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City-building game(s)

Found 39 results

  1. Transit King is now out!

    Hello again, Simtropolis!I asked about your interest in joining our Pioneer program a while ago, and here's the result - partly thanks to you! Our first mobile tile, a sandbox tycoon game “Transit King” is now available for iOS and Android. It's a free-to-play game about transporting goods and commuters the way you want. You start with just a few slow trucks and build a transport empire by completing city requests and helping them grow. We’re huge fans of Transport Tycoon and other tycoon titles, and Transit King is our version of that proper free-form sandbox game, but for mobile devices and players in mind. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...es.transitkingApple AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/fi/app/transit-king/id1311511672 Link to the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Be9fsplJnyISo thank you again and hope you'll check the game out and enjoy it!MattiCommunity ManagerBON Games
  2. Megacity Builder

    Hey my game just went live on Steam. I've been working on the series since 2009. A city builder that has all the bells and whistles you know and love with one twist. In Megacity Builder you build a whole nation not just a city. Pass laws at the national level. Fiddle with the budgets at the city level. Build cities like in classic city builders while producing resources to feed your massive capital. Massive game world to keep you busy building for many hours. 1) A city builder where you build not just a city but a whole nation. 2) Procedurally generated maps. 3) Subways, disasters, plumbing, everything you'd expect in a city builder. 4) Research products to sell on the world market. 5) Produce everything from tomato soup to jumbo jets. 6) Build rural towns to produce resources. 7) Build factory complexes at the capital. 8) Enact laws and national programs. 9) 190,000 tiles to build on. A truly massive game world. 10) Diplomacy with other nations 11) Trade resources with your neighbours. 12) Sandbox game play, be a peaceful nation or build a military. 13) Generous money supply, keep building not waiting. http://store.steampowered.com/app/630360/Megacity_Builder/ I hope you enjoy it. I enjoyed making it.
  3. Hi All, I know, I will find everything in the internet, but it is for me extremely time consuming, and I would like to come fast to the point. Since a long time already I want to use some specific mods to SimCity 4, and I would like to pay around 30 EUR for someone who would like to help me with that. 1. Using SimCity 4 with European Buildings, Streets etc. + in general how to enrich building library with landmarks and so on. 2. Adjusting the size of the cities - I saw very large cards on the internet, but don't know how to create those. 3. Different Architecture over the time: I know there is a functionality that changes the architecture of new buildings over the time. I would like to do this in an european style. If you would like to help me, let me know here, a skype session would be the best to go through the installation process etc. If you want more money, let me know. The payment would work via an official ebay display, to ensure everything is set up properly. Philipp
  4. Hello! Although I have an odd feeling that no one will reply or bother to look at this thread, I would like to notify everyone that I am starting up a semi-serious simcity private region on Europe West 1. If you wish to join then add my origin: BulletFilter If you have any questions feel free to ask them with a simple reply. Thank you for taking the time to view this 3/7 CITIES CURRENTLY IN USE
  5. Lake Linnaewen

    Another user suggested to see an island somewhere, so here is a mysterious little island in a lake, recently discovered. Apparently our pioneers in Nurn aren't the first inhabitants of this rugged coastline. Lake Linnaewen is pretty far off the beaten path, but there's almost two whole islands in this lake! In the treeless tundra of the NW, very little action occurs aside from the usual Caribou migrations. and yet here lies a curious little place. One island, and another just barley attached to the mainland buy a sliver of a sandbar. Some little abandoned settlement leaves its remains on two islands along side some strange and rare species of trees. The lost village has no vestige of its past, however for some reason it's fields look nicely tilled and still growing crops. Hmm... No memory of the adjacent island either. Both remain shrouded in mystery, as any evidence of what happened to this colony was lost long ago. However the towering stone monument has a strange ancient aura about it... Thats all for now. Let me know what of Gorgoroth you want to see in the future! Oh, and here's a bonus region view for you all! (Here is a 4824x3000 version of the image of below)
  6. Welcome to Gorgoroth County

    Gorgoroth County is the region of an unnamed state/country/principality/whatever. The big picture doesn't matter here, only the local politics of the (hopefully) happy Sims of the Gorgoroth region. Gorgoroth County is governed within the small town of Nurn. Nurn currently oversees a few farming townships on its outskirts, along with a vast wilderness spread across the multitude of bays fjords and islands around and to the west of Nurn, and the stout but rugged western slope of the Ephel Dúath mountains, to the east of Nurn. Nurn is on the western edge of a large bay, the bay being on the western edge of an even greater body of water. Let's call it an ocean, and leave it unnamed to further disconnect ourselves from the troubles of the world. This picture is about the local affairs of the many rugged opportunists living on the edge of an uncharted wilderness. Let's see how this small town grows, and as a primary influence to the people of Nurn, let me know your thoughts on the happenings of the town and how it should grow. Wherever Gorgoroth is, it is in some sort of democracy. So don't feel afraid if you feel something should change or want something to happen yourself! Here we begin in central Gorgoroth County. As you can see the land is mostly uncharted far past the small settlements dotting the landscape. However the slowly growing urban landscape will soon delve into the great beyond. The central city is small now (this picture was taken before the above region view) but has all the necessities. The largest project undertaken was the 4 building schoolhouse located at the highest point on the island, education staying a step ahead to accommodate the rapidly growing township. Most of the land in Nurn is too soggy ordry for farming, two extremes with no in between, so other economic opportunities are being brainstormed. Some growth is happening in nearby cities as well. Thats all for the intro. Let me know how I'm doing and what you want to see in future updates! New update coming soon.
  7. Hello, I purchased Sim City 4 from Orion and I am very disappointed. First of all I installed gmax. Mods work in my plugins folder but BATs do not show up. I tried installing SC4 BAT Installer and it claims I do not have Sc4 Deluxe installed when clearly I do. So I see in the drive SC4 is installed within the folder Orion Games. I moved it out to directly in my Programs folder and now the screen is just a box when I play the game. Cant get BATs to even be in the game menu is the issue. What in the world is going on... thanks
  8. Hello Simtropolis! It has been awhile since I posted anything to this site. I have been busy with real life and attempting countless times to perfect my region. But here it is! Finally. With this City Journal I am interested in updates from the role of a planner who works for the city, but that will come later after a few introductory updates. Welcome to Algonquin City! - thanks, canadiansim -
  9. Algonquin City [Update 1]

    Hello Simtropolis! It has been awhile since I posted anything to this site. I have been busy with real life and attempting countless times to perfect my region. But here it is! Finally. With this City Journal I am interested in updates from the role of a planner who works for the city, but that will come later after a few introductory updates. Welcome to Algonquin City! - thanks, canadiansim -
  10. Bipin's Gas Stations

    Version 1.0.0


    The time has come. In the works for nearly a year and subject to a great deal of interest, my latest creation has finally seen the light of day on Simtropolis. They were previously released on SC4D's LEX, but I had decided to bring them over to the STEX as a little Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus surprise! These gas stations are my answer; my fulfillment of the need for up-to-date service center BATs. After searching through the community's various SimCity exchanges, I was surprised to see a location as prolific as the gas station had been severely neglected. Included in this package are seven gas station lots, found in various states of disrepair, akin to the real-life examples that inspired this project. Of the seven lots, six are standalone 3x2 lots. One additional set of pumps is included on a 3x1 lot; perfect for placing beside a large mall or big-box store. Each lot may be found in the power menu under orange gas pump icons. If you wish to create more lots, the props are easy accessible in lot editor under the "bipin_" or "bipinprops_" prefixes. Additionally, a .png for the lot icon is included, to better help organize your own stations. Thank you for looking. I hope you enjoy these BATs; it has been quite a while since I've participated in the community, specifically over here at ST, beyond just using the chatroom. I'm glad to be back (although university is keeping me busy). Note: 1 dependency is required (SHK Parking Pack). It has been added as a linked file.
  11. For anyone having trouble getting sim city 4 to work on modern machines, watch this video
  12. South City (4) - Update

    Just an update to bump this thing. Uploaded 2 videos since last update.
  13. My Origin Account I.D. : Cloudyspiderman
  14. 3D Camera Mod for SimCity 4

    Version 1.0


    Version 1.0 Finally Released!!!! Scroll down to see change log for Version 1.0 This is the real, legit SimCity 4 3D Camera Mod; It allows you to finally run SimCity 4 in Full 3D.(the other one is a fools joke, this one's real!) I found that in the DAT file editor, after hours there was a way to make the game full 3D, and I was able to write a code for a special engine to actually render this game in 3D! Obviously, this game wasn't designed to run in full 3D, so there are a few limitations. So first, there are a few minor Bugs/Limits, nothing too bad (Most of these are fixed in the first version!) - Sims appear over 9 feet tall; I don't know how to fix that. - Zones tend to clip into the ground sometimes - No 3D Region view - Large maps run extremely slow, even in my system (GTX 980 SLI) around 2-3 fps - There is no sky above (obviously since it's not meant for 3D), and there's no way of adding a skybox. This mod is best for screen shots for SC4 journals, and that's it. - Crashes every 2-3 minutes - Is not playable after around 1000 Sims - May cause permanent map corruption (BACK UP YOUR REGION BEFORE INSTALLING THIS MOD!) - Clouds don't work - Shadows only work in Software mode - U-Drive it mode is unplayable 9/10 times - Night Lights don't work - Back of building models missing - Crashes during start-up about 90% of the time - God mode doesn't work - Saving crashes the game - Exiting to region crashes the game - Exiting game crashes the game - Taking screenshots crashes the game - Taking Print-Screen screenshots crashes the game (It took me hours just to get the screenshot you see above) - Taking a pic of the monitor with your iPhone/camera crashes the camera and game. - NAM/RHW/NWM crashes the game, but does work sometimes - All tree mods crash the game - Some buildings are missing textures and may appear as perfect 3D brown boxes. If you see one, back slowly away and don't make any sudden movements. - Animals in God mode crashes the game - Mayor mode doesn't work (Crashes if you click on anything) - Some LODs look like Nintendo and PS1 graphics in a blender and thrown up - Mountains don't work - Hills and valley have several glitches - Water may not be wet enough - Grids crash the game - Opening an existing city crashes the game - Boats look like they're floating in the air - Airplanes don't work - Particles don't work - Bull dozer crashes the game and doesn't work - May cause minor frustration - Sim-Mode crashes at selection screen, if it does work, it'll crash at the panel - Region-view crashes even in 2D for no reason - The introduction still work - Disasters work but game crashes when clicking the disaster button about 99% of the time - Obliterate City Crashes the game - Reconcile button crashes the game (Even staring at it will crash the game) - Mayor panel and taxes may crash the game - Music doesn't work, turning it on crashes the game - Sound does work but may sound like in a blender, and causes CTD - Street signs labels doesn't work - May do nothing a few times - Uses only one-core of a CPU - If you crash a plane into a building like 9/11 in the 3D U-Drive it (Which doesn't even work) your PC may explode - May cause depression Warning! May cause thousands of tiny sims to colonize and build cities in your living room or bedroom. Keep an eye out for little zones around your house every hour or so. This is a side effect of the hyper-simulation of the game to allow it to run in full 3D. It is currently unknown why this is happening, but I am working on a solution. This mod is a work in progress so I'll try to get past some of those little bugs. Some of these unfortunately are hard-coded into the .exe file, I'll try to make less bugs next time. If you can get past these limitations, you'll find it's a very good mod! No dependencies To install: Unzip the .dat file and install into Plugins. It's that easy! Make sure to remove every other mod you have first and backup your region! To adjust settings, right click on the .dat file, click on open with- choose notepad and there you'll see some settings to change. If you have any problems or questions, please comment below!
  15. 2 Lakes and ocean

    Version 1.00


    This map has 2 lakes and a ocean. I made this with landscape designer. MY first map
  16. Hi there, i've been digging around EA's website and here and have not come across this problem on either site. Just yesterday my game has been having difficulties rendering most buildings in any city that I try, and I have not been able to find any fix to it. All my buildings appear on the map just fine, on any render settings that I try it on. However, white models of the buildings show up right next to it. It's like the base model of the building on the map, but shows up in an off position... I've tried un-installing re-installing, but nothing. If the game settings are on ultra or low, nothing changes the white error buildings. I'm on a Mac (2013 Model), recently updated to the OS Yosemite Beta (And the game was working fine after I updated) but then started acting up a day or two after. Any ideas?
  17. hey guys, Today I decided that I wanted to play Sim City 4 DE again, after about 6 months without it. However, when I try to install the game via CD 1 it crashes. I can open the setup (by clicking on the cd, letting it load, and also by clicking "Autorun" and "Setup"). It shows me the menu like it should do, and nothing is wrong there. But then, as soon as I click on the "Install" button, the screen turns black, stays a while, and then returns to the desktop. After that, Windows just asks, if the programme was installed correctly. I tried changing the compatibility to Windows XP and Windows XP service pack 2, since that usually works. But nothing like that works. Not even the Vista Compatibility. I've installed SC4 on this pc before without any problems, and even installed it on W8. Does anyone know what to do about this problem?? //EB
  18. Other Sites for Simcity 4

    I've been around on the interwebs, and was wondering. What other sites I don't know about has more bats and props and textures, etc., that's for simcity 4. The only sites I know is Simtropolis (of course), sc4devotion, simpeg, that french site that starts with a T, moonlights website, simcitycentral, and capitalsimcity. If there's any other sites, please tell me because I've seen other cities with props and bats I can't find on simtropolis or on the other sites I know. Thx if you can.
  19. Hey Guys! I'm looking to add people on Origin who actively play Simcity 5 on North America East 4. I am active and would like to build in a region that actually has active people!
  20. Flatlands

    Flatlands Watson City Inhabitants: 8.000 Welcome in Watson City! A very new city with a clean air and great shopping centers! I know some of you like interchanges, so I made a few pictures of the highway! This is the shopping center (on the left) and an Industrial zone (on the right). You can also see a skyscraper on the left, wich is the 3rd in height: it is 124m/406ft tall. There's also a resting place, just a 100 meters from the city. The city also has a nice American Football team: the Watson Football Lions. The WFL Stadium is close to the Industrial zone. The Industrial zone isn't large, so the sims can breath a clean air! They also have an IKEA. You can buy all your furniture here! A McDonald's! Yum yum! Just a nice picture. The Winterson Church from 1377. It is 95m/311ft high and the most visited sight in Watson City. The Ritz Carlton Hotel is 136m/446ft tall and it is the 2nd tallest building in Watson City. This building is called Hope Building and it is 147m/482ft tall. It is the tallest building in Watson City. It is a residence building. That was all! Next time more. I hope you like it!
  21. hello all, are there any updates from ea about creating your own building's with a tool or something?
  22. Hello, I'm starting a new region named "Azeroth" active players are welcome. Server: Europe West 1 EA Name: Ph0neutr1a Region: Discovery Delta Region Name: Azeroth Date Created: 22.April 9.15. I will start my city in few hours. Please not more than 2 cities. To join a game search for my name Ph0neutr1a and join a region name Azeroth. Have fun!
  23. New Region

    Hi i just started new region Server : Europe East 1 Region named :North Korea add me on origin maxkil7 tks
  24. Join My Region

    I made a new region for people who want to join. Add me as a friend on Origin and I will send you an invite to the game. Origin ID - sekio32 Map - Titan gorge Players - 16 Sever - West Europe 3 This server is only for people who can come on for about 2 hours a day and keep in contact with the rest of the players in the region.
  25. Hey im having trouble finding games to join Would anyone wish to do a large map with me. Post information and I will send you a game invite User Name: JordanJWill

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