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  1. To Season or Not To Season

    It's mostly because the weather simulated on the game IS a clear summer day on California, and if you delve more into it, the best way to match deciduous and evergreen flora is by illustrating the deciduous on their summer foilliage, to get a seamless mix. Now, about the idea of using MMPs for the forests, I tend to feel that is a bit too much effort for something that can look great with a good tree controller and some time. I can recommend to use Corina's moisture view mod as a guide to plant forest patches on the terrain without overdoing it (as a rule of thumb, I only plant trees on green or blue areas, increasing density with growing moisture)
  2. To Season or Not To Season

    ¿Are you using a seasonal tree controller? I think making seasonal MMPing it's only worthy if you can blend it with seasonal forests on the fringes of the city. Or maybe I'm being reticent because my only experience is using a very basic graphics rig and having no way to manage a full tile of seasonal props without crashing...
  3. Simmer2's Lots and BATs Lab

    I LOVE that grain bridge and the concept of sending grain by boats on a canal! Maybe I won't use it right now, but it expands significatively the possibilities for using canals outside city centres. For me, it's a must!
  4. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    Wow! Really sweet recreation there! Only a detail (aside from the one by T Wrecks): the slabs between the floors appear to be more pronounced on the original building, almost looking as if there were small balconies (only used to smoke, we know). Maybe it's only an artifact of the low-resolution original model, but maybe you'll find it interesting to consider...
  5. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    wasn't that one of such megapacks that have two documented names but are downloadable only by one of those? I cannot remember for sure, it's almost a year since I've downloaded a megapack...
  6. USA/NATO/Saudi Invasion of Syria imminent?

    I hate giving the reason to the most cynic and anomic position on a debate, but Robert is completely right on this: not even Trump wants to escalate to a nuclear standout, much even less the other guys with nuke toys. This, if much, is going to be just another proxy war in which people from developing countries kill both each other and poor soldiers from imperial nations while we all look the morbid scene from afar and get distracted from issues with real causes.
  7. Has EA ever sold the rights to a game?

    Indeed, probably they would raise the price by only knowing there is somebody interested in paying for the rights
  8. Regional Night View Mod

    Worst thing is that this is almost technically possible. Just try and save a city in night mode when using the Uniform Street Light Mod...
  9. AngryMozart's BAT symphonies

    At least here anything without a barrier on the middle, no matter how much is called a 'highway', has an upper limit of 70 km/h, and that's enough to cause accidents nevertheless.
  10. BSC Sanchez Importing

    Try with this one: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=736
  11. SC4 Future Planning

    Pinging @kotcity on this, not only because of the wishlist theme of the first comments but also because I remember that the original SimCity had a pair of pencil tools to make annotations and draw over the city (or it was only Micropolis?). Anyway, this could be implemented on a more practical way by making a 'virtual' layer to work like a sandbox.
  12. Well, you don't need to reach the 1.0 to have a mostly functional game that is actively used, even more if you don't have a publisher to which present a release candidate version; once again using the example of 0 A.D., they started the development in 2003 and up to today, they haven't even reached the beta release! The current version is the Alpha 22, and the game is completely playable, has several mods of its own, and championships have been held for several years. That's also why I'm also thinking on how design decisions you are taking right now could impact your work for years to come: is more probable that you'll pile up improvements on this version of KC than to make successive versions of the game, and while many things can be changed in an upgrade, some others, as the scale of the game, are easily set in stone on the first alpha versions. In any case, this depends almost entirely on the way you develop, but most game development just works that way, and I suspect it is because of more than simply copying the style from previous devs.
  13. Maybe a good example of this would be the open RTS game 0 A.D., which has a vibrant developer community and is so heavily moddable that is hasn't spawned complete forks, but several big mods that change important parts of the gaming experience. I'm sure that with enough momentum and a critical mass of people collaborating, KC could get to the same level of vitality. Ok, this is great news for the transportation simulation! Just to know, have you thought on including underground parking on buildings as an optional characteristic? That could both free surface space while keeping car commuting viable, and making a more realistic assessment of the real life issues of using the underground space (for example, making almost impossible to build underground metro lines under existing buildings). Nice! About this, it would be great if you also include a climate simulation that considers both temperature and moisture (both things that are indeed simulated in SC4, but with which Maxis did almost nothing), in a way that could influence the availability of underground water, the fitness of the soil to sustain crops, the natural growth of trees and even the placement and costs of buildings (this, if you also include some measure of 'soil hardness'). This can have key effects on the shape of the cities, as Manhattan notably shows (the area between the downtown and the midtown, having soft, sedimentary soils, cannot support skyscrapers). Maybe I'm not understanding this correctly, but this would mean that there won't be regions with multiple cities in them, as in SC4? Personally, that would be my prefered alternative, as I like big regions but have just modest hardware to simulate them. Sorry if I feel somewhat abrasive on this, but I couldn't stress more the convenience of making the resolution of the tiles smaller: SC4 is severely limited by this design option and the amount of work you would need to adjust right now is a tiny fraction of what would be needed on a more advanced stage of the development.
  14. Linus van Pelt's BAT Thread

    Did someone else thought on SimMars? Because that full model would look awesome on Mars!
  15. I guess the cause is that Lincity is outright socialistic on its gameplay: you are the only one responsible for building everything (except slums), having a lot of agency on everything but the kind of residential buildings, while also lacking almost all commercial buildings. Maybe its economical radicallity is due to its underground origins, but what is true is that it doesn't appeal to most users. As the late @A Nonny Moose used to say, SC4 is a 2.5 D game. The buildings you see in the game are basically origami figures made of flat FSH images, with the real 3D models being kept on the creator's computer only. That means that reusing existing SC4 buildings for a true 3D graphic engine is almost impossible, but using them on another isometric game with similar perspective settings is completely feasible with little efforts. For that, I would recommend you to talk with @cogeo and @rivit, both long-time tech geniuses of the community. [see the previous paragraph ] Thinking on this after sending the past comment, I remembered a nice little game-essay on urban segregation, based on the game theory models of Thomas Shelling. Indeed is really easy to simulate segregation, as most of the behaviour is completely emergent, so you only input simple rules and the automatas do the rest. Maybe something along the lines of the sliders on the last examples could be the way to tweak the simulation on KC. It's great to hear that! And about the same theme, traffic is also mostly emergent behaviour in real life, so maybe trying to create a perfect pathfinder wouldn't be only really difficult, but also somewhat self-defeating for a city simulator. If any, drivers are incompletely rational decision-takers who don't know the state of all the alternative routes and choose mainly in virtue of the stated capacity of the networks or in known routes. If you were to do an agent-based simulation (which you won't do) I would recommend you to check this paper on the matter, but a simpler approach would be to make the routes more sensible to nominal capacities and speeds than to the real data on them, or maybe to base the routes on the previous state of the networks (for example, taking the alternative that was the fastest the last day).