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City-building game(s)

Found 22 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    This collection consists three assets: 2 Base Station (1 for 2 lane roads and another 1 for 4 lane or 6 lane roads) 1 Modular Station *Remember to place the modular station with base station correctly or else the building will not working. I' m not good at design models. If you think the model i made is dumb, feel free to get the templates of the station from the source code below to apply your new design on the station. It will be great if you decide to share your new design onto the web. Source Code: https://github.com/Nksheng/Cargo-Exchange-Modular-Elevated-Cargo-Train-Terminal
  2. Airport and Neighborhood

    Hello guys! This is the latest shot from Bellingham. And this will be the first stop from this entry. Today we will be talking about the airport. These are the three avenues that give you access to the airport at this moment. In red, we have Avenida 8 de Março. Yellow is Avenida Metropolitana Black is D. Pedro II Avenue. A huge infrastructure including a train line (Line D) A elevated station named after the avenue, Carlos Prates Station. And a expressway (Avenida 8 de Março) were created for accommodate the airport and give access to all the city zones. Photo from one of the intersections from Avenida 8 de Março Intersection between Avenida 8 de Março and Avenida D. Pedro II The Terminal station "Aeroporto" is The terminal of the line D of the Train. It was constructed with big parking lots and capacity for another future transit lines, like the Pedro II Avenue Monorail, that will link the airport to Vila Olympia. The airport itself has 2 terminals and a 2km runway. A new neighborhood, a new infrastructure!
  3. Car Ferry Terminal

    Version 1.0.0


    Car Ferry Terminal, by Mattb325. --------------------------------------- While I quite like the look of the Maxis Car Ferry Terminal, after almost 15 years of seeing the same ferry building in game, it's time for an upgrade. This is a fictional building which I made for that purpose. While the lot conforms to the existing Maxis Car Ferry Terminal, it does not replace the in-game building. It is also slightly easier to place along the shore line - if you have ever placed the in-game version, you will have no problems using this lot as the principles are identical. Additionally, it uses standard maxis pavement textures (rather than a batted base like the in game version) so the lot will blend in with any sidewalk mods that you have. Just like the ingame lot, this lot is transit enabled for road, and as long as you draw the road into the lot, cars will drive through the building. Car Ferry buildings are a great alternative/supplement to bridges, and I use them to ease congestion on the road network. Please note the Car Ferry Terminal is a separate network from the Passenger Ferry Terminal. Ferries that leave from a passenger ferry terminal do not use a car ferry terminal and vice versa. Now, this is no different from the function in the vanilla rush-hour game, but as there are so few custom ferry terminals available for download, it is important to point out. Therefore, I recommend placing this at least twice in any city tile (on opposite shorelines) to get use. The ferry terminal is a modern building with a bar and restaurant on the upper levels. It has similar stats in terms of capacity and monthly cost to the Maxis Car Passenger Ferry Terminal, but provides a few more jobs. It is also limited to a maximum of 16 terminals per city tile and both this building and the in-game car ferry terminal count towards the 16 terminal number. Obviously it is found in the water transit section of the transportation menu and obviously it can only be placed in a city where in-game water is present; it does not work on canals or ploppable water. It has been tested to work in Vanilla (Rush Hour) and various NAM releases, up to NAM 35. --------------------------------------- STATS: Lot size : 3x5 Plop Cost: §150 Bulldoze Cost: §10 Occupant Groups: Transportation, Strikable Transit, Ferry, Car Ferry, Water Transit Catalog Capacity: 1,000 Wealth: Medium Wealth Demand Created: Jobs§§§: 1, Jobs§§: 8, Jobs§: 18. Pollution: Air 1 over 1 tiles, Water 1 over 1 tiles, Garbage 1 over 0 tiles Power consumed: 10 MwH Water consumed: 38 Gallons/Month --------------------------------------- NOTE ABOUT DARK NITE vs MAXIS NITE: This download contains TWO file types in two seperate folders; one for dark nite users (and other night-time darkening mods, such as Gizmos night-mod) and one for the standard Maxis nite. You must choose only one file - depending on which version you use. If you are unsure whether you have a night-darkening mod installed, then choose the Maxis night version. If you use the dark nite version, you will need a dark nite mod. (http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/23089-simfox-day-and-nite-modd/) --------------------------------------- DEPENDENCIES: This file requires the following dependency: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27915-cruise-ship-terminal/ You can delete the main model and lot files if you wish not to use the cruise ship terminal, but be absoluetly sure to keep the two files marked 'Mattb325_RetainingWall-xxxxxxxx' If you do not download these, the ferry building will appear to float above the water. --------------------------------------- To install, simply unzip the contents of this file into your plugins folder. Thanks.
  4. With the Principauté de Caravella-Guatalaga being a group of islands, travelling to mainland Europe is vital to the economy of the Principauté. In the past 10 years air travel has become the main way of transport from Port de Caravella to Mainland Europe, but the 'good old' ferry is still very popular with transport companies and locals. In the late 70's of last century, the local governement turned an abandoned part of the port into a Passenger Terminal to accomodate the growing number of people using the various ferry services. Today, the Passenger Terminal is still looking the same on the outside, but has completely been renewed on the inside. Port de Caravella is connected by ferry to 4 destinations on the European mainland. These destinations are Marseille (France), San Sebastian (Spain), Porto (Portugal) and Lisbon (Portugal). The services are operated by Trasmediterranea, an Acciona company. Replies @_Michael i believe that the platforms are part of the St. Paola Train Station @Takingyouthere@feyss @JP Schriefer @MushyMushy @whiteshark365 @raynev1 Thanks so much for positive feedback - glad you all enjoy it. @kschmidt The Ritz project is interesting to use, thanks for the tip! @sucram17 the tram is part of the nice work done by Simmer2 @mike_oxlong there is not much to teach ... i'm not using mods so it's a matter of creating a lot with various base textures, overlayers and props ... Next to the Ferry Passenger Terminal is also a Cruise Ship Terminal which can accomodate small and medium cruise ships that visit the Principauté de Caravella-Guatalaga on a regular basis. If you like it, let me know!
  5. Version


    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Unlike most BATs I've released, this particular BAT has not yet been featured, but in any case is one of Scott City's main Spaceport Terminals on the colony of Terra Nova. One of the many terminal and port structures that serve and connect Terra Nova's capital to the wider galaxy, it holds the passenger terminals, civilian immigrations processing, terminal security and the spaceport's tower control center and communications array. While not the only terminal structure on the spaceport, it does however house the control tower which keeps contact with airliners and ships that cross within the spaceport's control/contact radius. Fun Fact: This BAT is rendered in HD. Just thought it'd be fun... In-game demonstration Attention! This BAT currently only uses the dark-nite lighting system, and a maxis-nite version will come shortly after. Attention! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Basic Lot information: Lot Size - 3x9 (overhanging prop) Type - Landmark Landmark Effect - 30 Plop Cost - §65,000 Monthly Cost - §130 Dependencies METMW: Prop Pack Alpha (1.2 or later) METMW: Cision Motors Skycars + Hover Pickup Truck Light Replacement Mod - Belgium Set SNM Security Fences v2 (v1.0) SimFox Day and Nite Modd (Optional) Installation Unzip all contained files into your SC4 plugins folder. When organizing the files, preferably put all folders and files contained in the zip file in a common folder [labelled to said author/group/project label ie. ME:TMW] to avoid future confusion. Author's Note **When releasing a lot of which includes this or any ME:TMW Project BAT (an exception for ME:TMW Prop Pack models from packs ie. METMW Prop Pack Alpha), contact me for permission before releasing the lots. Ideally, when a lot using this prop is released, list this items as a dependency and link it to this page for download** Problems? **Contact me if there are any problems, whether comment below or PM!** _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Regional Bus Terminal



    Regional Bus Terminal Hello Simtropians!, Today I Present you The Regional Bus Terminal This is another lot made by me, in which it consist of a regular bus terminal but with much detail and bigger in size. The Bus Terminal is located in the transportation menu. I give fully credit to CP, VIP, ace_bovenopdeberg, and shokthrpy for their the bat buildings, textures and props. Amesowe creations by the way guys! Dependencies: Simfox Trees http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/21640-simfox-treepack-2/ ACB VLT Terminals and Jets Series 1 part 2 http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/18479-acb-vlt-terminals-and-jets-series-1-part-2/ Network Addon Mod http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/26793-network-addon-mod-for-windows-installer-off-site-link/ Bus Prop Pack 1 http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/21968-bus-prop-pack/ BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1180 VIP CarPackMMP vol1 http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/26808-vip-carpackmmp-vol1/ SHK Parking Pack http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27563-shk-parking-pack/ BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 02 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2790 Any concern just PM me and I would try my best of what I can do.
  7. In the previous entry I've showed you guys the Passenger Terminal, but of course there is more to do in and around the commercial harbor. The Container Terminal is the main point for all general cargo transshipment handlings. The Container Terminal as an important transit point for transport of bulk and other goods between the European continent and the Principauté. The port is operated by the Port de Caravella Port Authority, originally a municipal body of Port de Caravella, but since 1 January 2004, a government corporation jointly owned by Port de Caravella and the Principauté de Caravella-Guatalaga. @feyss @JP Schriefer @mike_oxlong @kschmidt @_Michael @whiteshark365 @vinlabsc3k @kingofsimcity @Urban Constanta @Ln X @raynev1 : Merci! Next to the Container Terminal is also the Cruise Ship Terminal which can accomodate small and medium cruise ships that visit the Principauté de Caravella-Guatalaga on a regular basis. If you like it, let me know!
  8. Port de Caravella Container Terminal 3

    From the album Krisman's Album

    © Krisman

  9. Port de Caravella Container Terminal 4

    From the album Krisman's Album

    © Krisman

  10. Port de Caravella Container Terminal 5

    From the album Krisman's Album

    © Krisman

  11. Ferry Passenger Terminal 1

    From the album Krisman's Album

    © Krisman

  12. Ferry Passenger Terminal 2

    From the album Krisman's Album

    © Krisman

  13. Ferry Passenger Terminal 3

    From the album Krisman's Album

    © Krisman

  14. Ferry Passenger Terminal 4

    From the album Krisman's Album

    © Krisman

  15. Maxis Seaport Stage 3 Re-lot

    Version 1.0.0


    The Seaport Re-lot file is based on the stage 3 seaport as saved from the Maxis Lot Editor. I could not save and load either stage 1 or 2. The maximum capacity was realized for stage 1 in-game but no upgrade was automated. There are 2 lots in this zip file. One lot is the seaport at stage 3 as is, and the 2nd lot is the expanded version I made using the Lot Editor. The user interface of both lots report about 50% efficiency, but neither reports any usage of capacity. NO DEPENDENCIES MAXIS SEAPORTS According to the BSC Seaport Controller "If your seaport funding is 100%, and the usage exceeds 95%, the seaports will upgrade on their own." BSC Seaport Development Project Version 3.1 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1663 However, with the PEG CDK Seaport Controller also installed, no such effect was realized. As well, prior to installing either the BSC or PEG mods, the seaport did not upgrade automatically. Following is a list of resources used in the creation of the preview images: Drunken Water Mods, The Blues and Greys. In HD! PEG CDK3 SP Container Seaport 110 Lighthouse 2x2 Lot Pack 1.0.1 Stanley Seawalls 1.0.0 BSC Ploppable Ships (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2406 Container Carrier 1 PEG CDK3 SP Ploppable Ships Pack 1 1 Authentic Shipping Containers 1.0 Neither of the 2 lots in this zip file replace the in-game stage 1 seaport and will appear in the seaport menu with their own unique icons. The stage 1 seaport should be used as the primary seaport for the purpose of moving freight. The stage 3 lots are intended more for the purpose of creating an active and visually complex seaport.
  16. E06 - 2 districts, 1 terminal

    Back again with episode 6 - this time around I made sure I got some districts done, along with a custom cargo train terminal. Hopefully you all enjoy
  17. Hi, I just started to play sim city cot and here come my first questions which are related to transportations: tourists (=shoppers?) 1.) The game says that a municipal airports and ferry terminals would bring tourists to my city. Is the amount of those tourists somehow related to the population of the region/other cities/the amount of other municipal airports or ferry terminals in other cities within the region? If the answer is yes, it would be not recommendable to make a tourist city in a region where no other cities exist, right? Also if the answer is yes, can they also bring tourists from another city-cluster in the region (another great-works-group)? commuters 2.) Apart from the highway, commuters can come to your city by train, ferry or by airship. Does a city, which sends these commuters, also have to have a ferry terminal, airship or train station? In my recent region, I had 2 cities which were only connected by railway and they had students commuting although one of these cities did not have a train station. tourists from the great works (space center and international airport) 3.) How do these actually come to my city? Just by highway or also by train/ferry/mun. airport? Thank you in advance!
  18. Kamiyama Airport

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall Of Fame from winning Weekly Challenge #5 | Best Airport Image
  19. FrankU Dutch Cruise Terminal

    Version V1.0


    This Dutch Cruise Terminal is part of my set of Dutch Reward Lots that replace the Maxis Rewards. This one obviously replaces the Maxis Cruise Terminal, which is probably the worst lot Maxis provided. The stats are exactly the same. The Cruise Terminal comes in two styles, each in two flavors: The first style is the main Lot. I used airport terminal props for a high tech look and a scale that fits to the size of the ships, because the cruise ships are terribly under scaled if you compare them with the default Maxis props like cars, buildings and people. And as you need to download the SOMY set anyway (if you use flavour 1), I also provided a simple Reward version of the cruise terminal that SOMY provided. The lot is one large prop anyway. You may only use one of these at the same time, because they all replace the same lot and hence they have the same TGI's. Dependencies: SOMY Cruise Terminal AC Mega Props vol 02 AC Mega Props vol 03 AC Mega Props vol 09 BSC_TexturePack_Cycledogg_V 01b BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol01 Have Fun! FrankU
  20. Paeng's Regional Bus Terminal

    Version 1.2


    First of all, the Kudos - to Voltaire and Ace Bovenopdeberg for creating the fantastic airport props. And to SimcityFuturist, who came up with the (brilliant) idea to turn some of them into a large Bus Terminal. Now for myself I wanted the terminal more modular (my pet peeve ;-) and also better fitting into a more suburban setting, as the current design rather has a strong 'inner city' feel to it. So here is my re-lot of SimcityFuturist's Regional Bus Terminal - with a few additional wrinkles... ;-) LIST OF ITEMS * 14x5 - main Bus Terminal * 14x2 - Bus Parking (large) * 7x2 - Bus Parking (small) See Dev Notes below for more details. DEPENDENCIES * ACB VLT Terminals and Jets Series 1 part 2 See Readme/Installation Guide for a comprehensive list of needed models! * Bus Prop Pack 1 by Glenni The rest are my usual suspects - * SHK Parking Pack * Paeng Texture Pack v104 * SG 01 Megapack * Porkie Props Vol 01 UPDATES: 1) It was suggested to raise the capacity to 35.000 to be more compatible with NAM values (new: v1.1). 2) Better texture for pedestrian crossing added (new: v1.2) DEVELOPER NOTES Once you installed the ACB VLT Pack, you'll have a huge chunk (20Mb) of models, props and lots in you plugins - but use barely 10% of them (unless you build those airports as well)... See the included Installation Guide (PDF) with a precise listing of the needed items. You'll be able to reduce that complex bundle to a tight 2Mb and free your menus from any items you do not use! So what else is different in this pack? * Smaller footprint - the lot has been resized to 14x5 (before: 14x9). * Modular - instead is has now separate Bus Parking (14x2 or 7x2) for more flexible layouts; in tight spots you could even skip them, e.g. to replace them with underground parking or similar. * More Capacity - the terminal now has a capacity of 35.000 (before: 1.000), so there should be no more traffic jams. Note: Capacity was raised in v1.1 * Added COM Boost - it also gives a slight boost to nearby COM. * Added Jobs - the additional Bus Parking has no traffic switches, but generates some jobs (80 or 40 CS$$). Naturally, you can also use the Bus Parking strips as standalone items (without the Terminal). If you do so, plop any Bus Stop(s) of your choice to provide traffic switching capabilities. * Mac Capacity Bug - fixed in this version. * Complete re-lot - to match the new footprint. Gives it a less 'inner city' feeling, so it's also suitable for more suburban areas. * Reduced dependencies - you can skip the Simfox Trees, BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01, BSC MEGA Props CP Vol02, VIP CarPack vol1... even the NAM is not mandatory any more. Big deal, you might say - but hey, less dependencies always feels safer - after all, we never know what the guy next door uses (or not)... ;-) * MMP friendly occupant sizes - to add more trees and greenery, just use any from your own arsenal of MMPs. You find all items at or near the end of the 'Transportation | Miscellaneous' menu. INSTALLATION Unzip the whole bundle into "(My )Documents/Plugins". To uninstall, bulldoze any instance of this lot in your city, then remove the file(s) from your Plugins. CREDITS Thanks to the folks at simpeg.com for valuable feedback! :-) SUPPORT Should you need support for these items please visit the Paeng Production Forum Enjoy!
  21. Hello everybody. Today I am presenting you Puglia International Airport at Puglia Country. Firstly where is this imaginary country? It is located on Pasific ocean at 550 km (340 miles) west of Los Angeles. Puglia Country is actually the 51 st state of United States of America. Anyway Puglia International is really important form Puglia Country citizens. Thats why the citizens want to have one of the best airport in their country. This airport has 4 runways. Runway 17/35 is available for all kind of aircrafts for landing and takeoff BUT because of the mountains at approaching from 35, only small aircrafts can land from 35. Runway 09/27 is the longest and newest runway of the airport. Also this runway is perpendicular to all other 3 runways. Runway 18L/36R and 18R/36L are the oldest runways of the airport. Only professional or experienced pilots were allowed to takeoff/land B747 and B777 when there were only these 2 runways. Still today big aircrafts like B747 and B777 cannot land and take off from 18R/36L. PART 1 : Domestic Terminal / Small Aircraft Area / Aircraft Fuel Center This is domectic terminal. It has 54 spots for MD80, MD90, small commuter jets, B737 and Airbus A320/321. The terminal is parallel to Runway 17/35. So that these small aircrafts can land and takeoff without entering the international terminal's ground traffic. The biggest customers of this terminal are Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Virgin, Continental, United and U.S. Airways. The carpark is allowed more than 2000 cars. Fuel center and small aircraft area. This area is at north of the domestic terminal.The Fuel Center is created by myself on SC4 Lot Editor. The airport is creating its own aircraft fuel and sell it to airline companies with less expensive. So that airline companies can use bigger aircrafts like B777 and B747. This is also bring more tourists to country. Now let me you with other photos of domestic terminal ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF PUGLIA INTERNATIONAL PART 2. Cargo Terminal and Aircraft Parking Area. I hope you enjoyed.

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