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  1. weird, I'm also using Firefox (both in windows and android) with no issues of that kind at all. Well, Firefox 57 beta, which is indeed a big change, so maybe that's a relevant difference...
  2. IRM I-HT GooberGen Labs

    so it's most surely the .dat file. Try moving the sc4lot files out of your plugins folder and try to grow the IRM lot. If it works as intended, you have a functional installation without problems.
  3. IRM I-HT GooberGen Labs

    you will end with two different lots for the same building, one designed for the IRM standards and the other doesn't. Eventually, both could grow at the same time, depending on the stats; if you are using the jobs quadrupler, it is really difficult that this happens, but not impossible.
  4. The PEG snow mod is intended to simulate a just snowed scene, so it replaces most 'open air' textures with a snow texture, as if those surfaces were covered by it. The strange patterns are because it doesn't include all textures, but only the most common ones
  5. Dunno, here is common to see both things very close, even if are barely related and don't work very well (pines tend to damage the soil). In which stage so you think the tomatoes would work better?
  6. This is just a guess, but maybe there's an exemplar that changes the base colour of the water, regardless of the water texture colour. Maybe some water mods haven't changed that exemplar?
  7. Torre Colpatria

    Finally! Nice sudamerican small skyscrapers! Now I can make a realistic looking CBD without those huge towers messing with the overall scale!
  8. North American Freight Cars Prop Pack

    What, this one ethanol plant? http://workingman-productions.co.uk/downloads/wmp_ethanol_plant.asp
  9. I'm not 100% sure about what your problem is. Could you show us some images to understand better?
  10. MGB BATs

    That's surely a progress, now it looks much more volumetric on the canopy and the trunk seems to be adequate to support the tree structure! Maybe what you could experiment is to shorten the entire tree to make it more similar to the arid-climate acacias on the above photos. I don't know the software, but if you can push and pull the canopy volume, you could play a lot with the shape and get interesting results. Oh, and don't worry about the pepper tree, there's no hurry with it. Now, cat sitting? That sounds possibly fun, depending on the cat
    Yay for concrete: nicer, more environmentally friendly, structurally useful and in general more better than best ;p And while the chances of getting a similar mod for the entire RHW are super slim, I still hold the hopes...
  11. Originally in Canada, but now the current servers are in the US
  12. Rivit's Datanode says "Invalid Values"

    relevant link: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=10417.msg498883#msg498883
  13. Strange issue with brown boxes

    http://www.sc4tools.co.uk/sc4t_downloads.asp With this, the files that the game end reading are of the style of D:\docs\Documentos\SimCity 4\Plugins\A.dat or M2.dat or T-U-V-W.dat. That's under 50 characters!
  14. Strange issue with brown boxes

    Further derailing the thread to plugin management, what works for me is Doc Rorlach's DIC, which creates an automatic backup of the plugins folder before datpacking. This allows to datpack only the changed folders (excluding the ones that have to be non packed) and to keep a serviceable version while having a faster, playable plugins folder for ordinary use. It also includes a tool to recommend optimisations of folder numbers and sizes depending on the full weight of the Plugins (which I use) and a downloads manager (which I still don't understand completely).