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  1. New Zealand

    The most beautiful country in the world deserved the best recreation, you did it brilliantly!
  2. "Scoty Modular Airport" project

    Looks promising! Bonne chance!
  3. The Lat Am Project: Historic Pack 2

    Great job my friend!
  4. Los Angeles

    Great screenshot of GTA V! Amazing job as always especially on Venice Beach, you can really feel the SoCal atmosphere. On the Hollywood Hills picture, you did a great use of the Maxis vanilla buildings, but I think it's a little repetitive, you could have mixed it with some of the mansions from CSX's rewards pack, the Latin Mansions from LBT's residential pack and Mattb325's Texas mansions. Some of the Mansions in the Hills are not this big (just the price tag), but they coexist with big mammoths that generally belong to business people, politicians and celebs. Those mansions have pools, tennis courts, gardens, patios and they are pretty huge, hence, the use of other files to create some diversity. Kingofsimcity made a great mod to replace the vanilla mansions. You can see the possibilities, even using the vanilla mansions, to create some diversity, starting with a 2x2, and going up to 4x6 lots. But that's just my opinion, your work is amazing as always and I know the difficulties of working with the LE on a hillside terrain
  5. Mushy's Random BATs

    Looking greaaaat!
  6. Hong Kong

    What a coincidence! I was listening to Cantonese music this morning! And then I see this... Great job!! Only problem is that people drive on the other side of the road in HK but that's a mere detail
  7. Pāhili,Hawaii-A fictional Hawaiian island

    Looks very promising indeed! Can't wait to see more! Good luck brah !
    1. Jasoncw


      Thanks! *:thumb:

    2. korver


      Thank you very much Bastet *:)

    3. Diego Del Llano

      Diego Del Llano

      Thanks <3 !!! 

  8. Ancient Egypt

    My reaction when I saw that beauty... I seriously thought you couldn't do better when I saw your last upload. I guess I was wrong. Amazing job and this comes from an Ancient Egypt fan
  9. Torre Colpatria

    A very nice surprise! Great job! I'd love to see more Colombian or LATAM buildings
  10. Tour of Africa: Southern Africa

    Great job! Just suggestions but, it could have been nice to use CSX's props, he made very decent colonial dutch houses and farmhouses that you can find in Western Cape as well as a few Zulu/Xhosa style houses. But your models are much better in terms of quality The slum picture looks nice, although I'd say it belongs to some parts of Western Africa or DR Congo rather than Western Cape. The climate is partly Mediterranean in Cape Town, you won't see coconut trees and so many bushes and trees in the slums, and the floor is mostly sand and dirt. Apart from that, it's an amazing work as always
    A great job as always!! Thank you
  11. Ancient Ruins - Pt. II

    Briiiiilliant! The Pompeii scene might be one of your best works so far with homemade custom content!
  12. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I knew there was an NDEX in the name!! Thanks a lot mate!
  13. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hey everyone! Looking for this colorful condo building, I really can't remember its name Also, if anyone has this building in its plugin folder, let me know, I have been looking for this bad boy for a long time! Thanks a lot!