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City-building game(s)

Found 52 results

  1. Would someone mind making a building add-on for me? I want The Austin Centers for Exceptional Student (A.C.E.S.), which is a series of three private schools based in my home state of Arizona. You see, I've always wanted to place the school I used to go to in my very own city.
  2. S54 - Ecole des Roitelets

    Version 1.0.0


    Ecole primaire des Roitelets / Roitelets elementary school This building is the reproduction of a school situated in Metz, France. The upload includes: PLOP_4x2_S54 - Ecole des roitelets The default version of the building has a capacity of 500 students. Perfect for little cities or districts ! _________________________ DEPENDENCIES Important ! If you don’t download them, you could have brown boxes or problems with the textures. BSC - VIP girafe beeches BSC - VIP girafe daisy BSC - VIP girafe elms BSC - VIP girafe feather grass BSC - VIP girafe honey locust BSC - VIP girafe urbanpack vol. 1 BSC - VIP girafe wheat BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 01 BSC Prop Pack Cycledogg No 1 BSC TexturePack Cycledogg V 01b S54 - PropPack Vol1 _________________________ INSTALLATION Simply unzip the the downloaded .zip file into your plugins folder. The aren't any extraneous files in the folder (like images) so you don't have to worry about deleting anything. _________________________ CREDIT AND FEEDBACK Model and modding by Sciurus, thanks to girafe for his gentle authorization for using his car models. If you have questions or problems you can leave me a message in my Simtropolis thread or SC4Devotion thread. ______________________________________________ Sciurus from KSTeam
  3. And of course someone is offended by something just like every other day. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5110415/Mother-demands-son-s-school-ban-Sleeping-Beauty.html
  4. Hello Mitchell's First of all,I somehow ended up in ghetto High school while I had a decent score that could made me get into an good high school "Thank" you grandpa OK When I go to the school my mind is like "Socializing ?,Friends ?,Trusting each other ?,Cheating alliances with bro's?, Thats all Bullshit" I Got my lesson a long time ago "School is a place where you go for exams and learning. It is NOT a place for socializing" So my mind is simply "I Dont have time to waste on socializing, school is a place of learning and I wont waste my precious time there" I Am not an asocial but I dont want to socialize either And one last thing Since that's a ghetto school Everyone smokes "Dry Weed" [Tobacco stuff like cigarettes, not Cannabis(Who cares ? they are both harmful drugs)] so should I team up with government and become an "Deep Cover" guy ? (Believe me, I am not an dumbass 14 Y/O that plays modern COD (But an BFV COD1 MOHAA veteran) or believes "$%&^! life" that is repeadetly shown on TV) So... Should I team up with government and become an deep cover that reports drug addicts ?
  5. University

    Welcome to GVU,or Greenville University
  6. SC4 School of Radio Station KSIM

    Version 1.0.0


    ● Combines Maxis City College and Radio Station Reward, transmits on KSIM frequency at 1420.5 MHz. ● Student Capacity: 7,200. Monthly Cost §1,000. Plop Cost: §900. Landmark Effect: 25 over 20. ● School EQ Boost: 38, Mayor Rating Effect: 50 over 440. Network and Transit enabled. ● Inspired by the 'school of radio station 1' by 'people of NYC' Immediate mass communication began at the beginning of the 20th century with radio; generations since are the children of the "school of radio station". I was thinking of Pablo Picasso, arranging the Maxis props like a cubist. It is claimed that when he first viewed the pre-historic cave paintings in Lascaux, France he said, "We've done nothing better since". The KSIM frequency at 1420.5 MHz refers to the Wow! signal received from interstellar space Aug. 15, 1977. Dependencies: None Install: User Documents SimCity 4 Plugins Copy and Paste the unzipped *title* folder into *user*\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins. Delete readme and preview files. Menu icons will appear in-game for the associated lots.
  7. How can a convert any building into a school?
  8. Bottineau HS

    From the album The Montclar picture dump

    Bottineau High School and Panther Field, home of the Bottineau Panthers
  9. Complete Rural Set !

    Complete Rural Set ! *** Mystery solved *** The complete rural set conscists of 11 rural properties to fit in a rurla enviroment. On my mayon instalation they appear normal. On my new system instalation they appear without buildings. Assumed this has something to do with my maxis blocking this doesn´t make a differende. Here the set ! Great set by GSHMails ! Mayon region view of some of the parts ! Same set on my new system ! What a difference ! Readme states to copy these files into the plugin directory. Busstop1 - NYC Stop Busstop2 - Modern stop Busstop3 - Rural Copy all three of each stop to use in the game. These files seem to be in this set but still no result ! Touching in the dark ! Hope anyone have some idea what´s missing, any suggestions are very welcom ! Last night I opted there would be somekind of prop pack of the maker himself available. Some kind of rural props where there but no means 1 Today I opted to do it all over again and suceeded ! Somehow some props don´t display directly if not reploped as with this set Mushymushy congratulations on your pointing out for the buildingprops 1 and 2 ! As a final ending to this month CJ story on Scrap shack an picture of the set in its full glory ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  10. Woodland Town's High School After Tornado

    From the album Photoshop Challenge (S3-05-E)

    People emerge from Woodland High School on a cloudy morning following a massive storm that produced 3 tornadoes. From my CJ: SC4 Zero to Million Challenge: A massive EF4 and 2 smaller EF3 tornadoes ripped through Woodland Town, causing mass devastation. The EF4 tornado, as seen in the previous update, was barreling directly towards the school that served as a make-shift shelter for over 3,000 people, including the major and his business partner/best friend Ben and their families, who made it in the nick of time. In a twist, the tornado changed course in the last minute, missing the majority of the school sparing nearly half the town's terrified population that were inside, and only destroyed the upper level science and math halls. While the majority of people took shelter in the gym, hundreds more took cover in the bathrooms, storage closets, teacher closets, and just about anywhere inside the school that didn't have windows. (The gym is in the lower right corner of the school). The area north of the school is what used to be apartments. Other people took shelter at the basements in the homes that had them. This is the preview of the next update for this CJ, which will show the rest of Woodland Town after the tornadoes.
  11. Central School Building

    Built in 1880 and torn down in 1955, The Central School building educated the kids of Wellsville, OH for 75 years. Now replaced with McDonald Elementary School on the same ground. It featured a tall bell tower in the center and had a large auditorium on its 3rd floor, which was closed off as unsafe in 1953, the last year it was open.
  12. Central School Building



    DETAILS This is a 8x6 high school lot that has a capacity of 1500 students. Based on a real location in Wellsville, OH. This may be revised to lengthen the bell tower. This lot has no nightlights. no dependencies HISTORY Built in 1880 and torn down in 1955, The Central School building educated the kids of Wellsville, OH for 75 years. Now replaced with McDonald Elementary School on the same ground. It featured a tall bell tower in the center and had a large auditorium on its 3rd floor, which was closed off as unsafe in 1953, the last year it was open.
  13. Most school buildings I've been to had the aspect of a factory not a place for adventures. And if I browse through the net and look for famous or spectacular modern architecture, I never find a school building amongst them. Made me wonder how the ideal school building should look like. Any suggestions? Any examples?
  14. Version 1.0.0


    SPAM School Bus Garage By Craig-Abcvs When you have a small isolated community that is not really big enough to support its own school, due to ongoing education budget cuts... we still need to ensure that our little Sims get their School Education Quotient boost. This School Bus Garage will service your isolated rural communities by "transporting" all the little Sims into the nearest town for school. Actually... in game it functions as an elementary school with full tile coverage. The School Bus Garage also provides 'extra-curricular' education around the back... exactly what is going on and exactly what is being taught, is best left to the imagination, but if you check carefully you might just catch sight of Bubba, Cleetus and Elmo who are regular attendees. Installation: Documents/Simcity 4/Plugins Menu: Education Plop: $750 Bulldoze: $100 Pollution: 2,0,2,0 Coverage: 4096 Dependency: *SPAM Super Resource Pack (*Not required if you have the full SPAM mod installed).
  15. Suburbs South the Big City

    DISCLAIMER: Most of this stuff (growables especially) is Maxis. Please suggest to me any bats or lots and anything of the sort. If you have a question about a building I use, please ask in the comments. Constructive criticism appreciated. Welcome to Bedfordale! A currently small suburb ready to burst into glory. Built off the East highway Route 39, it's a suburb to increase diversity and style living-wise in Boomooderie. It is south of the Industrial West Moormbool and the Coastal East Moormbool. The full view of the entire neighborhood, surrounded by oak trees covering the deer and other wildlife.Here we have Bedfordale's A-grade school, Benjamin F. Elementary School. It has a parking lot for teachers and parents who prefer to drive their kids to school, accompanied by a driveway for schoolbuses to stop in. A soccer field clips onto the school for sport games and outdoor gym class. Next we have Saint John's Christian Church, which attracts the attention of West and East Moormbool's Christian populations. It's held thirty wedding within it's twenty years of being open. The attendance is a hundred people a week whom come to pray. Last, but not least, is the commercial district. At the top is a supermarket which has been closed due to interior renovations and allegations of pests near the food bar. Right next to it however, is the bus depot which even houses school buses, it has a high usage of a hundred people per day, which is a lot for this mini-town. The district in it's entirety holds a large percent of Bedfordale's workforce, and the other citizens take the route to West Moormbool's offices and industrial districts. That concludes this pilot view of Bedfordale, see you next time.
  16. Sarai-May3.jpg

    From the album Ionica

  17. OK so the problem is very simple. I want to set the EQ of a particular suburb(currently pop 3500 - planned about 30000, mostly low density houses) to about 40 to 80(the upper end COULD be about 90 but not any triple digits) This, however, seem to be harder than expected. I thought elementary schools raised the EQ up to a certain level, at which colleges/museums/highschools take its place, but I was wrong. They worked on an age group, not on the EQ level. So the point is this. How can I retain EQ levels around the 40 to 80 mark, so that the ID and especially, IM demands stay intact? It's a bit of a dilemma here, since I tried placing schools only in a certain area, which meant that area all found CO and HT jobs, the dumb guys went to ID and CS$(not that I hate CS$, unlike many others) and no one works for the factories. *I don't really care about CO jobs in this place, somewhere else like my capital/2nd city is a good place to put them The main problem is getting my sims to work at the factories, next door. HELP!!! PS: If you can, could you please tell me how to get a balance of $/$$/$$$ in the suburbs? Right now they're building nothing but R$$, meaning that about 3200 of my pop is R$$. The rest 300 is R$ (planning to develop $$$ later with clinics, and of course, some schools)
  18. Does anybody know how to make the Chicago Private School and Hospital work right? I only get a footprint. Also, St. Elizabeths and St George Hospitals have brown boxes, I don't know why. What do I do with the El on Avenue pieces? Am I missing something? I want them to network over intersections and turn corners, etc. much like the el in Chicago, like Wabash and Lake street, etc. On my Klatskanee city, the traffic query button (below the pointer) indicates that First Ave (the biggest street in front by the park) and the freeway and the industrial park bypass viaduct have zero car traffic. Is this something for real, or should I not worry about it? I can't imagine nobody ever uses those streets. Thanks.
  19. University of Canaan

    Welcome to the University of Canaan, home of the Nighthawks! Students at UC learn about the environment from inside a greenhouse. The UC student body is comprised of well-rounded individuals that value humility and seek knowledge. They are life-long learners.
  20. CATI Canaan Art & Technology Institute

    Welcome to CATI, home of the Rockets! CATI students are brilliant, and their young minds tackle the world's most difficult problems on a daily basis. They also like shopping.
  21. Canaan State University

    Welcome to Canaan State, home of the Mustangs! The student life at Canaan State is robust. CSU has the strongest Animal Science program in the region. The Mustangs are a college sports Goliath.
  22. Anderson Hall

    Version 1.0


    I'll open by saying that I have a personal hatred for this building. I made this model as a way of coping with the fact that, despite my absolute best efforts, I have been unable to avoid this building. I'll sign up for a class in another lecture hall, and then check my schedule the day before classes begin only to see that the lecture has been moved to this soulless behemoth. The dim fluorescent lighting, crumbling concrete interior, leaky ceilings, propensity to act as a staging ground for muggings, and overpowering musty smell all contribute to an ambiance that is unique to late 60s university buildings built for pennies on the dollar. To make matters worse, none of the four "pods" visible on the building are connected by any sort of hallway except for one in the basement, meaning that one must often exit the building entirely in order to travel between sections. During Minnesota winters, this isn't the most desirable setup. A quick visit to the building's Foursquare page gives some excellent insights into the building's many selling points: "Most depressing building on campus." "What monster designed this building? Surely someone with a strong hatred of people." "Remember to pay attention to what door you are going in because each door only let's [sic] you access certain classrooms!" "If you enjoy flesh eating and antibiotic resistant diseases, I urge you to use the restrooms in this hall." Anyway, despite being blacklisted by the university a few years back, it seems Anderson Hall is here to stay. It contains several full-sized lecture halls, making it a valuable commodity that is very difficult to effectively replace. Perhaps I overreacted - I suppose it does a good job of fulfilling its intended role, and I'd probably better just get used to it. At least the lecture halls have plenty of leg room. When you get away from the building for a while (as is fortunately an option for me this semester), you can actually begin to appreciate the building's place in history. In the early 60s, the University of Minnesota was looking to expand its campus. The west bank of the Mississippi River (directly across the Washington Avenue Bridge from main campus) was deemed a desirable site for this expansion, though a large swath of the existing neighborhood needed to be demolished to make room. Anderson Hall (1967) is just one of the many buildings constructed on west bank, the majority of which were designed by renowned firm Setter Leach & Lindstrom. Due to the building's rather generic appearance, I have modded it as both a college building and a library. Both sit on a 2x6 lot. As always, both Maxisnite and Darknite versions are available - download and install only one at a time, or you'll wish you had never been born. The Darknite version requires Simfox's mod available here. I sincerely hope this BAT brings you far more joy than its real life counterpart has brought me over the past few years. As always, please leave feedback below! Thank you all for your support, and click here to see my current projects!
  23. I'm experiencing a weird bug all of a sudden. The coverage radius of my schools and libraries is decreasing every time a new month starts. There is no consistent pattern as to how much it decreases per month. If I start it as $120 for school bus coverage it will decrease to anywhere between $59 and $95 the next month (generally $59, $79, or $95) and eventually gets down to $1 after about 6-8 months. I have removed the plugins folder as well as the NAM auxiliary, STEX downloads, and LEX downloads folders from documents/simcity4 I don't know why this is starting now. I recently switched to software render due to some graphics issues but I don't think that should make any difference. I also downloaded the following mods recently: JBSimio's School Packs: () () Wleader's radius doubler and cost x4 mod () MadHatters low wealth shops v1 and v2 () () DarkMatter's RoadTop Mass Transit () BSC Texture Volume 1 (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=90) BSC Mega Props (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=475) But I remove the plugin folder and the problem continues even if I delete and rebuild any schools so I don't believe any of these could be the problem. Anyone have any suggestions or experienced anything similar? Thanks for your help
  24. So i read on Simnation that Elementary and High Schools convert kids into students whom then increase the education level of a building. That i get. However, from there, it says that college and universities only accept kids that have already been converted into students. Is this true? I have never seen anything like this to suggest this is the case,but if it's indeed the case, it would mean having high schools mixed with college/university to not be a bad mix. Can anyone here back that claim?
  25. UMEI - Municipal Unit of Child Education



    UMEI - Municipal Unit of Child Education A school for their children can study all day while you work. Amount of total vacancies: 4200 Cost to place the school: $ 500 Maintenance: 100 Installation: To install is easy, simply extract the file to your plugins folder. \\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins Dependencies: BSC MEGA Props - swi21 Vol01 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=403 BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 02 (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2790 PEG OWW2 RESOURCE PACK 2 http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/19261-peg-oww2-resource-pack-2/ Buildings as Props von Maxis http://kurier.simcityplaza.de/details.php?file=305 Support: For questions, just comment here that you will be answered. Caution: Do not post this mod without giving due credit for editing and creation, is where is, ok. My other files: http://community.simtropolis.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&search_app=downloads&mid=682917 _______________________________________________________________________________ Facebook.com/SimCity4daDepressao Facebook.com/groups/simcity4/ Simcitybrasil.net.br

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