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  1. AndisArt's BAT cookery

    I guess each user will be able to judge if their cities justify to have it as a growable or only a landmark, so I guess the usual method of different files for different lots is more than enough. Now, talking about the quality of the building, are completely indisputable its landmark credentials. Great work!!
  2. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    is there one long time in the works by @Parisian, but it has never been released. While the author is mostly inactive, their profile says was logged last time this sunday, so maybe a polite private message could help a bit.
  3. Introduce Yourself Here!

    I guess the option that means less work for us and the most flexibility for you and the end users is a forum thread with links. Even if it becomes too long, it wouldn't be really more than trivial to re-format it to match the style of an omnibus article, if that is needed or prefered on the future. Oh, and about the topic of the project, I'm sure that @Odainsaker will be happy to contribute with an always interesting historical insight.
  4. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Definitely yes, the Omnibus isn't exclusive to SC4 at all
  5. Jakis'z BAT Thread

    The white one looks simply fantastic, I love it!
  6. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    They all look awesome, but I'm particularly surprised by the realism of the wood packets and the corrugated tubes. If anything, I would tone down the saturation and brightness of the aqua-coloured tubes, but they all look fantastic anyway
  7. Show us your railroads

    That's a really huge trench, and the textures (both of the walls and the rail tracks) are superb, even if only a bit too much new for some uses. Still, I'm eager to see where this development goes!
  8. Introduce Yourself Here!

    This sounds really interesting!!! I would say that, depending on the character of your project, it could be either a City Journal (if you use a game city of your own to give examples), an Omnibus series of articles (if you do it as a guide to build american cities) or as a thread on the Architecture and Urban Planning section.
  9. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    like, funding level? I have never seen such a thing. In any case, they aren't really difficult to manage: what I could recommend you is to overfund them all by a little margin, as generally the population growth enabled by them is more than enough to compensate for the lack of money efficiency.
  10. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    nobody has done that building yet
  11. Should the 5 Star Rating System be Removed on ST ?

    I think this is something we all should ponder too: if the site interface offers the alternative to give good or bad reviews, it is at least somewhat complicated that the site staff reacts promptly against almost every sub-optimal review; is a bit schizoid to see from outside and we should resolve more clearly if we want negative critics to be held or not. This, obviously, is a big part of the problem: by mathematical reasons a single review opposed to the general trend makes a big effect on the average number, and the system that's available works with the average. I'm no administrator nor I know enough about the invision interface or its plugins to say to you "we can change this for a fairer aggregation method", but if it were solely in my hypotetically skilled hands, I would, at least condsider to change the average for a median, disminishing the leverage of radical but isolated votes. At the end, this is just applied statistics and its toolbox is very wide and diverse. I also feel like Tyberius was misunderstood here. Again we found the schizoid issues: just as weird as we accepting but then rejecting low ratings is some user giving a fantastic description of a file and then putting an average rating to it. But as I mentioned before (I think that on other thread), the problem here is that the rating system isn't working as intended: you can barely know the quality of a file seeing its average rating, because most of us give 5 star rates to everything we like and don't rate at all what we don't like; that way, only overly assertive users and trolls give low ratings and reinforce the notion that anything below 5 stars is an aggression to the creator involved. A much more smart usage of the rating system would be to start mentally with the idea of everything deserving 3 stars, and pondering its pros and cons to add or lose stars; with all certitude, not everything on the STEX are magnum opuses (that's not a word, I know) and both users and creators deserve to be informed of that. Thanks for this point! I also think the same, but as I said before, I'm not knowlegdeable enough on the inner workings of the forum interface to know if something like your proposal (or mine ones) are feasible. Up to what I know, we are technically stuck with reviews with star rating, or no reviews nor star ratings. If any, I would keep them both, even if only to save the rating comments, as several of them have a value on its own (for example, including technical suggestions to improve). This is also a really good point! We shouldn't try to judge some abstract value on the creations by such a crude method as to rate them with virtual stars' stickers. Is downright silly if you think enough on it! What I find useful is to judge the objective qualities that aren't artistical in nature: is the lot correctly modded and doesn't break the simulation? That's good. The model lacks correctly aligned shadows and looks like pasted over the landscape? That's bad, even if the intentions of the creator weren't to make a bad building. There are rather obvious ways on which the model could look more realistic, or fitting to the overall design of the game, or more true to it's intended concept? Then we shouldn't rate it as 'perfect', but give it a sub-optimal rating and explain what is lacking and how to improve it. As I said before, you can do this: if you have a rating system that doesn't allow you to distinguish the rated objects by any relevant criteria, then that rating system isn't working, as isn't capturing the impressions or evaluations of its users. There is the need to ask differently or to change the way the responses can be given, to make the system more true to what their users are trying to express through it. And evidently that in this improvement process we can also crash into hard limits given by technical restrictions or unsolvable human behaviours. Well, you can guess that I really have a need for Venezuelan buildings, as I'm trying to make a latin american CJ on a content environment in which the region is severely underrepressented. Those towers match my CBD perfectly and there is a tiny voice on the back of my head screaming "I WANT THEM NOW!!". Given that, I'm more than corporatively interested on promoting @lmca9000's modelling progress, but I cannot act on my own, without consulting and pondering the issues first. Also, as I said on my own review of one of the towers, I'm in complete agreement that those models didn't justify a perfect or near perfect rating. It would be unfair to the efforts lmca is making right now to improve their work --and what a progress!! Their model for the Simón Bolívar Centre is orders of magnitude better and more detailed. If I had given 5 stars to their first creations, how could I give a fair evaluation to a building that's so much better? I cannot break the system and give a 15/5 stars to compensate (I can only joke about it). If, as I said before, I want the rating system to be significative and informative, I have to contribute to it, giving objective evaluations of the different qualities, and reserving the higher ratings only to the most excelent creations, that, as we have seen once and again, can come from the most diverse creators, whom can improve their skills really fast too. That's the kind of relevant information we need now. In any case (and I say it from experience), it would be really simple to click the download button and five seconds after give a completely uninformed rating without checking the file at all, even less to test it in game exhaustively. I'm not saying that this wouldn't be useful at all, but we should couple it with some other effort to compel the users to really try the files they download. Again, I have lots of ideas on how this could be managed at the software level, but having no specific knowledge, those ideas are of almost no utility. Social engineering seems to be the most reasonable route right now.
  12. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    Well, that doesn't look like having worked: with Trump at the White House, the republicans are still enriching themselves and screwing everybody else, while the democrats have used the image of Trump to fidelise most of the younger voters to their side, on which will probably be a lifelong tendency. So yes, the traditional politicians could have had a bad time during the election with Trump campaigning successfully and winning it, but they were also very agile on capitalising on Trump's strengths and weaknesses to their own benefit, and have secured their positions that way.
  13. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    Because the republican electorate doesn't like Pence, nor the republican elite or their agenda; they like Trump and his appeal to the white identity. They know that deposing Trump would alienate their most vocal and activist base, and would warrant them a long time of continuous defeat, and even the tea m risk of being replaced by a far right nationalist party. They rationally prefer to become that party before being replaced by it.
  14. SimCity 3000 Birthday BAT project

    And Jason, Krasner and Shriefer...
  15. Jakis'z BAT Thread

    Looks really nice, with a fantastic treatment of hues and is very close to the original. Only one issue though: the windows on the corner are lit on the side face but not on the front, and that's weird unless there is a diagonal inner wall separaing both windows on different rooms (I guess is not).