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  1. Melbourne

    Oh yeah mate, that's a greeeeat job as always! I was waiting for a full view of Melbourne with Reddonquixote's BATs, pretyy nice! How about Brisbane for your next Australian city?
  2. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    Some Old pictures from various downtowns I made back in the day for my CJ San Theodoros
  3. Show us your tropical scenes!

    I second Whte_rbt on that Korver... that's unfair! Still, I lost my pictures as they were hosted on photobucket. I guess it's not a bad idea to bring them back to life so... here they are
  4. Australia

    Ohh maaaate! The great barrier is SPECTACULAR!
  5. Rio de Janeiro

    The Wonderful city deserved a wonderful work! Amazing job!
  6. 26-story building collapses in São Paulo

    I think it's one of the first buildings to ever collapse in a fire since 9/11. I'm always astonished when this kind of event happens as a building is supposed to resist a fire. Still, I remember walking by that tower when I was in Sao Paulo and it was the tallest squatter building I've ever seen, it was in pretty bad shape, it's a miracle ''only'' 2 people died in that accident.Very dad moment
  7. mipro

    That building is a beauty, I might head to Detroit this year for my job I can't wait to see all your creations in RL
  8. Project: Monaco - A Community Series

    Can't wait to see your take on Fontvieille Good luck on your project it looks very very promising !
  9. Krasner B.A.T. thread

    Yes indeed I used to live right next to the Chateau Lumiere
  10. Krasner B.A.T. thread

    Great job Reminds me a lot of my 17 years spent in Lyon. Not my type of building, I play mostly with Latin American content, but it doesn't prevent me from admiring your talent and your work Great job, would love to see more!
  11. Torres Atrio

    As far as I know this is still under construction. You managed to make an amazing model without even knowing how the completed complex looks like in real life. Great job as always! Would love to see more Bogota or Colombian buildings, especially some residentials
  12. Maloskero's Brazilian BAT's

    Glad to see you back I can't wait to see what you have in stock
  13. Canada

    My old home of Quebec City and my Montreal amazing! I can even see my former office Great job my friend! the small recreation of Yellowknife is also a gem, small but effective, very well balanced and the snowy effect is perfect!
  14. New Zealand

    The most beautiful country in the world deserved the best recreation, you did it brilliantly!