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  1. Torre Colpatria

    A very nice surprise! Great job! I'd love to see more Colombian or LATAM buildings
  2. Tour of Africa: Southern Africa

    Great job! Just suggestions but, it could have been nice to use CSX's props, he made very decent colonial dutch houses and farmhouses that you can find in Western Cape as well as a few Zulu/Xhosa style houses. But your models are much better in terms of quality The slum picture looks nice, although I'd say it belongs to some parts of Western Africa or DR Congo rather than Western Cape. The climate is partly Mediterranean in Cape Town, you won't see coconut trees and so many bushes and trees in the slums, and the floor is mostly sand and dirt. Apart from that, it's an amazing work as always
    A great job as always!! Thank you
  3. Ancient Ruins - Pt. II

    Briiiiilliant! The Pompeii scene might be one of your best works so far with homemade custom content!
  4. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I knew there was an NDEX in the name!! Thanks a lot mate!
  5. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hey everyone! Looking for this colorful condo building, I really can't remember its name Also, if anyone has this building in its plugin folder, let me know, I have been looking for this bad boy for a long time! Thanks a lot!
  6. Show us your money!

    Another try 3rd series of the Nuevo Rican Peso
  7. Ancient Ruins

    Excellentisssimo! Great work, I couldn't wait to see that as I was planning to work on something like that myself for my old CJ (not as good of course)!
  8. South Asia

    If True Earth doesn't get at least a Trixie I'm leaving Simtropolis. I don't think I'm taking a lot of risks by saying that. An amazing job as always I can't wait to see more!
  9. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    @EvansRE4 The first building is from Thailand, given the low number of Thai Batters, I'll take a wild guess and say it by on001222. Some of his files were lost when the website changed (or maybe he took them down voluntarily). You can ask him for the file. I really can't remember the last building, though I'm 100% sure it's on the STEX, maybe something by the NDEX team (O'neill, Equinox, N747, Dusktrooper). Good luck on your hunt
  10. Show Us Your License Plates!

    New set of license plates from Nuevo Rico, South America.
  11. Show us your money!

    Working on a new project, meanwhile, had a little fun.. The 2nd series of the Pesos banknotes from Nuevo Rico
  12. Reddonquixote's BAT thread

    Well, although the textures are slightly brighter than the original, condo buildings in many regions of Brazil are covered in ceramic tiles that are bright and reflect the sunshine which makes the building super shiny at some times of the day, in that sense that's a pretty realistic texturing
  13. Update: Site Issues Now Resolved!

    Same thing just happened to me with Silur's account
  14. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hey guys! Anyone with a working link or a backup of the Osaka Expo '70 stadium by ks_jpn? Thanks in advance!