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About this City Journal

Building out from Ariosa Capital come and explore the region of Arios.

Entries in this City Journal


Bull Market

The CityCorp Inc. Annual Stockholders Meeting: Dated Today

Opening Remarks:

  • Currently Ariosa City and its nearby suburb Norta-Upon-Ariosa are functioning well within the limits of the guides set by our corporation.
  • Our CEO ********* wishes to move onward, the only other improvements to Ariosa is the adding of numerous Railways, Subways, and Networks.
  • We, the board, voted to move on. Land is underway to be bought, and invested in.

New Land:

We will be buying land north of Ariosa, it has a neighboring connection to the I-10 highway. This land is mostly farmland:

  • 90% Agriculture
  • 02% Businesses
  • 08% Residential

The Roads built will has monthly fees paid under the NAM module project, under its rightful Bylaw Section z-Sm-099. Taxation of property and others shall also be amended to suit agriculture lands as well. There is one lake that we can pull water from, but it must be cleaned as well. There will be a rail system from Norta-Upon-Ariosa to this land that will split into a center hub. This hub will be used to go back to the west of Ariosa, the north and other various directions as needed. We also will have a CityCorp Park built on the upper side of the mountain area.

Tax return information for CityCorp:

CODE: #GUs346-(097)

Income after Expenses: 2.975 (Simol.)

Tax [35%]: 1.042 (Simol.)

Profit after taxation, 36.7% or 5.267 (Simol.) Before Expenses.



Author's Note: Sorry no pictures. I really think i built this city too fast, so we will gradually add cities around it. Hopefully this will drag my story out a bit further for Ariosa. Please keep in mind that the city journal covers Arios, the region. In Arios there are no real borders and Mr. Speaker governs all laws.




Ariosa - A City is born!

Well since the last update this city has grown to enormous proportions! 80,000 people now live here and several new programs were started CityCorp Inc. As you know CityCorp is a non-government entity whose owner is unknown (oh dear maybe you didn't know that... conspiracy is afoot!). Well this man or woman has decided that the city will probably function well enough with just a few "City Beautification Programs" In short, we now have a university, several hospitals and millions of simolians to fund a huge overhaul of the road networks. Expect 4 major parks, several hillside gated communities and in the downtown Commerce Area very large road that require pedestrian bridges (otherwise our less fast citizens could get squashed by a CEO on his way to work). 

Any who... The point is our roads and streets will not be able to handle the traffic soon and some of the wealthier sims want pretty street in their neighborhoods.  


The network is highlighted in green and blue. To the right you can see the main downtown commercial area (bottom middle is a monopoly on phones called Orange, very high-end).


Corp. Update Internal File, DO NOT COPY/SHARE

Case: #14/03-UDRVT (AKA: Ariosa, Arios)

The current outlook of the city looks well. We now have multi-million simolian corporations in our CBD. However traffic is about to be a huge issue. Our CAM (Citizen Addition Module) program has expanded our growth, we expect colossal returns on investments with it. Our NAM (Network Addition Module) program has started to show signs of buckling under its own current layout. While another concern is that we still have zero businesses wanting to build High Technical Industries. This make force us to greatly lower taxes on them to promote growth in this sector.

Current Financial Standings: 1.875 Billion SML

Zero Resident Tax Over the next 5 years, halfing the current rate each year.

Current rate of I-HT, 4.0P over the next term 1.7P


Ariosa Pre NMEXTR.png


Ariosa Pre NMEXTR.png



Shaping Clay into Gold


Author's Note: Below is the regional view of Ariosa, you can see that it has a railway and highway (a la Maxis) and has grown is size quite well. In Ariosa the hills point to the North, unlike other lands. So the top of the map is the south. To the Northeast you can see the suburb of Norta Upon Ariosa, and to the Southwest you see the wasteland. Just to clarify!


Ariosa Blooms!

Ariosa, the land of golden opportunity! The City-folk (Arioians as they call themselves) have a wide range of jobs to attend to. Brant Blvd crosses the river to the south and leads to the power house of industry, frankly if you want to start a business (after getting approved by CityCorp) its really easy. Also in the city there are several offices you can work at, for example Chauvet Luxury is now hireing! You can see it below.


Few Arioians choose to use the new I-10 highway, its mostly for the industry and CityCorp surveyors. Many Norta people are angry that they must use the train to get to work. They are still petitioning for CityCorp ( or CityCrap as they call it) to finish the avenue towards the city. CityCorp was unable to comment on why this was chosen. Some of the most wealthy members are tempted to move to the WeHo district of Calli, about 60 miles southeast of Ariosa. They even have major cause to do so! The small industry heavy town of Merth has decided that the environment isn't that important and dumps toxic waste into Frontage River. Merth is just south by about 15 miles of Ariosa.  It would be nice if they could bu I-10 basiclly ends and gives them no way to Calli, so instead they petitioned to enact the Clean Air and Water Act. Ritgh now that costs 64 simolians a month with costs rising up to an estimated 400 in 10 years! Inorder to keep everyone happy CityCorp quickly built a subway to Norta Ave from 11th st Station. Hopefully Norta Upon Ariosa will be happy to stay. There is also a university on the planning table, but that is at least 7 to 10 years away, in the mean time CityCorp has raised the value of many home by establishing Cordera Park. Right now it boasts a few baby oak trees and a wellness park, but there are many more plans for more!


The neighborhood next to it (Cordera) is going to be pretty wealthy, but CityCorp wants it that way! 


Well Folks that all for now, please comment if you have ideas or suggestions!


cauvet imports.png



Mr. Moneybags

  CityCorp-A1.png.6c27dea1f6bf51d1882c6a0a8a8994bc.pngCorp. Update Internal File, DO NOT COPY/SHARE

Case: #14/03-UDRVT (AKA: Ariosa, Arios)

The town of Ariosa has now become a seedling of a city and a glimmer of hope to be a metropolis. It is now backed by §3.7 Million in the Treasury or now the Investment Firm. There is about §45K in debt to be paid off over the next 8 - 9 years for Credit reasons. The backbone or network of the city has been built, and both train and subway system seeds were needed. The train main objective of the railway is to alleviate the AVE-1 or "Brant Boulevard" from major congestion. As an added bonus Norta Upon Ariosa has a direct route to work. 

Key note: Increase spending to §89,000 and increase population to 23,000 - 25,000.

Here you can see a view of the new City Center. The Art team decided to show us where all the big buildings will be, see the blue!



Authors Note: If you are wondering how a new city has 3.7 simolians, i used the Mass Transit Fare tool in the NAM Traffic Simulator. I find this easier then a cheat code, also its less of a cheat. Now is also a good time to say i also use CAM.

You will see these CityCorp whitepapers from time to time, but not always. They generally are for statistics and fund numbers, as well as major mile stones. Mr. Speaker I guess is taking a bubble bath in his new home on 1st and Brant Blvd (across from the parking garage.




Ariosa-Jul. 7, 011477517427.png


The Backbone of Ariosa

:::News Flash::: Citizens are welcoming CityCorp Inc. (SNSE: CTYC §789.99) to Ariosa. This is in response to the failed city of Newtchester. Ariosa is east of Newtchester, and currently the Capital of Arios.  Much more to follow in the next few months as this development takes place.                                                                                                     


Authors Note: So here we are the next stage of planning this metro. Right now it is a super small town, and slowly will grow into a city. At some point we will see the failed city of Newtchester. For now please leave a comment with directives, how am i doing, where can i fill in more info etc. We are very close to cracking this story wide open. 

Dear Editor of Ariosa News Line, 

We hope that our citizens are as excited as we are at the town meeting spot. We barely have a government and this opportunity is coming to us. For now i wanted to address the Newtchester rumor. Yes they failed CityCorp. However, it was not due to radioactive waves nor was it because of a citizen called Vu. It was because the people revolted, and the held strikes. We have been told that this will improve our lives. And our children's lives. We don't even have a school, how can you expect us not to grab this opportunity?

Mr. Speaker; Ariosa Town


CityCorp Instuctions to the People of Ariosa:

The next step is to plan out the backbones of your town, and to make a larger amount of land around you dedicated to farmland. SimNation gives federal funding to farmers and it will boost your Treasury. Please register your home with CityCorp at www.citycorp.com/register_sm.snajax by the end of the week. Below is the basic layout of the city network. This will take time, and we will grow your city over a period of underestimated time. Please read our online material, from the login page ater registering your home.transport_karta.jpg.b71373927afed4bfba1503d9697eb582.jpg

As you can see Norta Upon Ariosa is the next planned phase, currently this is your main business district:


The homes here will be moved to Norta, and for your convenience a train will transport you between the two areas. All other homes will be allowed to upgrade to MRS(§-§§) with options for §§§. 

Thank you, and do not forget to register your homes soon!

CityCorp Inc. Property, do not share or transmit to non-related parties.




Ariosa-Apr. 20, 091477415756.png


Layouts and Setups


Mayor's Note: You will see these from time to time. They help me drive to a point of topic. 

Ariosa Capital - Under Development

Back in 2015, Ariosa was thought up and conceived. Then a computer crash later... forgotten. Well I'm now going to redesign the city, with efficiency and hopefully with some great mods. For starters we need to plan out the city as whole, the region will come much later. Its story time folks!

p.s. This is my first CJ so be genital and advise is always welcome! 


Mayor's Note: Each CJ will have a first person update by the account, then we will hear from Mr. Speaker, the Mayor of Ariosa.

Dear City Specialist of CityCorp, 

On behalf of the entire population of Ariosa, thank you for your interest in our small farming community. We indeed voted as a whole and wish that you make the proper investments in our town to turn it into a wonderful thriving City. Our major concern is signing our voters rights away to a "benefactor" Corporation. We love the idea of endless wealth but feel that it is unrealistic to assume that ever person shall be wealthy beyond compare? Please e-mail back with some revelations as to how this works.

Mr. Speaker; Jon Right of Ariosa


As you can see Ariosa right now is a small useless town, at last count only 300 - 400 people. CityCorp has decided to invest in the land around the small town in exchange for a few million dollars. CityCorp also mentioned that once this is done none of the town can ever vote on what happens. The price of a free citizen i guess is about $17k or 29,000,000 simolions...


Dear Mr. Speaker,

We at CityCorp do not wish to alarm you with your lack of voting. Votes are not warranted if everything is going perfectly. Speaking of perfection i have attached your crude drawing of the major roads.... in your town. Arios.bmp

Please get around to putting it to scale. Also we will need photos of your main street and some city statistics. 


City Spec. of CityCorp


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