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City-building game(s)

Found 27 results

  1. Hello Guys, and Welcome back to another episode of Cities: Skylines with me, Pug Gaming. In this Video I start work on our latest project - The Seaside Town. We start work on a British Style seafront with Hotels, apartments and restaurants
  2. Hi Guys, I have set myself a challenge to recreate the most realistic looking British feeling city. I have started with a small town and my first challenge was to create some realistic farms and fields. I would appreciate your feedback on how this went.. Next I will move onto a small British town with some traditional British looking street layouts, moving onto a large City with the likes of typical British themes Football stadium and surrounding Terrace houses. I look forward to your feedback and any other future ideas you would like to see.. Thanks. PUGG3RS Gaming
  3. Hello! Here is my ongoing project with a fictional British city! Chipping Hampton, the City of Contrasts! Background Information Part 1, Chipping Hampton Town Centre, South Shields and Parkwood
  4. Because I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, I mostly set up SimCity 4 with American and Canadian styled buildings, mostly stuff that fits into the majority of Canada, The North East, North West, Mid West and Central parts of USA. Though lately I've been thinking about building cities in a different style like United Kingdom or Asia. I did get the no maxis files mod to block all levels of Residential and Commercial, though I wonder is there a way to just block American buildings in general and leave the European set alone? Other then that I know where to get british themed lots and what not so that wont be an issue for me, I just want to block the American stuff for my British SimCity 4 setup. EDIT : I KNOW THAT YOU CAN DISABLE THE AMERICAN TILE SETS, but not all of the mods/lots I download may fall into the European category and thus may not spawn if I just disable the American tile sets alone. I'm downloading stuff right now that mostly looks british in my opinion but may not actually be strictly European/British and may not be enabled in the European tile set. I just want to disable the American buildings and leave the European stuff in, that way I can enable all the Tile Sets and let the European set grow and let mod lots/buildings grow incase they don't end up under the European tile set.
  5. Version


    This download contains a custom model and lots featuring a high wealth residential building. Both lots featuring the Portchester Gardens model, which is representative of high wealth suburban homes in the UK. Their stats are as follows: Portchester Gardens Costs: Building Value $502 Cost to Bulldoze $163 Occupants: LotSize 2x2 & 2x3 Growth Stage 2 R$$$ 10 Tileset All Environment: Power Used 1 Water Used 1 Pollution (Radius): Air 0 (6) Water 0 (7) Garbage 1 (0) Radiation n/a Flammability (Max Fire Stage) 35 (2) Dependencies: BSC Textures Vol 01 (SC4D LEX - Registration Required) Note: If you are only downloading this for use with these files, the cascading dependencies are not required.
  6. Cities: Skylines - The British Naming Challenge Guys, I need your help! I have yet to name any of my builds in this Cities: Skylines challenge, now is your chance to get involved by suggesting some suitable names! Get your thinking caps on!
  7. Cities Skylines - Roundabout Tutorial, Top 5 Tips and Tricks. Short video on the best and most effective ways to build a Cities Skylines roundabout. Don't forget to leave a LIKE on this video for more! I hope you all enjoy! Much Love~! x
  8. Cities Skylines -EP10 - The British Challenge - Town Centre - YouTube
  9. Cities Skylines - 09 - The British Challenge - The Market Square
  10. Pug Gaming Bulletin - NEW WEBSITE - Mod and Asset Lists www.pug-gaming.co.uk - My blog posts of The British Challenge for Cities Skylines - Teaser screenshots as I build - FULL list of ALL my mods and assets - Lets Chat feature where you can request what I should build in my next episode. - And more! Any feedback welcome
  11. Let's Play Cities Skylines - The British Challenge - E04 - Building a British Golf Course In this Video I create a typical themed british golf course.
  12. Let's Play Cities Skylines - The British Challenge - E02 - Building a Small British Town In my second video I concentrate on bringing in people to the first small Town/Village in this lets play series.
  13. Let's Play Cities Skylines - EP05 - The British Challenge - Posh Town & Service StationIn this Video I create a typical themed British housing estate, situation near the golf course.
  14. Let's Play Cities Skylines - The British Challenge - E01 - Farms In this first of many more to come series I will challenge myself to create a traditional British themed City! First up - Farming Check out my farming industry and let me know your thoughts Don't forget to leave a LIKE on this video for more!
  15. Wrightbus New Routemaster

    Version 1.0.0


    Your city has been filling out from border to border and it has done so quite nicely! Since there is only so much room to keep spreading out, there's really nowhere else to go but up. Now wait a minute! With all these sims and their cars clogging up your already-narrow streets, how is anyone supposed to make it to work on time? The best solution- build a bus network. And now here's a real concept- make the buses.. Double Decker! More people sharing a ride, with decent views to boot! Now, if only we can take care of those cyclists.. About the Upload- This file is a replacement of the Maxis City Bus. It will appear on your road networks whenever a bus station has been placed. For aesthetics sake, this file would best be implemented in a London, UK themed city or otherwise utilizing traffic driving on the left. Dependencies? None required. This file was requested by Cmdp123789 and has been made available to download!
  16. New Kings Town, High Street (WIP)

    #1 Welcome to my new entry. At this point I will pause my rural development and focus on building my New Kings Town. During the Broken Save incident Kings Town destroyed. The few survivors immigrated to this area and granted the right to make a new city. However, New Kings Town is bigger than the previous one added with a large cemetery area, a shopping park, business park and more residential areas. Roads grew larger giving me the opportunity to ''bomb'' them with props and customize them at will. Enjoy ! A nice rainy day ! #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 17:30...time to go back home ! #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 Or time for shopping? #18 #19 Red Town Hall is back ! #20 #21
  17. Darlington (WIP)

    Entry 4: Darlington (WIP) For the last couple of months I have been busy with SC4, now I'm winding that down and focusing on Cities Skylines. I rebuilt my plugins/assets folder and trimmed it greatly. Making gigantic cities is murder for my computer so instead I will be building towns and rural areas. Here is the town of Darlington, in this city tile I have spent the last several days focusing on urban development. Soon I will work on the agriculture and farms. Lastly I want to thank gatakos, a Simtropolis member, for inspiring me to pick up Cities Skylines again. {---} 1. The magic of building themes, an entire area of semi-detached buildings can be effortlessly laid down. 2. The Network Extensions mod includes all kinds of new roads. 3. Be that new one-way roads and highways... 4. ...and one tile roads. In the vanilla game the roads take up two tiles. 5. Victorian housing, old but posh. 6. Using the Network Skins mod I can choose the type of trees and lampposts that will appear on roads. Here are TPB's shady trees. 7. Another cool mod of TPB's is the terrain theme mod. I can select a different terrain ingame! 8. This game is nirvana for British users. So many British assets! 9. Nearly all the time spent so far was laying down the RCI. In this stretch of avenue though I focused on the little details. 10. Details such as this mini-park. 11. The rocks are another one of TPB's creations. 12. A good view to the south. 13. I use the Roads United mod to improve the road textures. 14. The best feature of this mod are the cosmetic parking bay demarcations. 15. The complete overview. When finished the entire town will fit into the confines of this picture. I don't want to make a super large city, just something reasonably sized. 16. Find the right colour correction and sunsets become magical. {---} Some time next week I will post another WIP entry, this time it will focus more on agriculture and the countryside surrounding Darlington.
  18. End of the Victorian Era

    The Second Elizabethan Age firmly enters the history books. Beats the daylights out of electing a new king on a regular basis. In the long run, probably costs much less too.
  19. London Recreation

    Hello everyone, and welcome to London! As I mentioned in another thread, I would like to take the challenge and give you the chance to see something fresh.. Now, London is a very complicated city, and of course, no grid at all.. or at least in 90% of the city =0 Believe me when I say, this is very time consuming, specially to get the streets right.. so dont expect development for the moment.. everything will be about placing streets and landmarks, and of course with time, development will come.. If you've seen my CJs before, I like showing the step by step.. and show people that everyone can accomplish the same just by watching the pictures... So first things first, I would like to show you my Canary Wharf practice.. I did this in order to get familiar with the area, and to make sure Im gonna get it right when it comes to the real thing.. BTW some of you have seen a picture of my London, but that was a previous version, this one will be way better since I used that one as a practice ground!! Canary Wharf practice #1 I then finished it up by adding a little streets and buildings.. Im pretty confident about this area, not very hard, of course Im talking about that particular area and not the whole isle of dogs.. And to show you that I did start some of the actual City of London.. Hopefully this picture will make sense in a couple of updates =) Anyways.. Hope you enjoy this, not a great start, but I wanted to share my humble start at this.. didnt wanna miss the chance!! Criss.
  20. Hi guys my name is Matty. I am British and play SimCity like, all the time. Please add me "mattygaga2014" to Origin if you have SimCity CoT pack and want to start a flourishing active region. Thanks
  21. County Constabulary



    This pack contains two similar office buildings. Architecture style is roughly based on late 18th century or early 19th century Britain. A historic, but quite anonymous civic building. The building is based on a Bilteezi railway model card kit. This has helped me to get dimensions right and I was able to use part of the texture from the model. However some artistic licence has been taken. County Constabulary is a functional small police station for rural cities. Its radius and dispatch strength are higher than Maxis equivalent, so it should cover a large area and be able deal crime in the farm fields. Because of this the monthly cost is also a slightly higher. Council Office is a medium wealth Commercial Office building. There are two lots, a 2x3 Stage 1 and a 2x2 Stage 2, so the building is useful for early city build. The lots are still kind of work in progress so feedback is appreciated. As for flora, I have used CP Mega Pack. Maxis Night only. County Constabulary: Plop Cost 160 Radius 800 Monthly Cost 90 Total Dispatches 2 Dispatch Radius 96 Jail Capacity 14 Department Police Department Somerby County Council: Capacity Satisfied CO$$ 26 Building Value 181 Bulldoze Cost 199 Pollution Air 1, Water 1, Garbage 4 Power Consumed 1 Water Consumed 15 DEPENDENCIES British Boxes http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29965-british-boxes/ Historic Harbor http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29880-historic-harbor/ (Watchman.dat, Barrels.dat, Bulleting Board.dat, Junk.dat, Lightpost.dat, Fence – Iron Small.dat, Sheds.dat, Benches.dat Offices.dat. Lots or MMPs are not needed, only props.) BSC Mega Props CP Vol 1 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1180 BSC Textures Vol 1 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=90 (Police Station Only) BSC Mega Props Gascooker Vol 1 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=397 (Victorian Glasshouse, Office only) Girafe Hedges http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3002 (Office Only. The house model is not needed, only file grfa_3mHedges.dat) Optional for the police station. (This will replace parked Maxis police cars with British police cars.) http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/28206-police-car-modds-norwegian-swedish-british-and-belgian/ P.S Please note that I made a mistake with British Boxes props. I forgot to include the K6 Type phonebox. This model is a required dependency in the police station. I have updated the prop pack and the model is now included.
  22. British Boxes

    Version Version 1.2


    UPDATE 11.3.2016* New Props EDIT: 1.11.2014. Attention. I keep doing mistakes. If now the missing prop the K6 Type PhoneBox Prop is included. Please again download the new file. This is a prop pack for Victorian and early 20th century British style street furniture. These props are intended to period use, but time scale is long. The props are based on real life examples and can be seen on British streets even today. Although many, such as village pump or cattle trough, are left as ornate and do not carry anymore the original function. I have made and included 23 props and 4 functional lots. 1 x Police box (Prop & Functional police kiosk) 1 x Village Pump (Prop & Functional water tower) 2 x Phone Boxes (K1 and K6 type) 1 x Drinking Fountain 6 x Mail Boxes 2 x Bollards 2 x Benches 2 x Litter Bins 2 x Cattle Troughs As for a bonus, three Irish colour variations. *Update March 2016 8 x Newspaper Headlines Boards 4 x Pub Sign Sandwhich Boards. 4 x Pub Benches. (These are intended as props for my forthcoming Clerkenwell Close building pack.) Items are grouped into separate folders and unwanted can be deleted. For example, the functional lots can be deleted as these are not dependencies. Functional Lots Police Kiosk: Plop Cost 60 Radius 240 Monthly Cost 30 Total Dispatches 0 Jail Capacity 0 Department Police Department Water Tower Plop Cost 150 Capacity 2600 cu Monthly Cost 50 Department Water Department Phone box Square High Wealth Plop Cost 60 Park Effect 40 / 15 Landmark Effect 40 / 15 Monthly Cost 12 Demand Satisfied R$ CAP 1000, R$$ CAP 1000 R$$$ CAP 1000 Pollution Air -1, Water 0, Garbage 0 Department Park and Rec Drinking Fountain Square Medium Wealth Plop Cost 40 Park Effect 50 / 15 Landmark Effect 20 / 15 Monthly Cost 8 Demand Satisfied R$ CAP 500, R$$ CAP 500, R$$$ CAP 500 Pollution Air -2, Water -1, Garbage 0 Department Park and Rec NO DEPENDENCIES (However the props included in the pack are needed for the functional lots) This is my first upload, so I appreciate feedback. Just in case I have done something silly. I have a Bat thread, so please visit and say hello. http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/64330-bombardieres-london-english-bats/page-2 Enjoy

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