct. These two Zones, Venus and Aren, were my first foray into making marinas and were part of a series of experiments made in the build up to Peach Blossom Bay.

I've made a few changes to iron out some of the kinks left over from my inexperience.








This is a composite pic of the two tiles. See high quality full res version here.


Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


kschmidt: Nice campus area; dorm´s maybe a bit low capacity, grid off would be better. Port nicely created; would have moved it up nearer  the rivermouth, less bends to take more town near the rail station; rail connection to harbour missing something odd, nicely done !

There are no dorms yet. Grid is still on 'cause it's a work in progress. There is a rail connection to the harbour. Thanks.

feyss: Looks great with those red pavement everywhere :)

Thanks feyss.

DavidDHetzel: I love the layout of the school, building realistic universities like what you have is a real lost art form.

Well, you know I like to do things on a grand scale. Thanks.

Ln X: The university and port area look promising, however you say you want more realistic industry? Well get rid of those vertical farms for starters. That's some space-age SC2000 archology stuff right there! So unless you intend to create a futuristic port or city then those vertical farms simply will not work with industry.

I didn't say I wanted more realistic industries, but I did say I'd draw some inspiration from your industrial work. I do indeed intend to create a futuristic port city/area so realism isn't much of a concern as aesthetics for me. We'll see how it turns out, you might be right, it might not work. I'll keep your advice in mind. Thanks.

gviper: Love the first section, the Jebe industrial area feels a bit crammed for me. The university area is magnificent, and with the exception of the church the meshing of the post-modern architectural lines really looks awesome!

"Crammed" is kinda the point for Jebe I think. It's an industrial port after all. Thanks.

takemethere: I really like how you have all those creeks and rivers flowing all over the place, that is going to be one scenic university campus when finished. Also I'd second Ln X's thoughts about the vertical farms. I think you could still make use of them, perhaps even in the same city but some where further away from the port. The sheer size of them directs your attention more towards them over all else. I think there's too much of a contrast between their high tech appearance and the grungy appearance of the port. Spaced further apart they could both serve as focal points rather then competing against each other.

Thanks for your input. I'm still tempted to try to make it work despite your advice. However, perhaps you're right about spacing out the vertical farms (I see something very Terring-ish in my mind's eye right now). I'll have to experiment with that. Thanks.

LexusInfernus: Love how that campus is shaping up. Can't wait to see it when its finished! 

Hey Lexus! Thanks.

MissVanleider: On the vertical farms. I like them. Isn't Ionica a near-future society? - In this context I think that they make some sense. I imagine that economically speaking, locating the production right next to the means of export also makes some sense, and would maximise the advantages over traditional farmland, which could be located many kilometres from the port.

Finally! Someone who gets it, lol. Yes, Ionica is a near-futuristic society. While there are many elements left over from previous eras, it is in the future.

TekindusT: I'm a researcher in a university here in Germany... Can I ask for a transfer to yours? It will take half an hour to reach my workplace but sure will be worth! Hope you have some nice noise & vibrations labs! ;)

Just fill out the necessary paper work and come on over. We'll build some state of the art labs just for you. Thanks.

tariely: wow, now that's a University !!! (One of those modern new buildings should be a school of Architecture...:-) It's nice to see terring's futuristic bats being used. I love that vertical farm too (I'm not mistaken, am I, it is terring's ?)

They're not Terring's, although I'm pretty sure I've seen him make great use of them. They're japanese I believe, forgot the source but shouldn't be hard to track down. Thanks.

jmsepe: Did you lot them out or did you use some park sets? Looking good though. :) 

Most of them are sets, but some are standing in place of 'lots' I want to make.

afagundes: Nice LE work.

Thanks, although in these images there are only a few.

tankmank:I like the university, some great building selections, it personally is very American in style and layout, but then this is just an observation based on what i have seen on tv and in films, and that the universities i have been to and seen in the UK are much smaller and are compact, and spread around the town/city that they are located in. And i like the port area, i feel like Tokyo and Hong Kong are to be ideal inspirations for this area, i want to see how you go about filing it in, will you use some older style, for your CJ that is industrial buildings or will it be primarily modern and more futuristic in nature 

Yes, I originally had Oxford in mind, but that quickly changed to something else. I've indeed taken some inspiration from HK and Tokyo, I should go back to google Earth and take a second glance. There are probably going to be a few older buildings, it's not entirely futuristic. Thanks.

Mymyjp: Always enjoy your entries Militant! Excellent job.

Long time no see Mymyjp. Thanks.

Dreadnought: Some magnificent work, guy !! But, I can see that it is VERY difficult to step out of the Maxis time zone. Go for it !!

Well I have a pretty handy collection of futuristic BATs so I think I can do it. Thanks.




Our final stops in this series are two tiles, Ogma and Jebe.

Ogma is the location of Ionica's most prestigious University. Ogma, in Irish-Celtic mythology is the God of eloquence and learning.

I originally modeled it on Oxford and Yale but it's kind of already gone in it's own direction. I also wanted to integrate a 'Hogwartian' element but I'm saving that concept for another tile (Ionica's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry).

This is mostly just a first phase sketch, trying to see where buildings fit and where roads will go. It will need a lot of Lot editing as well.

The image below is of the front gate of the university, kind of an indication of it's exclusivity. Only drivers with University issued permits are allowed to access its roads.


This is the 'quad' based around JBsimio's Clayhurst University pieces. The streams require a lot more mmp work and I want to have a system where they connect back to the river that splits this tile.


To the left of the quad is the 'old University' area and it's prominent features are the outdoors lecture halls. Luckily Andreas released a long awaited expansion to this set on SC4 Devotion and I plan on using some of those buildings to fill out this area.


To the right is another part of the 'old University' which has a monastery that has been turned in to a lecture hall as well as a green house. This is supposed to be the botany department.


Above the quad is a park that leads to Ogma church. On the left are more modern buildings, I'm not sure what kind of classes are held there, I'll assign them a purpose as I go along.


This is the 'business school' area. It needs a lot of mmp work around the edges of the pond as well as quite a bit of LE work to make things fit a bit better.


The crescent shaped building is the 'Sciences' building and next to it is the University Stadium. Both are going to need significant LE work.


Here is a full view of the University. JBSimio recently released an expansion to the Clayhurst University and I hope to add some of those buildings soon. The next phase will be adding the student residences which I hope to incorporate into a large multi-level park with waterfalls and ponds that connect to a river.


Now we arrive at the train station in Jebe, an industrial port area named after a famous General who served Genghis Khan.


Here we see some vertical farms next to the port. This tile will probably feature quite a few of these structures but I need to plan how they'll be laid out.


Here is a closer view of the port with Huston's Spaceport Terminal acting as a kind of port control tower.


This tile still needs a lot of work and I need to pick up a few more techniques on creating industrial areas from people like Ln X before I continue. I wanted to have a more extensive ATEX tube system but they never really worked the way I wanted them too, so I limited it to a straight line.

One thing I regret is that my train station is too close to the edge of the tile, makes it hard to take pics of, but oh well...


Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


Belfastsocrates: Absolutely delicious! Really loving the work on display here.  I've limited myself to a set map on a set geographical area. I've added some masterplanning and grand layouts but I've tried to make it look as if it's evolved and changed through the years, just like a typical European/British city. I do very miss spending hours on such showcase cities. I might return to it at some point though

Thanks. Hope you take another crack at something on this scale one of these days, know it would turn out to be epic.

gviper: I can tell you are picking your structures very carefully! :yes:  Love it!

Yeah, it's a bit of a time consuming process, but it's worth it. Thanks.

Ln X: Definitely progressing! I'm curious as to what those brown, arched retaining walls are? Additionally how about trying a different set- These are stone retaining walls, not quite vertical but they do have arches to make them look classy. You could perhaps add them in to break up the same retaining wall set which you always use in marina areas.

Brown arched retaining walls? I think what you're looking at elevated rails. Hopefully it integrates better once the city fills out a bit. Thanks.

raynev1: Looking good , some symmetry and some awesome parks . Ionica . And that marina does look fantastic . 

Glad you enjoy it, thanks.

Ng_pillow: looks cool and good. may you finish it in time and on schedule :D

Gonna push myself to do so. Thanks.

kschmidt: Worldfair worthy collection of landmarks and parks, business wahala for the world of Ionica; out with the old in with the new, some  bat a bit out of place, still a lot to do make this place emporious, well done !

I'm still working on integrating those old buildings. I'm hoping that once there are more it will make it seem like a cohesive area.

takemethere: That is shaping up to be one grand city, can't wait to see the end result. You have quite a talent for building aesthetically pleasing city blocks and large parks.

Well I've been inspired by so many people on Simtropolis. In a way it's just playing catch-up and while I think I've improved a lot it feels like I'm still so far behind. Thanks.

Schulmanator: Nifty! This is a bit of a different look for you... and I like it. Nice work :D

Yeah, I was really inspired by Fox's Asgard as well as some of Belfastsocrates stuff. I mean I'm always inspired by them, but this is the first time I really tried to emulate them. Thanks.

lucasfg3: This looks incredible! I'd love to drive in this city and many others!

Ionica's doors are always welcome to visitors. Thanks.

kelistmac: That's crazy !! Your planning is really cool with the mix of all those plugins and different styles ;)

Can't compliment the people who've come before me enough. Without such a community of talented players such a city wouldn't exist. Thanks.

tankmank: I like the master plan that you have done so far, in terms of parking you can use multistorey puzzle parking pieces. 

Multistory parking puzzle pieces are indeed something I'm looking in to. I've seen Ln X do some really fantastic stuff with that so I might try to imitate him. However, I really like the idea that Ionica isn't just what you see on the surface, there are a lot of underground spaces, so I might go with that.

Benedict: Beautiful as always. And congratulations, Ioinca was number one on BTT for the week ending Oct 22.

You know how much I like to be #1! Thanks.




This tile (or 'Zone' as I call it) is named Veritas and it is the governmental and cultural heart of Ionica. I kind of wanted something that was a fusion of Washington DC, Beijing, Shenzhen, Paris, and London.

I don't really want to show any older pics of it because it was kind of embarrassingly bad and that's why I decided to restart.

Again I regret not using RHW but I think it's a bit too far along to switch.

Veritas is also the location of my Simlympic area. I hope to finish it in time for the summer Olympics. The clock is ticking.

What you see below is what I consider to be the top of this tile. It is supposed to be the 'old city' area made up of a strange combination of European and Chicago/NY style buildings. Since I took this picture a few weeks ago the area around it has developed quite a bit. I'm bringing the road in and I've reworked the rails to become an elevated system. I've also placed Xyloxadoria's Cathedral of Learning in front of the park but I need to LE it a bit to make it fit better.


This is the central area which is the main governmental district. It's kind of Versailles meets Washington DC...in the future.

Not everything you see is final. I've had my eye on that Altar of the Triforce for a while, it isn't quite the way I want it to be yet. I wonder if I can reduce the lot size just a bit, that would help me shape the parks around it better.


Here is a reverse angle where you see the Pritzker Pavilion a the rear of the UN building.


To the left of the Pavilion is the Center for the Performing Arts and behind it is my version (currently missing trees) of the Louvre Pyramid. Hoping this area's not too grid-y. I might have to change up a couple of things. I'm still testing how buildings around there will look.


On the right is Xylo's London Shard, which is home to Ionica's largest architectural firm, and next to it the Children's Palace by dmscopio, which contains contains theaters, a museum, galleries, food courts, and interactive playgrounds.


Bellow all of that is Windsail Tower, a place of residence for foreign dignitaries and very important guests. Around it is probably the most epic marina I've ever attempted. I still need to add mmps in the water to make it look more realistic. I probably need to add a bit more depth in some areas too.


Here is a mosaic of the Simlypic area. At the top is 'Stargate Park' composed of a variety of elements. If I had to list all them all of I'd be here all day.

The area with the empty grey square is going to be the central hub of the games. It is actually the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) from simcity.cn. It is flanked by a sunken and raised stadium, both by dmscopio. This concept is kind of where I got the idea for how to create the Hanging Gardens.

Dead center is the Bird's Nest stadium, maybe a bit old and out of style since people are working on the Brazil 2016 stadium now, but it really is quite a beautiful BAT. I still need to do some more LE work to make it conform with the grey paths around it.

The four Cobb Altura Towers are supposed to be residences for athletes as well as guests to the games. Need to LE myself a version with the same red brick as the surrounding area.

Finally at the end of the canal is the Opera House. Still needs to have a lot of mmps and boats put around it to give it a sense of life and activity.

I still need to add lot of parking but I'm not sure how to do it. I'm not a big fan of surface parking, but I might experiment with it a little. We'll see.


Here's a closer view of a re-lot of the Jefferson Memorial, a Maxis landmark,


And on the other side is my custom lot of scba's Risemdale Baseball Diamond.


Here is a closer view of the Cristo Redentor in the canal. I still need to add a few modifications. I think I'm going to add some sunken/underground steps as well as some lights and perhaps some small trees.


This is the high capacity ferry port. I need to add some ferries as well as work on the roads around it a bit more.


This is the Ionican Islamic cultural center as well as a mosque.


Finally we come to the full view of the tile. I'd say it's around 40% complete. I'm slowly working my way inward right now, connecting roads from other tiles as well as still looking for spots to fit those really big landmarks.


Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


DavidDHetzel: Oh man I can't wait for this to develop!  Also what parks did you use for the Warm Memorial Park and what is that building you used just above the Indoor arena?

Those are the BSC USMSC War Memorial & Mahanakhon Condo, ATEX Tubes. Thanks.

Ln X: Your rebuild of Avalon is looking promising. My only suggestion would be to have large areas of mid-rise buildings west of the river, on the southern island and towards the east of Avalon. Lastly the centre of the city tile could use a lot of mid-rise buildings to break up the skyscrapers. Large city tiles have never looked too good when filled to the brim with skyscrapers.

Right, that's a good idea. Besides, there are only so many unique skyscrapers with what I consider to be good night lighting and I have to split those between Avalon and Veritas. Thanks for the suggestion.

tariely: yep, it's gonna be fun to put (ordinary) people and commerces back in there !:-))) Oh, and What Is the bat with the sphere in pict 2, opposite the Burj Dubai (or whatever megalomaniac tower that is:-)))

As Hetzel pointed out, the sphere is the Globe Arena. Not sure where to find it but it probably isn't that hard. Thanks.

Terring: Oh boy, that's looks epic!

Gold to hear it T. Thanks.

citybuilder234:That is a very beautiful and planned city. I love how you make excessive use of the NWM and left turn lanes. That's how I should layout my American cities in SC4, with excessive use of the NWM and left turn lanes in my cities, including my cities of Craterville and Volcanopolis. :yes::thumb:BTW, where did you get the hyperloop pieces?

Those hyperloop pieces are ATEX Tubes, I provided the link in a reply above. However, the pieces aren't the greatest. I didn't commit to using the way I wanted to because I had a lot of problems lining them up and making it look good. Then again maybe someone with more skill could do it. Thanks.

slickbg56: Looks great. Always good to see the frame by frame transition of the changes you've made.

Well that's a pretty old gif. I wish I kept more pics of the progress. Thanks.

Snugies: reminds me of coruscant

Thanks, I was partially inspired by it, but my city won't look anywhere near as futuristic.

gviper: Loving the progression sequence! This is a massive project and it's looking great so far!

Hey gviper, thanks.

Belfastsocrates: Absolutely loving the work so far. I really miss this type of grand and expansive city planning, something I can't do with Passau as much, so this is a nice indulgence. 

Thanks B. Why can't you do something this kind of thing in Passau?

gen. Falcon: Very nice and well planned. maybe if you try RHW could look better . i must ask what is SEAWALLS mod ? 

Yes, I really wish I planned the city using RHW, but I began before really understanding how to use it. The seawalls are Those are JENXPARIS Quais de Seine. Thanks

raynev1: Well planned and looking great . :thumb:

Thanks mate.

takemethere: I'm really impressed with how you are able to plan the city out beforehand, selectively build it up and executed it all in a (relatively) short amount of time. I'm still building my downtown years after I started, just get sidetrack with too many projects going on at once. Definitely looking forward to seeing the finished product here.

Well it wasn't that short of a time. Not sure when I began but it feels like slightly over a year and who knows how long it will take to finish. Sometimes I get really in the flow, but then I go work on other things. Thanks.

lucasfg3: Great project! Indeed a project for a better future!

Stay tuned, thanks.

Tonraq: Nice, although that economic crash is unfortunate.

Yeah it was painful, but I like to look at it as a blessing in disguise. Thanks.

kingofsimcity: What a grand and colossal city plan! You must have some incredible patience - I probably would've zoned in a few blocks and hit unpause already. :D 

I always have a few other tiles on the go to keep me busy when working on a large tile becomes tedious. Thanks.

city89: 1 word nice.

2 words: thanks you.

tankmank: Hopefully this will be the best version of Avalon. I like what you have planned already. It can be daunting needing to LE many buildings but it is worth it when you show a unique lot that fits into your city better. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the buildings being filled in .

Yeah, LE can be particularly annoying because for some reason it won't launch properly after I play SC4. I often have to restart my computer to use it. Thanks.




Welcome back!

Lets do this.

To start of this year I'm going to show you a few works in progress. It's going to take a while to finish this stuff so I figured I'd get some feedback from you guys. In this entry I'll show you my CBD tile: Avalon

Those of you that have followed this CJ are most likely familiar with this area, but things have changed quite a bit.

This is an old gif I dug up that shows some the stages Avalon has gone through.


Unfortunately there was an economic crash and mass exodus of residents so I was forced to start over. It wasn't a 100% blank slate as I had to keep continuity with the roads connected to the surrounding tiles. In a way it was a blessing in disguise because now I get to make quite a few improvements to the layout. However, I regret starting this tile before knowing much about RHWs so it still has a Maxis highway and I'm not going to go ripping things up at this stage.

I've tried to keep many of the same elements from the original but things have shifted or expanded. I want it to be a very dense city but I still want to have more open spaces than it did before. I'm also trying to avoid repeating landmarks or skyscrapers and I'm carefully selecting where each one goes.


Here you can see the central area of the tile where everything leads to and extends from.

In the top left you can see Avalon park which is very similar to the original except now the walls are bigger and the castle is actually inside (before it was outside for some reason). I still need to do a custom lot of Riptide's Avalon Park so that it fits in better. I also need to make a Stonehenge custom lot with added trees rocks, as well as expand the width by 1 tile.

The main focus is the Burj Dubai, or as it is known in Ionica: The Ziggurat. Next to it is the Ionican Chamber of Commerce. I need to make custom lots for both these BATs but haven't gotten around to it. I want to make a hover-craft landing pad but I'm not sure how yet.


Here is a better view of the new train station. It is flanked by two museums and faces the St. Paul's cathedral (3 reddonquixotes). Below and to the right is a civics area with a hospital, fire station, police station, and schools.


This is the sports district with an Olympic grade  stadium and an indoor arena surrounded by banks and hi-rise condos and hotels. 

You can also see the high capacity ferry terminals in the bottom right.


At the tip of the central island, skyscrapers huddle together vie for the best view.

You can also see two ATEX Hyperloop stations that zip people from one end of the city to another.


Further south down the river, still on the main island, is the Avalonian Center for the Performing Arts. The skyscrapers around it are the headquarters of some of the biggest tech companies in Ionica.


On the second island is the Avalon Space Needle, probably the only landmark in the exact same place as the previous versions, except the area around it has now been expanded. I still need to make a new custom lot for it with seasonal trees and some props.

To the left is a war memorial park.


Further up we see skyscrapers lined up for a skyline war as well as another civic area.


This is on the 3rd island. I'm planning for this area to be industrial but I haven't made up my mind yet. I need to make it fit with the rest of the city and I'm thinking of moving any major industry out of the CBD. I also had heliports and I'm not sure if I want to put them back as I believe they cause a lot of pollution.


Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.

Quite a few of my older CJ entries are missing their pictures right now. I'll try to address that when I have the time. I'm thinking of doing an entry where I recap some of my best work instead of restoring all of my CJ.


gviper: Amazing work! Love the use of diagonals and the various colors and effects added! A great place to spend Christmas!

Thanks for all your support in 2015. Hope you had a good one.

takemethere: You always just seem to know the exact right spot where to take a pic, or perhaps there simply are no bad spots to take a screenshot in your city. I'm banking on the latter. And seeing as how it looks like we're going to have a snow-less Christmas here in Toronto, I'll have to get my fill of it from Ionica.

Definitely not a single bad spot in my city, ever ;) . Thanks

tariely: I can practically hear the sleigh bells... Bravo and thank you !

Happy New Year tariely. Thanks.

Ln X: In picture 7 what is that wide, long building at the very centre of the picture? It makes a suburb mid-rise filler. I like how this entry has more of a concrete jungle feeling to it, all in all a great entry.

It's Bixel's Primary School. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks.

raynev1:  Awesome entry. Do you know why your graphics card died ? I bet it was from creating all of those amazing images , and melted the circuits . Good thing you didn't have more time to do this entry . You would probably be shopping for another graphics card .  Happy Holidays to you and all of Ionica .

It was most certainly SC4 related. Thanks.

GoKingsGo: It looks like it's FREEZING there!  Great night lighting, great road network, great building selection, great entry!



MissVanleider: I liked this already, but I'll leave a comment too, really interesting as always, you think there are buildings everywhere because everything looks so dense, and then you realise just how much space there is, and not just an overgrown mess of buildings. Some of the buildings that I don't recognise are really nice as well. Happy holidays!

Thanks for the comment. Hope you had a good holiday.

Terring: Pure, epic win!! Merry Christmas, buddy :D

Thanks a lot Terring.

sejr99999: thank you  I enjoyed visiting your city   ditto on all the previous positive comments and also I like the use of some Asian BATs for their colorful lighting looks like parking is no problem either with all the underground parking.

Gotta have good parking. Thanks.

slickbg56: The colors and lights are really great. I bet everyone wears their sunglasses at night.

Lol I hate people who wear sunglasses at night. Thanks.


75 - Snow Spirit


It's my 75th Entry!

I wanted to have a bigger Christmas entry but unfortunately my graphics card died. It's fixed now and all my SimCity data is safe, however I didn't have the time to take all the pictures I wanted or do all the photo editing I had planned.

A big thanks to all those who visited, commented on, and rated my CJ in 2015. I had fewer entries this year so I'll continue this 'season' in 2016. A lot of the stuff I'm working on in SC4 is really big so it's taking longer to finish. Thanks for all your great advice and support.

Another thanks to all all the Modders and BATers whose hard work, creativity, talent, and devotion keeps SC4 alive and makes it better than ever. And finally, thanks to all the Mods and Admins who keep the site up and running.

Anyway, here are a few shots to put you in the holiday spirit.

Merry Christmas. Enjoy!









Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.

Happy Holidays! See you in the future...


raynev1: Nice entry. It looks pretty cool.

Thank you raynev.

gviper: Spectacular! These images are simply living and active candy to the eyes! I desperately want to see some night shots of the first series. The precipitation in the shots lends me to feel the lighting is a bit too bright, but then again, perhaps it's an isolated shower moving through the area and sunbreaks are all around. Hey, that would beckon for a rainbow effect, course that might not be possible with Photoshop (I dunno) but if pulled off would be merely window dressing on an otherwise fabulous presentation!

Yeah I guess you kind of have to imagine the sun is peering through the clouds or suspend your disbelief a bit. I used a different rain effect this time. I'll try something else next time and see if it works better. Thanks.

tariely: "It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring..." I like the strange cheerfulness of those pictures.:-)

Don't wake up the old man. Thank tariely.

Ln X: The public green areas and plazas look amazing as do the ancient monuments and canal areas. Malory Park is one hell of a bat, mind you the sunken stuff done right is always great. I do have a query though- have you ever considered changing the pavement textures? Gobias' HD Sidewalk Mod contains ten different pavements, as a bonus it also changes the Maxis pavement textures for any other lot or bat. As always though you have some spot-on city design.

Thanks for the suggestion. I don't know why I never really considered it. I like the white color of the default maxis pavement but I guess the texture isn't so good. I'll look in to it.

Schulmanator: Looking awesome! Too bad about the rain... still an awesome place to visit. Now to pack my bags and head to the nearest stargate!

Then as usual we shall prepare our finest for your visit.

TekindusT: I need one of those Stargates, to travel to Ionica in RL.


It's not a game anymore...

michae95l: Looking great, I especially like how you've integrated the stadium. BTW, what the name of the seawall pack in the second image? Thanks. Keep up the amazing work! :) 

It's the JENXPARIS Quais de Seine from sc4 devotion.

takemethere: Cool title and nice change in ambiance with the rainfall. I'm a bit curious about that weird looking road bridge in the 3rd image... not sure I'd feel comfortable driving over that one!

Lol yeah, that bridge. It bothers me a lot but changing it required more work than I wanted to put in at the time. Thanks.

dedgren: Don't get me wrong- I love fall trees and other flora and was an early advocate for their use in SC4.  But if you are going to use seasonal stuff it needs to be consistent across your gamesquare- it shouldn't be fall in one place and summer on the lots next door.  I know from experience that doing this is a huge task. But it is that sort of attention to detail that is the difference between an interesting pic and a compelling one.  As long as I am in critic mode here, your use of the fall trees would have been greatly improved by randomly rotating them when you placed each tree.  The trees in front of St. Michael's Chapel and around the Temple of Zeus illustrate this point. Again, don't get me wrong.  I really like this CJ.  But such is life- often the reward for a good performance is to be asked to step up one's game and make the next one truly great.

Since this was the only fall entry of the year I didn't see it worthwhile investing the time to change all those trees. Also this is my first foray into seasonal flora. Thanks for the advice tho. Rotating the trees is a really great idea and I'll do that next time.

kschmidt: Atlantis feel, about ! Posseidon raising from the deep; skyscraper like, stadium australian football ? Some trees don´t have such a big seasonal change still something to watch out for, but for the all over view not real disturbing. Like the canal parks with the raised plateau connections, well done !

Thanks kschmidt, glad you enjoy it.




The season is turning so it's the perfect time to take a little tour around the city a take in the sights.

(Images are best in full-res enjoy!)

Our first stop is Malory Park in Pater. This park recently got a makeover and now features a variety of flora that are even more magnificent in the fall.


Next in Pater is St. Michael's Chapel on the waterfront near the Blitzball Stadium. Perfect time for a romantic horse drawn carriage ride.

(Those pesky shadows!)


Here is the entrance, or exit depending which way you're going, to the Marius Canal that can take you from one side of Pater all the way across to Walden II (Chinatown).

The canal is flanked by two Prothean Data Hubs which provide free wireless communication access to the the whole Zone. Just another great service from HuCo.


Go down one Zone and you find the quaint waterfront markets of Eon bustling with activity as people scramble to take in the outdoors before winter descends upon them.


Above the CBD we find things are quiet in Qiu Chuji. Sometimes people are just too busy to enjoy life. At least they don't have to go anywhere to see something beautiful, they can just look out their windows.


A few Zones over and we see the same thing. Now that heavy rain has begun to fall people would rather stay indoors. However there appear to be a few brave souls, romantics, or fools still taking pedal boat tours


Ah what's this? Here we see an example of some new slip turning lanes that are going in around the city. We also see the fashionable underground pedestrian malls that are becoming quite trendy in Ionica.

(At second glance not sure if my lanes make sense for a T intersection)


In Hoa Datong we see a community of experimental housing units with road to hover transition vehicles. Another technological leap forward provided by HuCo.


Moving on to Acropolis where we find the AFL Stadium. While it is currently the off-season the revamped grounds at the waterfront provide plenty to see.


Next up is the jewel of Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus at the entrance the Elysian Canal that cuts across Ionica from north to south.


Finally we come to Stargate Park in Veritas. The park is part of the Olympic grounds that are currently under construction. It commemorates the end of a great war in which many worlds fought over the Stargate technology. Ionica managed to broker a peace treaty and people no longer have to fear the technology being used as a tool for war. Now Sims from across the Universe are able to travel to Ionica instantaneously, provided they have their own regulation approved Stargate.

Stargate park isn't officially open, but today they are conducting a test run where they are giving access to the public for the first time. The Stargate is open, cross over and pay us a visit.


Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


TekindusT: The day shot is beautiful but the night shot is... superb.

Knew you'd appreciate it Tek. Thanks.

gviper: Love it! The placement of the towers in the forefront to those structures in the background really give your images a rich depth-of-field and perspective! And of course, you know me; the night shots are my fav.

Yeah I love that effect. The 23 Marina in the foreground is the only building that remains from the original design of that tile. Here's what it looked like before (might have to wait for gif to reload):


dedgren: Beautifully conceived and executed dense urbanscape.  Heh!- the city council must have gotten a discount on those pedestrian bridges and elevated roundabout crosswalks. David.

It's cause they read Art of the Deal. Thanks.



citybuilder234: Where did you get that Asian church building that is located on that canal island? I want that for my city of Volcanopolis in SC4.

Link is in the text blurb at the beginning of last entry.

tariely: wow, more killer mosaics. Have mercy ! :-) I especially liked pict.2 for the non-scyscrapers neighbourhood in the upper part, that gives a sense of scale and some breathing:-). The night shots are amazing again. 

Hope to have more of that non-skyscraper action as I get further from the center of the city. I know I'll draw inspiration from some of your work. Thanks.

Pax00: Love it! It has a nice balance of green and skyscraper

Thanks Pax.

raynev1: And yet , another stunning entry.

I aims to please. Thanks ray.

takemethere: I had plans for creating a city center lined with canals but I've have yet to get beyond the conceptual phase. However I never even imagined anything as grand or picturesque as your city. If I ever manage to get to that project, Ionica will certainly be a huge inspiration.

I'm curious to see what you'd come up with. I'm sure it would involve some of that intricate road and rail work of yours. Thanks.

Terring: Brilliant work!! :thumb:

Thanks Ter.

tankman: Some great updates since I last posted, I like the centring of one building. I always enjoy looking at your entries, especially the night ones

Yeah it was kind of a trend for the past few entries. Hoping to break away from that a little now. Thanks.

Alex_1210: beautiful


Ln X: Amazing mosaics, canals and city design. I would say ease up on the clouds for two reasons: 1. they are too small in relation to the buildings and 2. they are the same illumination whether in the daytime or in the night-time. Other than that the other photoshop effects are spot on, the reflections of the water in the night-time are always very pretty.

Still having trouble with the clouds eh? I'll try to rein it it. It's harder with mosaics because the brush size is never big enough for the scale of the clouds to be accurate. As for the brightness of the clouds at night I justify it as the reflection of the moonlight on the top of the clouds.





Okay so this is the last in my series of canals for now.

Looking forward to showing you some newer stuff very soon, but for the time being lets have a look at Hao Datong, The Perfected Master of Infinite Peace.

Here the canal splits and narrows down to a southern passage that allows small boats to travel to the northern exit point in Acropolis (to be shown soon).

In the middle is a beautiful Thai Style Buddhist temple that casts an aura of serenity around the whole area.

Once again, towering residential complexes overlook the landmark from almost every angle.

In this Zone we can also see things taper off into low-density residential areas which lead into Sarai (entry currently defunct) directly above.








Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.

Currently having some problems with older entries. I'll try to fix them when I have a chance.


gviper: Fantastically splendid. As is a hallmark for most of your work the waterfronts are masterpieces. I would love a little more green space personally but otherwise I love it!

Yeah, in area this small it's hard to fit in green spaces since I want everything to be so dense, but hopefully soon I'll get around to show you some of the parks I've been working on. Thanks.


raynev1: Another superb entry , it's like East meets West and swirled together. To make a harmonious combination that truly works can be quite difficult . But you definitely pulled it off , a job well done . 

Thanks raynev1. Really appreciate your continued support.


tariely: It's pleasantly weird, that leaning tower ! Out of the box... The mosaics are superb again. I too use a combination of grown and plopped when I do a big city. Sometimes chance gives felicitous  arrangements of buildings but playing god is nice too:-)

Bonjour triely. Yeah, it's fun when a building you didn't expect, or kinda forgot you had, pops up. Thanks.


michae95l: Lovin' the tower! As usual, excellent work. :)

Thanks michae95l.


Schulmanator: Looks awesome! I am booking a trip here pronto!!!

As usual you can pick up your VIP package at the airport when you arrive. We'll have a driver ready to bring you to your hotel. Thanks.


Sexysark:P: It looks awesome the way you managed to mix different forms of architectural style overall presents a unique style which only you can do :D keep up the good work !!

Guess I kind of have my own style now. Ionican style. Thanks Sark, good to see you.


jmsepe: Admirable work as usual. The colors do well with the image. 

Thanks j.


spiritualfire: I thoroughly enjoyed the detail you put into this city in each picture here. Two questions: Which canal wall mod did you use? The red brick boardwalks and stone walls really help the character and I would like to try it. Second question: the ramp on the corner of the St George's Bank in the last picture, where is that found on the STEX? I am in dire need of that ramp.

I'm using the Goober Canals, the link is to the base set, add-ons can also be found on the SC4D LEX. You can find the ramp here. And here is a download link for the Red Brick retaining walls: RedBrickPlaza.zip



John2098: You should totally put some of those buildings on the ST Exchange

None of those buildings were made by me and the vast majority of them are indeed on the STEX. Feel free to ask me or go to the Can't Find It thread. Thanks.





The Leaning Tower of Pisa in a sunken canal...? Is what you might be asking yourself.

Indeed that is what can be found in this Zone of Ionica known as Ma Yu, The Scarlet Star.

City planners decided to place this replica landmark of the famous tower in the center of a sunken canal as a reminder of how far civilization and technology has progressed since its creation. High-rises and skyscrapers now overlook a tower that was one of the tallest in its time.

It is also there, leaning just like the original, as a reminder of how success and failure are intertwined. An amazing feat of architecture foiled by an error in its construction.

During the height of summer and the Nautical Festival in August, this section of the canal is one of the most popular attractions. The canal, which crosses Ionica East to West, also goes northward to the Zone above Ma Yu and out to sea.

Ma Yu is also home to the Bibliothèque Parisienne, a hub of francophone culture in Ionica and a repository of the best and most popular french literature.

Enjoy your visit.





Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


gviper: Marvelous! As usual, your waterways are elegantly designed and incorporated into the cityscape. The only thing I'd love to see is some mmp flora work around some of the larger residential towers. Overall, a fantastic piece of city art!

Thanks for your continued support gviper. Interesting suggestion, but I'm not quite sure what you mean. Maybe you could pass along an example.


raynev1: A piece of city art for sure , another great update . That obelisk in the canal .. Sweet . Plenty of eye candy . This entry gave me a toothache ... in my eyes . :ooh: All sugared up now .:ohyes: Welcome back Ionica . 

Don't forget to brush your teeth after visiting. Dentists say Ionica is one of the leading causes of tooth decay. Thanks raynev1.


nos.17: Great job again! This is the traffic generator I would recommend. You may want to relot them to better fit the Ionican style...I trust you'll find something that works. ;)

Thanks for passing that along. I'd seen that mod while lurking the STEX but never grabbed it. I've installed it now and am currently placing some in my tiles. It will take a few updates for you to see the results since pictures for the next few were taken a while ago.


 michael95l: I love the colours. It looks so vibrant and realistic! Keep up the amazing work with these mosaics! 

Thanks michael95l. Stay tuned.


Schulmanator: Great new stuff! Love the awesome pix! :D

Always good to have the support of such a prolific CJer. Thanks.


TekindusT: That obelisk looks ridiculously good there in the middle of the canal! I would have never thought of something like this, but I love it!

I tried a bunch of other landmarks but that one indeed worked best. Thanks Tek.


MissVanleider: Really impressive, superb water / canals I'd love to know the name of the black and white midrise building in the second picture, across the avenue from the (i think) Japanese School and next to a slightly taller orange and black, cross-shaped midrise.

Thanks MissVanleider. The answer to your question, for anyone else who might want to know, is in the comment section of the previous entry.


dedgren: Lovely and wonderfully detailed mosaics. David

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.


heartless: You should totally do a city building "how to" CJ, you've got some serious skills.

Well it didn't happen over night. One of these days I'm thinking I'll to a recap where I might give a few tutorials or "tips". Thanks.


Mymjyp: I see you are still a marvelous, gifted SC4 city builder! This entry is so wonderful. Congratz on a job extremely well done! :)

Ah Mymjyp, there you are. Thanks for the praise. Are you still playing SC4? Hope to see more from you. Thanks.


city89: cool



slickbg56: You sir, are an SC4 treasure. Yup, I said it. Your stuff is Lucky Charms on a Saturday morning. I guess I don't really know what that means, but I said it anyway. Keep on building stuff. It makes me want to get back on SC4 and start building again! Way to be an inspiration to the masses.

Like Lucky Charms on a Saturday morn means it's magically delicious. Thanks slick, I'm glad that entry made you want to get back into SC4. Hope you make some good stuff.


tariely: Those mosaics are just wow-inducing ! I love the planning obvious in the first one (with the symmetrical though dissimilar buildings -- I never could get both to grow !) and the idea of the subterranean mall all over there. Also the canal and retaining walls, with the stairway. Musical ! I mean : rythm in space. Wich night mod are you using ? Is it the Maxis one ?  Mashty Night is a bit darker and would perhaps compliment those great shots even better.

Actually, neither of those buildings is grown. One of them is a non-functional landmark and the other is a ploppable commercial building. I usually do a combination of grown and plopped. I'm not using a night mod. Thanks.


rbro125: Love this! Great job! I love every inch of these shots!



feyss: I like your unique style. This obelisk fits perfectly in the middle of the canal.

Thanks feyss. I'm a great admirer of your work and have studied many of your pics to enrich my knowledge of the game.


magalenin: This entry's looks awesome factor is 10/10 :)

Thanks magalenin - funny name.


serjr99999: thank you for sharing these great pix of your beautifully designed city    excellent use of some of the best custom content by the many contributors to this old game   SC4 lives on

Once again glad I could showcase dat custom content. Thanks.


BonafideTactician: Excellent use of custom content so extensively which gives the city a true feel of uniqueness and showcases how much time, creativity, and raw effort was put into each and every single tile. Top 30 cities I've ever seen all time. Have spent 3 years unregistered mainly on looking through city journals for my own growth so you have to realize this is a comparison to every city journal released and there have been some true masterpieces this scores high but not flawless. Nonetheless excellent work and congrats on a spectacular city. 

Whoa, neat rating system. Thanks for your detailed appraisal of my entry. Hopefully I'll be able to earn a higher score soon.


Urban Constanta: nice work, i like that monolith thingy.

Hey Urban, thanks.


takemethere: Never a letdown when checking out this CJ, just know there'll be some impressive pics & pano's made even more picturesque with some great photo editing effects.

Thanks takemethere. I admire your work very much and it always gives me something new to reflect upon.


71 - Liu Chuxuan



As with the Zones seen in the previous two entries, this one gets its name from a member of the Quanzhen Seven, Liu Chuxuan - The Perfected Master of Eternal Life.

Set along the canal that crosses Ionica from Qiu Chuji (Eternal Spring) to Huang Yaoshi (Peach Blossom Bay), Liu Chuxuan features the Intercontinental Hotel and the New World Apartments. Both were designed to contour the canal and provide an excellent view of the Black Obelisk of Horus which has inlaid gold hieroglyphics that shine at night. 

Overlooking the canal on the northern side is the Brickell on the River, a luxurious complex of residential towers.

Much like Wang Chuyi, no major transportation system passes through this Zone. It is mainly a residential area, with some commercial mid-rises but no skyscrapers. Since it is right above the CBD, residents of this Zone can easily travel to any part of the city in a relatively short amount of time.

Enjoy your stay.





Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


gviper: Marvelous, simply marvelous. The contoured walls next to the waterways really enhances the scene. I want to take a stroll and see the sights in real life.  You really love those retaining wall plaza pieces :)  Well done M.R. And you gotta love the name: Ionica

It would indeed be great to take a stroll in such a place. Thanks.


raynev1: Another magnificent work of of art . You are a Picasso with Simcity4 . So good to see a 3rd season. Bravo , well done indeed.

Thanks for the high praise raynev1.


nos.17:  I have 5 words: Beautiful. Needs traffic generators though.

Yes, the lack of traffic has been bothering me. As I told someone in the last entry, I just recently realized i had the #Cars/Sims option set to low. I will also consider getting a traffic generator. Any suggestions? Thanks.


tankman: What a transformation, it seems more open and brighter now with the changes.

Mission accomplished then. Thanks.


Schulmanator: Nice! Some creative and appealing ways to use custom content for sure! :D

Always trying to find new ways to assemble good stuff. Thanks.


Qorten: Damn, you really know how to make gorgeous cities!

Well it took a few years, but I'm gettin' there. Thanks.


Paulobergonci:  So many details! Great use of BATs, it looks like a beautiful city to live in.

Hey Paulo, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.


kschmidt: Classic SC4 building, city building commercial zoning only, industrial and residential  in their own space commuting around, as it was designed ! Well done !

Thanks kschmidt. Stay tuned.


magalenin: Absolutely awesome, as always! And also a big thank because of the linked user-made buildings!

My cities wouldn't look the way they did if it weren't for the custom content creators so I gotta represent. Thanks.


TMTS: Nice work!! Well done, really pretty!

There's more where that came from. Stay tuned. Thanks.


jmsepe: Stunning beauty as usual! What resolution are you using for your images?

Thanks jmsepe. The resolution of an individual screenshot is 1920 x 1080 but I usually crop that down to 1920 x 861. The resolution of a typical mosaic of mine is around 1920 x 4500 (for a small tile).


MissVanleider: This makes me really want to learn how those TuLEPS work :) Snazzy!

It actually isn't that hard. If you have the latest version of NAM all you have to do is use the 1-way road tool and click on your intersections.




70 - Jade Sun



Like Qiu Chuji this Zone gets it's name from one of the Seven True Daoists of the North, Wang Chuyi, known as The Perfected Master of The Jade Sun.

Once again, this is a remake/do-over meant to consolidate the style of the canals that stretch across Ionica.

As you can see from this Before and After pic, the only thing that stayed the same was the tram-depot. The theater also remained, but was relocated.


This Zone now features a landmark imported from the old world, the St. John's Cathedral, a 13th century gothic church with a tower built of red stone. Its pipe organs can often be heard throughout the Zone.

Directly across from the cathedral is the equally impressive residential high-rise, The Jade Garden. There is also the Red Arch, which competes with the Jade Garden for best view of the canal. Both are designed by the legendary bixel.

Wang Chuyi also features a wide range of mid-rise apartments and condos, the most modern of which are the Viewdeck Condos, a residential project funded by the totally not 'evil' Huston Corporation.

With the exception of a rail line, no major transportation system passes through this Zone, which makes it relatively calm despite being above the CBD. Depending on the season the canal can be quite busy, but since it's nearing the end of the summer the only traffic to contend with is pedal boats.












Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


raynev1: I seem to be first to comment ... Another FAN-TASTIC batch of eye candy from one of our best CJ'ers . Just in time for the Trixie Awards . +1 and 5 stars from me . Can only imagine how great the next entry will be . I will have a much better day now , after viewing this work of art .

Thanks raynev1. Great to have you along for Season 3. 


gviper: Like McDonald's I am Luvin' it!

McMilitant happy to serve. Thanks gviper.


BugeyedDragon: The mosaics are stunning!

Thanks BD.


kschmidt: Real great Bats there, straight neat embankment round the canal, well done !

Glad you enjoyed it. Stay tuned.


Terring: Excellent, man!

Yeah, but you already knew that 'cause you'd somehow already seen this entry (I think it's cause I temporarily published it before it was finished). Thanks.


tankmank: Nice to see some more work from you, i just love the colours so lively 

Well, you know me - i love dem colours! Thanks.


Fox: Love the night pictures and the light show on that Cathedral.. very pretty! Great work on the tram lines too, first thing I noticed is the public transport.. very important for such a large city.

Ah that tram line. It's something I did out of necessity rather than style - it just had to go there. It's fun to work on tiles in between other fully constructed tiles because it forces you to do things with the roads you might not think about.


heartless: Beautiful, beautiful work! Impeccable sense of design. Brilliant taste in BATS and use thereof. Stunning.Cheers, H.

Now I'm blushing. Thanks H.


mrsmartman: Investment-grade rating.

Buy low, sell high! Thanks.


vinlabsc3k: Great new start!!  Only 2 flaws: no captions and too-close intersections (the marina ramps and the bridge head near the building with glass vaulted dome).

I didn't feel the need to put captions for an entry like this, but you're right about those intersections. Way to trigger my OCD. I'll try to fix it when I have a chance. Unfortunately I made the same mistake in this entry - didn't have time to fix it before publishing because most of these pics were taken months ago. Great comment. Thanks.


Neto Dari: Very beautiful! Loved the effect of lights.

Thanks Neto. Good to see ya.


CMinVA: That is stunning.  Beautiful work! 

Hey CMinVA, thanks.


sejr99999: thank you for sharing your city  very enjoyable to see the use of so many great contributions from the last 12 years in a beautiful combination some buildings I don't remember seeing before and will now have to look for.

Always pleases me when people take note of BATs they might not have seen before in my CJ. It's the circle of life - Simtropolis style. Thanks.


tariely: ooooh, nice ! I love the dressing-up of the marina, underwater, and the night mosaics are impressive.The whole thing looks kinda MIamiesque, with the canal...:-)

Yeah Miami is one of my inspirations. Thanks tariely. Stay tuned.





lol - That just put a super huge smile on my face. Thanks Tek.



Schulmanator: Nice stuff! Great new pix... looking awesome. But, Ionica is always looking awesome!

Always great to hear it from a dedicated CJer like you. Thanks.


kingofsimcity: Immaculate city! The underwater details are mesmerizing!

I'm honoured your majesty! Thanks.


Linoa06: Lovely! I do think there ought to be more traffic though.

Yeah I regret that. Unfortunately this problem will persist through the next few entries because I just recently realized i had the #ofCars/Sims on low.





Hello fellow Simtropians

or is it Simtropolitans?






Welcome back!


To kick off this 3rd season of Ionica I present to you a make-over/do-over of a Zone called Qui Chuji, named after a Daoist priest whose formal title was Perfect Master Qiu of Eternal Spring.

Qui Chuji is the founder of the Dragon Gate sect of Taoism and is the most famous of the Seven True Daoists of the North. This Zone is the first of a series of Zones that bear the names of these seven masters.

Qiu Chuji is directly across the Amethyst river from Archon, and much like Archon it is an ideal place for people who work in the CBD (Avalon) but want to live at a slightly slower pace. In fact it is said that Qiu Chuji is much more relaxed than Archon since CEOs generally don't wine and dine prospective clients there and Yacht Parties are prohibited.

The waterfront is lined with luxurious condos that provide spectacular views for its tenants. Most famous of which are the Cobb Europa and Cobb Riviera by the legendary architect Cobb 32118. Both are designed in the style  of the French and Italian Riviera and have multi-level roof-top gardens.

The canal that starts here stretches horizontally across six small Zones, ending in Peach Blossom Bay, and vertically across three medium size Zones, ending in Acropolis.

This Zone also features the Ionican branch of Macy's and the Cathedral of our Lady.










Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.

Reply section to return next entry.





Welcome back!

I'm gearing up for a new season of CJ entries but it's still going to take me a few months until I'm ready to release on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. By this time last year I'd already managed to release around 13 entries despite having numerous computer "meltdowns" after installing NAM 32 and eventually switching to a newer computer. I guess I was eager to move up a couple points on Ben's yearly Top 100 after being stuck at #6 for two years in a row.


Last year I experimented a lot with marinas. This was mainly due to the fact that a lot of the tiles I was working on were by the water. I was also inspired by a lot of paeng and OlScare / Benoit's work.


Technically my first entry of 2014 was The University That Never Was but since I scrapped that tile and it wasn't specifically made for the 2014 season I'm not including it in this review.


Anyway, until I can get my act together for 2015 I present you a small review of all the tiles I created in 2014 and a few previews of things to come.




Tile Name: Venus

Size: Small

Seen In: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (12/21/2013), Marina Fun pt.1 (01/26/2014)


Tile Name: Aren

Size: Small

Seen In: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (12/21/2013), Marina Fun pt.2 (02/02/2014)


Tile Name: Eon

Size: Small

Seen In: Marina Fun pt.3 (02/12/2014)


Name: Walden II

Size: Medium

Seen In: Chinatown (02/24/2014), Chinatown Mosaics (03/18/2014)


Tile Name: Sierra

Size: Small

Seen In: Believe In Magic (03/03/2014), Summoning (03/11/2014), Sierra Mosaics (03/25/2014)


Tile Name: Archon

Size: Small

Seen In: Come Tomorrow (05/06/2014), Selected Scenes (05/11/2014), Archon (05/17/2014)


Tile Name: Huang Yaoshi (Peach Blossom Bay)

Size: Medium

Seen In: Selected Scenes (05/11/2014), Wild for the Night (05/25/2015), Before/After (06/02/2014), Random One (06/11/2014) Peach Blossom Bay Mosaics (06/21/2014), One Magical Night (12/24/2014)


Tile Name: Baron

Size: Small

Seen In: Random One (06/11/2014)


Tile Name: Seaview

Size: Small

Seen In: Seaview (11/16/2014)


Tile Name: Illium (4.0)

Size - Medium

Seen In: Illium Revisited (11/26/2014), One Magical Night (12/24/2014)


Tile Name: Emerald

Size: Medium

Seen In: Hanging Gardens of Ionica (12/06/2014), One Magical Night (12/24/2014)


Here is a gif that compares what my region looked like in January 2014 with May 2015. A lot of small changes have been made in the past year but the most glaring change is Avalon (the center tile). Due to certain problems I decided to restart Avalon from scratch. It's going to take a while to finish because I'm carefully selecting BATs as well as creating a few custom lots, but it's for the best.


The tile below is a reboot of Zoolander. I decided to have a do-over because the roads changed when I remade Illium and I figured Zoolander should conform. This also led me to rebuild the tile to the right of Zoolander, Acropolis.

Zoolander is actually full grown now and is around 98% complete. I just need to make a few changes to some buildings before it is ready to present.


This is an industrial seaport I'm working on. It still needs a lot of work; I can already see a few things that need to be improved in this pic, and I'm having a lot of trouble with those ATEX tubes (they don't really connect the way I want them to).


Here is something more at the finished product stage. I just need to find the time to create some CJ entries but it's going to be hard to do that this month since my free time is probably going to be dedicated to playing Witcher 3 as well as a wedding (not mine) and a bunch of birthdays in June.


Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.

I'll probably make my comeback around mid-July, I hope. See you then!




Just a small Holiday Season entry composed of a few new and old pics for Christmas.

Thank you to all those who visited, commented, and rated my CJ in 2014. I didn't manage to build all the things I planned at the beginning of the year but I had 22 solid entries and I'm quite proud of that.

I would once again like to thank all the Modders and BATers whose hard work, creativity, talent, and devotion keep SC4 alive and make it better than ever. I would also like to thank all the Mods and Admins who keep the site up and running.












Here is a little teaser of something I'm working on for 2015:


Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.

Happy Holidays. See you in the future!


Ln X: The Hanging Gardens of Ionica! A temple of science and technology, lol! Actually the Lotus Flower, or the Lotus Temple, is a Baha'i house of worship in New Delhi, the actual BAT is really well done and perfectly captures the architectural style of using the number 9. The 9-sided star, the 9 walkways and the 18 petal-like walls. Anyway, good work on the repetitive architecture and the multi-layered symmetry.

Yeah I know what it is, but of course I had to invent a new identity for it to fit in Ionica. Thanks.


Schulmanator: Nice! What an inventive way to take a new twist on an old idea. Babylon would be envious! Rock on!

Oh you bet I'm rockin' on! Thanks Schul!


Sexysark:P: That is the lotus temple in Delhi i live in Delhi you should see that in real-life an engineering marvel :D next time i go i am gonna click a pic for you :D as always you outlive our expectation :)

I'd love to see it in real life. Thanks


Prophet42: Wow!! Very well planned out and beautiful.

Took a little while to get things right but it worked out. Thanks.


TekindusT: This is maaaaaaaassive!!! And you have gone one step further when it goes in SC4 awesomeness with this update!

I'm always trying to impress ya. Thanks Tek!

Mymyjp: Absolutely fabulous! I can so see myself walking there....excellent work as always!

It would be quite an amazing park to walk in if it really existed wouldn't it? Thanks.


KonstantinII: Ionica: Combining the best of the utopian and cyberpunk worlds. This nice green complex you have there. Jacque Fresco would be proud. I could spend all my day in that park! By the way, it reminds me of this image. Also, how in the world did you make the water at different levels? I didn't think it was possible.

Ah, that's a good slogan for Ionica. Maybe I'll use it in 2015. I've just used PEG ponds and waterfalls.


Masissar: I have no words, just amazement. This is amazing, the use of the waterfalls and the terrain. just amazing!!!

So happy you're amazed! Thanks.


Huston: EPIC pyramid waterfall AI tech complex :O Puts the hanging gardens of Babylon to shame. :P

Ionica 1, Babylon 0. Booyah! Thanks.


SAVAGExPHOENIX: Okay, so I want you to know that I'm stealing this idea for the Illium City's Shrine of the Fallen (our war memorial). It's so stunningly beautiful that I can't *NOT* use it!!! Wonderful update. I hope mine looks half as good as yours (although my Peg water gets brown boxes and I have no idea why so I'll have to use something else.)

Go for it. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I wonder why you're getting brown boxes. Maybe you should review the dependencies. Thanks.


feeroz123: Stunning! The concept is beautiful and the execution is perfect.

Thank you very much feeroz123.

__A: That is absolutely stunning! I'm sure that Lotus Flower is secretly a nuclear weapon MUAHAHA :P

What an amusing but terrifying idea. Thanks.


nas786: awesome. just awesome. These are the kinds of journals that inspire me (and I"m sure others) to start building, and make this game so fun!

That's what they're here for. I'm glad I've inspired you. Thanks.


Lord Branham: Absolutely in love with it!!!! Great work, by far one of my favorites!

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks Lord Branham.


slickbg56: You have brought waterfallery and skyscraparity together in a way that has become spectacumazing. It is so good, that it caused me to make up words.

Ionica: Behold the spectacumazingness of our waterfallery and skyscraparity! lol, great new words. Thanks.


Sylvio Jorge: Brilliant. The magnificence of this entry goes beyond the huge visual beauty of the images. Your ability to create and build something like this is what makes it so special and is really inspiring.

Thank you so much Sylvio Jorge. Your appreciation pushes me to greater heights.


dossenaandrea: awesome!!! where did u get those curved per bridges?

Those are bendy bridges by murimk. Thanks


StarFire01: Building on the top is beautiful.

Yeah, one damned amazing BAT.


tankmank: A stunning park, you have outdone yourself this time

That's what I was going for. Thanks.


Tonraq: Looks like a nice city to live at :)

It certainly would be. Thanks.


Benedict: Well done, you've topped BTT for the third and fourth weeks in a row.

Sweet. I should have saved that DiCaprio gif for this one. Thanks y'all.



Welcome to Emerald, the Zone that is home to the largest man-made park in the entire city called The Hanging Gardens of Ionica which takes up half of the entire Zone. Inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Pyramid of the Sun, The Hanging Gardens of Ionica is a combination of a park and a pyramid which consists of four levels.

At the top is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, The Lotus Flower, which is a Science and Technology museum. However, some have speculated that under The Lotus Flower is a super secretive Artificial Intelligence research lab run by the Electronic and Virtual Logistics Corporation in partnership with the Ionican government.

The park has 8 entrances. The main entrance is on the South side and it is the only one that leads all the way to The Lotus Flower on the fourth level.


This is the South-West entrance to the park. The buildings that surround the Hanging Gardens are of course placed to provide its residents the best possible access and views of the park.


On the Western side we can see low rise mini-apartments arranged in a criss--cross formation as seen in other Zones like Sarai and Tan Chudan.


The entrance on the North West side faces the Emerald Mall, the largest horizontal mall in the inner-city.


The Northern entrance is the narrowest of the 8 and it faces Emerald's financial district. You will often see stock-brokers and hedge fund managers walking through the park during lunch hour.


Near the North East entrance to the park can be found the Guggenheim Ionica, an art museum which features some of the greatest contemporary and classic art collections the world has ever known.


On the East side is Emerald College, a small but prestigious school funded by EVL Corp. (Electronic and Virtual Logistics Corporation) which focuses on Computer Sciences. The in the frame may look old, but inside the facilities are state of the art.


The headquarters of EVL Corp. looks directly on to the South East entrance of the park. It is alleged that the super secret AI research lab inside/underneath The Hanging Gardens can be accessed through this building.


Here is a close up view of one of the diagonal sides of the pyramid.


And finally we reach the top where we see The Lotus Flower, or as some have dubbed it The Temple of Science and Technology. Inside is a state of the art museum that displays some of the newest and most advanced prototypes and scientific theories. It's not the type of museum that looks back to the past, but forward to the future.


A bird's eye view reviews the epic scale of park/pyramid and gives a stunning look at how the water cascades all the way from the top.


Then night falls and the Hanging Gardens of Ionica become an even more magnificent sight to behold.


A beam of purple light reaches all the way to the sky and reaches out as a beacon of hope for the world. Some have speculated that the light beams signals to satellites in outer-space but no one has been able to confirm that the beam is sending out any signals.


The rest is more of that Ionica night-magic. Enjoy!










Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


slickbg56: THE GIF! You've outdone yourself here. That's pretty impressive that you had photos of the before and after of the city after all that time. I've never seen that tricked out shiny black building in the 4th picture. Pretty futuristic. Well done on the constant rebuilding.

Ah yes, The Borg cube. Such a fantastic BAT. Thanks.

Ln X: That Borg cube building is frickin' awesome! Star Trek nerdgasm!

Pretty much my reaction when I first found it on the STEX.

Simul8ter8: Always awe-stricken after seeing your journal.

;) keep at it.

It's been a long time Simul8ter8. I've been hoping to see you make a comeback. Thanks.

Schulmanator: The city planners have been busy increasing awesomeness... Looking good! Great settings for great buildings.

With people like you around I'm always inspired to make something bigger and better. Thanks.

Mymyjp: Like LnX, your "Borg" looking building is so awesome! Funny thing is that I was actually watching it on TV! lol Excellent job as always.

Ah, watching shows on TV, I remember when I used to do that. Thanks Mymyjp.

Benedict: Congratulations, your CJ is number one on Ben's Top Ten this week.

Brilliant work again this week - and you're still at number one on BTT.

My thanks to everyone who visit and supports this CJ.

And to you Ben for diligently compiling all these stats and maintaining the lists.


KonstantinII: I really can't say which version of Illium I like more, the old one, or the new one? Both are good. That is an impressive re-design of the city. I am probably too lazy to have re-designed a large city like that. I particularly like the vertical farms in this image. Nice touch of realism there. It would be realistic to have vertical farms to feed all the people who live here. Countries that import most of their food are too dependent on foreign trade.

I think that from a distance the older version may look slightly more impressive but when you got up close you could see it was a real mess. I love those vertical farms too. Thanks.

Huston: Beautiful redesign. It looks so much more fluid with the new design! And I'm glad to see one of my BATs tucked in comfortably in your city :D And to think I made a Illium related update as well

:P AWesome job overall Militant :D

Yeah there are actually 2 instances of your BAT in that city. The Mayhem Memorial Plaza is probably one of my most used BATs these days. Thanks for sharing it. Pretty funny that we both released an Illium update in the same week. Get out of my head Huston! Or wait, maybe I'm in yours...

Terring: Great work, dude :D

Good to hear from ya. Thanks.

TekindusT: THIS is urban renewal!!

Yeah, feels like I've been doing a lot of that recently.

jmsepe: Nice image sceneries, I like the one with the terminal station near the waterfront. :)

Glad you like it. Thanks.

Basilins: How do you make that Toyota Center work ? I think there is no road connection but it needs that.

That's not the Toyota Center. It's the Tokyo Dome, can't remember where I got it.

mrsmartman: Great work. I am curious that you keep remaking the city of Illium. Personally, I like the one with more buildings.

I've re-made quite a few tiles, I've only remade Illium the most because it is one of the oldest. I think I do it because I'm not satisfied. At a glace the one with more buildings might look better but when you go in and look at the layout of the roads and buildings you see it isn't as good.




It has been two years since we last visited Illium and in that time it's changed significantly. The methods and outlook of city planners have changed significantly and the cluttered disorganized mass of skyscrapers that once was Illium has given way to order and aesthetics.

The train tracks which crossed many roads and caused a lot of traffic problems are now underground and connect to the subway system. The heliport that once caused a lot of pollution and noise complaints by residents has been moved over to the industrial district in Avalon. Some skyscrapers have been dismantled and relocated in order to make space for more parks and open spaces. Finally, the shoreline has been moved back a little to make more room for ships as well as an industrial seaport.

Click to view images in full res. Enjoy!



























Here is a before and after picture of Illium.

(I've re-made Illium 4 times in the past 3 years of playing. What you're looking at is 3rd to 4th)


Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


Ln X: Yet more great stuff.

Good to hear it from you, thanks.

TekindusT: These must be some expensive condos... Cool job!

No doubt. Thanks Tek.

StarFire01: Each of the towers might house thousands of people. All the ships are pretty cool too.

It is quite densely populated, that's for sure. Thanks

jmsepe: Why does it always look vivid? The colors is really pleasing to the eyes. :)

Dat Photoshop. Thanks.

coolwiththecool2: Those are some great night shots!

I love the night. Thanks

raynev1: Stunning entry . 5/5

Hey raynev1, thanks.

Mymyjp: LOVE your port area...very realistic with the rocks in the water...excellent entry Radical.

Yeah I have I lot of fun with those underwater mmps. Thanks.

slickbg56: So that water is looking great. That little party port at the marina looks great. Really good mix of buildings. Overall one word verdict: MOARPLEEZ.

Ask and you shall receive. Thank.

tankmank: Its always lovely to see your waterfront districts, they are some of my favourite, can't wait to see more

I went on a bit of a marina binge. Thanks.

KonstantinII: I really like how you laid out the buildings. It is nice.

Thanks. I always take great care in the orientation and placement of buildings.

dabadon5: Beautiful city

Thanks dabadon5.

Neto Dari: Fantastic! The clouds effects are amazing.

I try to get it right but sometimes I go too far. Thanks.


64 - Seaview




Another little update before I go into full gear.

This is a small Zone on the edge of Peach Blossom Bay. It is technically part of Huang Yaoshi but due to what Americans call gerrymandering (a practice that attempts to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating district boundaries to create partisan advantaged districts) it is its own Zone.

As evident by its name, Seaview is a Zone that looks out onto the sea and the buildings are all oriented to offer residents and workers stunning views of the vast body of water known as The Archer's Sea on the eastern side of Ionica.

Click images to view full size. Enjoy!





Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. View counts are frozen so speak up and let me know you're here. Thanks for visiting.


jmsepe, TekindusT, Terring, tankman

Thanks for your comments and support. Stay tuned.

Ln X: Fantastic entry. I love symmetry and that symmetrical habour/seafront is a masterpiece! What a great integration of a few dozen different mods.

Hey Ln X, glad you appreciate it, thanks.

Schulmanator: Long time, no see! Glad to have you back with great new stuff!

Yeah it's been a while, I wanted to build up som material before returning so it took a bit longer than I expected. Thanks.

KonstantinII: You know, I actually liked the previous version of Pater better. Maybe, I think the new seawalls don't look as good. Also the ship in the first image doesn't fit in. What is it doing here? o.O

I can understand that. The ship is meant to be like a historic attraction. It's not a ship that people actually use. It's just on display. Maybe you're right tho.

Mymyjp: this looks awesome! Perfect shape and symmetry...looking forward to see more of your work!

Thanks. The feeling is mutual Mymyjp.

sarthakknight: OH man you are just awesome

:O it's so epic the way you design those coast lines and them bridges ................................i lost my jaw again lol

Hehe, make sure to superglue it shut next time. Thanks.

Belfastsocrates: Absolutely glorious images. So rich in colour and detail! Looking forward to seeing your new work and what you have planned. Losing a city is horrendous, the very thought of it almost makes me sick, I've no idea how's I'd react in a similar situation.

Yeah it really sucks, and what made it worse what that it was a large sized tile too. However it is a blessing in disguise. A lot of thing about the original were pretty amateur. Thanks.

slickbg56: The pathing along the waterfront looks great. Making all of that interlock and fit is really impressive.

It took a while, but it was well worth it. Thanks.


Huston: That last image is gloriously amazing. How the light/lens flare captures the ambience of the hovering stadium really makes for an eye-catching scene! Contrasts well with the way you edited the water too :P

Well like I said before, I take a lot of inspiration from your work. Thanks.




Well it's been a while. Just a small update to get things rolling again.

I've had a few set backs here and there. My CBD tile Avalon suffered an epic meltdown and it's going to take a while for me to rebuild it. However that gives me the opportunity to make it better than ever before since I'm not constricted by it's original design. I'm trying to make it similar to how it was before with certain key landmarks still in place so it retains that "Avalon look" but otherwise it's going to be a whole new beast.

For those of you who have followed my CJ over the past couple years Pater and the Blitzball stadium will be quite familiar, I've just made a few changes here and there. I changed the sea walls so that they match some of the adjoining zones and I've also tweaked the parks to make them a bit more symmetrical and less cluttered. Check out my entry called Opening Night Blitz if you want to do a little Before and After comparison or if you are new to this CJ.

Click images to view full size. Hope your screen is high-res. Enjoy!





Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


Terring, Ln X, TekindusT, Fox, raynev1, agunter999, tankmank, kschmidt, magalenin, Anubis104, NecoraNecora, nos.17, plantsvszombies, suomi2005, stockslips, feeroz123, asdas

Thanks for your comments and support. Stay tuned.

ggamgus: You just OUTDID every single science-fiction city ever made for any television program, movie or videogame in history. *applauds for 20 minutes straight*

I don't know if I'm worth of such high praise but thanks a lot.

dlsni: dude i just broke my jaw

Hope you've had time to heal. Thanks.

sarthakknight: lol i can't find mine i must have dropped it somewhere!!

Here let me get that for you. *Picks up jaw and hands it back to sarthakknight*

Lord Branham: I am honestly speechless. You have not created a city, but a masterpiece! Your use of buildings, parks, and water is unrivaled! I honestly cannot put in to words how marvelously you have done here. I look forward to your next creation, enjoy your break!

Thanks Branham, it took a lot of work and I'm glad you appreciate it.

jmsepe: How the hell do you always make that!!?? Everything is just so atmospherically pleasant! The harbor, the downtown, the roads, gosh I might end up writing an essay just to say how beautiful your city is.

lol, thanks jmsepe.

Benedict: Amazing scenes as always - and well done, you're back at number one this week on BTT.

Ahh, to be king for a day!



You know you're going something right when you make it to the Best of the Best and #1 on Ben's top 10.

Belfastsocrates: Absolutely superb CJ! I adore the attention to detail and abundance of custom content and lots. It's incredibly attractive visually and a joy to read through. P.S. I'm also rather thankful I have a fast broadband connection lol :)

Yeah high bandwidth is key. Unfortunately it is still unavailable in some areas (not mine). Thanks Belfastsocrates.

KonstantinII: It just only that the city looks a bit unprotected against the sea. What if a tsunami came, and all the city will be ruined. Also it is sad to think of what could happen if someone dropped a bomb on it. It looks beautiful, but a little vulnerable.

Don't worry, Ionica is well protected from the sea. There are many breakwaters, canals, and pipes that are designed to divert water in case of disasters. Ionica is also very well protected from military attacks. I plan on building some military bases in the future and we also have a tight satellite defense system with particle beam weapons that can take out any incoming enemy aircraft or missiles.





Lots of pics incoming. High bandwidth recommended.

I'm taking a 2-3 month break from CJing so this is my last one for a while. Thanks to everyone who visited, commented, and rated this CJ. Enjoy!

(Mosaics are cut in halves or quarters.hs3O25W.jpgLCFfX0e.jpg






























Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.



ggamgus, Schulmanator, fan o SC4, Ln X, Huston, tankman, Lord Branham, Fox

Thanks for your comments and support. Stay tuned.


sarthakknight: im the first to comment !!! yeah its looks awesome bro how can you just ..............im wordless can't form sentences anymore :P btw how do you manage to place seawalls and piers??

Lol, you actually didn't manage to get first. Oh well - thanks. Not exactly sure what you're asking about. PM me and we'll discuss it.


TekindusT: Only a skilled player could sneak the Westminster Abbey BAT in a city like Ionica. 'Nuff said!

I didn't even realize that was Westminster. Thanks.

suomi2005: Looks really good and I think the seaport is looking good too. I'm not an expert or anything but you might want to try to replicate some real world seaports by looking at some satellite pictures. Anyway that is the best advice I have to give. Keep up the excellent work :D

Yeah I'll have a look at some sat pics of seaports. Thanks

stockslips: my type of city exelent work...

Loved the GIF, thanks.





Following Huston's example I'd like to share a few pics that I didn't have room for in my entries. (Don't worry Huston, this won't become a regular thing for me)

Regular followers of this CJ will recognize Avalon in the pic below. I still have a lot of work to get that tile to 100% - it is tough balancing out residential and commercial.


This church is in my tile with the Blitzball stadium. I've shown it before, but now the park and sea walls are totally different. If you go to my entry Opening Night Blitz you can see what I'm talking about.


I'm currently experimenting with industrial seaports and the pic below is from a small test tile. Tell me what you think.


The heliports in Avalon's industrial district. I originally had only 2 heliports but the demand for an airport was so high I had to add another one. Thank god I had the space for it.


This small industrial area is from the tile where I'm testing out seaports. I could use some more futuristic industrial buildings if you know of any.


The Huang Yaoshi Opera House neatly packed in amongst some W2W buildings.


A rainy day for the residents of Peach Blossom Bay.


Here is another example of re-made parks from my Opening Night Blitz entry. I changed it so that the park would have a more symmetrical pattern.


This is a picture I made for my Wild for the Night entry but it was kind of redundant so I left it out.


Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


VicRusty, Neto Dari, fan o SC4, suomi2005, simlink, Titanicbuff.

Thanks for your comments and support. Stay tuned.

Xander Dax:WOW amazing, i love your marinas....i can never get the terraforming right when i try to make marinas for some reason.

It can be tricky at first. I think having a Slope Mod helps and using the road tool to level out terrain is also key.

ggamgus: Fantastic! :O I love your photoshop process!

Glad you enjoyed it. Good to see you back ggamgus.


sarthakknight: frickin mosses its fantastic !!! btw can you make a photoshop tutorial please the one i found there the process of layering and stuff isn't explained in detail??

Haven't forgotten about your request sarthakknight. Give me some more time. Thanks.


BlackEpic: What mod?[is it a mod] did he use on the bay's edges (The wall like thing)[you may call me noobish, that's true anyway and i dont know what it's called]

Could you be a bit more specific?


westy177: Wow you fit so much in that medium city tile :0 Your photoshopping are impressive, I fire it up and get overwhelmed by the sheer variety of filters and effects kudos to you mate :)

Photoshop can be a bit intimidating at first but it is easy to figure out by watching tutorials on youtube and experimenting. Thanks.


TekindusT: We may know the technique, but we will never get that magic hand you have... Anyways, thanks for the tips!

You make me blush so much Tek! Thanks.


weixc812: Forgive me, my friend. I feel the before pictures look a bit better than the afters. There're too many skyscrapers in the after picture that it lacks hierarchy. mM suggestion is to control the height of the city, with limited tall buildings seated in important districts. Besides, your city is perfect and invincible.

If you look at my city as a whole, not just this tile you can see there is more of a hierarchy of buildings. However, my city is supposed to be a super dense futuristic metropolis packed with skyscrapers.


Huston: More neat stuff huh? Really loving the before and after photoshop shots as well. It's interesting to see SimCity 4 raw Ionica ;)

It was an entry in one of your CJs that inspired me to do a before and after Photoshop thing. Thanks.


KonstantinII: I really like the city layout :)

Hey KonstantinII, thanks.

Benedict: Fantastic tutorial - what a cool idea to use a nebula, rippled, for water at night. And well done - in the face of some extreme competition, you've held on to the top spot on BTT for a second week.

Sure has been tough getting up to the top this year, but the competition is great motivation to do bigger and better things.


daTSchikinhed: wow, this is beautiful. I love those marinas. I followed up on the links that you posted for the dependencies on the Marinas. Only ones I couldn't find were Youcef's props, hopefully that won't be too important. SC4 needs more yachts and larger boats. We got huge ships, and we have a plethora of smaller boats, but not very many midsized boats of 50+ft or more. Also curious, what water mod are you using? I use the Brigantine (sp?), but it doesn't have a very good transparency depth.

If you looks on the second page of the comment section in the Med Marina CJ entry you will find Youcef's props. I'm using the Brigantine water mod. The water looks like it has transparency and depth because it is quite shallow.





Here are a few 'Before and After' pictures from my newest tile that give a little insight into how I do things in SC4 and Photoshop.

The first thing I did was Terra-form the waterfront and connect the roads and canal to the adjoining tile. At this point some of the marinas had already been placed but I temporarily took them because I needed to reassign them which is why they aren't in this picture.


After the main roads were set I selected and placed my non-functional landmarks.

This tile was actually being designed long before reddonquixote released Q1 or the Melbourne Star but I had already planned to have them in this tile the moment I laid eyes on them. I had no idea how big Q1 was going to be, thankfully it was released at the perfect time and I had the right spot for it.

I originally used the British Airways London Eye as a placeholder for the Melbourne Star and it looked great but it was totally different and the night lighting wasn't as spectacular.

When it came to zoning I started by choosing the locations of my principle functional landmarks, to eventually just determining a size and filling out the space.

As I go along i fill unused spaces with parks and parking lots. For this tile I went nuts using paeng's Streetside Diagonal Parking.

This is what my tile looked like right before pressing the play button:



Everything went fairly smoothly except I forgot to build one essential thing at the beginning which dragged down the safety and land value rating of my tile. It was a Fire House. I found that out after my hospital burned down. It was pretty hilarious.

There was also a sea to air airport I ended up getting rid of because it got dilapidated too quickly and didn't look nice.

Even though a lot of areas were zoned there is still a lot of plopping involved as I let the city grow. I have a ton of BATs and certain things grow like wildfire so I have to go in there and micromanage a little, especially when it comes to residential buildings.

The picture below is what my tile looks like at 100% completion.


Before Photoshop:

You can see that OlScare/Benoit's Marinas lack night lights and the water lacks texture and luminescence. Also, certain lit objects like trees and lamps don't seem to bounce light off of anything.


I tend to start with the water effect. To do that I use the picture of a nebula or a starry sky and I apply an Ocean Ripple effect on it.

Then I set the layer of the nebula to screen and I meticulously cut out all the objects it overlaps. Once that is complete I set the layer to 60-65% opacity and mess around with the levels to get the right amount of darkness and translucence.


The next thing I do is create my light layer by copying the image and putting it in the background. My light layer is just a super brightened layer that is extra yellow and orange to imitate that night light glow. Sometimes I make it a white or blue. It depends on the mood.


Then I go back to my main layer with a feathered eraser and poke holes where I think there should be more light.

I like to darken my image a bit and add more contrast with the levels. I also like to play with the color balance a little. I tend to add a bit more yellow and orange as well as tone down the blue to counter that Maxis Night just a little bit.

Finally I add the clouds in a new layer. They are just simple brushes I downloaded, no skill there.

I've also been adding little lens-flares to lamps here and there, but I didn't do that in this picture because there aren't any that needed it.

The key to lens flares is that they shouldn't be too in your face. Of course I've flouted that rule and gone J.J. Abrams many times, but I still find the best lens-flares are the ones that feel natural and don't draw too much attention to themselves.

After Photoshop:


Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


Schulmanator: You put me in the mood for a vacation for sure!!! Time to pack my bags!

Come on down Schulmanator. You'll get VIP service everywhere you go.

Ln X: Amazing pictures and a great night scene, the reflections from the water are really cool. My only slight complaint would be the photoshopped clouds.

The problem is they are too small, at these close zooms, and thus it gives the appearance of bands of cloud-shaped fog rolling in over the ground. I think the clouds should be bigger and the transition from white cloud to barely opaque should be greater. Because that is what it would look like from a distance high up in the sky.

Thanks for calling me out on those clouds. Sometimes you get so close to a project you can't see the flaws.

tankman: Wow what an amazing selection of pictures, your night images are probably some of the best.

Golly, thanks. Making that Maxis Night work for me.

TekindusT: OMG, perfection in 1080p!!

Oh yeah! It's Next-Gen! Thanks.

KonstantinII: For example, I find the facade or support of the Herald Sun tower looks a little old. Where did you get those new boat lots starting from 3rd picture? The link goes to CJ, not a download page. When describing the interior of buildings such as Q1 you should include real life pictures of the rooms like you did in Avalon Your Guide to the Bicentennial. Other than that I can say I enjoyed this update, especially how you used the banners :D

Thanks for your suggestions. The boat lots are from OlScare/Benoits French Riviera CJ entry. I linked to that entry because you need to see the list of dependencies and gather them before you download the lots.

reddonquixote: This is wonderful work! As a BATer there's no greater compliment than having our work used in CJs so thank you so much for inviting me to come and look. I really like how you've done the water. (I actually really like the clouds too!) I'll try and visit more often :D

Thanks for visiting and thanks again for all your great work. Our CJs wouldn't be the same without it.

sarthakknight: holy biscuits with missile oh man 1080p its awesome im awestruck dude it was so clear !! 100 likes for it bro (if its possible)

:P :D

Ah, if only you could give 1000 likes, then I'd be king of the world mwhahahahah. Thanks.

dabadon5: Wow built a better version of a city i was trying to build, nicely done :)

Took me over a month to complete. Thanks.

Magneto: Very impressive! Thanks for the invite.

You're welcome, thanks again for your help.

Neto Dari: The contrast of light in darkness of the night was very beautiful. ;)

Glad you thought so too, thanks.

fan o SC4:Beautiful, stunning, these are understatements.

Thank you very much.

Hellken: One of your best works.

Now I'm blushing, thanks.

Huston: There are no words currently to describe how I feel about this update. :|

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Thanks.

Benedict: Great update - and you're back at number one on BTT - well done.

That took a while. I feel out of breath like I've just run a marathon. Thanks.

Terring: Great work :D

Hey Terring, thanks.




The weather is getting better every day and Ionicans just want to blow off some steam. Where do they go? To Peach Blossom Bay of course, in the Zone known as Huang Yaoshi.

This Zone gets its name from one of the Five Greats of the wulin (martial artists' community) during the Song dynasty. A man nicknamed "Eastern Heretic" for being an unorthodox radical who behaves as he wishes without showing any regard for formalities or moral ethics.

The nightlife in Huang Yaoshi is currently the envy of Ionica and is quickly becoming the hottest tourist attraction in the known galaxy.

Time to go wild! (click on images to view full 1080p)


Q1, seen in the picture above, is one of the tallest residential towers in Ionica and it is the tallest building in Huang Yaoshi. It offers 526 elite and exclusive one, two and three bedroom apartments rise up into the sky, capturing breathtaking views of Peach Blossom Bay.

Each elegant, state-of-the-art apartment delivers an uncompromising sense of space, freedom and a sleek, modern design. It encapsulates world-class recreational, dinning and retail precincts with tropical landscaping, resort pools, day spa, meeting and conference facilities, a sophisticated dining precinct and complimentary secure car parking for resort guests.

Ocean's 27 (below) is a chain of nightclubs in Ionica but the one is Huang Yaoshi is often considered to be the best. It has 5 different rooms, each with state of the art sound systems and luxurious VIP lounges for high rollers.


The marinas are designed in the style of the French Riviera and it is almost a surreal experience to be able to go from densely packed high-rises to a relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere. Huang Yaoshi has two separate Mediterranean style Marinas; one in an L shape, the other in a T shape.


The Grand Hyatt in Huang Yaoshi is an award winning 5 star hotels which features direct access and amazing views of the marinas as well as first class facilities which include; spectacular upper and lower lobbies, the restaurant Collins Kitchen; RU-CO (Bar of the Year); City Club, a state-of-the-art gym and a swathe of couture boutiques.


The GT Tower next to the Grand Hyatt is one of the most unique buildings in Ionica. The facade renders the idea of undulating waves and it reflects the affinity for water which Ionicans have. The tower seems to be rising from the soil as if it moves at top and beautiful effects are performed by the light that reflects in the glass, making the building a very impressive sight to behold.


Ah, Science and Religion side by side in harmony. Here we see the Gothic style St. Paul's Cathedral next to the high-tech and modern Eicosakis Biology Research Center. Both have unimpeded access and view of the marinas.


The Militant Developments building seen in the picture below belongs to The Militant Group, a Real Estate and Banking conglomerate; the richest and most powerful in Ionica. They own practically all the waterfront property in the city. The Militant Group faced many charges of corruption over the years but they always prevail in court because their lawyers know all the loopholes. At least they are devoted to making the city look nice.


The Spinnaker, modeled after a special type of sail that is designed specifically for sailing off the wind from a reaching course to a downwind, is an observation tower open and free to the public. At the top is a triple observation deck, providing a 360° view of Peach Blossom Bay. The first deck features glass floor which visitors can stand on. The highest of the three observation platforms, the crow's nest, has only a wire mesh roof, so visitors are open to the elements.


A series of four mid-rise Suites Hotels known as Les Quatres Jardins lines the southern side of the T-shaped marina. The rooms are luxurious but actually fairly cheap to rent out. A constant influx of visitors allows them to keep the price low and still make lots of profit.


The building in the top right corner is the Tong YQ Library. It has a number of facilities including an auditorium, cubicles of Ionican culture, an atrium, meeting room, Internet room, small mosque, café, cafeteria and Energy Corner.


On the other side of Peach Blossom Bay is Peach Blossom Island which has mainly low density residential and commercial buildings but at the waterfront there are still a few mid-rise and hi-rise apartments designed to provide amazing views of the city across the bay.


The Redemption Lighthouse is now well over 80 years old but it still illuminates the harbor as brightly as ever despite the fact that its actual usefulness has long since passed.


These modern walk-ups (3 of 6) right at sea level in the T-shaped marina are probably some of the most exclusive residences in Ionica, but maybe if you know the right person (me) you can get one. They feature private docks and residents are seconds away (on foot) from virtually every landmark shown in this entry.


The perfect place to end the night is the Ionican Star Observation Wheel. Spectacularly lit and open 'till 4am on Fridays and Saturdays, it is 120m tall and has seven spokes forming a seven pointed star. One complete rotation takes 30 minutes and provides uninterrupted 360-degree views of up to 40 kilometers, encompassing all of Peach Blossom Bay.


Special thanks to:

- OIScare/Benoit for unofficially releasing and providing the long list of dependencies for their beautiful custom marinas from their amazing CJ entry: Med Inspirations - French Riviera

- Magneto for patiently teaching me how to reassign building types .

- reddonquixote for releasing a wonderful series of Australian BATs in late 2013 - early 2014. This tile wouldn't be the same without them.

- nbvc whose content is indispensable when creating water scenes.

- KonstantinII for creating an Ionican Banner which I'm using everywhere now.

Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


Wallibuk, raynev1, agnostiskbarn, slickbg56, Neto Dari, Tonraq, sejr99999

Thanks for your comments and support. Stay tuned.

fan o SC4: Each picture has so much going on, but that's a good thing. And those condos with the pools, overlooking the marina, they must cost a fortune. Also no word to describe the quality of your marinas, they make all other marinas look bad.

Heh, thanks, but I'm still playing catchup to people like paeng and OlScare/Benoit.

pingpong: That yacht club, is simply FABULOUS. I really love the contrast between day view and night view.

Thanks, I just can't deny my love for the night lights.

Schulmanator: Impressive work. I wanna visit!

Come soon Schul, thanks.

KonstantinII: It looks like this zone is a bit older than the other ones. And I really do like the small park next to the boats complex. One who lives in the tall condos might take a walk there. I meant this zone seems older in style, of course it is the newest one you made. Maybe because some of the buildings look more weathered, that's all. :P

Yeah I think it looks a bit older cause of those PEG Marinas, also despite a few hi-rises most of the building aren't that tall. Thanks.

blunder: That marine luminescence never gets old. :D

Yeah, but I've kinda backed myself into a corner where it feels like I have to do it every time now. Thanks.

scissors: Really nice to see the Vesteda (two times) in a different setting then from when I look out the window here in Eindhoven. It fits perfectly well in your city as well.

I love the Vesteda! How lucky you must be to be able to see the real life version of such a beautifully rendered BAT. Thanks.

sarthakknight: oh man i wanna visit this beautiful modern city !!! why u no real??

:( awesome update though!!

Wouldn't that be nice. Thanks sarthakknight.

TekindusT: Oh, the night mosaics...!

If you liked those then I think you'll really appreciate the pics in the entry above. Thanks.

tankmank: Great mosaics. I like the use of the raised parks, rarely see them used, and i think they work great.

Bixel was a BAT master, I wish he'd drop a few more on us. Thanks.

Richie99: That marina!!!OMG this is so gorgeous that I feel like starting work on the marina in my port city right away.Great stuff and your pictures are cool as always. :)

Inspiration is the first step. Glad I could be your muse. Best of luck. Thanks.

Casper3141: Has a Miami look to me anyways with all those skyrises and then a great looking harbor across the street, I like how you have used the maxis freeway through the area, seems to blend in just right

Hah, maybe I was inspired by watching so much CSI Miami while playing SC4. Thanks.





Archon is a little Zone located at the Northwest corner of Ionica's densest area, Avalon. It is an ideal location for people who commute to the CBD for work but want to live in a place that is slighty more relaxed and easy going.

Archon is also the home of two of Ionica's biggest news media organizations: the Herald Sun (a national print journal), and the CBC (Cosmic Broadcast Community, an intergalactic news agency).


Tall and luxurious condo buildings line the waterfront and offer spectacular views for those lucky enough to live there.


The Yacht Club is open to all, but those with memberships get discounts and VIP service. The marinas are all public but the majority of boats docked there are privately owned.


Like all the Zones of Ionica, Archon is filled with parks where people can escape the oppressive concrete jungle as well as bring those boisterous kids or pets out to drain some of that energy.


A complete view of the Marina.


When the sun goes down Archon is famous for its Yacht parties. It is also famous for its Yacht party fines and lawsuits.

Ionica has fairly relaxed laws when it comes to partying and drinking in public. However, the environmental laws concerning pollution, especially of water are very strict. Quite a few Yacht owners who have held large parties on the water have payed out heft sums to the city for throwing trash into the water. That money goes to keeping the water as clean as possible.


Nights in Archon aren't just for partying, there is also a lot of business that goes down. Many of the biggest CEOs in working in Avalon bring clients, partners, and guests to discuss and negotiate deals here.

Some of the most significant mergers and aqusitions made in Ionica are rumored to have been brokered in penthouse suites on the top floors of high-rises in Archon.





Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting.


TekindusT, Pwel28, Terring, simcityplayer15, Vitor13, gigius76, Schulmanator, sarthakknight, elavery, Tonraq

Thanks for your comments and support. Stay tuned.

Richie99: Nice pictures and the city must have taken lots of effort to achieve. What seawalls do you use?

Thanks. Those are JENX Paris Quais de Seine seawalls.


jmsepe: I suddenly ran out of words again. I could feel how tedious to make these updates are and they are definitely worth it.

Tedious makes it sound like it's no fun. I would call it meticulous. Thanks.


Roman_Samudra: Why a LNG Tanker ships manage to squeeze into city canal? In another words.... fabulous....

Technically it isn't a canal, it is more like a river that goes out to the sea. Thanks.


tankmank: Looking great, and nice contrast between the skyscrapers and the ecological community.

I was a bit worried it would clash. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.


RepublicMaster: I love the night shots, the water effects are spectacular! :D

Yeah I'm having a bit too much fun with that effect right now. Thanks


KonstantinII: I like how you have actual pictures of your city for the header and replies. I think you should make a different picture of city for the header every time from now on. By co-incident or not, I had a dream that I was driving on the highway through Ionica. Maybe I actually teleported myself?

I would love to make a banner for each entry but that is a lot of work cause it is actually kind of hard to find pictures that are just right. I'll be changing it a bit more often, but not every entry. Thanks.


zlotka: Lookja very well. Good job :) What is the tower with blue lights on top?

I believe you're asking about the Equity Tower.


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